Bleach 386- The Bestial aka EpicFail

Ok kids, this chapter sucked. Flat out, Tousen turned into a bug, there was more bs talking, then Tousen got stabbed in the head. Lame.EpicFail.

So we see what Tousen resureccion is, and imo it’s kinda lame.

yeppers, he turns into a bug with horns….isn’t that just awesome? Oh and guess what else? He can see! Tousen now knows what everything looks like, and proceeds to dance around in glee. The only thing I found mildly entertaining in the entire manga was this.

That's rich coming from a ginormous cricket.

Then it’s more bla bla bla about some chick and why Komo joined Soul Society….although i’m not entirely sure, my eyes kinda glazed over and I started drooling from boredom. After all the jabbering about things that really aren’t all that important in the grand scheme of the manga Komo’s giant attack buggie Tousen and the giant gets pwned.

DAMN!!! You just got owned by a cricket.

Komo gets trapped in the rubble and buggie comes to stand over him and taunt him…Komo thinks he’s a goner and apologizes to Hisagi and Tetsu…something or another..I dunno his name is hella long….then all of the sudden…dun dun dun

Hisagi comes from outta nowheres and stabs Bugsen in the head. And it all goes dark….ya know, I kinda feel bad for Tousen. He gets to see for like a whole 5 minutes then he’s dead….that’s kinda sad. Anyways yeah, that’s the end of this chapter….thank jebus.

And now for Anon’s summary of this chapter….

“zomg look i’m a super cricket with eyes and i see”

“so ur not justice”

“notrly, raped in the chest fox-man”

“zomg i got sword in my head”

“you were blind, but then you were not blind, but then u got pwned”

and that’s that

now for last weeks caption winner…

Congratz Pumpkinbread21

Here is this weeks caption pic

That’s it for this week kids, sorry this breakdown sucked…but hey I didn’t have much to work with….See you all next week…

Oh and on a side note: The zanpaktou filler will be extending into the new year, and i’ve quit watching it. So as soon as this ghey filler is over i’ll be breaking it down….


~ by Miranda on December 17, 2009.

40 Responses to “Bleach 386- The Bestial aka EpicFail”

  1. FIRST!

  2. I actually did like this chapter a lot..

    No joke it was really one of my favorite chapters in a while and it gave justice to the bleach name…

    It was a story of hatred and how it can make you turn against the world and change your mind completely…and Hatred does eventually consume your soul.

    I also liked how Hisagi showed some fuckin balls this chapter haha and stabbed his old captain in the fuckin throat

  3. >.< I hated this freaking chapter, too much talking. I was so over this fight last chapter….I hope this is the end of it.

  4. This chapter was awesome, why is there so much hate for it? Ohh and for anyone interested, this weeks Jump was a ‘double’ issue so no WSJ next week 😦

    Tousen turned into a bag of douche and thankfully he got a scythe through the head for it. Personally i’m glad that the shinigami’s decided to act and take Tosen’s life, though i doubt he was killed by that one hit (regeneration).

  5. Lol, that’s 1 more person who thought Tousen’s possible end was lame as hell. XD Thanks for the quick and early breakdown Mandi!

    @Mudshovel: Actually you should be happy. From reading the majority of the comments you know most people on the blog loooveeed this chapter. 😉

    @Anyone: Since I already expressed my grievances with the chapter I’m just going to say overall I thought it was pretty good. Tousen’s Kido was strong enough to take down a captain’s bankai with one hit and he wasn’t even trying. Now that’s badass! His form wasn’t awesome looking and I hope it dies by next chapter, hopefully not by Hisagi, but it was as strong as it should be.

    If Tousen isn’t dead and in fact blind again then there should be no excuse next chapter for why he should be PWNED so easily if he’s better when he’s blind. -_-

  6. nice breakdown, i liked that Hisagi killed Tousen, can you tell me that his sword was in shikai form or in bankai (if he maintained one) I’m not sure which is it…

  7. it wasn’t definitly shikai, it was soul slayer form( i don’t remember proper name)or bankai

  8. Wait One Freakin minute what happened to Aizen and Shinji ?!?! Thats what I was looking forward to.

  9. wow.. this chapter was worse than an epic fail…excect when Hisagi stabbed tousen with his Shika…
    looking back at the pick, you can see one of the scythe ends coming out his head/mouth area… so obivously its not his bankai(which i doubt he has achieved yet) and not his zanpaktou’s regular form.
    I’m hoping to see something from either Aizen/Shinji, Ichigo’s status or something with Shunsui, Ukitake status or even the Captain Commander Yamoto

  10. Wow. Tosens resurrecion was a lameass giant fugly beetle. ew. I almost laughed when I saw this pathetic form.

    He shoulda just stayed in his “White Despair” form at least there he looked like a baddas while he kicked ass.

    -10 awesomesauce points for Tosen this week,

    And is it me or is there no chapter till next year. It says 2010 at the end of the chapter or something like that.

  11. yes pumpkin that would be correct, this week was a double issue so there won’t be any next week. So it appears to be slated to come out on the 31st…hey, that’s my birthday! but they might just wait til after the new year

    Is anyone else suprised by that fact that chirstmas is next week? >.<

  12. I thought this chapter was okay. Tousens form was not as cool as i was hoping, but it was powerfull. was that a kido or a cero that he used to beat Komamura’s bankai? anyway what i didnt like was this pathetic (possible) end for tousen. he has trained his senses his entire life to make up for being blind! all those finely honed senses would not just disapper because he can see! it was a lame excuse for hisagi managing to get the drop on him, and really this had better not kill tousen because we jut saw that he has regeneration last chapter.

  13. Tousen’s death was good (Unlike Halibel’s …), but was rushed, too fast. He should’ve at least lasted a chapter or two more.

  14. @pwnman: It was in regular sword form when he stabbed him, and then he activated the shikai while the blade was still inside Tousen’s head to impale him even further. Hisagi doesn’t have a Bankai yet.

    @takashid: He used a burst of force that had something to do with concussive soundwaves, relating to his cricket/beetle theme.

  15. bubble:

    The true ending to battle of the collosus

  16. BUBBLE:

    Tosen: Lamest….death…ever. (-_-)’

  17. BUBBLE:

    Anonymous voice: FINISH HIM!!!

  18. I personally thought this chapter was freakin’ awesome in comparrison to last like 10 or so… (x_x). I particularly was dissapointed with Komamura. I was thinking we were gonna find something epic about his Bankai, so i started thinking the following:

    What if everytime his big Samurai MoFo get’s hit [granted Mr. Fox get’s hit too] it raises a charge, or some sort of guage…ok? And then after a certain point that gauge is broken and all damage down goes to the recipeint who was beating up Mr. Fox. Get it? I was thinking that this would’ve been a seriously epic turn around to kill Tousen, and then Mr. Fox could’be gotten a bit more brownie points!

    but alas i was fuckin’ wrong.

    Either case i did enjoy that Hisagi tea bagged Tousen! Him stabbing the fool in the head [while Tousen was focused on what her could see] was really nifty. I mean he hasn’t been able to see, like…ever, so natrually he’s gonna be entralled with everything that’s out there. Then out of fucking no where he get’s shis-ka-babbed! I love it!

    Then to top it off Hisagi, even mentions that Tousen is a fail and claims his right to be a freakin’ captain and releases Shikai in his head. That’s just awesome if you ask me. —tangent—Didn’t Zaraki kill his captain…to become captain. I can’t seem to remember. hmm? —end tangent—

    I dunno, i don’t comment enough on WRA, but i felt that i had to defend this chapter some, it wasn’t horric. But yes it could’ve been better. I just fear that Kubo just may be very well, rushing things a bit too quickly if you ask me. Too many bad guys dying and not enough good guys.

    Anywho my rant it over. Go Hisagi!
    **Hey what’s going on with Kensei and WonderWeiss? Haven’t seen them in while

  19. terrible….he looks like the fly monster from TMNT.

    @enriquespyro – although i agree tousen shouldnt have been killed so easily… ur the only person that thinks kubo is rushing lol…

    @everyone- who’s left for the bad guys?? are gin and aizen gonna defeat all the captains, all the vaizards, urahara, yoruichi (where the fuck are they???) ichigo and ishida’s dads… like come on… kubo did not think this through imho…

  20. ROFL Kubo is rushing things?! Is that a joke?!?!?!?!This is like the slowest manga ever!

    And if Kubo goes any slower, Bleach just might lose the plot…

    Oh wait! Too late!

    @omar:I seriously think that Kubo did NOT think this through either. What happened to the plot? Its a bunch of Shinigami massacring the baddies and thats it for the past 200 chapters.

    I miss Rescue Rukia arc.

    Ever since Yammi turned to espada 0 and completely made a fool of himself and Stark the #1 espada got beaten by a Shikai, Ive lost any hope that this manga can return to its former glory….

  21. I seem to have realized that whatever i placed into my previous post is being misinterpited [i’m sure i’ve just botched this word x_x]. When i said “rushing” i wasn’t refering to the story, you guys are most correct…this story is like as fast as slug on sticky tape!

    What i was refering to was offing a ‘major’ enemy in like a just couple chapters. I just hope that ichigo doesn’t just show up and owns Aizen in like 3 chapters. And at the rate things are going…i may just be right.

    For some crazy reason i keep thinking this Aizen chum isn’t really the main badguy…the man has no more retainers other than the retarded yammi, the missing Grimmjaw [if he’s alive], and the ubber cool Gin. Some twisty turvy bullshit is around the corner, i know it!

    Well, i’m gonna go read the lastest One Piece cause that manga is seriously bangin’.

  22. Wow, I guess that’s it for Tosen. I liked the guy quite a lot, cool ressureccion though, I’ve seen worse (*cough* Charlotte Cuulhourne *cough*). WHY THE f*ck DIDN’T HE USE ENMA KOROGI!? That plus his bug form would have annihilated Komamura and Hisagi. I hope we get a cool flashback next chapter. Btw, the attack he used on Komamura’s bankai seemed like an advanced form of his Shikai (the move that produces sound strong enough to knock you out).

  23. BTW, I think Kensei’s dead meat. Wonderweiss’ best friend just bit the dust. I sense his resureccion coming……….

  24. Bubble
    What…NO….wh why would that be a penis coming out of my mouth. You believe me right dog boy.

  25. Omg

    BLEACH fillers will end late january!

    Back to espada fights in February.

  26. I think Kishi actually though this trough, tho he did kill him kind of fast but if you remember right wonderwise was really attached to tousen and i think he just about attacked gin one time but my point it that i think wonderwise is now deffenatly gonna go bersek and own quite a few ppl

  27. i agree i want good people to die
    also i would like to see wat happened to NEL!!!!!
    and the “Rescue Recuia” arc was definatly the best thus far

  28. @pumpkin, I know…this filler is entirely too long….so I won’t be doing breakdowns until Feburary I guess >.<

  29. nice one ms mandi breakdown was better than the chap. dont get me wrong i dig the hole the gluttony need for power blinding him when he finaly got to see and pupil and second in comand finishim up. but too much of a build up for a let down it hurt i hope its over and done and we go to shinji vs aizen or something.

    and filler extension sucks a little i wanna see ulq-ichi fight soon but rocks now that we know the identity of kouga and why byakuya was on muramasas side

  30. and why is byakuya on muramasas side? other than his whole “defending my pride” bs.

  31. well if you see the latest bleach anime cap kouga was a member of the kuchiki family so there are many posibillities of a close relationship betwen theme.

  32. hmmm, interesting….but yet still quite lame. This filler started out pretty cool…but now it sucks

  33. @jdizzlex212, speaking of Kishi, I think Tite’s been hanging around him too much. Kishi tried to outdo Harribel’s lame death with Kisame’s, and then Tite counterattacked with Tousen’s. When will they end this? Next thing you know, Hanataro is kicking Aizen’s ass lol

  34. hanataro kicking aizens ass would make me giggle.

  35. Iamnotreallyhere’s predictions(some serious, some not so much): Gin will be smothered to death in his former lieutenants ample cleavage, he will die happy knowing his death will be envied by millions.

    Aizen has been using his complete hypnosis the entire time, plot twist he is actually Hanataro gone bad.

    Tousen isn’t dead, just temporarily out of it, if Ichigo can heal from having a hole blasted in his chest big enough to crawl through a sword to the head should not be too hard to rapidly heal from for Tousen.

    Wonderweises resurecion will transform him into a giant Emo Sasuke and he will annoy at least 3 captains and a vizard to death before he is smothered to paste by Sasuke fangirls

    Izuru Kira will reveal that the hair covering his left eye is concealing a sharnigan

    Alright so most of those were joke predictions ¬¬
    I hope….

  36. seen the spoiler pages thinks to note

    aizen and sinji each get atleast one attack in
    tousen reverets back to human and koummamura and hisagi talk to him until u see a big blood spurt out of his body and with a look from azien dont kno if e did or not though
    and last



    next chapter wont fail. i promise

  38. New bleach chapter is out.

    and is Fu*king amazing!!!

  39. Tousen was done in by one strike from his vice-captain…whatever moving on to more important things. I just hope Gin doesn’t go out like that. Back off Kira! ><

    The heartfelt scene between Tousen, Hisagi, and Komamura was touching enough to help me forget about how such an important and powerful character was brushed off like that. Plus him keeping his eyesight for the last few moments to say goodbye was cool. Then WTF did he explode!? I was like "Holy shit!" Did Aizen do that to him, is that just how they die, or did Aizen put like a self destruction device in them? Lol, anyway that was epic.

    The Shinji vs. Aizen fight of course was the best part! Shinji can invert all your sense of directions but appareantly that's not enough to stop Aizen because he reeks of badasstosity. XD

    Then Ichigo shows up swinging…AWESOMENESS!!! I can't wait for the next release! 😀

  40. I really hope Tousen’s not dead for two reasons:
    1. I feel sorry for him being blind and he could see for only five minutes.
    2. This battle is a little short-lived. Same thing goes for cricket form.

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