Bleach 385- Vice It

Konnichiwa my fellow Bleach readers, this weeks chapter started out pretty good I mean we got some action between Komamura and Tousen, Aizen drew his sword and was about to battle Shinji….aaaaaaaaand then went down hill as it was all talking between Komomura and Tousen….bla bla bla bla bla just hurry up and fight already!!! So i’ll break it down for ya, and it will be short and sweet as it is mostly all yapping….bah


So we start this week off with Ko doggie dog and Stevie Wonder getting ready to battle. Tousen laughs cause Komomura thinks he can beat him with a bankai after his hollow release. We jump over to Shinji and Aizen, and in a show of awesomeness that i’ve been wait for for MONTHS….Aizen finally draws his sword.

Shinji asks if the former captain is scared, saying he should be. Reminding us that he never opened up to his former vice-captain, hence Aizen has no idea of Shinjis Zanpaktous powers. He gives us and Aizen a little hint, letting him know that Aizens Zanpaktou isn’t the only one that can control the senses. Then prepares to attack.

It's former 5th division Captain vs former 5th division Captain

Captain Jumping back to the Komo/Tousen fight, Tousen slices the arm of Komo’s bankai, not only screwing up the giant but also chopping Komo. And from here it goes downhill…….

And the summary for the rest of the chapter from the great Anon from chat goes as such…..

“Fox-man, you are dumb.”

“I thought you were good and justice, blind man.”



“hollow bankai!!!”

The end…..

Essentially that’s how it is…but I will do something a bit more substantial. Komo says that Tousen really has fallen, Tousen says “No u.”

I know you are but what am I?

Komo says Tousen joined Soul Society for revenge, and he thought he joined for justice…but apparently their versions of justice are quite different. Tousen is an eye for an eye kinda guy and Komo is a forgive and forget kinda guy. Tousen says that “living peaceably without avenging the dead is evil.” Komo says ok, then since we can’t agree I have to kill you. Then Komo says that he’s forgiven Tousen, and Tousen tells him you aren’t god, I don’t need your forgiveness. Then says if you want to kill me do it, if you can after you see my resurreccion, and proceeds to bust it out.

  That’s it for this week, since there was no caption applicants last week i’m gonna post the best coment for the last breakdown from none other than Cookie!

“White despair!? are you kidding me!? what is intimidating about white!? oh look at me i am dressed in white! oh i am gonna beat the crap out— oh hell no! you did not just spill curry on this white outfit of mine, do you know how obvious that is on my outfit! Guess who’s funeral i’m going 2 buddy… yes this is a funeral outfit!? what do you mean i look like a bride!?”

Now for this weeks caption contest…..


Alrighty peeps, posts your thoughts, comments, captions…and have a good week!


~ by Miranda on December 12, 2009.

36 Responses to “Bleach 385- Vice It”

  1. UNO yea

  2. alright chapter should be better next week

  3. Im thinking that all vizards are capable of having a release form. Maybe Ichigos released for was what he used when he fought Ulquirra.

  4. i think you got the shinji and aizen thing mixed up as in, i think shinji was the captain and aizen was vice, or ive just read it wrong =P

  5. THIRD!!! ^_^

    Thanks Mandi for the early and great breakdown! I had an ‘Anything you can do I can do better’ vibe from Komamura and Tousen. XD Bickering like little kids just shut up and fight over ideals after your opponent is on the ground bleeding out. Sheesh…

    Pretty good chapter until all the talking. When Aizen unsheathed his sword I almost leaped out of my seat but when Shinji released his zanpaktou I nearly squealed like a fangirl. XD Not really all that interested in Tousen’s release. It’s just going to be put down one way or the other.

    @Dean: Shinji was the captain of the 5th squad back in the Swing the Pendulum arc and Aizen was the captain of the 5th squad before he betrayed Soul Society. Former 5th squad captain vs. former 5th squad captain.

  6. sooo anyone think that the new hollow ichigo is just his resureccion thats out of his control at this point?


  8. Sixth! I think…

    Short and sweet…plus I’m liking that little trademark picture you have going, Mandi.

    Well, if anything, I’m a little eager to see Shinji’s release since he said Aizen’s Zampaktou isn’t the only one that can control the nervous system.


    Screw Colgate! Become a hollow and your tell will light up a room!

  9. @pickles is that caption supposed to say “your smile will light up a room!”?

  10. Is this where the comments go? I have read the site for a long time but this is my first post….I think the guy in the white mask is the late michael jackson….what other person could turn white so fast.

  11. BUBBLE:

    Tosen1: Komamura! How DARE you compare me to the monster from Pan’s Labrynth. That freak was blind!
    Tosen2: DAMMIT!!

  12. For Shinji, since his sword’s hilt is shaped like an hourglass, and Sakanade has something to do with reverse petting or interrupting the nervous system … I think his zanpakuto slows down time, but only for the opponent; it disrupts and drastically lowers the nervous system’s perception of time, I think.

    As for Tousen, I dunno. How does he have a Resurreccion when he’s still a Shinigami-Visored ? I guess all Visoreds have Resurreccion, which would explain the what Ichigo became …

    @Fanboi: But it wouldn’t really explain why Ichigo’s mask designed change to the two black stripes.

  13. ig ot two bubble ideas, which idk if its legeal but idc either 😀

    Hey look at me I’m the new MJ!!! Except instead of a fake nose, i got no face lmao. XD

    Blah blah blah revenge… blah blah ICHIGO VS AIZEN!!!!!!!

  14. MAJOR SPOILERS FOR ULQUIORRA VS ICHIGO! it is from a new videogame and i cannot stop watching it! XD watch the first one first! sneak preview of the fight!
    please follow these links:

    this is pretty much the same in AMV form with a few extra scenes!

    OMG April cannot come soon enough now!

    As for the chapter, come on guys! i know we all love aizen and cant wait for his fight, but i actually did not mind tousen getting a little character development during HIS fight. honestly what do you want, all fight with no talking? cant wait to see his resuricion, and i love how the mask looks with the mouth! i said this already, but it reminds me of an akuma from D Gray man.

  15. I agree with Takashid
    It was great to see character development from Tousen, his reasons and resolve. Now i don’t think he’s as much a douche as he was. I’m now looking forward to Tousen v Komamura (yeah yeah i’m a hypocrite, but that mini talk and fight got me quite interested in their battle, especially Tousen’s fast regeneration). It would seem that Komamura is ready to fight seriously now and that makes it even better.

    As for Shinji v Aizen … AWESOME. Shinji seems pretty confident, and why wouldn’t he. If his Shikai negates Aizen’s then i guess it’s down to their Bankai and hollow forms … seems quite even now doesn’t it? Plus i’d have to assume that Shinji would have more experience with the hollow mask and could therefore keep it sustained longer.

  16. Cool breakdown.

  17. BUBBLE:
    Caption 1:I look like VENOM from spiderman -_-

    Caption 2: Tite u bitch!

  18. @Mandi: You’re right, my bad, I meant smile, yeah. Lord knows what I was thinking.

  19. Bleach just began a very very bad naruto parody… I can see the screen plays now..
    Tousen stars as the amazing emo Sasuke out for revenge! Komamura plays Naruto… the cast aside friend desperately wanting to believe the best of his friend.. Plus he is a fox so it is all good! Hisagi brings it rolling in as Sakura! Aizen stars as a Madara! Shinji is the foreman Kakashi and Sai is the big old black blog about to attack Komamura!

  20. CAPTION: Heeeeere’s Tousen !

    From The Shining, for those who don’t know what that’s from:


  22. Caption;


  23. @Takashid: Holy shit that looks awesome! I wonder how far they’ve drawn the series past these annoying fillers. o_o

    @Anyone: Does Tousen lose his bankai after he resurrects himself like that or can he still activate it? I remember when Ichigo was in his released state fighting Ulquiorra he had his bankai activated. Well he also activated his bankai before going full hollow like that. Also it makes me wonder if any of the other vizards know how to go into a resurrected form.

  24. Bubble: No my name is not Jack Skellington!

  25. Bubble: Why so serious?

  26. Bleach 386 is out

  27. BLEACH WAS SO AWESOMENESS! have to read again

  28. Noooooooeeeessss it was LAAAAAMMMMEEEE!!!!! Lol, if you don’t want to be spoiled don’t read this anyone…

    How the hell is Tousen who not only gained the powers of a vizard but a resurrection form going to be taken out by his vice captain!? I don’t care if he’s “not the same” he’s still like 10x more powerful!!! I think that Kubo was coping out and didn’t want Komumura to die so he threw a BS move at us. Tousen better not be dead or that would be one of the lamest endings for a villain ever. Killed from behind and by such a weak opponent in comparison. WTF!? -_-

  29. i thought it was cool how he died the only thing i didnt like was how komumura stayed alive. atleast one good guy must DIE! maybe i would like Tousen more if he wasnt so freaking ugly. im glad how he died! but that might be just my oppinion

  30. I’m with Ultimate sharingan on this – Bleach was awesome this week.

    His new found sight ‘blinded’ him as such he gets a scythe through the noggin. Though i honestly doubt that this is the end of Tousen, Hisagi explained it well enough. Besides Tousen calling others ugly, in that form ?_? – he sounds like a hypocrite to me XD.

  31. Meh, the only highlight of the chapter for me was…well I really can’t think of one besides seeing what Tousen’s resurrection looked like. Then seeing how powerful he was only to be taken down by his Vice Captain was lame ass but yeah that’s just my opinion. If Tousen lives perhaps that’ll make me not piss on this chapter so much. I hope he covers the Aizen vs. Shinji fight next week.

  32. @mudshovel: i totally agree with you about Tousen getting what he deserved.

    @super: this really isnt the same tousen…he has been “blinded” by the greed of power and it’s only right that his vice-captain takes him out. Not always wanting to fight doesn’t make Hisagi a pushover and the way he was trained was under Tousens “old” ways so he knew how to fight his captain.

    I really thought Tousen might have been saved by words from Komomura and Hisagi but after seeing what he really believes, I cant help but jump for joy now that he was killed. Especially with that fugly resureccion!? Ichigo may have looked horrific and ugly, but it was a badass ugly lol

    Tite did us all a favor by taking out that disgraceful looking creature :p

  33. GOOOO!!! Hisagi *SPOILER* I guess Tousen ability to see was his biggest weakness.
    Bloody good issue I can see Aizen saying so soon how pathetic… To be honest Tousen kinda looked like a Dilberry with wings his mask form was cool but jeezz what a Beast, I really cant believe that Tousen was dropped so easily but dam Hisagi was badass whats his name original 69’er will give him a poat on the back after this.

  34. tousens release is sicker than danzos arm…im glad hes dead xD

  35. I don’t think he was killed from that blow, just lost his sight again that’s what i think

  36. 386 was freakin incredible!

    I wouldn’t mind writing a 4 page essay on just how awesome the entire moment was haha!

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