Naruto Shippuden 140 Breakdown: Fate, plus, and Itachi’s Dirty Little Secret is revealed…

After years of training, sweat, tears, and absorbing pale-faced, pedophilic, snake-loving, middle-age men, Sasuke finally realizes his ultimate dream: taking revenge on his cryptic older brother, Uchiha Itachi, who had brutally murdered their entire clan. However, his delight is very short-lived as this young avenger soon catches wind of a dreadful secret; the truth his  brother kept hidden throughout his existence, and took measures to keep that way even following his “untimely” demise… and the truth is: …it really IS butter!! ZOMG!  We’ve all been fooled! Who’da thunk it?!

For those that have no idea what I’m on about, take a look at this: DON’T BELIEVE IT!!

Well hello, everyone! And welcome to this week’s anime breakdown proudly brought to you by your friendly neighborhood Captain Pickles. Senshi won’t be able to perform the analysis for the next few weeks since I have him all tied up in my cellar, leaving me alone to do the breakdowns for an ETERNITY! *snickers*…I mean, since he’ll be on vacation for three weeks or so starting Friday the 18th. In light of that, I’ll be filling in for him for the time being. I’ll try to keep the breakdowns as fun, interesting, and insightful as I can, and all you guys have to do is sit back, relax, and try to enjoy. If you have any concerns, complaints, or the like, feel free to voice them in your comments, and I’ll be sure to have a look-see, and try to conform if need be.

Alrighty! Let the show begin!…But first, we must pay some dues…

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Wow…now that that’s out of the way…it’s showtime!

Despite what many of us had hoped, this episode adhered tightly to the manga. Many were hoping to see a more in-depth look into the battle at the Valley of the Ends, or at least a more revealing glimpse at the fight in contrast to the teasing coup d’oeil that was flashed in our faces in the manga, but as few predicted, that little teaser page from the manga was just colored and thrown right back at us in the anime. Notwithstanding, what the anime does bring to the table is a clearer, more vivid portrayal of the story, because not everything can be drawn out on paper. Whatever feelings you had while reading the manga are augmented when you watch that same part in the anime. For example, if you used one Kleenex tissue from reading the manga, watching that same part in the anime would have you running to Costco to restock on tissue paper…okay, that’s a little overexaggerated, but you get the idea =P.

This episode was no exception. Many of us have already seen how the scenes played out in the manga, and we can conclude that the anime brought more intensity to this encounter between Madara and Sasuke.

So this episode kicks off with Madara taunting Sasuke to an extreme, and he certainly gets the better of him. In spite of Sasuke’s cries for him to be quiet, he goes on explaining how he was the one who helped Itachi slaughter the entire Uchiha clan, why Itachi implanted Amateratsu into him, telling of who else knew of this “unspeakable truth” concerning the enigma that is Itachi. Sasuke is then forced to look into his past, and memories of who he had at the time perceived as a loving, kind older brother come crashing down on him like obese kids on the last slice of pizza.

Madara sees this as his chance to put the moves on Sasuke, but Sasuke is quick to dismiss his advances. It seems Orochimaru was more than enough, lol.

Hands off the merchandise!...It's sensitive >_>


It is all too much for Sasuke, and he goes into panic. The memories keep coming. Like fiery blades from the depths of hell piercing his body at every corner. More memories. More blades. Coming down on him with enough force to shatter reinforced steel. His body cannot endure any more punishment, and Sasuke passes out.

Hmm, ring a bell? *SPOILER ALERT* Watching this part of the episode reminded me of the most recent development in the manga: Naruto getting attacked by memories as he tries to decide what to do about Sasuke, and in turn suffering a panic attack. So is it just one big coinkidink, or are we seeing some connection here? What do you think?

So moving on, Sasuke finally wakes up (all tied up by Madara), but if he had any idea what he was about to hear, he would have probably wished he’d stayed unconscious. Madara first drops a bombshell the likes of which would make any terrorist jealous.

The reason Itachi killed all of his clansmen; the reason he fled his village as a fugitive of the law; the reason Sasuke is so friggin’ emo: the Uchiha massacre, was ordered by Konoha itself! Itachi didn’t do it to test his spunk. He was ordered by the village’s high-ups to exterminate his entire clan! That, and his mom found those magazines he had been hiding under his bed. They had pictures of…rainbows…and ponies! *gasp* Not a good look for the son of the Alpha Emo. So Itachi then decided that he would kill off his entire clan to protect his dirty little secret. The order from Konoha just came at a convenient time. Amazing…

But wait, there’s more! The root of this atrocity delves deep into the beginning of the formation of the village we now know as the Hidden Leaf, reaching as far back as the time it was founded.

And so the story begins.

In a galaxy far, far awa-…wait, wrong story…excuse me >_>…

Looong ago in a distant land, I, Akuu, the shapeshifing master of darkness, unleashed an uuunspeakable evil, but a fooolish samurai warrior wielding a magic swo- CRAP! Sorry <_<. Ahem…

It all started over 80 years ago. The world was in an era of war, when nations battled like wild animals to increase their territories. In this time, there were groups of soldiers for hire who would act as the nation’s army and do battle in their behalf.

Let's see your Photoshop get rid of THIS red eye...

Two of the most prominent and powerful of these armed forces were the Senju…and the Uchiha.

Madara was born into the Uchiha clan, along with his younger brother, possessing exceptional chakra even within his clan. Now, we’ve all heard this part of the story from Itachi. How Madara is slowly consumed by the darkness brought about as a fallout from the Mangekyou Sharingan, and in an effort to restore light, he forcefully plucks out his brother’s eyes, and in turn, gains the Eternal MS.

But what Madara tells Sasuke is that his brother offered his eyes to Madara of his own volition in order to protect the clan, giving Madara the Eternal MS, and also raising him to leadership status within his clan.

Now, when I read Madara’s version in the manga, I immediately ruled it out as one of his lies, but now, watching it in the anime and seeing how passionate he was when narrating the entire story, I’m beginning to have second thoughts. I thought it could be one of those things misinterpreted in history as time went on, just like many other historical tales that become subject to misinterpretation along time. Or it could have been purposely and erroneously spread round by members of the Uchiha clan which later began to lose faith in Madara as we will soon see that Madara took his brothers eyes by force. So what do you guys think? Is Madara telling the truth, or has he been taking some really good acting classes?

Either way, little Madara junior ends up looking like this. And laughing at this picture at first sight and even making fun of it afterward probably makes me a bad person, but come on, just look at it! It’s hilarious! *chuckles*

Aww, poor guy...this is what happened after he saw Madara in the shower. Tragic.

So, on with the story .With his new found status as leader of the Uchiha clan, it is inevitable that Madara faces off with the leader of their rival clan, Hashirama Senju time and time again as the bloody wars continue.

The death toll in each clan continues to increase and everyone grows tired of the fighting. As a result, the Senju clan offers a cease-fire. Everyone in the Uchiha clan accepts. All but one. Madara is determined not to let the hatred they all once had and his brother’s sacrifice go to waste. And he felt that sooner or later, the Uchiha would come to be oppressed by the Senju. But his voice of disapproval falls on deaf ears . And since everyone else wanted the truce, Madara had no choice but to go with it.

So...many...dead...emos. Hooray! Victory for society!

Here lies another dead emo: he learned the hard way that cutting himself in his eyes was a bad idea.

I get the feeling all this emo bashing is going to come back and haunt me one of these days. Anyway, on we go.

With the formation of this new alliance, a new village in the Land of Fire is formed: Konoha.

The first major problem to rear its head was that of who would become the leader of the village, the First Hokage. As we all know, that seat went on to be occupied by Hashirama, but that didn’t sit very well with Madara.

At first thought, one may think Madara was right to feel the way he did. Yea, it was an alliance between two groups of people, and it would not be fair to simply pick the leader from one of the groups to lead the whole alliance. But the thing is there cannnot be two captains on a ship (take it from Captain Pickles =P), someone had to yield. Hashirama must have exhibited more favorable leadership qualities that ultimately earned him the title of First Hokage, leaving Madara on the back foot. A little disappointment on Madara’s part may be understandable, but wanting to confront Hashirama over it, I feel, would surely not have been the best course of action. He should have just swallowed his pride and gone along with it. Besides, let’s face it, it’s obvious Madara would not have exactly made the best of leaders. I mean, who takes a guitar to a battle! Come on!…He should have taken bagpipes! Lol.

That's right, Hashirama, I'm gonna kill you with bad music! Oooooh oooh ooh yeeeah!!!

So, long story short (since this breakdown is already too long), Madara feels betrayed by his clansmen who do not wish to cause trouble by confronting Hashirama, and he leaves the village, declaring war on Konoha.

Inevitably, this leads to an epic confrontation between Hashirama and Madara. And this time, it would be final.

In that battle at the Valley of the Ends, Hashirama, the First Hokage, emerged victor, and Madara was presumed dead.

These statues at the Valley of the Ends serve as a memento for shinobi the world round, signifying how these two titans of the Ninja World crossed swords one last time in an epic-scale showdown that doubtless shook the entire world at its very core. But was it really the end?

A particular event then leads to a growing distrust of the Uchiha clan among the Konoha panjandrum: the attack of the Kyuubi (which can only be controlled by an Uchiha). Madara insists here that it was a natural occurence, nothing more, but in this case, I’m not sure I can take his word for it. He had every reason to attack the village. He had declared war on Konoha years before, and he felt had been betrayed by his brethren, who he probably knew would be blamed for it. Revenge…the way of the Uchiha. Anyway,with the Kyuubi’s attack on the village, further action is taken by Konoha’s high-muck-a-mucks (excluding the Third Hokage), but the Uchiha don’t just lie back and play dead. They form within themselves group of rebels which plans a coup d’etat of the village. Konoha’s high-ups get wind of this development, and they take even more action. They implant a spy among the Uchiha. I man to watch their their every move as an agent of the government.

And that man…was Uchiha  Itachi. (DUN DUN DUN DUUUUUUUN)

In the next episode, we will be seeing exactly what role Itachi played in this grand scheme, and what manner of suffering the young man had to go through in order to see to it that peace prevailed in Konoha…I’m gonna shut up now before I say too much.

It’s gonna be a good one =).

Now for last week’s caption contest winners!

Bubble Contest Winners of Last Week


4th) PainTheClown: “*Makes choking sounds* Oh thank God… just a hairball”

3rd) to63to: “Who knew eating TINY would turn out to be such a bad idea.”

2nd)Supertrek89: “IMMA CHARGIN MAH LAZER! :O”

And the winner is…drumroll, please…

(For some reason, I couldn’t edit the caption completely without the entire thing being removed…weird)

Nonetheless, congratulations, Mudmathie.

This is your material for this week. It was just staring at me (literally), begging to be picked. Have fun with it.

*Insert caption here*

And here is the preview for the next chapter.

That’s all for now, folks, hope I didn’t bore you too much.

Finally, I’m really sorry if this is a bit late. I had actually finished the breakdown since Saturday, but there was something that needed to be sorted out before I could post it.

Until next time!

And remember: don’t take life too seriously…no one gets out alive anyway =P.



~ by Captain Pickles on December 21, 2009.

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  2. Nice breakdown!

    I’d say they’ve got awesome timing on the manga and anime releases…

  3. Second!! Samurai jack FTW!

  4. Caption: Dammit Madara! Did you think I can’t tell when i’ve been slipped roofies?!? I did run with Orochimaru ya know.

    And great job pickles 😀

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    Caption: Im Beaming Bra, Fuckin Flying Cuz..Watch me Break the Beat Lad.
    If your from Sydney that might make sense.

    On this Vote thingy..
    Could Madara’s version of how his brother lost his eyes be true?
    I said, Yea he was way too emotional. I had a small think about it what if he used a Genjutsu similiar to Shizu’s and influenced his brothers decision to give up his eyes or atleast thought he was BUT!! his Brother saw through this but still gave his eyes up because he loved his brother thus changing Madara for the Better and thats why I think if true or possible thats why it struck a nerve with him. When others would say he stole his brothers eyes which was the original plan but it was his brother who changed him, I it all relates to something like this.

  7. CAPTION: Who is it? I think it’s Barry Manilow!

  8. Hey Captain Pickles, that was a greeeeeeeeeaaaaaat breakdown! Really good work! A lot of hilarious sentences or captions (guitar, seeing Madara in the shower), but as well some deep meaning sentences! I have enjoyed this so much! One tiny thing though, you said it yourself that your breakdown was a little too long, is that you could reduce the clean summarizing parts a bit for the next breakdown. There were some parts (two or three) that could have been shortened a bit because it was just summary. But those are just tiny issues.
    Keep on rollin’!

  9. Awesome breakdown!

  10. Great Breakdown Pickles!


    L! What are you doing here?! You’re suppose to be in Death Note!!

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    I just realized something! Im…..Gay.

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    Now CAPTION.
    “OMG.Madara can warp his bodyparts into other people…”

  13. CAPTION:

    He said….surprise!

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    Sasuke:Am i really the last emo alive?!?

    Sasuke:Naruto had a panic attack too? That drama whore!!

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  16. Great job Captain Pickles! Loved the Samurai Jack reference, except in this manga Samurai are no better than Stormtroopers lol.

    I don’t wanna go with this guy, he might do Orochimaru-like things to me *shudders*

  17. Awesome breakdown Pickles! looking forward to more of them 🙂

    CAPTION: Suprises. They work on Hookers, Emos and Sasuke.

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  19. a nice breakdown captain pickles. keep it coming this nice and awesomeness is asured. i liked the hole panic attack duo for me it aint no casualty kishi wanted to remind us that too much stress gets to even the best of us and this emo moment will set sasuke on his new path towards the real darkneess.

  20. caption:

    sasuke: OH MY GOD!!! WERE OUT OF OREOS!!!

  21. Thanks a dozen, you guys. It means a lot, really =).

    @Lelulalilo: Ah, I like the way you think. That would explain why Madara was so emotional and also why his brother didn’t fight back when he easily could have against a very sick Madara.

    @Nope: Yea, I think I get where you’re going. Kishi could be trying to show that the attack could very well happen to anyone else who has also been through extremely trying times, and it did…to Sasuke.

  22. @Aeris: Yea, I realized it, too. I’ll try to keep subsequent breakdowns a bit shorter. And thanks, I simply couldn’t miss that guitar, lol. And I knew I had to bag on it =P.

  23. LMFAO!!! Samurai Jack, I can’t believe it’s not butter, and Star Wars reference all in one breakdown!? XD Awesome job Pickles! 😀

    I do believe Madara was given his eyes by his brother voluntarily. I mean I can’t really believe Itachi because he wasn’t there. For the Kyuubi thing Minato said it himself he saw Tobi/Madara there controlling the fox. Natural occurrence my ass and like you said Pickles, Madatra had a lot of motive and gain behind such an attack.


    I’ve been working on this L impersonation for 3 years! How is it?

  24. Cool breakdown pickles

  25. good point super
    Tobi/Madara you lying ass mother …..

  26. *Caption:

    This is what will happen if you watch too much Death Note.

    Merry Christmas everybody!

  27. Got a little teary eyed watching todays episode. Itachis backstory reminded me why Naruto is my favorite manga/anime.

    Itachi lived for others and never thought of his own selfish needs. He brought himself to kill his beloved clan in order to save more innocents in a meaningless war. He died a true hero but still wished the world to think of him as a murderer and criminal.

    Also, very funny preview of next episode xD

  28. great breakdown pickles lol O_O samurai jack FTEW wow i havent commented here in like forever X___X i need internet !!!!

  29. Excellent way to start off 2010 with Season 7 ;

  30. CAPTION: “Madara: Surprise! Sasuke, it’s not rape if you yell surprise first…”

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