One Piece Chapter 568 IS OUT + Double Breakdown: Chapters 0 And 567! New Demotivational Posters Included! #_#

Link to chapter 568 below. May not be a site you’re used to but hey it’s One Piece! New links will be added as they’re found.

-Chapter 0 Breakdown Below-

YOSH!!! Welcome to a double One Piece Breakdown with the long awaited chapter 0 breakdown. It’s pretty long one and has lots of pictures so if you don’t feel like going through it just skip down to the Chapter 567 breakdown. >(0_0)>

Chapter 0’s AMV and BOPP below.

Sweet and short AMV by Themaxtremists. Badass One Piece Picture by V2-6. Come on you know you want it’s badass! ><

Now for the long awaited chapter 0 breakdown!

This going to be a picture by picture breakdown. Chapter 0 is basically a flashback serving the purpose of a historical lesson in the world of One Piece. I’ll be pointing out what I found most interesting and highlighting the change of appearances the characters went through because it was funny! 😀

The chapter revolves around Shiki and Gol D. Roger and how their fates played out 25 years ago. A war is brooming on the horizon between the two rival pirates so the Marines are sent on their way to take them in. That begins our story with Garp who was known back then as…Vice-Admiral Garp…yep, he’s had the same title for 25 years now. He reports to the former Fleet Admiral Kong, but we don’t get to see his face dammit. >< At that position he must have been as strong as Sengoku is now.

Introducing the characters of old. 1 deceased, 1 ugly as hell, 1 cool both literally and figuratively, and 1 ruthless bastard who I think is a closet cannibal. I have my reasons…>_>

If you look close enough you will notice Bogart, Garp’s right hand man, who helped train Coby and Helmeppo in the fillers and cover pages. At this point in the manga Sengoku is a mere Admiral and it looks like he may be balding as he becomes the Fleet Admiral. O_O Either that or he can fit that giant afro under his tiny hat.

Remember these two Vice Admirals who showed up at the Buster Call on Enies Lobby? Momonga can actually be seen in the latest chapter, 567, cutting Luffy up like sushi. Of course in chapter 0 they’re not Vice Admirals but lower ranking Marines.

Gol D. Roger’s old crewmates Shanks, Buggy, and Crocus. How far they’ve come…and how low they’ve sunk. Shanks became a Yonkou, Buggy went on to terrorize East Blue, and Crocus lives in a whale and lighthouse… Well he’s only a doctor but what’s Buggy’s excuse!? o_O

Rayleigh is introduced to us again and we have seen him in his younger days before if you remember Buggy’s flashback waaaay back when. By this point in the chapter Roger and Shiki are about to face off in the Ed War.

Though those change of appearances are only 3 years apart they say a lot but before I get ahead of myself let’s talk about this war. A war that only lasted a day. Shiki wants to combine his overwhelming military force with Roger’s knowledge of the whereabouts to the “World-Destroying Weapon” in order to control the world. Classic badguy ambitions… Of course Roger doesn’t have ambitions to control anything, he just wants to roam the seas freer than any other man.

Can’t agree well then fight it out! The odds are greatly against Roger but due to a drastic change of weather half of Shiki’s fleet is sunk and the Jolly Roger Pirates are saved. Then due to a freak accident befalling Shiki during the battle the fight is called off allowing the Jolly Roger Pirates to escape. Now back to their appearances. First off Roger looks so…NORMAL. Before we’ve always seen him with that long red coat draped over his shoulders looking baddass walking towards his execution, but here he looks like any ordinary pirate picked out of a littter. I thnk that’s cool how Oda made the most infamous pirate look so relatable, at least to other pirates, before he conquered the Grand Line. While he’s in Impel Down talking to Garp he has the beaming face of a proud father rather than the merciless leer of a blood thristy pirate. Shiki’s drastic change of appearance speaks for itself…he got a steering wheel stuck in his head…he thought he was a rooster…no comment. >< Now one of the things I found interesting and I’d be a fool not to catch it. A sudden change in weather!? Who does that sound like to you? *cough*Dragon*cough*

2 years go by and Roger does what others thought would be impossible. He conquers the Grandline earning himself the title of The Pirate King. The Jolly Rogers disband and 1 year later Roger turns himself in but of course the rest of the world thinks he was captured. Shiki doesn’t believe the BS and goes to retrieve Roger so he can kill him with his own hands. Well we all know how that turns out.

One week later Roger is executed in his hometown Lougetown and with his final words sends the world into the Great Pirate Age. A promise of trasure, fame, and adventure not even these formidable pirates could resist the temptation to explore this age.

There goes Roger’s ally the leader of the Revolutionary Army and the most wanted man in the world. I don’t know if he could have been the most wanted man in the world while Roger was alive though.

Portagas D. Rouge on the day of her lovers execution and later giving birth the hot topic of the day, Ace! Can’t really blame Roger for getting involved with a beauty like that and I’m sure she knew the risks. 😉

Ok, I know I messed up on this pic. That’s actually not Vivi as a little girl. That’s Vivi’s mom, Titi (yes Titi -_-), 22 years ago. She’s dead in the current storyline but if you want to see how Titi looks just go here. *snickers*

If you’re confused on the timeline of the giants let me help you out. At this point in the chapter it was 22 years before the current storyline. Omoi and Kashii were at the front gates of Enies Lobby for 50 years by the time Luffy and co. came there. So at this time in Chapter 0 they’ve been there for 28 years (50-22 =28) years already. They were supposed to serve a 100 year sentence to rescue their bosses who never needed rescueing, so at that point in manga they had 72 years to go. Got it? 😉

The bosses, Dorey and Burogy, that never needed to be rescued. At this point in the manga they’ve been battling for 78 years. This is simply figured out because they were always 50 years ahead of their subordinate giants, or you can just do 78 + 22 years to the current storyline = 100 years which is when Luffy and co. stumbled upon them. >(0_0)>

Lol, what can I say about Tonjit and Cricket? I didn’t even think Tonjit was all that important of a character but Oda decided to cover him anyway so there he is… Maybe it’s because on his island is where the majority of the Strawhats first encountered an Admiral (Aokiji).

Memebers of CP9 have trained in the arts of Rokushiki since they were young. Countless hours of extreme training and…how old is that pigeon!? o_O Lol, no comment on Duval he’s pure comedic relief. XD

You gotta listen to your older sister even if it means you go from normal to hideous. This was before the Boa and her sisters were kidnapped by slave traders and made slaves of the Tenryuubito.

After all the discussion about Roger’s death and the beginning of the Great Pirate Age is covered 2 more years pass where we find Impel Down’s most dangerous resident, Shiki, making a daring escape. What I found interesting in this enitre fiasco is who Magellan is reporting too. It shouldn’t be Shiryuu becasue they ran Impel Down together, so who’s the retired chief of Impel Down? We have a retired Fleet Admiral and a retired Chief of Impel Down out there roaming the world? I know they’re old but look how powerful Rayleigh is even with his age. Shiki cuts his own feet off with…his teeth? He doesn’t have his own swords so perhaps he knocked some guards out and used their weapons. Free of the kairouseki chains Shiki is able to fly around, retrieve his swords, and become the first prisoner to escape Impel Down. Since he is now legless he takes his two swords, “Outou and “Kagarashi”, and impales them into his stumps for makeshift legs. Ah, pirates were always the best doctors. -_-

News of Shiki’s escape spreads quickly and we get to see a look at the East Blue residents 20 years ago. Who knew such a cool hip dude would turn into grumpy Wood Slap? XD

ACE~~!!!! Awwww, such a cute little baby but who’s taking care of him? Anybody remember Ace and Luffy’s caretaker Dadan? 😉

Crazy theory time!!! Come on don’t you see the resembence? The skinny legs and the bulky body? Alright hear me out. What if Kuma who used to be a fearsome pirate not only had ties with memebrs of the Revolution Army, Ivankov, but was also apart of the Revolution Army? The leader of the Revoltuion Army is Dragon. Guess who’s taking care of Dragon’s kid? GARP!!! Since Garp is Dragon’s father it wouldn’t be much of a surprise to me if Garp knew some of his acquaintences…Roger…Ivankov…Kuma!? o_O Garp approaches Kuma to watch his leader’s, Monkey D. Dragon’s, kid and since he’s loyal to the Revolution Army Kuma accepts. Ha! How’s that for a theroy? >(0_0)>

It was hard finding the most up to date picture of this guy but there he is in all his blurry glory. Yassop, probably the greatest snipers in all the seas!

Merry, the wonderful creator of The Going Merry and the initial blueprints to the masterly designed ship. The Strawhats need to go back and thank this man one day.

Bellemere looking sexy in her own chain smoking, shaven hair, masculine kinda way. o_o She’s got guts I tell you that much.

Zeff, the reknown former pirate known as “Red-Leg” who travelled the Grand Line while the most of the Strawhats were still in diapers. Dr. Kureha who will never give up her secret to youth and Dalton now the king of Drum Island. Man how times change.

Another mystery to me of why Oda covered this person… Gaimon the man stuck in the treasure box who tends to strange animals on his island. Luffy almost made him join the crew, lol, now that would have made for some interesting times.

The Tom Workers past and present. I didn’t cover Tom because he’s only really existed in the same time period of flashbacks.

Fighting with Yokozuna for the title of the most scarred animal is Laboon! The GIANT ass whale who still waits for the Rumbar Pirates safe return. Brook will do right? >_>

HATCHAN YOSH!!! At least that’s what he should have been saying when popping out of the water like that.

Whitebeard the master pimp of the Grandline ever since Roger was executed. With no rivals in sight I’d chill to and hire a bunch of sexy nurses to look after my body. 😉 At this point in the chapter Shiki has met up with Whitebeard and asks him how things are going in the world. You know Shiki is badass when he can make small talk with Whitebeard without getting an ass whooping. XD Shiki tells him he’s going to go into hiding for awhile to later come out and show the “weakened” world the terror of a true pirate. Yeah, because Whitbeard isn’t a true pirate. -_- Whoop his ass Whitebeard he just insulted you right in your face! >(>_<)>

By this time you may have noticed that I left some people out that appeared in this chapter like Dr. Hiluluk, Koshiro, Kuina, Robin, Franky, Brook, Shakuyaku, Diamond Jozu, Vista, Marco, Blackbeard, and Dr. Indigo. I left them out for these simple reasons.

1.) Appeared to far away to get a good image.

2.) Laziness

3.) We all know very well by now how the Strawhats looked both young and present.

It was mostly laziness though. ^_^ This brings us to the conclusion of our loooooooong ass breakdown and if you got through all that I congratulate you on a job well done. 😉 Shiki with the help of his right hand man, Dr. Indigo, put into action a plan that will take 20 years to succeed. All I know is that it has to do with a secret island and its unique species of animals. 20 years pass which leads us to our current storyline and chapter 567!

Here’s chapter 0’s demotivational poster!

Armless Shanks by NinjaMatty. 2-armed Shanks byTyfflie.

-One Piece Chapter 567 Breakdown Below-

Here’s chapter 567’s AMV and BOPP!

Another sweet and short AMV by TheOr1g1a4L. Badass One Piece Picture by ByeNeida. The Thousand Sunny will always be badass. 😉

On to the breakdown!

I'm going to stop picking on Whitebeard one of these days...>_>

567 chapters, or 25 years later, Whitebeard is wrecking havoc on Marineford. Unfortunately for him he’s wounded and the Marines were prepared for an attack this time so he’s going up against more than 1 admiral and a whole armada. It’s funny how Shiki went to Marineford to get Roger and 22 years later a rival pirate, Whitebeard, went to Marineford to retrieve Roger’s son, Ace. I don’t see history repeating itself so instead of Shiki failing his mission and having Roger die by the Marine’s hands, I see Whitebeard succeeding in his mission but dying in the process. How did I come up with this conclusion? I see a pattern of opposites!

Do you see the opposing history here?


22 years earlier Shiki went to Marineford to retrieve Roger and kill him with his own hands.

22 years later Whitebeard went to Marineford to retrieve Ace and save him.


Shiki mounted a surprise attack.

Whitebeard’s attack wasn’t much of a surprise at all.


Shiki lived and Roger was executed.

Whitebeard dies and Ace is rescued?

Hahahaha, I’m a genius!!! Whitebeard is destined to die now! XD Am I right or am I right? 😉

'Ice Ball' was boring so I pimped out the name and chaged it up a bit! Word!

Moving on, Whitebeard faces off with Aokiji who tries to freeze Whitebeard and his…vibrations? o_O WTH, why don’t you try freezing sound waves and electricity while you’re at it? -_- On a side note ‘Whitebeard and the Vibrations’ sounds like a cool name for a musical group back in the 60’s…>_>

Ohhhhhh, we're logia types look at what we can do! ^(0_0)^

Ahem…so Whitebeard quakes his way out of the ice ball he was frozen in and slices at Aokiji. This officially confirms Whitbeard has Haki though it was 99% certain since he is the Yonkou Whitebeard on top of being able to hit Ace. Unfortunately Aokiji pulls a Crocodile and makes good use of his logia abilities opening himself up in the middle and dodging the fatal hit.

Revenge of the Paramecia! ^(*_*)^

Why does someone as awesome as Whitebeard have to deal with these peons though? Well he doesn’t because Whitebeard has his own peons for situations like these! Diamond Jos comes in with a ‘Diamond Punk’ to Aokiji’s body. That’s the second logia type Jos has hit and we can tell it hurt because Aokiji is bleeding. Either Jos has Haki or he’s just moving so fast he doesn’t give time for the Logia types to instinctively respond.

Tickling actually does hurt after awhile so keep that in mind next time you use Extreme Tickling. -_-

Meanwhile chaos presumes all around Marineford and we get to see Luffy again! Getting his ass kicked some more…a lot more! I admire Luffy’s tenacity and heart I really do, but you can tell just by looking at him he’s pushing on barely nothing. Luffy is just on the point of desperation doping his body with the Gear Second technique over and over again probably past his limits. He can’t even match up to a vice admiral as Momonga and some other Marine, a Zoan type user, make mince meat out of him. Haevn’t seen that Rokushiki technique in a long time, Shigan.

We need to set up an intervention for Kizaru's rubber kicking fetish...stat!

After the lower ranked members are done with him KIZARU steps in and shoots a laser beam through Luffy’s stomach! What is up with this dude and Luffy? Does he hold a grudge against him because of Luffy’s escape in Shabondy Archipelago or does he really have a fetish for kicking rubber?


As Luffy wavers in and out of consciousness with only Ace’s safety on his thoughts, Kizaru discusses whether or not it was wise of Whitebeard to let Luffy lead the charge. What was Whitebeard’s intention on letting Luffy lead this charge in the first place? Did he overestimate Luffy’s abilities? Was he trying to give Luffy a chance to prove himself to his brother and the rest of the world? Personally I think the whole situation with Luffy was out of Whitebeard’s hands. He knew Luffy was going to go on ahead with or without his permission so he just said, ‘Alright everyone follow that boy!’ After all he knew Luffy’s type…”Young, Clumsy, and Senseless” but he has a liking for him. What do you all think did Whitebeard make a mistake?


Ivankov and Jimbei come up over the wall and….LMAOWTF!!!! That’s all the needs to be said in that situation. Luffy’s vigour hormones seems to have run out on him in less than 24 hours, most likely because of all the strenuous activities and he passes out from all the exhaustion. That’s not it for Luffy is it? I’d be pissed if he was out of the war but I have a feeling giving him another injection is out of the question…

Yeah, try getting that image outta of your head. 😉

Whitebeard winds up for another attack but is stopped by Magma Man Akainu. I’m not so much interested in that though as I am in what Jimbei says. “I leave Luffy-Kun in your hands…!! For this will be the place that I die!!!” Noooooeeesssss not our Pirate-Jedi-Fishman-Ninja Jimbei!!! I want Squardo to go on a suicidal mission not you!!! ><

This looks just about right for a reenactment of the Jerry Srpinger Show.

The rest of the chapter is just chaos and mayhem as pirates massacre Marines and Marines massacre pirates. Hey, you’re getting blood on my shoes!

He must have been late...

Elisha asked in the comments section why doesn’t Marco just fly up there and rescue Ace. Well this chapter Marco decided to take his advice and Garp used a Haki infused punch to send him flying back with a DON! For someone who lost a lot of power he sure still knows how to pack a punch. I think everyone on the battlefield is surprised by Garp’s actions, even Whitebeard. I guess no one expected Garp to actually fight back Ace’s saviors. Poor Ace now has the Fleet Admiral and a Vice-Admiral who could have been promoted loooong ago standing in his way of freedom now. Good luck with that!

Run Elisha RUN!!! XD

Elisha…Marco is looking for you…I told him I didn’t know where you were. I ‘d say you have 24 hours to change your name and get out of the country at most…Good luck to you to! 😀

That concludes the Double One Piece Chapter Breakdown! Going along with the theme of double here’s your second poster! Comment, predict, and enjoy! 😀

Many thanks to Paintheclown for making this poster! =)

Prediction Contest And My Predicition

I predict next week Luffy will recover and get back into the war not wanting to give up on Ace. Whitebeard will engage Garp or Sengoku personally and it will be revealed Sengoku is a fruit user. Jimbei will assist Whitebeard in his fight and risk his life to hold off a very strong opponent. Sqaurdo will make a reappearance planning to do something drastic. YOSH!!!

By this time you may have noticed that I left some people out that appeared in this chapter like Dr. Hiluluk, Koshiro, Kuina, Robin, Franky, Brook, Shakuyaku, Diamond Jozu, Vista, Marco, Blackbeard, and Dr. Indigo.


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  1. 1st?

  2. LMAO super, nice one.

    Doctor stop… you can’t fool me, you’ve still got Ippo on the brain XD

    Well I hope strong world isn’t a huge cop out, it seems like a convenient excuse for when Whitebeard + crew are about to die, Shiki turns up to conveniently implement his revenge plan and save their butts. Oda doesn’t generally do things halfway, i hope it doesn’t start now. Other than that it was great to get a double dose of OP.

    As for current events:
    Luffy is GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONE. I think it was a good idea to take him out of the action for a bit, plus there difference in strength needed to be seen.

    WHERE the hell is Squado? he stabs his boss then runs away and hides? He better be thinking up one hell of a rescue plan, or a suicide dash after what he pulled.
    Marco better step up his game, cause the hero of the marines looks ready to give judgement (also wasn’t marco meant to be looking after luffy ?_?)

  3. that was one hell of a breakdown to get through! :p
    noooo luffy isnt gone! he will prolly get something to get up again.
    he still has ace’s keys remember, hes gonna get ace out whatever it takes.
    as for Jimbei hes not gonna die either he will get some damage but wb will prolly sacrifice himself and say that jimbei is still needed.
    as for stronghold i still dont see shikis plan luffy will probably just mistake his big azz zoo for a great dinner “sanji cook it!” 😛
    @mud i guess marco wasnt able to keep up with luffys trouble making 😉

  4. Excellent job on this breakdown and the breakdown for chapter 566.
    One Piece is EPIC and always something interesting going on.
    I love how Oda filled us in on alot with chapter 0. I really do hope Strong World the movie us a good one.

    And LMAO, how u put elisha2kings in the breakdown, that shit was waaaaaaaaaaaaaay 2 funny. Yo elisha, best run, or else marco gon smoke yo ass hahahahaha.

    I have a feeling Luffy isn’t completely done YET. I agree with fear in that he might still be the one who rescues ace. And for some reason, i don’t think we’ll be seeing him use his haki in this war. HEEEEELL NAW. I don’t think it’s time. Boa will teach him or someone else will help him unlock it.

    And someone earlier mentioned that they think Rayleigh will apear with the SH ship Thousand Sunny all coated up to get Luffy out of there. But how so without making himself a target and causing the ship to get damaged?

    Also, i read elsewhere that apparently, this arc WHITEBEARD’s WAR is the last time we’ll see Luffy as an adolescent so maybe we might be expecting a NARUTO style character growth (year break or so) for the One Piece world?

    And as for Garp and Sengoku, i’m PSYYYYYYYYYYCHED to see them fight. I don’t care what any of you say, but Garp’s strength is greater than those of the Supreme “LOGIA DEVIL FRUIT USER” Admirals. His rank doesn’t determine his strength. His reputation does. So watch out or this one. As for Sengoku, i’m expecting the same, if not, probably more seeing as we haven’t seen anything from him so he probably will pack the biggest surprise.

    Well, that’s enough for me now.

    I guees that’s what happens when i miss out on participating in a breakdown discussion 😛

  5. LMAO. Nice breakdown. i also noticed the weird weather change but i thought it may be related to roger’s power. as for new chapter breakdown i think luffy is gone for now but he’ll be the one who rescues ace.

    @Everyone: Who do u think will be the strongest person after WB dies? my bets are on shanks

  6. Great breakdowns!
    Luffy can’t be gone!

  7. @super: Thanks for the double does of awesomeness this week.

    This makes me wonder after a comment above me if Shiki would replace WB as a possibility. Because if that does happen, it would cause alot more chaos than just BB. Shiki would be a wonderful canidate to be a Yonkou compared to BB, however if BB decides to become one that would throw off balance. And since the introduction of the Seven Warlords, the emphasis has been on maintain a balance so having Shiki as a main character(or leading bad guy after BB) it would throw off the balance that WB caused because of his death..

    There would be 5 Warlords:Boa,Mihawk,Kuma, Donflamingo
    There would be 3-5 Yonkou’s:Shanks,Kaizou,and the third one…(both remained to be seen) and then there could be the possible Shiki and BB now..

    The WG just lost serious face, available troops, and Control…i see no other way for there to be balance when Enies Lobby, Impel Down, and The Marines HQ were all attacked by pirates(by pure luck the same guy lmao)…

    Kinda off topic… Does anyone have Zoro or Sanji as there avatar?..i know Ahsan’s fav is Zoro but is he using him?…I’ll Stick to Sanji…

  8. @xdt0ks: I mentioned the SunnyGo last week. The picture of their escape that I had in mind is like when they escaped Garp in Water 7.

    Looking back recently, Luffy released Haki, to the wolves in Impel Down and the Arena on Amazon Lily, only when he was physically incapable while having a strong desire mentally, that is how he pulled out Haki subconsciously. Look at his current situation: physically incapable, check; strong desire, check; Haki outburst, pending… but soon to come I believe.

  9. Awesome, glad you all liked it. Took forever to write up and edit. ~_~

    @Mudshovel: Muhahahaha, you caught me and my Ippo reference! ><

    If Strong World takes place after the Marineford Arc does that mean Whitebeard’s alive!? NOOOOOOOEEESSSS!!! >< I hope the movie takes place before the Strawhats reach Shabondy Archipelago and after the Thriller Bark arc then. That'd be best I think.

    And yeah where the hell is Squardo!? Repent for what you did you gullible bastard!

    @Fear: Ah, I completely forgot Luffy had Ace's keys, so he has to reach him now in order to free him. That or someone could use Haki like Rayleigh did on Camie's explosive cuffs.

    @Xdt0ks: I'm also psyched about Sengoku and Garp fighting. I believe they're both at Fleet Admiral level (obviously because Sengoku is the Fleet Admiral) but also because Garp could have been promoted a looong time ago. The rank of Fleet Admiral is higher than Admiral so I'm guessing they're stronger. Stronger than Aokiji, Akainu, and Kizaru! Now that's a hell of a fight!

    Also interesting information regarding a timeskip. Honestly I hope that doesn't happen because I want to see every bit of Luffy's adventure and not skip a thing.

    @Diablo: After WB dies I'm guessing Shanks or the 2 other Yonkou. I'm eager to meet those guys they must be insanely powerful.

    @Shinobi: Shiki may die, be seriously injured, or beaten so bad in the movie Strong World to the point of not returning to the storyline no matter how powerful he is. Similar to what happened to Enel, though he should have died when falling into the clouds. -_-

    But if Shiki does make a return to the manga then he'd be a good candidate for Yonkou after WB dies indeed. As for Blackbeard I know he means to obtain One Piece and become Pirate King so maybe he wants to stay a Shichibukai because they're allowed such freedom without pursuit.

    Lol, The World Government is seriously pissed at Luffy right now. Can't wait to see what his bounty is like once all the dust clears.

    @Mudmathie: Haki preparations are complete. Now all we need is for Luffy to get pissed off beyond reason and yell knocking out half of the marine forces! ^(0_0)^

  10. Just reread Chapter 0, man Super your breakdown is actually better…

  11. Hey everyone, here’s a lil something i have for you that doesn’t concern this breakdown but One Piece in general and in particular Luffy.

    My friend was asking me, why does Luffy not use his devil fruit ability to expand his brain and give himself more intelligence and brainpower, (as MR.FANTASTIC DID ” apparently “)?
    I explained to him that the way MR.FANTASTIC stretches is different to the way Luffy stretches, in that Mr.Fantastic can hold himself in a stretched position whereas Luffy can’t for long periods of time.
    He has to force the stretchby throwing his arms back or whatever limb it is he is using.
    I then told him, it would also be very pointless as it would take away from Luffy’s character and who he is a character. personally, I love Luffy the way he is and i am more than 100% sure that the rest of you feel the same way ( or at least i hope u all do 😛 )
    Who here wud really want to see a brainy luffy as a pirate navigating around. If that was the case, he wouldn’t need Nami for navigating, or Robin for reading poneglyphs and ancient text, or Chopper for medicine, or Sanji for cooking, or Franky for shipwright or even Brooke for music. We would have a really boring manga on our hands.
    luffy using his devil ability to expand his brain, even if for 2 minutes wouldn’t help progress the story in any way and would be a boring use of his ability if u ask me.

    Anyways, let me know what you guys think so i can put my friend in his place, hahahahaha, nah just playing. It’s a friendly debate.


  12. @ mudmathie: I agree with you and after carefully thinking about what you said, i have a feeling he might unleash some sort of haki burst, even if it is a small one. I’m hoping for something bigger than what he released on Amazon lily in the fight Arena but i doubt it.

    @ supertrek: i second what you’re saying and i really do pray that we see every little step of Luffy’s growth and development as a character along with his crew, ( minus the gap of time we are going through now in which they’re surely all progressing and developping their skills and knowledge of their expertise, which we will find out about in good time). And i’m also REEEEEEEEALLY excited to see Luffy’s new bounty after this arc. I don’t know about you guys but i’m estimating around 500-550 million beri :/

  13. @Mudmathie: LOL, I wouldn’t say that or Oda will track us down with pirates but thanks! 😀

    @Xdt0ks: You’re definitely on point with that. I don’t even understand how increasing the size of your brain would make you smarter. It’s like those gigantic 70’s computer mainframes. 30 years later we can fit 10x more data in our everyday home computers and laptops. I don’t think brain size matters with how much information you can fit into it in other words.

    Anyway yeah, Luffy can’t freely stretch like Mr. Fantastic and a smart Luffy is a dumb Luffy in my opinion. I like his innocent stupidity, carelessness (though annoying sometimes), and caring Luffy. It makes him dependent on his crew which is great because together they make the perfect pirate crew! None of them could make it to their dreams without the other so it makes for a great bond and hilarious moments.

    Strawhats for life!!! ^(^_^)^

  14. Aw crap! Now I have a pissed phoenix on my tail! *pulls out a shotgun with seastone bullets* He’ll never take me alive, mwahahaha!

    Seriously, I’m glad that guy finally sprung into action to rescue his buddy! Also, did you notice Marco with the rest of the WB pirates in Ch 0? He hasn’t aged a day! I’m guessing his DF has something to do with it.

    Speaking of which, glad you could work your way through both the new chapter and chapter 0! You really pull through for us, super, so thanks a lot!

    Loved all the comparisons with the flashback characters and their modern selves! It was really neat.

    Can’t wait until SW gets to America, either through the internet or *eye twitch* other means… >:) Shiki looks like such an awesome villain! He acted like a jilted lover when Roger got executed though: WTF?? HOW COULD HE DO THIS TO ME??? He shoved a freaking wheel through my head and he goes off and gets himself executed by a bunch of pussies?!! That tears it, I’m going to seek my revenge on the whole world!! *insert evil laugh*
    Yeah, he looks like a total badass villain! 😉

    I honestly don’t think that the current fight is going well for either Luffy or Whitebeard. Whitebeard looks like his wound (not to mention that illness that had him hooked up to IVs) is really getting to him! I am confident that Oda won’t break from his convention and kill off one of his characters, but it’s clear that the rest is going to be really rough on the old guy!

    And Luffy! God, that kid is practically comatose and he still won’t give up!! If Iva gives him another dose of the Vigor Hormones, what on earth will it do to him? 😦

    Oh and just FYI, Oda said in an interview for Strong World that this would be the last time that Luffy was 17. What do you think, time skip or will Luffy finally celebrate his 18th birthday? 😉

  15. does this mean nami’s 18 too?… i mean.. yeah thats awesome luffy’s gonna be 18… I think Wb has someone there to help luffy out enough for him to get back in the ring few chapters later.. i would love to see luffy fight Garp just for a little bit even if he gets pwnd.. speaking of garp, he said getting promoted would be pointless since he can do basically do the same being a vice admiral…thats power right there…it would be cool it there was a sideline or even a gaiden like series of what it was 20-25 years ago between Garp, Sengoku, and the Jolly Roger Pirates… I could only dream of the fights that would take place…

  16. Super.. in all honesty, your breakdowns are the only thing that keeps me coming back to this site. well that and the interesting people here of course, but really these are great. full of laughs every time. On the topic of the chapter WHY is Garp stoping them? i mean the last twenty chapters he sits there looking guilty and now its a complete change of heart!? i actually thought that sengoku would stop Marco and we would get to see his powers! well maybe we will get to see Garp’s soon. Poor luffy is definatly coming back. youll see, right when whitebeard is falling and Kiazru is laughing, Boom! haki punch to the face!that would be awesome if someone finaly shut that guy up, his attitude is really annoying. or something along those lines. i cant see luffy staying out of this for to long.

  17. @Elisha: LOL! Aren’t phoenix’s immortal? 😉 Use a kairouseki net and hold him captive for all of Whitebeard’s treasure. Wait..that’d probably have the entire Whitebeard crew on your tail then…>_> Witness protection agency is always an option. >(0_0)>

    Shiki is badass and I should have included that picture where he was standing on top of that heap of dead bodies in my breakdown but I couldn’t fit it. Also that scene where he went up against both Garp and Sengoku who couldn’t bring him down without each other’s help was also epic. It makes me think that the only reason why they had Squardo stab Whitebeard is because they couldn’t bring him down unless he was injured.

    Luffy’s 18th birthday!?!?! YOSH!!! I hope Oda makes a special just on that! CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES COME ON!!! ^(0_0)^ But pleeeaassee don’t let there be a time skip Oda! So many adventures missed out in an entire year. T_T

    @Shinobi: I think the Sanji avatar is open and available right now. All yours for the taking. 😉

    I remember Garp used a “Fist of Love” when he used to hit Luffy and it always hurt him even though he’s made of rubber. Before I thought that was just Garp’s immense strength at work but now that he hit Marco, who is a Mythical Zoan user and basically logia, I see now it was probably just Haki at work. So yeah, lol Luffy would get his ass kicked. XD

    @Takashid: Oh my…Arigatou! ^_^ It’s great you keep coming back to the site and I hope other material here will keep you interested and coming back for more. 🙂

    I would say Garp is stopping Luffy because he values his duty as a Marine above all else. That wouldn’t be true though because he took care of Roger’s and Dragon’s son (his grandson). Even if he tried to shape them into being Marines he still helped out Gol D. Roger the most infamous criminal in the history of the One Piece world.

    Thus I believe he’s stopping them because he’s finally made the decision that he’ll be a full Marine this time through and through. Luffy and Ace are on their own, they’ve made their decision, and he’s a Marine they’re pirates. It’s his duty to stop them and have the execution of Ace go through. It must be tough on him to put on such a tough demeanor because I know he’s hurting badly on the inside. He was always laughing at Luffy’s and Ace’s exploits as pirates.

    And yeah, Kizaru is an asshole but I respect that he’s strong as hell. Plus he’s kinda merciful when he let those Supernovas live when they weren’t apart of the mission.

    @Anyone: What do you all think of a possible time skip even if it was only for a month? Personally I don’t want Oda to skip anything more than a few days. Like when Luffy and the others were flying through the air for 3 days after Kuma banished them from Shabondy Archipelago.

    Oh, and I’ll talk a little about the movie next breakdown since some people have been asking questions about it. Though of course I haven’t seen it there should be some discussion about it since it’s written by Oda himself and it came out 3 days ago.

  18. I read this chapter alot I been thinking what are the odds that right when Luffy KO Garp fights!!! I wounder if garp will only fight when Luffy is out???

  19. @ super Good point about the immortality bit. I was thinking…tranquilizers? *throws gun aside* Nah, that’d never work. Oh well.

    While I am kind of leery about the idea of a timeskip as well, it does make sense in the context of the arc. Luffy’s already worked up enough pain and exhaustion to throw himself into a year long coma, if not longer! In the mean time, it’ll give the Straw Hats time to reunite and give the world time to settle down after the catastrophic battle that shook Marineford to its core.

    It would be nice to finally see a canonical birthday in One Piece though. Maybe it’ll feature in a cover arc or something.

    I also agree about Garp. He’s been quite fine with throwing cannonballs at his grandson and that’s not even going into what he put Luffy through as a kid! I believe that now that Ace is out of immediate danger (you really think those executioners are going to climb back up to finish the job with the threat of being worked over by another Logia badass? I didn’t think so!), Garp is ready to go back into battle and reveal exactly what kind of badass turns down promotion to Admiral for 20+ years in addition to taking on Roger and Whitebeard multiple times back in the day. Maybe he just sees this as a last hurrah before the old generation steps aside to let the new generation shine. Who knows? Oda’s quite unpredictable with these things! Remember when Robin betrayed the Straw Hats on Water 7?

    People here may hate spoilers buuuut….

    Luffy goes berserk and releases a huge wave of haki in the next chapter!!! This is gonna be good!! 😀

  20. timeskip:
    Hmmmm … i’m leaning towards great! Personally i think that luffy would need a great deal of time to master haki. At his current level he needs to master Haki, and if a timeskip is used for the whole Straw Hat crew to ‘level up’ i’d be all for it. This would also be conveniant for the battles to follow – we wouldn’t know what skills the crew has obtained which would make battles less predictible and hopefully more entertaining.

  21. hmm a time skip ok, aslong as it is not too long at max like half a year or sumthing gives them some time to train and get stronger, but atleast not make it a 3 year time skip as kishi did with naruto.
    on the other hand it would be kind of fake if the whole crew is together again then and we didnt get to see how everyone reunited.
    Meh i dont know, but im sure if Oda does a time skip he manages to pull off a good one 😛

  22. One piece 568 it out!!
    it prolly on a other site out aswell but found this first 😛

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    Man that chapter was soooo badass but sooooo damn short!!! >_< Looks like Luffy is going to be everyone's savior and that's what I'm looking forward too! He'll surely be known all throughout the pirate world after this war. His dedication to save Ace is…*tears*…heartbreakingly affectionate. T_T That 1 year coma idea may actually be possible after seeing this Elisha. 😉

    Still, I don't want there to be a time skip. So many things can happen in a year. After all the entire current storyline is less than a year in the manga. O_O MAYBE a couple of months for Luffy to recover but…Ahhh, I just don't want to miss anything that could be happening throughout One Piece! T_T

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    If marco and joss are badly injured by this aswell, than its not hard to say whos gonna win this war.
    good chapter but a bit short indeed well aslong as its coming every week im happy =P

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    Luffy is officially beyond death @_O In fact he is giving Bono a run for his money at the moment O_O HAKI LUFFY! GOD LET IT BE HAKI LUFFY!!! Or something that can be repaired after this whole affair… And preferably not dying 😦 Ah there better be one hell of a medic nearby… One that can repair all the damage caused to Luffy’s body.. Cause if he goes down.. then the strawhats and hancock go down with him… And if Hancock goes down the isle of women is either going down too or are going to be pissed as hell 😐

  26. Cookie you said it all Luffy is beyond death, One piece is blowing my mind at the moment even though there is a major battle going on I just cant picture the escape plan.

  27. OMG, Luffy is going to die and to turn into a shinigami joining the cast of Bleach! O_O Lol, Oda does write Bleach or he’s in cahoots with Kubo! XD Hopefully he’ll shoot out a blast of Haki, retrieve Ace, and make it on a ship before going down though.

    Ok, in all honesty Luffy can’t die here. He’ll probably just lose another 10 years on his life and slip into a coma. I definitely see Luffy dying at the end of the series at this rate though. T_T

  28. Wow. The good guys are getting massacred! WB, Marco, and Jozu all getting Pwned. Its up to Luffy to save the day!!!

    Too bad we gotta wait two weeks!!!! DAMN YOU GOLDENWEEK!!!

  29. Yosh…hopefull my pic is now…no other than …

  30. Just letting everyone know the One Piece breakdown won’t be out until…waaaay later, like maybe tomorrow morning. Though I’m on break from school and out of the clutches of my teachers I went straight into the clutches of my family. -_- Lots of family time and I’ll be out all day. I promise you all I’ll be on the blog a lot more once I get settled back in back at home though. Alright, go watch One Piece if it’s out and enjoy your breaks! 😀

    @Shinobi: NICE SANJI PIC!!! 😀

  31. @Super:yeah thanks… its the picture of Sanji saving Ussop/Sogeking… he called himself the hunter lmao… ohh and with the family think i think we can all understand so its cool.

    Im almost getting used to not having OP almost once every 2 months… so i’ll once again start from the beginning…

  32. I think you mean once every two WEEKS!

    i couldnt bare it if it was once every two months!!!!

    I think I would die.

  33. @ super: Aw man, family times during the holidays are rough (which is why I am SO glad that my family is either jewish or agnostic! :)). Hang in there mate. Don’t mind the delay at all. There’s no manga next week anyways 😦 so that’ll give you plenty of time to catch up after the storm of relatives is over!

    @ pumpkin: Uh, don’t you mean the Emperor’s Birthday? Golden Week isn’t until May. -_-;

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