Naruto Shippuuden 143 Breakdown. Suigetsu becomes a puddle, Karin has a “pervy moment” and Juugo becomes a kid? O_o

Hey everyone and welcome to another weekly anime breakdown.

Firstly, I must apologize for the late time in which this is being uploaded. My internet connection was being merciless, and after losing some of the work when it failed to save multiple times, I finally got the post up and working.

Sorry for the wait. T__T

Moving along, I have to say, as with all anime episodes that involve a battle of epic proportions, one always tends to wonder if such a sequence would live up to the manga’s vision. In some cases, we may be disappointed, in others, delightfully surprised and I am very pleased to say that this weeks episode was definitely the latter.

This was, simply put, one of the best battles I have seen in the anime so far. For some of you, it may even be the best, it really is that good. ^ ^

*Starts writing song* I'm so special, there's only one of me...

What makes the episode even more exciting and that much better as well, is the wonderfully brisk pacing and the great animation, which really brought out the more complex and abstract parts of the battle from the manga nicely and made them easier to comprehend, without losing the crazy feeling we got when we saw it in the manga for the first time.

One, more pressing matter, is the fact that the battle did stick very closely to the manga and some may be disappointed that there was no significant extra content above what we have already seen, but in this instance, to me it felt like it didn’t need anything else to make it great because of how awesome it is already.

There was also some moments of inconsistency with the frame rate of the animation at times, which ever so slightly marred some of the more frantic scenes, but it is hardly that much of a stain.

It may also be worthy to note that the entire battle was squeezed into a single episode, which was a shock in it’s own right, but a move that I felt helped keep the pace up in high gear and helped maintain that level of excitement that made watching it so great.

Sonic the hedgehog, eat your heart out! X__X

Now, what really stands out amongst all of this awesomeness, is Bee’s own particular fighting style, which in itself added so much more to the battle alone.

Our 8-tailed Jinchuuriki’s techniques are definitely one of the most interesting showcased so far, which is extenuated by the fact that he fights with eight swords at once, but one of the things that really disappointed me with the manga itself, is that it didn’t really showcase how it worked properly.

"Crazy" is an understatement for what is going on here.

Looking back at Bee’s battle when we all first saw it in black and white, it looks like little more than a scribble of messy ink rather than anything that is somewhat coherent.

I think in some cases, and most certainly with me, it may have even made you wonder if Kishi even thought of how someone could possibly fight with so many swords at once without killing themselves or collapsing from the aftereffects of strained muscle cramps.

What was pleasing this time around, however, is that the animation clearly defined what was otherwise incomprehensible and really gave us a good idea of not only how such a crazy style could work, but also how skilled Bee is in using it.

The fact that it is fun to watch is also a plus. πŸ˜›

No don't forget people, when you're punching someone, always remember to follow through. O_o

What was also just as enticing, was seeing the other members of team Taka in action as well, all involved in varying degrees of supportive combat.

It was nice to see them stepping in to save Sasuke’s hide when things turned sour, because it let us see some of their more unique and interesting abilities. The fact that they managed to give Bee a run for his money together, while before they had just fallen when trying to fight one on one, is also an interesting reference to the underlying theme of team work and friendship that we see throughout the series.

To me, this battle really brought the members of Sasuke’s group closer together and developed their slowly growing bonds of friendship in a more personal way.

And maybe, something else as well… <_<

Yep, it's official, Karin is a pervert. (Not that we didn't know already) X__X

Joining the ranks of perverseness, is our first female member, now standing alongside the likes of Kakashi, Ebisu and the king of all things pervy, Jiraiya himself.

If you ignore Karin’s little … *cough* moment *cough*, she also made herself quite useful as well this time around.

The question is, who stood out the most?

Following some more action, with more team orientated battle strategies employed by Taka this time around, Bee finally decides it is time to get serious.

This is when the action really begins to escalate in scale, in a far more literal term, as Bee shows his most deadly attribute.

Full control over his Bijuu chakra.

Bringing out the beast within... Bee's chakra cloak is reminiscent of the animalistic rage that Sasuke had seen boiling out of Naruto years before.

What makes Bee’s chakra cloak form so different from Naruto’s is the fact that he still retains full human control, rather than submitting to a more primal Nature such as the one our younger Jinchuuriki has been seen adopting before.

From the image above, you can see how Naruto’s behavior takes on the likeness of a beast, all instinct and rage with little rational thought left to speak of. Even his posture follows suit, where he adopts a position on all four legs as a fox itself would.

Bee, on the other hand, retains his normal posture and stance and, other than some more sinister feature, such as sharpened teeth and nails or a more nefarious expression, he still remains human in nature.

Suigetsu wet himself. I would to if I was up against that thing. <_<

This is also carried over into his actions, where he retains full power over his bijuu chakra, without even a hint of lost sensibility. He is even able to break Sasuke’s genjutsu by using that same chakra to interfere with his own chakra flow and is able to maintain full control in a complete, 8-tailed bijuu form without any noticeable change in personality, which includes the penchant he has for rapping.

It basically gives us an idea of just how powerful a Jinchuuriki can be and just how unlimited that potential really is. They are, essentially, the ultimate weapons as far as shinobi go.

And while Suigetsu takes on the suicide mission of holding such a power at bay, Juugo uses some of his own essence to heal a very near dead Sasuke, in turn changing himself into a younger version of himself. What I don’t understand, is if Sasuke’s organs were obliterated, how is he breathing? O_o

I just hope no-one was fishing on that side of the lake. <_<

Of course, no show of power would be complete without an earth shattering, mounting leveling, water evaporating, Suigetsu pwning, blast of pure awesomeness.

After almost destroying everything in sight, Sasuke realizes that the 8-tails is definitely out of his league to handle and, in a touching moment of revelry, he remembers just how much everyone else had risked to help him in the battle so far.

Drawing on those feelings, he unleashes one last attack in an effort to end the battle, unleashing his most powerful technique so far.


After that, the battle pretty much ends.

What really interests me in this particular scene is that Sasuke actually uses Amatarasu to end the battle despite the fact that there was a risk of killing their target. Does this mean that he was putting his teammates before his quest for power for once, even though he had blatantly shown his lack of interest in their well-being in times past?

Of course, luckily for Sasuke, the risk was worth the reward, because not only was he able to end the battle, but he was also able to put out the black flames, while simultaneously sparing their opponent and Saving Karin, who had also been caught in the aftermath.

The black flames are purged by the very eyes, whose gaze saw their descent onto their prey.

And so that marks the end of a very entertaining and exciting episode, as Sasuke walks from the scarred remnants left in the wake of their battle with his prize in tow and only a lone pair of helpless Kumo shinobi as witnesses to his atrocity.

Unfortunately for Sasuke, those same two shinbo also got a good look at the Uchiha crest on his back. Way to go genius. πŸ˜›

I suppose it is good that we ended on such a high note as well, because our next episode will be the official start of the next filler arch in the anime, something that not a lot of people are looking forward to if recent comments are anything to go by.

For now though, here’s last weeks winner of the Caption Contest, with a great and seemingly unbeatable entry by Monsieur Pickles.

Captain Pickles: Killer Bee: β€œYea, yea, check it, yo I’m a little teapot, short and stout (uh-huh) here is my handle, here is my spout (yea) when I get all steamed up, hear me shout (WHAT) just tip me over and pour me out (uh…word)” *Killer Bee leans back, folds arms, and nods slowly*

And now for this weeks screen.

*Insert Caption here*

I hope you enjoyed the breakdown and the episode.

Here’s the preview for next weeks episode! ^ ^

See ya next time. πŸ˜‰


~ by Tenrai Senshi on January 18, 2010.

26 Responses to “Naruto Shippuuden 143 Breakdown. Suigetsu becomes a puddle, Karin has a “pervy moment” and Juugo becomes a kid? O_o”


  2. caption: DAMMIT >_< someone put that ice sculpture in the freezer NOW!

  3. Great breakdown Tenrai.I really liked this episode, so much in fact, that I watched it twice.

    Caption:”That’s what you get when you tell a guy his sword is small”

  4. Caption: Yup…here I am…just lying…a lump of wet…whatever I am. Just…a lump…all dressed up with nowhere to go…a lump…THAT”S ALL I AM.

  5. You’re lucky that I was doing a breakdown on IRA, or I would have been first! Grrrrr… Just joking! But I really would have been first…

    Great breakdown and episode! One of the best battles yet!

    Deathcon4: u first HA πŸ˜‰

  6. Caption: Wet concrete is not a good place to play

  7. Man … I can’t help but think that Bee’s bijuu cloak should’ve been blue instead of red … just to differentiate it from Naruto’s.

  8. I imagined it purple

  9. do i see fillar next episode? (god please no!)

  10. Nice breakdown!

    “…know your enemies and know yourself, you can win a hundred battles without a single loss”

    too bad Team Taka don’t read Sun Tzu. KB’s pure awesome! πŸ˜‰

  11. the usual awesomeness thanks tenrai.

    man i love this ep. it made me see how undeveloped sasukes powers are in this fight in the manga i got a diferent feeling about it and is good to see that in the end when he was pushing to unleash power his bonds with naruto took part on his will to fight even if a little.
    karin a perv who kneew?lol

    im pro the filler just cause is about a jinchuuriki and it seems katsuyi is involved too and some about the 3rd sooo…

    caption:ill never look karins medussa again
    ” “:no im not coated with white chocolate juugo


    Maybe they can make this one decent but i highly doubt it. Lets just hope it lasts 1-2 months not 5 like the last one xD

  13. —-Scene with Karin—-
    -most awkward time for my room mates to walk in
    -trying to explain what your watching
    -for some of u id love to hear if your mom or someone similar walked in on awkward anime scene
    -then try to explain whats going on

  14. Because seriously, I’ve watched this show from day one when it aired on cartoon network back in college. Personally, my favorite epic win was from back in the day with ep2 Sexy-Harem-No-Jutsu. I laughed for roughly ten minutes at the pure ludicrousness of it, and seeing my roomate’s reaction was priceless.
    Anyway I got off topic, the point I am getting at is that I know fully well whats going on in the series because I have kept up with it. But seriously, how do I explain this kind of stuff to my peers now that I’m finishing up my masters degree? Personally I like to try to explain how a boy has a demon fox living inside of him, but his rival is an emo kid who grows hands out of his back. Here is an example ,just try and bring that up at a crowded social gathering and watch what happens, no seriously go do it and stand back as the blank faces stop the conversation…”I was frozen today”. If you guys got that reference your my new bud.
    This stuff has always been my guilty pleasure. I love it and I love reading your posts. Some of the posts my professors would epic fail for spelling, grammar and sentence structure but luckily that isn’t as much a goal as casual refections are.

  15. Ok b4 I crash in bed here is one caption: Tired of the same old jello Mom? Then try some of our Suigetsu Fun Jello!!!! Now in salmon, goldfish and shark flavors. Your kids will love it!!

  16. I hate fillers. Aside from that ONE scene where Yamato crushes a guy into/under a tree, there isn’t a single moment of filler I wouldn’t have minded missing. Hopefully we’ll get some revealing insight on Kirigakure and Mizukage Madara :O but it’s still filler…so I’m gonna keep my expectations low. Reeeeeeeeeally low.

    Caption: Suigetsu’s Sour Patch Clone no Jutsu!

  17. Regarding this,about to crash on our heads, filler arc, I’ll be happy if it has HUGE explosions and Bijuu level destruction.Really, that’s all a filler arc needs.

  18. @deathcon4: You’re a girl and you just winked at me! MUAHAHA! *winks back* πŸ˜‰ Btw, did Supertrek let you out of his genjutsu? Who knows what he was doing to you while you were in that state…
    πŸ˜› Inside joke with Supertrek.

    Oh and what happened to your videogames post? MUAHAHA! πŸ˜›

  19. Great Breakdown Senshi.

    I always thought that Bee’s Cloak was Purple X__X (I wish it was)

    Well, I’ll add more later. For now, here’s my Caption…

    Caption (More like a story behind the battle):

    Once upon a time, there was a man named Suigetsu. He was evil… of course. One day, he fought bravely against the Eight-Tailed Ox. During that battle, he was turned into um… this…

  20. Awesome breakdown Tenrai! I think what Sasuke did to Killer Bee was both an act of desperation to save his friend’s lives and a move to just end the fight whether Killer Bee lived or died. The episodes was badass and Killer Bee just moved up to my top 10 in favorite Naruto characters.

    @Accordianninja: Yeah, lol a long time ago my brothers and I were watching Lupin the 3rd on Adult Swim when my mom walked in on a scene with Fujiko.

    That wasn’t the exact one but she was doing something scantily clad and you can bet we got an ear full. -_-

    @Dragon: LOL, she’ll kill us both! T_T I know they’ve been working on the video game reviews so it’s only a matter of time before they’re ready to release them. Maybe we’ll see something interesting…

    Caption: Praying for Poseidon to give up his reign over the seas and hand it over to me wasn’t such a good idea afterall…

  21. Caption:

    And this, children, is what happens when you stay in the bathtub for too long. O_o

  22. Yeah I imagined Bees cloak to be like a Blackish-Purplish mixture. Its just another example of how the naruto anime team has no creativity whatsoever. I just feel sorry for the people who think the next 15-20 episodes are actually part of the story.

    Another point, didnt Pain already say he was leaving for Konoha? That means Naruto still has to go back to Konoha, learn of Jiraiyas death, help crack his code, and learn the sage arts all before Pain arrives. And now your telling me he has to run around doing random shit with this new host that we already know is going to die? All i want to see is Naruto vs Pain so i can make AMVs from it! *facepalm*

  23. @Dragon: >_< blame flex its not my fault!!!!!!!!!!!! pfffft super cant do shit to me XD!!!! its the other way around XD

    @Supertrek89: *killed super*

  24. @deathcon4: Yeah, yeah, blame it on Flex… πŸ˜›

  25. Great breakdown, Senshi.

    Not really looking forward to spoilers here. I don’t think I’ll even watch it unless someone told me it was good. One of the reasons I stayed away from the anime previously was because of spoilers anyway.


    Aww, poor Suigetsu…probably didn’t see the sign that read: WARNING! If you are made entirely of water, please do not take off your clothes in the middle of winter…it tends to dip below zero around here (and we all know what happens to water then…not like we’d want to see you naked anyway…) …. Signed, Management. Sigh, how tragic.

  26. the new filler is a bit meh but i feel that way over every filler except for the bleach ones, there not just meh there terrible πŸ˜›
    but yamato is pretty funny πŸ˜› so i guess thats good

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