Naruto Shippuuden 139 Breakdown. Aftermath…

Hey everyone and welcome to another weekly anime breakdown!

I have to say that, following the battle between Itachi and Sasuke reaching its pinnacle and then ending in a very moving and, some would say, emotional climax, this weeks episode almost feels light and somber in comparison.

It’s almost like bobbing up and down at the end if a bungee cord, after just having taken the plunge. You still feel exhilarated, but the initial rush is no longer as strong as it was while you were falling.

However, even this episode was not without its own emotion and suspense, even though it very stuck closely to the manga in just about every way.

A moment of overwhelming relief, blinded by a veil of ignorance. Sasuke lies silently next to the body of his own brother, unaware of the horrible truth he would soon come to learn.

I suppose that there are a lot of mixed emotions that one might feel during this scene. Some may feel disappointment, others sadness, or perhaps even anger. One thing is certain, though, and I think that is the fact that this moment in the anime holds at least some form of emotional response from all of us.

To many people, Itachi was one of the greatest villains in Naruto, up to this point in the manga and anime, and his death practically brought about the end of an era.

However, we also find out near the end of this episode, that things are not what they seem and, once again, Itachi’s true intentions have been hidden in a deceptive veil.

The question is, does the idea of Itachi being good appeal to you?

*Epic Fail* When it happens, you will know.

After spending a majority of the last few episodes in the company of our two Uchiha brothers, I must say it was quite a welcomed change to finally move back to the group Konoha shinobi, who are currently still pre-occupied with the eccentricities of Tobi.

That isn’t to say that the battle between Sasuke and Itachi wasn’t entertaining. On the contrary, it was quite epic, but after four episodes of little other focus, it is still nice to breathe some fresh air.

Of course, Naruto and company are still having a difficult time landing a hit on their target, and it soon becomes painfully obvious that Tobi has an interesting trick up his sleeve, which eventually leads Shino into the limelight to uncover the mystery.

*looks back* Everyone is watching me now. I have to be coolness!!! O__O

One thing I have to mention here, is that a particular disappointment I felt with regards to the manga is how little time it had spent showing the other rookies in action, since the two and a half year time-skip that had occurred.

This has been somewhat amended in the anime with the introduction of filler episodes and scenes, which gave characters that had otherwise appeared very scantly a far more thorough showing, but in this particular arch I was hoping for more of a fleshed out involvement from the members of Team 8, even if it was only in the form of filler content.

Unfortunately, that was not the case and it almost felt like, other than being used as trackers and for some extra moments of dialogue, Team 8 was largely ignored. Even Shino, for all his ranting and complaining regarding his lack of involvement, was only given one fleeting moment to shine, before disappearing into the shadows once more.


On another side note, we are also witnessing a slight reversal of roles as well.

Whereas in the past, Naruto would usually be the clutz who always tripped over his own feet or gave us something to laugh about, the role of the ‘clumsy idiot’ has somewhat slipped away from his hands ever since his Rasenshuriken training with Kakashi and his victory over Kakuzu.

In a way, I think it is a sign that he is maturing more now and “crossing over that bridge” as Kakashi so eloquently put it.

Even in battle, he is no longer as reckless and headstrong as he was before and he thinks a lot more calmly and is more precise in his actions. This has also lead to others filling in for the gap that formed, or more particularly in this case, Kiba.

Alright, now someone just needs to run up and light a match. Any takers?

Even Akamaru looks disappointed in his lifelong companion. <_<

It clearly looks like Kiba has taken the roll that Naruto would normally fill, for better or for worse. Many people may feel relieved that Naruto is starting to become more focused, while some others may be upset that Kiba is now the at the brunt of every joke.

Alright, so moving along, after toying with the Konoha nins for some time, Tobi is eventually interrupted by none other than Zetsu, who informs him that the battle between Sasuke and Itachi is finally over.

Everyone is obviously shocked, but more surprising, especially to Kakashi, is the appearance of the Sharingan in their opponent’s right eye.

OMGZORS!!!! I am fullshockness!!!

And so we come back to the Obito/Tobi theory.

I know this has been brought up many times in the past, but seeing this scene again made it something that I felt I should at least touch on.

Now, the mere fact that Kakashi’s reaction was emphasized the most out of everyone’s suggests a link between him and Tobi, which also suggests that Tobi may just be Obito. We also know that Tobi is Madara, from a few episodes back, so that means that the only way Tobi can also be Obito is if Madara used an immortality jutsu similar to Orochimaru’s, which would suggest how he is alive after all these years.

I didn't know Naruto and Akamaru could fly. Now we know what the capes are for. Akamaru just uses his ears. O_o

Of course, it could also be a case of Madara inhabiting a body that has also acquired the Sharingan through external means, in a similar manner to how Kakashi acquired his. This is also supported by the fact that Madara’s Sharingan is never shown as being inactive and we know that Kakashi cannot deactivate his either.

Hmmm... I wonder if this is a good time to yell surprise. O_o

After leaving our heroes behind, Madara arrives at the scene of destruction, where Sasuke and Itachi had completed their battle only moments before, with the later having since passed away. Zetsu had also informed the otherwise occupied Team Hebi of the situation, as well as Kisame, who even appears somewhat let down by the news.

Of course, Naruto and his companions are in hot pursuit, but by the time they arrive at Sasuke’s former location, it is already too late.

God dammit! I kicked my toe again!!! Stupid open sandals!

It’s really hard sometimes, to watch how Naruto gets so close to his goal, only to be pushed away again. It happened in the Gaara rescue arch, when he arrived to find his fellow Jinchuuriki and then again during the first encounter with Sasuke after almost three years.

Sasuke, on the other hand, is always moving from one precarious situation to the next, only this time, he lands up in Madara’s clutches.


And so we end our episode with Madara both revealing himself to Sasuke, almost at the expense of his life, and also suggesting that Itachi’s actions were not what Sasuke had been led to believe them to be his entire life.

The next episode will reveal the story behind the Uchiha clan and Itachi’s own circumstances as well, and from the looks of the preview, we may even get to see a glimpse of the battle between Madara and the First Hokage.

Here’s hoping. ^ ^

Caption Contest Winners for Episode 138:

5th) Pein0avenue: “You come into this world alone and you go out of this world alone, yet it seems to me that you are more alone while living than even going or coming” Emily Carr

4th) Boyruns: They fell funny (a movie reference to the departed. ^__^)

3rd) Pumkinbread21: AHHHH! Even my hopscotch is EMO!

2nd) Supertreck89: This is the worse PB&J sandwich making accident in the history of mankind.

And the winner for this weeks caption contest goes to….!!!!

to63to: “Daaaad, Itachi has been playing with my chalk again. Daaad…Daaad…”

To be honest, there were so many good ones that I actually felt bad about choosing a top five.

I just chose ones that I felt held the most originality and had a lot of thought, but all of them were really funny.

Now for this weeks screen!

*Insert caption here*

Just seeing that makes me want to say *pets wolfy-kun*, lol! Anyone who has been on the chat a lot will know what I am talking about. 😛

And here is the preview for the next episode.

I hope you all enjoyed the breakdown! See you next time! ^ ^


~ by Tenrai Senshi on December 14, 2009.

21 Responses to “Naruto Shippuuden 139 Breakdown. Aftermath…”

  1. First! Woohoo! Now to read…

  2. Great breakdown, Senshi! As usual. On to the caption…


    Madara, prepare yourself for Akamaru’s…Rabies Blast!

  3. 2nd!!! Awesome breakdown!

  4. great breakdown. i liked this episode and i can’t wait to find out more about madara(in the manga). i think he is somehow tied to obito, but not sure how…

    CAPTION: Meow…

  5. What a greeeeeaaaaaat breakdown, as usual!! Good work!
    *deep breath* I haaaaaaave to complain about two things nonetheless, *g*, but don’t be afraid, it’s not about the caption contest! 🙂
    It’s “simply” about the first two polls, I wasn’t satisfied with the answers given: First poll, about Itachi, I was searching for an answer like “Itachi is cool, his twist was cool, and I didn’t expect that! That gave so much more meaning to the Sasuke-Itachi-relationship!”
    Second poll, I was looking for an answer like “Team 8 is cool and this scene with Tobi would have been a perfect one for some filler action and new abilities of Kiba, Shino and Hinata.” I was completely against the “they were a complete waste of time” statement, and I was not completely disappointed. It would have been a good scene, but it’s no disaster that there was no filler action.

    So now, the rest:
    *Image 1, caption 1: Yeeaaah, perfect!! *sob*
    *Tobi Obito theory: In my opinion, you overrated Kakashi’s reaction. Kakashi was simply the one to realize and notice Tobi’s sharingan because HE has a sharingan himself. Nothing more. Imho.
    *Next picture, flying: Akamaru flying with his ears, lol!!!
    *Naruto kicking his toe: *rofl*, priceless!!!

  6. @aeris85

    The first poll was about whether you liked the idea of Itachi being a good guy.

    I gave four answers. One being a general yes, one being a general no, one being an “I don’t care, he is cool regardless” and another being “I don’t care, I hate him regardless.

    I thought that covererd all the general grounds, but in terms of specifics, I could write answers forever, because everyone has their own particular idea.

    As for the second one, I had an answer for “I loved seeing team 8 regarldess of their role” answer, a “I love team 8 but I was dissapointed in their role” answer and an “I don’t really care about it” answer.

    I guess you may want specific answers and I will admit it has happened to me before as well, where I wanted a more particular answer myself, but unfortunately, I can only foresee so much.

  7. Very nice breakdown!

    Madara has sick powers… it’s more than just phasing. He can literally erase any part of his body, including his clothes.

  8. …and WHY couldnt madara have simply absorbed naruto right there when he tried to rasengan him, left him in tetris land for awhile, brought him back to the rest of the group, pop him back out and let the other akatsuki members(Pain, Kisame, etc) crush him right there? really, after this latest chapter in the manga showing what Madara can do, he has no excuse.

  9. Captiom:

  10. @TenraiSenshi:I was satisfied with your poll answers, Tenrai. In the first poll a bit less but nonetheless I was satisfied. In the second one the answers were good, but imagine being a Team 8 hater (which I am not). There isn’t an answer to express your HATE. I like Team 8 and I chose the second one because that’s what I think. You probably don’t care but I chose the second answer in the last poll too.

  11. YOSH!!! Awesome breakdown Tenrai! Itachi to me was always a detested character for the murdering of his own clan but as I learned more about his past and reasons he grew on me. Nonetheless I still think he’s bad and don’t like him much as a character. He chose the lesser of two evils but in the end he did evil. I respect his awesomeness in the ways of the ninja and combat ability though. Plus his love for his brother is a bonus.

    Poor Team 8 is like the most unappreciated team in Naruto. XD Kurenai is pregnant and we haven’t seen much of her ability, Hinata is ignored and pwned by abusive ninja, and Shino was left out of the retrieve Sasuke Arc. Kiba is the star of Team 8 and that’s kinda sad… I like dog boy but when’s the last time he’s shined? 3 years ago. -_-

    Now for the Tobi/Obito theory. If Tobi/Madara isn’t Obito then Tobi/Madara has Obito’s eye or Tonbi/Madara has some of Obito’s personality in him. ><

    Yosh 2nd place!



  12. @Tenrai: Yeah, I made a few polls as well in the past and some readers wrote that they were looking for another answer that I forgot, and then I was like “Oh nooooo, why did I forget that one?” Anyway, just take it as my detailed opinion on your polls 🙂 ! May I ask (and would you answer) how old you are, by the way?

  13. Caption: Meowww

    Caption: Oof. [Kiba, cover me, I need to pee]

    Well Team 8 is kind of designed to be a sensor type. So I am pleased with their involvement in the story. Team Guy is Taijutsu type and you need something extraordinary to fight the Akatsuki, so they took other missions that I am sure nobody wants to see shown in the manga anyway. Team 10 is the weakest actually, but they had their moments. ..and team 7 is certainly the second coming of the Sannins. Wait, damn you Sakura.

    I could not accept Itachi’s true story when I heard it. But over time, I gradually came to realize his coolness and his twisted protagonistism.

  14. Yay I finally won something.I was beginning to think I have no sense of humor 😀 And nice breakdown Tenrai,as usual.

  15. Caption:
    “Who knew eating TINY would turn out to be such a bad idea.”

  16. a easy breeasy one tenrai. great cap’s and i liked the last try at the tobiobito theory thats as golden as origami. so sad to see once more the failiure of naruto,but thats at a close end. jijiji

  17. Im gonna Bust my Breakdown Shakedown for 1! The Break down was Blah blah blah…Just kidding its AOK 🙂

    @everyone, That third pic with Shino to me anyway shows the when Shino perfects his bugs they will be nanoscale like Torune’s but instead being in his body will be like mist around Shino’s body kinda like Deidara inescapable, Very scary.

    About Team 8 they are my Favorite, Big Team 8 Fan they just have no weaknesses when they work as a team, and they are getting ever stronger.

    Im a believer in Madara/Obito in the begining we all said it and its in the the name Obito-Tobi And for all those non believers start believing 😉

  18. Cool breakdown Tenrai. It was awesomeness

  19. *Bits Tenrai*

    Nice Breakdown…. Itachi being good at first was kinda disappointing but in the end his role as a villain was over, and it makes sense, him wanting to test strength was a bit of a lame excuse to kill everyone.

    Team 8… Is pretty cool… not really that important for me.

    Naruto always one step behind 😀

    I think next episode will be legendary…

  20. Great Breakdown Senshi (I like Senshi better than Tenrai, so I’m gonna start calling you that :P)

    Well, this episode was pretty good. We got to see Madara’s Phasing in anime. I hope the next episode will have more than just a glimpse of the Hashirama vs. Madara fight. And, if it does. It WILL BE LEGENDARY!!!!


    *Makes choking sounds* Oh thank God… just a hairball

  21. @tenrai: the fact that kakashi responded that way has nothing to do with the Obito/Tobi theory… he responded like that because he has a sharingan…and only he responds…because only his eyesight was able to see it… he can read chakra flow and see what move was going to occur, and what tobi was doing required the sharingan… thats all

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