Best of Bleach 2009 Nominations

Alright dudes and dudettes I would like to start the nominations for this years Best of Bleach. So here is the rules, I need you guys to list your top 5  moments in the Bleach manga that just blew your freaking mind, or that were important to the storyline. After the first of the year I will tally them up and post what you guys thought was the Best of the Bleach for the year of 2009.

Oh and just so you know, the chapters for this year were 341 thru 386 or 387 depending on if there is one last chapter this year. The deadline for you entries is the 31st. So please get your noms in by then!

EDIT: I’m moving the deadline to the 8th of January so make sure you guys get those votes in!


~ by Miranda on December 23, 2009.

15 Responses to “Best of Bleach 2009 Nominations”

  1. From least to most:

    5. Gin bifurcates Hiyori …
    4. Ulquiorra’s 2nd Resurreccion ..
    3. Ichigo debuts his new hollow form ..
    2. Tousen reveals his Visored powers .. aand ..
    1. Yammy is revealed as Espada Cero.

  2. Any Order
    1.Aizen kills Harribel
    2.Shunsui’s and Ukitake’s shika…(it should be bankai but the chances of that actually happening is less than 0.00000001%)
    3.Ichigo’s Fight with Ulquiorra beginning to end
    4.The Vizards Showing Up
    5.#2 Espada fight…he had awesome powers

  3. Nice! Can we have this sort of Nomination for Naruto too? 🙂

  4. 5.Tosen transformation
    4.Ulquiorra vs Ichigo fight
    3.The Vizards Showing Up
    2.Soi Fon vs Barragan
    1. United forces of Byakuya & Kenpachi 😀

  5. @cumulusbg there will be a naruto best of soon, but there won’t be any voting or anything to it….cause i’m cooler

  6. Ulqoirro vs. Ichigo just blew my mind. it made me like bleach more than naruto untill it went back to the espadas vs. the captains in the city.

    Espada 0 was crazy to even though i didnt like it

  7. beach awards epic!!!!

    5. yammy 0 espada WTF
    4. mayuris comeback garganta
    3. ulqvsichi (3rd cause it was expected)
    2. shisui defeats 1 espada with his shinkai too much
    1. shinjis sakanade

  8. 5. Starrk’s wolf pack
    4. Aizen killing Harribel
    3. Barragan’s walking away from Soifon’s bankai without a scratch
    2. Kaname’s Resurreccion
    1. Barragan emerging from Hachigen’s barrier after Soifon fired the missle inside it

  9. 5. Yammy is revealed as Espada #0.
    4. Soifon’s Bankai is revealed as a big ass missile. (It was lame but memorable)
    3. The vizards make there appearance in Karakura Town.
    2. Aizen makes his first move and betrays Harribel.
    1. Ichigo goes full hollow in Ichigo vs Ulquiorra fight.

  10. 1.Ulquiorra vs ichigo
    2.The vizards arrival
    3.Aizen killing Hallibel(wtf aizen!!??)
    4.Barragan’s ressuricion(even if you dont like him you gotta admit thats badass)
    5.Yammy as espada zero

  11. 1. Ulquiorra vs Ichigo
    2. Yammy as espada zero
    3. Kanames resurreccion
    4. Soi Fon Bankai
    5. Hollifications of vizard

  12. wow wow i got to nominate this is a solo but give it a try

    bleach episode 387 for not suking after a looong time

  13. just a reminder guys, you’ve got 7 more days to get your nominations in…so make sure ya do it!!!

  14. The 5 things from last years Bleach chapters, that are/were most important to the plot of Bleach in my opinion are:

    5) Ichigo’s new mask.
    4) Vizards showing up on the battle field.
    3) Ichigo making his way to the front lines in order to defeat Aizen.
    2) Resurreccion forms of Tosen and Ichigo.
    1) Battles with the top 4 Espada, also resulting in the fall of the Espada.

    Each of those 5 things either has (or had at the time) great potential to be excellent plot devices, or they were just generally important and they needed to happen at some point in order for the manga to progress. Thats….the general reason to why i think they are the 5 most important in terms of plot.

  15. Do I still have to number them if we’re going by majority appearance?

    Yammy Esparda Numero 0. (I knew he was strong, not super strong.)
    Aizen kills Harribel (Didn’t think he would take her out even if Starrk was gone.)
    Ichigo vs. Ulquiorra
    Barragan vs. Soi Fon
    Shunsui vs. Starrk

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