Bleach 388-Eagle Without Wings 2 [Extreme Battlemasters Mix]

FINALLY! After two weeks of hiatus Bleach is back! Unfourtunately I wasn’t all that impressed by this chapter. What was in this chapter could be covered by less than 5 minutes of anime. Sure it’s the start of the Aizen/Ichigo fight…but I was unimpressed. Anyways, lets go.

This week starts off with Ichigo getting to the real world and deciding that he has to beat Aizen in one shot. He comes up behind Aizen and throws a getsuga tenshou.

But Aizen blocks it. Then he proceeds to try to get into Ichigos mind. Ichigo thinks that if he had been hollowfied he wouldn’t have missed. But Aizen tells him that it doesn’t matter if he is hollowfied or not. He tells Ichigo to attack, Ichigo goes hollow and throws another getsuga but misses again.

Ichigo jumps back and Aizen asks him why he would attack at such a distance. He tells Ichigo that distance only means anything to people of equivalent power. He goes on to say the distance has no meaning between the two them, implying that Ichigo is too weak to defeat him. Then in a flash gets up in Ichigos face.

Aizen then goes on to ask Ichigo why he’s fighting him. He has no hatred for Aizen, so he’s only doing it because he feels it’s his responsibility.

Komomura steps in and tells Ichigo not to let Aizen provoke him, cause that’s what he’s best at. He tells him to chill cause they know why he’s there and they will protect him from seeing Aizens shikai.

And that’s the end…quite unimpressive IMO. But I have a distintive feeling that within the next few chapters we will be heading back to Hueco Mundo…what do you think?

And now for the great Anon’s summary of this weeks chapter.

ichigo: i will keel chuuuu

aizen: nuh uh. get pwned, noobshit

captains: we lurrrrv u ichigo, we help u!!!

the end

Alright all that’s it for me….I’ll be back next week to breakdown another chapter. Until then, be happy and be safe.

~ by Miranda on January 14, 2010.

23 Responses to “Bleach 388-Eagle Without Wings 2 [Extreme Battlemasters Mix]”

  1. Uno!!! I think he’s already stone….uh hypnotized.

  2. 2nd! now i gotta read up on the breakdown

  3. 3rd? Fo’ real??? Awesomeness! Frankly, I’m just glad Bleach is back. Seems like fo’ever!

  4. Aizen is badass, he’s like the Chuck Norris of Bleach. If he we were to release his Bankai the world would collapse in on itself forming a wormhole, which transports him back in time to a different reality where he was never born. This is why Aizen does not dare release his Bankai. Reality just couldn’t handle the sheer power.

    This chapter was awesome to me solely because of Aizen and Tite just showing off his immensely overpowered antagonist. Lol, he’s just so damn cool! >< Every able bodied Captain and Vizard has stepped up to fight him now and I bet Aizen doesn't need help at all, but Gin will probably step by his side. XD

  5. LOL!!! Aizen is so badass that the word “badass”, no longer exists there is simply, “Aizen”. This is getting a little out of hand …. Aizen cant be so much of an “Aizen”, that no One can even look at him without getting thier feelings hurt ?!? That “you dont hate me”, part seeemed an awful lot like Vader trying to convert Luke….Ok being random now.

  6. Cool breakdown.

  7. man just when im like ichigo is going to poud or at least hit a blow more of aizens overdose of power comes to play. he just is the worst he can make u feel like wortless shit with just a stare and ichigo just keeps getting trap

  8. nice summary anon

  9. i wanna seem some Soul Society Slaughter, this is just feakin’ badass. Aizen is freakin’ scary that all these powerful mofos have to team up on him at the same time?! I mean it took 2 captains and 2 vizards to beat Starrk [and that guys was just effin’ cool] but Aizen puts the scenartio to shame.

    I just don’t want some Ninja Healing bullshit from Unohana and/or Orihime at this time. I like see good guys take it down…more dramatic flavor, if you will.

    i think this chapter was fairly good to be honest, good build up

  10. meh no matter how u look at it aizen is only one man, and there with 15 the reason why i disliked bleach a bit was because there were always 1vs1 fights maybe its finally time for a good mixed up fight and perhaps someone good might die.
    If i look at it now without knowing aizens true power i say its overkill to the captain+vizards side. Meh we’ll see

  11. Omg awesome chapter, it felt a bit too short, maybe because of its intensity, but i also think we are heading back to HM.

    Anyhow, i got a theory here, remember sometimes that Aizen treated Ichigo as if he had something planned for him, well… maybe there’s something special on Ichigo, something that Aizen wants, What can it be…I really dont know, but, i do think it has to do with the super/vastolorde/OP/hollow Ichigo, so, the battle will somehow lead to Aizen making Ichigo release that form, which he most probably knows about, expecting something from it, but he would have underestimated it, and he will be, at least damaged by it.
    What do you guys think?

  12. it was definetely over quickly but i had a question who knows when Ulquiorra was talking to Orihime and he’s like “what is a soul you humans use the word so lightly” i know i was off but i have been looking for this part i remember it being so badass could someone help me out whether it be in the anime or manga doesnt’t matter please help!!!

  13. supertrek89 & Return of Ra: Dead on sirs! AizeN’s demise could NEVER match the AWESOMENESS level Tite Kubo has blessed him with…It’s one of my greatest concerns with this saga. Sickest twist EVER: Aizen = GooD GuY…For better or Worse…I’m serious…

  14. Noom: my theory on aizens plan for ichigo is that he is planning on using him. i think that he is trying to get ichigo stronger and stronger and then when he is stronger then everyone but aizen, use the hogyokyo to turn him into a Arrancar/vizard crature that will serve him. i always thought that would be cool, that it would be like ichigo’s inner hollow, but in the real world, with bankai sword all the time, Getsuga, cero and a ressuricion. that would be cool of course, but i dont think it will happen

    crafty0060: he actually says “what is a heart”, he uses the japanese kokoro, which means heart. it was translated into soul, which i always thought was dumb. here is a link to that part
    and in case that does not appear, here is a link to the chapter

  15. P.S aizen is so badass, i think he will still win against all those captins, vizards and ichigo. i mean look at that smile! i hate him cause hes an asshole, but i respect his insanely strong power

  16. Why is Ichigo trying to fight Aizen. I mean I knew Aizen was god-like but this takes the cake. I mean, WOW. Yeah, that pretty much sums up this chapter.

  17. when Aizen “touches” Ichigos heart, he looks really gay

  18. @うちは -Noom: I thought that too!

    Nice summary anon.

  19. where is gin in all this?

  20. He’s taking notes, trying to learn from the master what means to be badass

  21. LMAO!!! XD

    OMG, we should have an ‘Aizen is so badass’ contest! XD


    Is it just me or is Toshiro actually looking pretty badass near the end there? We finally get to see Unohana…stand there some more…but hopefully she’ll do her healing next chapter.

  22. haha that was a pretty bad ass chapter 😛
    as it looks now aizen if phucked, 1 vs 14 or sumthing doesnt seem too fair :P.
    But were is smiley face gone? he wasnt in the last chapter either perhaps he chickened out after he saw his lil friend get powned, doubt it tho =P
    we will prolly see him next chapter or something

  23. BLEACH IS OUT!!!

    Aizen is kicking ass and taking names!!! Holy f**k this dude is powerful! Waaaay overpowered but I like him for that. 😀 Why is fox boy always getting the shit end of the stick? XD

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