One Piece Chapter 570 IS OUT + 569 Breakdown And Happy New Year Post! +_+

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-One Piece Chapter 569 Breakdown Below-

Artwork by Ryoyami

YOSH, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! XD Holy crap is this a One Piece Breakdown!? Lol, why yes it is so I didn’t forget about it. >_> I was just putting it off because of holidays and family and *cough*laziness*cough*. Lol, well let’s get to it I know you all are eager to see something new and discuss the latest chapter.

First here’s this week’s AMV and BOPP!

The AMV is about Kuma kicking ass and being bad ass like the terminator. I hope you like electronic beats and techno. XD It really picks up like 1 minute into it and it’s by LEQCY. I don’t know what’s going on with the Badass One Piece Picture this week but it looks like Moria took over Luffy’s body, they’re about to confront Enel and the moon people, and…monkeys in space suits? o_O BOPP by Battousai777.

Alright let’s do it!

No elephant beats the flying party elephant...>_>

What’s up with Oda drawing elephants and food? Does he associate elephants with food or does he get hungry when thinks about elephants? o_O When there’s an elephant around food mustn’t be too far especially if that elephant can stand upright or fly. XD

Lol, is this really the time for that Luffy? XD

HA! Enough of my ramblings now let’s get to the main story and holy hell was it short! Well I wasn’t even expecting a chapter that week so 15 pages is better than nothing. Besides its shortness the chapter was great.  The chapter starts right off the bat with the Marines readying up for another swing at Ace’s execution. Two brave soldiers in the exact same position where two former pawns were taken down instead of Ace.  Well Crocodile can’t help this time because he’s busy throwing sand in the eyes of Doflamingo at the moment so the Marines have a better chance this time. Those two bicker more than a married couple. -_-

I feel Coby needs to apologize after he wakes up. >(0_0)>

It seems like Luffy isn’t destined to die yet. Well, that is unless he falls again because if he goes down one more time he won’t be getting back up for the rest of the war and possibly forever. Luffy says, “uh-huh whatever” and keeps on trucking forward right through Coby’s face! XD Lol, you all may be asking where’s the picture of Coby getting PWNED by Luffy so bad he’s out of the war with one punch!? Lol, I just had to save that picture for the demotivational poster so it’s the last picture like in all breakdowns. 😀

I would apologize to those I offended but no girl reads this stuff anyway. XD

Luffy can never have it easy so yet another strong opponent stands in his and this time it’s a “Pseudo-Kuma”…first it was “PX” then it was a “Pacifista” then they called it a “Human Weapon” now it’s a “Psuedo-Kuma”. I swear if “Doppelganger” comes up next I’m going to kill something…preferably an elephant eating a hamburger…>_> Ahem… luckily for Luffy he has a beautiful angel always watching over his shoulder and that guardian angel is none other than Boa Hancock as she steps in front of the Pacifista who stops the countdown because Boa is an ally. Looks like Vegapunk has work to do on their smarts and common sense. 😉

I don't know why but I'm still adamant about Akainu being a cannibal! ><

Meanwhile, Marco and Jozu are getting beatings of a lifetime as Marco is handcuffed with Kairouseki cuffs and shot through the stomach with two light beams. Count them that’s 4 light beams so far shot through his body and none were phased through with his Mythical Zoan ability. Jozu is completely frozen over and falls over, not shattering probably because the diamond itself can’t be frozen. His body was probably just frozen over with ice incapacitating him.

OMGZ the dude with the double pistols just shot Whitebeard in the dick!!! O_O

Well with the two main commanders down all that’s left is Whitebeard!!! Get em’ old man! Oh shit! >< Tis’ just a flesh wound? o_o You gotta give it to the Marines. When they see a chance they don’t hesitate to reach out and grasp it.

'Naruto' reference FTEW!!! ^(0_0)^

However, Whitebeard, one of the 4 great Yonkous with the title ‘Strongest Man In The World’ does not receive such esteemed titles for nothing, and with his latest feat he receives yet another title. This title much more fearful and true to his nature when you piss him off and invite his wrath. Whitebeard…is a MONSTER! Even after being shot in the dick (I saw it!) and stabbed multiple times. Even after the wound through his stomach and whatever the hell Akainu the cannibal did to him he asks for no assistance. Instead he stands upright, brandishes his great spear, and slashes his multitude of enemies back declaring his name, “I AM WHITEBEARD!!!” You know, just in case they forgot who they were attacking. 😉

Guess who's still angry Whitebeard didn't get off his boat until half way into the war? (ME!)

Another message is portrayed here though this one with a deeper meaning. He knows who he is and he damn well knows how important his name and title mean in this world. Thus he knows just how important of a circumstance it is when his name is lost from the world of the living. When he dies I can think of a lot of things that can happen which will throw the world out of whack.

1. The balance of power will greatly tip into the marines favor with one of the Yonkou dead. Remember the powers of the world are delicately balanced in between the 3 Great Powers and yada yada yada. I’ll just let the links explain…

So with Whitebeard dead what will happen to the stability of the world?


2. With Whitebeard dead the declaration of “Can’t Touch This” (Na na na na na na na) on Fishman Island will be void and the poaching/kidnapping may start up again on the island once protected by Whitebeard’s declreation.

So before Whitebeard dies (Like I said he would at the start :P) he wants to ensure that his children are safe so he can entrust the future to them. Like I’ve been saying since beginning I believe he wants to pass his name on…his title, responsibility, status, or whatever you want to call it on to his sons to ensure the future of all that he protected and loved. I still believe he’ll make Ace the captain of the crew or the crew itself will after Whitebeard dies then Ace will become a Yonkou and protect Fishman Island. Why are the Marines doing all of this even though they know about the stability of the world?

Guess who ran out of ideas? (ME!) 😀

Now we leave off with what many of us have been predicting since the start of the war. Sengoku is trying to make all of Whitebeard’s bravery and speeches for naught telling the executioners to execute Ace right before his eyes putting an end to Whitbeard’s “future”. The blades swing down and there’s no one to help this time, not even Whitebeard can stop them. Then Luffy does it!!! Luffy screams out and releases a blast of Haki knocking over the executioners and a few other marines and pirates. Not as many as I would have like to seen but still it was AWESOME!!! This blast seemed more directed (linear) which is why it may have only knocked out a few people, or everyone here is just that strong. Maybe Luffy is too tired to do a good blast? Lol, at Aokiji’s reaction! XD Is this magic!? Lol, nothing more magical than the ‘Force’ you used to stop Whitebeard’s earthquake! 😛

That’s it for this week’s breakdown. Here’s the demotivational poster and look out for a post update where I’ll be listing a personal top 10 list of my favorite moments in 2009 for One Piece. Happy New Year and make it a great one! Comment, predict, and enjoy! 😀


~ by supertrek89 on January 5, 2010.

35 Responses to “One Piece Chapter 570 IS OUT + 569 Breakdown And Happy New Year Post! +_+”

  1. FIRST!!!!

  2. And I actually read it!

    Great Job Trek, very, um… interesting 😛

    I feel bad for Whitebeard, getting shot in the dick must hurt!

    Well, I predict that Sengoku will finally enter the fight. And there will be a MAJOR battle of Luffy & Whitebeard vs. Sengoku

    Sorry, I will add more to my OBVIOUS prediction 😉

  3. Ace here (2nd btw) anyways it was a pretty good chapter.. it showed why Whitebeard is a damn Yonkou and a beast of one at that. Even though he isn’t a D he is just as strong willed and determined as one.

  4. Also here is my major prediction for the OP universe…..Whitebeard will die (ZOMG LIKE NO WAIZ!) but I think during this battle the World Government is going to take HEAVY Losses and I believe that this battle is also faaaar from over.. I think this battle will go on until Dragon shows his face….I think Dragon will be allied with Whitebeards side and To finally topple the World Gov. The One Piece world will definitely go through a huuuuuge REgime change

    I think Dragon Has to show up at this point…or its all over

  5. @Noneatencookie: Lol, thanks I try to keep em’ interesting! 😉

    I feel bad for Whitebeard too but I also feel bad for the Marines that went up against him. They look worse off than Whitebeard and only from one attack! That’s a true monster who can take a shot in the balls and still whoop your’s and your buddies’ asses. 😉

    Oh, and Whitebeard and Luffy vs. Sengoku would be badass! Garp would step in though since there’s no one to keep him busy.

    @Ace: Makes me wonder if any of the Yonkou are ‘D’s… The strongest ‘D’ we know so far was the Pirate King and he constantly tied with Whitebeard so that shows how awesome Whitebeard Newgate is. 😀

    Lol, why must Dragon show up? Ace isn’t his son and no one knew Luffy would be there so Dragon shouldn’t know. Though if Dragon was the ally of Roger as I assumed since Chapter 0 came out he may show up to save his old ally’s only son. Plus, it would be a good time to do some real damage to the WG.

    @Anyone: I do believe Marco and Jozu will live from this war obviously but I don’t know about the lesser known commanders. Lol, if MArco dies and gets reborn as a baby (associated with his Phoenix powers) wouldn’t he be kinda useless? XD So I don’t believe he’ll die.

    Also why couldn’t Aokiji identify what Luffy used as Haki? The New World Pirates knew what it was but Aokiji called it “magic”. o_O His mind must have went blank from sheer amazement. @_@

  6. Dragon should show up soon…I mean think about it. The world government is losing men as well as white beard…I think this would be the perfect timem to take out both the Marines and the World government. It has nothing to do with Allies! It has to do with perfect strategy…and the key time to strike would be now!

    Lol I know Aokiji’s reaction was effin priceless man…he is like “what is this devil tom foolery!”

  7. wow freakin awesome chapter. been awhile since i commented lol.

    and lol at oda making sure luffys haki burst got rid of the hyponotist guy lol, don’t let anyone say he makes major plot mistakes.

    my personal prediction is that luffy will simultaneously fight/repel all 3 admirals then fight and defeat sengoku(garp will watch), then rescue ace at which point blackbeard will show up with his “show”!

    theres also rumors of a timeskip going around anyone know if they are true or just someones prediction

    well thats my 20 seconds

    Jetpack out

  8. @everyone – ah i forgot to mention! i also find it highly unlikely that dragon will show up oda will want to save him for later and if he does show up it will be after the battle is finished. There is absolutely no chance he will fight, theres already enough bigshots fighting lol.

  9. I’m back from vacation!!!

    Great breakdown!

  10. do you guys know if shounen jump is coming out this week? i was just getting rid of the withdrawal symptoms as the releases were approaching and im like cringing again…

  11. Schweet breakdown, Super.

    Well, finally, this is what I’ve been waiting for since this war began which is Luffy finally showing just what his made of and not falling on his back half the time (sometimes after a Jet Useless).

    Here’s something that gnawed a little at me while I read the chapter: If Jozu’s right arm severed? Because it looks like it…

    @Omar: I don’t think we’re getting any new releases this week, either. Spoilers would be out by now if that were the case. But that’s just what I think, I have no facts to back it up.

  12. Yea I know Ay who’s ever heard of Diamonds freezing let alone breaking.

  13. Hey super, thanks for getting us this before the next chapter came out! Good thing all the mangakas take breaks on the holidays! 🙂

    Poor Coby! The kid just can’t keep up with his rival!

    Who else here thinks that Luffy is going to be stuck in the coma for months after this arc is finished? Iva himself said that his Vigor Hormones treatment only helps people ignore the damage done to their bodies. I foresee a looong recovery for the poor kid.

    I still maintain my belief that Oda will not kill WB. Incapacitate thanks to his numerous war wounds and his terminal disease, but not kill. Every time we expect someone to die heroically outside a flashback, Oda just cheekily says “Nope!” and they come back a chapter or two later! If Whitebeard dies I’ll…do One Piece movie breakdowns!

    Yeah, I saw Luffy using his haki to save Ace and grab everyone’s attention since Amazon Lily when he used it to save Margaret and her friends. Which leads me to ask why didn’t Luffy use it when his crew was being vanished by Kuma? Maybe the situation wasn’t quite as desperate since he knew that they were still alive? I dunno.

    @ lelu Actually I think that you can freeze diamonds since they’re derived from carbon, but I’m not so sure. I’ve heard you can combust them with enough heat.

  14. very gud question elisha.

    perhaps he COULDNT use it then. I mean the first time we see him use a burst of haki that knocks people out around him was on Amazon Lily…but that was in the same week as te strawhats seperation.


  15. yh guys i really think luffy will go to coma and there will be a time skip. it will allow other crew members to develop new powers and stuff. maybe iva takes luffy to his father. it would be nice to see luffy and his father together. Dragon may even tell him why he created this revolutionary army.

  16. @ elisha- actually technically u can’t freeze diamond since its already solid. freezing is the change of state of water from a liquid to a solid, so to “freeze” diamond first u would have to melt it then freeze it lol <- not physically possible.

  17. nice breakdown, too bad the chapter was short and were prolly having a 2 week break now but kay.
    As for luffy not using haki when kuma vanished them, i think his feeling wasnt anger and desperation but more sadness and having the thought that the situation was beyond saving, i mean after zoro vanished, things were allready pretty much beyond saving,he prolly had a emotional breakdown or sumthin,
    with ace its the exact same situation as it was on amazone lily.
    that or he just couldnt use it to that amount yet.

  18. I think Luffy’s feelings could have triggered a haki burst at the time, but Oda did allowed it. And that’s because those who were around at the time were extremely powerful and…strong-willed, if you will. The likes of Kuma, Kizaru, Rayleigh, the other Strawhats, etc. who were there would not have been phased by it. So it would have been a waste. Therefore, Oda did not allow it. That’s what I believe to be the reason, at least.

    As for this whole “freezing” business, I think it’s a little unrealistic as well. Technically, it would be impossible to “freeze” diamond. And apart from that, if Jozu’s body was just coated by ice, unless by many many layers of it, he should be able to break through it easily. But anyhow, it’s a manga soo…

  19. yeh i agree on the jozu beeing frozen thing is bs if it would ve been done while he was touching kairoseki or sumthing then it could ve been possible, but wb was frozen like a popsicle and easily broke free so jozu should be able too. but i guess it just to pull up the drama lvl =P

  20. Great as always breakdown super! btw what episode of the one piece anime does the moria arc start? you know when they go into the fog and meet brooke. my friend was wanting to watch, and their is so much fillar in the anime, i was not sure. could you help me out?

  21. @takashid: the arc starts off on episode 336-337 if im not mistaken…

    Kinda late to check out this breakdown but once again Super thanks. Started the new year off with the perfect breakdown. 🙂
    Im thinking Jozu and Marco are down for the count for a while. Oda doesn’t kill anyone no matter how bad the attack was like Pell, he survied that explosion that could have wiped out all of arabasta’s kingdom. if he can survive that i don’t see why not Wb would die from such pathetic wounds. Even though it makes since for him to die, him being out of the picture would be even better if he were to disapear on a small island or something and live the rest of his days recovering passing the mantle to ace at least. (i think everyone wants ace to be the captain of the WB pirates is kinda what oda’s going for)

  22. @shinobi- personally i disagree that ace will be captian of the whitebeard pirates, personally i reckon odas gonna pull a nostalga moment on us and have the white beard pirates disband, like the roger pirates.

    remeber that convo with shanks saying for marco to jion him ( ) i reckon thats foreshadowing by oda. this would prolly also mean that the other commanders jion other yonkou crew(we all know zoro has to fight daimond jozu lol)

    with ace i reckon hes gonna jion the strawhats or at least watch over luffy in his coma(yes i reckon its plausible).

    well hes to too much free time and thinking about this too much

    jetpack out

  23. shinobimadness: thanks! i found the episode. nut man wow, the anime really drags stuff out huh? it spends eleven episodes covering 13 chapters of material! i was really getting bored waiting for the action to start. anyway thanks for your help.

    i was so sad when i saw there was no chapter this week! i want to see everyones reactions to luffys haki!

  24. the spoiler (unconfiremd but most likely true is out)

    dont read if you hate spoilers -_-‘

    the diamond guy liveS!!!!!!!!

  25. its out!!!!!!

  26. thanks dizzlex =)

    man what a chapter it sure had some interesting things well i wont spoil anything :p

  27. Lol, I should comment more on my own post…>_>

    YOSH!!! New chapter is put let’s take a look. I’ll put the top 10 moments of 2009 post on the 570 breakdown if anyone is wondering where it went and thanks for keeping up some discussion while I was being lazy. *_*

    *reads chapter*

    YOSH!!! Great chapter but damn you Oda and ending on such devastatingly awesome cliff hangers! >< The parts that stuck out to me in this chapter was Ace may have 'King's Disposition' too! O_O The ultimate rivalry, Luffy vs. Ace, The Whitebeard Pirates under Ace's command vs. the Strawhat crew!I think most will split up after Whitebeard dies but the main ones (Marco, Jozu, Vista) will stay and serve under Ace. That way it'll give a nice rivalry between the two if they both have small crews matching up to the other. I don't see the Whitebeard's splitting up though if they have a new leader…

    Moving on, Luffy is really wanted now! XD Of all the people the Marine's absolutely want dead there's Ace (because it's his execution), Whitebeard, then Luffy. 😉 You don't let someone with 'King's Disposition' just roam around free.

    Luffy's Haki is what attracts people? O_O

    What the hell does this mean? "The blood to fight what has never been seen! Dragon!!!" (Ivankov; pg. 5)

    Then there's all the fights! Crocodile and Das Bonez stepping up to the plate. Boa Hancock kicking Sentomaru's ass and multiple Pacifistas! Whitebeard moving quick as hell to block off Kizaru! Lastly, will we see Luffy vs. Garp!? So much to talk about so I'll save it for the breakdown. @_@

  28. yeh that sentence of Ivankov was exactly what i found interesting aswell,
    i guess some more about the Kings dissposition will be explained by ivankov or someone else after this war.
    Meh mihawk is beeing a bastard aswell zoro should cut his head off soon >.>.
    And garp,… maybe he just stepped in because otherwise sengoku would ve stepped in and took his head in a split second? :p

  29. @fearvano: I think so. I mean, he was JUST all sentimal, crying about Ace’s way of life.

  30. @supertrek89: I would understand if Ace became new leader of the Whitebeard Pirates, since he’s a more important character, but wouldn’t Marco be in line to be new captain before Ace ? Since Marco is the 1st’s division leader and Ace is 2nd’s.

  31. @Nagashikage: That’s true and Marco may even be more powerful than Ace but Whitebeard was raising Ace to be the next Pirate King, so it’d be more appropriate for him to take command of the crew I think. I can see Marco as Ace’s right hand man and Ace was a captain before…of the Spade Pirates so he has the experience. I just can’t see Marco taking control of the crew because of all of this.

  32. aaah i totally forgot about something that was in the anime of this week, the clash between Shanks and Kaido i wonder if were gonna see anything of that later on it would be great to see Kaido and shanks in a fight. 😛
    But why the hell would kaido want to attack whitebeard eh?
    he must fully well know that he wouldnt stand a chance, and what would he gain by preventing the war from happening ? >.>

  33. Finally, I’ve caught up to the story … but I need to get two things straight:

    1. Luffy and the Strawhats were supposed to get their ship coated to cross the Red Line to get to Fishmen Island into the New World where the Yonkou live (since the only the other way was to ask the government), but that got messed up when they all got separated by Bart Kuma because Luffy raped the Tenryuubito’s face …and now after Marineford’s war, Fishmen Island will be their next destination ?

    2. Whitebeard was relaxing as one of the Four leaders of the New World, but when he heard about Ace’s upcoming execution, he got his ship coated and crossed the Red Line back to the Grand Line to get to Marineford, and stayed underwater the whole trip to Marineford as to stay undetected, destroying all ships that were on the lookout for them from below ?

  34. good job catching up! =)

    hmm fishman island yeh i think they still wanna go there but it will all depend on how this war ends if wb loses then fishman island might be in chaos. And befor they can even go there the whole crew needs to get together in the first place so that’ll prolly take some time since there spread over the whole world.

    As for the time wb was underwater i dunno how long he could stay underwater in the bubble he might ve run in some trouble but i doubt he destroyed many ships since the marine would notice if they lost contact with too many ships 😛

  35. fearvano: Kaidou was just looking for a chance to gain some of whitebeards territory while he was busy fighting the Marines.

    P.S Super no breakdown yet? =(

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