Naruto Manga 475 Breakdown and Manga 476 Spoiler Discussion: Madara, Danzo, Sasuke and The Meaning of Friendship

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Yes, the b**ch is back – ALL of her (heh heh heh).

Yes, the "heros" have come back for good!!

This is Tsunades Twin with the latest Naruto breakdown.   The chapter is titled, “Madara’s True Strength,” but there are several elements of strength on display here.  To be honest, I’ve wanted to see far more from Madara than that time-space continuum manipulation. And another person we finally see is Danzo and what’s been underneath all of those bandages for oh so long.  I mean, my first thought last chapter was we were seeing the reincarnation of the Transformers when Danzo whipped out that blockade of an arm.  Now that I know what’s underneath the bandages and blocks, I am officially creeped out. Ewwwww!

Yes, folks. We now get a "looksie" of what's underneath that, uh, seal. Yeah, if THAT's a seal, then I am truly Tsunade!

Ok, I’ll start with the “bogey” part of the title, the friendship part.  Yes, Naruto is still struggling with Sasuke (when has he NOT struggled with his friendship with Sasuke?) but it’s been framed into a very different perspective from none other than Gaara. Naruto has always had a special bond with Gaara – one that not even his friendship with Sasuke could come close to matching.   You’d think that Naruto would have realized this fact by now but, apparently, it took Gaara to come out and ask the obvious question:  “What is the meaning of friendship to you, Naruto?”

Now, Naruto? Don't know why you are so shocked at Gaara's admission given how you value HIM as a friend. Ya think that would be a clue for dealing with Sasuke?

Yup, Gaara learned a lot from our wayward Genin (Gaahhhh, I wish they’d promote this guy!) and has clearly demonstrated his knowledge in his growth in rank and in maturity.  Reminds me of yet another shinobi who has learned a lot about friendship from Naruto – Sai.

This picture touched me. It especially did so when you look at Kankuro (yeah, it's cut off). His head is bowed in sympathy for both Gaara and Naruto.

So, as everyone from Suna departs, we now have a new Hokage – ok, not official but the de facto one, Kakashi – and one shinobi struggling to deal with what is best to do about a friend who is lost with no desire to get out of that predicament and two shinobi (ok, one is a clone) who are just dying to tell Naruto what the “correct” answer is.  But, as we all know, Kakashi knows our Yellow Sage best – that he has to figure this all out on his own.

Yeah, Yamato. I know. It's so clear to all of us. Now, it's time for Naruto to cut out that co-dependent thing with Sasuke and let it go.

Now, from where I sit, the relationship between Sasuke and Naruto has been one of the most dysfunctional I’ve ever seen. It is the classic, “I can change him/I can save him” argument that we all know is fruitless, at best.  How many times have we cared for someone who we thought was going in the wrong direction – and we could even see the impending train wreck coming – only to have that person keep going towards disaster?  For me, more times that I care to admit. What’s the answer?  Of course it is to let that person go and experience the consequences of their actions.  Naruto wants to save his childhood friend from the obvious disaster looming from going to “the dark side of the force.”  Problem is, Anakin Skywalker Sasuke has no interest in leaving the path that will lead him to his goal of revenge.

So, now, this leads to the main event of the chapter:  Madara vs. Danzo.  Ok, so it starts off a bit slow, which made me wonder aloud, “Is that it?!?.”  Madara is like a spoiled kid who doesn’t like the brussels sprouts on his plate and whines about it to no avail. So, what does he do to those detested brussels sprouts?  He plays with them – repeatedly.  And, so begins torturous playtime for Danzo as orchestrated by Madara.  Where does he start?  Of course, with the part of the meal he detests so much, the “brussels sprouts,” the underlings, Fu and Torune.  We find out a great deal more about these two Root underlings as well.  I saw someone mention the Yamanaka clan a while ago and, sure enough, Fu is a Yamanaka with that mind/body switch variant.  I wonder how HIS clan feels about him being in Root?

Yeah, yeah, he's related to Ino. However, why does this guy have such a humongous nose?!?

Then there is the man in black, Torune.  We later find out that he, too, is from one of Konoha’s most prominent families: Aburame.  He’s got that bug thing going on, too.  His is so potent that his bugs act as a poison to whomever he deems worthy to “get that loving touch.”

Madara really knows how to make people's lives miserable. He pits Torune against his teammate Fu and...well, Fu ends up paying big time.

Hold the phone!  Torune?  Bugs?  He’s related to the “homie brigade?”  Among the questions I want answers for: where’s that homie jacket the others wear that’s such a Konoha fashion statement? And…what does HIS clan feel about this guy being in Root? Maybe that’s why there’s the mask…?

Should we call you the "Man in Black" or "Dark Masked Avenger?" You sure don't look like you're from that clan of homies (think Shino).

Madara bobs, weaves, teases, cajoles with these two guys only to have them be, well, less than worthy of being with Danzo.  They fall for every single trick that Madara lays out for them.  Eventually, Madara pulls out the stops and shows us all what else he can do.

Now, THIS is Madara in action. I have to admit that this "ghosting" jutsu is SO cool!

Oh, he’s beyond that time-space continuum.  He “ghosts” so he can avoid getting hit or injured, which is awesome.  He’s also into absorbing his opponents so they disappear – possibly also for their abilities.  Whoa!   Time out!   That just sounds soooooo wrong! Absorption?  I can understand wanting to send these two wannabes to another dimension but to absorb them entirely?  That just sounds so…cannibalistic to me.

What’s great about this is how efficient Madara is with this absorption jutsu.   First up is Torune…

Now, Torune. It's a little too late to be realizing that you should have watched your backside...

Soon after comes Fu…

...Fu? You should have known that against Madara you were simply hosed.

So, now, two of the major threats against Sai have now, literally, disappeared.  Now, we have just one more:  Danzo. But more on him in  a moment…

Sasuke? When are you ever going to learn that making demands of Madara comes at a very heavy price - usually to YOU?

Last we left Sasuke, he ressembled steak tartar and Madara sent Karin to fix that issue as quickly as possible – in another dimension, of course.  And, Karin did not disappoint in the least.  Sasuke has been resurrected from near certain death only to find that Madara has brought him a get well present.  Hmmmm, now what would Sasuke dearly love the most…? Karin?  No way.  Sakura without tears?  A nice thought but, again, no.  Danzo decides that he would leave the main course of his wonderful “meal”, Danzo, to Sasuke.

Sasuke? This is your dream match up. I hope you realize that this isn't going to be as simple as the Valley of the End...

Ok, now this really sounds bad.  I sense that Susanoo chick is going to make a big comeback shortly.  However, after toying with the less desirable underlings, why would Madara leave Danzo to Sasuke?

Hmmmm...interesting. What's the purpose behind Danzo's eye tattoos?

Now, here’s the picture that just creeped me out big time.  Danzo’s bandages and his Transformer-ressembling arm bands/seals (if you say so, Danzo) reveal that his arm is covered in that eye technique that is so over-hyped and over-emphasized by Kishi, that damned Sharingan.  Every time I think Kishi has gone overboard with this eye tech, he finds yet another way to take this over the top.  Boy, did he do just that, IMO.  Now, I want to know what the purpose is for Danzo to have one arm filled with Sharingan eyes.  I’d LOVE to hear your theories on this one.  I’m getting all sorts of images with this idea.  Here are a few:

1)  Danzo is collecting Sharingan like trophies of the fallen Uchiha – and like a new coin collection

2)  Danzo is stocking up on Sharingan so if the one he currently has fails, he can merely pluck another one and have it implanted – ewwwww!

3)  Danzo liked the design of the eyes on his body.  His plan is to cover his entire body (now THIS gives me images I don’t want to think of) with these eyes.

4)  Danzo’s eyes actually serve a function – it allows him to sense an enemy and can intensify any technique he has.

5)  Danzo is actually an accomplice of Madara.  Danzo is holding the eyes that Madara needs in order for his “immortality.”

And, the ideas go on…Again, I’d love to hear yours.

Since I haven’t been writing in a while, I thought I’d add a bubble contest.  Put your captions into the comments and I will have a special guest (who has yet to be picked at random) select the best one.  Mark your caption as “BUBBLE” in your comments.  I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with this one:

That’s all I have for now.  Until Manga 476, c’ya!



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  1. First!

  2. BAZINGA!!!! lol im first..
    welcome back Tsunade’s Twins…im missed them..i mean you…;)
    Up till now i wasn’t feeling danzou’s arm full of eyes until i thought about why he could be doing that…
    He has them so that no one from the other clans can have them, as well as use them for trust worthy members of root.. (the second half not really) If you think about it, he does do things part of the time for the sake of the village (and his own reasons) so him “holding” onto those sharigan could be seen as a reason.

    Im hoping Naruto knows what he has to do against Sasuke.. I see him going with Sakura in a fight to get him, which could result in him loosing, being brought to madara, and having the jubei released…..NOT i do see him and Sasuke fighting and Sakura just standing there in awe of the two ACTUALLY fighting like they did in the past…. Kakashi and the rest of those 8 gennins(you know who i mean) will probably be there fighting off other members of akatsuki/hawk in the mean time…

  3. Bubble

    1. Don’t worry about Sasuke.
    2. I will be your bitch.

  4. Penny: Awesome breakdown and welcome back.

    I won’t be surprise that Danzo have sharigan all over this body too. There must be more Uchiha that got murdered then what’s on his arm.


  6. Sharingan in his arm ? Who does that ? What purpose does it serve, can he see through them ? Wow. Questions, questions.
    I’m sure it’s one of those 5 ideas up there, most likely #1 or #2.


  8. Welcome back Penny! although i have almost given up on this manga (first he offs my favorite villan to do a reset button, then he beheads kisame!?) i am still reading, mostly for the lolz. will enjoy your high quality breakdowns! also, i like the idea that maybe danzo has some eyes madara wants/needs and that is why he is attacking danzo here. btw i saw the latest episode of shippuden and seeing that madara can fight somewhat, as shown in this chapter, i have to ask, why the hell did he not just absorb naruto back then and keep him locked up in tetrisland where sasuke was!??? it makes no sense!

  9. Obviously Danzo’s arm is to make Itachi horny lol.

    Naruto- Man Sakura is such a bitch.

    Garra- Yea i been known that. Hey! Look! We now both have emo eyes lol lets plot for revenge, be gay with Orochimaru, and drink club sodas!!

  10. Bubble : I know what you do in the washroom….

  11. @Penny, On voting section 3, I was wondering and thinking hard I havnt googled it or anything but whats a Rout???

    @Nope24, You me the Idea that Tobi’s Weakness is when he is using his teleportation jutsu, how else wouldd he get affected by Aburame.

    About Danzou and the Sharigans I think him seeing Kakashi gain a sharigan and his power increase methodically organised a way to gain Shizu’s Sharigan and from here on wanted more powers. He also I believe knows something Of the Juubi like Madara did why else would he covet the Kyuubi the Key is the Kyuubi I believe not necessarily the other Bijuu, and when he gains all the powers of the Sharigan and there is no other Sharigan ability to counter him he will try and take the Kyuubi to gain eternal life, In a Nut shell.

  12. Damn…i got second…

    Naruto:Any suggestions on how to get stronger?
    Gaara:When you have eyes like me come see me.
    Gaara:And get rid of Sakura too…*mumbles* she’s a bitch.. mumbles*

  13. CAPTION: Gaara: I fucked Sakura. GaaraSaku FTW.

    I believe Naruto’s going to follow his nindo way and, whether or not it’s hard for him and causes him immense pain, he is going to try his hardest to have integrity and to do what he feels is right, and to not give up on Sasuke, and, whether or not he succeeds, not regret it and believe that (as Gaara put,) what a friend truly is, is someone who doesn’t give up on other friends.

    It allows room for people to walk all over Naruto, but I don’know… I’m sure Naruto can try to come up with something, especially if I can try to.

  14. Excuse me.

    CAPTION: Gaara: I fucked Sakura.
    Gaara: GaaSaku FTW.

  15. I think Kishi may also be setting Danzou up to be killed by Sasuke, whether or not Sasuke is saved immediately, later, or at all, and instead of taking Itachi’s eyes, he will take the eyes of those who died by Madara’s and Itachi’s hands, in order to hopefully honor those whom were slain in the massacre.

    I also imagine that, if those eyes have actual nerves attached to them, then they all work like every other sharingan eye would and whatnot, y’know?

    And remember how Kakashi keeps his eye covered at all times to save chakra, if I remember correctly? That could be what Danzou’s doing.

    Maybe Danzou even got this idea from Kakashi.

    Anyone else notice how, despite Fuu and Torune’s supposed loyalty, Danzou sheds not even a tear – nor does he even appear to wince or twitch when they potentially died?

    There’s such a thing as not showing emotion, but he’s along the lines of not caring. Not that I’m TOO surprised, but still… :l

  16. Ah for mine, for Naruto’s bubble… X3

    CAPTION: Naruto: …

  17. Welcome back Penny and heros!*drools*
    Great breakdown!

    I hope that Naruto will beat up Sasuke and make him change his mind because I don’t want Naruto to kill Sasuke but I don’t want Naruto to become emo like Sasuke.
    @holydemonmandy: That’s what not showing emotion is. He didn’t even blink when they got absorbed.
    On the other hand, Fuu and Torune aren’t as emotionless as Sai was. They were scared and panicking. Tecnically they should be more emotionless because they’ve been in Root for years.

    Gaara1: I’m sorry, Naruto…
    Gaara2: I just ate your bowl of ramen.
    Naruto: You bastard…

  18. Who else thought right after seeing Danzos arm that he must have some awesome chakra reserves!? I mean Holy Crap to have that many sharingan, and all activated!?……I LOVE DANZOU ^_^


    Gaara: I can see in ur eyes that… u need more mascara

    Naruto: ….

  19. Bubble:

    Gaara1: I’m sorry Naruto…
    Gaara2:But Sakura is not a virgin anymore
    Naruto: You bastard….

  20. Gaara1: Naruto… I hate to tell you this but….
    Gaara2: Sakura isn’t a virgin anymore

    Naruto: Now I can’t fuck her… cuz I only fuck virgins…

  21. Bubble
    Gaara: Naruto there is sth i want to tell’s about Sasuke..
    Gaara: Well, Madara fucked Sasuke…sry for telling u this..
    Naruto: O_O NOOOOOOOOOO!! NOT MY SASUKE!!!I’m gonna find him and bring him BACKKKKKK!!!!!!!!

    gah..kinda lame but oh well~~
    @dragonballlifestyle i totally agree with u..i don’t want Sasuke to die either..dammit.. 😦

  22. Madara’s ability reminds me of the twins in Matrix Reloaded, making himself immaterial at will, but way more creepy than cool.

  23. Ahh~~AWESOME breakdown and Okaeri Penny

  24. ❤ 🙂

  25. LMFAO this chapter proves hopw useless oro was. lol he tried so hard to obtain a pair of sharingan and failed while a person has an arm full.

  26. I changed the first one a bit. Both count in the contest. Pick the one you think is the best, Penny.
    Gaara1: I have to tell you something Naruto…
    Gaara2: I just ate your bowl of ramen.
    Naruto: You bastard…

  27. @senju: I didn’t think about that but you’re so right! And maybe when Danzo finds Kabuchimaru he’ll ask him to use his jutsu to heal his arm and eye and Kabuchimaru will ask for two sharingan eyes in exchange!

  28. Bubble

    Gaara: Oh yeah one more thing… I see dead people
    Naruto: Nice… give me some of that sand

  29. Great and interesting beakdown penny. And welcome back. Wra really needed a hero. Two nice big juicy hero’s O_O

    And thanks for bringing back the bubble post contest because i actually need them for a bubble post breakdown supers gona let me start.

    @ Everyone: About Danzo, he has alot of sharingans including the one in his eye and he is not an uchiha. So shouldnt his chakra be constantly gone because of the phsycle drain the sharingans have on his body?
    I mean, just look at kakashi. He only his one sharingan and his chakra is half depleted by the time he finishes the make of 1 rakiri.

  30. Greeeeaaaaat Breakdown!!!!! Enjoyed reading this very much! 🙂

  31. Bubble:

    Gaara: Your eye lines!! Impossible… But no matter, Mada Mada Dane!

    Naruto: Wait till you see Sage mode, hmph!

    Gaara: We will SEE about that!

  32. @marksman: Danzo is like Kakashi because he has the sharingan in his eye and he’s not Uchiha. The difference is that the blood in the arm stolen from Shisui IS Uchiha so the Sharingans in there don’t actually deplete his chakra like one sharingan does with Kakashi.

  33. @Dragonball: Last I heard blood is recycled throughout the ENTIRE body. Second, you never have the same blood that you did, I think it was, like, a week ago or something, because blood cells are constantly dying, and new ones are being remade if I remember correctly.

    Kishi may be getting a little lax in his explanations.

  34. @holy: I think it is more like transplanting a new organ…

  35. @holydemonandy: And last I heard, this is a manga, not real life, so some rules that apply in real life don’t in mangas.

  36. @dragonball

    Yeah maybe for example a child of 12 year old transplanting a eye to a other person 😛

  37. BUBBLE
    gaara: you know there is nothing that cant be cured with some free time and ben & jerrys – caramel chew chew…

  38. hi penny….been a while….lot’s of explaining to do perhaps on why we’ve not talked for a while? Well we’ll see…..really hope you’ve been ok.

    Anyways, to naruto, i really think you’ve raised an important point. The thing is about madara’s ability, it says madara’s true powers” the chapter, but we’ve seen just “space-time jutsu”. It seems we might just have seen madara’s ability to absorb people to their demise and hence retain their abilities. If that’s the case then that’s sick. The thing is also from danzou ability…that arm is absolutely preposterous. The thing with those eyes, i’m still trying to “decode”, but i get the funny feeling they all have special abilities, just like how shisui’s eyes have a unique ability to control the minds of subjects. If that’s the case, sasuke would have to do more than a chidori and katon jutsus and probably much more than the mangyekou’s techniques to really hurt danzou. Can’t wait to see more.

    Cheers penny.

  39. @そうカケス: I don’t see how that’s NOT possible. She had enough control over her chakra to perform medical ninjutsu and supposedly heal the cells – including NERVE cells – within the eye, and reattache them and whatnot.

    It’s not too hard for me to believe at all.

    I think sooner or later Naruto may end up getting absorbed by Madara, if that really is the case, and end up fighting his way out like Goku and Vegeta did with Buu.

  40. @そうカケス: I’m basing this knowledge off of what Kishi has previously explained to us in the manga, if I remember correctly.

  41. Bubble:

    Garra: I Peed in youre ramen

  42. bubble:

    naruto: …
    gaara: did you not hear me?
    gaara: does this gourd make my ass look big?

  43. Welcome back, Penny, great breakdown, too…

    @Marks: I think it’d be too soon to conclude that until we find out exactly what all those Sharingans on Danzou’s arm do. If they each take the same amount of chakra as does the one Kakashi has, Danzou would be down and out the moment he removed that bandage. So I’m guessing all those eyes don’t perform the basic Sharingan functions that would cause such strain (which would be unnecessary, anyway, since one Sharingan eye is more than enough for that) and that they each have unique abilities in them, like Total said.

    Speaking of Total, good to see ya again =)


    Naruto: The hell’s that smell?
    Gaara 1: Sorry…
    Gaara 2: I had burritos for lunch.

  44. i think Danzou can battle with all those sharingans because of that seal. maybe it actually does help stop the chakra depletion. granted his eye has no seal on it so that is still a drain but he probably has a ton of chakra anyway. i mean all these s ranked nins do. even the third at his old age had a ton of chakra so im not surprised if this is the case with Danzou. Btw i dont know how you can fight with eyes on your arm…

  45. @ HOLY

    Just like Dragon say : And last I heard, this is a manga, not real life, so some rules that apply in real life don’t in mangas.

    Sorry but I can’t find better word 🙂

  46. BUBBLE-

    Gaara-1) i know this isn’t the best time to tell you this buuuut…
    2) i was HIV positive BEFORE yesterday night as well…

  47. I rekon Madaras ability works like this say I wanted to put my arm through the wall I couldnt because me and the wall exist using the same Frequency but If I were to exist on another frequency I could phase through objects like a ghost or if I changed it to another I would be Indestructable, madara used this frequency when Suigetsu swung his sword at Kisame. And if he existed in another frequency/dimension it might explain why he is still alive that could even be his unique EMS ability.

    Also with Danzou if he uses those sharigans he could use them for a long time because he is using Uchiha chakra uchiha only need little amount of chakra to use Sharigan abilitys if it was his chakra it would fatigue him, I think Danzou has tried to absorb Shizu but some of Shizu’s body retained form though danzou still has control if he unseals his arm and overuses it it could negative effect on him like Shizu taking form maybe, Though I think he wants Kabuto to help him fully absorb the body so he is Uchiha/Senju so it wont have any negative effect on him like it does Kakashi and doing so Danzou could look younger and much Cooler.

  48. BUBBLE:

    Naruto: But it’s GOTTA be him! The one sharingan, and the eye on the same side!!!

    Gaara 1: No dude. Obito really IS dead…
    Gaara 2: I’ve got his ashes in my gourd 0_0

  49. BUBBLE:

    Naruto:*gasp* since when have there been people watching us???
    Gaara: Im not sure, but maybe if we stare back seriously dey will all go away
    Gaara: Oh shyt it isnt workinggggg

  50. YOSH!!! Great breakdown Penny and it’s great to see you(all) back! Everyone else was doing it…>_>

    I honestly don’t know why this chapter was titled Madara’s True Strength. He let objects and people phase through him. He phased through objects. He absorbed people.. All those things he’s done before nothing new really. The only new thing he did was rip his arm off. Lol, maybe that’s his true strength. Ripping limbs off and kicking them at his opponent. -_-

    I don’t think the blood flow in Danzou’s right arm has much to do with how well he can control the sharingans. If we remember Danzou has Shisui’s Uchiha chakra flowing through his right arm and shoulder.

    That may have something more do with how severe the chakra drain is on him when using those sharingans. On a side note I don’t ses how Danzou can use that many sharingans. If Sasuke wants to he can just go up to Danzou and smack him in the arm or give him a high five. XD

  51. @Supertrek: Totally agree with you. The “arm rip off no jutsu” was the only new thing ABOUT TOBI. But if you look at the very last picture, the revelation of Danzou’s arm…… who said that Kishi was referring to Tobi with the chapter title? *ggg* Yeah I know, I hate the Danzou=Madara theory as well, but it sounds so perfectly conspiracy-ish *evil grin* ! 🙂

  52. @ 地獄そうカケス hellyeahjay: That’s a perfect example.

  53. @Aeris: Noooooeeeessss, don’t bring that theory up again! >_<

    @Anyone: Any theories on what that white stuff was coming out of Madara's arm? Robotics, artificial arm, cyborg, or maybe Madara is an alien.

  54. Thanks for the insight pickles. I guess we will see for ourselves

  55. @Everyone: I searched Raikage on Narutopedia yesterday and look what I found:

    The Raikage’s name is Ē and apparently he’s the Fourth Raikage!
    This seems strange to me since I haven’t ever read it in the manga and maybe you people might know where the manga states it.

  56. Bubble:
    Naruto: “Did you just…!”
    Gaara: “Shhhh… just let it happen.”

  57. This is a crazy theory but what if Madara wants Danzo die so he can take his physical form back. Currently Madara is just a walking marshmallow like in Ghostbuster.

  58. @Super: Seeing this again made me remember – if there was chakra flowing from the other sharingan, WHY didn’t Ao see these sharingans? If the arm piece thing was blocking him from seeing it, then wouldn’t Ao have been suspicious about that too?

    As for the white stuff. I don’t remember seeing it. But I think it’s ‘gasm juice. :O

  59. @holydemonandy:i dont think Ao knew he dad multiple sharigans..
    also i think the fact that they were sealed and not used at the time that they didn’t actually show or give off an aura similiar to shusui’s chakra.. if he has them dormant or sealed then he can’t really use them thus not really draining much chakra from him like kakashi’s. if you think about it, danzou may only use a couple of them at a time like for various reasons which is probably why he has the people manipulation in his eye and the others are more suitable for combat seeing as how he rarely has to fight with Fuu and Torune with him persay…kinda like how the thousand sunny has different combat systems..

    Naruto:When did Gaara become so Awesome?
    Gaara:When you can conquer emo only awesomeness remains..
    Gaara:But becareful, Sasuke maybe become the next Chuck Norris..

  60. now that look at it… thats a little bit like the Sith’s motto
    (got the idea from playing Knight of the Old Republic for years..lmao)

  61. It would be interesting if Danzou had Chakra pools from each Uchiha like he has with Shisui’s eye, If just an eye can resonate through his Uchiha arm which is riddled with many Uchiha clans members then it could also resonate other Uchiha chakra pools and if so that would make Danzou incredible strong and I coulndt see Sasuke winning.

  62. i jsut read the spoiler for 476… omg and omg… they live!!

    he dies??


    -spill7 out!!

    oh i read the spoiler on its in the comments on page 1.


  63. Say Danzou takes eyes from the Uchiha clan does he just use 1 eye from each person or would you think he fuses both eyes of 1 person in to 1 sharigan maybe increasing the power of the eye?

  64. @Supertrek: ok the deal with madara strength, and what i suspect it could be is the fact that he could just have absorbed fu and torune to their deaths and retained their techniques. Just look how he said to fu “you’re next”. That could just mean he really intended to get rid of them, and in the process absorb their techniques. That could be one hell of an ability.

  65. i just loved how Madara just kicks his severed arm at Fu. Wasn’t expecting that…

    I thought it was silly before but now Danzo totally reminds me of Gendo Ikari of NGE (apologies for alluding to another franchise)
    Just look at the similarities:

    1. Total jackasses
    2. Manipulative/Sneaky
    3. Obsessed with becoming God/Hokage
    4. Integrating body parts(notably the eye) into their own arm/hand for personally gain

    sorry just thought it was a coincidence after seeing this chapter.
    Any way back to |NARUTO|
    If Danzo is a non-uchiha, which he should, then the battle isn’t gonna last more than 1-2 chapters. Like what Marksman said with that many sharingans…. well let’s just say that unless Danzo has a greater chakra pool than Kisame or E (which i highly doubt, but who knows but Kishi), his chakra pool will disappear within seconds/minutes.

  66. @yatarx8: Lol, the NGE reference was good 😀 !
    But, your chakra pool comparison: Sasuke isn’t the chakra monster as well, so don’t overestimate him. The biggest chakra monsters are probably Naruto and Kisame. Some shinobi with few chakra are Shikamaru and… don’t know.
    But I don’t think that it is a given fact Danzou is a “chakra insect”. He can have a nice amount of chakra, can’t he? Look at how fast Sasuke got rid of his chakra pool, what did he do? Gen-Jutsus, breaking Tsukuyomi (probably the biggest chakra drain), Chidori in the gen-jutsu (does that count???), two Goukakyuu no jutsus, the big Gouryuuka no Jutsu, and that’s it. A tiny rest for Kirin. Not THAT much if you ask me.

  67. @aeris: don’t forget orochimaru’s body tech, which does take alot of chakra for…

    I see the fight with Sasuke and Danzou to be an intersting one for the fact that Sasuke was “healed” and strong enough to want to fight danzou. obviously he’s gonna question him about the massacre event.

  68. @Totalitarian: That could be true but we don’t know. Madara still didn’t show us anything we haven’t seen before. He absorbed Sasuke and Karin a few chapters back also. If he did in fact take Fuu’s and Torune’s powers then the next chapter where he actually displays them should be called Madara’s True strength, and not the chapter where he just absorbed them as that has been done already.

    I just didn’t see anything new from Madara this chapter.

    @Anyone: It’d be intense if each one of those sharingans had a unique ability pertaining to its old user, but wouldn’t each one those sharingans have to be a Mangekyou Sharingan to develop that unique ability?

    Kakashi’s MS = Warp others/objects

    Itachi’s MS = Tsukoyomi, Amaterasu, and Susnao’o

    Madara’s MS = Warp himself

    Sasuke’s MS = Itachis eye techniques + ? (his own?)

    I’m a little confused on that though because Shisui never had MS but his sharingan had a unique ability without being developed that far (mind control). Anybody want to add to that then be my guest. Anyway, unless all those sharingans were like Shisui’s and developed special abilities without MS then I find it hard to believe Danzou has a unique ability attached to each one of those sharingans.

  69. so in the next chapter i wonder if madara will die and danzo will take control of the 10 tails which he will then have full control of the sharingan rinnegan and byakugan altogether and thus win the Beast Wars from the evil Megatron and his evil band of Decepticons!!

    ok i added the transformers part… but the rest is true!!



  70. here’s a weird plot twist… Danzou beats/captures Sasuke..
    If he does that he can actually take Sasuke’s sharigans and kill him later? but that also removes him as a missing nin. also that would ensure naruto to stay here in konoha while they prevent madara from making or fusing the other tailed beast to form the jubei…however, by doing that KB would come to konoha to take revenge on Sasuke himself resulting in him “invading” konoha for him making it a matchup of Naruto the village hero vs KB (cloud country’s hero) thus in the fight they stop and kb teaches naruto how to control his beast…. well not the fighting of kb and naruto but the rest does seem plausible…

  71. I think everyone is selling Danzou short here. He have to have a large pool of chakra to use that sharigan arm. It will have no purpose to have a sharigan arm in the first place. Danzou probably been experimenting on his body so he can handle the stress of using that sharigan arm. If he have gain the mangekyo sharigan in his arm that only will make his jutsues impossible to dodge and when you add the Amaterasu, Tsukiyomi, and Susanoo, then Sasuke is in for a epic fight.
    For Naruto, we all know what his choice will be and that is to follow his ninja way and save sasuke from the darkness.

  72. @aeris89 – thanks!
    don’t get me wrong i’m not overestimating sasuke, I only assume that theory because of what we know with kakashi and his sharingan. If one eye activating can make him tired twice as fast than a uchiha with 2 sharigans in each eye activated; i can assume a non-uchiha with 7+ sharingans activated would become narcoleptic.
    I believe this because of the seal he removed from his arm,the seal’s purpose would possibly be to
    |1| conserve his chakra just like Kakashi and his headband
    |2| prevent anyone who assassinates him from stealing them. (that’s our Danzo, always cautious)
    However, Sasuke might just get arrogant and screws himself, i definitely suspect that to happen as well. Spite always tends to shadow our pissy, little emo.

    @shinobimadness – a plot twist so weird, it could happen… =0

  73. *…an uchiha with a sharingan (not 2) in each eye activated…
    apologies for the confusion =/

  74. one more thing

    @supertrek: Shisui’s Hypnosis => i remembered something; the sharingan can see chakra, utilize enhanced perception (like copying taijutsu moves), and there was one technique an expert sharingan user can utilize as well – hypnosis. Remember back in the Land of the Waves arc, when Zabuza thought Kakashi was seeing into the future because of Kakashi foreseeing his actions and using the Grand Waterfall Tech before Zabuza. But Zabuza later realized that he was, at the time, under the sharingan’s influence, hypnosis in this case. The hypnosis could influence the opponent to commit an action suggested to the opponent by the user, if the sharingan is used toward direct eye contact. However Shisui’s version seems to grant the user the hypnosis without the victims awareness to the dojutsu’s effect, like the sharingan was affecting his subconscious and not the conscious as well. Something else to point out, Shisui’s tech could also be cast on to the victim without eye contact, as we never saw Danzo remove the bandages from his eye.

  75. @shinobi – you might be onto something here. Didn’t an interview with Kishi mentioned about someone from Team 7 losing their eye sights? Not to mention that this theory would kill two birds with one stone.

  76. @everyone:

    Thanks for all of the greetings and the “we’re glad your back” messages. You do not have any idea of how much these messages mean to me. They mean SO much to me and I thank you all. At the same time, there have been questions as to what happened to me and where I disappeared to. I will be brief and try to not be melodramatic about it all. Please express any and all “best wishes” on what I am about to say either in chat or via email at

    Ok…the “basics.” Real life called me in a big way. It involved a cross (US) country move from Minnesota to my native state of California. The situation is simple: my mother has Alzheimer’s Dementia and has a prognosis of two years or less. My brother couldn’t handle the situation anymore and it was time for me to do my share of the work. My “job” (some of you know I am an auditor by trade) is to gather all the necessary paperwork and get my mother’s affairs in order. Then came pneumonia due to H1N1. On top of all of that…I was trying to move my PC to be with me and it never got here. I now have access to a laptop with broadband, thanks to my bro. So…I am back.

    I want all of you to know that now I am just fine. For those of you who know me best, I look at life one day at a time and handle what’s directly in front of me. This time around, I happen to be around extended family so that has been a big help. However, you guys are my “family” too. You, your humor, your opinions and your good natured bantering on my all-time favorite manga, Naruto, have been my escape and have brought smiles to me when I’ve needed them the most. Writing for WRA is a joy and it, too, is my way of escape. All of you make writing this blog worthwhile! 🙂

    In particular, I want to thank all of the writers for WRA who have backed me up with the Naruto breakdowns while I was away: Broken1, Trek, Mandi and others. You guys really came through for me when I needed you the most.

    My friendship, hugs and love to all of you. All of you hold a special place in my heart. ❤ Thanks again!

    Now, back to the theories….lol

  77. BUBBLE:
    Naruto: What?!
    Garra: I just said almonds are members of the peach family

  78. Bubble:
    Garra: Where did you think babies came from?

  79. So before the New manga comes out and we see the outcome Of Danzou vs Sasuke and the Like, there are a few things that I really want too see. And we could all quiz and ponder or Guess who the third minion of Danzou’s was Terai.
    Im Going to guess and say its Shikimaru’s older brother seeing how people have secret brothers and stuff now.

    But also wondering whats happening with Jugo and Suigetsu hopefully they kill all those Samurai run in to the big bad ass Saumrai and get helped out by Zetsu.

  80. BUBBLE CONTEST!!!!!!!!

    Naruto: oh so you think you’re the shit now that you’re kazekage

    Gaara: No naruto thats where you’re wrong… i am the shit

  81. @lelulilalo: Good theory about Danzou’s third minion being a Naara! 🙂 Most important thing is that he is NOT an Akimichi 😀 ! But you can tell by his silhouette that he isn’t. Naara is actually the only family left, is there? Can’t be Hyuuga because then, Danzou wouldn’t search for a Byakugan to grab.

    @yatar: Hmm, I thought that Kakashi got tired so fast because he doesn’t have that huge chakra amount as well. He compared himself quite often to Naruto, saying that he himself has so much less chakra than Naruto. That’s why I thought he simply got tired so fast after his Kamui. Hmmm….

  82. Oh, and can’t be Inuzuka because there was no dog around 😉 ! But remember, there are TWO ANBU Roots left: One trailing Anko, Tera Dajimu,

    and Terai, the one who should look for Kabuto,

  83. @aeris85, actually just to reinforce the belief it could be narra Ill have to find it later but a root member gave sai mission once and he had hair like a Narra i think it was after or before the Capture sasuke plan at Oro’s hideout.

    Also because Danzou likes Eyes so much I take it he doesnt have a byakugan but it could be possible he took the eyes from the Dead Pain Puppets.

  84. Debate Time hehe >:)

    Who do you guys think would win in a match between naruto and Gaara.

    For some reason i think gaara would win @_@

  85. If Danzou like you said super, does indeed have a unique ability for each of those sharingans, i can imagine he will be a pretty broken character.

    Pain vs danzo

    Shikimara vs kakashi

    Itachi vs Gaara

  86. Spoiler are out and NARUTO FAINT from hyperventilating…. DAM you Kishimoto… out to turn the main character into a F**KING EMO

    …But our favourite EMO ”Sasugay” do quite a number on Danzo… Sort of…

  87. @Penny: All I can say is that it’s great to have you back~~! ^_^

    @Shinobi: I like the idea of Killer Bee going to Konoha to seek vengeance on Sasuke, but wouldn’t he know Sasuke’s a missing nin and therefore not apart of Konoha anymore? Maybe he invades Konoha to take his anger out on them because he can’t find Sasuke. That’s all of course if Kishi sticks to his interview.

    @Mastermind: Lol, actually in a long ago Kakashi vs. Danzou debate I was one of a few who stuck by Danzou’s side and said he was stronger than he looks. I don’t think he has a large chakra pool though because there’s no evidence to support that. Shisui Uchiha’s chakra flowing through his arm may play a vital role in how much chakra those sharingans drain. After all sharingans drain much less chakra when used by a Uchiha member and that is Uchiha chakra he’s using in his right arm.

    @Marks: Lol, I said…

    “Anyway, unless all those sharingans were like Shisui’s and developed special abilities without MS then I find it hard to believe Danzou has a unique ability attached to each one of those sharingans.”

    In other words I don’t believe each of those sharingans have a unique ability.

    As for Gaara vs. Naruto…In Sage Mode I don’t think Gaara can crush Naruto’s body with Sand Coffin since it seems to be much tougher. He surely could bury him alive though. I’d give it to Gaara since he has long range jutsu and Naruto really only has FRS for range attacks. Bah, I could switch to Naruto though because he has the Bijuu and beat Gaara once before even with all his fancy sand justsu. I’m to tired to debate right now so I’ll leave it at a tie for now. -_-

  88. (spoiler)

    hmm them spoiler pics look like naruto had a heart attack and thats never good lol.



    happy holidays!!!


  90. omg, i jsut finished reading the new chapter!!! WOW!!
    i like Danzou now, sorta, he doesnt seem like such a creepy old man anymore..

    kishi turned naruto into a weakling… something is goin on with him… i wonder what will happen… the story REALLY kicks in nicely in this story…

    ok thats all i say…

    enjoy the issue 3 days early… guess there is only the anime to look forward til the end of the week for the weekend… cant believe the issue was translated this early and released… woot!!!



  91. Spill….can you redo some of those pages? Some are photo files and I can’t open them – the first seven or so. Thankss!

  92. redo?? you want me to upload to someplace? i didnt make them. i could i guess upload the pages and post em if you want. let me know.


  93. well now i totally just posted the entire manga to a picture sharer site and reposted it all here and my post didnt post… meh..

    well hopefully penny you see the post i did for you, it was ever pge.


  94. @ Everyone – Maybe we’re looking at this all wrong, perhaps Kishi meant that SASUKE was MADARA’s true strength.

    True, that being able to use your toilet-flush jutsu to give your opponents the “moon’s eye” is awesome, but I think we are going to see that Madara has this all planned out farther ahead than even Shikamaru could think. (At least I hope otherwise this story is going to suck.)

  95. For those who just want to read the chapter check .

    Chapter was great. Danzo isn’t going to go down without a fight.

    I have a scary feeling that along the way something bad will happen to Kakashi. :/

  96. i have to agree with quagmires… kakashi looks like he will need to take the fall in order for naruto to step up, but im confused to who will be the senior level mentor to naruto if that happens as i don’t think yamato is all there in his head so to speak and we know naruto himself is missing quite a few brain cells too..

    this was one of the better intense chapters for me because it showed a side of danzou i didn’t think he really had in him, it seems his intentions are more noble than the likes kishi has been placing him within… even though the end result was peace for the nations and uchiha was destroyed, i am not sure how the continual life-span of the uchiha clan residing with-in danzou’s arm will help sasugay by making him greater and stronger or will it lessor him into keeping him emo…

    also the way danzou explained the past to sasugay, it seemed that he was on his side and that he wasn’t the monster we see him to have been portrayed as…

    i think the machine of our minds created danzou to fit into this cookie cutter ideal of the bad guy when now i seeing his character as more of a martyr instead of the manipulator he is shown as…

    so i’m kinda now shifting in my feelings for this character, as now i want to hear his story, hoping that he really didn’t get all squished out of existence… but it would be assumed proper that the next chapter will be the same style fight sasugay fought with itachi while zetsubo watched from the sides and explained that neither of the 2 bros have moved so the battle is purely with their sharingans… so i’m curious to see how far evolved the sharingans that danzou has acquired will go against with sasugay.

    interesting thoughts are now going thru my mind also, i want to know where the thread of sakura and sai will go and how she will feel towards his secretiveness of going behind her back and advising naruto and kakashi and yamato towards her real actions, will kishi make a point of that between them??

    anyways… this was a really cool chapter, and i liked how karin was all grossed out as i was too… but i still now wonder what is going on with suigetsu and the other guy… i fergot his name… but its been 2 weeks since they got caught by the empire of samurais.

  97. i always thought danzou was a good guy
    all he talked about was peace and sacrifice (jesus anyone)
    sure he still seemed a little cynical
    but inside every cynical person is a dissappointed idealist ^__^

    another possibility:
    itachi was in root

    anyone think so?

    now that i think of it, it seems only prestigious shinobi make it to root since those two (danzou’s gaurds) seem to know there stuff

  98. @boyruns…

    Sai is not prestigious..


  99. i think so
    who else has that drawing no jutsu?

  100. i think gaara would win too because of his long range moves, sand protection, bijuu like chackra stamina and sand coffin attack seeing as how he can mix minerals with his sand and make it stronger.

  101. Naruto’s reaction – hyperventilating and stuff – reminds me of stuff that’s happened to me. The pain in the heart too.

    It never happened so much that I passed out though.

  102. By the way, I liked the breakdown, Penny.


    Naruto 476 spoiler

  104. manga was awesome!!!!! cant wait till next week

  105. Dammit Naruto you pussy bastard! Stand up and stop having a panic attack over the thought of your lover dying! -_- Hinata sacrificed her life for you and you get angry. Sakura goes off to die for you and you look abashed. Sasuke runs away and gets stronger 3 f**king years ago and when you hear people want to kill him now you have a f**king panic attack!? Sweating on the ground hyperventilating like a jilted lover!? WTF!?!??!? -10 AWESOMENESS POINTS FOR YOU BITCH!!!

    *controls himself* -_-

    Now while the Naruto fan boys prepare a rant for me I’m going to talk about the rest of the chapter. Sasuke is awesomeness I don’t care what anyone says his control over Susan’o is crazy. He’s not even bleeding from the eyes. Danzou is pretty good too with that level of genjutsu to fool Sasuke’s MS. Still think Danzou is bad though. Spill and Boyruns you all don’t take into account Danzou’s selfishness when you’re talking about his attributes.

    Danzou sacrifices those around him “for the sake of the village” but never himself. He hid underground while Pein attacked the village, he supposedly loves so much, just so he can take it over in its weakened state. Not to mention all the evil acts he did “for the sake of the village” which must be something astronomical since he seals the lips of all those who know. Personally I think he’s just a self serving, egotistical, power hungry, selfish, evil bastard that cares about himself more than the village but meh…that’s just my opinion. -_- He hasn’t done anything “good” that would warrant me to look at him in even a dim light.

  106. @super-

    everything about danzou that we felt about him still holds, but in this chapter, i am seeing his actions in telling sasugay the story makes me feel there is a larger story going on… danzou is still the creepy new orochimaru figure for me and really to have what, 11 eyes plus the one in his face all for himself?? who else is that selfish other than chougi att an all you can eat bbq extravaganza!!!

    maybe the 9tails is up to something because we havent seen or heard from him since naruto punched his dad in the other dimension…

    also so like, madara has his own dimension, kakashi can send anyone to another dimension, haku would bounce around in another dimension, animals are summonded from some other dimension, naruto’s dad hangs out with orochimaru at some other dimension…kishi sure uses a lot of made up spaces…

    also why didnt kakashi just have sai tell sakura to stop moving so kakashi could catch up to them??


  107. @super i TOTALLY AGREE with u…wtf was that…having a panic attack all of a suddden..but still i don’t want Naruto to give up on him..GAH *still attached* and @spill i agree with everything u said..right 🙂

  108. Naruto really let me down..what’s up with “THAT” reaction..??? he could simply go after Sasuke alone and solve this unfulfilled love thingy once and for all by beating the crap out of Sasuke..and then bring him back to live happily ever after so he can stop having such stupid reactions..gah!! laaaame.. 😛

  109. @Spill: If Danzou is to be redeemed by Kishi later on it’ll probably be like how he tried to redeem Itachi. Who by the way is still in the wrong in my opinion but anyway Danzou’s modification reminds me he was working with Orochimaru. More dirt against him. 😉

    Lol, why didn’t Kakashi tell Sai to stop Sakura’s advance? She wouldn’t listen and if she knew Kakashi was coming she’d probably suspect he was going to stop her she’d just move ahead faster.

  110. @supertrek89 i think danzou sees life as a chess game were sacrificing (of pawns and other pieces) is necessary for victory (peace)
    now i personally dont agree with that world view but its a valid (and realistic) world view none the less
    also i dont think kishi cant fully redeem a character like danzou but im sure at the end we will have a little soft spot for him

  111. @supertrek89

    I agree on you with most points regarding Danzou, after all, most tyrants often believe they are acting in the interests of their country, even to the point of deluding themselves.

    It doesn’t change the fact that their actions are selfish and self serving…

    However, I noticed you rant directed towards Naruto and I must disagree somewhat. I am not going give you a fanboy rant, but just my view on him.

    Naruto has always held his ground and stood firm, throughout the entire series up to this point. He has hidden his emotions, walked a very lonely path (more so than people realise) and put everyone before himself.

    He has had to grow up dealing with being a Jinchuuriki, being hated by his village most of his life, had to prove himself before anyone even acknowledged him (which no person should have to do), had to deal with the only person he considered a brother almost killing him and then leaving and then has to deal with the numerous burdens that fell on his lap, most given by his teammates and friends.

    Then he lost Jiraiya, his father figure and not soon afterwards he had to deal with Konoha being destroyed and then had to save it. He went through a lot of emotional stress that time and almost lost a lot of people. That obviously had a huge impact on him.

    Now, with all of that compounding and the recent events with Sasuke, are you saying that him having an anxiety attack is a bit much?

    Anyone else would have flopped dead from a heart attack long ago.

    It is the first time we have actually seen Naruto fall in his stride, and considering all he has gone through, I think he is entitled to have a moment of weakness. How do you think you would have handled all of that?

  112. True Naruto has been through a lot but let me point out something else.

    Sasuke throughout the entire series has also always been alone or at least felt that way. His entire clan and family slaughtered by his own brother who told him to grow up and hate him if he were to ever seek revenge. Sasuke has also always hidden his emotions but never his agenda. Just like Naruto his agenda was always loud and clear. Naruto wanted to be Hokage and Sasuke wanted to kill his brother.

    Sasuke has grown up dealing with not feeling adequate enough to defeat his brother and haunted by the memories of what Itachi did to him that night. Naruto may feel like Sasuke is his brother but Itachi is actually Sasuke’s brother and he loved him. Itachi killing his mom and dad then showing him the events of that night is far more hurting then what Sasuke did to Naruto. Sasuke left Naruto to become stronger…-_-

    We know what Sasuke lost and he knew what he lost. He loved his mom and dad then lost them just when he was getting his dad’s attention. He also lost his brother that night and after killing him later he finds out Itachi was just protecting him.

    In other words Sasuke has gone through just as much if not more than Naruto and they’ve both shed their fair amounts of tears. In fact Naruto has cried much more so he’s been letting his emotions out more while Sasuke has them bottled up inside. Yet Naruto is the one cringing on the ground and Sasuke is following his own path head held up high, whether it be the wrong path or not. That’s what I want Naruto to do. Grow some balls, make a decision, and follow his Nindo way or not follow it. It’s up to him but this anxiety attack is (excuse my French) fucking pathetic.

    It’s not so much the moaning and cringing on the ground that pisses me off (but it has a lot to do with it). Sasuke isn’t hesitating he knows what he wants and gets it done. Naruto has always prided himself on following his nindo way and I liked him for his unhesitant and headstrong way. Right now he’s hesitating though which goes against all he’s stood for before. If I was Naruto what I would do is kill Sasuke but since I’m not Naruto and Naruto is Naruto what I expect him to do is get off the ground and retrieve Sasuke like his nindo way tells him to do.

  113. @supertrek89

    The thing is, Sasuke is Sasuke and Naruto is Naruto. Naruto’s character is almost the polar opposite of Sasuke and that is the highlight of their rivalry throughout the series.

    In fact, I think you are mistaking Sasuke’s coldness for a strength, but all it is, is a destructive nature that harms everyone he comes into contact with.

    Yes, Sasuke has been through a lot, and no, he doesn’t break down and cry, or have the same reaction us normal human beings do, etc, but he does show his disdain in another way. Sasuke is reacting by destroying everything around himself and even going as far as risking war. All for what? His revenge?

    So, let me understand this clearly. It’s not alright to have a breakdown because of the burden you carry, but it is alright to risk the lives of a multitude of people who have nothing to do with your problem and even instigate a war that can cause hundreds and thousands of deaths?

    Now that is an interesting way of thinking.

    You know, one thing that always stood out to me about Naruto (the manga) and one thing that made me like it so much, was the character development. The characters felt human, because they showed human emotions and human weaknesses.

    They weren’t portrayed like heroes in some of the other manga you read, where they have a heart of steel and an unwavering stride, they have weaknesses, human weaknesses. I will take DBZ as an example. I mean, the whole planet could blow up in that manga, with 6 billion deaths as a result and no-one would care any less. There was no emotional consequence or impact for anything that happened and it all felt very artificial, even though it was a fun show.

    The only character I felt any attachment to was Vegetta and that was because he was the only character that went through any real development throughout the show.

    And besides, going back to the topic at hand, it isn’t like Naruto said “stuff it, I hate what is happening, so I am going to have an anxiety attack”. His reaction was out of his own ability to control. It just happened. He didn’t moan or complain or say how cruel the world was, or how much he hates life.

    In fact, he has always been optimistic, even if only for the sake of everyone else. He has always been positive for everyone around him, even to the point of harming himself with that devotion and when he does allow his thoughts to wander, or when he is feeling down, he never allows it to affect those close to him.

    If anything, I think this anxiety attack is actually a result of him burdening so many of everyone else’s problems, rather than getting the support he needs. If you ask me, he is being strong for everyone, stronger than most people would ever be able to be and yet all we want to do is come down on him when the effects of that burden begin to show.

    We are, essentially, blaming him for being human.

  114. Cant wait till next issue nothing really surprised me it was kind of a boring chapter I expected more, I guess this is the calm before the storm.

  115. Actually the one good thing about this issue was Danzou’s bloody bunshin or his advanced genjutsu beyond even sasukes MS but I see Madara had seen through it but just quietly observing

  116. Ohh and blah blah blah if Kakashi does hunt sakura and they encounter Danzou and Sasuke I wonder if Danzou will pluck his eye out…Hmmmmm…

  117. >>>476 is out<<<

  118. my opinion
    that was nice chapter, Danzo was toying with Sasuke like with baby, he is really strong, if Susuke won’t unlock new power he will be goner, maybe Madar and Sasuke together will stand a chance against Danzo.

  119. @Tenrai: Perhaps you’re making Sasuke out to be a colder character than he actually is. He’s human too and cried for the sacrifice of his brother and I’m sure he cried many times throughout his childhood. Sasuke and Naruto are opposites but they aren’t so different that they don’t feel loss the same way. Sasuke just knows how to cover it up better but destruction is not his only outlet. I remember he spared Naruto’s life at the Valley of End instead of just killing him and possibly gaining the MS then and there.

    As you said Naruto is Naruto and Sasuke is Sasuke. I couldn’t agree with you more. Naruto’s way of the ninja is to never give up or waver in his decision once he has his mind set. He says he’s going to do something then he’s going to do it no matter what anyone says. Do we agree on this? Then why is he faltering now? Simply because, as you said, he’s human and feeling the emotional burden he’s carrying right now. Of course humans have weaknesses and I find it pathetic of him that he can’t carry through with his way of the ninja at this crucial point.

    Excuse me for being coarse but is weakness not a pathetic fallibility at times? I don’t know about anyone else but I believe Sasuke’s fall into darkness is weak and pathetic of him. He’s human and his easy fall into darkness shows a weakness of his and I believe it’s sad. So why is it when Naruto shows weakness one can’t point it out say it’s pitiable? His indecisiveness and failure to carry through with his nindo is a human weakness Naruto is showing, so why is it when Sasuke shows weakness it’s okay for one to call that pathetic but when Naruto does the same all of a sudden it’s, ‘Forgive him it’s just him being human’? Indeed, I do agree Naruto is Naruto and Sasuke is Sasuke so we should judge them by their own separate strengths and weaknesses.

    “Sasuke is following his own path head held up high, whether it be the wrong path or not”

    I never said what Sasuke did was alright but what he’s doing is his own choice and he’s going through with it no matter what anyone thinks. Destructive, dumb, and foolhardy yes but he’s following Naruto’s nindo better than Naruto himself. Isn’t Naruto’s struggle to bring Sasuke back to Konoha also destructive, dumb, and foolhardy of him in many people’s opinions? Many people would just rather have him suck it up and kill Sasuke (I for one). In the end though I respect his persistence, at least I used to until now when he fell over like a sack of potatoes and started hyperventilating.

    Perhaps I’m being to hard on Naruto but I prefer to give all characters an equal judgement based off their actions. If I see Naruto’s persistence to bring back Sasuke no matter what anyone says as praiseworthy then I too find Sasuke’s persistence to take vengeance no matter anyone else’s thoughts as praiseworthy too. I’m not saying whether it’s good or bad I’m just praising their tenacity and free will. In the end if I find Sasuke’s show of weakness falling into the darkness as pathetic of him then I also find Naruto’s weakness of indecisiveness pathetic of him.

    We may not see eye to eye on this matter but the point of my post was not to compare Naruto and Sasuke and see who’s past was sadder boo-hoo-hoo (That can come later…>_>). I’m just explaining why I’m so pissed at Naruto right now. Sure he’s giving up everything to save Sasuke and many people rag on him for that but I respected him for his nindo. Now it looks like he’s about to go back on all that hard work and talk about “never giving up”. That is what pisses me off the most, not the hyperventilation. The hyperventilation just looks sad and pathetic. -_-

    In the end yes he’s human (as far as a manga character goes) and humans act pathetic and piss people off don’t they? Well that’s what Naruto is doing right now in my opinion. Naruto just needs to nut up or shut up. >(~_~)>

    @Prawl: Good point maybe that was Madara’s true strength. How easily he manipulates Sasuke and has him fight for him, of course unbeknownst to Sasuke.

  120. Interesting conversation you two have here! I wanna join!

    So, summarizing, I must say that I am on Tenrai’s side.
    The long version: Supertrek, you said that you expected from Naruto to follow his nindo in THIS situation as well as he always followed his way, all the time we read his story. To make it short, I don’t expect that from him because this guy DEFINITELY deserves a goddamn break! This poor boy. As you said, Naruto ALWAYS followed his way, was strong for the sake of others, hid his feelings for the sake of others, and put everyone before him, ever-y-one! His entire life. Carrying the weight of so much tragedies, like Jiraiya’s death, Sakura rejecting him over and over, being a Jinchuuriki and so on, you know the story, carrying those burdens all along. So now, we had a special striking moment in the story: All the flashbacks Naruto had in this chapter. Don’t you think this guy deserves a break?? I mean, it may appear long and outstretched, the time Naruto & Co. stood in front of the hotel, but in fact, if you relook at it, it was not that long, maybe half an hour in real time. Then, he thinks about the past, lets the emotion get to his heart, and he collapses. My goodness, give him that break! When he’s recovered, he will SURELY stand up, brush the snow off his clothes and get on the way to Sasuke to follow his nindo!!! He just took a 1 minute break. Nothing more. It’s really not like he wasted a whole day or 4 hours or a week or so.

    As to Sasuke and Naruto comparison I wanted to say that I believe that Sasuke has the worse childhood. I mean, you just have to consider the fact that his brother showed him TWO times in a Tsukuyomi how he slaughtered the whole clan and his mom and dad! I think that this is worse than anything Naruto ever had to go through. Of course Jiraiya’s death was tragic and terrible, but he didn’t see his death in a terrifying gen-jutsu that endured 3 days. Then, on top of that, comes the revelation to Sasuke that Itachi WAS the kind and loving brother all along and just had to hide that because of a fucking mission a fucking village elder gave him. If he knew that he could have talked to Itachi and they could have lived on together! …if he could convince Itachi, but that’s another story 😉 .

    Sasuke’s epic fail was the moment when he realized what Itachi planned, when Tobi spilled out everything, and did NOT decide to cherish Itachi’s plan. Itachi planned to die by Sasuke’s hand so that the Uchiha clan would regain his pride. And Sasuke threw away everything Itachi lived, fought and died for. Sasuke may think he’s avenging Itachi and/or the clan, but: Hell NO!!! Itachi didn’t want that! I mean, reread what Danzou said to him: “But it is thanks to them that peace is preserved. But you, you rejected Itachi’s will, his cause. You’ll never understand…”
    This guy is goddamned right!! And that’s the bottom line, because… 😉 !

  121. @supertrek89

    Alright, clearly you seem to be very upset about this, a bit more upset that I have ever seen you, in fact. Weakness may be seen as fallibility, but then we are all fallible, aren’t we? I don’t see how a human reaction is worth so much bluntly hateful remarks, but I think you may be having a hard time so I will leave it be.

    Anyway, I take that as a queue to end this debate right where it is, because I don’t want to fight with anyone. I was just stating my opinion on the matter but I think something is bothering you, so I am going to leave it now. You are also entitled to think what you want, so I won’t try to change that.

    I also want to ask that anyone else who may have though to of joining the debate to please refrain from doing so, so that we can avoid unnecessary fighting.


  122. I think there is more to it than just hyperventalating. Maybe he is trying to get his dad to come out again . Maybe he wants to chat with the fox there has got to be more to it than a panic attack.

  123. @Tenrai: Do you really have the impression that this conversation is fighting??? You two (and I) were just discussing and talking about the deep character traits of Naruto and Sasuke, each one explained his or her point of view and said why we liked or disliked his reaction. I don’t see any fighting in there because no one insulted the other one or got angry at someone.

  124. @Aeris: I’m sure Naruto needs a break but that’s not the point. This isn’t a break he’s taking to sit down and chill he’s having a panic attack sweating and convulsing on the floor. I wouldn’t mind if he shed a tear or two and kept on moving but this is sad really. The death of Jiraiya and his past wasn’t even in the flashbacks. This panic attack is all about Sasuke so nothing else really applies.

    As I said this is just Naruto giving into his weakness (his care for Sasuke) and I find it pathetic he won’t turn that emotion into determination. For Naruto’s sake I hope you’re right and he does just get back up and follow his nindo way. That’s what I’m looking forward to because at this point I’m just saddened.

    (Maybe “pathetic” is to harsh a word for both Sasuke and Naruto. Let’s change that word into “sad”. I find it “sad” how yada yada yada…>_>)

    @Tenrai: LMAO!!! XD What noooeess I was having fun!!! Are you quitting on me? 😦 Good debates are rare nowadays don’t stop now. O_O

    And might I ask where I sounded upset? Was it the “Nut up or shut up part” for Naruto? XD If I’m being to harsh on Naruto I’m sorry if that upsets you but that’s just my opinion.

    And are you sure someone else is not upset… Anyway don’t worry about me if I’m upset about something I’ll let you know. Please don’t stop debating over assumptions unless you want to stop of course.

  125. @super

    You just sounded very irate and I didn’t want to step on anyone’s toes. T__T


    I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to come across as though the discussion was negative. I am just a bit anxious, that’s all.


    I was actually thinking that it might not just be an anxiety attack. IT may even be a sickness, the Kyuubi or maybe even something we are unaware of.

    But, I also think we may, by any slim chance, get to see another meeting with the Yondaime. Lets hope. X__X

  126. @Tenrai: It’s cool, I know my post sounds irate but it’s not directed at you. I don’t get mad at people over fictional debates unless they’re assholes. It’s all at Naruto who’s not even real, lol, I just want to make that very clear. I’m sure many people have been mad at a character or two in some fictional story before but I’ll tone it down a little. I was enjoying the debate though. 😉

  127. Indeed, good debates are rare, and I don’t want it to stop either.
    Supertrek, you said you wouldn’t mind if he shed a tear or sth like that, you found the panic attack just way exaggerated. Right? But we’ve seen that so many times before, that’s boooooring! Let’s look at his emotions concerning Sasuke:
    *Seeing Sasuke again after 2 and a half years in Orochimaru’s hideout: Naruto was shocked, calm, anxious, passive. He cried lying on the ground after Sasuke was gone.
    *Being to late to get Sasuke after his fight with Itachi, he almost had him: It was raining, okay, but he cried as well. Naruto was angry, desperate, and crying.
    So now you want him to cry ONE more time? *yaaaaaaawn* Plus, in this situation, there was not only the “Oh I can’t get Sasuke back” but as well the Sakura thing and Gaara’s words that came to Naruto’s mind and heart. This calls for an increase, for an escalation of Naruto’s reaction. And the panic attack was that. As the story is heading towards its climax (I think). such a climatic action fits very well now, I believe.

    I thought as well at first that something is up with the Kyuubi as Naruto fell on his knees. But I think that is not the case, because EVERYtime the Kyuubi shows up in his consciousness, we SEE that consciousness inside of Naruto, this hallway with the huge gate.

  128. Aeris maybe we ‘ll see this hallway with the huge gate in the next chapter!! I had the same thoughts…what if the Kyuubi decides to cooperate with Naruto..?? now that would be awesomeness!! 😀

  129. I think naruto has a rare heart virus and he will die before the androids attack untill kiba and hinatas son comes from the future to give him the antidote 🙂 jk hey is it me or is sasuke getting to much face time in the manga… not that the chapter wasnt awesome it just feels like the manga should be called Sasuke right now

  130. Anyone wondered, that Naruto’s passing out might be related to the ‘power’ that Itachi gave to him? Just a thought!

  131. Hello everyone ! IM BACK .
    s yup here’s what i think bouts me sum Danzo yup yup. He ordered Itachi to kill the Uchiha clan not to end the rebellion but to obtain multiple sharigan(well maybe the rebellion gave him reason)
    Unlike everyone else i dont think he has these overrated eyes on his body(rinnegan FTW)For his arm he had those Block/seal thingys with bandages…hmmmm i dont see ne more block/seal thingys..UNLESS ITS IN HIS PANTS!!!! da da duuuuunnn.(picture that) ne who,personally i hope the old geezer dies out finally, i wanna see what the elders can do….think about it.and whats madera thinkin..y would he bring sasuke here to fight danzo??? 1)He told sasuke he could kill Danzo 2)Danzo ordered Itachi to kill the uchiha clan, madera was there and participated, maybe this is a lil revenge, i mean he might have helped itachi kill the but that doesnt mean he wanted to just like itachi he might have seen it as the only option at the time.Sakura Sakura Sakura,
    She’s retarded…PERIOD! I mean dam it doesnt take a genius to see that she really does love naruto…for the love of god y didnt ne one notice this b4 honestly i must say Naruto is retarded as well… i would took those itty bitty ta ta’s home with me.happy ending.sumone mentioned the rookie nine fightin hawk or eagle or owl or other bird names whatever they call themselves nowadays..(Go team Power Ranger) while naruto’s team fights Sasuke…..this wont happen folks..sry , yup Yup Naruto is en route to the village with woody,now as for a fight between sakura,kakashi,sai, and the other rookies…plausible but kinda retarded overpowered and overrated Sasuke would CRUSH the kids who play ninja…Shino, Sai, and Neji have a small sliver of hope but everyone else i predict…WILL DIE…horrible deaths on a boat in the middle of the atlantic… Well thats it for me peace out……………

  132. @Aeris: My grievence isn’t with how Naruto is expressing his emotions, it’s when (the time) and the fact that it’s affecting him so much. Sure I’d rather have him shed a tear and move on rather then the hyperventilation but ultimately that means little to me.

    What I’m touching on is his hesitation which I’ve never seen from him before. It just doesn’t suit his character well for me and the hesitation is so bad it’s causing him to have a panic attack. He’s always prided himself in his nindo way (Never give up and do things his own way no matter what others say) and it’s the definition of his character. BELIEVE IT!!! So yeah, this moment of hesitation, indecisiveness, and weakness coupled on with the severity of emotion such as a panic attack just doesn’t sit well with me.

    Lol, I don’t think we’re going to see eye to eye on this either Aeris. 🙂

    @Awenoob: I don’t think Sakura loves Naruto and Kishi has stated in the manga numerous times after her confession that Sakura still loves Sasuke and she was never telling Naruto the truth. She could love both of them though like the flip flopper she is. -_-

    Danzou using the Uchiha Massacre to obtain the sharingan eyes as a second agenda is definitely possible and something I’ve suggested myself. That man loves power even if it’s used to protect the village. It’ll just take a few sacrifices…

    @Anyone: Who’s going to win Sasuke or Danzou? My money is on Sasuke because Danzou is at the end of his rope. He won’t be able to return to Konoha. He can’t go to any of the 5 great countries. The only thing left is to join Akatsuki. Sasuke beats him and is about to kill him but Madara steps in and steals Danzou’s right arm. Then he offers him a position in Akatsuki after beating him with his own arm and saying “Stop hitting yourself old man”. Lol, no wait that doesn’t make sense…>_>

  133. @ うちはbabyfox9
    word if the Kyuubi and Naruto began functioning together like Killerbee, well i’d have to say Killerbee isnt the strongest Ninja in my book ne more. it would have to be naruto,Killerbee is the perfect Host and even tho hes among my fav(far above retard lightning chief)i still think that his skills commanding the tailed beast has actually made him weaker then he coulda been,I mean if he had his own strengths that he could draw on with out havein the beast help him all the time.Now if Naruto woulde master the beast like killerbee has then watch out b/c Naruto could defeat the Androids,Cel,Freiza , and those other guys in GT that no one remembers (>____<)

  134. @supertrek89 i havent read the full discussion between Trek and Aeris but i must say i actuaklly find Naruto’s current situation refreshing.I might have destroyed my laptop if i woulda read another “IMA SAVE EVERYONE BLEH BELEIVE IT!”
    that kinda crap is gay imo.Now Naruto doesnt know what to do and is actually freakin out major for the first time since he went up against those 2 ninja on his first mission…..its refreshing to see him lost, and if he comes up with answer that isnt childish , immature , waste of time and energy , or bluntly put a hopeless dream(Ima save everyone bleh)he needs to start takin responsibilty and act more grown up with his decisions..kill sasuke , hell half the ppl reading this right now dont like him ne way..that being said this is where i think it will all turn one day….
    THEORY!!! Naruto becomes Hokage , an EPIC battle between Sasuke and Naruto takes place, somehow in sum epicly gay way naruto will sacrifice himself for a friend ultimately showing Sasuke the power of gay *cough* friendship. hehe yea i kinda got worked up there sry 😛

  135. @Supertrek: You convinced me a little bit there with your argumentation. Because you focused on Naruto’s __hesitation__. Now I understand you! *nod and write it down like Lee*
    Nonetheless, for me it’s okay that Naruto hesitated a little, because, as I said earlier, I’m so goddamned sure that Naruto will stand up after he slept for a moment, brush the dirt off his clothes and start whatever he wants to do, fully determined; AND because he really didn’t hesitate long, THAT was really just 5 to 10 minutes. He didn’t waste much time, dattebayo. 😉

  136. @Awenoob: Either way all I want is for Naruto to make a decision whether it be give up on Sasuke or not. Though I strongly prefer for him to defy all of us and take up his own path and save Sasuke his own way. You may say a decision to give up on Sasuke isn’t an easy thing to just decide which is exactly why I say he just continue on his path save Sasuke.

    @Aeirs: Coolio, now that we found some middle ground I’m just going to leave it at that. My opinion on this matter is even boring me now. XD

    @Anyone: Sasuke vs. Danzou debate anyone?

  137. @Super: “…remember he spared Naruto’s life at the Valley of End instead of just killing him and possibly gaining the MS then and there.”

    First of all, I think that if Sasuke had ended up attaining MS here, he would’ve ended up going blind by the time he faced off with Itachi, if not sooner. Maybe.

    As for your point about Naruto’s weakness, I can agree with you. It’s why I try not to hold it against Sasuke so much because he’s only human too, and it would be hypocritical (I know, me trying not to be hypocritical, amazing huh?) of me, or whatever, if I were to easily forgive Naruto but not Sasuke.

    It’s another reason I’m hoping Naruto will save Sasuke. Because Naruto will forgive him for his weakness, because Naruto had weakness as well.

    If Naruto experiences more weakness, he may come to understand Sasuke’s predicament more.

    I honestly don’t know where the manga’s headed from here out except for some theories, but as for Naruto’s decision, I’m kind of blank, and I’m glad Kishi’s built it up to that point. I’m looking forward to (not only what Kishi ends up feeling is the best,) but either way, what Naruto’s decision is. Apparently Kishi SEEMS to have done a good job so far of keeping his viewpoints separate from Naruto’s viewpoints (I think,) so I think we can trust him to do what Naruto would do.

    I’m hoping/praying/whatever for Naruto’s strength. I know I often need extra strength. I show weakness a lot, whether in front of people or not.

    Again, Super, based on what you said, amen. Judge them both accordingly. They’re both different with different circumstances and all that jazz, but either way, you should try to have the same amount of forgiveness for both’s weaknesses, and try to look at it from their standpoint, and admit whether or not you’d crack under the pressure as well.

    Naruto’s been trying hard to follow his nindo. I’m looking forward, for better or worse, to what his next steps will be. It’s his road after all, even if he ends up having regrets and having to learn from them.

  138. @Awesomeness: “word if the Kyuubi and Naruto began functioning together like Killerbee”

    I don’t EVER see this happening right now. A demon would be too much for Naruto too handle. He’d have to make sacrifices for one thing, and besides, why would Kyuubi listen to him unless it was for his greater benefit, seeing as Kyuubi’s had Naruto in his clutches once before, (a few times, in fact, but the worst time was when he was on the verge of ninetails,) and this moment of weakness for Naruto is potentially just as bad.

    Thankfully the seal was restored, so that potentially stopped a Kyuubi outbreak right then and there.

    Naruto’s shown weakness before – he’s showed us that Kyuubi can tempt him and goad him into doing something, especially when he’s alone in front of Kyuubi.

    After all, who else does Naruto have inside his being other than himself to influence his actions?

    No one.

    Kyuubi potentially has full reign, and can potentially control Naruto like a puppet.

    It’s why I’m so proud he’s lasted this long. His will is strong, but, like a few times before when he’s used Kyuubi’s power for one reason or another, he has faltered. He’s human. Just like Sasuke.

    They’re both… Not deserving. But at the same time yes, they both deserve forgiveness. They’re human, they’re not perfect. They’re trying the best they can with what they got.

    I still love Naruto most of all because I can relate with him so much.

    And I like KariSasu/SasuKari too. I’m a fan of that pairing. I’ve seen things in the manga that just point to it being a good pairing and whatnot.

    Karin still seems pretty loyal to Sasuke despite his path of evil and stuff, y’know? As for Sakura… She’s trying to kill Sasuke. She both doesn’t forgive him… No, that’s not it. She just loves him so much, and doesn’t want to see him suffer anymore. That’s it, right? Not sure. So don’t take my word for it. XD

  139. By the way.

    @Super: Do you remember before the final part of the Chuunin Exams in the first part, where Naruto was almost late that he ran in to Hinata (thank God,) and was able to get stuff off his chest that he only acted like he was confident or whatever? Well, just think of that with Sasuke – Sasuke’s good at hiding his emotions, while Naruto’s good at hiding his weakness, I think.

    Something like that. Just food for thought.

  140. My turn to rant.
    By many of your comments it sounds like your comparing Naruto to Harry Potter and Anakin Skywalker.
    They all are going through lots of emotional stress and a chance to become evil was given to the latter two. In Harry Potter’s case he didn’t become evil, but Anakin did.
    become evil to save Sasuke’s life (from evil, death…) would he say yes?
    I know lots of people will say “NO WAY!!!! NARUTO’S NOT LIKE THAT! YOU MUST DIE FOR UTTERING SUCH BLASPHEMY!*throws spear at dragon, impaling him*” but would anyone have said that about Anakin?
    BTW Naruto fainting was like an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. I mean people saying “Naruto, NO!” “Don’t leave me!” “Breathe!!” and everything going black. Then you hear a flatline and then END OF THE EPISODE coming out from the darkness in big white letters.

  141. I can’t believe I posted that! *puts on bullet-proof armor* You can’t kill me now!! MUAHAHAHAHAH…*someone hits me on the head with a baseball bat from behind* *falls down unconcious*

  142. Triple post! Sorry but I just noticed I erased a part of my first post so I’ll post it again.
    What I want to ask you is that if Naruto was given a chance to become evil to save Sasuke’s life (from evil, death…) would he say yes?
    I know lots of people will say “NO WAY!!!! NARUTO’S NOT LIKE THAT! YOU MUST DIE FOR UTTERING SUCH BLASPHEMY!*throws spear at dragon, impaling him*” but would anyone have said that about Anakin?

  143. @Naruto passing out comments.

    First, I’m both a fan of Naruto and Sasuke, they bring two different kinds of awesome. Im not sure if it has been pointed out yet, but sasuke freaked out and hyperventilated and passed out when madara was telling the “truth” to him after the itachi/sasuke fight. He didn’t cry, but Naruto has always been a crier, even when happy. The new anime ep that is out shows this, same as the anime. So both naruto and sasuke, when all that their world is based on (sasuke hating itachi, naruto saving sasuke) is crashing down, are open for an emotional breakdown here and then, just shows, like commented on before, that they are still human. I was a little WTF when i saw Naruto freak, but it makes sense.

  144. @super: i think danzou has this in the bag…for a while.. i mean comeone he had sasuke in a genjutsu and Sasuke didn’t even know until danzou popped out from behind, and Sasuke had his MS activated. Sasuke is supposedly a genius at genjutsu coming from one of the raikage’s bodyguards. Also danzou seems to know about Susanno’o by the fact he knew what was happening right before sasuke grabbed him with the Susanno’os arm.
    Also sasuke isn’t really focused at the moment, he seems more agitated and angry. He knew Danzou isssued the order, but wanted confirmation. If he continues fighting Danzou in that state he will slip up and get taken out, if Madara doesn’t get involved nor anyone else. If we talk about what Sasuke is capable of, which we all know, MS’s,genjutsu, and ninjutsu as well as nature manipulation etc, at the moment i’d still have to say Danzou has the advantage. He is atleast a kage level, regardless of his possible downfalls, such as those multiple sharigans, age, etc. he’s also had Shusui sharigan for at 10 years (not sure how long the uchia massacre was, but its atleast 10((3 years timeskip, plus Sasuke’s age at the Academy 7 yrs ago)). We also know Danzou has Wind Element, which could preven a few of his main attacks..

  145. i gotta go to work in a bit so hopefully i won’t miss out too much on this one… it seems quite intersting… we got like 2 weeks till the next chapter….WAIT…THAT MEANS ONE PIECE..NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i feel the withdrawl already happening…

  146. Im with Super on this Naruto passing out crap.

    I feel like Pre-time skip Naruto wouldnt have reacted like this! Its just pathetic. What happened to his Nindo! Sure he’s human (meh cartoon) but I feel like Kishi went overboard and just made him look stupid.

    This is why I prefer Luffy over Naruto. He absolutely NEVER gives up on his ways no matter what ANYONE tells him even if it kills him. Thats the attitude I want to see from Naruto cus right now he’s just looking retarded.

    No offense to anyone. It just my opinion.

  147. @dragonballlifestyle I would LOVE to see Naruto evil..or at least leave the village or go alone to search and save Sasuke..PERFECT! 😀
    @kagebunshin3 about what u said: “when all that their world is based on (sasuke hating itachi, naruto saving sasuke) is crashing down, are open for an emotional breakdown”..when Sasuke learned the truth changed…do u guys think that Naruto will change too and give up on Sasuke..???Or follow His Nindo Way..???? OMG SO FRUSTRATING AND CONFUSING!!! :S O_O

  148. i want kishi to have naruto tell everyone he is the son of the 4th already… also the hokage needs to put their foot down on sakura… im talking to you danzou… its not like you dont have eyes on the back of your arm now…also danzou seems to have been wearing pants from the day we saw him, i wonder if kishi has more eyes hidden there.. i wonder if sai knows what it is… also is kabuto, sai’s older brother? maybe being a sage ninja makes you emo… on the road to emotality… all naruto needs is longer hair and a nice robe… i also want more admin fights up in here, its a few hours since we seen the essay nu jutsu battle between 1010 and trek… man cant you guys battle with a short version??

    one says oooooh sasugay, the other says ooooh sasugay… hahaha

    lets now get back to the real story, kakashi will die, and sakura will have the rinnegans.

    the end.


  149. @Dragon: “What I want to ask you is that if Naruto was given a chance to become evil to save Sasuke’s life (from evil, death…) would he say yes?”

    Yes, I believe he actually would say, ‘yes.’ We have actually been shown this, even if he didn’t understand quite how evil Kyuubi is capable of being, but he did give his body – four tails and up, all that jazz, whether or not he thought he could control it – in order to hopefully save Sasuke.

    I am sure that he would turn evil if it meant saving Sasuke; although at this point he would probably need more motivation to do such a thing. Such as Sasuke and Sakura, or perhaps, the world? Not sure. Considering his breakdown, I’m pretty sure he’s going to feel a little weaker for quite a bit. He’ll definitely need someone there for him – especially because he thinks so much (another reason I like Sakura, I think she’d be more adept at handling Naruto’s weakness than Hinata would be – but I’m not 100% sure about that.)

    Anyways, the last point I want to make regarding this, is that if Naruto did turn evil, I would hope that he would recognize the fact that if he turned evil, he would most likely no longer have control over his actions, and he would potentially hurt even those he cares about deeply. I’m pretty sure that with his maturity and the like, he’s started to care at least a little about how his actions influence others. He should, still though, try to stick to his nindo.

    I don’t really believe for a second that once Naruto fully gave himself over to Kyuubi – for example – that Kyuubi, out of selfishness and desire (also hatred for his captors and the like,) would still honor a deal.

  150. hey… don’t know if i’ve posted on here in awhile, if ever… i did on mars where penny used to write until recently…in any case i’ve been lurking and decided to jump in, so here we go…

    @holy – from a couple of posts up you said “why would Kyuubi listen to him unless it was for his greater benefit”… well I agree, but there is a very plausible scenario for this to occur. What if Madara shows himself to the Kyuubi inside Naruto the way Sasuke was able to way back at the beginning of the shippuden? What the Kyuubi said (about Sasuke’s sinister chakra) back then suggests he fears Madara (the fact that Madara can control him against his will would also be a logical reason). So if the Kyuubi feels threatened, he could give his power over to Naruto (and allow him to control it) in order to protect himself from madara.

    Also, while I like the added depth of Naruto’s character that kishi presents in this chapter, I think there is a more effective way of doing so then giving your protagonist panic attacks….

  151. Well, at least someone other than me liked it for one reason or another.

    And welcome.

  152. After thinking about it , it was not a panic attack but a new way for him to go into sage mode. I will not believe he panicked over such silly issues . And for the life of me I cannot understand why they are so attached to Sasuke…You were childhood friends he moved away now go on with your life(or go kill him). I agree with Super on this one….Naruto has faced far more adversity than this, He needs to “cowboy up”.

  153. Whoa lots opinions, I really hope Naruto joins Sasuke and helps him accomplish his goals that way he is being a true friend by not turning his back on him. Because Sasukes end goal is Madara and Naruto knows that Madara killed his Father.

  154. @anyone:if the sasuke/kakashi debate turned out neutral due to opinions and etc, then what about Sasuke and Danzou? Because if you think about it, Danzou is just a juiced up version of Kakashi but more ruthless…Kakashi wouldn’t try to kill Sasuke, however Danzou wouldn’t even hesitate to pluck those eyes out..lmao…(he secretly wants Sasuke’s eyes for the back of his head..lmao)

  155. @kagebunshin: If “being evil in order to save Sasuke” meant something like joining Tobi’s group or doing something Tobi orders him to, I would say Naruto DEFINITELY said no! I think that he would be more Sailor Moon like: “I know that it would be wrong to do it like this. I want to save Sasuke, but not like this. I will find another way, dattebayo!”

    @new anime: I was as well surprised because I only realized it in THIS anime (not in the corresponding manga) that Sasuke had the same panic attack Naruto had now in the manga. I wonder why I didn’t think of that earlier. Tobi approached him saying “Take slow deep breaths” as well. Coincidence, that these two things happened in the same week???

    @holy: Totally agree with you that Naruto may feel a bit depressed after his breakdown and would definitely deserve someone who cares for him, cheers him up. And, yes, Hinata wouldn’t be able to do that, only Sakura. Hinata would just sit by his bedside, saying nothing, or mumbling.

    @adakias: Cool connection you made there to the Kyuubi and possibly Tobi going inside Naruto’s consciousness facing the Kyuubi. But, I was wondering… does the Kyuubi really fear Madara? Okay, he can control the Kyuubi. But what does the Kyuubi want? He simply wants to destroy something, anything. It’s not like he’s after a certain person (and if, it would be Minato). So why should the Kyuubi care if Madara ordered him to attack Konoha? Kyuubi should be used to that by the time… 😉 !

  156. YOSH!!!!! PIEN ARCH COMING UP!!!!


  157. @aeris85: I noticed that too in the last episode. Did you notice that Madara’s true power was shown in the manga in the same week where he said I am Madara in the anime? It’s just like someone watches the episode and says “He’s Madara! I wonder how strong he is!” and then he reads the manga and finds out.

  158. @DBlifestyle: No, I didn’t notice that one. But really…. actually too similar/identic to be a coincidence…

  159. @ super

    Sasuke just went up against 4 dif kage back to back….Danzou shouldnt be too much for Sasuke but then aain he may have not recovered fully.For me, it’s a question of how far Danzou has taken his sharigan it just a sharigan arm or is it an MS arm?
    I think Sakura will show up and ruin our hopes and dreams of seeing a real fight break out.. I was disappointed with the Killerbee vs Kisame.I really wanted Killerbee to shine , I always thott Killerbee would become a crucial part of the story seeing as how he was paired with Itachi for so long and has the largest chakra in akutski. but yea sry Sakura is gonna ruin the Danzou sasuke fight.

  160. LOL i meant i always thott Kisame would be crucial sry bout that typo! :O

  161. can anyone explain to me why “Madara” never has his EMS active?? i use the quotation marks for his name cuz i’m not toatlly convinced it really is madara. i definitely lean more towards the tobi/obito theory, it just fills in so many more holes than him really being madara

  162. @dish11: Good point there! My personal theory is this: Madara has “degenerated” since the fight with Hashirama into the form of “Tobi”. => Shorter hair, weaker apperance, no more cool attack jutsus, AND no EMS anymore. Maybe even no MS anymore, and really simply the Sharingan!

  163. @dish/aeris – I think the part “eternal” in EMS means exactly that. How would Madara/obito have developed and be using that space/time jutsu without at least MS?

    I also lean toward tobi/obito… especially since the anime refreshed my memory of when itachi’s amaterasu activated in sasuke’s eye and struck Madara’s right arm. The same arm he was able to remove and kick at Fu. I think this is how he got rid of the amaterasu, not using MS. (I think sasuke’s MS is the only one that can put out amaterasu) And I believe someone has said this before, but that would also be the same arm obito had crushed by the boulder.

    However, Madara did scream quite a bit in the anime, and if the arm was fake, it wouldn’t hurt him. He also could have removed his arm with the space/time jutsu. Then again, he could have been faking OR the arm could really be attached to his nervous system (like danzou was able to obtain a whole new arm), which is suggested sort-of by the liquid like consistency of Madara’s arm that we see when it falls off..

  164. the way i see it is this…
    Madara and Orochimaru both stumbled upon immortality, however, orochimaru was more soul/mind, while Madara was more body/chakra(?). Orochimaru was able to transfer his techs,and soul into each vessel, but for a short period of time before rejection. And Madara is able to basically have the abilty to have Eternal vision. which is kinda wierd since obito said he would be Kakashi’s eyes to see the future…i know that he meant to see the next generation/live a bit longer, however it can be applied in this situation.
    Madara is able to live because of his supposedly EMS, and “strong”chakra. His body may be there phyically, however his true strength may be gone. so in a sense he’s a shell of his former self. i believe he has 2 eyes, however he may have his other half covered because its in the other dimension as a means of presevering himself. if he can warp his body defensively why not to counter act time itself? obviously time has no bounds in his world for the fact that Sasuke, who was seriously hurt after the 4 other kages, came out as if he was refreshed…granted Karin did heal him, but still it couldn’t have been longer than 1hr since Sasuke warped out of there… So to summarize my thought Madara only partially exist in this realm because his other half is in his dimension recovering. So he sees with one eye, while being there sortof like how Gaara can use Sand to see…

  165. Is it just me, or did Kisame look sad when he heard of Itachi’s passing?

  166. I think I know how the amaterasu is removed. Maybe it’s transfered to the realm – sucked into the Sharingan like everything else into that other dimension?

  167. Good insight Holydemonandy, Thats exactly how Madara did it it must have been cause he can suck the space from a close proximity to his body, even his own body so that was his method of neutralising the Amaterasu.
    Kakashi could counter the Amaterasu with his technique aswell though I think Kakashis version is at a undeveloped stage compared to Tobi’s.

  168. Something about Madara/Tobi’s power I would say his power is like that of the Sword of Totsuka for one he can Seal anything or anyone into his own dimension besides Fuu and Torune, whats not to say he has countless other ninjas trapped within his own dimension locked inside avoiding the effects of time. Kakashi speaks of his own Dimension at one stage anyway I think thats madara’s true power.

  169. Sasuke needs to be killed -_-

  170. @The Incredible Marksman, I like what you just said, short, sweet and simple. And it sums up what I’ve been thinking ever since Part 1 when he fought Gaara in the Chunin Exams 8)

  171. You know what I want to see, and what I’m PARTIALLY predicting?

    As long as Sakura either doesn’t fight Sasuke, or else Kakashi doesn’t reach Sakura and co. too late and they’re already killed (like what happened with Naruto, eh,) that Kakashi will end up convincing Sakura to give up her mission to kill Sasuke, and choose Naruto (because she hears about his panic attack,) and decides to check on Naruto before going off to Sasuke, y’know?

    I would really like that a lot.

    It’s what I’m hoping on. XD

  172. Well to tell you the truth I hope Danzo beat Sasuke, I am not going to say kill because I know that is not going to work.
    I like Danzo I think he is a good character. Not saying that Sasuke can’t be Danzo but I don’t think it is going to be that easy.
    I am still mad because of that bullshit with that Kaga meeting. Really they are pumping him up way to much.

    So I think Sasuke might get beat and Madara is going to have to step in or Sakura will come in and stop the fight right before Danzo kills him.

  173. @Tai Night

    id love to see sasuke loose aswell unfortunatly i dont see it happening but danzo will definatly last a few chapters also im in agreement on the pumping up comment what happened there was such a dissapointment i mean none of his opponents have ever been healthy or they are suicidal but now he can take on multi kage at once.

  174. The image is read from left to right (am I correct?)
    Naruto: Ga..Garra?
    Garra: Yes, that’s right…
    Garra: Say My Name!

    I loved the post amazing!

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