Soul Eater Chapter 74 IS OUT + 67 Breakdown!

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Welcome this is breakdown 67. Azusa led the boat as we discovered the relation between the Kishin and Chrona. Last issue took us to Africa. Spatoi dances with the locals as we find out the entire town has gone insane. Something is amiss. The team is attacked by zombies. However the ambush turns out to be too much. The group escapes one encounter and meet another. Chapter 66 ends with the introduction of the Black Clown. Soul Eater 67 opens as Kilik tells everyone to transform.

The skirmish takes off. Kim tries to make contact with Azusa but the signal is jammed. Just them, Kim decides to act as backup. They’re low on options. However a touch of madness might state otherwise.

The Thompson sisters are ready. After a reminder on insanity our lesson resumes as Frogger takes the first shot. The clown stands and the bullets hit. However its a bluff and as Kilik chains the opponent counters.

Needles spread from the clown’s body but a quick fire resolves the attack. Kim takes the counter attacks while Kilik rushes the front. It’s a nice combo however a scene from Medusa reminds us that its nothing compared to the real deal. Bummer.

An experiment begins. As Kim burns at her secret fear of clowns we learn more about the situation. If Arachne was right the Artificial Clown will be able to produce the same madness as a demon god and then correspond with it to become that god.

Crona leaves to begin the next experiment. Spartoi continues to push back when their opponent takes a sudden change in tactic. The clowns becomes one with a rock as Medusa tells him to experiment with the effects of the Black Blood

Medusa is satisfied. Nothing is working. Kim smashes her lantern over the enemy’s head but like the funny business, IE: the Animanics, Joker, Freakazoid, Buggy The Great (That’s right the Amazing) it just won’t go down. The team’s manliness at stake, Kirikou (Kilik) has no choice but to perform a chain resonance.

After the briefest om in history. The chain is successful. Everyone focuses their thoughts and in a spark of fire our pots take an upgrade as Thunder and Fire enter puberty.

Its seven vs one. The war between man and clown rushes to a halt as our Shamans take arms and fire. The attack hits at close range. Medusa is speechless as her creation meets a bright light that only someone with Goku’s luck could avoid. Fortunately she’s got the next best thing.

That's her sex face.

Jamming has ended and the performance is over. The scene changes to Black☆Star and Tsubaki as Azusa rejoins the group over income.

Their mission is to find Medusa. As they travel Black☆Star rants about not being the right person for the search. Tsubaki explains that its because of his excellent senses however he doesn’t listen. Black☆Star states that its not his job and Maka should do it. He states that Crona might be there when a set of footsteps breaks his concentration.

She’s here. Black☆Star tells Tsubaki to transform. Crona takes from the stairs and the two start to approach…

And meet in the center…

We see her as she is now. The chapter ends as Crona takes her blade with a third arm…

And Medusa parts us with her work.

As the bell tolls so does it chime. Listen to the ring and welcome this is also your Soul Eater breakdown for the month. The next issue unfolds on the opposite side of the world as the view shifts from Medusa to Noah. It seems he’s invented a belt but is hesitant to wear it.

The invention is something gamers would kill to have in their inventory. This belt raises magic up to ten percent. Noah wants the power but at what cost? As Noah takes the device he comes to a reasonable conclusion and invites Gopher into the room.

An order is given however the task is another fail. Gopher must kneel once more as he returns with a broken belt and an untouched village. Noah states it is alright but that’s because he knows such craftsmanship is only rewarded when you’re not the one to test it in the first place.

You chose well.

As our land mammal continues to blame all his misfortune on a certain someone the story resumes as Noah makes a vague wish on Medusa’s failure and the scene returns to Black☆Star and Crona.

Medusa’s experiment awaits us and the chapter title immediately comes into play. Crona grips another blade and shows us just how strange and mutated that body can become.

The theater falls silent. Four arms at the ready the act begins and the curtain rises to the image of a returning character.

After what something we can only describe as the twist the preparations are ready. A liquid forms around as Crona’s arm adapts to take the final blade. It’s three to one. Black☆Star is forced to introduce three of his own.

There are some jokes that require no edits and as Black☆Star introduces us to the ultimate weapon a quick glance at Crona allows him to ask that legendary question.

You wanna fight a sword with what!?

Peer as we might, Crona’s gender is left for another day. The legendary question can only receive a legendary answer as the author and Crona smite their reader’s knowledge once again.

The match opens with a scream. Crona charges with Ragnarok but Black☆Star keeps a steady dodge. Medusa gives us another laugh as our star lets out a yell to overcome all obstacles. Black☆Star breaks his fist as he proves there is no contest for being the loudest.

Crona is knocked to a wall. Black☆Star demands his answer and he receives it. Though with logic that simple perhaps a translation would have been better.

As Crona explains the great philosophical question of “Who is Maka.” the balance of power shifts as Crona declares insanity. That twisted logic holds as Zetsuei is over taken and Black☆Star moves to the second phase.

The experiment dances on but as our spider snake observes her child from the shadows a break occurs and Medusa watches unaware of the darkness behind her.

A voice speaks into her head. Medusa turns and a separate match begins as the stalker reveals himself at the sidelines and raises his hand.

Meanwhile at the plaza a different conversation is taking place. Tsubaki tries convincing Crona to return to Shibusen. There are people waiting but sadly nothing seems to get through.

The clock is ticking and their battle can’t continue forever. Diplomacy is out and as Tsubaki fails Black☆Star presents his own brand of Freudian logic.

It’s time to go and with an ambush down her ass the scene jumps back to Medusa as she slides from another attack. Never one for debate the religious war comes to a halt as Justin launches the clown and Medusa calls the retreat.


Medusa sends out the call and not a moment later our star is ambushed by what can only be described as a series of random animal attacks: First the frog.

And then the mouse.

Meanwhile while everyone spars like someone from DBZ. Eruka stands there in over her head and a pun in her croak.

It’s all gone silent hill. (Tokyo Dome)

There’s a peace as the curtain closes to peculiar scene…

…And the issue ends with an execution. Medusa leaves us with her head locked and a guillotine at her neck. XII that’s it for now. Happy New Years.


~ by 渦巻兇徒 「Kyouto」 on January 1, 2010.

53 Responses to “Soul Eater Chapter 74 IS OUT + 67 Breakdown!”

  1. Guess I’m 1st…

  2. 2nd!

  3. By the way, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! (My Birthday)

  4. Great Breakdown Kyouto, very… um…

    Anyways, Crona went a little haywire (Is that how you spell it?) when Star asked about his/her “Ultimate Weapon”

    Medusa seems like she’s in some trouble (Like always <_<)

    Fire and Thunder look awesome!! ^_^

    Also, I like how you included some DBZ similarities in your breakdown. *_-

    Sorry, I'm basically ranting X__X

    Well, all in all, it was a great chapter and breakdown (Even though Chapter 68 is already out X__X

  5. Thanks I’m glad someone got to view it. Crona is the official spelling but it was always fan translated as Chrona. Most people still use the fan version because of how it was subbed in the anime. Also yeah I’m aware. Though did you skim? I’ve been behind for a while so during the break I wanted to combine the two breakdowns to catch up. ^_^ Like I said thanks I know its more praise than I derserve. (Hopefully I can get to the caption next time.)

    I PRAY Medusa is okay. I despise her actions but she is one of my favorite villains.

  6. Yeah, after a couple minutes, I juts started to skim. It’s juts because breakdowns with too many pics bore me half to death!

    And Medusa will be fine. She’s a clever witch, she make it out alive. But I’m not sure if Justin will… O__O

  7. may fav. character Black Star is so funny in a way of doing things & somehow “similar to Narutos” he will kick Chronas ass for sure.

    @noneatencookie Justin will survive too, he may somehow escape using book power…

  8. I meant he will capture Crona and escape with some1 help (Maka/Spartoi?)

  9. YOSH!!! Hell yeah I caught up! This manga is awesomeness! A bit perverse too which makes it all the more awesome. Death the Kid is the best. 😀

  10. SOUL EATER 73 IS OUT!!! It was awesomeness! 😀

  11. SOUL EATER 74 IS OUT!!! I think I’m going to have to start doing breakdowns for this manga. XD

  12. @supertrek Thanks a lot for update.

  13. No offence but this breakdown has too many pictures… 😀
    I really think you should have removed more than one third of them and replaced them by writing what you think or with some polls. If someone wants to see a picture you didn’t put in the breakdown there’s always the chapter, right? 😉
    Reading this gets really boring and tedious and you have to skip a few parts like noneatencookie said.
    I’ll say it again, no offence. 🙂
    It’s just a bit of constructive criticism… :mrgreen:

  14. new breakdowns please? this series is epic, and totoally deserves it, seems like it has not been done in awhile.

  15. Unfortunately, Yen press is removing Soul Eater.

  16. Soul Eater 4tw


  18. It’s always the soft-spoken ones.

  19. LMAO! That was a great chapter! Looks like Maka is about to get serious and kick some ass. No more brooding on uselessness, didn’t she already go through that before? Mo time for relapses woman! It’s time to fight!

    New chapter is out for anyone that cares.
    Black*star vs Kid *cough*NarutovsSasuke*cough* round 2
    Maka/Soul vs Giriko

  21. YOSH!!! I sure as hell care. 😀

  22. That makes two of us and Happy b-day it is today right.

  23. It was the 25th and thanks!

    Black Star should have said: “I’m bringing you back even if I have to break both your arms and legs and carry you back…to Konoha.”

    Great chapter!

  24. latest chapter Super since you’re the only smart person.

  25. I shall now takes this to praise the skill of Okubo-sensei Aka greater that of Kubo. *teleports to Yen press main building armed with a scythe.* hehehe ]:->

  26. Damn it I use the wrong devil emoticon. Curse my typos as well.

  27. Ehh, I didn’t like the ending to such a long overdue battle. His soul gives out after 800 years!? And what’s with all the blank backgrounds? I hope next chapter concentrates solely on the Blackstar vs. Death the Kid battle.

  28. It really didn’t need a background considering the settings unlike Kubo who never draw backgrounds.


  30. Just like Super said….it concentrated on Death Vs Black Star 😛

    Awesome background info on Liz/Patty

  31. Wow, that was great! I actually enjoyed the background info on Patty and Liz more than the fight. o_o The fight was intense too! They really only got a few hits on one another though and it looks like they’re going to double team that blob of insanity next chapter. Not because they’re not enemies anymore, but to get the nuisance out of the way so that they can fight again. XD

    What’s Blackstar’s goal when he gets his ultimate power? Help the needy? >_>

  32. Defeat the strongest swordsmen in the world! D:

    Look out Mihawk!

  33. Lol, yeah. Don’t forget to find All Blue, swim it, fish it, and then kill the Pirate King.

  34. Almost the same as a bleach fight, only twice as epic. WHY you may ask because Okubo-sensei is better than Kubo.

  35. Then he will become a ten wizard saint, and kill the Spirit King, Tame Excalibur and the defeat Shanrinhax Uchiha’s.


    the most epic chapter of SE in ages

    my gawd. im speechless D:


  38. *agrees*

  39. damn! -whistles- that was a hell of a chapter. only problem i could find with it was how Stien, marie and the others got curb stomped just so the kids could fight noah. if the death scythes can go down that easily then how can the kids beat him?

  40. FINALLY CAUGHT UP!! This series is awesome, but the wait sometimes sucks!! But why no Breakdowns??

    @ Takashid – Well I think Kid will be well placed since it seemed Noah was expecting the Death Scyths etc, but I also think it will take all of them to get to Noah or maybe Kid activates more of his lines 😉

  41. pein: i could see that. after all the stuf about power that black star and kid went through in the book, i fuly expect this to be black star and kids fight. looks to be epic, but unless kid does awaken more of the sanzu lines, it doesnt make sense that the death sycthes lose like this but kid doesnt. I dont know why we dont get more breakdowns for this, seems like whoever used to do them left or something. which is a shame, this series needs ore love!

  42. @pein Welcome to awesome that is better than Kubo someone. Maybe they got an upgrade from the book.

  43. seriously, why don’t we have more Soul Eater breakdowns? its a great manga, but the breakdowns just stopped, can anyone tell me why that is?

  44. NEW CHAPTER!!!!!!

  45. holy shit that is such an awesome chapter! Justin is going to the kishin, nice epic crazy face when he said it too. kid and black star are whooping ass, specially black star with that awesome infinity attack. and the minor characters get their chance to shine too, which is something i like about Soul Eater. klik is helping, and maka and soul are supporting with chain resonance. all in all a great chapter, i was almost sad when i got to the end, i was like “its over already?”


  47. THAT WAS EPIC !!! O_O

    STAR can fight like MIFUNE now its like my fav characters O_O well Justin Law is still my Favorite, I dig the earphones 😉 but that was an awesome chapter too short though 😦

  48. I just started reading this manga and I love it!! 😀

    I didn’t want to read it before and now I ask myself why didn’t I?

    I’ll catch up in a few days, but sadly it seems that the manga’s almost done according to some people… T_T

  49. @dragin Allow me to welcome you to the awesomeness that is Soul Eater by Okubo-sensei (that means better than Kubo btw)
    It’s not over because there’s Medusa and Asura to be dealt with.

  50. Read all the chapters!!!!!!!!!


    … but why didn’t mangastream translate chapter 81? It came out December 12th, according to

  51. … WordPress deleted the last words. XD

    They were “according to Soul Eater Wiki.

  52. As I thought, chapter 81 came out on December 12th. I found the RAW and two reviews.

    It’s out

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