Naruto Shippuden 141 Breakdown: Truth; AND, Itachi’s Impossible Quandary: Big Mac or Whopper, What Will It Be for Lunch?

Hello again, everyone, and welcome to this week’s Shippuden breakdown.

Well, this episode was definitely a tearjerker. I think my eyes started to water toward the end. But big boys don’t cry! The wet tissue rolls next to me don’t mean a thing! >_> (And just now I realize how wrong that sentence would sound in another context…or of your mind is currently taking a swim in the gutter)  Anyhow, I thought this week’s episode was really emotional, especially at the final scenes. As I mentioned previously, this is what the anime does to the viewer which the manga most probably couldn’t…at least not as effectively. So I’m gonna try to keep this one breakdown a little less playful. Key word: “try” =P. Lol, no really, I’ll try to. Besides, it’s good to switch it up a bit sometimes.

So we begin!

Madara gets us underway with a brief recap of the final parts of the previous episode. How the Kyuubi’s attack raised distrust on the Uchiha clan, which leads to them being segregated from the entire village, under constant watch by the Black Ops. This causes a revolt among the Uchiha against Konoha. Noticing this development, Konoha’s high-ups implant a spy in the Uchiha clan. And that spy is none other than Sasuke’s own older brother, Itachi.

This is where his hell begins.

Itachi: "Yup, this is so winning me that audition for Ninja Assassin"

But the leader of the coup, Sasuke and Itachi’s father, the Alpha Emo himself: Fugaku, ordered Itachi to spy on the Anbu of Konoha. In effect, making Itachi a double agent for Konoha, feeding them information on the Uchiha and not the other way round.

One may argue: “Why couldn’t the Uchiha just be tolerant for a while until the storm calmed?” “They should have been able to think more clearly and see the bigger picture of what they’re actions would cause.” But you know what they say: “The graduate in Physics asks ‘Why does it work?’, the graduate in Engineering asks ‘How does it work’, the graduate in Accounting asks ‘How much does it cost’, and the graduate in Liberal Arts asks ‘You want fries with that?'”

But why did Itachi “betray” his clan? A coup planned by the Uchiha would no doubt lead to a civil war, and surrounding nations would take advantage and attack the village, leading to another Great Ninja War. Itachi had experienced the Third Great Ninja War when he was still only a tender four years old, and the trauma from that experience made him a pacifist.

Quick! Someone get me the number for 911!!

So in a nutshell, Itachi was fighting for one thing, and one thing alone: peace. And he was willing to “betray” his clan to preserve it.

The village’s high-ups noticed this trait in Itachi and they preyed on it. They ordered him on an extremely classified mission. He was to completely obliterate his entire clan.

At this point, Itachi is faced with an extremely impossible dilemma, a classic case of “between the Devil and the deep blue sea”. He could spare his clan and allow the potential actuating of another Great Ninja War in which many innocent lives would be lost. Or he could do away with his clansmen, putting an end to their plot, and quelling the flames of possible warfare and innocent bloodshed. Times like this, Itachi probably wished he’d become a doctor…or a lawyer.

So now, I’m gonna throw the question out to you guys. And the question is this: what would Jesus do? …Errr, I mean, what would YOU have done if you were in a similar situation as Itachi? I implore you to be perfectly honest with yourselves and try to weigh each side fairly. No one knows who votes for what anyway.

Well, we all know the choice Itachi made (I’ll post my thoughts on it in the comment section just so I don’t inadvertently influence anyone’s choice on the poll). He steeled his heart and decided to commit an evil for the greater good. He resolved to kill his clansmen, his father, mother, aunts and uncles, bestfriend, girlfriend, the pizza delivery guy…THE PIZZA DELIVERY GUY! Oh, the horror! All for the sake of peace. And all with the help of Madara. That’s right, Itachi alone knew he was still alive. He also knew he still wanted war. So Itachi offered him the opportunity to get his revenge against the Uchiha by helping him kill them all. Itachi gets the help he needs to annihilate his clan and Madara gets his revenge without laying a finger on the village. It’s a win-win for everyone…mostly.

The Third Hokage tries to come to an agreement with the Uchiha, but as time went on, his efforts were made void.

The time had come.

With his heart made hard as stone, and  his resolve firm, Itachi was ready to bear the consequences for his actions that night. He was prepared to put an end to the lives and anyone and everyone who bore the name Uchiha. And he did. But one remained. One who was able to force Itachi’s blade to dull just by sight. It was his beloved little brother, Uchiha Sasuke. The only one to survive the grand massacre that night.

That fateful night, tears of confusion, anger, hatred, and most of all, immeasurable sorrow, streak down this boy's face. That fateful night, Sasuke, as was once known, died forever, never to return. That fateful night, a new man was born, formed of the hatred that filled his heart; a man with a solid resolve, and a single goal so crystal-clear.

Before Itachi finally leaves the village, he settles some business to ensure Sasuke’s safety and making sure he never learns the truth.

He also lied to Sasuke. He had planned everything out. He made revenge Sasuke’s ultimate goal. Revenge to make him stronger. He had planned to die by the hand of his little brother. And in the end, infusing in him a new power, the Mangekyou Sharingan.

This was Uchiha Itachi’s way. His truth.

(See? I told you I’ll get serious =P)

However, Sasuke is determined that Madara is telling lies. He posed arguments but Madara countered them. It takes some convincing, but Sasuke is finally won over. He flashes back to what Itachi said to him during their battle: “In order to survive, we cling to what we know and understand. And label it reality (truth) . But knowledge and understanding are ambiguous. That reality could be an illusion (falsity).”

Sasuke learns that Itachi was thinking of him the entire time. He did everything for his sake. Even in death, all Itachi had in mind was Sasuke. It was all for him. To give him new power. To allow him avenge the Uchiha clan. To raise him to become a hero in Konoha. All of it, for Sasuke.

“For the sake of Hidden Leaf Village, and most of all, for Sasuke Uchiha, [Itachi] wanted to die as a criminal and a traitor. He accepted disgrace in the place of honor, and hate in the place of love. And despite that, Itachi died with a smile on his face.”

Those were Madara’s final words to Sasuke at their meeting.

Afterward, Sasuke flashes back once again to a more distant past. More memories of his loving older brother and their small family descend on him. This time, more welcome. More peaceful.

And at the end, the final moments these brothers shared together.

Their bond is restored. Tears wet Sasuke’s cheeks as Itachi’s last words resound in his mind.

"I'm sorry, Sasuke...this is the last time."

(I think at this point, most of our eyes started welling uncontrollably)

After wiping his eyes, Sasuke declares that his group would abandon the name Hebi and would henceforth be known as Taka. He then announces their one objective.

The destruction of Konoha.

Well, folks, that’s it for this week’s breakdown. Sorry if I got too serious. Hopefully, I won’t have to next week =P. Once again, don’t be shy to voice any complaints you may have in your comments and I’ll be sure to have a look.

Next week, we’re gonna be kickin’ it with the one and only Killer Bee. He’s gonna be spittin’ some o’ the dopest rhymes up in here, ya see. And if you want them funky-fresh breakdowns, WRA is the place to be!


Last Week’s Caption Contest Winners

This one was really tough. There were some great entries, but I can only pick out five to be at the top. And here they are.

5) Kisuzachi: “I don’t wanna go with this guy, he might do Orochimaru-like things to me *shudders*”

4) Pazownz: “sasuke: OH MY GOD!!! WERE OUT OF OREOS!!!”

3) to63to: “OMG.Madara can warp his bodyparts into other people…”

2) Narutojr: “Who is it? I think it’s Barry Manilow!”

And the winner is…*drum roll*

Ms.Mandi: "Dammit Madara! Did you think I can’t tell when i’ve been slipped roofies?!? I did run with Orochimaru ya know."

This here is your material for the week. I know you guys can do it justice.

*Insert caption here*

And here’s the preview of next week’s chapter.

Well, that’s it for this week.

Until next time!

I’ll be back, back with the breakdown, Captain Pickles, dum dum, woocha!!



~ by Captain Pickles on December 29, 2009.

38 Responses to “Naruto Shippuden 141 Breakdown: Truth; AND, Itachi’s Impossible Quandary: Big Mac or Whopper, What Will It Be for Lunch?”

  1. Oh, I forgot to mention this. Sorry this one was late, you know what time of year it is!

    Happy holidays, everyone! =)

  2. YAY! i was 4th in caption contest


    itachi: How do i get down!!


    Itachi: How do i get down from here!!!!

    just wanted to change it

  4. Caption: OMG I JUST SHIT A POLL!

  5. 4th?

    Anyways, great breakdown Pickles! Never knew you could be serious in your breakdowns 😛


    “Oh crap! I need to get down… Now or Sasuke will see me!”

  6. Caption: the light from the moon brings my complexion out perfectly. Hopefully Tyra Banks will like this shot.

  7. caption: someone call the firefighters…i iz scared!

  8. alpha emo,just too funny

    good one cap pickles a bit serius but i dig. were going to the bee vs taka battle already and i cant wait.but i have to so thats that

    caption:and they say white men cant jump

    caption:playing hide and seek with madara sucks

  9. Wow…I never comment on this blog but that breakdown was definitely worthy of some praise. Awesome job, CP!

    caption: “I usually transform into a crow before I take a dump from up here but since everyone’s dead I think I’ll just…” *groan*

  10. Great breakdown!

    Can’t wait for Killer Bee fight in the anime!

  11. Yay, what a nice breakdown! And don’t be upset because it was a serious one, I like that!! After all, this WAS a totally serious situation and you totally hit the spot of the scene were my eyes started getting wet!! *sob*

  12. CAPTION:

    Hehehe … I’d love to see them pick Tobey Maguire over me now !!

  13. CAPTION:
    Itachi: If there was only something i could reflect an eternal genjutsu off of….hmmm

  14. Yet another good breakdown Captain Pickles.A bit on the serious side but the episode was demanding it.The important thing is we get to see Killer Bee next time and he looked even more badass than I have imagined.

    Three times in a row in top 5-woo hoo,I’m on a row here.

    “Spider man aint got nothing on me.”

  15. Awesome breakdown Pickles the serious tone fit perfectly so don’t worry about any of that. Just give yourself a pat on the back. 😉

    Though I do understand what Itachi did was better than just letting another Great Ninja War happen it was still just the lesser of two evils. He also killed babies to destroy the Uchiha offspring…no one was shown any mercy except for one small boy.

    In the end I know what I would have done in his place. I would have killed every Uchiha older then 3 and left the littlest ones alone who couldn’t possibly remember that night or have any involvement in the coup. Then I would have taken all the blame for the massacre like Itachi and fled the village. That way the coup is destroyed, the Uchiha have more than 2 supposed survivors, and innocent lives are spared. The only vengeance that would be sought is my head on a platter which is how it should be. The elders would get off scotch free, a war avoided, and more Uchiha survivors.


    Ohhh, I can see my house from here! Ewww, mom and dad are making another Uchiha!

  16. Thanks, you guys. I can tell some people weren’t really diggin’ the serious vibe, sorry about that.

    @Super: That’s actually a really good idea. But the thing is, the kids that are spared would eventually realize they are different. And that would leave even more little minds for Madara to prey off of for his own selfish purposes.

    I’d probably have just run away from the whole situation. I can never bring myself to take the lives of my family members.

  17. Itachi should’ve tried to negotiate rather than do nothing but follow orders.

    But I guess seeing as he didn’t have Danzou’s position or Shisui’s sharingan, that was sort of impossible for him, na?

  18. @Holydemonandy: As I said, the Third Hokage already tried diplomacy, but that didn’t work out. And in the end, the mission had to be done. And I’m pretty sure if anyone was able to bring an end to the dispute by negotiation, it would have been him.

  19. Great breakdown Pickles! I loved it, no complaints here. That Alpha emo joke was hilarious. And sweet rhyme at the end. ya dig!?

    If I was Itachi I wouldn’t have helped Konoha. I would have helped the Uchiha in the coup d’etat but I would assassinate the Elders and the Hokage first to make the coup run as smoothly and quickly as possible. Then I would assassinate Fugaku and claim the Uchiha clan as my own! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! No seriously, that’s what I’d do.

    Caption: THIS is how ninja steal cable

  20. Maybe hearing someone who was more powerful than almost all the other Uchiha in that area of the village (considering – despite with help – he took them all out,) would have helped the Uchiha to try a more negotiable approach.

  21. CAPTION:
    nananananananananananana ninja!!!

  22. CAPTION:
    whooooo, vertigo!

  23. Anyone else kinda disappointed that the quality of the interweb subbed video of this episode was of too poor quality to see Sasuke’s mangekyou…?

    Also, I vote for Ms. Mandi’s caption submission based on her suggestion that Itachi would shit a survey of public opinion… (i.e. pole, not poll) the accidental pun is quite funny in this context…

    “Uh… If there are telephone poles, why doesn’t anyone in this series ever use the phone?”

  24. @adakias: Lol, good catch there!! Umm… maybe it’s just a pole for electric light…… 😉

    Yeah, I was also disappointed that you couldn’t see Sasuke’s MS at all!!

  25. @Kisuzachi: Lol! That would have pretty funny.

    @Holydemonandy: Maybe, but when it comes to negotiations or anything of the sort, physical strength hardly holds any bearing. Unless it really isn’t negotiation…if you know what I mean. It’s all about influence. And hardly anyone else is a village has more of that than its own leader.

    @Adakias: I have to agree, I felt the font of the subs was a little too big and conspicuous (except the ones in the flashbacks)

  26. @adakias,Aeris and Captain Pickles: Maybe this is a little better than what you saw. Look at 22:29.

    This is a picture of Sasuke’s Mangekyou Sharingan.

  27. @adakias and Aeris don’t you download the videos.If you don’t know from where I can tell you where to download 720p and 480p versions for absolutely free with no viruses whatsoever.The same goes for anyone else who is interested.

    “We,at Danzo Douchebag Industries LTD. proudly introduce you our latest development-The Itachi anti-pigeon flak system . We guarantee even Santa isn’t coming this year.”

  28. @dragonball… vid in that link didn’t work, and i read the manga so i knew what to look for, that’s why i was dissapointed in the anime… i will go back to that site though for future releases, thx

    It’s just that i watch the anime in full screen with my younger brother (who doesn’t read the manga) and he would have had no clue that sasuke even had MS from this episode… I had to show him the page in the manga…

    @ to63to… I would definitely appreciate that link… 🙂

  29. @adakias the thing is that it is a torrent site.You have to make an account,which of course is absolutely free,but I dont know what is your opinion of such sites.I can’t give you a direct link becase i am writing from a phone but I’ll give you the two sites in case the first one is full.
    Ok first one is and the second one is In both sites you dont have to pay anything and can download everything that has emerged in the last 50 years(i am not joking).

    P.S. I am not sure about zamundabg so you can try without the bg part.

  30. @adakias: It doesn’t work? Maybe your computer doesn’t support that type of video, like mine doesn’t support some other types of videos.

    @to63to: I might be interested in that website…

  31. Caption:
    “Will it fit?”

  32. @DBL: Actually, I only had a problem with the subtitles, everything else, I was cool with.

    I got the 720p video of the episode and I saw Sasuke’s Eternal MS just fine while he was saying Taka will destroy Konoha. Albeit, when his frame was frozen, it wasn’t so clear.

  33. No episode this week 😦 😦

  34. Just when the anime’s getting good they throw this at us. New filler arc featuring the Six Tailed Slug’s Jinchuriki, Utakata

  35. @Metachi: Thank you, and welcome to WRA! Hope to see you comment some more on the blog. Your comment must have been pending authorization, that’s probably why it wasn’t seen earlier.

    Well, on a lighter note, we get two episodes before the filler arc begins, I believe. That should be enough to cover the whole Sasuke vs. Bee fight…hopefully.

    Well, guys, seems this one will be my last breakdown. Senshi will be back by the next chapter. ‘Twas fun…really =D.


  37. i just saw 142.i want to know isn’t anime goes as manga.if yes then why they are taking sasuke’s battel ahed.coz its time for naruto to learn that toad sage (pervy sage) is dead.i’m little bit confused here.

  38. @Spanky that is because the six tails jinchuuriki filler arc is due to the 21st of january. Seing that the last filler arc as well as this one seem to be canon they are shifting things a bit so they can fit this filler arc into the overall story. Hope this clears things a bit.

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