One Piece Chapter 567 IS OUT + 566 Breakdown! New Demotivational Poster Included! ~_~

-One Piece 566 Breakdown Below-

YOSH!! OMG it’s SUUUUPEEEERRRRRR…late…>_> Lol, I’m really sorry guys it’s out on a Tuesday morning.  I haven’t forgotten about my duties as an author, I just haven’t had time to churn this breakdown out and barely still have the time right now. So resultantly this will probably be the shortest One Piece Breakdown thus far. I’m really just making a section to have a discussion on the latest One Piece chapter which was awesome! The Chapter 0 breakdown is still a work in progress because of so many pictures I’m putting in it and will appear in next week’s breakdown…*crosses fingers*. Alright enough of my useless jabbering let’s get it started!

Here’s this week’s AMV and BOPP!

The AMV by Omnipitence starts off slow but really picks up 1 minute into it. It’s a really great one I thought and it involves Usopp who is totally awesome! This week’s badass One Piece picture by Sinist3r-Depht. I really like the artwork on this one.

Now time for the shortest breakdown ever! >(0_0)>

First off I would like to give credit to Pumpkinbread who was right in the comments section saying that Luffy was just using the mast attack as a distraction. He never planned on fighting the admirals in the first place since he knows they’re too strong for him. Instead he immediately goes into Gear Second and flies past the 3 logias as ice bits go through them.

Unfortunately Luffy isn’t faster than light so Kizaru uses Luffy to practice another light kick on his face. Lol, when will Luffy ever learn? Going through the manga again to find those pictures it really hit me just how much Luffy has been beaten up. Ivankov’s ‘Death Wink’, Smoker kicked his ass, Mihawk slashed him up a bit, Kizaru is out to get him, Aokiji stabbed him, and various other attacks from the Marines. Add that damage up to what he got in Impel Down and it’s a miracle he’s still standing. Anyway, Sengoku finally gives the order to execute Ace and as the two peons draw their blades down on Ace’s neck they’re cut up by two slashes from below.

Who is Ace’s savior? WHITE—I mean CROCODILE!? The Aussie-cigar smoking-nation ruining-fur coat wearing-Captain Hook wannabe-sonofabitch CROCODILE!? Yes…and why? Lol, because he doesn’t like the Marine’s smug faces. XD Ok, +10 awesomeness points for Crocodile. Mudshovel’s going to rub this in my face later if he reads this but it’s out so late he might not even see it! Hahaha, yay for late breakdowns! >_<

Just wanted to point out how badass looking Marco looks here crouched peering over the war.

Moving on, Luffy is confronted by Aokiji who stabs him in the arm. I don’t think Aokiji was aiming for the arm though since he is obviously trying to kill Luffy. This means even though Luffy might not be able to fight the Admirals yet he can at least…avoid vital hits? o_O Before Luffy’s stalker guardian angel can fight the admiral back another guardian angel, this one with actual wings, swoops in with a jump kick which sends Aokiji flying. Boa is jeeeaaalooouussss! XD

Seemingly desperate the pirates decide to swim to Oars and the Marines laugh at them in vain. Unfortunately for them Whitebeard’s secret weapon comes into action, another ship! The Moby Dick is still dead *cough*Takashid*cough*

“lol super your tears for the moby dick were pointless since whitebeard had a spare!” (Takashid)

Haha, but you’re partially right since my tears were wasted but not on the Moby Dick. They were wasted on Oars that bastard just won’t die!!! I love you Oars…>_>

Oars hurdles the ship into the plaza and most of the pirates are now through. Speaking of the pirates left behind what happened to the PXs? Shouldn’t they be underwater right now? Though I’m sure a human weapons that costs one Marine battle ship each can swim. 😉

Oars is hit some more and Whitebeard gets peeved and knocks back the Marines with an awesome quake/sweep of his spear.

With one final roar from the pirates as their leader demonstrates his power once more Sengoku and Garp prepare to join the battle. AWESOME!!! I can’t wait to see them fight after seeing the devastation they did back in Chapter 0, Shiki vs. Sengoku and Garp. Let’s not forget though as people grow older in this manga they greatly lose power so we won’t be seeing them in their prime. Here’s just an example.

That’s it for this week sorry it’s so late once again. Here’s this week’s demotivational poster and prediction. Comment, predict, and enjoy! 😀


Well Pumpkinbread was obviously right in his prediction that Luffy wasn’t going to fight the admirals and run ahead, so even if it was an easy win congrats! 😉

My prediction for chapter 567 is that Garp and Sengoku will team up on Whitebeard because it will take the both of them to bring him down. Marco will be occupied with Aokiji, Crocodile with Doflamingo and so on… Since Whitebeard is occupied he will tell all the pirates to go ahead and clear a path for Luffy to save Ace essentially placing all of their efforts to save Ace’s life on Luffy’s shoulders. ^(0_0)^

Whoops just wanted to point out one more thing!

Is Oda-sensei paying homage to Kon from Bleach? o_O Kon

Kon picture by LokiLoki Thousand Sunny picture by Tyfflie


~ by supertrek89 on December 8, 2009.

32 Responses to “One Piece Chapter 567 IS OUT + 566 Breakdown! New Demotivational Poster Included! ~_~”

  1. FIRST!!!
    Better late than never Super 😉 I was quite surprised to see crocodile save Ace, but one the less, its better than some random thing happening like Garp or other pirates saving him. I’m curiou to see Sengoku fight since he’s the Strongest of the Marines except those old bastards from CP9 arc… long

    Marco is gonna give an admiral a tough fight, i see the group(ivankov, jimbei and even buggy now) jumping/crossing over that barrier or wall to get in the fight. I can’t wait till the Skiki/Movie comes out and becomes an arc… *sigh* only time will tell
    P.S: anyone know when its due to come out raw/subbed i know the subs usually take about 5-6 months.. so ..

  2. Another question….how is oars moving and picking up a boat if he lost his leg from Don Flamingo?…..

  3. Great job, Super.

    At first, when I saw the two Marines about to cut off Ace’s head get owned, I thought it was Jet Bazooka. Anyway, Crocodile may be sadistic and all, but he’s still badass.

    @Shinobimadness: it could be that one of Oars’s legs provides good enough leverage for him to carry his giant bath toy(substitute Mody Dick) to the other side. Then again, this could be the reason we haven’t seen that area of Oars’s body (don’t get any idea now) the past few chapters.

    P.S: Second!

  4. 4th or 2nd?

  5. *4th or 3rd?

  6. We better hope to GOD Oda isnt writing Bleach or his reputation will hit rock bottom for making such a plotless manga….

    Yay! My generic semi”anyone-could-see-that-coming” prediction was right!

    I believe Sengoku has some special paremecia type DF like (barrier barrier fruit).

  7. Great Breakdown Super!!

    Congrats on the “Not so hard to figure out” prediction Pumpkinbread!!

    I thought you were going to use my Poster I made Super 😦

    Well, you can always use it another time.

    But once again, Great Breakdown!! 😀

  8. Oops, I almost forgot!

    You know how you didn’t have time to do Chapter 0: Strong World’s Breakdown? Well, if you’d like, I’ll write it in an email (As I do not write here) and send it to you.

    But, it’s just a suggestion… respond to this if you like the idea…

  9. @Shinobi: Thanks alot. YOSH!!! That’s my motto, ‘Better late than never!’ XD

    Are the old people you’re talking about from the CP9 arc the leaders of the World Government? I believe Oars can push off with one leg since he’s a giant among giants. If a giant has the strength of 1,000 men then Oars has the strength of at least 3,000 men. A push off on his one leg to push the boat through shouldn’t be to hard.

    @Pickles: Thanks, and I thought it was a quake from Whitebeard. o_O

    @Pumpkin: LMAO, yeah I agree but if Oda wrote Bleach it’d be at least 3 times better. 😀

    New prediction noted. >_>

    @Pain: Ja, don’t worry next breakdown is when I plan to use you poster and thanks for the contribution once again. Oh, and don’t worry about the Chapter 0 Breakdown. I’m halfway through with it.

  10. Great break down supa, I just wish that the whole straw hat gang was here to see my little luffy grow up.
    Taking on three admirals then running like a bitch.
    He make me so proud.

  11. @super: yeah these old guys…i think there called gorousei.
    im curious to know how strong those guys are considering they are higher than sengoku, and give the titles/recruit pirates for the title of shichikubai. if(and thats a big if) any of the SH pirates fight them i see zoro fighting the one with a sword(obviously) sanji fighting the blonde guy( no reason other than blonde) and luffy fights the one sitting down with a cane or the one standing up..

  12. but thats not for another 700-900 chapters 🙂

  13. Shinobi: wow i had completly forgotten about those guys! jeeze wasnt that back before sky island? wow so long ago… the one with the sword looks badass, but i wonder about the others…

    Super: hmm well then its a good thing your tears were wasted, Oars is awesome! i dont know how any of the pirates will escape now though, arent all there ships destroyed?.anyway im pretty sure whitebeard is a goner, poor guy looks real bad =(. i am saving my tears for whitebeard.

    Pumpkin: bleach isnt all that bad, the pacing is just really, really, really!!!! slow. you just have to read it in large chunks lol.

    cant wait to see the chapter zero breakdown!

  14. Haha, good stuff super.

    Can’t say i noticed the Thousand Sunny / Kon connection untill u pointed that out …

    Sir Crocodile ur a champ
    *grumbles something about my pridiction of Ace dying being spoiled* XD
    Def looking forward to Croc V Flamingo

    Luffy has really got to step back from the fight atm. As awesome as he is, he’s not anywhere near an admiral level so if he does end up taking one down it’d be quite silly.

    Also Whitebeard is looking in need of a blood bank eh? He looks like a sad case out there and sengoku is going to get his freak on. Judging from his name i’d guess that he ate the Kamehameha Kamehameha fruit … seriously though – he’ll dish out the beat downs.

  15. @Shinobi and everyone else: Ah yes, the Gorousei! They may be the last people the Strawhats have to fight or they may turn out to be the actual good guys. I say good guys because technically they are the good guys in the manga seeing as how they’re the head of the Marines.

    Then there’s this.

    If you look at the bottom left panel it shows that one of the Gorousei actually crying over his order to annihilate Ohara. He didn’t want to do it but he truly thinks it’s for the greater good. We really don’t know much about the Ancient Kingdom that was destroyed 800 years ago really. For all we know the World Government could have destroyed an evil family that goes by the name of “D” and toppled a power hungry kingdom. Then for some reason destroyed all evidence and swept it under the rug…>_>

    Lol, just saying it’s a possibility. 😉

    @Tai: Lol, Ice is that you? o_O

    @Takashid: Ja, Oars is awesome but he’s probably taken the most punishment out of any single individual there. ‘Ursus Shock’ from Kuma, leg cut off by Doflamingo, speared through the stomach by Moria, and constant canon fire since he’s such a big target. Lol, the poor guy should just lay down and play dead but his comrades need his help. I hope he doesn’t die either but yeah Whitebeard…he’s a goner…

    Chapter 0 Brekadown coming out soon! ^(0_0)^

    @Mudshovel: *grumbles something about Crocodile actually getting on his good side* ><

    I believe Luffy should just keep on pushing forward like Ippo even though they're both getting their asses handed to them at the moment. It's all they know how to do and the moment Luffy steps back it's like he's abandoning his brother. A little thinking before charging head first won't hurt him though…-_-

    Lol, if Sengoku pulls out a Kamehameha Kamehameha Fruit I'm ROTFLOL! XD

  16. FINALLY!! Sorry I didn’t respond sooner, but I’ve been a little sick lately.

    Luffy is NOT going to just give up and let his brother be executed no matter the odds! Has he ever given up in the past when someone he cared about or even something that someone he cared about was in danger? Well, there was Kuma’s vanishing the Straw Hats, but that was something else entirely!

    Marco proves why he’s basically Whitebeard’s second in command by flying to Luffy’s rescue against an Admiral! Although something’s bugging me: if he can fly, why doesn’t he fly up to the execution platform to get Ace?

    Oars was seriously badass in this chapter! I mean lifting up a ship roughly his size and shoving it through a gap while his leg was cut off and he had a frigging hole in his chest?!

    And Crocodile, that magnificent bastard! He’d sooner help his worst enemy rather than let the WG have the advantage over him! That guy is seriously going to get redeemed and be on the good guys’ side one way or another!

    But Whitebeard’s badassitude pwns pretty much everything. Even though he looks like he’s gonna keel over at any moment, he still doesn’t let anything get in his way! “Stay back my sons!” indeed! At this point, I seriously don’t know whether he’s going to live or not.

    But that’s nothing compared to what’s gonna happen in the next chapter! Garp and Sengoku are entering the fight! Marineford is doomed! 😀

  17. @super/everyone: yeah i see how oars was able to do that now… i saw saul pick up a marine battleship after getting hit in the face with a cannon blast…which that ship is probably bigger than the one WB was saving…
    Ohh one of those Gorousei actually knew Dr.Clover which is probably why he was upset about having to do it. I would assume they were either friends or close associates with mutual respect for each other.
    Im just curious to see Garp and Sengoku kick weaker pirates ass. it would be awesome to see luffy fight sengoku, get a couple of hits in and then get pwn again, and again, and again until WB comes to his rescue…

    Is it me or does Sengoku seem like he’s gone crazy with power? back when Ohara was being targeted he wanted all of them taken out, but Saul was against it, When Luffy attacked/Destroyed Enies Lobby, and now when WB and Shanks met up?….and even now…

  18. @super/everyone: yeah i see how oars was able to do that now… i saw saul pick up a marine battleship after getting hit in the face with a cannon blast…which that ship is probably bigger than the one WB was saving…
    Ohh one of those Gorousei actually knew Dr.Clover which is probably why he was upset about having to do it. I would assume they were either friends or close associates with mutual respect for each other.
    Im just curious to see Garp and Sengoku kick weaker pirates ass. it would be awesome to see luffy fight sengoku, get a couple of hits in and then get pwn again, and again, and again until WB comes to his rescue…

    Is it me or does Sengoku seem like he’s gone crazy with power? back when Ohara was being targeted he wanted all of them taken out, but Saul was against it, When Luffy attacked/Destroyed Enies Lobby, and now when WB and Shanks met up?….and even now…

    One more thing…if the WG main thing is for doing this is for the greater good, why do they go after harmless pirates such as the SH? Kizaru said that he only worries about the greater good when they were destroying Ohara and blah blah blah..

  19. Here’s proof that Akinu is one cold bastard…
    and he still wears a damn hat…lmao
    okay now this is the last thing..

  20. Yeah it Ice supa.

  21. @somebody: I guess there has been a little miss translation of what i was implying.
    I wasn’t implying for luffy to stop fighting and just bail on Ace, that’s not even close to possible. I meant he has to step-back, not retreat. There is a difference. By stepping back he can observe the fight between the WB pirates and the Marines and then time a rescue attempt of his own.
    At his level, the Admirals (and vice-admirals at Garp’s level) can beat/kill him. That is why he should wait for his chance than blindly rushing into defeat.

  22. YOSH indeed XD

  23. @Elisha: Marco probably doesn’t fly up there because he knows he’d just be intercepted by an admiral and let’s not forget Garp and Sengoku are near there. Even Marco would have trouble fighting those two. The real question is why doesn’t Sengoku just kill Ace himself? XD

    @Shinobi: I think Sengoku is just overly militaristic. He snuffs out anything that defies what the Marines stand for and what the Marines stand for is whatever they deem is justice. After all they are at the top so whatever they say is good is good and whatever they say is bad is bad. He’s definitely not corrupt not even power wise. He just rose through the ranks on skill, ability, and obedience to the military point of view.

    Lol, Akainu was even a bastard back then! ><

    @Mudshovel: Indeed, Luffy needs to start thinking more when his opponents are this far above him in terms of power. That I can stand behind.

    LMFAO!!! That's a One Piece classic! XD

    @Ice: Welcome back dude. 😀

  24. the New chapter is out

    Well that was an extremely chaotic chapter. Luffy getting owned, whitebeard having numerous opponents, all around bar fights, a large Ivankov face, a flying fire bird, and Garp sitting down.
    As usual Oda delivers my only thoughts are … how much longer will it take the marines to cut off Ace’s head? Sengoku isn’t doing anything … why doesn’t he gets his hands dirty?

  25. Holy f**k that was awesome!!! Is it bad when I was laughing at all the pwnage Luffy was getting this chapter? XD Seems like the speculation has been right and Luffy’s hormone injection is wearing off. He must have burnt through it at a faster rate then predicted (24 hours).

    Whitebeard is awesomeness!!! He can stand toe-to-toe wtih one admiral after another even with his grave wound. I only wish he stepped into battle before getting seriously injured. >_<

    @Mudshovel: Exactly what I was asking. Why doesn't Sengoku just execute Ace himself? I guess it's because it's not his job too. It's beneath him I suppose to exectue a pirate. When people are put up for execution throughout the history of mankind it's never the king, president, or higher ups that do the dirty work. It's always the peon or some big sweaty man in a mask wielding some big ass axe. For Sengoku to execute Ace may tarnish his reputation.

  26. wowah great chapter indeed, luffy got his azz handed to him multiple times ah well we cant really blame him, so many people who are far above his level, hated how whitebeard said luffy is practically nothing yet, nothing but talk lol. WB is awesome! fighting all three admirals in a single chapter xD. Can someone explain what happenened to ao kiji when he got “stabbed with haki”?
    It’s not that I expected him to die from that or anything but still how did he counter that then? meh garp isnt gonna go easy on anyone =(. Just hoped he would take it easy a bit and tried to stay out of the fight.

  27. Wow what happened to Garps regrets? lol also poor luffy! i think your fitish joke about kizaru may be true Super. he was kicking rubber again this chapter! man luffy has the guts, determination, and his heart is definatly in the right place, but he is just not at that level yet. cant really blame him with all the shit he has gone through to get here. and is it just me or did jimbei just say something about getting himself killed!? dont do it jimbei! your awesome!

    P.S Super are you going to put the zero chapter breakdown out by itself, or with the new chapter breakdown?

  28. @Takashid: It’ll be out with the new chapter breakdown. 😉

  29. I have a feeling Strawhats could turn up to help luffy out or Dragon could appear and begin his revolution to bring about a new age.

  30. ODA MADE A MISTAKE!!!!!!

    Page 7: Whitebead obviously has a gaping hole in his chest with blood gushing down constantly.

    Page 16: Where is the gaping hole!? And even if you say the giant hole is hidden behind his weapon then what about his blood? Its gone?! He has an unscathed chest!

    No big deal…But even Oda can make small mistakes

    (Its not like another certain author who suddenly made Pain into a Konoha ninja on a page. XD)

  31. I have an itchy feeling that Rayleigh is going to show up with SunnyGo underwater and take the survivors back after all these fights die down.

  32. I agree Supa, Luffy is my fav but I would like to see him use his brain a little more.
    I mean he like a retarded Goku.
    Yet he do have balls….will until one of them admiral cut them off.
    I wonder if Ace would join the straw hats after all this.

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