Signs Of New Things To Come And Idea Post! >(0_0)>

Hey WRA, I would just like to give you all a heads up for new things to come to the blog. First off I would like to announce that the video game section will be brought back for our viewing pleasure. Taking up that task are 3 authors who I will introduce soon. Only 1 of the 3 authors is actually a new author to our blog but that’s ok I’ll introduce them all anyway. ^_^

First up a very old author who vanished in the darkness that is school and the WRA chat…REFLEX!!! Come on out and introduce yourself you shy bastard!

Reflex: “….yo…”

Likes: Gaming, football, and Texas.

Dislikes: Talking

Favorite Past Time: Getting owned in Halo by Supertrek (hahahaha)

Favorite Food: Penis (I actually don’t know I’m making all of this stuff up as I go along…>_>)

Reflex: “F**k you Super!”

Supertrek: “That’s harsh…but I still love you.” T_T


Next up is another long time member. You may remember him as a substitute author for the Bleach breakdowns BURNINGACE!!!

Ace:  “Wassup?”

Likes: Gaming, Hinata (He’s competition @_@), and Bleach.

Dislikes: Losing out to Supertrek in the race for Hinata! ^(0_0)^

Favorite Pastime: Getting sucked into the endless void that is school.

Favorite Food: Fire…>_>

Ace: “You can have Sakura, Hinata’s mine!”

Supertrek: “Hell no!”


Next up is actually a new author by the name of DEATHCON4!!!

Deathcon: “Hiya everyone!”

Likes: Gaming, Minato, and Tuesdays (She actually LOVES Tuesdays…>_>)

Dislikes: Every other day of the week.

Favorite Past Time: Also getting owned in Halo by Supertrek (not really…)

Favorite Food: Pen- *evil eye from Death* o_@

Gender: Female

Deathcon: “Whoa, wait a minute you didn’t have a gender section for Reflex or Ace!”

Supertrek: “Uh well…your gender is more interesting.” *wink* 0_-

*Supertrek is never seen again*


*crawls out starved from Death’s basement* ~_~

Alright, those three authors will be bringing back the the game section. Their first review will be up shortly. Next it is my honor to introduce an author who will be bringing a new manga to our blog. A manga called History’s Strongest Disciple! A very popular and awesome manga I hear and I’ll be reading it over Winter Break when the breakdowns will come to the blog. Without further ado I would just like to introduce LIGHTNINGTIGER!!!

Tiger: “I don’t know if I want people calling me Tiger…”

Supertrek: “Alright Tiger!” ^_^

Likes: Manga, anime, blogging, and HSD

Dislikes: Falling on face. (Who doesn’t?)

Favorite Past Time: Reading

Favorite Food: Soylent Green!

Tiger: “Nice to be apart of the blog Trekkie!”

Supertrek: “Trekkie…” o_O


That concludes that. Nice to be updated huh? Down in the comments section if you have any ideas for the blog feel free to post them and I’ll be sure to take a look at them. All ideas are welcome and even your thoughts on the new sections being added. Positive or negative…speaking of which what do you all think of the gaming and HSD sections being added?


~ by supertrek89 on December 8, 2009.

17 Responses to “Signs Of New Things To Come And Idea Post! >(0_0)>”


  2. Great ideas!

    Dang Super, you had to work on One Piece breakdown, One Piece Chapter 0 breakdown, Naruto breakdown, and this post as well?

    Wow! Thats a lotta work for one guy.

  3. why didnt you put gender on the rest of them!? now i’m confused! are they male, female or shemale!? T_T where is the consideration? :O and yes death… you do look like a boy in that picture.. maybe it’s the way you wore your hair 😉

    I’ll let u know im a Brunette and i have long hair…..;)..Deathcon4

  4. I think everyone’s a boy except deathcon…

  5. im a girl -____-

  6. looks like its gona be awesome >_>

  7. @Death: Gah, I know you’re a girl but you never have a girly picture. Look, right now you have a Naruto picture and on chat you always have a Minato picture, so I thought a Minato picture would be appropriate since you love him so much. I even mentioned you were a girl you didn’t have to yell at me. T_T

    @Pumpkin: Lol, yeah had to get it all out in one night or it would have never been done at all. XD

    @Anyone: I had one person’s opinion on this but I would like to know other people’s opinions too on weekly crossover debates.

    Luffy vs. Naruto

    Ichigo vs. Zoro

    Edward vs. Soul


    stop trying to use logic and sensitivity! it doesnt work :3
    – cookie

  8. WTF!!!!!!!!!! I want Air Gear!!!!!!!!!

  9. Air Gear is fun but it isnt the greatest manga around due to its switch between silly and serious story. I am a male (dont hold that against me) and I don’t remember saying any of that above, but who knows I black out a lot.

    Take care kiddies and I can’t wait to get started on HSD Kenichi. You better get caught up because we’re at chapter 364!

  10. Welcome back Flex and Ace, bout time! And Welcome to Tiger…can I call you Liger for short? And YAY DEATH!! *GLOMP*

  11. HSDK for the F***************** … >_> … <_< … ****ing WIN!

    I've been nagging you for months to read it super and now u've got no choice XD

  12. Welcome Death and Tiger. And welcome back Ace and Flex.

    By the way. If anyone needs a backup breakdown writer, I’d be happy to help…

  13. Sounds like fun…

  14. @Lightningtiger1385: i just want the air gear manga because it confuses me on how the write things sometimes, and i would just like to have someone discuss it… Feel me?

  15. @hellsshinigami yeah I agree and wish it was translated better. A few chapters I was completely lost in and ever since it became about their technology’s powers rather than human abilities it got really far fetched. There are plenty of hilarious moments and things that are completely badass, but overall it lost some of my love ever since they entered the recent tournament.

  16. @Lightningtiger1385: Yea this series is definitely getting out of hand. they are just like speeding up the storyline to get to battles it seems. Its a good manga and all, but yea it is definitely far fetched now.

  17. awww would of loved to be an author for the gaming section, guess im not good enough =P, cant wait to see the first post and what its on.

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