Bleach 387- Ignited

Welllllll….looks like someone got their wires crossed when they said they wouldn’t be releasing the mangas this week. And here I had a debate/poll post to take up the space…hmmmmm oh wells, i’ll just combine them. This weeks manga totally makes up for the last two not so good ones….It had me going YES YES YES, got me a bit teary eyed, then OMG F*CKING YES!! Anywho lets get on with it….

So Aizen and Shinji are doing their standing on air thing and we find out just what Shinji’s shikai is.

Aizen likes Shinji’s sword, and Shinji says kthx but you can’t have it. But Aizen doesn’t see the big deal, cause he doesn’t see or feel any changes. He says, “Maybe I misheard you when you said it would control my senses.” But Shinji tells him it’s already changed. And welcomes Aizen to….

So Shinji’s shikai reverts the person he is fightings controls. Left is right, front is back, up is down…you get the picture. Then Shinji attacks, but Aizen looks a bit cocky like he already knows what’s going on and prepares to block the attack. But he didn’t block it and gets sliced, with me going OMG YES!!!!

Not so cocky now that you're bleeding eh?

Shinji goes haha you didn’t get it, not only is everything inverted but so the direction of the attacks. Then Shinji starts getting cocky and well, Aizen knocks him down a peg.

Shinji could stand to learn from the "don't count your chickens," advice.

Aizen tells Shinji that he can control all five senses, so it is all “nothing but a childs game.”

We get a page of a young Tousen asking why “he” isn’t being put to death and begging for an audience with the 46…then we cut over to Tousen who is no longer a very large horned cricket. Komo and Hisagi are standing over him and Tousen tries to talk but Komo tells him not to speak. Komo tells him that he always knew they would end up crossing swords and that Tousens death will leave a hole in his heart…and a tear slides down Tousen’s face.

*sniffle* I'm right their with ya Tousen.

He thanks Komomura and says thanks to his hollow powers he can still see. He asks to see Hisagi’s face while he still can, actually softening me to Tousen…which I will explain here in just a minute. And with all the emotions flying as a friend and former shinigami dies….

Aizen kills him.


What a smug bastard….I really really hate Aizen. BUT while Aizen has his back turned….DUN DUN DUN!! IT’S ICHIGO!

It's a bird! It's a plane! IT'S ICHIGO!!!!


Anyways, here is why I softened to Tousen. In his dying moments he proved to not be as bad a guy as he wanted to be. Like many people he was blinded by revenge but in the end he really was a good guy. What do you think?

And now here is Anon’s synopsis of this chapter

“hey lookie at my awesome sword it does stuff and things”

“cool story bro”

“i cut chu i r win”

“nu huh”



“omg u gaiz beat me”

“u r nt good and just but i lurrrv u!!!”

“i lurrvvv u gaiz too!!!”

*blood plume*


the end.

Ok, now for the stuff that was going to go in the original post. A few polls and such…..

Firstly, Out of everyone who was betrayed by the Aizen/Gin/Tousen abandonment, who did you feel the worst for?

Momo was pretty F**ked over by Aizen, do you think she will be able to extract any revenge or at least have her say with Aizen?

Personally, I would love to see Ichigo kick Aizens ass and let Momo finish him off. But then again, I have a soft spot for her.

Ok, so i’ve seen in some of the comments that some of ya’ll feel like Tite isn’t really thinking this story line through.  I mean look at how many of the espada are dead? It’s not leaving many “bad guys” left. But I am a firm believer that Tite works in mysterious ways and will bring it all together in the end. That being said, I also think that we are going to be going back to Hueco Mundo before the Ichigo/Aizen fight. Because that’s just how Tite rolls.

Now I have a question. Why is it that Tousen no longer had his Zanpaktou after his Vizard-ification but Ichigo did?

Alrighty guys, that’s it for me…hope ya’ll had a great holiday!


~ by Miranda on December 26, 2009.

22 Responses to “Bleach 387- Ignited”

  1. Okay, I’m not really first, ’cause a few people casted votes before I did … but what the hey ? FIRST ! 😀

  2. 2nd!

  3. 3rd, great Ms.Mandi…

  4. i’m sorry if i’m mistaken but is it shinji’s shikai or bankai coz he never showed the shikai & they are not gonna show bankai before shikai or i’m missing something?

  5. Spanky for such a crappy ability I would say its his Shikai, Aizens power is so great and thats only his shikai. Shinji’s Bankai will be his wild card.

    Shame Touzen became a puddle i was hoping that we could of seen his Shikai. Poor Touzen wierd how Aizen killed him his power is Awesome, Just Pray Ichigo does his best.

  6. YOSH!!! Yeah that is definitely Shinji’s shikai. He said to Aizen before releasing his sword that Aizen had never seen his zanpaktou’s ability before. I highly doubt he’d skip showing his shikai ability and go straight to his bankai’s ability. Plus don’t they usually say “BANKAI” before releasing their bankai? It’s just that the translation for the onemanga upload could be wrong. (Probably will be changed in the future but right now it says bankai)

    Here’s the correct translation though.

    It reminds me of what Tsunade did to Kabuto when she messed up his nervous system.

    Anyway, great job Mandi on another quick release. 😀

    Yep, this chapter was definitely badass and the more I hear about ‘The 46’ the more incompetent I think they are, and the happier I am Aizen disposed of them. How does a murderer get away with killing his own wife? Let me talk to OJ about this…>_>

    Lol, Aizen is badass as usual and Ichigo is here to get his ass kicked. All Aizen has to do is release his zanpaktou in front of Ichigo and he’s screwed. Hell, he doesn’t even need that just pwn Ichigo with his immense powers. Who knows how powerful Aizen’s bankai is and if his subordinates have vizard powers than who’s to say Aizen didn’t dabble in it a little? Ichigo isn’t going to win this.

    R.I.P. Tousen your fight was shit but your end was grand…until you exploded in a bloody mess… T_T

  7. worst system of justice in history: Central 46. i mean come on how does a guy who murdered his comrade and then wife not get the death penalty? no wonder tousen decided that Soul Society was full of shit.

    Super: tousens fight was good until his ressuricion(cant spell it) and when i saw his ressuricion in color, i thought it actually looked kinda cool. so i think the only problom with the tousen fight was the way his ressuricion went down in one chapter, to a vice freaking captin!? come on kubo, at least you should have had hisagi pull out a bankai

  8. “Now I have a question. Why is it that Tousen no longer had his Zanpaktou after his Vizard-ification but Ichigo did?” Tosen did a Resurreccion, which is a sword release, so his sword gave him his hollow form. Ichigo’s transformation was most likely just his hollow fighting and thus two different individuals, Tosen was a combination of Shinigami and Hollow powers. (Does that make sense, i lost my train of thought a long time ago)

    Its just as i thought, Tosen was just misunderstood. I never saw him as a bad guy, to me he was just like Nagato, being manipulated. But I don’t think Aizen killed him, it may have been the side effect of dying in Resurreccion?

    ZOMG! Aizen’s blood! Shinji iis the first guy to make the most arrogant S.O.B. bleed!

  9. a great breakdown ms mandi momo is gonna kick dirt on aizens eyes when hes down that is as far as she can go.

    tousen died a sweet dead kill by his second and even forgiven by his friend and able to see them for the first time priceless i wanted to see more on the fight but kubo did a melodramatic end with a mesage of how revenge can blind even a blind man. and im thinking now that ichigo was with his sword cause hes gone to a vasto lord resurecsion and tousen an arancar one i tought this when he show the new mask as he got to a diferent scale of power and not just upper level of the same.

  10. i think ichigo only had his sword because he didn’t actually have it with him at the moment unlike others… thats my only guess really

  11. Oh Yea Tousen’s Ressurecion was differant like him not having his sword good observation Kisuzachi – I like that name too it made my tongue vibrate 3 times…anyway, Nope24 you said tousen had arancar lvl ability thats also a good observation that would of only meant that Tousen was Adjuchas lvl because most Arancar were Adjuchas though except for Ulquiorra who went 2nd lvl his physical form and power changed but still no sword and Yammy whos form and power have changed 2nd lvl and perhaps beyond.

    But even though Ichigo’s Form changed and his power went up drastically he still had his sword, but in the begining when Ichigo was mastering his mask form and changed full hollow he still had his sword so this whole time Ichigo has been Vasto Lorde lvl, It must have to do with Ichigo’s Reitsu lvl.

    Makes you wonder if the Vizard know that Ichigo’s lvl exceeds their own and thats why he is regarded as the leader. Ichigo’s Hollow said that his and Zangetsu’s powers were the same and even when in this current arc Zangetsu was seperated from Ichigo his inner Hollow was still using the Sword. It could all lead to Vasto Lorde attaining a new power when they reach a lvl like that.

    Like wise I hope that all made sense I was trying to understand it myself thanks to you guys giving me a brainstorm 🙂

  12. is it this week that they said there will be no bleach

  13. they said there wasn’t going to be one last week…and surprised we got one…

    These chapters supposedly shouldn’t be out until next week though and so weren’t not sure how the Weekly Shounen Jump schedule will be like in the next couple of weeks. But if they decide to follow their numbering and original schedule we probably won’t see any WSJ releases for the next two weeks. So we’ll have to keep an eye out and see how that goes.

  14. says there is no manga for the 3 main series this week

  15. well they said there would be no manga last week….so we shall see….and


  16. HAPPY BIRTHDAY you have a cool Birthday I bet this sort of day you really go all out.

    Myself Ive just come back from Sydney now its 6.33am and Im plasterd almost paraletic, It was a good New Year havnt thought of the Resolutions but your Birthday has me thinking that u have lots to think about its a Awesome day for you I can imagine.

    Anyways Enjoy and for you Americans I dont think its your new Year Yet but HAPPY NEW YEAR.

    And Again Happy Birthday Ms Mandi You Cute lil Character 🙂

  17. thank you lelu, it’s only 7 pm my time…and i’m already have tipsy….weeeeeeeeeeeee

    And I made a resolution last year to never make resolutions again…it’ll be the only one I ever keep lol

  18. okay did anyone else see the part in Tousen’s memory about him pleading to Central 46 that Aizen was somewhere in there? Maybe hinting that Aizen was the man who killed Tousen’s friend? Would make sense because Aizen is hella smart and knew that Tousen would want revenge, thus joining him not knowing it was he who had killed his friend? or am i just crazy?

  19. @debito89, Tosen already said her husband killed her 8)

  20. @kisuzachi that doesn’t mean that her husband wasn’t under the influence of Aizen’s complete hypnosis, Aizen could have used it to make him murder her, and we have no idea how long Aizen has been in charge of the central 47 so he could have been behind the verdict too.

  21. what i dont understand is why it matters if ichigo hasnt seen aizens shikai or not. as soon as they battle aizen will just show it to him so wat is the point?

  22. BLEACH IS OUT!!!

    OMG, I love you Aizen!!! T_T You’re the only thing making this series interesting for me! XD

    @Fuuton: That’s what I’m thinking. XD

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