Naruto Manga 477 Breakdown and Manga 478 Spoiler Discussion: Is It For Real? Or, An Illusion?

Say one word about how late this is and I'll show you what "Pain" is...muahhhh ha ha ha

My apologies for the late timing but…Dammit!  I’m on vacation.  If I hear even one complaint, I’m going to go estrogen-no-jutsu.  And, what is estrogen no-jutsu, you ask?  Just look above…it ain’t pretty.  But, seriously, I sincerely hope that you had a great holiday with your families.  I sincerely hope that you will all have a wonderful, safe and prosperous 2010.  And, to those of my friends who are already celebrating New Year’s, Happy New Year!!!

And, we thought you were dead...hmmmm. I wonder how you came back to us...?

Hmmmmmm….interesting and awesome at the same time.  We all knew that Sasuke couldn’t have an easy time of it in his attempt at drubbing the life out of our main man of Konoha creep-dom (after Oro and Kabuto).  And…what’s this?  Itachi?!?  But, how?  Why? Mangekyo Sharingan?  Kuchyose No Jutsu?  Jutsu of Madara’s, perhaps?  Related to the fainting spell of Naruto?  Is THIS the power that Naruto was given by Itachi in that “mouthful of crow?” 

Was this the beginning of Itachi's re-appearance or...something/one else?

This is TsunadesTwin with this week’s manga breakdown and, I must admit, I was thinking “WTF?” when I saw Itachi in full MS form.  My daughter has been in mourning since Itachi was “offed” by his little bro, Sasuke.  Now, she’s on Cloud Nine.  However, I will get to all of that in a bit.  Let’s start where this WWF bout between shamed Elder Statesman, Danzo and Resident emo/missing nin, Sasuke Uchiha left off.  Yeah, that’s right.  Sasuke had played one big trump card:  Susanoo.  Danzo, whose intelligence level (along with that of the animators who keep putting in stupid comments) I am questioning, actually had to ask if this was, indeed, the famous Ms. Susanoo, he had long heard about.  What?!?  What part of “I am an Uchiha” didn’t you get, you dumba**?  And, to the animators:  would you PUHLEASE work on that dialogue?  Geez!  Just like Manga 461 where the dialogue was so poor that IT became the focus of my write up and not just the story.  I sense a re-opening of the Naruto Hall of Stupid/Inane Comments may be in order here…

Danzo? Where in the world have YOU been? What made you think that Sasuke would fire something that was weak, you BAKA?!?

Even worse, our Resident Einstein, Danzo,  determines that Susanoo is “the perfect shield.”  Gahhhhhh!  Dude!  Where were you when you were collecting those Sharingan eyeballs?   You’d think you would have done your homework on the MS/EMS and what jutsu are possible with them.  Of course, she is the “perfect” shield!  You shoulda just asked Orochimaru who had the Sword of Kusangi.  Susanoo’s shield repels that sword, you dork!  Geez, you should have just watched the anime episode 141 where Itachi lured out Oro to remove the cursemark from Sasuke (yes, it is canon manga shown in the anime so it counts to be mentioned here…).  You would have seen this play-by-play firsthand alongside Zetsu (when he was a full sized living cannibalistic plant).  

"Susanoo - she's more than just a shield." And, Danzo? You're just an idiot posing as "an advisor."

And, Mr. Elder Einstein tests Susanoo-protected Sasuke offensively and declares the offense to be “good.”  My God!  *facepalm* The sense of the obvious reigns supreme yet again thanks in large part to the freakshow known as the narrative/editing staff that Kishi’s got lined up.  It isn’t the first time I’ve seen how the sense of the obvious is superior.  And, I promise you all that it won’t be the last.   

However, to back up the intellectually stimulating dialogue, Danzo’s arrogance is fully on display.  His constant disappearance, and re-appearance looking like he’s had a great night’s sleep is just an irritant to Sasuke – and fascinating as hell to Madara.  So, Susanoo just continues to attack to no avail.   But Sasuke is clearly upset (what?  our emo Sasuke?  Showing emotions?  Nah…) and summons another rather risky jutsu:  Ameratsu.  Needless to say, Ameratsu hits it’s target perfectly. 

P'WNED!!!! Yeah, Sasuke? Maybe those powers weren't such a burden after all...

However, like Tobi’s original “Ninpou:  Whack – A – Mole” jutsu, Danzo just keeps coming back, much to the frustration of Sasuke.  Now what, Emo-boy?

What is it with this Sharingan-infested, intellectually deficient "advisor?" Talk about a major more ways than one.

Danzo fights back using that Fuuton “Windbag” technique that he used when he first went to the Kage Ho-Down, which brings some injury to Sasuke.  Thank God for mouthwash.  Otherwise, the stench would have been horrendous!  And, in a rare move for Sasuke, he performs a Kuchiyose No Jutsu but not to summon a clone – he summons a hawk.  Impressive, I must admit.  Madara, of course, is also impressed.   But then, he’s just watching Sasuke do the dirty work for him.

Now, that's a lot of hot air for a pompous windbag like you, Danzo. Makes me wonder why Fuuton-based Naruto doesn't have something like this in his arsenal...

But then Danzo, yet again, tries to jab Sasuke emotionally by mentioning Itachi – despite the original plea and the title of the chapter:  Don’t Speak to Me of Itachi.  Danzo mentions that he hadn’t seen Ameratsu in a while and says another obvious line:  that he is clearly Itachi’s brother.  Man, this nutcase advisor must have an IQ of 70 (mentally retarded) – no wonder Konoha is in oblivion right now!  Like there was any doubt of this?!?   What did you need?  DNA testing?  Again, what part of “I am an Uchiha” didn’t you seem to hear, you RETARD?

What a revolutionary observation you made, Danzo! Sasuke is Itachi's brother! OMG...*shakes head in disgust*

Madara, in yet another note of arrogance, is monitoring things noting how Ameratsu and Susanoo may be risky and wonders aloud where Sasuke learned to summon a hawk.  Just makes you want to deck the guy, doesn’t it?

Just put pom-poms in this guy's hand and you have an Akatsuki cheerleader. The only concern you have, Madara, is that Sasuke's eyes don't fail...

Then comes the absolute emotional injury:  how Sasuke hasn’t focused his anger and how he doesn’t “live Itachi’s truth.”  Danzo-dirtbag goes on to say that he actually RUINED the Uchiha legacy.  Whoa boy, Danzo.  I think you need slow your roll here.  You may live to regret some of these taunts, pal.   With all the taunting action, I’m beginning to wonder if this is part of an overall plan. 

In a risky close-combat move, Sasuke approaches, nearly gets choked but then slices off the Sharingan infested arm…only to find that, yet again, Danzo re-appears proclaiming victory.  For the first time, this emo missing nin actually looks furious, not just impassive and “cool.” 

Ok, Karin-bashers.  I’ve an earful for you, too.  For God-knows how many chapters we’ve been waiting to see when Karin finally starts to earn her paycheck as a member of Taka – or even as a shinobi.  There have been many glimmers of hope but those hopes fade faster than Naruto’s chakra signature in doing a one-handed Rasengan.   This week, I truly believe, we start to see Karin’s “potential” as a useful sidekick to Sasuke – and not just for her sexual flirtations, either.  We’ve seen so many chakra sensors over the past several weeks – even several in the same room with little effect on the ability to sense the lack of quality in the plot and the dialogue given to them by the so-called genius animators.  But Karin, does her job and determines the “secret” behind Danzo and his Sharingan-boil infested arm of his.

This time, she's more than just a few "Eek!" 's and "OMG!" She is actually looking out for her teammate - and determines Danzo's "secret"

Now this is my opinion on what this is:   that each eye of the Sharingan is a “life” for Danzo that contributes to his chakra level and life span.  Her clue?  A couple of closed “eyes” on Danzo’s arm.  Her (and my) deduction:  with each eye taken out, his powers weaken, as does his lifespan.  But, in writing this, I realize that this could be a number of things…

Just humor me for a moment here, k?  Didn’t we see a shinobi with an ability like this before?  Hmmmm…lemme think…Oh yeah!  Remember Kakuzu?  Yeah, he’s one of the so-called “Zombie Twins” (who could forget foul-mouthed and hilarious Hidan?) that fought the First Hokage.  Instead of Sharingan, he had a special penchant for collecting hearts of defeated shinobi and would incorporate their chakra abilities into his own chakra network.  This would, in effect, extend his life span.  And, as is convenient – aka he loses a heart through battle – he just collects one to replace the one lost.  Hmmmmm….somehow I don’t think Danzo was able to replace any he lost but, the theory is similar.  Intriguing.  And, Kishi?  You couldn’t think of anything original here?  I mean, like the increasing number of non-Uchiha shinobi sporting this fashionable eye pattern, the idea of extending one’s life span with some body part is already old.

So, we have the looks of a stalemate going on here – and not just in the battle either.  The quality of the dialogue don’t seem to go past a stalemate either.  The “tit-for-tat” battling between Sasuke and Danzo reaches a point where someone has to pull out yet another trump card.  Question is:  what is left?  Danzo begins yet another attack only to see Sasuke slowly disappear into a familiar flock of crows, as if he had Danzo in a genjutsu state.  Whoa boy!  Danzo knows THAT pattern all too well, as do we.  It was Itachi’s genjutsu pattern.  However, Sasuke has never demonstrated it before…but that is all tossed aside in one of the biggest “WTF?” plot twists we’ve seen recently:  Itachi’s appearance.  Huh?  As the caption says in the pic:  he’s supposed to be dead.  Which leads me to ask the following:

Danzo? I think we have an idea of what may happen here...but, where did Itachi come from?

Ok, ok…that’s all I’ve got here for this week’s manga chapter.  According to the banner announcement on, there is NO WSJ this week so there will be nothing but reading this review and arguing with each other for this week.  Next week, we should all be back to normal and “dying” to know how in the world Itachi appeared – and if Danzo, that d-bag, goes to the creepy campfire (remember Kakashi and his dad, Sakumo?). 

So, until 2010,


P.S.  You asked about my daughter being “on cloud nine?”  Well, look who appeared under the Christmas tree…he was caught snuggling with my daughter.  I mean, hey, a shinobi has to take a break before trouncing Danzo, right???

Yes, Itachi has a softer side...yeah, if you are a Chibi doll, you'd have one too. Sweet dreams!


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  1. First, Penny well done job

  2. Sweet breakdown, it was really awesome and funny!
    Itachi…. 😀 😀 😀 Regardless of what he is, I’m happy to see him again XD

    Mm 2nd?

  3. Great job Penny!


  4. 4th …..
    posted here for the first time

  5. Nice breakdown …
    Have been following the blog since quite long , but never commented .. (hoping not to be warned for spaming for my 2 nd post :p)

  6. Minato! I mean.. 4th!!!!

    Great breakdown Penny, I am also in a state of WTF! about Itachi.

  7. I wonder if this is why danzo wanted AO’s eyes back when he tried to poses him. Since Bakugan and Sharingan are related maybe it’s like the next best thing?

  8. notice the dissolving/disappearing arm here

    seems like it might be some…….sort of jutsu

  9. On the case of the disappearing eyes, i think it is something like a count down to a powerful jutsu. I’ve seen this style somewhere before… flame of recca i think, in which he had an enemy that if you hit him 3 times, he will transform into a demon or something..

    On the case of the living itachi illusion or not, i think it’s like the summoning technique of naruto’s father. I remembered before that itachi threatened danzo if he ever lay his hands on sasuke.. but that is just a thought though..

    happy new year guys!

  10. Cool breakdown, Penny.

    Actually, when I saw Itachi, I wasn’t like OMG-WTH-jizz-your-pants shocked. When I saw all those crows flying out of Sasuke, I immediately thought Tsukoyomi. I mean, he’s has used every other MS technique but that one, I guess it’s to be expected.

    It was an awesome chapter, nonetheless.




  12. Cool breakdown Penny, and glad to hear your daughter got something awesomeness for Christmas. 🙂

  13. By the way, Itachi’s reappearance might motivate FioriParty to do more Naruto Randomeness flashes. :O

  14. nice breakdown!

    That isn’t really Itachi. Its Madara’s genjutsu, he clearly activated his Sharingan, and the only time we get closeups of his Sharingan is when he’s about to do something. As for Danzo, I think the Sharingan are extra lives….but im not sure. Btw, Kakuzu didn’t just change hearts, he changed any failing organ 8P

  15. @kisuachi: Kakuzu’s ability surrounded the hearts. For every heart killed, an ability died with it. Each mask on that guy’s back was the heart – and elemental affinity – of a fallen shinobi.

  16. Happy new year. In my country’s tradition I wish happiness, good luck and good health to all people here at WRA .

    Awesome breakdown Penny.I really enjoy you stile of writting.
    About Danzos abillity, I really don’t think this is a one time use only technique and that it can probably be used only ones per some period.The jutsu obviously ends when all the eyes are closed but then I believe Danzo only needs to rest and have his chakra replenished.I believe this because when you think about it this isn’t your average jutsu.It probably requires alot of practice before it can be used effectively ,let alone master it so if it was a one timer Danzo would have ran put of eyes before he even learned how to use it.

  17. Happy New Year!

    I think Itachi is something like Minato, but not an illusion.
    If you remember, Minato wasn’t intangible since Naruto punched him in the gut. I think Itachi will attack Danzo and possibly kill him or severely incapacitate him.

  18. Happy new year!
    I don’t know what to think about Itachy , so I will just wait for a week. 🙂

    Wishing you all the best!
    Till next week.

  19. I’m going on vacation!

    I’m just really sorry that I won’t be able to know what Itachi is!
    The spoilers will probably be out early since there wasn’t a chapter this week, but I won’t be able to see them till Wednesday, or maybe even Thursday! WHY?!?!?

    Happy New Year!!!

  20. According to either mangashare or mangastream (i forgot which one) their is no weekly jump next week either…..

  21. yeah they say it wont be another one till the 13-14 so keep predicting

    on sasukes summoning karin didint seem surprised of it and since sasuke was on his way to konoha the hole pain arc he had more then enoughf time to make the contract.maybe it will be explaind on the anime like suigetsu when he got zabusas sword

    itachi is there? im haunted by the feeling that there is more than meets the eye here. i think its sasuke tsukiyomi since his emoness has failed with amaterasu and susano but my gut saids other wise guess we will have to wait.

  22. ooh and sorry for any errors on my writing i just spend 19 hours sleeping after 11 hours of drinking and it was totaly wort it

    and i woke up with a strange feeling that i had to write now weird huh

    sorry penny for the spaming

    No worries. Was just in a bad mood the day I wrote that reminder. You have nothing to worry about, my friend. 🙂 –Penny

  23. Happy Belated New Year!

    This is a genjutsu by Itachi.

    I have a weird theory, so bare with me…

    When Naruto had a meltdown, Itachi felt something was wrong. So, he went to investigate. And he found Sasugay and Danzou battling, so he decided to stop it.

    The only reason Itachi could feel Naruto having a meltdown, was that he stuck that crow down Naruto’s throat!

    I guess the Crow-Down-The-Throat No Jutsu finally paied off! 😛

  24. great breakdown :p
    Im gonna go for the itachi is really back version, just because itachi said he wouldnt let danzou touch his lil bro, now hes here to kill the bastard off :P, to prolly drop dead again but thats for another time 😛

    Happy new Year everyone!!!

  25. @Penny, my bad lol. I thought you were talking about how his ability kepy him alive. What I meant was he had to replace his other failing organs because having a well-working heart makes no sense if you have a damaged liver or no kidneys lol. Or maybe I’m over-thinking things lol

  26. Man, if it is true there is no WSJ this next week, too, it is going to suck big time. We’re all going to be dying to see what this Itachi thing is about. lol

    I wonder if Naruto will regain consciousness….?

    And, WHAT ABOUT TSUNADE?!? (sorry; I’m PMS’ing and she’s my idol ha ha ha)

  27. yeah, what about tsunade? is she still comatose? is she already dead? We haven’t heard from her in months. I WANT ANSWERS KISHI!

  28. I don’t really believe each Sharingan eye on Danzou’s arm represents a “life”. If so, I think Danzou wouldn’t throw them away so easily, regardless of how many he has. And from all indications, he’s just toying with poor Sasuke.

    Also, Madara has Itachi’s corpse (, and he’s probably incinerated it by now lol, considering how he felt Itachi was the only potential impediment to his plans. In conclusion, it’s unlikely that Itachi is still alive.

    In addition, Itachi transfered all of his eye techniques into Sasuke at his time of death ( So the Itachi we see facing Danzou in full MS mode can only be a fake, leaving me to conclude that we are seeing Sasuke’s Tsukoyomi.

    And I think Tsunade is still in the coma simply because Kakashi has just been newly appointed the acting Hokage which would be pointless is Tsunade were to wake up any time soon.

  29. Great breakdown Penny! 😀

    @Kisu and Penny: I could have swore the reason why Kakuzu lived so long was because he replaced his old hearts with new ones…not replacing other old failing organs.

    I don’t think Kakuzu could even explain how he lived longer just by replacing hearts though and this is a manga, so we’ll just have to accept it as true for this manga.

    @Anyone: Just to give my opinion on the whole Itachi matter I don’t believe it’s the power Itachi gave to Naruto or Itachi really coming back alive.

    First the power Itachi gave to Naruto. Whatever he gave to him he wished Naruto would never have to use it.

    If the power was something that protected his little brother Sasuke, who he loved more than the entire village, just at the expense of Naruto having a panic attack why would he hope Naruto would never have to use it? Plus this isn’t Naruto using the power if it is the power Itachi gave him. It’s be more like Itachi forcing his way out of Naruto and going over to protect Sasuke. Why would that be the power Itachi gave to him, if it is it really wouldn’t make sense to me.

    Now on to why I don’t think it’s Itachi back from the dead. As Pickles said Madara does posses Itachi’s corpse and he also has his eyes.

    So he’s dead and gone and it should stay that way. There’s no way that’s a living Itachi standing up there with the MS.

    Now what it could be is the implanted consciousness of Itachi in either Sasuke or Naruto. He poked Sasuke on the forehead transferring all eye techs but he also could have implanted his…”being” into Sasuke like Minato did Naruto. Now as for Itachi being inside Naruto it’s a little more far fetched but he could have done this to Naruto too when he transferred some of his power to him. It’d be kinda strange to have Minato and Itachi in him at the same time though wouldn’t you think? o_O

    Yes, I know that sounds so wrong. ><

    As for what I believe Danzou's power is I'm with the majority on this one. Each eye is a life and when he "dies" one eye closes each time.

  30. I think someone has said this already but I believe this is a apart of Itachi’s consciousness that was sealed inside Sasuke and is now being released to pawn the eye-orgy lover. If he could transfer his dojutsus to Sasuke and booby trap one to the sight of another sharingan in the few seconds he was in physical contact with Sasuke, then he could have sealed apart of himself inside Sasuke as well.

    But if it is Tsukoyomi then meh.

  31. @supertrek: This is the second time we posted at the same time in the last two weeks. And you copied my thoughts and rewrote them in a longer, more sophisticated format. STOP READING MY MIND!!!

  32. YOSH!!! Lol, but your mind has so many wonderful ideas Doomien, I must take them for my own and write them down before you do!!! @_@

  33. Do you have a sharingan in your mind? That’s like, psychedelic man.
    >_> @_@ <_<

  34. Actually have something far better than the Sharingan! I have the Terepashigan…>_>

    Lol, you all didn’t think that was a joke post did you all? I actually have these powers…>_>

  35. WTF that was dojutsu was real? Well then supertrek why dont you use it to read penny’s mind and give me her home address so I can ‘pay her a visit’ tonight :).

  36. @Doomien: What!? Oh noooess!!! Penny is accounted for and she’s my lady writer, her address must be kept secret plus I don’t even know. XD If I read her mind she’d figure out with the jutsu of ‘Women’s Intuition’ and then I’d die…T_T Alright back to Naruto. O_o

    Ummm…why is Sasuke so awesome…? Yes, that’ll get a lot of replies and hate…>_>

  37. Actually super, the answer to that’s easy. It’s so naruto can keep being the underdog turned hero for the plot. The story needs an anti-hero and sasuke is it. But that’s not all that fun so….

    Sasuke’s only badass cuz he had a buncha stuff handed to him like uchiha blood, sharingans, itachi’s powers, and now even protection from madara. Naruto will definitely Kyubi his ass 126 chapters from now

  38. Sasuke is so awesome because he’s even hotter than Mamoru, no doubt about it. 😀
    Eeer, well. I think that Itachi first of all is a genjutsu without a doubt. Because, whenever there is Itachi plus crows, it’s a genjutsu. Second, I think that Sasuke truly knows what is happening right there. Look at Sasuke’s face and his expression when he dissolves into crows: No one looks like that when he is actually like “What the hell is happening here to me???”
    The chapter was titled “Do not speak to me of Itachi”, but maybe Sasuke is like “I will speak to you via Itachi” . 😉

  39. Still think its Sasuke using a Tsuyokomi but anythings possible. Also Im not sure if this has been spoken about but before though I had a strange thought about Danzou and the Elders.
    If the Elders and the 3rd were genin under the 1st and 2nd, well im going to bet that Danzou coming from there era was a genin under Madara himself. To me that would explain his military minded actions and also explain the relationship between Danzou and Madara.

  40. @lelulalilo
    That would make Danzou over 100 years old, and if he were that old someone would have mentioned it by now.

    Also I think that there is some kind of connection between Naruto passing out and Itachi appearing, though I have no idea what it might be.

    As for Danzou’s arm, I would be very disappointed if each eye gave him an extra life. I think it is some kind of sharingan combo jutsu where he combined the unique abilities of several of the sharnigan he has in his arm to form one jutsu(probably a hybrid genjutsu/ninjutsu of some kind).

    Itachi may very well have pulled the same trick Madara pulled on the first Hokage, whom I doubt would just leave his body out in the wilderness for anyone to come along and steal the secrets of the sharingan from.

    These are just theories though, take them as you see them.

  41. dude… common sense tells you those sharingans are not extra lives i don’t know where in the world you got that from??? but it’s a 100% false because FIRST: you compared danzou to kakuzu but Kakazu had hearts, an organ that every human needs to live(symbolic) but Danzou has eyes… now i don’t know about you but i seen a couple of ppl live without their eyes… eyes will not prolong someone’s life span thats just stupid… but to the itach appearance i agree that it is either Tysukiyomo or that promise Itachi laid on Danzou “don’t lay a hand on Sasuke” but i don’t think Madara had anything to do with it i don’t see no reason in Madara trying to do it… you have to think about these things before u predict them

  42. @greyfox2012
    That is one of the prevailing theories floating around is that each sharingan closes it saves his life or something, not my idea…

    I think I hinted at the fact that I didn’t believe that to begin with so….

    Honestly they are just thoughts that I had so chill.

  43. @iamnotreallyhere: I think your confused, The 1st,2nd and Madara were from the same time, and the 3rd was a genin under the 1st and 2nd so were the elders, and they are still alive so I think its highly possible that yea maybe Danzou was a Genin under madara. And maybe the reason no-one has spoken about it because it could be a plot line that hasnt been scripted yet, But anyway.

    The Death now Alive jutsu Danzou is using could of possibly been the jutsu Madara used to fool the First I dont think thats what itachis appearance explains. And to bring a closer observation into this Jutsu if it truly is a jutsu it could possibly mean that MAYBE Danzou has 1 of Madara’s EMS and that those with a EMS cant Die.

  44. @lelulalilo I don’t really think that Madara has only one eye.Do you remember when Sasuke first cast amaterasu on him and he said “good thing Itachi does not know all my secrets”.I think that is the reason he has one hole mask-to hide his other eye’s abillity from other dojutsu wielding ninjas.
    Furthermore if Madara is seeking the ultimate body and power, why would he debilitate himself by giving one of his most prised posessions to some freak. Also Danzo’s jutsu probably doesn’t just give him extra lives but rather just negates any wound at tge expense of chakra. Note that I said chakra, not eye, as I already mentioned before that this a extremely unusuall abillity so it probably requires extensive training to master.If this is the case he wouls need many attempts before being able to effectively use it and would certainly have ran out of eyes if it was a one timer.

  45. t063t0: I agree when you that Tobi doesnt have 1 eye he has 2 my opinion is that 1 MS is Obito and the Other hidden is EMS Madara. Still thinking about that though Tobi still had that same look when he attacked the village with the Fox. But Any way when Tobi took a Amaterasu he could of used a Enton to erase the flames, Teleported the flames of his body like he sucks in people and other things, Or took the flames and died but reappeared later like Danzou is now.

    About your theory on Danzou ability Im taking it all in could you possibly be saying he kinda has a time/space affect where his sharigans copy his form and then reappear again in time unaffected by its current attack. And thats absorbing vast amounts of chakra and thats why the eyes are closing.???

  46. @lelulalilo well I never thought that much about Danzo’s ability but your idea is certainly interesting and definitely helps to evolve mine.I really like it and it certainly sounds plausible given that the sharingan’s original definitive trait was its ability to copy jutsus.With so many of them in possession of one man, a literal copy of himself might not be that far fetched.

  47. i guess theres no manga this week since theres no spoilers huh?

  48. What if Itachi’s ultimate ability/acheivement was really the creation of something anti Madara since we know he’s been anti-Madara this whole time. And then what if I told you that this ultimate weapon was a genjutsu so powerful that even the Sharigan, the ultimate anti jutsu eye and Madara’s (and apparently Danzo’s now) source of strength and power, couldn’t penetrate it.

    And what if his was the ability to transform himself into a crow or something similar? I think the key is the crow; at this point it’s basically the man’s symbol. This just came to me as I was watching Episode 134 of Shipuu where Itachi is in the Akatsuki hideout where he meets Sasuke before their epic clash. In the scene, a crow was on the fake Itachi’s shoulder and after “Itachi” was stabbed through by Sasuke, all that was left was more crows and Itachi’s voice. What if it was also kinda like a combo of that along with the 4th’s special technique. What i mean by this is that the crows act the same as the special signing/writing tag that the 4th used so he could move that fast from one spot to another.


  49. I believe it’s Genjustu, that or a dead summon resurrection. Itachi was the type to believe in Konoha, but that look on his face says nothing going for Danzo. Though Itachi has a special thought for Sasuke I doubt he would take Madara’s side on the issue. We’ve seen this with his encounter with Naruto. I believe the living (or not tamper) Itachi would appear before his brother in this case. But that’s a big logical what if.

    @Penny – Do you have any good images of Tsunade I can use (no not that way). May I have the one from your ava. I was using it as a character place holder while searching for another.

  50. We’re all reading too much into this…
    If you look closely above… that isn’t Itachi’s crow going into Naruto’s mouth.. it’s Itachi’s french-tickler!

    Besides we all know that Pein is simply re-animating Itachi’s body.. *someone tells Paul that Pein/nagato is dead*

    I meant to say that it was Sasori using his puppet jutsu on Itachi’s puppet-body *again someone slaps Paul and tells him Sasori is dead*

    Ok, ok… so it’s Deidara – who is really Madara (both names have a ‘dara’) And he simply made an explosive clay Itachi to kill Danzo and Sasuke. He wanted to kill Danzo because Danzo stole his “Multi-eyed homo-arm” art sculpture!

    Oh, and as a final WTF! there will be a random page inserted in the next issue in which Hyate Gecko is giving Kakashi’s dad a little “lip service” muwhahahahahaaaa!

  51. Also… I think Sasuke is going to get his chakra shovel, and dig for gold on Danzo’s chin! “X Marks the spot you clan-slaughtering motherf*cker!”

  52. On a less serious note, but just as important bulletin to all:

    It is now alright and even encouraged to substitute the name Itachi Uchiha in all jokes and phrases in place of Chuck Norris

  53. Hey Zekks: I think the Ultimate Genjutsu is Madaras technique Mugen Tsuyokomi though he is going to use that on a grand scale on the moon but if it was small scale I would imagine it would be preety powerful.

  54. question:
    To be caught in tsuyokomi or Madaras technique Mugen Tsuyokomi, you have to look into his sharingan eye(s)? But if you won’t look into his eye(s) you would avoid being caught? Am I right?

  55. @pwnman: Technically you would have to look at the moon with Madara’s Eternal Tsukuyomi, so that means that it isn’t Eternal because it can only be active during the night, when you can see the moon, unless Madara destroys the sun too.

    @anyone: I know it’s a manga, but the fact that Danzo’s eyes close on his arm is very stupid. You can implant eyes, but you can’t implant eyelids, right? That would be impossible since there aren’t eye sockets on your arms.

  56. Yea Pwnman, Sharigan works like that Gai Sensei proved it as fact by avoiding contact with the sharigan.

    Hey Dragonball, I would assume by implanting those eyes yea they come with eyelids I didnt see eyelash’s but if those eyes were to cry or bleed yea they would proberly come out around the eyes or out of a tearduct 😉

    Example Diedara had a mouth on both hands which came with tongues,teeth and lips I cant recall from memory but they had their own saliva glands and perhaps a throat leading to a stomach but I doubt it after seeing Diedara with giant mouth on his chest I think anything is possible 🙂

  57. @lelulalilo Deidara was somewhat “special” or so said the others.And technically eyelids are not part of the eye itself.I am guessing Danzo had some extra skin on his hand which he formed into eyelids using “plastic surgery no jutsu” and adding chakra muscles, not unlike the strings of the puppeteers, to operate them.I actually wonder how did Danzo make those holes for the eyes?But hey-I guess he used an ice-cream scooper to scrape his tissue and then made the eyelids from it. o_O

  58. …I think you meant “melon-ball scooper”… that is, unless he wants to implant sharingan eyes from giant squid.

  59. @pwnman&lelulalilo: it works like that but he can do it by pointing at the person with the fingers too at least itachi coud (i think)

    and i think the deal with mougen tsukioyomi is that once u are in the genjutsu is for as long as u live unlike susanos sword that puts u on a eternal slumber party, and other ability may be that at night madara can see everyone from the moon

    dont know just a thougt that came wile reading. man cant wait for the new mangas they all left us on the edge and greatly confuse

  60. I don’t know if it’s true..just found it… :/

  61. I really think it’s fake,that itachi image can be found all over the internet, the script is somewhat silly at some points, and it’s just to weak overall,

  62. Wra is so empty. I’ve been waiting for a new post or comment but to no avail.

    What happened to all the new posts on videogames and stuff like that? If I were an author I would have already posted something seeing how empty wra is now. Assassin’s Creed II came out and there isn’t a post on it yet!

    Oh even if you don’t read this comment it’ll help make wra a little less empty.

  63. Oh btw I DO have a social life!

    Sorry for the spamming.

  64. Hey, I tried w/my Itachi theory. *shrug*

  65. @anyone who do you think is the best kage? We got to see a lot of their cool techniques in action and i just cant decide who would win if they were battling each other. Danzou has a sharigan arm and some skill with wind attacks… Raikage has lightning speed and strength, the Mizukage has poison gas and acidic goop, and all i know is that the tuchikage has floaty no jutsu, drop the cube, and throw up an ogre no jutsu. Anyway which kages reigns supreme?

  66. @Supertrek: Did deathcon, reflex and burningace die???

  67. @Dragon: Hmmm…a new post might be good for discussion right now. 😉 Lol, those three aren’t dead they’re just under genjutsu. As soon as they wake up you’ll find out. ^_^

    @Fuuton: Best Kage? It’s between the Raikage and Danzou right now but as soon as Danzou starts pulling out more of his tricks I think my favor will quickly change to him. It really depends on how Danzou can utilize those eyes and what their secret power is.

  68. @supertrek: So they’re not dead? Hmmm… Lightningtiger isn’t either… yet. I have him locked up in my basement. Girls dig tigers and people pay ten dollars to come see a lightningtiger. Next time I’ll lock up Mudshovel in my basement and make him shapeshift into a unicorn. Little girls will pay more than 50 dollars to see a unicorn! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Soon I’ll have enough money to buy that new TV! *puts on hunter clothes and ties an harpoon to his waist* I’m going to get you Mud…

  69. The Raikage and Tsuchikage also seem to have an old rivalry between then, judging by some of the dialogue previously seen regarding the two. So I think it may be safe to assume they are also similar in strength.

    The Tsuchikage even mentions that if they lost the war, he would not get the chance to fight the Raikage again.

    It would be interesting to see what he is capable of, but to me it seems like he is able to manipulate the mass and density of himself and other things around him, or to create objects of different densities as well.

    Hence why he can fly (he decreases his own mass to zero) and how he was able to almost crush Sasuke (using matter of a significantly high density and mass).

    I hope we see them all in a real battle, individually, so we can see what they are really capable of.

  70. @tenrai i like the way you think tenrai, i believe each kage will get a bijuu to fight (guess who gaaras gonna get?) and also naruto will fight one and kb will also fight one, giving us 7 people vs. 7 bijuu. or maybe if this itachi gejutsu or whatever turns sasuke good he will replace kb to face off with a bijuu but thats probably unlikely haha

  71. another interesting debate: if the tsuchikage is able to manipulate mass and density how will he fare against deva pain who manipulates gravity? lol who wins?

  72. @bakakage

    Good question. LOL!

    Unfortunately, we don’t know enough to tell just yet, but I am eager to see just exactly what he can do. I also think we have only seen a glimpse of the Mizukage’s power, especially considering Zetsu interrupted the battle between her and Sasuke.

    Otherwise, I think Sasuke would be nothing more than a little puddle of his own making right now. Although, that stands to reason with him having to fight two kage prior to facing the Mizukage.

  73. ITACHI FTEW ^O_O^ woot woot he shall live BELEIVE IT!!!!

  74. one other thing guys


    and i soooo didnt make this comment to finally take over the recent comments which i havennt in over 9000 years!!! >_> <__> <_<

  75. *Posts an even more recent comment than Ahsan’s recent comment, thereby thwarting his attempts to take over the recent comments list.*

    *cough* ^ ^

  76. hmm no spoilers yet? or was the earlier spoiler an accurate one?
    Not that im really interested in seeing spoilers *tries to hide enthusiasm in knowing how itachi came back*.
    but i also wanna be sure the chapters of wsj come out this week?

  77. @fearvano

    They apparently do come out this week from what I have heard. But spoilers only normally come out by Wednesday morning in any case, so this wait is not unusual.

    P.S. I think we are all eager to see what is happening. X__X

  78. The real spoiler pics are out now. Here’s the link.

    Finally! It took long enough. X__X

  79. Sasuke’s completed version of Susanoo seems different from Itachi’s. In both appearance and the weapons they wield.


    And… it looks exactly like the dark figure in the genjutsu used during the kage battle and the shadowy from inside Sasuke, which means Susanoo did have something to do with the darkness in Sasuke, rather than it being related to a Bijuu or the Kyuubi.

  80. it seems that Danzou controlled the kyuubi in the second kyuubi attack, before it got sealed in Naruto…
    Yeah, i agree Tenrai. The darkness in Sasuke was his Susanoo.

  81. WTF is Danzo?!? Mokuton and Izanagi! Not to mention faces inside his body!

    And apparently Madara didn’t summon the Nine-Tails… Danzo did!

  82. @Dragon

    I didn’t see anywhere in the spoiler text that was translated, where it specifically stated that Danzou summoned the Kyuubi, so the only thing we have to go by is a single image.

    Unless you know Japanese?

    In any case, I don’t see why Minato would have mentioned Tobi as the one controlling things from behind the scenes, if it actually wasn’t. Of course, it may be more complicated than that and both Danzou and Madara may have been involved in the Kyuubi’s attack in some way.

    Ahh..I can’t make out what it’s written or else i could read the hiragana and somehow translate it..
    I want to know what’s going on with Naruto…DAMNN!!!! 🙂

  84. *Doomien wants whatever Danzou’s arm is smoking*

    Two questions about the spoilers:

    1) Was that a real amaterasu Sasuke used on Danzou and if so, why was Danzou able to disperse it?

    2) In pic 8, why was Danzou’s arm apparently attached to the tree? Does he need to draw lifeforce from nature or something to perform his reanimation jutsu?

  85. its out!!!!

  86. After seeing the Akatsuki, Orochimaro, and Danzo’s abilities, and how they would rather not cross paths with Itachi – Itachi might have been godlike!

  87. @Tenrai: I didn’t explain well what I meant. I meant that since the chapter said that he has the power of senju and uchiha and he could probably summon the Nine-Tailed Fox, I thought that he would have summoned it 15 years ago in an attempt to become the new Hokage.

    Anyway, congrats to all the people who thought about Tsukuyomi!

  88. Well, Danzou is growing in freakishness by the chapter, and proportionally, Naruto is becoming more popular on the wanted list of every majour criminal.

    I just wish we got to see what was happening with Naruto now. T__T


    Sorry, it just sounded very direct, so I interpreted it that way. In any case, he probably only got most or all the sharingan he has acquired (save for shisui’s) after the Uchiha masacre.

    I think Naruto becoming the Jinchuuriki for the nine-tails is what may have inspired Danzou to take that path in the first place. He saw Naruto as a weapon he could potentially control and the genetic modification as a means to do so.

    One thing is for sure, he is very powerful. It makes you wonder why he ran from the Kage summit and tarnished his own credibility even more, when he was clearly capable of defending himself.

    Maybe he just did not want to reveal his real nature with witnesses around. O_o

  89. Just a Tsuyokomi, What an Amazing chapter it had every thing. Perhaps one of the better Chapters that has come out it really explained alot. Its especially awesome when the deduce all the facts and solve all the jutsu.

    Danzou is powerful just like I thought but he has a big weakness otherwise he wouldnt need Kabuto, Makes you think if the Hashman will open his eyes and come to life like the possible belief that Shizu will take over.

    Awesome X 1,000,000 = Awesomeness

  90. And here we thought that Danzo’s eyes were the only nasty thing.
    Anyway that was an awesome chapter.It showed quite a bit of Danzo’s real power and I’d have to say that he is kind of doing better than the Raikage so far. At least he hasn’t lost an arm yet.Also his technique-The Izanagi-I might have been wrong that he can use it multiple times,seeing how even the Uchiha deemed it dangerous.Maybe the reason for this is the permanent loss of the eyes, so it is not practical to be used under normal circumstances.

  91. awesome chapter!!!!

  92. HA!!! Take that all you who believed Itachi was really back! He’s dead and gone now accept it! 😀

    Now speaking of the Kyuubi attack 16 years ago it’s possible that it could have been Danzou thanks to the revelation in this chapter (Madara’s words and Danzou’s ability). I’m still leaning towards Madara though. Itachi said he did it. Minato saw Tobi/Madara at the scene of the crime. Jiraiya theorized it could have been Madara too. That’s 3 great ninja all pointing to one culprit. Of course they could all have been wrong but what’s the chances of that?

    Besides it seems Danzou still hasn’t obtained the ability to control the 9-tails yet. Let’s just say he did attempt to control the 9 tails 16 years ago to test his ability. My theory would be he probably lost control of it and Madara showed up to take it from there. That’s when Minato spotted Madara and thought he was behind it all and it takes its own course from there. That’s just a theory though if Danzou was behind the attack 16 years ago.

    Overall great chapter. Doesn’t look like Sasuke’s Susano’o has the same enchanted items equipped to it like Itachi’s (Yata’s Mirror and Sword of Totsuka) and that is its complete form. 😉

    Ending on Naruto…he’s probably still on the ground eating dirt so I could care less. -_- On a good note though if he lays down long enough he can practice his Sage training. XD

  93. FYI, to add more fuel to the fire, in Japanese Shinto lore, Izanagi is the God who, after rescuing his sister from the underworld/afterlife, washed Amaterasu (the sun goddess) from his left eye, Tsukuyomi (the moon god) from his right eye, and Susanoo (tempest or storm god) from his nose.

    With that in mind, Izanagi would be the “father” jitsu for the techniques Sasuke and Madara have been using.

    @to63to: I don’t think Danzo is too afraid of losing a spare eye or two to use Izanagi. To him, the eyes are just shinobi tools.

  94. Naruto 478 is out

  95. finaly a chap and a good one sasuke was awesome going full susano on the nick of time. his seemed like a amaterasu arrow thrower or dark chakra of some kind that puts a major on my fav theory on what itachi gave naruto

    danzo has defenetly surprised me the firsts dna to top the grotesk sharingarm and im a little curious on whos face is on danzos arm i know its probably the 1rst but ?

  96. Wait…sooooo Susanoo is a Snot monster ?!?!?

  97. @arpotu I know he wouldn’t be afraid and it is quite obvious he isn’t. That’s why I said that if the eyes are permanently lost it would be too dangerous for the user under normal conditions.For Danzo it is not realy a problem since he doesn’t need those eyes to see but what if you are a normal uchiha-not only will you loose your eyesight but also your most powerful weapons.

  98. I can see a really good Breakdown coming 🙂

    What truth is Danzou actually refering about, cause I know a few things about what has been said but can someone give me their point of view.
    And when hes talking about Itachi saving his life and he says look at him the one and only, A eye moves does anyone else think that their could be lifeforces entrapped in those eyes like Orochimaru when he takes someone over. Its been talked about but you know.

    My impression when I saw this was that sasukes Susano was holding the Will of Fire in its hand and that the Bow and Arrow is the Sword of Totsuka cause it has no shape or form but if It was I thought it should of atleast sealed Danzou but Izanagi.

    And to me his Sharigan/Hashman Arm is a seperate power force in relation to the powers that are under his Head Bandages. Cause on this Page their is a speech bubble that comes from his head bandage looking at his arm, If Izanagi Seals eyes in order to protect his life I get the Feeling what ever is under his Headbandages can unseal them.

    Thats all I gotta Blab about 😉 Glad all the Fav Mangas came out today.

  99. I dont think that Danzo was responsible for the Kyuubi attack, in the chapter it says that with both the 1’st dna and Uchiha ability he could control the Kyuubi but at the time of the attack did he even have the Uchiha eyes?
    If he got them from itachi doing in his whole clan, then that was after the Kyuubi attack, but it could still be possible that even without the Uchiha power to back him up Danzo made an effort to control the Kyuubi with just the 1st’s Dna and failed miserably.

  100. I have a theory on what Izanagi does, and I thought it might be a technique that displaces a few seconds back in time, or Perhaps it can even manipulate time to a degree, or bend it, so he could essentially exist as he did before his own death, allowing him to avoid it as though it never happened.

    Essentially, it would be as though he never died or got hit in the first place.

    It would also explain why Danzou’s chakra remains behind even as he is being killed but then suddenly moves to a new location after he seemingly reappears, which is something that even had Karin baffled.

    Obviously, the risk of a technique like that (manipulating time) could be as great as the payoff, so I though that the user may need to sacrifice their vision, which would also explain why one of Danzou’s eyes closes after each time he uses the technique (as mentioned previously in other comments).

    That would give good reason for it being a forbidden technique as well, especially when the Uchiha place so much pride in their eyes.

  101. @Tenrai: “It makes you wonder why he ran from the Kage summit and tarnished his own credibility even more, when he was clearly capable of defending himself.

    Maybe he just did not want to reveal his real nature with witnesses around.”

    Yes, I think that is it. He just didn’t want that all the kages knew what he was capable of. After all, he didn’t want Sasuke, Karin and Tobi to know either. He said “no other choice, only this move” when he knew that he couldn’t evade the arrow.

    Your Izanagi theory is very good! Time manipulation seems to be one of the few possible ways to negate these attacks. But then again, it’s still weird how he can give Sasuke and the others the impression THAT he died. Example with the arrow: Sasuke SAW that the arrow hit him. So Danzou could only stop the time and rewind after he got hit. But how do you do that? When your heart is smashed immediately, I don’t think that you have a piece of life left to turn back time…….

  102. @thatwhichisbored: He could have controlled the Nine-Tails with the First Hokage’s power, possibly.

    @anyone: How do you think Danzo can make his eyes on his arm open again? Maybe with time or by using a lots of chakra-draining tecnique.

  103. @Dragon I thought the eye(s) open again because he release that jutsu

  104. @tigerpalm: I don’t think so. He only has ten sharingans left.

  105. @Tenrai: Time Manipulation thats a good one.

    @Aeris: It could be his physical body dying though his Chakra/Spiritual body existing then reforming, because Karin did say that when he turned Izanagi back on the his Chakra changed slightly.

  106. Danzo pisses me off. -nothing else needs to be sead.

  107. hi everyone. Quite a while, and has been absolute fun watching from the “shadows”.

    Now it seems the comments are very interesting, so i’m going to have to apologize for the short pleasantries.

    It seems, from all indication, that the izanagi is not the mangyekou technique. Fine it does have the power to resurrect the user, and as arpotu mentioned it is the “father” jutsu. I find that intriguing because from japanese myth izanagi gave birth to the mangekyou techniques, but in naruto it’s not even a mangekyou technique, or even an EMS technique, or at least a technique that shows signs of being on a higher level than the mangekyou techniques.

    Another thing is, what is the relationship between orochimaru and the izanagi? With madara confirming that danzou contacted orochimaru, what role could orochimaru possibly have played, given that the cost of danzou’s izanagi techniques are his eyes? I mean for orochimaru’s reanimation jutsu all he had to do was find a steady supply of bodies. It doesn’t seem danzou has a steady supply of uchiha eyes, and it also seems danzou’s izanagi might just be finished by the time sharingan eye number 10 closes.

    see you later.

    P.S. hey penny i’ll definitely speak with you soon. Cheers.

  108. Ey there fans. Gotta chime in here.
    I think a lot of you have got the whole Izanagi thing all wrong. It’s not resurrecting Danzo, it’s a strong genjutsu. In this panel he’s “releasing” the jutsu. As in how genjutsu’s are “broken” or released. Remember when naruto tried to use his chakra like Jiraiya taught him when he was caught in itachi’s genjutsu? They’re always broken by being “released”.
    Secondly, on this page Karin figures out that they are looking at the “real” Danzo, i.e. NOT an illusion of him. She even says that he CAN die, which means that they haven’t been killing him this whole time, they’ve been tricked by THINKING they were killing him but it was all an illusion. We just thought that tsukoyomi was the ultimate badass genjutsu, but Izanagi is one that trumps it. Like madara said, it’s an eye technique.

    p.s.- The anime release was awesome this week

  109. Anyone else wondering if Madara is copying (ala Kakashi) all the jitsu he’s seeing (except for blood line of course, if he even has blood)?

  110. @Aeris

    My idea is, that while the technique is active, Danzou is displaced in time, so he is seeing himself die as much as Sasuke is seeing him die.

    Essentially, his present self is dying, but he survives because of the time displacement. (This all makes sense in my head, but it is hard to explain. LOL!)

    Anyway, Karin seems to notice moments when the technique is active and when it isn’t. When he avoided the one arrow with Mokuton, the technique was currently inactive, which would explain why a death in that case would be completely fatal.

    However, once the technique is up, time is bent for Danzou, so anything that happens to him, is essentially nothing more than a vision of an event that will never actually take place, and yet in a way does take place.

    Wow, there’s a brain killer for you. X__X

  111. @Tenrai: I Like your Time/Space affect theory I like the idea I had something similiar to it but I think it could be more simple than that.

    This page says it all.

    A shadow clone is as real as a clone gets, So its an Adavanced version of a shadow clone but works in a reversed type of way. So when his own body is destroyed his body it just vanishes though resummons a new body, cause when he does those seals I think there similiar to the same seals Naruto does. And when his body rematerialises his bandaged eyes do something which make his eyes close I guess thats the next piece of the puzzle. But also his Karin notices that his body loses a tone of chakra kinda like a clone which takes half of ya chakra away.

  112. To add on that similiar link of the page above it would be cool that Sasuke’s Susano arrows I noticed they dissapear I though it would be cool if they absorbed chakra from the target and transfer it back to him.. I would be a good advantage.

  113. @lelulalilo: …hmm. Remember the scroll of forbidden techniques from the very first issues of Naruto? The one where Naruto learned the Kage Bushin no Jitsu? I wonder if it was Danzo who assembled that scroll, so that no-one could learn techniques which could defeat him. Imagine, for example, if Naruto could use such a time-travel jitsu with his Bushin army.

  114. Oh hey – here’s another idea – what if Sasuke could put all of Danzo’s Sharingan eyes in a Genjitsu? Could they be turned against Danzo in that case?

  115. Ok, my breakdown will be out by Monday but I have one question: how on earth can Madara, who has known everything going on in Konoha thus far not be able to know prior to this that Oro had kept in contact with Danzo???

  116. @arpotu – doesn’t genjutsu effect chakra flow in the brain…? I don’t think you can put just an eye under an illusion….

    @tenrai – your theory is very good… i’m not sure its just dojutsu though, since none of the other sharingan techs require hand seals…

    Also, I’ve been pondering two questions since this latest release and wanted to see what everyone else thought…so,
    1. Who will be the greater villain down the road for Naruto and company, Madara or Danzou? (Will the two face off first and leave only one opponent for konoha?)
    2. Can full-fledged Susanno be damaged? Specifically, will the rasenshuriken be able to damage it or will Sasuke outmatch Naruto until he can control the kyuubi?

  117. @ada: I think it’s already been established that madara’s been set up to be the ultimate villain behind the scenes. He’s even got an ultimate “i’m gonna take over the world” moon’s eye plan. The #2 villain usually wouldn’t get such a thing.
    As for susanoo I doubt the rasenshiruken would damage it. If the RS could be deflected by Pain’s shinra tensei jutsu then I doubt it’s stronger than sasuke’s version of a chakra monster. kyubi controlling naruto seems like it’s being set up as the counter to sasuke’s abilities. and hopefully we’ll see it soon. the first part of the puzzle, naruto mastering sage mode, is almost done. Then, if you remember here: that frog that contained naruto’s “key” was present when naruto got the news of Jiraiya’s death. It’s about time we start seeing what the deal is

  118. So far all the sharingan eyes on Douchbag’s arm have been normal and we know, thanks to Kakashi that non-Uchihas can also develop the MS…what’s to say that the eyes are not closing in a countdown sequence to all of them opening in MS mode…now that would really be the ‘father’ of the sharingan eye techs because each one would have a unique ability.

  119. And for a second there…I actually thought Madara was on his way to bail Sasugay out…
    Which says a lot about how much he really rates Sasuke’s chances.

  120. Does anyone know if Samehada is going to be picked up by Suigetsu?

  121. @Arpotu: I dont know if Naruto will ever be anygood at Genjutsu unless maybe somewhere down the track he learns the Frog Genjutsu or something. But when Naruto Mastered Shadowclone jutsu from the Forbidden scroll that was the Hashmans Tech’s, I still think that naruto will get another look at that scroll and master a few jutsu that are possible for him which should be awesome. I think that maybe Kakashi being the new Hokage will grant Naruto permission to train from it. I think its possible now because Sasuke is learning from Madara and discovering his clans secrets its only possible that Naruto is Senju Decendent and should learn the Village clans techs knowing that he has almost the same physical attributes as the first and so on.

    1. At the moment Danzou and Madara are both after the Kyubi if either one of them get it the they would be the number 1 but I dont think Naruto will ever loose the Kyuubi I think Madara will find another way to succeed in the Moons Eye plan even ressurecting the Juubi But Madara is the Biggest threat even Danzou doesnt know what hes capable of.
    Kishi has said that Madara is not the End Bad Guy, So I look at Danzou being a deadly Foe and he is at this current time hes the most badass around as far as I can see, though we are seeing all the tricks he has to show in my opinion I think he will have that immense power taken away from him me I personally think that Kabuto/Orochimaru will consume him seeing how they are related and Danzou needds him for some reason I think there is something there.
    2. Naruto with the Kyuubi only has to outlast Sasuke and his Susano as powerful as it is but if there is away to counter the Susano then Danzou will Find it.

    @Gavin: Its Suigetsu’s Destiny to get that Samehada Blade saying that I wondering what the sword could do to the Susano if it could absorb it or not but yea Suigetsu has to get that sword its his only upgrade.

  122. @kahmix – Don’t you think both have a grand plan to take over the world? Danzo wanting to unite the 5 great nations under his rule in the name of security is just as threatening to “real” peace and ideals Naruto represents as Madara’s grand illusion. And I have to think that was only the beginning of Danzo’s plan.

    Also, I don’t think we can evaluate the effectiveness of rasenshuriken versus pain’s shinra tensei as a way of evaluating its effectiveness against susanno. Pain’s tech could probably deflect any tech regardless of strength; its not a shield really like susanno is. And we’ve already seen Raikage crack one of its bones, so it seems possible that an attack of the magnitude of rasenshuriken could damage even a higher level of susanno…

    Idk really, its possible naruto and sasuke will face off briefly; naruto’s rasenshuriken is beaten by susanno, and this motivates him to begin training to control the kyuubi… In any case, I think Naruto is going to have to see some of sasuke’s power first-hand pretty soon…

    @lelulalilo – Madara could find another route to get the Juubi, but I think he will definitely try to go after naruto first… I can’t really imagine a scenario in which madara is forced to retreat in such a battle, except if he tries to use sasuke to get naruto…but even then, why wouldn’t madara fight is sasuke is in fact, defeated…

    Your danzo merges with oro/kabuto theory is whack lol… but maybe anything is possible in this series…

    You are right, but sasuke may gain a greater ability to suppress the kyuubi with his MS, and that will make it very difficult for naruto to just outlast him…

  123. @Adakias: Yea I agree he will try to go after Naruto but he cant take Naruto until he has the 8 Tail and if he succeeds doing that then he has all 5 Villages protecting Naruto I dont see Madara winning after that, all I can imagine is that with all 8 bijuu he could summon the Juubi.

    Yea Madara should fight if in fact Sasuke is deafeated he was real worried with sasuke nearly having his head off but look what the Yamanaka and Aubarame clan did too madara with all 5 Villages he would loose more than a arm. Besides that your right sasuke gaining new MS abilites or even his brothers eyes would make equal to Madara’s power time will tell after that Danzou – Sasuke battle.

    I dont think Danzou will merge with Oro/Kabuto I think it would be good say if he lost his arm its what Orochimaru always wanted a Good body to inhabit and his very owy sharigan.

    But Im seriously up and down with Danzou he has alot of wild cards one non related thingy with Danzou a while back thinking Danzou had problems I thought him wanting Kabuto could only mean he wanted Sai as a new body seeing how that was his lil boy toy.

    Sasuke and Naruto wont Battle for another 300 chapters, they’ll fight side by side but never each other for a long while.

  124. Theres 1 question I’d really like to ask all you guys:
    Does anyone of you doubt that Danzou got the Mokuton from DNA transplantation?

    I mean, this where just Tobi’s thoughts, his assumption. What if he is wrong?

  125. @lelulalilo: I said “@senju: I didn’t think about that but you’re so right! And maybe when Danzo finds Kabuchimaru he’ll ask him to use his jutsu or experiments to heal his arm and eye and Kabuchimaru will ask for two sharingan eyes in exchange!” in this post:

  126. @Aeris: Orochimaru dug up the first’s grave to do his experiments either Madaras assumption is right with the DNA splicing, Or Danzou intergrated his head to his arm kinda like how kabuto did with Oro.
    But he would of been skull and bones..But there have been previous times that old wrinkly dead bodies have been brought back to life, like Tamujin that last guy before the time skip that Garra killed.
    Though Madara is preety smart he could be correct.

    @Dragon: I tried to look where you were refering to but so many, About Danzou and Kabuto/Oro you never know but something important must happen with those 2 it just sounds like its meant to be.

  127. @lelulalilo: Just do CTRL F and type “@senju” or “dragon” without the quotation marks and you’ll find it eventually.
    In any case I pasted the comment above yours.

  128. @lalalala (*g*): Maybe this, or Danzou is a real Senju descendant how inherited the Mokuton ability in a normal way. The thing with the face would be the result of… something else… then.

    But, maybe, think about it: How else could Danzou have such a high reputation in Konoha that he was a real opponent to Hiruzen Sarutobi for the election for the 3rd Hokage? And he got the ANBU Roots as a consolation. You don’t get this stuff just because you’re… don’t know what he is 😀 !

  129. I think Sakura will arrive just in time to interrupt the climax of the battle

  130. definitely looking forward to the next breakdown

  131. @Aeris well he doesn’t have to be a descendant to have all the perks like ROOT. He was a strong ninja before he gots his crazy arm crap i assume and did a lot for the village. I mean kakashi’s father could have become a hokage if he didnt “mess up” that one time. Even the first little bro couldnt use mokuton, which i found weird cause it seems like family members know the same justus but here are the first and second hokage who dont battle in the same fashion at all.

    @gavin i hope suigetsu gets kisame sword but i think it loves killer bee and his demon chakra

  132. Spoiler’s out with a lot of pics

  133. so susanoo has a weak spot…even though i didn’t understand what it is!!!

  134. Looks like Danzo was able to suck chakra away from susanoo, and revert him to the skeletal form. Maybe that’s the weak spot? Not sure if he can use that sucked chakra to recharge his eyes, though…

  135. 2010: Not the year of the timely breakdown.

    More like the year of douchebaggery eh Sabon? -_-


  136. Naruto is out!

    Great chapter, looks like Izanagi is the just a really advanced form of genjutsu not anything else. Momentary control over reality itself at the cost of instant blindness.

  137. Y’know what’s irritating though? The manga makes a big deal out of how much toll using the mangekyo sharingan takes on the user’s body but then Sasuke just uses it for as long as he likes and never suffers for it in battle. They show him grabbing his eye like “argh!” “ack!” “bleckk!” but in the battle it never seems to matter and he uses the techs as long as he wants.
    Whatcha guys think? Is he ever gonna fall into the “darkness” or blindness that itachi was telling him about? Or will that kinda just go by the wayside?


    There’s the link to the new blog post for 479…

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