Calling For 2009 Naruto Nominations!!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!  I hope that you are all enjoying the Holidays with friends and family.  Have a wonderful time and stay safe. 🙂

Although the Naruto manga is out – despite what was previously reported – I am going to be soliciting nominations for the 2009 Naruto year.  However, I am going to do it a bit differently.  Here goes…

Although I will have the top fights, I want you guys to focus on the chapters covered and find all of the “odd ball” things that you either scratched your head over or wondered what the hell Kishi (and his fellow anime writers) were thinking.  Trust me, they are out there.  Remember, we began the year in the Pain arc, Naruto Manga 431 (were we THAT far back?), titled “Naruto Erupts.”  The cut off is THIS week’s Manga 477, “Don’t Speak of Itachi.” 

Yeah, we covered a lot this past year, didn’t we????

The categories I am looking for (and these are NOT all-inclusive) are:

  • The most useless supportive character – please keep Sakura and any further Sakura bashing out of this.  I know how Trek feels about her. 🙂
  • The most “WTF” plot or plot twist
  • The most stupid comments made
  • Inconsistencies either in plot line or in the actual animation
  • Errors found in either storyline or in animation (this one you are going to have to look very carefully for, but they are there!)
  • Special category:  Best demotivational poster/bubble contest winner/YouTube attachment

I’m keeping it to those categories.  For all but the “Special Category,” please include the chapter, page and the background along with the manga frame(s) involved.  No alterations to the manga text or to the frame itself will be allowed.  Sorry guys, but this is not the time to get creative.  For the “Special Category,” tell me which posting it appears in and I will take it from there.  I want this to be fun, funny and, well, thought-provoking for those bizarre things out there. 

For those of you  expecting a ranking of the Naruto battles, there will be a single poll on that but it is not the focus of this posting.   I want the unusual, strange, and the simply awesomeness in the stupid department. 

Please indicate your nominations either in the posts below or email them to me at  The cut off for the entries will be Friday, January 2, 2010.

As for the Naruto manga 477 breakdown, you guys need to give me a few days to spend time with my family.   It will be out by Wednesday, December 30, 2009.  If you don’t like it, tough s**t, Sherlock!  I’m the writer here and I’m calling the shots on my schedule, k????  And, if I get any lip, you’ll get this as a response:

I'm taking a vacation, goddamn it. If you don't like it, you see this hand???

To give you a little Christmas cheer, I have included something from the Akatsuki.  I think you’ll enjoy it:

Have a great Holiday season and I will return soon with Manga 477!


Author’s Note:  Ok.  Here’s the deal.  In the category of “stupid/lame” comments, my intention was NOT to harp on anyone’s comments here.  It is, after all, an opinion/debate blog.  My focus was on any comment the characters made in the manga from January 2009 until Manga 477 (the current one).    For example, here is one from the Five Kage Conference arc.  Yamato had his clone track the Kumo nin so as to locate the Raikage, their target:

This came from when Naruto wanted to pursue the Raikage into the Land of Iron. The circled area are the comments involved...

Hopefully, this helps you all out!



~ by 綱手-Tsunades Twin on December 26, 2009.

18 Responses to “Calling For 2009 Naruto Nominations!!!!”

  1. First!

    Cool picture of Tsunade at the end =D

  2. Bazinga!!! Second aint half bad. So anything from 431 ’til present is good right?
    For the WTF it would have to be between Danzou being nominated for hokage, and Minato being inside Naruto.

    The useless character would be for the moment a 3-way tie between Sakura(obviously), Tschukikage(floating kage) because he failed to even lift a finger against Sasuke, and has only complained about everything that was discussed, Yamato because worrying about supressing the Kyuubi, and being Kakashi’s little helper isn’t what i expected from him seein as how he’s worked with Kakashi in the past(granted he hasn’t had a chance to really do anything but grab Madara i just feel as if we don’t really know what he can do besides use his wood kekkei genkai for meanial tasks)

    The comments…thats a whole differnt post, although i will admit i might have said one or two..

  3. The most useless supportive character – Iruka, always found him annoying in an incompetent teacher way (he appeared as the village celebrated naruto’s victory over pain)

    “WTF” moment – when garra cried. nuff said.

    The most stupid comments made – anything related to obito/madara or obito/tobi or obito/danzo
    may obito rest in peace

    Inconsistencies – not sure but i think something about the past might be messed up but i try not to over think that stuff

    Special category winner –

  4. 4th?

  5. The most useless character is… Drum-roll please…

    Iruka! No involvement and got Kakashi killed!

    I didn’t include the whole community of Konoha for getting pwned in the battle against Pain because they’re really too many.

    Inconsistencies – The tails thing in the battle against Kisame. Just kept on repeating themselves and Kishi didn’t notice!

    @shinobimadness: I agree with you on the Yamato – Kakashi’s little helper, but don’t forget that Tsuchikage used his Dust Release which would have turned Sasuke into dust if Madara wouldn’t have intervened. Floating FTW!

  6. Most useless supporting character: Karin. She may be able to sense chakra. But, most of the time, she sits there and complains (Or attacks Suigetsu :P)

    Most “WTF” Plot Twist: Danzou’s Sharingan Arm (The eye wasn’t surprising)

    Errors: On the picture of all the Ame Orphans together (Link Below), Konan’s eyes are Grey. But, in the anime, her eyes are Orange. (Link below)

    Sorry, pics are pretty big…

    Ame Orphans Pic:

    Konan Anime Pic:

    Demotivational Poster: (Sorry, I couldn’t get the picture big enough to take off the rest of the page)

  7. karin’s herpe annoys me (on her lower lip)
    anyone else notice that?

    come on kishi, truly unnecessary

  8. @paintheclown: They made the same mistake with Yahiko.

    They totally changed Hanzo’s eyes in the anime too.

  9. Keep ’em coming guys! I love this.

    FYI: Karin’s “Cold sore”/herpe bugs me too. However, it is a lip piercing. Wish that oould be made more clear in the animation…

  10. Inconsistencies

    Pain’s Rinnegan lets him see through Jutsus and see chakra like the Sharingan or the Byakugan does and yet he gets fooled by Naruto’s jutsu while looking directly at the boulders with his Rinnegan eyes here and here

    That’s a HUGE inconsistency if you ask me >_>

  11. Another Inconsistency

    Orochimaru lost in moments to Itachi while they were both in the Akatsuki 7 years prior to the Akatsuki meeting at the end of Part 1 of the series (when itachi was 18 years old), which seems like a plot hole, as Itachi would have only been 11 at the time, and we know he joined Akatsuki AFTER he left Konoha, which he did when he was an ANBU Captain, which means he was at least 13 years old. (Is this clear enough?)

    WTF moment- seeing Nagato in person

    Most useless supporting character: Tenten. Nuff said

  12. @kisuzachi- that is an ENORMOUS inconsistency! the pain vs naruto fight was awesome but there were too many wtf moments where you could tell kishi was ignoring some of pain’s abilities just to let naruto win…

    i find the most useless character to be iruka too! he’s a total failure! i also found konan to be a huge letdown…she barely did anything at all!!
    most WTF plot twist… MOON’S EYE PLAN!
    i’ll do the other things tomorrow…

  13. @painttheclown: this is not to compare the manga to the anime. Manga is “canon” material.

    @everyone: This is only to cover the storyline covered in the 2009 chapters of the manga – chapters 431 to 477 (this week’s manga). General “disses” on characters are not going to be covered unless they are relevant to the storyline covered in 2009. 😀

  14. Ok let me see if I can do this right…

    The most useless supportive character in 2009: INO!!! At least TenTen didn’t ball her eyes out when she heard Sasuke has to die.

    The most “WTF” plot or plot twist for 2009: Danzou and his arm full of sharingans! WTF that’s disturbing and dumb as hell!

    The most stupid comments made for 2009: (Nuff’ said!)

    Inconsistencies either in plot line or in the actual animation
    Errors found in either storyline or in animation for 2009: Kakashi missing his scar over his eye. Complete fail on somebody’s part.

    Special category: Best demotivational poster/bubble contest winner/YouTube attachment for 2009: Lol, I remember a caption winner that had me ROTFLOL! XD

    This was on the chapter 454 breakdown.

    –That Kakashi shot was what I was looking for in my poll but couldn’t identify where it was located. Thank you, man! –Penny

  15. Most useless character- Karin…she’s more worthless than Sakura

    My wtf moment I must say is from last weeks chapter when Itachi showed up….I was kinda like OMGWTFBBQ!?

    But I have another WTF moment too….when Minato showed up after Naruto broke the seal….that was kinda…odd

  16. @Penny

    The parts of the anime I compared to the manga WERE “canon”. It was part of the actual story line, not a filler episode

  17. most useless caracter: kiba, dude just layd back and said lets leave it to naruto no atemp to get into battle then just lets sakura lie to him pretty wortless year to him.

    stupidest coment:
    well its more of a doooooooiiiiiiiinnngg

    plot twist of the year:nagatos super revival that was epic(in a way?)

  18. +1 for Heineken in the AMV 😛
    yeh i know spamm ,…
    Most useless character of 2009 gotta be konan great she handed over naruto some flowers made of paper but pretty useless to me >.>

    Most dissapointing character (yeh i made another catagory) is to be honest Pein for me i expected him to live longer or have a dynamic exit or sumthing but to suicidal revive everyone naw thats somewhat dissapointing.

    Plot twist is gotta be danzou with his eyed arm, who knew ppl could have eyes in there arm that squite something, it will really take quite the plastic surgery to do that, even MJ cant tip that (hope no one feels offended)

    Sorry for the late post on this but anyways these are my thoughts 😛

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