One Piece Chapter 569 IS OUT + 568 Breakdown And Discussion! New Demotivational Poster Included! &_&

-One Piece Chapter 568 Breakdown Below-

Artwork by Jomz

YOSH!!! Welcome to the One Piece Chapter 568 Breakdown WRA style! Now last week’s chapter was epic to the fullness but my only qualm with it was that it was just to damn short. Instead of ranting about the length of 15 pages though I’m going to concentrate on the good, and that’s the content of those 15 pages which made for an overall awesome chapter!

What’s that another freaking Zoro AMV!? Well yeah and this one’s so awesome it just needed to be posted no matter how many of them are out there! XD AMV by MauoThunder23. Alright fangirls calm down don’t misinterpret that picture. It’s just a badass picture of Shanks and Mihawk. Badass One Piece Picture by Boolsajo.

On to the late ass breakdown!!! >(0_0)>

Dandy...Lion...DANDYLION!!! Hahahahaha I "GET" it! XD

Zoro is out there getting lost in the world once again and he seems to have taken up lion herding…or poaching… Lol, now that I think about it I know why Oda paired Zoro up with Perona. He’d never find his way back to the crew on his own with his terrible sense of direction. XD

Only Akainu would set his dog on fire and tell someone to take care of it. -_-

Over in the main story shit is hitting the fan! Actually that kinda sums up the majority of the chapter… Lots of “BANG BANG BANG BOOM BOOM BOOM DOLLAR” but for your entertainment purposes I will not just throw out random sound phrases and DDR references this entire breakdown. >_> Whitebeard is still doing the magma dance with Akainu when people start freaking out over ‘Garp the Hero’ joining the battle. Thankfully this hero has aged quite a bit and Whitebeard informs everyone of this info which Akainu turns right back around on Whitebeard’s own noticeable condition.

The New World...not a safe neighberhood...o_o

Pirates are going bat crazy and even manage to take out some of the Pacifistas. I was surprised actually, I thought the regular pirates were pretty much screwed fighting against those human weapons, but to my admiration New World pirates aren’t a bunch of sissies!

Damn you government taking away my freedom of speech!!!

Moving on to Ace if I had to pick the most fascinating part of this chapter it’d actually have to be Ace’s moment on the execution platform and his flashbacks. I know flashbacks the most rewarding part of the chapter!? Well the reason why this interested me so much is because I always believed Ace hated his father from the get-go. Never wanted to know anything about his dad once he learned who he was and broke all connections with him. Man I’m wrong a lot lately because Ace actually wanted to know a lot about his dad when he was young. I guess you could say this is normal but it was to the point of going around the town and asking random townspeople so blatantly about man known as Gol D. Roger.

We all go through the hitting phase...but that's just crazy. @_@

Well, Gol D. Roger may be respected around pirates but around regular townsfolk it’s like uttering the name of Lord Voldemort (WTH, according to Microsoft Word “Voldemort” is not a word/name! I’ll report this to the Dark Lord…>_>) in Harry Potter. This all makes sense because the majority of pirates presented to us in the manga have been ruthless, murderers, pirating (pirates!), selfish, human beings. The civilians of the world have experienced this first hand and have come to hate pirates and anything associated with them. Gol D. Roger is the man solely responsible for egging on this Great Age of Pirates and thus creating the ‘Pirate Boom’. Is it any wonder the townspeople hate the mentioning of his name and anyone who inquires about it? Ace inquires and they’re probably thinking that’s a future pirate in front of us…

Call the cops...>_>

Just want to note how Ace who looks to be about 12 years old beat a group of grown men nearly half to death and I do believe he didn’t have the Mera Mera no Mi fruit by then. Dadan appears in Ace’s flashbacks again this time wearing overalls. Why is Oda going through so much to hide this man’s identity? Must be someone reeeaaaaly important *cough*Kuma*cough*. Lol, I know that’s never going to happen but it’d be a crazy twist. Anyway it doesn’t seem Ace hated his father until he experienced the negative stigma presented towards him by the townsfolk at the mere mentioning of his father’s name. From there he came to believe he was a monster born to a man who brought hate and fear to the world. Thus he question of was it good to for him to be born into this world sprung up. Garp being the wise man that he is spewed the wise words of, “That’s something you have to find out by livin’ on.”


This entire scene of him believing he’s a monster and not understanding why all these people are here to rescue him really reminds me of Robin’s situation. She too believed she was a monster not worth saving but because all the devotion, love, and sacrifice shown to her throughout the battle to get her back, despite the feelings she still had for herself, she grasped on to hope and decided she wanted to live after all. Before he didn’t care whether he lived or died remember? Now he wants to live for certain.

OH NOEES!! Bad puns FTL!!! >_<

Meanwhile elsewhere in Marineford Buggy has escaped death once again thanks to the help of Akainu melting the ice and boiling the sea water. I just noticed the bastard was trying to make pirate stew! I told you Akainu’s a cannibal!!! >< Just some food for thought shouldn’t Buggy have cracked if he was frozen and the sea was heated up immediately?

At this point I think it's safe to say..."Well we're f**ked!" -_-

From then on it’s a series of unfortunate events as one domino falls only to knock another one down with it. First domino falls and Whitebeard clutches his chest as old age rings the bell at the door one more time. Second domino falls and Marco gets distracted warranting Kizaru to shoot him in the back. Third domino falls and Diamond Jozu (Jos?) becomes distracted and Aokiji takes advantage of this by freezing one of his arms. Fourth domino falls and Akainu strikes at Whitebeard…  Is it all over?

It's all up to you Luffy!!! XD

Not if crazy ass Luffy has something to say about it! Luffy begs Ivankov for one more request and that’s to inject him with more Vigour Hormones. The problem is Ivankov says if he takes anymore he will die for certain! Yes, he will die for C.E.R.T.A.I.N. (Crazy Eggheads Rooting Together Aspiring Illicit Nudity). Don’t ask me why he’s dying for that organization…>_> But it’s his own choice and he doesn’t care if he’s to die. He just wants to save Ace because if he doesn’t he will want to die too. The strongest pirates are being hammered back left and right, Luffy is out of energy, Ivankov fears Dragon’s rage if something happens to Luffy, and Ace is about to be executed. Ivankov is stuck between a rock and a hard place but because of Luffy’s persistence she decides to give him the hormones.

WHAT?! 9000!? O_O

With a battle cry Luffy stands up once more hopped up on pure adrenaline. He’s fighting on nothing but will power and hormones alone. Sounds like a horny teenager who REALLY wants that bottle of lotion…>_> Is Luffy going to singlehandedly save the day with this kamikaze run? Man I hope so who better to save the day than Luffy at this point? He has the keys to the cuffs so he has to be the one to reach Ace plus it’s just awesome.

That’s it for this week’s breakdown. Here’s your poster. Comment, predict, and enjoy! 😀

Artwork by Diablolumberto

~ by supertrek89 on December 22, 2009.

44 Responses to “One Piece Chapter 569 IS OUT + 568 Breakdown And Discussion! New Demotivational Poster Included! &_&”

  1. yay first and woot for luffy gettin all over 9000 finally. he might as well be unconsiously fighting like rock lee cause his body is toast right now

  2. 2nd?? anyway awesome breakdown super. Loved the DM poster =)

    I think luffy will release a haki blast or something similar as ace is about to be executed, knocking out a fair bit of marines and shocking the whole of marineford. And while that happens the pirates take advantage and press forward further as well as luffy who will probably launch himself up to or near the platform to face sengoku or garp. Might be wishful thinking or too much in the pirates favour but wth its a prediction It doesnt have to be right =)

  3. Third! Woot!

  4. Once again Awesome breakdown. I’m really liking the OP amvs more and more. maybe i should make one when i figure out Windows Movie Maker…

    I think the top 3 guys of WB will be alright. they’re WB pirates not the davvy crocky pirates, they’ll be fine. besides marco who’s a logia, and joza who’s a diamond parmecian might be able to brush it off in a few minutes. Once again i do believe WB is gonna die because of all the exertion going on. I’ve notice since a couple of breakdowns back alot of us believe luffy’s gonna give out a huge burst of haki. And it seems like thats gonna be his “smokescreen” to get out of there. i see this as a mix of enies lobby and thriller bark mixed. anyways luffy over 9000 really should have been inside the manga.. i think oda would love to have put that in there.. Im also leaning towards luffy kicking the bucket later down the road, but possibly being out of it for a while after saving ace. he knows how to eat in his sleep so its really not a problem if he’s out for weeks or even months..( i hope not)

  5. man this just gets better and better. i was not sure if iva said it will definetly kill him or just that it would probobly kill him? anyway, i can see luffy going into a coma after this is all over, it would allow the story to focus on other characters, like the other straw hats. Oda could also cause a time skip while luffy was out which would be interesting. hoping to see some haki soon, and hopefully Garp and Sengoku’s abilitys

  6. Cool OP breakdown super

  7. Nice breakdown.

  8. Ha ha! Thanks for getting this out before Christmas super, you rock!

    Shit is really going down! Looks like WB and the NW pirates’ early start really was too easy after all! I’m still firmly on the “Oda won’t break from convention and kill any of his characters” side, but damn if WB isn’t getting torn to shreds in this chapter and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get any better anytime soon!

    Although, with Marco I suspect his phoenix powers are going to give him healing powers or even revival powers a la Fawks from Harry Potter. I predict that he’ll heroically sacrifice himself for WB or Luffy with everyone crying over his “death” before a column of flames rises up revealing a sleeping child that is the revived Marco. Or something like that!

    And thug!Ace was really creepy! Seriously, who would have thought that the normally polite and mild-mannered older brother was such a psycho when he was a kid? “What they weren’t dead? Pity.” *insert Psycho music here* I guess being the son of an infamous criminal who everyone tells you is a demon really does mess up your childhood! Looks like Luffy was a really good influence on his brother. Though, isn’t it normally the other way around? 😀

    Iva was also pretty funny when Luffy demanded more booster hormones: “Vat am I supposed to tell Dragon if you die, hmm?” I doubt that his semi-psychotic leader would take too kindly to Luffy dying in battle!

    But Luffy’s back in the battle! He’s going to seriously kick some ass and take names and now that Buggy’s back in the game with the recording Den Den Mushi, the world’s gonna see it!!! Oh yeah! 🙂

  9. Luffy’s over 9000 is so DBZish.>_> Oh well, Oda took a lot of stuff from DBZ like that lion guy who had a super saiyan aura and could fire mouth energy beams. Plus the sounds in the One Piece anime are the same as the ones in DBZ.
    Don’t kill me for speaking the truth! *curls up into a ball*

  10. @Dragon: Lol, it’s alright we know the two are similar in ways. I should do a breakdown on the crossover manga between DBZ and One Piece one day. It was quite interesting. 😉

    @Everyone: Thanks a lot guy glad you all enjoyed, lol, and sorry again for it being so late. Ah, I know I said I would talk about the new One Piece movie in this breakdown but since I didn’t have the time to fit it in I’ll just show an awesome preview of the movie.

    The One Piece Strong World should hit our shores in 4…6…8….12 months? Who know depends on how long it takes for the movie to go to DVD over in Japan then translated for us. Anyway we won’t be seeing any good quality and subbed videos anytime soon so enjoy the preview and wait out the months as slowly tick by. ><

  11. Thanks again for the video Super. Strongworld is gonna be a real badass movie. I might haveta buy the dvd before i watch it online.
    @elisha: that would be awesome to see marco come back as a kid again, and continue with the WB pirates. him, ace and jozu would be a perfect rival for luffy’s group. then again luffy’s got atleast 3 other rivals to deal with(shanks,bb, and the one and only Captain Buggy) and that alvira chick as well as a couple others but those will be some nice arcs down the road.

    So far this no OP week thing hasn’t gotten to me as much as i thought it would…i guess oda’s preping us for something amazing down the line we’d have to wait for..

  12. @supertrek: You mean Cross Epoch? They never translated it in English, so I heard. Anyway, in that manga everyone has a partner, like Goku’s partner is Luffy.
    Btw do you know what that lion guy’s name is? He’s from the beginning of One Piece, but I can’t remember his name…

  13. hi i just seen some raw pages of the next chapter (very bad copy) and only thing i could make out is that the two executioners next to ace have there swords things raised over there back so i think that the execution is getting close

  14. i have seen a confirmed spoiler for on piece and i looks like that uses his massive haki again, as well as marco getting caught by some seastone handcuffs lol and i think that its te same for joze aswell

  15. @everyone: I just got into One Piece last week ! I’m steadily catching up with the manga; I’m at the part where Luffy paints Laboon’s head with the Straw Hat Jolly Roger, and I already like it more than Bleach. I wanted to ask, is One Piece near completion at all ? I’m worried that it’ll finish soon before or after I catch up.

  16. @dragonballlifestyle: You’re thinking of Mohji the lion tamer.

  17. @ nagashikage: believe me, One Piece is far from completion! according to the author, it’s about half-way through. you’ve got plenty of time to catch up and about oh…400 chapters to go!

  18. @nagashikage: I’m sure that he’s a lion. Maybe he’s a lion that’s a lion tamer. I remember he had golden armor and Luffy shattered it with a punch.

  19. YOSH!!! Another One Piece fan in the making! 😀 I usually recommend watching it (subbed), but since you’ve already crossed over into the Grand Line and you’re used to the manga by now I guess you can keep on reading it. Glad you know it’s already better than Bleach. XD Oh yeah

    @Dragon: Don Krieg is the dude with the golden armor which Luffy eventually shattered after many hits.

    Mohji is the beast trainer and his pet is Richie the lion.

    Just wanted to clear that all up. Oh and Onemanga has Cross Epoch translated right here for your viewing pleasure. 😀

    Yeah, I should definitely do a breakdown on that one day.

    @Shinobi: Hell yeah! That movie is going to be badass but like I said before let’s not hype it up to much or else we’ll be disappointed it’s not the most awesome movie ever, lol.

    @Smurf: Spoilers already!? O_O Where do you get them from? I’m no fan of spoilers but One Piece isn’t coming out this week and I wonder how they have spoilers for it out a week before it comes out.

    @Anyone: I’m going to be doing a Top 10 post for 2009 summarizing One Piece for the entire year and pointing out my top 10 favorite moments. Look out for that post. 😀

    I may be also doing Naruto…>_>

  20. @super: yeah i guess i should take it down a notch…don’t wanna have one piece take the spot of dodgeball(best movie ever…seriously) i’ll let it take mr.deed’s spot.

    I don’t think icould do 10 favorite moments of OP…just the enies lobby alone would be enough not including any of the time on going merrry/thousand sunny… too many things such as the fights, actions of luffy or zoro and usopp/sogeking…sogeking has the makings of a future captain planet i see it.. well ill figure it out…i’ve got another week before a chapter comes out..

    anyone remember when spoilers would come out like 3-4 days before and they were so off? how are they getting more acurate now and being a week ahead?

  21. ONE PIECE IS OUT~~!!! WTF, I thought there was no One Piece this week! >< I'm so conflicted! T_T I'm happy but I thought I'd get a break before Christmas. 😦

    Beware it’s very short but holy fuck…nuff’ said!


    Yeah, it was good! Don’t worry, there’s a another week-long delay! You’ll have plenty of time to do the breakdown after Christmas! 🙂

    Enjoy the Holidays! Belated Happy Channukah, Merry Christmas, and an early Happy Kwanzaa!

  23. @elisha2kings: *sigh of relief* Thanks. I was reading the manga that came out last week, and it just looked like One Piece’s final fight, with Luffy finally achieving Super Saiyan level.

    Anyond having a problem with Mangastream ? There are these two ad boxes smack-dab in the middle of the page blocking the words … is nagashikage going crazy ?
    (Oh look, the 3rd person talk has already begun …)

  24. @supertrek: I would, but I can’t, because I don’t wanna get caught up in a filler without knowing it, and two, I like reading the manga so that I get the original of events, so I know where the anime edits are, if any. I do go to the anime episode of a certain event though, to watch a fight or moment that wasn’t clear in the manga.

  25. @Nagashikage: Ok that’s cool glad you’re enjoying it and yep not to worry, One Piece is far from done. 😀

    I’m not having any problems with mangastream everything works fine for me. Try…

    @Elisha and everyone: Lol, I think I’m going to do take a couple days break then do the breakdown combined with the annual summary of One Piece for 2009. >(0_0)>

  26. OMGWTFBBQSAUCE So there IS wsj this week!! why did nobody call me!!
    well what a chapter, hell the whitebeard pirates are screwed they just lost there 3 of there head henchman :S. Man marco was really kool you guys think hes dead or gonna die?
    haha funny how sengoku was surprised with luffys haki blast, but now theres 3 admirals available to finish off luffy and ivankov. well i guess we will see next week or the week after. =D
    happy christmas and a happy new years allready! 😛

  27. @supertrek: Thanks.

    @anyone: Still catching up w/ One Piece; I’m at the part where Luffy and the rest are stuck in the cage, and the water is rising up fast. While I was reading, a random, but relevant, question popped into my head: Since Luffy can’t swim in the sea because of the Gum-Gum, does that mean he also can’t swim in, like, a regular community pool, or a small lake ?

  28. @nagashikage: I heard that Luffy can’t swim in any body of water.

    Your question made me think of something. If there was a pool of oatmeal or something else that isn’t water, could Luffy swim in it or would he sink in that too?

  29. @everyone wasnt there a episode where luffy was swimming in a pool with his crew or maybe it was a cover page or sumthing, anyways im pretty sure he can swim in most type of waters except for seawater its why they say kairoseki (spelling) has the power of the sea.
    I might be wrong tho :p
    @the current chapter
    lolz at coby he got all pumped up on deciding to stop luffy and got powned so easy again, luffy was like gtfo! or ill beat u to smuggers ( is that a word?)

  30. @dragonball: nope luffy can’t swim in any water, however he does use floatation devices like preservers and such i remember it being on the cover page and in the manga somewhere..

  31. @dragonball, fearvano: Now that shinobimadness puts it that way, I would guess that he’s only affected by the sea, since they say the sea has its own energy, power, ferociousness, etcetera. I don’t think a community pool would have energy akin to an ocean … lol.

  32. @nagashikage: most of the time luffy falls in any body of water, he panics and screams that he can’t swim or he’s gonna drown… that may just be luffy being luffy, but for the most part he can’t swim at all, which before his df he claimed to have been quite the swimmer…

  33. @shinobimadness: Oh, I get it. I would think that it’s Luffy being Luffy though, yelling and screaming.

    Ok, again, as a new OP fan, I’m gonna bother you guys with one last question, about the name setting in one piece, sorry, lol. When saying a name, do last names come first, first names go last, but people are still addressed by their first name, which is after their last name ? lol.

    Better yet, lemme just use examples and see if I have the right idea … Portgas D. Ace or Nico Robin. That’s how, in the One Piece world, their names would be written, but in our world, it would be written backwards, the way we’re used to, as Ace D. Portgas & Robin Nico, but in both worlds, they would go by Ace & Robin. Is that how it works ?

  34. yep im pretty sure u got that right the family name is portgas for ace (his moms name (i wont spoil anything xD)). and for robin its nico. For luffy its also Monkey D. luffy for roger Gol D. Roger and so on. So if its formal people will say Monkey D. Luffy, but friends just say luffy i guess. Well thats just what i think.

  35. Hey guys…
    Chapter rocked hard and Phoenix Marco will not die damn it!! He is so cool! He just needs to get free and do his reborn thing T_T

    Umm i am very convinced df users cannot swim at all. Oda often bends rules by allowing things like rain to not effect then but, by using the only examples that come to mind, i will prove it. Kalifa admited to only having half her powers when half submerged in bath water -not sea water- at the start of her fight with Nami, df users drowned in the cloud sea too and Smoker was drowning when inside the cage in Alabaster which i am kinda sure wasnt sea water but it was a while ago when i read that.
    Luffy actually couldn’t swim before he ate his fruit in the manga. The anime just thought differently

  36. @anyone: Imagine a Devil Fruit user getting water powers. They’d be like “Hey look at my awesome water powers!” *the room is filled with water* “WTF?!?OMG!” *drowns*. What a rip-off.

  37. that like the oppersite of aokiji becausase in the sea he cant really drowned becuase the moment he touches it it will all frezze

  38. @Dragon: On one of the movies there was a woman who had the DF to turn herself into a liquid but it wasn’t water so I guess that DF ability is still up for grabs. She was defeated by Nami who trapped her in a jar, lol, what a waste of power. XD To turn into water…which also your number one weakness as a DF user….I wonder how would that work out. o_O

    Something I found interesting while browsing through the manga…

    How does a kick from Kuro break Luffy’s jaw? He’s made of rubber and withstood stronger attacks than that without getting hurt at all. o_O

  39. About the last OP I thought it was stupid that the Diamond Jaws guy was frozen, I mean come on how can a Diamond Freeze?

  40. is it this week that they said there will be no one piece

  41. Errr…last week they said there should be no One Piece so this week there definitely shouldn’t be any new releases.

    @Lelulalilo: He froze over the diamond and Jozu’s joints incapacitating him. I’m sure if you left a diamond in water then put it in the freezer it could be frozen over like any other solid object. Like you said though I don’t believe the actual diamond itself was frozen which is why when he fell over he didn’t shatter. It’s a shame though because Jozu’s immense strength should allow him to break out of that. After all he threw an entire iceberg. o_o

  42. says there is no manga for the 3 main series this week

  43. so wat i think is that he got frozen and then had to breath so he stoped being a diamond allowing him a little room to use a leverge to break out of the ice but he was frozen again before he could turn back into a diamond therefore lost his arm.

    do anyone think that ivan is going to heal up whitebeards wound ?

  44. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all
    Wishing you all the best for 2010
    May it be a year full of success and happiness.

    Also, may it be a year in which One Piece stands high above the other mangas and hopefully, the story reaches new heights. I trust Oda that he’ll kick ass as usual.

    So, Ch 568 was quite the chapter. I was really amazed at what was going on but more so, i really liked the flashback to Ace’s childhood and we finally get an insight on what really makes him tick in regards o his legendary dad GOL D ROGER.
    Who knew that all this time, he actually wanted to know about his father and that without ever really knowing him, he had a connection and would flip when people insulted his name.

    And then the whole bit about having a right to live and questioning his birth was quite emotional, and GREAT JOB SUPERTREK for making that comparison with ROBIN NICO at Water Seven.

    I’m really worried about the turnout of events for Marco and Jozu. The sh** is really hitting the ceiling for them. They’re getting they’re asses manhandled from left to right, lasers shot through them, literally having to cool off with some help from Aokiji and then Luffy going Ape Crazy on Ivankov, pleading for more hormones (but that turned out AMAZING in CH 569 😀 )

    All in all, things are looking hectic but i reckon in a few more chapters, the outcome of this war will be brought forward.

    Anyways, take care y’all and have a good one.

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