Best of Bleach 2009 Results!!

Alright ladies and germs  it’s time to reveal what you guys thought were the most important developments in the manga for the year of 2009!

At #5 with two votes we have the battle of Shunsui vs Starrk

#4 is a tie with a total of 4 votes a piece.

The appearance of the Vizard in the captains fight


Soifon’s bankai


And #3 is also a tie with a total of 5 votes a peice…..

Tosens Resureccion


Aizen killing Haribel

At #2 we have the revelation of Yammy being the #0 Espada….

Annnnd now for the #1 most important twist in the Bleach storyline for 2009 is……..

drum roll please……

Ichigo’s Second Form/The Uly fight….yes I mashed them together cause a few of you guys did too….it’s all the same tho 😛

There you have it guys! There is your top 5 most important moments in Bleach for 2009! Let’s hope 2010 is just as good, if not better than last!

~ by Miranda on January 10, 2010.

7 Responses to “Best of Bleach 2009 Results!!”

  1. FIRST!!!


  2. Second!

    Pumpkin I agree with you! Finally a new post!!! XD!

  3. Awesome, it kinda went how i was expecting. kinda wierd thing to notice, but is ichigo’s hilt a swastika? i may be looking into it a bitmuch but it does look like it…

  4. Sweetness, I didn’t expect Yammy’s twist to be so high up though. o_O

  5. @shinobi- yeah, he’s had it since the beginning dude, they just change it in the anime to make it look less obvious. but the swastika in eastern cultures actually represents the number 10,000, mostly to represent years, and when paired with bats, it actually symbolizes “10,000 years of good luck” (i.e. an eternity of good luck), so in a funny way it’s kinda ironic that ichigo fought uliquorra, who was a bat of sorts. (very first picture of ichigo’s ban kai)

  6. about time people got over the swastika stigma guys….its originally a holy symbol of 3 different religions in India…Hitler was a douchebag who stole it :/ ….. sorry if the comment sounds political.

  7. Omg ihi is a nazi (jk)

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