AMV Corner

HAI GUYS!! I almost forgot that it’s the 27th…dang holidays…Anywho here is this months AMV’s….Enjoy!

Naruto: So I found two really good AMV’s and I just couldn’t choose between them….so you’re getting em both!

Death of Itachi by hidannarutogta

Don’t Care by UmbreonUninstall

I thought they were both awesome, both Itachi/Sauske…the first one is the battle and all that…the second one is more emotional with the back story. I just couldn’t choose, what do you think?

Bleach: Bleach Allstars by ForYouPeople

I chose this one cause it’s goofy and dorkish, just to balance out some of the seriousness of the other two.

FMA: Prayer of the Alchemist by chisaiame

I really liked this vid, and the music just seemed to go along with the storyline. Thanks to Ama for the link…

Well that’s it for this week guys, once again please feel free to send me any amv’s! See ya in my next post!


~ by Miranda on December 28, 2009.

11 Responses to “AMV Corner”

  1. BAZINGA!!! Thanks ms.mandi i always say better late than never 😉
    Good Choice in AMV’s for Naruto. im slowly diggin amv’s alittle bit now. loved the bleach one with uhh…whats the name of that song..the first one…

  2. 2nd! Stupid timezone!

  3. i really liked the AMVs this week. keep up the awesome work! 🙂

  4. Great AMV’s! I don’t usually look at them but now I did and they were awesome!

  5. What, no fairy tail amv? Just joking.:)
    But I do want to see some amv of fairy tail.

    I love the first Naruto amv. Especially the end when he mix manga and anime, and that beautiful song called sadness and sorrow….I think.

    Anyway good job Mandi for finding this on the net, and keep up the good work! 🙂

  6. I only stick with the main anime cause I don’t know anything about fairy tail

  7. Awesome AMV picks Mandi! 😀

  8. Sweet amv’s, although i did not think the second Naruto one was that great compared to the others. really liked the fullmetal alchemist one, made with Brotherhood episodes!

  9. just for you taka

  10. WTF! Y with the ble]ack emptiness at the end

  11. opps i ment black lol

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