Naruto Manga 476 Breakdown and Manga 477 Spoiler Discussion: First Round of the “Revenge is Mine” WWF Tournament


Have a great Holiday Season from WRA!!

TsunadesTwin here with this week’s manga breakdown.  Now, if I hear ANY complaints about how my usual 24 hour turn-around timeframe was blown this round, you may find a lump of coal – or a lump of something else that smells – in your stockings/shoes or what other container you put those “filler gifts” in.  I’m writing this in-between wrapping presents so my mood is less than festive at the moment, but then Holiday Stress is normal.  However, in all honesty, despite my stress level, I want to wish you and yours a great holiday season. 

In the “oh, by the way” category, there is news from the WSJ front.  Because of the Holidays there will be NO Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, etc. next week.  Even worse, the next time you see Naruto and company it will also have a week off in-between due to the New Year’s Holiday.  Holidays suck for manga, don’t they? 

And, we have the winner of the Bubble Contest and a Demotivational Poster (thanks to Tenrai and Broken1 for their assistance) so, let’s get this party started!!!

Sasuke and his darkness. Just put a dark cape and a mask that makes him sound like he's got asthma and you have Darth Vadar.

Sasuke versus Danzo.  Nice title.  And, it is a battle we’ve ALL been waiting for.  My prediction:  this battle is going to rage on for weeks like the Bee versus Kisame WWF title fight which ended in a decisive victory (ok, with a little bit of backup) for Bee.  Kisame kinda lost his head over this battle and couldn’t keep it together.  (I hear the groans out there…).   Too bad there aren’t any pens or pencils around to toss Danzo’s way, but with Sasuke’s girlfriend, Susanoo back to protect her man/host, it would be a fruitless attack, as Danzo sure found out. 

Notice that Madara is conspicuously hanging out on a signpost.  Hmmm…he ain’t watching it to place bets in the local office pool.  You bet this masked, revenge-laden, time-warping, absorbing manipulator has his motives for this fight – and his bets are on Sasuke, big time.  I mean, why fight when you got a b**ch to do the hard work for you.  Oh, wait, Madara actually did the clean up job on the underlings, didn’t he?   But he barely broke a sweat over that. 

Makes you wonder if Madara's watching an illegal dog fight or his b**ch fight to the death. Hmmmm....

So, Madara had his Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa gift all ready and waiting for Sasuke.  All he needed was gift wrap, but I think Danzo has taken care of that for us.  For YEARS I’ve wondered why Danzo looked like the mummy that came back to life.  You’d think that just about everyone in Konoha, including the elders, would wonder if those weren’t exactly war injuries he was nursing for eons.  But now, we know – some serious, and disgusting, weapons of mass destruction – or a mere perversion for eyeballs with a particular pattern on them.  Personally, my opinion is that of Karin, who actually has a reasonable comment – YUCK!  Now, if you can get the “stupid twins” (Suigetsu and Juugo) back into the picture, we’d have the entire Taka clan back together to witness the goal that they have been supporting (for various personal goals of their own) Sasuke for so long.

I realize, Danzo, this is an attempt to intimidate your opponent. Personally, if I were your opponent, I'd be wondering what disease you have.

So, Sasuke asks Danzo if he did the deed we’ve all been wondering about:  give the order to annihilate the Uchiha clan (ok, there were two accomplices, Homura and Koharu).  It’s funny but Danzo is so high on his own abilities that it appears he doesn’t take this Uchiha seriously.  Man, oh man.  Danzo, you will pay for that.

Ok, Nutcase. Give this guy an answer or else HIS Sharingan will take YOUR Sharingans (note the plural).

And, in pure Danzo-esque form, he blabbers about nothing and then activates that Sharingan-boil infested arm of his and shows energy that has been pent up for years. 

Wow! Look at that old geezer run. I wonder if he had HIS Wheaties breakfast this morning...

Heh!  Danzo thinks he’s got this Uchiha, and two new Sharingan, in the bag until…

Earth to Danzo: Susanoo calling. I told you to keep your eyeball infested hands off of my man!

Yup, she’s baaaack!  Our gal Susanoo makes her dramatic re-appearance to protect her prize, Sasuke.  Now, Danzo is so stupid he actually asks if this lady is Susanoo.  Huh?  You’d think he’d know that Itachi had Susanoo in his arsenal.  Good God.  Maybe he IS senile.  Oh well.  He finds that Susanoo is no b**ch to be dealing with.  And, she’s going to make sure that Danzo answers Sasuke’s question. 

Ok, Danzo.  You just uttered a name that is taboo with this guy:  Itachi.  Blah, blah, blah.  He betrayed Konoha, blah, blah, blah.  He told Sasuke too much, blah, blah, blah.  Same song, same verse (think “I am Henry the VIIIth I am…”)But, then Danzo continues to talk and you find that he and Sasuke have a lot in common:  the dark side of the shinobi world.  Now, that part is scary.  So, you have two people fighting for, interestingly enough, same purposes – to destroy Konoha in the quest for power and one to destroy Konoha in a quest for vengeance but both using the “darkness” as the means to do it.  Hmmm…no wonder Madara is interested in this one!

This guy's just as scary in the light as he is in the darkness. And to invoke Itachi's name as "one of many..." now, that's out of line!

Danzo curses Itachi and how he “spill”-ed the beans at the very end and how he betrayed Konoha by telling Sasuke what had happened.  Well, we know the truth – the blank spots were so nicely filled in by Madara.  And, speaking of that particular chapter, it all comes together for our Avenger…what Itachi did, how he lived his life, why he joined Akatsuki and his overall motives.  Everything that Madara said was the truth – even if he did it to manipulate Sasuke.  And, you can imagine what kind of impact this had on Sasuke – and it wasn’t good either. 

That's right, Sasuke. Your bro wasn't such a bad guy but I made him into one. Oh, and, his telling you anything was a BAD idea...

So, for Sasuke, our resident emo, enlightenment comes during his fated battle with the first of the three elders, Danzo.  And, his enlightenment ends up giving Sasuke more ammunition to keep up his quest for revenge. For those of you action-addicted types, this is great news as it means that the battles will continue.  However, for those who are reading beyond the action, IMO, it is setting up the stage for a huge tragedy. 

And, we all take a deep breath as Susanoo’s long arm and bony hand takes Danzo and pulverizes him.  Yeah, blood!  He’s a goner….or, is he?  I mean, Danzo’s an experienced shinobi, himself.  ANBU, in fact.  Sasuke, to his horror, realizes that he’s in for one of the battles of his life.  Oh, he’s in deep on this one and he is just now getting that message loud and clear.

Meanwhile, still in the snow – they all have to be working on mild to moderate hypothermia by now – our two Konoha  jonin (one being the Hokage, in fact) banter about the next plan of attack.  At the same time, Naruto is having some serious flashback action going on.  However, before I get to that part, I noted one particular frame in the discussion between Kakashi, Yamato and Sai’s clone.  It concerned Sakura.  I know that there are some Sakura fans lurking about out there – Supertrek, I know is NOT among them – but, alas, Kakashi makes a statement that should make you Sakura fans think a bit.  Although it was obvious to all, it still rather surprised me hearing it being stated so bluntly by Kakashi.  I mean, Kakashi-Hokage was her sensei, after all.  After all the praise he gave her for being “a genjutsu type” and how she could potentially be a stronger kunoichi than Tsunade (like HELL she would, ahem), this frame was blunt and harsh against Sakura.  To me, it indicates that Kishi is sending her back to a “I’m just one who causes pain/mistakes” kunoichi from before the timeskip, and Kakashi only knowing her as a healing jackhammer.  You be the judge:

It isn't often you hear Kakashi "dissing" anyone but for him to "dis" someone who is one of his pupils and a teammate, that is extraordinary.

While all of this is all going on around him, Naruto is deep in some serious thought.  Actually, the term “serious thought” seems to be an understatement.  Everything he has gone through in his recent past seems to all be coming back in torrential flood.  Let’s see…his confrontation with the Kumo shinobi and the resulting beating he took as a result of not wanting to sell out Sasuke…

Now, this takes you back, doesn't it, Naruto? And, it isn't good...

…Sakura’s lie, Sai sending a clone to admit to the truth and the resulting comments made as a result

Now, Naruto, THIS one is sure hard to forget isn't it? And, what's with the animators???? Jeez, you'd think they'd edit the wording before they released this!

…and who could forget Madara’s little “inn”-side chat with Naruto…

Now, how can you forget THIS guy, Naruto? This is the guy who's after you and has Sasuke as his b**ch.

…and, worst of all, Gaara invoking the rank of “Kage” to prod Naruto into doing the “right” thing for Sasuke. 

I don't know about you all, but I think this is what pushed our Yellow Sage too far.

“kishi turned naruto into a weakling… something is goin on with him… i wonder what will happen… the story REALLY kicks in nicely in this story…”

“Dammit Naruto you pussy bastard! Stand up and stop having a panic attack over the thought of your lover dying! -_- Hinata sacrificed her life for you and you get angry. Sakura goes off to die for you and you look abashed. Sasuke runs away and gets stronger 3 f**king years ago and when you hear people want to kill him now you have a f**king panic attack!? Sweating on the ground hyperventilating like a jilted lover!? WTF!?!??!?”

“…I think this anxiety attack is actually a result of him burdening so many of everyone else’s problems, rather than getting the support he needs. If you ask me, he is being strong for everyone, stronger than most people would ever be able to be and yet all we want to do is come down on him when the effects of that burden begin to show.

We are, essentially, blaming him for being human.”

Now, from a writer’s POV, seeing debate in a piece of manga and in the write up is refreshing.  I haven’t seen such lively debate in a long time.  I will say that some points in this debate regarding last week’s manga – and in some of this week’s manga – have stuck with me, which is “super.”  I will post those comments here, but not in their entirety.  I won’t name names specifically but you brilliant minds out there will be able to figure who said what very quickly.  Now,  I shall “spill” the beans on how I feel about this debate and add some fuel of my own.

*rolls eyes* What Jonin geniuses we have here! You NEVER tell a guy panicking and hyperventilating to take slow, deep breaths. You baka! He's panicking! Where's a qualified medic nin when you need one?

Holydemonandy!!!!  We sure got fired up over Naruto’s little fainting spell, now didn’t we? It was a lot of fun to read the debates this go-round.  This was awesomeness in it’s purest form and I applaud everyone that took part.  Why?  It made us all think, including me.  And, think about this I did. Now, whether or not you like it, you are going to hear my take on it all. 

We all know and love Naruto.  He’s always positive and always follows his nindo, his ninja way of things.  So far, it has been admirable.  Hell, he saved Konoha several times, including this last time in his defeat of Pain, he’s saved his teammates far more than I can count over the years, has earned the trust and respect of his age-ling academy graduates, has managed to get a Root-ed shinobi to become a a Root-less shinobi, has saved the life of a fellow Jinchuuriki, now Kage, not once but TWICE, and the list goes on.  And, he’s done all this despite having the emotional handicap of having a raging beast sealed inside of him – with the intent of it being a gift but we all know what happened – by dear ol’ dad, Yondaime Hokage.  Naruto’s passionate, energetic and often is the driving force between success and failure and touches the lives of everyone he comes in contact with.  To the flip side, Naruto is passionate, energetic and is often the driving force behind a mission.  Hey, wait a minute!  Didn’t you just say that, Twinsie?  Well, yeah, I did.  See, every positive quality can have a negative side to it.  Sai brought this out when he pleaded with Sakura to do something about informing Naruto about eliminating Sasuke.  Naruto has become the workhorse and now it was time for the others to step up to the plate.  However, the question is, did they truly do as Naruto would have done?

Oh it gets better…now add onto this that this kid, who was considered an outcast, wanted to emulate the strongest Kage ever known in Konoha, Yondaime Hokage – who just happens to be his own father.  Naruto announced early on that he wanted to be Kage so others would respect/look up to him.  He meets Sasuke who leaves for the “wrong side of the Force.”  Of course, Naruto wants to save Sasuke from himself – not something that is successful in real life, but with Naruto anything is possible.  So, his training for three years has had a mixed bag:  strong, yes; focused on Kage, maybe.  In his mind, if he can’t save one friend, he does not deserve the rank of Kage.  Hmmmm…that’s quite a bit of pressure to be putting on yourself if you are sixteen years old. 

Now, there is also the Itachi Factor.  Huh?  Remember those so-called powers Naruto received just prior to Itachi’s death?  Well, we haven’t seen what parting gift Itachi gave to him.  Yes, we heard the talk.  We heard Naruto proclaim that he would save Sasuke AND Konoha.  As nutty as Itachi thought Naruto was, he decided (rather quietly) to believe in him and bestowed him something – question is, what did he get out of the deal?  A mouthload of crow or…something else?

And, what about what happened here? There's still a lot we don't know about...

Ok, now that I’ve totally bogged your mind, let me give it to ya straight.  For those of you going “Meh, this kid’s weak,” may I remind you that this sixteen year old kid (possessed by the strongest bijuu) has lost a friend and has been trying desperately to get him home, trained for three years with one of the Legendary Sannin and who has since died leaving a horrible void in Naruto’s life, saved his village from major catastrophe in the Pain invasion, attempted to plead for that friend’s life by prostrating himself in front of another Kage, saved a friend – also a Kage – twice, dealt with being lied to and betrayed by the girl that he loves (idc what her motives are, fact remains that she lied and has dealt a blow to Naruto’s trust), and now knows he’s the top target of two on the Madara hit list.  Hmmmm…can we say “stress?”  Of course you can say he’s stressed out!  Jeez, louize!  His back’s against the wall in how to deal with this friend gone rogue with others wanting his head on a platter and another friend invoking the rank of Kage to get him to see the light.  Yeah, I’d be hyperventilating, too!

And now, many wonder how any kid could have a massive panic attack.  Bah!  Take a closer look at this picture.  This is how he dealt with the pain of indecision last time.  Has he learned anything from it?

Is there another visit to the Kyuubi cage like this one in the near future?

This time, the load he is bearing is far greater than any he has experienced since this last begging session at the Kyuubi sewer cage.  He’s a hero to his village and often shoulders the burden for his fellow shinobi.  Others are looking to him for the moral guidance; the conscience.  And, now, like above, he has no idea as to what to do.  Allow his friend to be killed or somehow spare him?  Does he give up hope of the Kage mantle as a result?  What are his true values and were they always “high ideals” or were they his version of truth?  Sure, it would be easier to summon the Toads and have them attack but without any thought behind it – along with his beliefs to guide him – what good is it?

Ok, now for the Bubble Contest winner.  This one was a classic, IMO:

And, to the winner: Tigerpalm. Awesome job!!!

And, many thanks to both Tenrai and to Broken 1 for their help for this week’s Demotivational Poster:

Epic Fail Demotivational Poster

Man, there was so much meat to this chapter that I couldn’t cover it all.  Whew!  I guess this is Kishi’s way of making up for the fact that next week, there won’t be a Naruto chapter.  Gaahhhhh!  So you guys will have to suffer for a week of debates, wishful thinking and Holiday cheer. 

Until then,



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  3. 2nd , extra breakdown,
    Sasuke have to unlock new power to defeat Danzo. I don’t know why but I’ll be glad if in this battle 1(or more) of 3 worst characterswill die, the best scenario for me is Danzo sacraficeing himself to beat Madara…

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    Great breakdown! XD
    Sasuke sucks!!!!! Danzo FTW!!! LOL

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  6. Im all for Danzo killing Sasuke. What most people seem to forget is that Dazno isn’t a criminal, Sasuke is. Danzo didn’t attack the 4 leaders of the Ninja World, Sasuke did. And most of all, Danzo didn’t order the Uchiha’s massacre on his own, the other elders AND the Third ordered it with him. AND he didn’t do it for the heck of it, he did it to prevent a civil war, that would escalate into another Ninja World War. Danzo has been the one keeping Konoha afloat because he makes the tough decisions that idealists like Sarutobi and the Hokages before him didn’t. Under Sarutobi’s and Tsunade’s reign, Konoha has been leveled TWICE, both times as a result of one of their own (Orochimaru did it the first time, and the second time it was JIRAIYA’S apprentice). If Konoha was under Danzo’s leadership Orochimaru would have undoubtedly be executed or imprisoned the night Sandaime let him escape and Sasuke wouldn’t be an international criminal. When a ninja deserts their vilage, their name is registered in the Bingo Book and Village ninja as well as bounty hunters (like Kakuzu) would be after the missing-nins. Tsunade wasn’t tough enough to do this with Sasuke, in fact she allowed Orochimaru to teach Sasuke instead of marking him as a missing-nin within the three-year period. Danzo is right with the Itachi thing as well. In a world of ninja, many great ninja have died like Itachi did, sacrificing everything for peace, and have been forgotten by history, so what makes Itachi so special? Simply becoming a ninja guarantees one a fate like this. In short…….Go Danzo! Boo Sasugay!

    Sasuke is a stuck up brat and Naruto shouldn’t be feeling this way about a criminal. The best thing for Sasuke right now is for him to be arrested, tried fairly, and then decapitated after he loses the case, publicly (like Gold Roger).

  7. great breakdown Penny! I only disagree with one point you made..kakashi “dissing” sakura. i’m one of those sakura fans, but i don’t think he was “dissing” her at all. he was simply stating the obvious. all of us understand that sakura cannot hope to defeat sasuke. i was hoping kakashi would go back to the village, being hokage and all, and naruto would go with sai after sakura. now THAT would be a reunion, but alas, my hopes are dashed.
    anyways, i wasn’t real happy with naruto’s lil panic attack, but i guess i can understand why it happened. he’s had a whole lot appen to him in a fairly short period of time afterall emotionally.

  8. @kisuzachi: *claps in admiration* exactly.

    @penny: loved the breakdown but i have to disagree with the part about danzo wanting “to destroy Konoha in the quest for power.”
    like kisuzachi said danzo was keeping the leaf village stable from the shadows while the hokages enjoyed their tea and spoke to school children.

    Looking back at the manga you realize what an idiot the 3rd was

    everyone that matters in the leaf says they are about to get invaded

    but what does the 3rd say
    “dont worry about it”

    heck even kakashi notices what a dunce he is

    im sure danzo gained authority sometime during after the 3rds rein and before Tsunade’s rein
    im not gunna talk trash about tsunade
    she sincerely trusted naruto and believed he would bring back sasuke so i give her some credit
    but she did (as kisuzachi said) was weak with sasuke and inadvertently allowed him to become this monster

  9. @kisuzachi: thats pretty much the same argument danzou used about who should be the next hokage. you can’t forget this is the same guy who didn’t even bat a finger to help out the village when pein showed up. theres also the fact that he’s dealing with s-class criminal missing nins such as orochimaru for his own personal gain. however, i will agree with you that danzou needs to beat the brakes off of sasuke because he’s too emo for me and its rubbing off on everyone even kakashi seems down…(considering his laid back attitude)…

    Once again wonderful job Penny

  10. Naruto passed out like Sasuke did being bombarded by painful memories. Now would we consider them weak? I don’t think so…

    These are just moments, what they do next determines what their characters really are. Sasuke chose the dark side and Naruto will still find a way against all odds. Believe it!

  11. In the end, it should be Sasuke Vs Naruto OR Sasuke + Naruto Vs Madara, or Madara Vs Sasuke, Or Madara Vs Naruto. One of those

  12. Omfg. Penny, I ❤ you so.

    This is my favorite WRA post from you – and IRA as far as I'm concerned – and I'm bookmarking it for life.

    Uberly awesome'st of awesomeness. 😀

  13. @Kisuzachi: Whether or not it really was Madara’s fault (Madara states to Sasuke that it’s not his fault, if I remember correctly, while contradictionally or whatever, Yondaime states to Naruto that it was Madara’s fault,) that the Kyuubi attacked the village on that night. If I remember correctly, it was explained by Madara that it was that event – the Kyuubi’s attack – that caused distrust between Konoha’s leaders and the Uchiha, which, in turn, led to deprivations (or something like that,) and anger within the Uchiha clan, which, in turn, led to the decision made that the Uchiha clan must be annihilated.

    All of this, as far as I can see (and this is based off of what I remember – you can confirm it for yourself – I’m not going through to get links,) and I believe Yondaime’s opinion-thing that Madara was the one who caused Kyuubi to attack that night – as far as I can see, this all started with Madara. Because of Madara, Itachi had to do what he did. I don’t think Sasuke should be tried as guilty, fully, for the things he’s done (especially seeing as he really hasn’t killed anyone other than the samurai that we know of, if I remember correctly,) seeing as it was Madara who’s been instigating all of it. Truth or no truth, Madara’s been causing all of it – according to the Yondaime – and from what we’ve seen. Sasuke’s been too weak to handle what’s been put on his shoulders – he’s only human – and supposedly, according to Madara, he has a curse going for him as well. Just putting that last part out there. I’m not sure I attribute the curse to an excuse.

    As for Sasuke’s killing, Orochimaru even states, if I remember correctly, that he’s… Well, actually, I think he asks Sasuke why he doesn’t kill all of the people he fights, but, rather, knocks them out instead. And Sasuke responded something along the lines of because that’s not who his hatred was directed at.

    Sasuke also tried to keep Suigetsu from killing people on numerous occasions.

    In my opinion, Madara has been the cause of ALL of this. And it was because of war, and hatred, like with Nagato (except Nagato had some positive influences in his life, like Yahiko for instance,) Madara chose to carry a grudge against Konoha for betraying him numerous times, and for seeking out peace, despite his brother’s death. All that jazz.

    Now, of course, Madara could be lying about some of what he told Sasuke, but as far as I see it, Madara is the ONLY one that should be being punished here, in order for TRUE peace to be achieved. But even then, if Madara is punished and left alive, he will end up wanting vengeance.

    Best thing is for Madara, for one reason or another, to be forgiven or, unless he’s like a demon and (despite what he’s told us, and that, in fact, he turns out to be lying,) enjoys causing pain, suffering, and all that jazz, should be outright killed.

  14. @dish11: “You know what I want to see, and what I’m PARTIALLY predicting?

    As long as Sakura either doesn’t fight Sasuke, or else Kakashi doesn’t reach Sakura and co. too late and they’re already killed (like what happened with Naruto, eh,) that Kakashi will end up convincing Sakura to give up her mission to kill Sasuke, and choose Naruto (because she hears about his panic attack,) and decides to check on Naruto before going off to Sasuke, y’know?

    I would really like that a lot.

    It’s what I’m hoping on. XD”

    Comment I made on the last one. XD On the last manga breakdown. And by the way, I can see it both ways – both as Kakashi dissing Sakura and also as him just stating a fact. :O As far as I’m concerned, I’ll go with either stating a fact or else a happy medium between the two. :3

  15. @kisuzachi: Danzo was an “underground” nin, an ANBU, who was involved in insurrection during the Hanzo the Salamader era. he was heavily involved in rather shady activities. He claims to protect Konoha but his main motive is to keep power for himself and to eliminate, no matter what the cost, those who disagree with his extremist views. He was one of three who gave the order to annihilate Uchiha but it was HIM who suggested it. In fact, I’d argue that he suggested it and used his rather ill-gotten Sharingan to mainipulate the minds of the other two elders.

    @dish11: My argument about Sakura stands. You have yet to hear Kakashi tell anyone that Naruto was about to march to HIS death in going to find and annihilate someone, now, do you? Remember, this is the sensei that stated that only Naruto could surpass his father, Yondaime Hokage – FRS training time. You sure don’t hear that coming in regards to Sakura.

    Sakura has always been a weaker shinobi in many respects. Like you, I am a fan but that feeling has cooled off considerably since she pulled that “I love you” act with Naruto. She has Tsunade’s chakra control training, medic nin skills and some serious taijutsu skills. Yes, she did help in bringing down Sasori, I will give you that. However, when push comes to shove, although not as weak as, say, Ino, Sakura can’t cut it when the going gets rough – and this is far rougher than Sasori. Sasori was a walk in the park compared to what is happening now. Sasuke would have no qualms about killing her on sight – and he’d be successful at it, also.

  16. I just realized – if Granny Chiyo was as strong as she was even though she was an old woman and whatnot, how strong indeed will the Konoha elders be? You know, the guy/girl who also made the decision with Danzou. :O

  17. Great chapter and breakdown.

    Bloody explosion FTW!!!!
    And I loved Sasgay’s expression of horror! He’s like “Oh.Sh*t. He’s behind me, isn’t he? Mummy help me!”.

  18. ok heres my 2 cents worth- I think the power Itachi invoked on naruto will be like a temporary tsukyomi that activates itself when he faces off with sasuke that will show sasuke the true happenings of the “uchiha massacre” because i think madara is still editing the story a bit to achieve his goals with the help of sasuke. its like a failsafe for incase the amaterasu in sasuke doesnt work on madara (which it didnt)

    Whos with me here?! I mean cmon if you read, not even danzo thought itachi will reveal the truth if you read this chapter and itachi did say to naruto “i hope…. the day never comes when you have to use it” its like the last of last resorts to avoid chaos or something

  19. @penny i agree shisui was killed before the rest of the clan and danzou had enough time for an eye transplant.

    also he helped hanzo against nagato and yahiko which was an event that caused pain to hate the leaf village and then danzou doesnt help against the pain invasion and he also is trying to have anko assassinated, yeah he is evil and needs to be killed.

  20. I think that the next seen in Naruto will be at the Kyuubi sewer cage, talking not with a Yondaime….but with Itachi.

  21. @shinobimadness, I agree with what Danzo did, it was needed. Konoha needed to be destroyed for him to truly save it. Had he come out and helped and they miraculously defeated Pain, nothing would change. Tsunade would still be hokage and the Village would be run how its always been run. However, after this disaster the people no doubt want to be steered in a different direction, well that’s assuming they’re smart lol.

    @holydemonandy, the VIllage distrusted the Uchihas ever since Madara fought the First Hokage. Then Tobirama (Second Hokage) placed the Uchihas under ANBU watch and isolated them from the rest of the Village. The Kyubi attack was the straw that broke the camel’s back. The Elders then placed a spy amongst the Uchiha, ie Itachi and he confirmed that the clan were planning a coup d’etat. This is the point where the massacre was ordered. The Kyubi attack only made the Village more weary of the Uchiha Clan, it was their plan to take over Konoha that caused their demise.

    BTW, I’m NOT a Danzo fan. I hate the guy……….its just that I hate Sasugay more 8)

  22. @holydemonandy, almost forgot. Sasuke killed A LOT of people in this arc alone, over 10 people coldly:

    AND THIS TIME, Suigetsu’s the one telling him not to kill anyone

    He now has innocent blood on his hands, has attacked the World Leaders, worked for Oro (which means he stood idly by as innocent people were killed by experimentation and in the anime Oro gave him a mission to capture the ESCAPED innocent people), and then he joins a terrorist organization (Akatsuki), and attacks one of the two people that can save the world from MAdara (Kirabi, ie he has a Biju just like Naruto). That’s a lot of crimes if you ask me 8P

  23. But don’t you remember how the Uchiha were made to be the Uchiha Police Force? If I remember correctly, that’s what they did in order to appease them and give them some semblence of power – the idea that they held some. I don’t remember whether or not they knew – the Uchiha knew – that this was what was intended, but either way, if I remember correctly, they were stated.

    Now this one’s a stab in the dark, because I definitely don’t fully remember this, but I could’ve sworn that it was the Kyuubi attack that caused them to be placed under ANBU watch and the like, which caused distrust between them, and thus, the secret, underground planning, and, thus, the coup de tat.

    I remember – if I do remember correctly – Madara had some followers, but I also know that the Uchihas, in order to keep the peace, exiled Madara from the Uchiha clan. At that point in time, the Uchiha were DEFINITELY on Madara’s side. He probably felt betrayed, but nonetheless. He couldn’t accept change the first time – and he couldn’t let go of his previous hatred. I suppose that, if this is the case, that makes him human too, so as I stated before he deserves to be forgiven as well.

    Although I would, honestly, prefer to keep Madara locked up just in case, even if he has some freedoms.

  24. Sated*

  25. By the way, also @Kisuzachi: I’m hoping that Naruto forgives Sasuke just to spite you now, because seeing as you hate Sasuke, if you love Naruto and Naruto doesn’t hate Sasuke (whether or not he forgives him,) that would be an insult to you, and you obviously don’t love Naruto enough. But I suppose that’s just being human, is it not?

    Makes me think of Sasuke, how he turned to hatred for those he didn’t like, as well.

  26. @holydemonandy, here it states that Tobirama gave them the police position but also put them under anbu watch and
    Madara had no followers, the clan deserted him. It was after his “supposed” demise that some Uchiha followed in his footsteps after they realized what was going on.
    Why would you want Sasuke and MAdara to live? this isn’t a fairy tail. If PAIN had to die (T^T) and he was just manipulated like Sasugay was, why shouldn’t Sasugay die? And Tobi’s the manipulator here, so he deserves to die as well

  27. Ah, thank you for clearing that up. And I don’t think Sasuke dies because Sasuke didn’t have a teacher like Jiraiya to learn from, and he doesn’t have Naruto’s willpower. Why should Sasuke be forced to death for something he didn’t have? If anything, he should only be exiled from Konoha, and kept under watch.

    I think the real enemy here is Madara, because he’s shown that he’s willing to manipulate people in order to get what he wants.

    In that exact same link, it states that the only reason Tobirama put the Uchiha under special watch to begin with was because of MADARA’s actions. Had Madara not been there ever, there never WOULD have been an Uchiha police force, nor would there have ever been distrust.

    If Tobirama had been like the third hokage and just tried to stifle any and all fears, and to instead trust the Uchiha not to do something like that, the Uchiha would’ve felt more highly regarded in the village, and they would have felt no need to rise up and try to take power.

  28. And true, Sasuke has killed people – as I stated, it was excluding the Samurai that he killed at the meeting. I already stated he killed that in one of my earlier posts.

    Other than that, he has killed no one. He let live many that he could’ve killed. I’m not saying that one life is better than another – at least I’m not trying to say that – I’m just saying that through Madara’s influence he’s pushed Sasuke to a point that he just can’t handle on his own.

    Also, if Sasuke hadn’t taken back the escaped innocent people, do you think Orochimaru would’ve still trained him? And do you remember that Madara was also with Itachi the night the Uchiha Massacre took place?

    Do you also remember that Suigetsu also freed some of the prisoners, even though it was his choice to do so, in Sasuke’s name? Sasuke’s freeing of Suigetsu influenced him to make those choices. So did Sasuke’s choice to command Suigetsu not to kill anyone – that also is what led to Suigetsu’s decision.

  29. My friend told me something interesting about stories named after characters…they are basically tragedies about that person and they typically die in the end. Now, I see Naruto ending in a very beautiful way, but the hero is most likely going to be the sacrifice to it all.

    Sasuke will be saved by Naruto. Then, it is going to go in either two ways…Naruto becoming the hero and killing Madara but also dying in the process OR Sasuke becoming the forgiven hero after killing Madara but he dying as well.

    It’s going to be a bitter-sweet ending :/

  30. I think Naruto will end up forgiving Sasuke, and end up sacrificing himself to seal the Juubi, because maybe Kakashi will give his life using Chiyo’s technique after Naruto is captured. I’m not sure.

    I’ve thought for awhile now too that Naruto will end up dying as well.

  31. from the beginning i’ve always thought naruto would die, and they would make him an honorary hokage…after seing the pein fight i think thats whats gonna happen.. he did say at the beginning he wanted to be on that stone and being a hero, before kakashi told him what it was for… some kind of foreshadowing if ya ask me..

  32. i was reading posts around and found this

    its a interview whith kishimoto talkin about the future developement of the naruto series its in english and spanish

    ooh and a great breakdown penny youres always rocks and no coment everyone has made all the theories and opinions ive could say so gonna keep tinking

  33. I don’t understand too much, but thanks Nope – it clears up some things. And I lost a little hope in some areas. XD But the truth normally hurts doesn’t it?

    I’ll just bide my time and wait. This might be my last post for a bit; although I’ll still be reading things. If something catches my eye, maybe I’ll check it out or post or something.

  34. @Penny- ok ok, look i understand what you’re saying, but i think your reasoning is flawed. you cannot compare naruto to sakura in regards to shinobi ability. that would be pretty close to comparing jiraiya to shizune. the difference in their power is THAT much. naruto’s pretty dang close to, if not, the strongest ninja in the leaf village. so ofcourse kakashi wouldn’t tell him something like that. nobody said anything when he was about to face pain. why? because he’s THAT strong. i have no doubts that sasuke would pretty well wipe the floor with sakura, but he’s on another level too. he just single handedly took on 4 of the kages and (with a little saving at the end) lived though it. so, yes, she’s obviously not strong enough to kill sasuke. she’s smart, i’m sure she realizes this. she has another motive, well..she better anyway. i’m not gonna look for it (unless you really want me to) but i’m fairly positive it’s been stated in the manga that sakura has the potential to surpass tsunade.

    Otherwise though, i’m in total agreement with you haha. i was not cool with her little “confession” either. i didn’t really like the way it was written, the way it felt, the whole entire thing was just..wrong haha.

  35. is anyone debating sakura vs sasuke?…do i need to go into that or does the title say it all?…

  36. @shinobi- hahahahaha lmao..the title pretty well says it all i think

  37. Awesome breakdown Penny.

    Crazy theory … what if Naruto’s breakdown was just a diversion. Didn’t someone said that the real Naruto is going to track down Saruka while a clone goes back to the Leaf. He will need a diversion to do that.

  38. Kakashi will probably be delayed because of Naruto, and Sakura will meet with Sasuke.
    Sakura is an excellent medical nin and maybe they will let her live just for her healing ability.
    Sasuke will not lose from Danzo. In case of danger Madara can always suck Sasuke back in thought his head.

    Kakashi may leave Naruto with Yamato, and just go with Sai to pick up Sakura.

  39. @dish11: I didn’t like Sakura’s confession either.
    Hinata FTW! “Because I… love you. I’ll kill you Pa-EEEEK!”*Pain pwns her*

  40. @holydemonandy, uhm dude, you really are a Sasugay belly-rubber aren’t you lol. I’ll go Steve Wilkos on your ass dammit! >_< There was always distrust, remember the Senjus and the Uchihas were bitter enemies before the unison, so naturally there would be some levels distrust, Madara was just one of them. And Tobirama wasn't like the Third, the Third was like him. Remember that Tobirama adopted his big brother's ideals and then taught them to Sarutobi. And Osama Bin Laden has killed m

    "And true, Sasuke has killed people – as I stated, it was excluding the Samurai that he killed at the meeting. I already stated he killed that in one of my earlier posts. Other than that, he has killed no one"- lol. Osama Bin Laden has killed many innocent people, but other than that he has killed no one. That's the logic your using here lol. Also what you said about the capturing people thing is basically you saying he captured innocent people (that he knew Orochimaru would experiment on till they die) just to further his training needs/requirements. He's a bad guy and HAS to die. I wasnt here when Pain was alive (my favorite character), but I'm pretty sure most people wanted him to die, and what he was trying to do is better than what Sasuke's trying to do, so if Pain should die, Sasugay should die 8)

  41. Ok I think it is about time for Ace to drop Knowledge on these suckas…*clears throat*. I actually really feel for Naruto. To him Sasuke the person that is pretty much the guy he considered a rival, a teammate, and most of all his best friend. To him Sasuke is a person he would litterally die for. I think Naruto and Sasuke’s (in Naruto’s eyes) relationship is almost like a relationship amongst brothers….can’t stand being next to each other most of the time without starting a fight, but can’t live without each other. To kill Sasuke a person that he considers family and just being asked to kill him like that….just for the sake of his country…..its not fair simple as that. Like at the fight at the valley of the end….he didn’t have anybody in his life before Sasuke and Sakura. They were the first people to acknowledge him.

    @ Kisu….Sasugay technically hasn’t killed anyone. The Samurai were injured but I believe nobody actually died. Also if you think about it…Orochimaru…didn’t die by his hand….he died by Itachi’s, Itachi also did die by his hand, but…it was intentiional. He didn’t kill Bee.. and he didn’t kill any of the Hokage’s….we still technically have to see his actual first kill

  42. HOT DAMN!!! Did I miss this much? XD Awesome breakdown Penny love how you included my rant on Naruto’s panic attack! 😀 I still stand by it and say it was weak of his character.

    People keep comparing Naruto’s and Sasuke’s panic attacks but don’t look at the entire picture. For one thing they’re two different people and have their own set of problems so I don’t even know why Naruto’s panic attack should be judged based off of Sasuke’s. If Sasuke can have a panic attack and not not be called weak than why not Naruto? Judge people according to their own actions and circumstances not someone else’s.

    The reason why it wasn’t weak of Sasuke to pass out like that is because he was done with his mission. He followed through and killed Itachi, done and done, and thought there was nothing left to do. That was his life goal he thought he just completed it not to mention he was weary an exhausted from an S class battle he just finished. Naruto on the other hand is having a panic attack throughout the middle of his goal. He’s hesitating and falling over confused over what to do. He’s human alright and falling to a level beneath his normal character. As humans can often do. Meh, I’m done with this topic I see other things to upon.

    @Kisu: If Sarutobi and Tsunade should be held responsible for the times Konoha was attacked and Jiraiya should be held responsible for training Pein, then I believe it’s only fair Danzou should be looked at accordingly for the actions he’s taken himself. The first one being his involvement in Konan’s kidnapping at the “Peace Treaty” with Hanzou. It wasn’t Jiraiya’s training which turned Nagato into a monster. On the contrary Jiraiya taught them how to defend themselves in order to protect the ones they love. It was Danzou’s and Hanzou’s actions which led to Yahiko’s death and Nagato’s sadness which turned him into the monster, which then in turn led him to attack Konoha. It all leads back to Danzou and his dirty deeds “for the sake of the village”. This dirty deed led to Konoha facing it’s toughest opponent yet and it’s near destruction.

    Second action; his dealing with Orochimaru. You said it was a crime for Sasuke to deal with the S-class criminal so I believe it’d be the same case for Danzou. If Danzou was in control I don’t believe he would have executed Orochimaru when his experiments were put into light. I believe, as evidence has already shown, he would have decided to work with him to further his own power and “for the sake of the village”.

    3rd action; Sitting by while the village he loved was attacked and destroyed. That should be considered a crime when an able bodied shinobi doesn’t help defend his village in a time of need and to top it all off he held back his own forces (Root). We all know why too. He wanted Pein to destryp the village so he could take it over and further his own power. I’m sure that was “for the sake of the village” also.

    Lol, I also hate Danzou and it’s true I’m becoming more and more a fan of Sasuke as more people hate him. That’s just the way I am I root for the underdog (in most cases) so kick ass Sasuke! 😉

    @Boyruns: Sarutobi is no idiot. O_O They didn’t know about Orochimaru’s presence until the chunin exams were in progress and ever since then they were preparing for him. There wasn’t much he could do because he knew no one in the Leaf Village was capable of handling him but they still prepared for invasion.

    You gave Tsunade credit because of the trust she bestowed upon Naruto well Sarutobi did the same thing to his most elite shinobi to handle the situation at hand in the same link you provided.

    And in the other link you showed with Kaashi questioning Sarutobi’s decision it also shows Kakashi taking his doubt back because he realizes Sarutobi sent the Anbu out to gather more information.

    Lastly I know you didn’t touch on this but Sarutobi was the only elder against the extermination of the Uchiha and their seclusion from the rest of the village. He sought peace with them and only when he failed that did the elders give the order for Itachi to carry through with the secret mission. I highly doubt Sarutobi gave the order though. Most likely his vote was overturned by the other 3.

  43. @burning ace, click on one of the links in my above comments. Suigetsu gets annoyed and said he told Sasugay not to kill anyone. Those Samurai are as dead as they can get -_-‘

  44. @Super, I WILL NEVER BE A SASUGAY FAN! >_The Third’s fault.

    He never said he was dealing with Orochimaru. He wanted Kabuto’s RESEARCH to fix his arm and eye or whatever. And the guy that Danzo is, he would never work with Orocimaru as partners, he’d lock him up and FORCE Orochimaru to continue his research for the Leaf’s/his benefit.

    Sitting by was the right course of action. The ANBU ROOT aren’t Leaf Ninja, they’re Danzo’s ninja. ANBU aren’t tied to any particular village, so Danzo was within his rights. And if he helped (it really wouldn’t do anything because Pain is just THAT awesome) and they defeated Pain, Tsunade would still be Hokage, and she’d still be running the Village on ideals.

    For the Village’s sake, lets hope none of the other countries find out that Konoha allowed Sasugay to be trained by Orochimaru instead of sending bloodthirsty. money-grubbing bounty hunters after him.

    Sometimes I amaze myself with how much I hate Sasugay >8)

  45. Wow, something got deleted.

    Yahiko and friends (my favorite characters………except for Konan) formed a pretty powerful gang that could oppose Hanzo’s military. Now this was a time of war and Konoha couldn’t afford to have loose cannons like Yahiko and his team out there, so Danzo joined forces with Hanzo to remove this unknown factor from the equation (woah, too mathy), for the Village’s sake. Had Jiraiya listened to Orochimaru and killed the three orphans (I’m glad he didn’t, there wouldn’t be any Pain if he did that) none of this would have happened. HECK! If he even listened to Tsunade and just deserted them this wouldn’t happen because they wouldn’t have learned Ninjutsu and would have most likely died. So Jiraiya taught them and they came back to be a threat—-> The Third’s fault.

  46. @Kisu: I do believe Danzou was dealing with Orochimaru and here’s him saying it in two different ways.

    If that’s not enough proof he was associated with Orochimaru I don’t know what is. As for Danzou and ROOT they are all still members of the village and able bodied shinobi. Indeed ROOT does work under Danzou and sure Danzou has the right to lay back and do nothing, and obviously he took it upon himself to take that liberty.

    My point is exactly that. He took the liberty to do nothing while his village (as he is one of the elders) was attacked and only to gain power for himself in the aftermath. This shows how little he cares for Konoha and it’s people as he didn’t give 2 cents for how they were slaughtered. I’d rather have a village run on ideals rather than a village run on personal gain and power.

    Lol, ok so Jiraiya’s and Tsunade’s teachings eventually lead back to the Third which in turn lead back to the 1st. You can’t deny though that the teachings are geared towards the good nature and well being of society. Danzou’s actions on the other hand led to Nagato’s turn in character. Jiraiya teaching the kids ninjutsu and letting them live did them no harm nor did it make Nagato the monster he is today. Tsunade telling the Orochimaru and Jiraiya to just abandon the kids did not do it either. The constant conflict in the Hidden Rain Village and lastly Danzou’s and Hanzou’s actions did the trick to turn Nagato into Pein.

  47. NAGATO ISNT A MONSTER, he’s the awesomest character in this story >_<! I would have done the same thing Danzo did. He waited for his chance to take control to better the Village, well maybe not, but it'll be better FOR the village. The moment he became Hokage he did what Tsunade couldn't and should have done, he sent the order to kill Sasugay. Maybe the Village has to suffer now, but it'll be in its best interest to NOT have ANYONE related to the First Hokage or his ideals. There needs to be a change. Vote for Danzo 2010!


  49. and where has the ideals of peace brought them? Their ideals are surely good. That is a beautiful thing, undeniably so. But is what is good the same as what us just? NO! Continuing on the same path they’ve been walking on is horrible. (btw, Im stealing Kaname’s material here) Danzo is change that can make Konoha powerful again……………………I’m tired of this debate. I hate Konoha and Danzo so why do I care? lol Kirigakure is where the party’s at

  50. Kisu. You ask if what is good is what is just.

    Well how about this. Is what is bad, is that is what is just?

    I highly doubt it, seeing as if you want to push justice upon people, then you have to force Danzou to atone for every single action he ever did, despite it being good for the village. Because to have universal justice, means to have to punish everybody for anything they ever did against anybody.

    And unless you’re just talking about Konoha justice, you obviously don’t believe in the peace treaty that’s currently at work between the five main villages.

  51. @Kisu: If there’s one thing we can agree on it’s that Nagato (aka Pein) was an awesome antagonist. Ridiculously powerful and cool until you saw his real body and how he came to an end. -_-

    @Anyone: If Sakura interrupts the fight between Sasuke and Danzou in any way I may go off on a tangent about her uselessness and always getting in the way. Unless she gets in a cat fight with Karin or Madara just pwns her. Just a heads up…>_>

  52. Nagato/Pein after reading a comment above reminded me of Darth Vader..
    Awesomen Jedi Knight who went to the bad side, but with good intentions and then ruling with a iron fist until his change brought upon by his son(naruto would be luke but more like a fellow pupil). Sad ending, but a worthy ending for both.

    Danzou seems to be motivated by his ambitions. He holds a grudge agains the 3rd and everthing he’s done so its no surprise he’s against anyone who follows his ideas and beliefs. he did favor jiraiya but it was too late for his nomination … :(. He obviously the way the 3rd ruled was exactly what was needed because obviously there hasn’t been any wars since his return to his position up until Orochimaru who since becoming a missing nin had his eyes on screwing over konoha. speaking of which why didnt Danzou go after him then?…isn’t that what he spouts passion about? Chasing after missing nin and protecting the village by being its support?. Danzou does have good qualities but his actions say different. He boarderlines a hipocrite, rather than a peaceful driven old man such as the third who was a strong believer in the will of fire…

  53. Yeah, that sounds about right as far as danzou goes. Not the will of fire, but the iron fist. Or iron covered sharingan arm…whatever. On an interesting note though, I kinda dig Danzou’s leadership over Kakashi’s. I mean, Kakashi pretty much lets Naruto do whatever he wants to do when instead he should be instilling some of those smarts in him.
    Then, the latest wack move was chasing after sakura??!? Seriously that’s retarded. A good and wise Hokage would have sent their soldiers on that type of recovery mission just like Tsunade did multiple times. I hope she comes back to eventually pass the crown down to naruto. Kakashi’s a great character but I doubt the manga is setting him up to be a Kage. For some reason it just doesn’t seem to add up.

  54. **Temporary Kage, yes. Long term, no.

  55. @Super, totally agree. Damn that Sakura, if she interferes I’m gonna call her more useless than TENTEN (who has no last name)!

  56. I wonder if the manga will ever go into what happened to Rin. When Kakashi “died”, he said he failed Obito in protecting her. Tieing into the Madara/Obito theory, since its hard to believe that Kakashi killed someone he loved to obtain the Mangekyo, maybe Madara/Obito killed Rin during the time skip, which activated the Mangekyo in both Obito’s right, and Kakashi’s left, because they are connected somehow. I think its too much of a coincidence that the left eye of kakashi can open a dimension outside of his body, and the right of Madara can open dimension within the body. Also, going back to Rin, Sasuke and Naruto were both picked for Kakashi’s team, because Sasuke had the Sharingin, and Naruto is the son of Kakashi’s master, but why was Sakura there? Maybe she is a relative of Rin’s? Daughter or Neice? Who knows, just throwin out some ideas, i dunno if they were touched on already. Merry Holidays!

  57. Also, instead of the Madara/Obito killing Rin thing, maybe Madara, in order to keep alive, needs to transplant new eyes into himself every so often, and came along the crushed Obito and took his eye, and through the transplant, somehow activated Kakashi’s eye also?

  58. even tho there is none this week i have seen a confirmed spoilers for at least one piece

  59. Awesome breakdown Penny.

    IT looks like sasugay is finaally about to get his ass handed to him xD

  60. @nope24: Please do not use all caps when replying. It is construed as yelling. And, I don’t believe that was what you were trying to do.

  61. question…can anyone explain to me what the heck is goin on with karin in this pannel??

  62. @dish11: Probably scared out of her mind.

  63. Exactly what Holy said.

  64. i love that people are having debates on justice and good and evil instead of the usual who would beat who in a fight

    im sure kishi is proud

  65. what’s Karin doing you say? The same thing she always does, waste panel space.
    @boyruns, nah im just doing this justice debate cuz i hate Sasugay’s guts 8P

  66. my bad penny i just notice it my self im too lousy to hit caps lock sometimes lol

    @dish11:shes crapping herself too much scary shit no pawn intended.

    man cant wait for sasuke to amaterasu danzos ass hes in for a handfull also im glad sasuke used a diferent aproach to danzo starting of with susano maybe to mesure its power when in full chakras and next chap will problably see susano whrap in amaterasu or sasuke genjutsu couter like itachi did to kurenai

  67. i was re-reading kishi’s past it he said that naruto will collied with pain & kakashi’s team will collied with tobi.1 will die & 1 will loose eyesight in that fight.what if kakashi going to save sakura & both are taken on by tobi so that they will not be able to reach sasuke when he fights which someone will die & kakashi looses his eyesight (in kakashi vs itachi fight kakashi asked itachi how far his eyesight has been gone? so that it could be kakashi loosing his sharingan beacuse of overuse while fighting with tobi) sorry about bad english & long post.i’m right now very sleepy but the thought came to my mind & i logged on to share it.MERRY X’MAS TO ALL


    i thought there was no naruto this week? well raw is out

  69. omg. i cant wait to read this next chapter!!!!

  70. itachi lives.


  71. @spill: thats a scary thought…

    would itachi be mad for what sasuke’s doing or support him even though he didn’t mean for things to get out of hand the way they have?

  72. Awesome spoilers ultimate sharingan.

    @shinobimadness: I think Itachi will be mad with Sasuke but he’ll probably understand what he’s doing since it’s kinda like him killing his clan for peace, except Sasuke wants to kill Danzo for revenge.

  73. New spoilers are out and sasuke summons a hawk? Danzou’s arm gets cut off(same one as madara)? And Itachi shows up?!

  74. damnnnnnnnnnn boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ITACHI’s back man fuckin’ awesomenessssssss now kishi really didn’t forget about our X-Mas present after all thx KISHI 4 this manga.

  75. looks like it was a lie when they said that no naruto this week becausei found some here everyone:

  76. that chapter was awesome. WTF does danzou’s sharigans do.
    Itachi next week?

  77. it must be tsukomi

  78. Danzou is so cool. except for the disgusting arm thing lol. Sasuke got some new tricks which is awesome, i kind of want naruto to get a new summon too. the toads are cool but i kind of want to see the monkey king again.

  79. Oh my god dude look…..just this is going to blow your effin minds away.

    It is from the new chapter

    I am shocked like no other right now

  80. Wow epic chapter.

  81. Epic indeed!
    I imagine that no one will be complaining about this chapter =P

  82. mk so pretty much every time danzou “dies”, one of the sharingan eyes on his arm closes. so that means….ya thats pretty much all i got. i have no idea how the hell he’s doin it.

  83. new theory…

    from last chapter we see naruto thinking back to the last few moments all playing out in his mind, then he hyperventilates, ok so Tsunade has a good point but i have a different one and it goes like this…

    Naruto started to hyperventilate because of that dead crow festering inside his body and it needed to come out so the first stage of the power which is itachi himself…

    i remember itachi giving off his powers b4 to madara to become someone else… well now itachi is back, but is it more like how minato was in naruto, well now itachi is outside naruto and with sasugay… i wonder if naruto will be transported to sasugay’s location…

    also its kinda funnay how danzou’s arm tele-ported back to his body… i liked that, it was a super IHATESASUGAY BITCH SLAP!!

    so ok Naruto hyperventilating was activated when he thought of sasugay and thus made him ventalate and open the doors for itachi to go visit sasugay…maybe it was all a genjutsu the whole time of itachi fight against sasugay as we just seen danzou destroy sasugay’s sharingan with a tele-porting sharing-arm… boooya sasugay!!!

    anyways… happy holidays!!!


  84. @dish: that seems very plausible almost as if thats exactly what it is.
    @spill:i was thinking earlier about the sasuke vs itachi fight also being a genjutsu but what about zetsu who watched the fight? if itachi knew he was there then of course he could have, but madara also has a sharigan so he could decipher a long lasting genjutsu of the fight. and the tech your talking about with itachi giving up his chakra was actually sasori’s if i recall

  85. my two cents

    how awesome was the cover page with danzo upside down holding his sharigan-full hand like it was a chidori (probably just as/more dangerous)
    and he had roots in the background

    so every time danzo gets “killed” he looses a sharigan huh….
    reminds me of the zombie brother (no hidan, the other one)
    but yeah danzo is getting killed to quickly, he needs to work on his defense

    and sasugay got new moves outta nowhere
    that was wild
    im sure the itachi at the end was just genjutsu
    kinda like how sasuke made a clone out of snakes back in the day

  86. Sasuke got a new hawk summon, like he was supposed to since the beginning … finally. I guess all traces of serpentine Sasuke left along with Orochimaru.

  87. theory
    I think about about power Itachi gave Naruto & Sasuke,
    when Naruto said to Itachi that Sasuke is like brother to him he smiled, and send crow inside his mouth… I think it started then, it was some kind ritual, Itachi got very ill before fight witch Sasuke,

    now I make the point: Itachi conected witch Naruto and Sasuke somehow that he could revive himself when that 2 of them are in danger, I think that Naruto fainted bc Itachi took from him a hell amount of chakra to revive himself in front of Sasuke
    (that is only theory now) plz comment

  88. I have to disagree. Itachi said that he hoped that the day Naruto have to use it never come.
    I think that that power is something else and much dangerous than just reviving himself in front of the Sasuke.

  89. Awesomeness! Danzou is just toying with Sasuke but Sasuke’s skills are amazing even though he’s getting nowhere with them. When did he make a pact with a hawk? o_O I’m really looking forward to see how this fight turns out and the true meaning behind Danzou’s powers.

    @Dish: That’s probably right in saying that every time Danzou seemingly dies one of his eyes closes which somehow protects him. Reminds me of Basil’s power from One Piece and how uses substitutions to take the damage from his opponent’s attack. In that case Danzou has a limit of times he can seemingly die before he does actually take some real damage. Once all his eyes close he’s screwed but I’m sure he’ll be on the attack before that happens.

    @Anyone: Lol, come on people Itachi is dead there’s no way Kishi’s bringing him back to life. At most that’s probably a slimmer of Itachi’s consciousness implanted into Sasuke’s head when he poked him, but most likely it’s just genjutsu.

    Anyway I see Karin making herself useful and telling Sasuke about the closing eyes. Sasuke will then go on the objective to kill Danozu as many times as possible to close all the eyes. It’ll all be downhill from there because he’s quickly running out of energy spamming Amaterasu and Susano’o like that.

  90. if the itachi we see at the end is indeed a part of itachi’s true energy or chakra or whatever, then we’ll finally get to the bottom of the uchiha slaughter because we have all 3 of the most important people involved in the massacre (Itachi Danzou Madara), can’t wait to see what happens next. by the way is there gonna be a managa next week ???

  91. Sorry for my last comment, I didn’t read last chapter.

    Guess I was wrong. Itachy really revive himself in front of Sasuke.

    Somehow I am more interested how did Sasuke get his Hawk summon, and did Naruto fainting haw something to do whit it.

    Is this genjutsu? Is it a dream? What is it? I can’t wain to the next chapter. Oh and probably this fight is gonna last 3 or 4 chapters. So we will not see what happen to Naruto and Sakura for all that this.

    Dame you Sasuke. You takeover this manga! 😀

  92. WTF DUDE im going to read now just had to do that
    itachi??? too much for my simple mind WTF.

  93. @cumulusbg: Naruto had his turn with Pain, so it was only a matter of time before Sasuke got his … and yeah, for some reason, the backstory behind Sasuke’s new hawk is racking the manga portion of my brain more than Itachi’s appearance too.

  94. @shinobimadness –

    when i was refering to itachi giving madara his power, i was suggesting that he could give his power to anyone to perform what they did. it seems that since kishi didnt fully explain it so i am dropping my theory there.

    in terms of madara and his strong sharingan, well it seems there is a lot that slips by madara, as we just saw with sasugay and his kuchiyose no jutsu [summon] since we didnt know sasugay could even perform such a jutsu in general…

    also i didnt see or could tell how danzou managed to escape the amaterasu flames…
    if someone can explain that one for me id like to hear an explanation of it.


  95. @pwnman-

    your theory of itachi taking chakra from naruto sounds real dope!!

    i like it and i want to read that in kishi’s story!!


  96. yes also doesnt sasugay need to do a pact with a hawk summons to perform a kuchiyose? if naruto had to go thru that whole thing of getting his summon, would sasugay have to do the same thing?? id rather not have to read a chapter of a sasugay flashback of him getting the hawk summons.. made no sense… also what is the situation with the other half of team taka? suigetsu and the other d00d..??


    Ok, Spill – and this is a warning for everyone – PLEASE do not spam. For those who have no idea as to what spam is (and it isn’t the canned fake meat product), it is posting multiple times consecutively…in essence a separate comment for different ideas/separate readers. If you have several people to comment to, put them in one comment but separate their names. This reduces traffic – and you will have the appreciation of your fellow commenters and the admins (like me).

    This does NOT apply to those times when the system “hiccups” and a post repeats. Happens all the time. Spamming is much different.

    If you are found to be spamming on a consistent basis, you will get a warning. If it continues after that….(Akatsuki theme plays in the background). You get the idea. 😀


  97. @pwnman and spill7

    Very interesting theory!

    It makes me think back on Madara. Has Madara been putting Sasuke into increasingly dangerous situations to increase Sasuke’s power? Or is it simply to uncover Itachi’s tricks?

  98. FYI: The new manga breakdown will not be out until about Tues/Wed of this next week. I’m celebrating Christmas, dammit!

    Happy Holidays everyone! 🙂

  99. why dont you just straight up ban me from here if you think i am “spamming” your blog, to me i am just responding to the other posters here and forming a conversation towards our shared love, but if consecutive posts that actually hold the conversation and keep the ideas moving is wrong, then please by no means do not hesitate on your moderation.. your constant threats towards me is insane. so please penny do me a favour… ban me.

    have a nice life everyone else. i hope you learn something here. happy holidays… pffft!!

    2010 here i come…

    good bye WRA… take care.


  100. OK OK OK….everyone please calm down….Spill you don’t need to leave….I will talk to Penny….

  101. Yeesh, spill7 … can you say drama queen ?

  102. I think Danzou has died 4 times 4 times to many but him dying every 2 pages is kinda buggin me, hes a Veteran Shinobi getting tested by Sasuke though I must say that Sasukes abilitys are of a high Calibur, I guess now Itachi appearing is Sasuke using Tsuyokomi to confuse Danzou and possibly pry information from him.

    Danzou’s Sharigan abilitys are really confusing I dont know how his power works though it must be connected to those hand seals he made before the fight, Im going to guess that sasuke’s Enkon ability could possibly help him figure out Danzou’s ability cause I doubt Enkon only controls the flow of Amaterasu. I anticipate Sasuke getting his ass kicked though once Danzou makes his arm go MS or possibly takes off his Head bandages.

    Also Danzou’s ability that he is using could be no surprise to Madara that could of possibly been what made the first Hokage believe he killed Madara if that was the ability he was using.

  103. so do u guys think itachi mayb locked/sealed a part of himself away in Naruto or sumthing, that was something that i was thinking for a while allready, but now since this chapter im a little bit more convinced. what do u guys think?
    someone might have posted this allready but i dont really have the time to look up the comments 😛
    And Happy christmas holidays to you all!!!

  104. @Fearvano, I think what most people would say is something like Itachi surpassing Minato Namikaze’s jutsu sealing himself inside Sasuke possibly when he transfered all his Eye techs over, well that would of been the only time he could of been capable though Chakra is life force and at the time I dont think he had much of that left. But just say he did transfer his lifeforce over and is inside Sasuke then he has surpassed Minato by Projecting his visage through Genjutsu possibly affecting reality, unlike Minato who only resides inside of Naruto and watches though could still use certain jutsu.

    well Im one opinion though I truly believe its just Sasuke using Tsuyukomi on Danzou deceiving him.

  105. Spill7, calm down! …Or maybe it’s that time of the month for you? Hmmm…

  106. Oh boy…that’s enough of that everyone move on back to Naruto. This should be the last comment directed at Spill or else I’m going to have to use my modding powers.

    @Spill: I don’t believe Penny was trying to single you out or pick on you. She just saw what she constitutes as spamming and addressed the problem to not only you but to everyone.

    “Ok, Spill – and this is a warning for everyone…” (Penny)

    So please don’t feel like you’re a victim here as her comment was directed at anyone and everyone. Besides that you weren’t even in trouble so I hope you’re not serious about leaving because if you are I see no reason. =_=

    @Anyone: THAT’S a good theory Lelulalilo! The sharingan power Danzou is using to fake his deaths (if it is a sharingan power which it most likely is) could have been what Madara used on the 1st to fake is own death. Hell, for all we know Madara could have extra eyes under all those clothes of his.

    Lol, this brings us back to the Danzou = Madara theory and Madara right now is just using a Kage Bunshin (Danzou) to test Sasuke’s abilities and further his power. I’d quit reading Naruto if this were true…-_-

    Anyway on to Itachi and Sasuke. It’s true chakra is a life force because when you run out of it you die and people with exceptionally strong chakra (Madara) can live way pass the normal life span. It wouldn’t be to hard to imagine then that when Itachi passed all his eye techs on to Sasuke he could of slipped some chakra into him and implanted a piece of himself.

    It’s the same thing with Naruto and Minato. Minato put a piece of himself or his consciousness inside Naruto when he sealed the demon fox. We can tell he has chakra too.

    So this also makes me believe Itachi could have implanted a piece of himself inside Naruto when he stuffed a crow down his mouth and transferred some of his power. Lol, now Itachi and Minato could be having a talk over a cup of tea inside Nartuo’s subconscious. That’d be an interesting convo. 😉

    To wrap it all up Itachi could be either inside Naruto or Sasuke or both at the same time… Itachi is a pedophile…>_>

    Or it’s just genjutsu. ^_^

  107. that new chapter was trippy karin knows something but i cant figure it out something to do with the eyes opening and closing and supertreck that comment on itachi is a pedo made me laugh hard lol.

  108. I dont think sasuke made a genjutsu about itachi, afterall, didnt he got mad when danzou mentioned him

  109. @Supertrek89 I was just wandering if you hasd any idea if madara can use amaterasu and susanoo its been pricking my mind for some time, or were they just itachis’s techs but if thats the case wouldnt sasuke have his own unique MS Techs kakashi does but he also has only one MS

  110. @everyone: Strike the word “warning” and put “reminder”. I realize “warning” was too strong. If anyone gets their panties so tightly bunched up over things, so be it. Can’t please everyone. I’ve learned the hard way that taking things too personally on this blog will only lead to getting flamed more. Life’s way too short to be upset over little stuff. ‘Nuff said.

    @Super: Thanks for the “save.” You know me well enough to be able to read my intent and that’s a great thing. 😀 And, I’ll have something to say about Itachi’s “sexual preferences” in the coming days.

    @dragonballlifestyle: it’s ALWAYS “that time of the month” for some people (no one specific intended…)

  111. Hey everyone, hows it going? It has, once again been a little while…

    Chapter rocked imo. I dont really understand why Sasuke gets so much hate (In general not from anyones comments here at this time. Dont want to upset anyone as there seems to be tension…) He is pretty awesome at what he does.

    My stab at Danzos powers, and sorry if someone said it i didnt read all the comments, is that each eye has its own set of chakra and such. I remember that when Ao looked with his byakugan Danzo has Shisui chakra in the arm. What if each eye could populate that much space and this somehow brings him back….Ok i didnt think too much into it so thats all i got…

  112. this is my very freak theory about Danzos arm:
    I think that Danzo is warming up now… explanation: to get MS you have to kill or let be killed (Kakashi-Obito) someone very close to you,
    So what if you don’t have sharingan in proper place(in head)? Maybe you have to aweake it every time you want to use it? I mean if “Shiushis arm wants MS”, it have to let Danzo die or kill him (I don’t have to write how close they are…)
    -> so each time Danzo is “killed” by Sasuke one eye on arm closes to be opened later as MS, Later if Danzo will open many MS eyes at once he probably wiil try to kill Sasuke and Madara as fast as possible to…
    (I think it’s too much writting for now)

  113. @eye closing saving one life theory: That was my first idea as well, but this doesn’t work. Because: When Sasuke sliced and diced Danzou, there were at least three eyes closing. So this theory doesn’t work, I think… 😦

    @Supertrek: What about Danzou having the ONE eye in his Sharingan arm that Tobi misses? The one eye with that Tobi could give Hashirama the illusion to have died, and that Danzou uses now to give Sasuke (and Karin) the illusion that he dies over and over?
    As we all know, the whereabouts of Tobi’s, if he is Madara, second eye is still not resolved. If we think about it, Tobi-Madara had this mask with the one hole BEFORE, possibly shortly before, the Uchiha massacre. But the arrangements for the massacre might have already been made, so Danzou was already in the game. Maybe Danzou said to Tobi-Madara “Give me one eye, and I’ll let you participate”. Naaah, that’s silly… But maybe something like that, and Danzou has one of Tobi’s eyes since that time.

  114. @Pwnman: Whoa Awesome Theory I like it totally possible, I wanna put a lil piece into it myself plus I also think that each eye has its own chakra reserve. But in relation to that each eye is controlled by Shizu’s power I think so its the dominent one but also Sasuke being the last Uchiha alive would be very special to those living Uchiha eyes cause like Danzou says they each have their own story and everytime Danzou Dies he is systematically unlocking them.

    @Aeris: Totally Possible that Danzou has a EMS from Madara I think he could of taken it from a weakend Madara after he possibly attacked the village with the Fox, Thus giving him the Im dead no im alive jutsu.

  115. Either I’m too numb, or else I’m too obsessed with Naruto, because I don’t even care much about Itachi’s appearance.

    So far I’ve just attributed it to Sasuke performing a genjutsu, but I don’t really care too much either way. What happens happens. I want to see what Naruto does next, because that’s what really puzzles me.

  116. By the way, sorry for spamming (new things keep occuring to me,) but I’ve nearly fully given up on Sakura.

    Yet I still keep going to DeviantArt and looking at Sakura Haruno pictures.

  117. Is it just me or does anyone else see Danzou as Orochimaru v2.0?

    Weird fetish, check.
    Danzou: Hey Sasuke and Madara, what to see my spinning eyeball collection? I keep it in my hand

    A never die attitude, check.
    Danzou: Itachi was a prick

    Sasuke; STFU you eyeball humper (Susanoo)

    Danzou: Oh no I’m dead, oh wait I’m ALIVE!!!

    Sasuke: WTF???!!!

    Danzou: You just got PWNED BITCH!!!

    All he needs now is a creepy summoning and some makeup and I can officially can him Orodanzou.

    P.S, Hooray for Itachi even if it is tsukuyomi.

  118. fioresful: That’s a good question let me get back to you on that one. It all really depends on how many eyes Madara really has… Maybe I’ll make a post out of this the shraingan powers have been confusing me lately.

  119. is it this week that they said there will be no naruto?

  120. I thought it was actually last week there wasn’t supposed to be a release so I was pleasantly surprised to find one out. Could be this week though b/c of New Year’s?

    Oh, btw is it pretty much a consensus that we’re about to see Danzo get whacked? I mean I think it’s like with all the other “bad guys”, they show they’re OMFG jutsu right before getting canned

  121. dont they usually say on the last page of a manga that there wont be one next week for holidays

    there wasnt one this week

  122. just one more day…
    Status: PREDICTION
    by: Sensei-Q

    Naruto 478: A Sudden Appearance!
    Also read Sensei-Q next chapter prediction
    Naruto 479: New Power, Old Friend

    (Sasuke Scene)
    Danzo: Itachi……Who should be dead?! How can this be?
    Sasuke: What?! You are supposed to be dead!
    Itachi: I kept my promise, but you didn’t..
    Danzo: I had no choice, they attacked me!
    Itachi: I saw everything from inside Sasuke. You are lying to me.
    Danzo: Heh, does it matter? It’s too late now. Sasuke is a wanted criminal in all 5 nations. There is NO going back!
    Itachi: That won’t be a problem.
    Karin: What’s this? Why have they stopped moving all of a sudden? Is Danzou scared?
    Madara: Don’t worry, it’s just an old friend visiting. It’ll be over quickly. (As I said, you keep surprising me, even in death..)

    (Naruto Scene)
    *Yamato is carrying Naruto on his back while jumping from tree to tree on his way to Konoha.*
    Yamato: Naruto, I’m sorry.. Let’s hope Kakashi manages to reach Sakura.

    Kyuubi: What do you want from me, brat. More power?
    Naruto: I didn’t do this. I didn’t come to you. You brought me here!
    Kyuubi: I didn’t. So if it wasn’t you, it was something else.
    ?????: Naruto, it is time.
    Naruto: Who is it?!
    *From the darkness, a person slowly appears from behind Naruto.*
    Kyuubi: That chakra, why haven’t I noticed before.. I’ll never forget the smell of that cursed clan’s chakra!
    Naruto: How can you be here? I thought Sasuke killed you that day.
    Itachi: I wanted Sasuke to follow the path I’ve planned for him. He ended up taking the other one..
    Naruto: You mean… he’s evil, right.
    Itachi: No, there is still hope, but we must act fast. Right now he’s fighting Danzo, but I managed to stall it.
    Kyuubi: Come closer, so I can crush you.
    Itachi: …Mangekyo Sharingan… *Looks at Kyuubi*
    Kyuubi: Don’t look at me with those cursed eyes!
    Naruto: How are we going to save Sasuke?
    Itachi: I will help you, with controlling the Kyuubi. I don’t have that much chakra left, but when I fuse with the other part in Sasuke,
    I will be ready to fight together with you.
    Naruto: Alright..Thank you, Itachi!

    (Sasuke Scene)
    Danzo: Why is it that I can’t move.. Is this one of your tricks?
    Itachi: You won’t break out of my genjutsu.
    Sasuke: What is this. Why are you here! Why did you lie to me!
    Itachi: Sasuke, I’m sorry. I tried to make you a hero, but instead you chose to get revenge.
    I am very disappointed, Sasuke. But there is still hope, your friends want you back.
    Sasuke: It’s too late, all natio-
    Itachi: Just trust me, your friend won’t let you down this time. *Smiles*
    Danzo: …

    ”Will Naruto reach the fight in time, and will he transform without losing control this time?
    Find out in the next chapter…”

    Naruto: 479 – ”New Power, Old Friend”

  123. says there is no manga for the 3 main series this week

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