Naruto Shippuuden 142 Breakdown. Enter the Bee. O_O

Hey everyone and welcome to a fresh start for the new year of 2010!!!

It’s Tenrai Senshi back again for the anime breakdowns once more, however I must give a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to our good Captain Pickles, who covered for me in my absence.

*Bows respectfully, before eating Pickles* O_o

Anyway, I hope everyone had a good holiday, at least if you did have one, and I hope you are all feeling fresh, strong and ready to face the new year with an equally renewed vigor. We will make it a great one and from the looks of things, we have a lot to look forward to with regards to the coming anime and manga episodes.

That's Kakashi for you. <_<

Well, moving along, our most recent anime episode was quite a treat, with some expected scenes that jump straight out of the manga, with a few little extra twists that were not necessarily expected and some severe changes that have since altered the time line to some degree.

For one thing, we get the hint of an upcoming filler arch, but I will speak about a bit further along.

We also have a varied mix of emotions sprinkled into this particular dish, with some moments of sadness and grief, as well as some humor and a small dose of action to help round things off.

For now, lets start with the beginning…

Sometimes, when we are sad, the rain is a welcomed comfort. It helps hide the tears, so no-one else can see us when we cry.

After finally coming through the harrowing and considerably emotional story behind Itachi’s true past and the situation he was left in, we finally make our way back to the team of Konoha shinobi, who are still waiting in the ruins of the battle that had occurred before.

(At this point in the manga, they had already long since returned to Konoha.)

Visually, one can feel a lot of emotion from any particular scene, merely through the images you are subjected to and the sounds and music that back it up. In this case, it isn’t hard to feel that nasty sting of failure that seems to keep finding its way into the hearts of our heroes.

One could say that when it rains, it always pours.

A picture is worth a thousand words. You don't need subtitles to tell you how Naruto is feeling right now.

Frustration, anger, guilt, sadness and perhaps even a sense of hopelessness. It makes you wonder how one person can endure so much negative emotions and still push forward regardless, where others may have just let go a long time before.

How important is friendship? How important is it to each one of us and how far are we willing to go to protect such a precious and rare commodity?

Moving along, our scene switches back to Sasuke, who is now reminiscing about the fateful encounter he had with his brother the night of the Uchiha Massacre, as well as the suppressed emotions and thoughts that had otherwise been buried until now.

A last glimpse and a painful reminder of the burden he bears, Itachi sees his defeated brother through a haze of guilt-ridden tears.

I think this is the only scene where we actually ever see Itachi ever cry, in both the manga and the anime. After that, I think it is safe to assume he had already killed his own heart as best as he could, for the sake of his mission and for his brother’s future, one he tried desperately to preserve.

And one that is now under serious threat, as it slips into the hands of another puppet, in the form of Madara.

All in favour for Earthly domination through the spread of emo-ness, raise your hands. <_<

Now, this is where things really slip away from the manga. As Kisame mentions it himself, there are still ‘three’ Jinchuuriki left to capture by Akatsuki, as apposed to the two that were mentioned in the manga, being the eight-tails and Naruto.

This strongly suggests that the third missing Jinchuuriki will likely be the subject of an upcoming filler arch, which could be received with mixed emotions.

On the one hand, most manga readers are very unenthusiastic about filler episodes, because they want to move along in the story without being held back by what they regard to be unnecessary content.

On the other hand, it also gives us the opportunity to gain some insight into another potentially interesting character that we may have otherwise never seen and, being a Jinchuuriki, it raises that curiosity so much more.


This particular screen, where Madara reveals his identity to Kisame, also raises another question.

Why is there so much secrecy regarding Madara’s face? We all know what he used to look like, so what reason does Kishi have for hiding it from us now?

I think we have all heard the theories, regarding Obito, Tobi and even Danzou, all being the same person, or at least on of the two being related, so could the fact that Madara’s appearance is left as a mystery support those theories in some way?

This, my friends, is what really happens when you look at the sun for too long.

Moving past the more melodramatic scenes in this episode, we finally arrive to a moment of action and, for once, sunshine as team hawk finally sets out for their target, the Hachibi.

After acquiring the location of that particular individual through the words of an unwilling victim, the squad of four shinobi, with Sasuke at its lead, head to the predesignated location, where a grand showoff is set into motion.

Enter... Killer Bee. XD

What was really great about this scene, is that it really helped lift the somber mood that lingered in the wake of the first half of this episode.

What made it even better was how completely and utterly ridiculous and insane Bee is. It was superb and his eccentric antics even carried through into his fighting style, which, for the most part, was bordering on a ludicrously chaotic symmetry, of outrageous style and power!!!

If that makes any sense… O_o

WTH?!?!?! Someone try and make sense of this chaos!!! O_o

Despite Bee’s awkward style and eccentric disposition, it is blatantly obvious that he is no fool when it comes to fighting and he shows just how skilled he is in the speed that he disables both Suigetsu and Juugo.

After that, Sasuke decides its time for him to step up to the plate, while Karen just remains as typically useless as she has always been in any battle-type situation up to this point.

After, that, our episode pretty much comes to and end, with the promise of a great battle in our next outing. Judging from the preview, we will also be seeing some enhanced animation coming up, which always bodes well for any cool battle, so it looks promising. ^ ^

Now here’s last weeks winner of the caption contest!

3rd) eke2k6: “Will it fit?”

2nd) adakias: “Uh… If there are telephone poles, why doesn’t anyone in this series ever use the phone?”

Supertreck89: Ohhh, I can see my house from here! Ewww, mom and dad are making another Uchiha!

And now for this weeks screen!

However, in the name of all things Killer Bee, we will spice things up a bit and make this a rap contest. Lets see who can come up with the coolest rap, that has something to do with this episode, or the general theme or recent events we have seen in this arch.

*insert caption/rap here*

Thanks for reading once again. I hope you enjoyed this episode and the breakdown. On a finishing note, I must say that I like the new closing, especially with regards to the visuals shown.

Can you say "awwww!"? LOL!!! ^ ^

You go get em Jiraiya!!! 😛

It makes me feel very sentimental. I miss the old bugger. Why did you have to die?!?!?! WHY!?!?!?!?!?! *sheds a tear* 😥

*cough* Well, here’s a preview for the next episode. <_<

See you next time!
Tenrai Senshi 😉

~ by Tenrai Senshi on January 11, 2010.

35 Responses to “Naruto Shippuuden 142 Breakdown. Enter the Bee. O_O”

  1. FIRST, JO!!

  2. Second!!! NICE Not looking forward for filler I WANT PEIN !!! Bee should be brilliant 😀

    Nice 😀

  3. tttthiiirrrddd!!!!!!! naa awesome breakdown tenrai finally a breakdown!!!!!!! LOL

  4. 4th!

  5. @TenraiSenshi:Your poll about friends made me really sad, since I’ve had lots of friends who turned on me and revealed who they really were. They weren’t true friends.

    Anyway, Killer Bee FTW!

    Wait a second… If Kisame said three jinchuuriki are missing and the next filler will talk about Utakata and his Six-Tailed Slug, that means Fū and her Seven-Tailed Horned Beetle have already been captured!

  6. Sorry about the late breakdown.

    I only just got my mac back recently, so I started it late. X__X

  7. Great breakdown, Senshi! Don’t worry, I won’t eat you…yet >_>.

    Personally, I’m not very eager to see fillers, but if it gets interesting, I won’t mind.

    It’s Killer Bee rockin’ the mic on this here screenie about to kick Sasuke’s arse, that little emo weenie. Uh.

  8. Nice! 😉

  9. YOSH!!! Great breakdown Tenrai and welcome back.

    Personally I didn’t like the crazy rapping of Killer Bee’s for some reason though I liked it when I read it in the manga. The way his voice changed when he wasn’t even rapping was weird too. When he was just talking regularly something happened to his voice that made him sound different but whatever. He’s still badass and can’t wait to see the fight though I know what’s gonna happen.

    As for the filler…*sigh*…going off of the 3 tailed jinchuuriki filler I’m definitely not looking forward to another jinchuuriki filler. The 3 tails filler had its bright moments but mostly it was meh… Hopefully this one proves to be better.

  10. I think the jinchuriki the filler is about is that one that blows bubbles right?
    I’ve seen a trailer of the filler about 2 weeks ago and it showed that jinchuriki….

  11. @supertrek89

    Lol. Now that you mention it, I did expect Bee’s voice to be considerably different from what it actually is, but I guess that isn’t the case.

    Even still, he is fun to watch, even despite that.

  12. Yay, read it!
    First thing I’ve gotta say to the closing pic: Aaaaaaaaawwwwww!!! Look at those two boys, they are soooooooooooooo cute!!!! I want them as little brothers! *trying to poke into their cheeks like an old granny*

    Yeah, anyways! Great breakdown, again! Trek’s winning caption was really great 😉 !

    The chin caption was hilarious 😀 ! Did you notice? If Madara WAS Danzou, there should be a cross scar on his chin… There IS some mystery left about Tobi’s face, that’s really clear to me. A more interesting question might be: DOES Tobi have only one eye under his mask? Or not?

    In the manga, I … not “hated” Killerbee, I simply didn’t care about him. He was absolutely boring to me. When I heard his rapping in the anime, I had to laugh my ass off, though 😀 😀 ! He was soooooooo funny!!! But, maybe I didn’t laugh with him, but at him… 😉

    Caption: …………..yeah!

  13. This one just came to me lol.

    Killer Bee: “Yea, yea, check it, yo I’m a little teapot, short and stout (uh-huh) here is my handle, here is my spout (yea) when I get all steamed up, hear me shout (WHAT) just tip me over and pour me out (uh…word)” *Killer Bee leans back, folds arms, and nods slowly*

  14. @Captain Pickles

    ROFL!!!! Epic win!!! ^ ^

  15. Great Breakdown Senshi!

    First off, the Filler Arc (Starting two episodes from now) is about the Six-Tailed Slug Jinchuriki, Utakata.

    Second, this episode was sad, but extremely funny! Bee’s rapping abilities should never see the light of day 😛 Lolz. This episode made me look at past sadness in my life 😦

    Your poll about friends made me realize how many friends have come and go in my life…

    Also, I think Pickles will be the only one to make a rap. 😉

    I like the picture of Young Naruto, Sakura, and Jiraiya (R.I.P TT__TT) It’s just like Jiraiya to push Naruto into doing something. 😛

  16. Great breakdown Tenrai!

    CAPTION: (to the tune of “the humpty dance”)

    “Alright stop what you’re doin’ cause I’m about to ruin the EMO-ASS style that you’re used to..
    I look funny… but I’m the HACHIBI sonny! So emo hope ya ready for me”
    *Later on*
    I’m a freak
    I like the kunoichi with the boobs
    I once got busy in a Konoha bathroom

    Completely stupid! but much more to come!

  17. *lmao* Pickles’ caption is so hilarious! *wiping tears from her eyes* I think you can stop the caption contest, Tenrai, there won’t be a better one! I know this song from an English learning cassette I heard about….. 10 years or so ago, and finding this song again in SUCH a context……! :’D

  18. @Aeris

    Good point about the lack of a scar on the chin. I didn’t even think of that. At least that puts one theory to bed.

  19. Heheeee, there might be some people left who don’t think that this puts the theory to bed, though 😉 . “Danzou-Madara is so powerful that he can change his looks whenever he wants, just like Tsunade.” …yes.
    Btw., is there a sense behind OMGZORS? OMG is clear, oh my god. But does “ZORS” belong to any existing word? I think I know how to pronounce it, but I’d be glad if I knew if there was an abbreviation or a sense behind it.


  21. I don’t like the new closing… Omae dattanda was way better closing than this one. It’s shame that he didn’t last long….

  22. well its confirmed, episode 144 is filler time, personally im looking forward to this one because i think there will be no interference from konoha and so forth, well see only realistic results this time round and no whiny b1tch boy moaning about a place to return to like a 10000 times, only badass akatsuki skills vs a *GENUINE* jinchuuriki who can fight and maybe use his bijuu unlike fake ass yuukimaro.

    Another thing, im really dislike suigetsu less everytime i see him, taking on kisame, cmon really no common sense. and also ive been watching naruto with my girlfriend from the beginning and noticed zabuza really kicked ass with his sword, with suigetsu it looks more like the swords swinging him around, he really does suck with it.

    But yeah enough ranting haha!

    Oh yeah regarding madaras chin. TOBITO FTEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. @Prawl: LOL, the humpty dance = priceless! XD

    @Bakakage: LMAO! Right on the money. 😉

  24. stop the train for a minite! I thought the hole in zabuzas sword (i refuse to say its suigetsus)is to put peoples head in and execute them, now kb is swinging it around his neck?!!! *bangs head on table* X_x

  25. @bakakage

    I actually just thought it was there to make the sword lighter or more balanced. Putting someone’s head in a whole in the sword, just to execute them, seems too complicated to do in a fast paced battle, especially when just swinging it can yield the same result.

    But less mass equals a lighter weight, so it makes more sense if it was just for balance or weight purposes, or maybe even just aesthetic reasons. There doesn’t appear to be any sharp edge on the inside of the hole, so I doubt it is used to lob someone’s head off.

    It may also be used for disarming an opponent (not too literally mind you, lol), in the sense that if an enemy tried to use a jabbing attack with a blade, he could use his own sword to intercept the attack by directing it through the hole and then simply turning his blade to dislodge the weapon from the opponent’s hands.

  26. i also thought so, i used to think he just plays pikaboo through the hole with haku but then i found this:, just read the part on his sword and im also sure they said somewhere in the story its for decapitating but im not sure where and also not feeling like looking it up lol.

  27. I just saw the new episode and Man are Killer Bees’ skills impressive.Especially the part with the seven blades, that was an entirely WHF moment for me.I knew he was good but seeing him move really got me impressed.

  28. Caption: Bee: …Must… resist… racial stereotype, yo!

  29. I will not condemn a filler arc, I fully believe that the writers can break the curse of bad stories. I realize that the the filler arc will center around Utakata and will possibly take place in Kirigakure. But please let us see some more of the Village in the Clouds as well, complete with Raikage blasting through walls. If this were to get me excited I would need not a filler arc, but rather an expansion to the current story at hand. Here is my wishlist/ or things that I think would make this an intriguing story.
    – Show the unique culture of Kiri, maybe some cameos of the current Mizukage, complete with some acid throwing battles
    – Don’t create a whole new story line but rather write a branching arc that runs parallel to the main story, show us events and characters that have been hinted at but never shown (akatsuki vs M.Kage + Utakata)
    – so far we have seen roughly 4 of the 7 Swordsmen of the Mist (Yes I am counting Raiga) I would not mind meeting another one even if it is an anime only character
    -epic fights…nuff said
    -ok this one is way off and probably wont be fulfilled due to the setting this arc but ill just say it.. RAIKAGE!!!!!!!!!!!… my new favorite character, i dont care if he make a cameo to drive the story along, but i cant wait to see more of the village in the clouds
    – Characters with SUBSTANCE, make us invested in the goings on of the storyline, we are not impaired, we know when you guys make a character just to fill an archetype, do I need to name examples? I am sure that anyone reading this already has a few facepalm characters that make one shake their head.

    That is all I can think of right off the top of my head, let me know if I missed anything or what suggestions you would have.

  30. BTW… I just wanted to make sure we were all clear on this. Utakata, fights with the power of…wait for it…. SOAP!!!!!! Or more precisely bubbles. Just so we are clear lets say that again, he fights ninja that use an arsenal of blades, kunai, explosives etc. with SOAP. The writers had a list of jinchurriki to choose from that look bad ass, and I am thinking “oh that guy looks cool where was he in the story I wanna know about him” and they chose to center the filler arc on the guy wearing the dress and blows bubbles.
    I’m personally taken aback at the thought process, was there any consideration to what I want to see? All I can say is they had better so something to man this guy up or I am going to stop calling him Utakata and his new name will be Sue. If they go the Square-Enix route in designing the “pretty” men I will have to watch Commando or 300 after an episode of Naruto to balance myself out.
    Maybe they can balance the story with a beefy villain with Chuck Norris chest hair. Or a bad ass beard, the overall aesthetic should be rough, I mean menacing, I mean one look will have a viewer feeling threatened. A visual example off the top of my head would be the Nicaraguan crime lord in District 9. One look at his visage an you knew, don’t &#$@ with this guy. Get me one villain that is that threatening, and I will be happy. What do you guys think? Am I off base or am I preaching the truth, Hallelujah!!!!!

  31. Filler time…geez louise papa cheese… I’m surprised they held off this long though

  32. Accordionninja: If everything goes according to what you said then this will be an awesome filler. I hope they didn’t pick Utakata because of his emo appeal (just look at his hair) and we know how that pulls in a certain population of viewers. -_- Lol, even if this filler sucks balls like the rest of them I’m going to watch it no matter what. It’s a bad habit of mine to watch all the episodes in an anime.

    He has soap power eh? Lol, that’ll work out quite well for him if this were One Piece and his name was Kalifa, but I’m sure the writers will make use of his power quite well. 😉

    Overall I give you not a hallelujah but a BANZAI!!! ^(0_0)^

  33. Hmmmm, if there is a filler, please spare us the syrup of the Three Tails and Yukimaru…

  34. @accordionninja and supertrek: Are you joking?!? Soap is the strongest element in the history of the world!!! Just think of anyone vs Utakata.

    Anyone: I shall defeat you!
    Utakata: Oh, yeah? Then take THIS! *blows lots of soap bubbles*
    Anyone: You think those stupid bubbles can hurt ME, the invinci- *bubble pops in his eyes* OH JESUS CHRIST! IT BURNS! OH THE PAIN! OH THE AGONY! *stumbles towards a cliff* ONCE I GET MY SIGHT BACK I’LL KILL Y- *falls down the cliff* DAMN YOUUUU… *hits the ground and dies*
    Utakata: *thinks “OMGZORS! That was sooo lucky!”* Now you’ve seen what my bubbles can do! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!

  35. hmmmm, I expected Bee to be black for some reason.

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