Naruto Manga 475 IS OUT + 474 Breakdown: Sai’s Confession+ Danzo vs. Madara!!! // Updated with comic strip!

Naruto 475 is out! Click here to read it.  Credit to Manga Stream.

-Naruto Breakdown Below-

It's sad I know...

YOSH!!! If you can’t tell by now because of the blatant Sakura bashing this is Supertrek89 bringing you this week’s Naruto breakdown! I just literally came from the One Piece breakdown so don’t expect anything awesome. This is going to be short, sweet, and painless (unless you’re a Sakura fan of course). 😉

Yeah, you tell them Kakashi and Sai you have no proof of that...>_>

Alright let’s start off with the obvious question on many people’s minds. Did Sai redeem Sakura this chapter? Let me break it down for all of you all and give my opinion. I’ll be fair-ish…>_> Basically Sai tells Naruto that Sakura was lying because she didn’t want to hurt Naruto with the truth. The truth being Konoha wants to kill Sasuke and we’re not talking about on Danzou’s orders,  we’re talking about Naruto’s friends deciding this themselves.

OH NOOOOOESSSSS!!! Not my Sasuke-kun!

Sakura understands if Sasuke is to live a potential war can engulf Konoha so she decides it’s her duty to put an end to his life before this comes to fruition. On top of all that she wants to relieve Naruto of her burden on him by giving up on Sasuke and choosing him. Awwww, that’s dandy Sakura. =)

Oh snap here it is! Naruto's about to reveal hia doujutsu! O_@

Here’s my problem with all that though. She’s settling for Naruto over Sasuke not because she loves him but because she can’t be with the man she truly loves. For her to go after Sasuke by herself is selfish in my opinion because Naruto should be the one to take care of him, or at least the two of them together, after all Naruto and Sasuke are best friends. In the end she still lied and toyed with Naruto’s feelings telling him she loved him when she really didn’t. How would you feel if someone you loved all your life told you he/she loved you and you just knew they were lying right to your face?


1. She has Naruto’s feelings for Sasuke in mind. (Yeah all puns intended)

2. Apparently she’s not stupid.

3. Has Konoha’s best interests at heart.

4. Wants to relieve Naruto of 1 more burden.


1. She lied to Naruto.

2. Toyed with his emotions.

3. Apparently she is stupid because she wants to kill Sasuke herself!? Sakura vs. Sasuke is like Konan vs. Pein. -_- And then there’s the act of selfishness I was talking about above.

4. Wants to redeem herself by killing the one she loves and potentially having Naruto hate her. Do I even have to go into the naivety of that one? o_O

Bah, that’s just my opinion though. ^_^ What do you all think? Was Sakura redeemed this chapter?

if you don't get this joke just look up an old AT&T ad on Youtube. -_-

Moving on from all of that the sand siblings (YAY GAARA) make an appearance telling Kakashi and the Konoha ninja all that happened at the Kage summit. Gaara pledges his allegiance to Naruto, because he’s so awesome like that, and says if Sasuke gets in the way “He’ll have to smack a bitch.” Or something like that…>_>

Lol, Gaara you're so petty...>_>

I don’t know about you all but doesn’t it seem like Gaara is bragging that he’s a Kage and Naruto isn’t? XD Lol, ok I know he’s not but it’s funnier if you think he is. Gaara teaches a Naruto a lesson that if he wants to be a Kage he needs to make tough decisions like…killing emo kids for instance. Both Sasuke and Naruto have issues but holy shit have they gotten on my nerves at this point in the manga. Who’s worse off here? Naruto chasing after Sasuke or Sasuke chasing after vengeance?

What else are you hiding under those bandages Danzou!? HORNS!? O_O

Last up is Danzou vs. Madara! YOSH!!! Bringing out the Hellboy arm!

I'm so sick of this theory but I suppose I'm not helping myself by posting this. >_<

Alright I was never for the Danzou/Madara theory (Tobi/Obito FTW) and this latest chapter just further disproves the theory to the point of no return. There’s one thing I would like to note though and it’s the above picture. Both Danzou and Madara seem to have metallic right arms unless you can block a sword with bare skin nowadays. They both have sharingans in their right eye too so I ask you why does Kishi make so many comparisons between the two when it’s so obvious they’re not the same person? I know he wants to create speculation speculation speculation but it gets old after awhile ya know? Danzou and Madara theory finally busted for good?

That’s it for this week. Sorry it’s out so late, lol, Ron is busier than me. ^_^ Comment, predict, and enjoy. 😀

Note from Ron: Hey guys, just thought I’d drop this little comic strip a good friend let me borrow. All credit goes to ~chocobo-on-clay-crak


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  1. great breakdown…FIRST!

  2. 2nd! Great breakdown!!!

  3. Third!!!

    Nice breakdown Super.

  4. Now that I think about it, Danzou could be hiding horns under the bandages around his forehead. lol!!! 😛

    I think your captions and copy inserts were very funny.

    I can’t wait to see the next chapter. With Danzou vs Madara, it pretty much confirms they are two separate people. Any theories now saying they are still one seem a bit desperate.

    Why would Madara fight himself with no other witnesses to see it? It seems pretty pointless.

  5. sweet\

  6. good job

  7. yippy

  8. 5th great breakdown super right to the point ;).

  9. I can almost bet that in the next chapter madara’s gonna propose an alliance between root and akatsuki. Maybe we can find out something more about the uchiha massacre at least.
    And lets get some naruto training started

  10. LOL…i love the picture with “First” joke. Nice one. 😆

  11. Yay, great breakdown!!! Though I feel that you kind of adressed me with the Sakura bashing things 😉 ! Never mind!

    @Gaara “FIIIIIIIRST”: *lmao* that was so great!!! Indeed, I thought the same thing when Gaara told him, “Hey, look, I’m already kazekage, see, actually I didn’t want to, but I am so damn good that they chose me, and then I had to guard that whole city, and everybody praised me how well I did that, and everybody cried for me because they were so worried and loved me so much, but some old hag gave her life for me, yeah, I mean, I’m the kazekage, she was kinda forced to do this for me because I am a kage. Unlike you.”

    @poll: You kinda screwed up your own poll by giving the “TINYYYYYYYYYYYYY” answer, but hell I don’t f**ing care because the Tiny cry is so hilarious!!! 😀
    Seriously about this poll: I would have chosen the first answer. It’s true that Sasuke is so egoistic because HIS life is the worst, HIS problems are the biggest, revenge, hate, Itachi and so on. If he’d “simply” cherished what Itachi was living, fighting and dying for, he’d be the brother Itachi always was for him: a GOOD one. But, in the end, I think it’s not overrated or over-dramatized if you remember Tobi’s words: “Sasuke is driven by hatred and revenge. This is his fate. This is his dogma.” Fate and generation and descendant issues have always been a big deal for Kishi and he will simply not omit that with Sasuke being an Uchiha descendant, the clan of hate and revenge.

  12. awesome breakdown!! funny as hell, but yeah my prediction is…………wait for it…………… DANZO AND HIS CHRONIES WILL BE AKATSUKIS NEW MEMBERS THAT KISHI BRAGGED ABOUT

  13. Great breakdown!!hmm @bakakage Kishi said in the interview:3 new members will join Akatsuki. They will be stronger than Deidara, Hidan, and Kakuzu. One of them is the brother/sister of the Hokage..this means that this person will be a sibling of Danzou!?? Now according to your prediction, if Danzou and his cronies do join Akatsuki this means that either Fu or Torune is Danzou’s brother??? *confused*

  14. lolz XD

  15. @ babyfox9 you do have a point but maybe kishi wasn’t referring to the actual hokage ( danzou ), maybe he was referring to tsunade or even more taboo, like a brother of the 3rd or even a sibling of minato who knows.

    And even if fu & torunde are bound to be strong i doubt there stronger then kakazu, deidara, hidan or even sasouri for that matter
    but let’s hope it is true and we do get to see them in red cloud uniforms i bet they get a beating from the konoha 11 or 12 or how many there are in naruto’s age group.

    And about that hand of danzou’s, I know it’s obvious that that’s the seal to keep shisou’s chakra or what ever from spreading in to his body but if he has that bug block of steel stuck to his arm them why doesn’t he have a helmet type thing on his head seeing as how the chakra is both in his arm shoulder and the right part of his head???

  16. Super i LMFAO almost the whole way through. Awesome breakdown super. One of the best naruto manga breakdowns ive seen, gota hand it to you.

    Kakashi: Kakashi has spoken, so STFU FTW!!!!!

    lol now that you mention it, it does seem as though gaara was rubing his kage status in naruto’s face lol.

    In my opinion the theory is busted now. I mean why would madara fight himself just to prove hes not fighting with himself. He could of done a better job by just staying at the summit for everyone “important” to see and say “Oh hey madara and danzo are in the same room” *gasp*


  17. and one more thing


    *mumbles something about getting computer site unblocked*


  18. Marks okaerinasai!!

  19. Sweet breakdown super. LMAO naruto getting his doujustu hahaha 😀

    But i have to admit, as an honest to goodness narusaku fan, i think sakura is gonna die. her little “confession” + deciding to go after sasuke = death IMO. idk why just for some reason i have that feeling in my gut. or my other theory is that “the member of team 7 who dies” would be sai. i only see that happening if sasuke is about to kill sakura, and i think he will try, and sai intervenes and takes the killing blow. i can totally see him dying with that supid grin on his face

  20. Awesome chapter with an awesome breakdown to boot…great job, Super.

    Well yea, as if that whole Danzou/Madara theory wasn’t implausible enough at first. This chapter just confirms that it can’t be fact.

    It would definitely be something if Danzou were to join Akatsuki. The organisation could use some new recruits right about now. And I’m curious to see a background story of Danzou and Madara, I feel they have some connection (not that kind of connection…dirty -_-).

    And finally, besides evidence that may prove the contrary, Sakura isn’t stupid. She knows better than to blindly confront Sasuke without some trick(s) up her sleeve. At least I hope so. Hell, it could be that she’s still playing mind games with everyone, and doesn’t even intend to kill him or anything in the first place. Considering her last charade, it won’t be so hard for me to believe.

  21. Lol, thanks everyone.

    @Aeris: Nah, I haven’t properly addressed my problem with Sakura yet but as soon as I find the time to comment more I’ll provide you with the links I promised weeks ago. >< Lol, but overall Sakura isn't such a bad character once you put things into perspective. 😉 After all she will play an important role in the future…I hope…

    @Marks: I smell what you're cooking! 😉

    @Anyone: I see not many people are a fan of the Tobi/Obito theory either according to the polls. T_T

  22. great one super lol first and yes gaara was bragin a litle bit. i voted on tiny too funy to miss but actualy sakura is the worst one cus she is not aware of the situation and is going in blind.if danzo joins akatsuki i will go beserk on kishi i mean sasukes hole kage sumit fight was to get to him hes the one he wants to kill. now how is madara gonna convince him other wise im curious to see hes caught sasuke in his lies net already so who knows.danzo is a gonner on my book thou im intersted on his arm jutsu and if he has MS but sasuke is defenetly going amaterasu on him.

  23. Danzou could be Madara’s long lost bretheren, you know, the one who got his eyes beasted on. Or maybe obito liked Itachi soooo much, he took his eyes lmao

  24. Mark your comeback means nothing and can’t not compare with GREATNESS.

    So what up guy long time no see. Haven’t been on lately because I have been busy. *Talk to himself about the guest once more taking over WRA on chatroll*
    Supa if you know me by now I am still down with the Tobi/Madara theory. Matter of fact I posted a good back story on how that could of happen a while back.
    But that for another time, great breakdown homie. Trust me that means a lot coming from Greatness.

  25. Oh yeah I wonder what you, the WRA fans think is going to win out of Danzou and Madara.

  26. @supertrek: Yeah, I’m still waiting for that………. dattebayo!!! Your two sentences after the “><", where they meant ironically? "but overall Sakura isn't such a bad character once you put things into perspective. 😉 After all she will play an important role in the future…I hope…" ?

    Gotta repeat that: TINYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!

  27. why does everyone think danzou is going to join akatsuki?
    he isnt purely bad. danzou is more of the grey that dominates life, neither a good guy or a bad guy

    everything he has said before only makes him seem like a guy that wants peace (friendship leads to war, so on and so forth)

  28. Tobito theory FTW! i voted for it Super! i am sad not many people like that theory anymore. Sakura bashing is Sakura bashing and i long ago grew bored with this love triangle when it became clear that all Naruto cares about is Sasuke. He ignores two love confessions in order to keep chasing Sasuke! speaking of which, Sasuke is definatly the whinest of all, when itachi is alive he’s all “itachi you evil bastard, blah, blah,blah” then he dies and tobi is like hey Sasuke itachi did all this for Konoha and he switchs to “DESTROY KONOHA!” whining.

    P.S despite the love you guys have for the whole “Tiny” thing, i dont think that anyone ever yelled that in the series? i forget.

  29. @Super: ROFLMAO, great first call. Great breakdown super.

    @madara/danzou theory: Hmm i think this might of had some merit if it was at the Kage summit and all the other kages were watching – but what’s the point of Madara fighting himself if nobody is around to rule out Danzou as him (besides his lackeys who all ready do his laundry)?

    As for Sakura – well meh. She marches off to her death (assuming she can find sasuke and naruto doesn’t get involved) it’s what she wants to do, so far be it for me to stop her *whispers* now’s ur chance Hinata.

    Prediction: Sakura confronts sasuke on the final week before X-mas manga break and we’re all clawing at our skin since we’ll be without any manga for a few weeks.

  30. Danzo stole that arm from from Shisui Uchiha!!! Dang!!!

    How about the eye???

  31. @takashid: It’s no real “TINYYYYYYYYYYYYY” cry, but this here

    and two pages after that again. And here, Nagato’s still sobbing:

  32. O yeah.. the eye was Shisui’s too!

  33. @Aeris: Sarcasm? Me? Nooooo! >_> Lol, no in all honesty I wasn’t being sarcastic when I was complimenting Sakura’s hopeful future. 🙂

    @Boyruns: I believe Danzou is more bad than good. Remember he has every member of Root’s mouth sealed so they can’t speak of the atrocious acts he’s done throughout the years.

    Sai says he cares for the village but his recent actions speak otherwise. If he cared so much for the village why did he hide underground during the Pein invasion instead of fighting to protect it? It’s because he didn’t care about the village at all. He actually wanted Pein to weaken the village so he could come up, pick up the pieces, and usurp Tsuande for the Hokage seat. That’s selfishness to the highest degree. He may care about the village to a certain degree but he cares about himself more, and is a power hungry mogul from the looks of it. Though I do admit just because two leaders have different leadership styles one isn’t necessarily better than the other.

    @Dish and Mudshovel: Sakura dying I don’t see happening but it would be awesome!!! You know for a good plot twist…>_>

    Sai on the other hand, in agreement with what Dish was saying, I do see dying probably to save Sakura’s life. Sakura after all was the first one to really try to befriend him.

    @Nope: Good point, if Danzou does join Akatsuki how would Sasuke take that? After all he went through at the Kage meeting just to take Danzou’s head I don’t see him befriending Danzou easily. Well, whatever Madara says Sasuke follows like a whipped dog so if he says play nice with Danzou Sasuke might share his toys…but secretly plant a bomb under the Tonka truck. o_O

    @Shinigami: The Danzou and Madara long lost brothers scenario is a possibility that I’ve been mulling over…>_>

    @Takashid and Ice: OBITOOO!!! XD

  34. @super: LAWL so everyone else did have that debate over who Tobi was like WRA…and ill shit bricks if it really is Yamato lol

  35. @EVERYONE I hear a few of you guys talking about sakura getting whacked but what about kakashi? he could end up fighting sasuke himself and he could die, and this could cause naruto to fight sasuke the only reason why i dont think sakura will die is beacuse she is….for lack of a better word the future because she was trained by one of the sanin. Since tsunades fate is not yet known you cant say kakashi wont die beacuse he is the going to be hokage. Tsunade could get out of the coma and back in the office its just a perdiction so you kakashi fans dont flame me to hard AND PLUS WHO WOULDNT LOVE TO SEE THAT FIGHT IT GIVES ME CHILLS Just thinking about it and if sakura died who would make naruto’s babies then 🙂

  36. Spoilers are out by ther way and the next chapter looks GREAT

  37.’s babies go to Hinata 😛 😆 arigatou for the spoilers 😀


    has a dialogue part 😉

  39. Ice!!!!!!! You Doubt the return of the Incredible one?! The great one?! The Mark of all MARSKMEN?! Able to catch a stash,

    From the pass!!!

    Win A debate and still have the ability, To lay’th the smack’th down on your Candy ASS!!!!!!!! O_o


    *theme song blasts in backround as i fade back into darkness*


  40. I CAN’T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!! 😦
    😥 it looks like Naruto is giving up on Sasuke…..i don’t want this….this stupid Gaara..he’s all : and I think of myself as your friend and think hard about the things you’re willing to do for Sasuke’s sake..Mou ii yo..ttaku na..damare yo, kono kuso gaki >__<
    *really mad punching her pillow*GAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. @ EVERYONE: im new here,this site is great.I hope i can be a part of this awesomeness 🙂

  42. Oh effing shizz.

    @aeris – that was KONAN that cried out about TINY. :O

    And I believe it was also Konan (not sure, can’t see all of the face if I remember correctly,) when she asks about what they should do with Tiny. That or it was just too far away and Nagato and Konan look the same. :O

  43. LMFAO!! Awesome breakdown dude!!!T_T

  44. I guess I’ll post the spoilers so you guys won’t have to look for them like I did. Apparently Fuu is from the Yamanaka Clan while Torune is from the Aburame Clan. Madara FTW!!! He made Torune almost kill Fuu!


    Spoiler translation

    Verification: Confirmed

    Alternative translation by me.

    What is Madara’s purpose in appearing before Danzou…!?

    475 マダラの真骨頂!!
    Chapter 475: Showing Madara’s True Worth!!

    Danzou unfastens the screws of the instrument on his right arm.
    Madara: You’re serious it seems, Danzou.
    ダンゾウ『マダラ… 奴の能力は未知だ 用心しろ』
    Danzou: Madara…We don’t know what his ability is yet, so be careful.
    Fuu: Yessir.

    Fuu: Torune, lets attack and cover each other.
    Torune: Understood.

    Madara is standing atop a pillar/post.
    Fuu and Torune thrust something at Madara.
    Torune throws a kunai at Madara.
    避けるマダラ 着地しようとしたところフー心転身~かけようとするが
    Madara runs and as he tries to land, Fuu trys to snare him with Shintenshin.
    Madara disappears into the ground.

    フー『柱(地面)へ消えた やはり物体をすり抜ける能力はあるようだ』
    Fuu: He vanished into the ground. As thought his ability seems to be to slip through things with his body.
    Torune: How goes it? Can you sense his chakra now?
    Fuu: No, its disappeared completely.

    Fuu: !
    Madara appears from behind.
    Turning around, Fuu slashes with a sword.
    The sword goes into Madara’s mask. It goes through. Madara then grabs Fuu’s arm.
    There, Torune throws a kunai at Madara.
    The kunai makes contact with the mask, but goes through.
    Fuu then distances himself from Madara.

    マダラ『感知と心転身の印… 山中一族の者か…』
    Madara: Sensing and that Shintenshin seal…you’re of the Yamanaka clan huh…
    トルネ『身を守るために相手の攻撃を すり抜けさせる時は奴の体全てが実体を無くすようだな』
    Torune: To protect himself from an opponent’s attack, he lets things slip through his body.
    フー『攻撃のために物理攻撃をもつ時は実体化する… つまりカウンターを狙えばいい』
    Fuu: To make a physical attack though, he has to fully materialize…so basically, we should aim for a counter attack.
    マダラ『よく理解した… いい分析だ』
    Madara: Well thought out…nice analysis.

    トルネ、フーに耳打ち(カウンターのタイミングを意図的に作る オレ達の攻撃を連続でしかけ二段階で行う  一段目は囮役だ)
    Torune whispers in Fuu’s ear (We have to create an opening to time the counter. In two steps we need to attack consecutively. The first step is the decoy.)
    フー(囮役はオレがやる… …心転身の術は読まれているしな お前メインでいく)
    Fuu: (I’ll be the decoy… …he’s waiting on the SHintenshin. Go as the main.)
    Torune removes his gloves with his mouth.
    Fuu thrusts something at Madara. Madara avoids.
    When an opening appears Torune: (Here it is!!)
    避けるマダラ 攻撃した勢いが止まらず カウンターパンチがフーの左手にかする
    Madara avoids, the force of the attack doesn’t stop though, and the counter punch hits Fuu’s left hand, making contact.
    倒れこむフー フーの右手が菌?に侵され始め腐り?はじめる
    Fuu collapses. Fuu’s right hand starts to decay? from bacteria?

    Gloves removed, the cells of things touched break down.

    トルネ(こいつ…攻撃するフリしてわざと… くそ!ひっかけられた…!)
    Torune: (That guy…intentionally pretended to attack…damn!)
    Madara: …

    倒れてるフー 写輪眼でフーの様子を見るマダラ
    Fuu collapses. With Sharingan, Madara can see his state.
    マダラ『ほう… チャクラを流し込んで細胞を破壊する術か… 厄介だな』
    Madara: Hoo… a jutsu with cells infused with chakra that can destroy…how troublesome.

    トルネ、フーの傍に行き『すまないフー すぐに取り除く』
    Torune goes to Fuu’s side: Sorry Fuu, I’ll remove it soon.
    Madara: !
    With his index finger, Torune touches Fuu’s wound.
    マダラ『チャクラじゃないな これはナノサイズの毒蟲… 最近に近いな
    お前… 油女一族の中でも秘伝忍術を持つ忍だな… その蟲の抗体を持つ油女シクロのガキか…
    Madara: It isn’t chakra is it. These are nano-sized poisonous insects…you were close, recently…a ninja having this hiden jutsu within the Aburame clan…to have the antiboides for those insects…only that Aburame Shikuro guy supposedly had it…
    Torune sweating.
    地面に消えながらマダラ『ダンゾウ… いい部下を揃えたな…』
    Madara vanishes into the ground: Danzou… you’ve got some good subordinates don’t you…

    Fuu: Sorry Torune.
    Torune takes the clothes he’s wearing, off (just his top): Fuu, don’t lose focus! Sense that guy’s location now! We’ll settle this with the next one!
    Torune’s body is slowly becoming black. The cells of the things he touches decay, so by removing his clothes, he increases his range.
    But Madar comes from behind. Torune gets sucked into his mask.
    Fuu: Dammit! (Torune got sucked in!?)
    Madara: My right arm has been infected by poisonous insects huh…
    Madara removes his own right arm and drops it on the ground.
    Fuu: !?
    Madara kicks the arm he threw onto the ground.
    Fuu avoids.
    Now only Madara’s head appears fromt he ground: You’re next.
    Fuu: !?
    Fuu gets sucked into Madara’s mask too.

    His hands on Naruto’s shoulders, Gaara: …
    Naruto’s face is seen, as if he can’t say anything.
    Gaara looks behind: …
    テマリ『伝えることは全て伝えた 帰るぞガアラ
    ではこれで私らは里へ帰る はたけカカシ… アナタが火影になるとして砂は動く
    Temari: We’ve told you everything there is to tell. Let’s go back Gaara. We are going to make the trip back to the village from here. Hatake Kakashi…with you as Hokage, and us, the Sand as an allied nation, let’s hope this news doesn’t stir any disorder.
    Kakashi: Understood.
    Bacj to Naruto, not saying anything.
    後ろを向きながらガアラ『オレは お前を友だと思っている』
    Gaara, while looking behind: I think of myself as your friend.
    Naruto: !
    ガアラ『かつてのオレにとって”友”とはただの言葉… それ以上でもそれ以下でもなかった
    だがお前と会って気付かされた  大切なのはその言葉の持つ意味だと』
    Gaara: I once thought of the word friend as just a word…there was nothing more or less to it. But having met you, I’ve come to realize that what’s important about that word is its meaning.
    Naruto: …
    お前はサスケのために何をしてやれるのかを よく考えろ』
    With just his head (in the frame), Naruto looking at Gaara: What are the things that give it meaning? Think hard about the things you’re willing to do for Sasuke’s sake.
    Naruto: …!
    Gaara: Let’s go.
    Gaara and his group leaves.

    Yamato: …Naruto.
    Kakashi, interrupting: You must be able to answer that for yourself.
    Naruto, face down: …

    Madara’s space.
    サスケ『!  ここから出せ』
    Sasuke: ! Let us out of here!
    マダラ『そう慌てるな 今ここから出してやるから 外にはお前への土産もある』
    Madara: You’re confused aren’t you. I’m going to let you out now, and waiting for you is a present outside.

    Danzou: !
    Sasuke and Karin appear from Madara’s mask.
    Sasuke, with an angered face uses Mangekyou Sharingan.
    ダンゾウ『うちは…  サスケか…』
    Danzou: Uchiha…Sasuke…

    マダラ『お前は下がっていろ… 巻き込まれれば死ぬぞ』
    Madara: You, stand back…if you get caught up in this, you’ll die.
    Karin: …!
    そばを離れるカリン。 柱の上に移動マダラ
    Karin distances herself. Madara oves back to the top of the pillar.

    Bandages removed from his instrument.
    Danzou’s right arm has a countless number of Sharingan.
    Danzou: Both of your Sharingan will be mine.

    Danzou removes the viel from his right arm to reveal…many Sharingan!!!
    The End.

  45. I don’t care if you are The Incredible Marksman, Markswoman, or Marktrash.
    The fact of the matter is greatness is back!
    And that’s the bottom line because Stone *cough* Greatness says so!.

    *Glasses shatter and theme music play as Tai crack open a can of bear*

    Now to other thing, HINATA is meant for one person and one person only KIBA!
    I really don’t care for Sakura like supa but I rather she she stay alive so Hinata will give up on Naruto and go with Fang….I mean Kiba.

    I also hate her ass because not only is she going to get herself killed she have to take Kiba with her. Now I have fate in Kiba but my fate can only go so far, hopefully he’ll kill a strong ninja and show some new moves so I can defend him in a debate without having to say Double Head Wolf Fang the whole time.

    Yet nothing would make me feel better if some how Kiba or sakura beat Sasuke, I hate him like fat kids hate anything sugar free.

    Greatness has spoken!

  46. Amazing spoiler dragonball. Madara obviously plans to use If Danzo somehow makes it alive, Fuu and Torune for the war. Danzo’s arm is gross and weird as hell. Made me wonder if he gouged out Sasuke’s parents’ eyes for his arm as well. Danzo vs. Sasuke is going to be epic! I think Danzo survives and disappears for a while. Awesome chap!

  47. What the hell is up with Danzou.

  48. Maybe if Danzo ever stole a Mangekyo Sharingan and implanted it in his arm, Sasuke might change his mind and take it when he goes blind and get an EMS!
    Btw the picture looks as if his arm was made out of Jell-O and he stuck sharingans in it… Disgusting…


  50. if kakashi and sasuke ever fought kakashi ftw because even tho sasuke has emo powers, kakashi was emo sortof lmao….

    but seriously if they did kakashi would win because of his elements compared to sasuke’s … plus he does have a sharigan to fight sasuke…

  51. You Tai, i dont care if your greatness, fakeness, gayness or all of the above.

    Fact of the matter is Marksman, The Incredible Marksman that is, has returned and there is only 2 things you can do about it.


    @ Shinobimadness, What have you done? -__-
    I since a kakashi vs sasugay debate brewing now. Of course im taking kakashi’s side, hell i choose pacman side if they fought, i just want sasugay to DIE DAMN IT DIIIIIIIE!!!!!!!!! Im on you side if this debates start bro.

    Now back to adressing a certain issui xD;

    In the words of my illustrious, favorite anime character; Marksman has spoken, so stfu -_-

  52. Marksman you are indeed funny BUT!
    This is nothing that greatness can’t handle.
    Now I am here listening to The Incredible Garbage doubt what is great.
    Yet that is okay.
    Just like Actor reach for the stars and like Emo reach for near by knives, you will always reach for Greatness.
    No matter how Incredible you believe you are you are nothing more than a small ant living in a giant world.
    So the next time someone ask you what you are reaching for, you turn your head and point to me and say “I want to be Greatness” like the fool you are!

    Now back to more important matters.
    Sasuke can beat Kakashi, but Kakashi can beat him also.
    So I am on the side of Markman for this one because many will say that Kakashi can not beat him at all which is not ture.

    I will give my reason on why if this debate do start up.

  53. Wow!!Marks is giving it all!!”Marksman has spoken, so stf” haha Goooooo!!!!!!!!!!! (^_^) but u know i don’t want Sasuke to die..altho he’s really pissing me off..!

  54. great breakdown and rofl at the comic strip! 😛
    i doubt that sakura will die since shes just a too important character, i cant see kakashi dying either since he allready has been dead in the pain arc, so whos left to die you ask? Ino! just cus i hate her =D
    nah seriously i think were gonna see some of the people who defend the kages dying like the swordsman of the mizukage or sumthin.

  55. Ok I see a interesting debate here and I decided to stir things a bit.But first, since I SHALL RESIST to read the spoilers this week I might have missed some of the above comments so let me get things right-it’s a Kakashi vs. Sasuke debate right?If it is here I go:Since we have long witnessed Kishis favouritism over Sasuke I believe this is not a Kakashi vs. Sasuke debate but rather why would Kakashi not win although his skills and techique diversity is on a whole different level.Be it a splinter in his toe or pinkeye, Kakashi is doomed to fail in a supposed face off.And fail he shall even if one such moment is entirely skiped.Sasuke,in a last stand, will chidori one of Kakashis itcha itcha books and there we will face another “TINY!!!!NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” moment followed by weeks of mental breakdown and selfpiting for our beloved hero.So you see this debate would be on the short side for those very reasons and let God,Budha,Satan and every other swell fellow out there help Kishi if this happens.

    Good night and good fight 😀

  56. First of all ice, When you address me you adress by what i am, and that ; The Incredible Marksman to you “Greatness”

    And for the record ive already achieved greatness and supassed it, is why the call be the Incredible you ignorent JABRONEE!!! O_o

    So doubting greatness would be like doubting my own Anatomy, comparing youself to me is like comparing a star to a galacy. It took 12 months and many debates with supertrek, tenrai, jeremiah, ibi, penny, totalitarian Hypnosis and ahsan to earn my status and make this,

    And im a bit tired of arguing with those who claim to be “Greatness” 😉

    So im officially ending this rape *cough* dibate and get back to my biz
    You lost this debate the second yo decided to go against Marksman, The Incredible Marksman that is 😉

  57. Now, as for the Sasugay vs kakashi debate;

    *sigh* -_-

  58. Yo,guys,The Incredible Marksman and Tai Night,stop arguing over such foolishness.I mean I don’t quite remember appointing greatness to any of you. 😀

  59. I must give it to you that was okay.
    But what you did in 12 months I did in mere days.
    It is not in god but in Greatness that they trust.
    So if your a galaxy then son I am Galactus.
    Your like atom but with out the explosive power.
    Small like a flower, even building can be incredible
    Do you remember the NY Towers.
    See my Greatness is something that you try to imitate
    But Greatness is what I immolate
    Fakeness is what I eliminate
    Cast them of like elimidate
    Putting a end to this simply debate.

  60. Alas, on to the debate

    kakashi would pwn the shit out of sasugay, debate over.

    Isnt that right kakashi?

    Kakashi: Of course, and for threcord super doesnt bash sakara, I do.

    Kakashi has spoken, so stfu -_-

  61. What make you believe that Kakashi can’t beat Sasuke.
    Just tell me so I can tell you why you are wrong.

  62. @The Incredible Marksman Seriously though if kakashi did end up fighting sasuke i dont see anyway kakashi can combat the MS power…let alone any one for that matter, and he has not yet to my knowledge completley master the susanoo, I just dont see any possible way for him to be beat, unless he is jumped by the kages agian 🙂 If Supertrek89 has any ideas id love to hear them you always have a insightful way at looking at things 😉

  63. *sigh* -_-

  64. Tai i would love to continue this battle of wits and ego’s but i have other things to do at the moment. Just know this isnt over xD

    And as i just said KAKASHI WOULD PWN SASUGAY DAMMIT!!!!

  65. I do agree Mark.

  66. Lol, what was that a rhyming battle between The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin!? XD

    Kakashi vs. Sasuke I’d have to give it to Sasuke at this point in the manga.

    After every battle Sasuke gets a better grip on his eye techs. After being further tested through the trial Madara put him through at the Kage meeting they’re definitely more powerful. For instance remember when he first brought out Amaterasu on purpose when fighting Killer Bee? (Cringing and holding his eye)

    Then the second time he used it. (He didn’t cringe and hold his eye. He then proceeded to control the shape of the flames and this was only his second time using it.)

    Now here’s him using Susano’o for the first time. Ok, not exactly the first time but on the same day and around the first time. (He admits he hasn’t perfected it yet.)

    So on his second time using Susano’o he’ll be much more proficient with it as he was with Amaterasu. Though the real question is can Kakashi warp Susano’o into another dimension?

    Of course Kakashi gets a better grip on his MS too with every use but Sauske is working with 3 MS techs while Kakashi only has 1. This is important because if Sasuke manages to avoid Kakashi’s MS then that’s it for Kakashi, doujutsu wise, that Sasuke doesn’t have. If Kakashi manages to evade…Amaterasu for instance Sasuke still has 2 other MS techs.

    The main one I think that is the strongest and would give Kakashi the most problem is Tsukoyomi. We saw Kakashi fall to Tsukoyomi before with Itachi and now Sasuke has it too. Can Kakashi even break Tsukoyomi when he fell to so easily before? Another thing, Tsukoyomi doesn’t seem to hurt the user like the other 2 MS techs unless it’s broken of course.

    Before I’d say Kakashi but now Sasuke’s eyes will be much stronger after that fiasco in the Kage meeting plus I’m not really sure if Kakashi’s MS can warp Susano’o into another dimension. If it does warp Susano’o, which basically surrounds Sasuke, will that warp Sasuke too or will it act as a sacrificial shield? Overall, Kakashi does stand a good chance to defeat him but I’m siding with Sasuke on this one.

  67. Boy you guys believe in Kakashi a little too much…. I dont fathom why people ignore the prevailing theme of the manga/anime each generation surpases the previous… Orochimaru vs. the Third-Student wins… Pain vs. Pervy-Student wins….Orochimaru vs. Sasuke- Student wins. At this point One should say “Those whom do not learn from history are doom to repeat it.” Honestly, if it was to happen in the manga it would just be an undercard bout. It was the show down will be Naruto and Sasuke(as was already stated in the manga).

  68. Well, I guess Kakashi could send his head to another dimention, like Diedra’s arm. (BUUUT) When have things EVER been that easy?

  69. Since Mark’s not here for the moment i will speak on behalf of Kakashi and him, and also started it…
    *cracks knuckles*
    Kakashi vs Sasuke
    if kakashi and sasuke were to fight, both have sharigan, so the mere fact of Sasuke has that genjutsu Tskuyumi, doesnt mean kakashi’s screwed, when in fact Sasuke HIMSELF didn’t have a MS at the time fighting Itachi…which means its possible for him to break/counter it seeing as how kakashi is very talented with his sharigan as stated by ITACHI himself on various occasions…
    Kakashi has 1 MS which is a space/time jutsu capable of sending anything into a another explosion, which if he aims can send Ameratsu into another dimension long enough to prevent being caught by it. We’ve seen him send a nail at the last moment into another direction…A NAIL…so it obviously means he’s also gotten better at aiming his MS jutsu… For Susano’o its only used as a defensive measure so unless Kakashi goes in for a kill with a chidori or rakiri i dont see any reason sasuke would use chakra/life force to susutain it the whole fight.
    Now with all the MS techinques out the way, Sasuke only has his electric and fire elements to work with as well as his sword and taijutsu. We all know Kakashi isn’t a slouch with Taijutsu, and he does know ALOT of jutsu including…Water techiques, Fire(i think anime related), Earth, and HIS specialty electric. I dont see sasuke having enough techs to counter all of his moves every single time. Yes sasuke does have a sword, but kakashi does have kunais to atleast stop the attacks of them long enough to get out the way. Now that only leaves experience to do the talking…which it brings about 1 final question…
    Does Sasuke have enough experience to fight a possible Hokage Canidate and win…

    I didn’t forget about Kakashi’s low chakra pool, although Sasuke doesn’t have as much either, as well as no more CS to get a little bit of chakra so they both have a limit of possible combinations of techs…
    I do also know Sasuke has Kirin if all else fails, but idk that Kakashi won’t know why Sasuke was aiming in the sky for no reason.. but if Sasuke has to use it, it means kakashi was too much for him in the first place…

  70. Hmmm….

    In a debate between Sasuke vs Kakashi, I would have to go with Sasuke on this one.

    I may prefer Kakashi as a character, but I think it is obvious that Sasuke is probably more powerful. They both have the Sharingan, but Sasuke is a natural born Uchiha, so his does not consume chakra when active.

    They both have the MS and very powerful techs with it, but Sasuke can use his more before becoming fatigued, whereas if Kakashi uses his once or twice and it near kills him.

    I will refer to the battle between Sasuke and the kage to make my point. Sasuke used both Amatarasu and Susanoo (although incomplete) multiple times in his battle against the Raikage, more than once. He then used Amatarasu in his battle against Gaara and then a more complete version of the Susanoo soon afterwards.

    After that, he still had enough energy to escape and then battle the Mizukage and Tsuchikage (even though it was starting to show). Kakashi only used his MS twice in the battle against Pein and it killed him. (Yes, that’s right, as in dead, not exhausted).

    Now, that was a comparison of their sharingan use. As for Ninjutsu, both can use high level techs, with jutsu like Kirin dominating the top of Sasuke’s list while Kakashi himself has shown that he has also come up with new forms for his Chidori.

    In that department, I would rank it even. Even though Kakashi knows more ninjutsu, the quality of Sasuke’s brings it up to par.

    Taijutsu. Again, I would say is more or less even. However, Sasuke has a slight edge in that he can use his Sharingan without risk, while Kakashi’s causes a drain on his stamina, so in a long term battle, Sasuke may have more of an advantage.

    Genjutsu. Sasuke now has access to what could be considered the ultimate genjutsu, one that even Kakashi cannot withstand. In comparison, Kakashi has no genjutsu that Sasuke cannot break merely by having his sharingan active.

    Kakashi can, however, avoid eye contact to avoid Tsukyomi, but there is always the risk of slipping and falling into it. Sasuke wins that department.

    So, lets see an overview…

    Sharingan: Sasuke wins.
    Ninjutsu: Draw.
    Taijutsu: Draw.
    Genjtsu: Sasuke wins.

    In all honesty, it would be a cool battle and Kakashi would probably hold his own quite well, but Sasuke has an edge. The only thing that may push Kakashi’s chances is his superior experience, but even then Sasuke is also a genius, so he is also very tactical in his battles.

  71. Oh, I just wanted to add something…

    The amount of techniques you know does NOT necessarily determine a battle. We have seen shinobi that concentrate on one specific area of expertise trumping those who know multiple elements, etc.

    Take Deidara for example. He only used explosive clay, but that didn’t make him any weaker. He had a strength and he focused on it and was able to defeat very powerful opponents. Gaara only uses sand and yet he has trumped most people who stand against him. Even Jiraiya had a specific focus in his ninjutsu, does that mean he is weaker than a shinobi like Kakashi, who knows over 1000 different techniques?

    Others like Shikamaru, Shino, and even Gai can be used as star examples of this fact. Gai, was said to have been able to match Kakashi in battle and he only used Taijutsu.

    At the end of the day, it isn’t about how many techniques you know or what fighting style you use, it is about the quality of those techniques and how efficiently they are used.

  72. @Shinobi: As Tenrai has pointed out the difference between Kakashi’s sharingan and Sasuke’s are drastic. Obviously Kakahsi has great control over his borrowed sharingan but even he admits that it’s not as efficient as a true users.

    That fact will never change, so to say Kakashi can break Tsukoyomi just because Sasuke, a true blooded user, could is quite a statement.Then there’s this…

    I do believe Kakashi does not have Uchiha blood in him thus cannot defeat Tsukoyomi no matter how good he is with his sharingan. He even calls out Sasuke’s name after Itachi makes his statement.

    If Sasuke uses Kirin on Kakashi that doesn’t mean Kakashi was to much to handle. Kirin is just another jutsu used to win a battle, so I don’t see how him using and possibly winning with it makes Kakashi to much for him. If Kakashi uses his most desperate move (MS) on Sasuke does that make Sasuke to much to handle?

    Sasuke fought the Raikage and nearly ended up the victor so I see no problem with him fighting a Hokage candidate seeing as how a Hokage and Raikage are both…Kages. Expanding on Tenrai’s point about Kakashi avoiding Sasuke’s eyes I don’t believe Kakashi knows how to fight an opponent by looking at his feet like Gai. That’s how Gai fights an opponent who he can’t look at in the eyes but how does Kakashi go about doing this when he’s never practiced before? In other words he has to fight Sasuke (taijutsu/ninjutsu/genjutsu) without looking up at his opponent. I find that nearly impossible especially for taijutsu.

    Also, Sasuke can throw out Amaterasu at a high cost but many times now. How many times can Kakashi warp Amaterasu away? Tenrai already went over that limit. Lastly Sasuke’s susano’o isn’t only a defensive jutsu. It has a big ass fiery sword.

    As I said I do see Kakashi putting up a good fight but in the end I can’t see him coming out the victor in this match at this point in the manga.

  73. Naruto 475 is OUT!!!

  74. I dont know if anyone remembers me from when we all used to post on iareawesomeness…..but hey to anyone who remembers!

    Also, chapter is out on enjoy!


  76. in real life I think kishi has a woman in his life whose eyeballs he licks for kicks cuz it’s obvious he’s got an eye fetish. coulda swore the eye distribution in the manga was gonna be done with. i bet he’s got more on his forehead since that hasn’t been shown yet.



  78. @Kahmix: I actually thought he was into vore considering what he did with Naruto in the original story thingy.

    You know how Naruto got swallowed by that snake? I thought that was pretty cool. :O Especially seeing as how Naruto got out of it. 😀

  79. Good chapter. I think Kishi was hinting in that fight you may need two people to beat Madara. Naruto and Sasuke vs. Madara anyone? Even if that’s not the case I still see Naruto teaming up with Sasuke to take down Madara.

    Can’t say much about the rest of the chapter besides the fact that Danzou is a freak…wasn’t really interested in the 1 sided fight (Madara vs. Fuu & Torune).

    Lol, Danzou and the Raikage have something in common now. Bet you can’t guess what it is…>_>

  80. I see Madara (Who conveniently lost his right arm) taking Danzou’s right arm which is covered in Sharingan eyes.

    I enjoyed the chapter, because it was good to see Madara battling for once. It was also cool to see the potential of the Aburame and Yamanaka clans.

    I think Danzou is obviously a lot more powerful than most assumed at first and with an arm full of sharingan and the confidence he shows even though he stands alone against Madara and Sasuke, he may even be more powerful than the other kage we have seen.

    I can’t wait to see what happens. ^ ^

  81. Yeah…good chapter…Well at least Sasuke has lots of eyes to throw dirt into.

    Also did you all notice when Madara removed his arm as if it was filled with cream or something.I wonder if that is his real body.It may be a projected image which when infused with chakra, can interact with its environment.That way it just becomes intangible or just disappears when he cuts of the chakra flow.

  82. WTF is wrong with danzou seriously… he’s actually WORSE than Orochimaru… and thats no small feat…
    The one from Aburamine clan is pretty bad ass, but i’d love to see him fight a bit more instead of that 3 page scuffle. makes me wonder when Shino would be that good… hmm.. This makes me wonder if Danzou is Madara now, for the fact they BOTH like to collect good eyes now.. Seriously… this Sharigan is more played out then going Super Saiyan now…everyone and there kids went super sayain after Gohan…smh…

  83. Damn….Danzou is reaaaaally disgusting…ewww..shinobi lol 😆

  84. Wait …No One is worse than “if you damage this body I’ll just puke up another”,snake boy . Im sorry the arm was ugly but at least he wasnt tryin to visualize what he had for lunch yesterday.

  85. We should all be glad that Orochimaro only puked his new bodies,if you know what I mean.

  86. OMG Danzou is everything I hoped he would be A Powerful adversary that most people would have a F****N prayer, with all those sharigans it wouldnt surprise me if he has unlocked awesome unique jutsu for each MS though Im wondering how massive his chakra reserves are and the risks of using the sharigans. Im wondering if Madara has done the same but absorbed them into his eye instead of his arm.

  87. Maybe Madara’s entire body is covered in Sharingan eyes, which is why he keeps it completely covered. O__O

    There’s a theory for you. lol. ^ ^

  88. Lmao Tenrai 😆 hahahaha…!! xD
    but this would be COMPLETELY disgusting 😛

  89. Whoever of them wins will have a nice collection of eyeballs.

    Tenrai continuing on your idea,I somehow doubt that Madara would have. All of his body covered with eyes.If that is correct imagine the horror when goes to the toilet. 😀

  90. I vote for Sasuke altho i love Kakashi too…gomene Marks.. 😉

  91. @ super

    “Lastly Sasuke’s susano’o isn’t only a defensive jutsu. It has a big ass fiery sword.”

    thought I would correct you in that statement as susano’o doesnt in fact include a “big ass fiery sword” 🙂 the “big ass fiery sword is actually the sword of totsuka which itachi had acquired somehow. perhaps you could back track a little from there to find out a bit more.

    and I’m not sure if he passed it along to sasuke but it looks like it was just his arm in this

  92. @Kingchaos: Indeed, it was never confirmed whether or not Sasuke acquired the Swrod of Totsuka or Yata’s Mirror from Itachi’s Susano’o. The Sword of Totsuka is an added item to the Susuano’o and extends from a bottle like object that Sususano’o carries around.

    Sasuke’s Susano’o does not have that bottle like object so I can’t see how he has the Sword of Totsuka without the bottle which holds the enchanted item and sucks the opponent in for the infinite genjutsu.

    Also in addition to Kishi not showing Sasuke’s Susno’o with the bottle that holds the Sword of Totsuka he also never shows his Susano’o with Yata’s Mirror.

    Going from all of this I believe Sasuke never retrieved any of the enchanted items from Itachi. Either that or Sasuke has yet to learn how to properly bring them out. Oh, and the arm on Sasuke’s Susnao’o which knocks down the pillars is the left arm. The same arm which holds the big ass fiery sword. 😉

    @Anyone: I guess Danzou got all of those sharingans on the night of the Uchiha Massacre. It makes me wonder though how no one found it suspicious when a bunch of the slain Uchiha memebers wound up with missing eyeballs. Which then makes me think Danzou used Root to clean up the bodies and they can’t say anything because of the seals on their tongues.

  93. Onnce again my oponenets overlook and uinderestimate kakashi in the debate. Im going to be fair and not choose sides here because to be completly honest i know kakashi would not win this fight because he is not a main character. However i still have a valid argument.

    @ Tenrai, my worth adversary speaks once more O_o. To be exact wiki says an uchihas sharingan does actually consume chakra.

    Though it is true kakashi would run out of stamina before sasugay would using MS techs, doesnt neccesarly mean sasugay would win, just has more stamina.

    Ninjitsu: I have to give this one to kakashi because he has somehow fought and came out even agaisnt the greatest taijitsu user there is in naruto, MAIIIITOOOOOOO GAIIIIII!!!!!
    In the long term run sasugay would win of course but kakashi knows this and lets not forget is smarter then sasuke. So it would only be a matter of would sasugay be able to drag the fight out before he is outsmarted.

    Genjitsu: Itachi said those with Mongeyou sharinga can break tysomo. Oh yea thats right, kakashi has mongekyou sharingan, o obviously genjitsu wouldnt work on kakashi or sasugay. And since kakashi has far more experience with his sharingan the sasugay im pretty sure he could have broken out of a weakened tysuomi to -_-, But if not there is still his MS and thats asuming he evens slips up and gets caught in the attack in the first place which i seriously doubt because of his experience.

    Tenrai you said: In that department, I would rank it even. Even though Kakashi knows more ninjutsu, the quality of Sasuke’s brings it up to par.

    I dont understand what you mean. Can you please ellaberate on that point?

    Ninjitsu in my opinion goes to kakashi in my opinion only because he knows more (ALOT MORE. Over 1000 if i remember correctly.) but i guess in this debate kakashi’s knoledge of more ninjitsu the sasuke to you guys just does not count. Gee i wonder why? T_T

    And tenrai, the only reason why kakashi died was because he was out of chakra and stamina in the first place, and when he used it that was the last of it. Hell if itachi, sasuke or madara were almost out of chakra an used the last of the stamina for MS im pretty sure they would have died to.

    Lets remember here kakashi has used MS three times in one day. Twice against dedairia and for an explosion. Kakashi used his MS twice after he was half out of chakra and basically already defeated by pain.

  94. dont get me wrong i know sasugay can beat kakashi but i think kakashi would beat sasugay to, just that sasugay has a better chance of winning over all then kakashi.

  95. @ super you said: Expanding on Tenrai’s point about Kakashi avoiding Sasuke’s eyes I don’t believe Kakashi knows how to fight an opponent by looking at his feet like Gai. That’s how Gai fights an opponent who he can’t look at in the eyes but how does Kakashi go about doing this when he’s never practiced before? In other words he has to fight Sasuke (taijutsu/ninjutsu/genjutsu) without looking up at his opponent. I find that nearly impossible especially for taijutsu

    you say this, yet for some reason i specifically remeber kakashi fighting itachi 30 percent clone quite efficently without making eye contact. -_- Lol and the only time he did was on purpose and was a bushin of his own.

  96. i know kakashi wouldnt when but dont count out his best assets.

  97. @Marks: Eh? Where in the manga does it say you needed MS to break Tsukoyomi. If you read my post and looked at the links I provided I’ve already proven Kakashi can’t break Tsukoymoi.

    You need the blood of a Uchiha, not MS, to break Tsukoymoi. Unless Kakashi had a blood transfusion with a Uchiha recently he simply can’t break Tsukoymoi no matter how good he is with his borrowed sharingan.

    As for you other points those I see were all in response to Tenrai’s argument. I see none of the points in my post addressed…how convenient…>_>

    1. How does Kakashi fight an opponent he can’t look up at?

    2. How does Kakahsi evade Amaterasu when Sasuke can throw it out more than 3 times and Kakashi can use his MS only up to 3 times (maybe 4 but that’s probably the one he dies on)?

    3. Why do you say using Kirin means Kakashi was to much to handle and why does it matter Kakashi is Hokage candidate when Sasuke has already fought multiple Kage?

    But to address your current argument where does it say in the manga Kakashi is smarter than Sasuke? Both are considered geniuses so going off of that I’d say it’s a tie for smarts.

    In the ninjutsu department I honestly don’t care who has more ninjutsu. What matters is what exactly is the ninjutsu that you use. Even with all Kakashi’s ninjutsu he ties with a fighter that only uses taijutsu. That doesn’t really give much credit to Kakashi’s use of ninjutsu does it? The strongest ninjutsu tech Kakashi has is MS and he hasn’t used that on a person except for Deidara who flying away in a straight line.

    Yes…I ask you why hasn’t Kakashi ever just used MS on his recent opponents and killed them that way (Hidan, Kakuzu, Pein)? Perhaps because he knows they can just move out of the way? Lol, I have my entire argument lined up for the weaknesses of Kakashi’s dooujutsu but I’ll expand on them later. XD

    I don’t believe anyone here is ignoring Kakashi’s assets. He’s an awesome fighter which is why I’ve said multiple times now he’d put up a good fight against Sasuke. It’s just that Sasuke has grown and advanced so much now I can’t see Kakashi winning this fight…neither can you! o_o Lol, and yes I know Kakashi has grown too but I believe Sasuke’s growth has been far more exponential and it makes sense seeing as how he’s one of the main characters. Kakashi is a main character too though…>_>

  98. 475 is out …

  99. I say the reason that Tobi just drop his arm because it was the side that was crush by a boulder. So it was nothing but a replacement anyway.
    Just a guess on my part.

    Now the Sasuke and Kakashi debate. Everyone made a good point about why Saskue would beat Kakashi, so I’ll give that to yall.
    So let me tell you why Kakashi can beat Saskue.

    Kakashi have a wide range of moves that make him a deadly force. He have been in many high level fights also, so he is not out place fighting strong foes. Now Sasuke only use Fire and Lightning. Now Kakashi can use wind, earth, and water. So he can really cancel out his small attack with the right counter.

    Then we talk about stamina which is kinda of tricky. I do believe that our emo boy have more but that does not win you a match unless your Naruto. So Kakashi might not be able to out last Saskue. Yet one move can decide the match.

    Now I could be wrong but I don’t think Saskue is all that smart some time. I believe that he have more of luck on his side. I think that Kakashi would be able to out think Saskue and even plan out what he’ll do something like Shiki.

    Kakashi know Saskue better then he know Kakashi, so he might play on his emotion to catch him off guard. Now in hand to hand combat that is Kakashi to me. He can fight Gai…..GAI on a level playing ground. Now Sasuke is no slack in this department neither and with anyone else other then a few that would be hands down him.

    Susano’o is something that I hear being bring up a lot. That is indeed a powerful move. One that even Oro was not papered for but it has a weakness. Gaara was one of the first ones to state it, we do not have to beat him just outlast him. Something of that size I doubt that Kakashi would go in there without testing what it can do. He is to smart for that and he would also see that the longer the move is out the more the user pay.

    Then we talk about Amatarasu. Now with one shot this can end Kakashi but in that split second that Saskue stop and aim at Kakashi, he can stop and aim for Saskue head and it would be over. So it can go ever way, plus what make everyone think that he would get caught in it. He use clone a lot when people think that they got him.

    Kakashi is smart he would have a plan for Amatarasu so we can’t just say we’re counting him out.

    Now Tsukoyomi, Kakashi know when this move is coming. That why he told Asuma and his wife to close their eyes and don’t look into his eyes. He more then likely knew that he would have to fight Itachi again, so to say that he didn’t learn how to fight by watching their feet or something else would be down right stupid. If something owned my as in the past, trust me I would try to prepare for it if I have to face it again.

    Who knows he could even found away around it. You can never count him out NEVER! I mean this is the man “Without Uchiha blood” That still have some how achieve MS.

    Now Karin it is a pretty nice move that was Sasuke last tactic if he was running out of options. Yet again Kakashi intelligence come into play. That is a move that Sasuke must set up for, Kakashi could see it coming before he is hit or even before the clouds form. But a question came to mind, why does Saskue not get damage by the attack. Is it because lightening is his main thing. If so can Kakashi survive or even counteract the attack. Or can he even copy it on the spot, after all he is the copycat ninja.

    So it to many questionable thing that come with that attack.

    Over all Sasuke can beat Kakashi, I know that yet Kakashi is no push over, and if he play his cards right, he might be able to add another big win under his belt.

    P.S it might be some typo’s but I am to lazy to read over it to make sure.

  100. this was another big wtf chapter for me overall a great chapter!
    but sharingan’s in ones arm,.. that just wont do it for me.

    As for the saucegay vs kakashi battle. As it is now i think and im pretty sure sasuke would win Susano’o, ameterasu, tsukoyumi, and his formidable lightning jutsus. However im pretty sure kakashi hasnt been sitting still since the last fight with pein and i think he wasnt giving his full 100% in the battle against him, so i wonder if he got any stronger,.. if he has he might stand a chance

  101. Just to add something to the Kirin attack:

    @Tai: Sasuke did not get damaged because he was not struck…
    @Tai: Sharingan can copy ninjutsu, but I doubt it can copy nature manipulation, for the same reason it cannot copy kekkei genkai.

    Now wasn’t Kakashi’s only original attack notable for being able to cut a lightning in two? Seeing Kirin is just artificially-directed lightning, I don’t see it being effective on Kakashi.

  102. @Ice: Both Sasuke and Kakashi are smart and I see no reason to doubt Sasuke’s genius in battle. How he learned Katon Goukakyuu no Jutsu at such a young age.

    How he copied Lee’s taijutsu and perfecting it the way he did just from one look.

    How he figured Deidara out and analyzed all his moves…

    He was always the best at the academy (this also due to the fact that Shikamaru never tried that hard but does that make Sasuke dumb if he isn’t as smart as Shikamaru?).

    I have more examples but I’m sure you get the point. Sure he got lucky in the fight with Deidara because his Raiton jutsu was strong against Deidara’s Doton jutsu but he’s still a genius nonetheless and that played a lot in all his achievements in life.

    As for Kirin there’s a reason why I never said Sasuke should use it to win this battle. Since Kakashi can also manipulate lightning it’d be pointless for Sasuke to bring out Kirin because Kakashi could battle for control over the element.

    Also, you assume that Kakashi has learned a way to fight by watching the feet of his opponent but there’s no evidence or links to him learning this strategy in the manga. We can all assume stuff like Sakura “should” be able to summon a slug but until we are provided proof of this in the manga it’s not really valid. (I’m not bashing on Sakura btw that was just a good example…>_>)

  103. Mud@ I see what you are saying it just the hole temple was hit. The pillar that he was standing on was hit, that why it was not there anymore.
    So I am not saying you are wrong but I do think that it is more to it then that.
    Other then that one thing I agree with you. But I am not sure if that Kirin is artificially lightning. I believe that it was just being control but I could be wrong.

  104. Supa buddy I say that he could have learn other ways to not just the fee thing.
    Again I am not saying that Sasuke is dumb just more lucky the smart. Naruto was dumb but yet he master Shadow Clone that many said was at a high level.
    So you don’t have to be a smart to pull off high level attacks or learn them at a young age.
    But again I am not saying he is not a genius just not more so then Kakashi.
    Plus he is an emotional mess, if he don’t play it cool Kakashi can take advantaged of that.
    We count out Kakashi because we see the powerful thing that Sasuke have. But we don’t take the real life fact, anyone can win a battle, it just depend on which moves they make.
    Like a good game at chest, a genius can be beating by some that is gifted (I am going to use that in a story). So nothing is ever for sure, even if the odds is stack or fix if you catch my drift.

  105. @Ice (lol, I should start calling you Tai): There is one way Itachi can counter the MS and that’s create a clone. (But remember this is Itachi at 30% so it’s no wonder he missed out on Kakashi making a Kage Bunshin)

    So far that’s the only strategy Kakashi has come up with when fighting another sharingan user but Sasuke could obviously see him create a clone. (The only person to fast for Sasuke to follow is Itachi and he’s…dead)

    In the end I do agree nothing is for sure especially in battle but to just side with Kakashi based on that is…meh. And I still believe Sasuke and Kakashi are even on smarts until proven otherwise. >_<

  106. ok for the Obito/ Tobi theorist out there
    …. so is Danzo’s arm really Obito’s face???


  107. so when Sasugay sees Danza with a armfull of mommy and daddy looking back with unkle bob and aunt gina and even cousin Obito, does he feel like he is home again??

    i sure bet he could use a hug!!!!


  108. this stupid arm is so f*ckin ridiculous

  109. Its ben a while since we had a good debate going eh guys. I love this stuff. Now to business.

    @ Super you first point about only having the blood of an uchiha can get you out of an tysomi im still unsure about. Though this is what itachi himself says he has said things that have been proven wrong. kakashi gaining MS in the first place is one of them. And for some reason Killer bee broke out of tysomi. I dont think he is an uchiha T_T. i dont need to provide a link because everyone knows this.
    And if sasugay can break the rules of nartuo and break out of tysomi without MS, Hell then why ot everyone else espescially kakashi T_T. Darn you kishi -_-

    And i have heard you yourself (supertrek) say in a itachi vs naruto debate tysomi wouldnt work against naruto because he would use sage energy to get out. But naruto isnt a uchiha.

    Make up your mind buddy 😉

    Your second point about who is smarter. Shikimaru was stated smarted then everyone his age. Kakashi himself says im smarted then shikimaru.

    Yet you think sasugay and kakashi are on the same level when it comes to smarts. Really? Well since you have been our dedicated link provider go ahead and provide us with that link that says sasugay is as smart as kakashi.

    Good luck with that 😉

  110. Again i know kakashi has a greater chance of loosing then sasugay does, yet dont count out his best assets.


    As for amaterasu super, kakashi would simple move out of the way -_-

  111. Mark Sakura or Naruto said that but your point still stand.
    So it seem that other can break out of illusion to the ninth power. So again what is saying that Kakashi have nothing up his selves for it.
    Like I said before he is not going to get owned by and more and say well I am glad that was the first and the last time.
    So he would of had something to help him is so he got caught.
    Like I said take in the real life factor and not the plot factor.
    Sasuke can be beating by Kakashi, now is it going be a walk in the park, YES! It just like a 12 yeah old boy walking through a park of rapist. Some how he can make it out with out playing peek a boo boo.

  112. And we thought Orochimaru was a freak. The first thought that came to mind when I saw that last page was “weirdoooooo”.

    Anyway, that was a really cool chapter. The Madara action was great. Kinda cheap how he could simply teleport his opponent to Timbuktu for all he cares, though, but still cool, nonetheless.

    I don’t know what Naruto is going to decide, but I do know that the next few chapters are going to be great! And damn, Gaara is FTW.

    Okay, about this Sasuke vs. Kakashi debate going on, all I have to say is…”seriously?” I mean, I’m a big Kakashi fan and all, but come on…I’m sorry, but I think we all know who the clear winner is here. Kakashi is great, but Sasuke would win…maybe not a landslide victory, but still a win.

  113. Sasugay is a tool. Kishi already stated that Sasugay is not near Naruto at his current level and we know Kakashi is just a sage mode away from being Naruto’s equal, so that leave Sasugay to play bite marks with Karin, who is teaching Sasugay how to kiss and fool around… but all Sasugay does is bite off others…

    i hope both Sasugay and Sakura are killed off by the end of the series. they are both tools and arent both filler to me.

    big foreheads and arm biters…



  114. I give up!
    I am not a Kakashi fan ask mark, he get mad at me because I laugh at him when he get owned.
    But I am a person that see out side the box. No one can say for sure if Sasuke can beat Kakashi because they have never fraught. So it is a chance that Sasuke can be beating by Kakashi. If they battle 51 time Kakashi would win some. Granted that Sasuke might win most but he would not win all.
    So in real life the one win that he could get could be the first killing Sasuke.
    But no one seem to get that, I don’t understand why.

  115. WOW WTF IS THAT!?! Did not see that coming from Danzo…. kinda creepy to me.


    Its out

  117. After debating with everyone, the same things are brought up time and time again…Sasuke and his MS Tskyomi,Ameratsu, and last but not least his Susano’o. Yes those are valuable techniques that sasuke has at his disposal but we haven’t seen him use ALL 3 at the same time. We’ve see both Tskyomi and Ameratsu, or Ameratsu and Susanno’o but not all three, which i doubt he could pull off because of the sheer amount of chakra, life force and drain on his eyes afterwards. We’ve seen Itachi do it, but look how bad his eyes were…he could barely see with his sharigan. but for get that last part because this is betwen Sasuke and Kakashi for the moment.
    Now kakashi does have a limit of MS uses, however he wouldn’t use them unless he was getting nowhere with techniues or had to over come some major technique as seen vs Kakazu. In that fight right before Team 7 arrived he said he was getting ready to use that because he only had 2 or 3 hearts left. we’ve seen him do massive amounts of techniques before hand so we know he’s still got it in him to pull out some badass techniques if needed. Also when he did fight with Pein, he had used other techniques including a earth based jutsu, couple of rakiris/chidors as well as lighting bunshins which does consume alot of chakra… so him pulling out 2-3 MS during that fight was proof he’s still improvin his use of it as well as his profiency.

  118. you know in all this… i wonder if shikamaru’s leg has healed, i bet he could help strategize a plan for sakura or even for naruto…

    alas… you break your leg, you are a worthless ninja!!


  119. Oh my good i just found out that Sasuke don’t have Tsukuyomi.

    Character Use: Uchiha Itachi
    Rank: –
    Special Note: Special Bloodline Technique
    Range: Close (0m ~ 5m)
    Type: Supplementary

    Tsukuyomi, named for the God of the Moon, is a Genjutsu technique which uses the Mangekyou form of the Sharingan eye to generate a powerful illusion. This jutsu is generated by the left Mangekyou eye. This highly advanced technique can not be used extensively because of the toll it places on the user. To utilize the illusion, the clan member will look into the eyes of his opponent and cast a Genjutsu spell on them. The illusion takes place in the mind of the one affected, while under the jutsu the victim is at the total mercy of the user. The user has full control over space and time in the jutsu and can place the one affected through any hell they desire for any length desired. The technique itself only lasts for but a second in reality, but the one affected could have lasted through several days of torture.

    It is said only a natural born member of the Uchiha Clan can overcome the illusion. To counter the technique, however, Mangekyou is not required. A highly trained normal Sharingan user can break the illusion, causing the Mangekyou user to experience additional weakness from using it.

  120. Omg the parody is so damn funny!!i couldn’t stop laughing!!!! 😆 LMFAO!!!

  121. yes i just fav’d the parody and told the artist i would rather read his naruto than kishi’s current naruto… the colour makes it pop…

    ok i counted the Sharingans on Danzo and i checked with the Uchiha database and there are more eyes on Danza’s arm then there were Uchihas with the activated Sharingan

    so i wonder how many sharks Kishi will have Danza jump and i wonder does he have the Rinnegan hidden under his elbow??

    Danza is just creepy… he makes Shino’s unkle take off all his clothes, he makes Sai walk around with a half cut tee all with his arm of eyes!!!

    i bet when Danza was in class and he knew the answer he would raise his arm and say “EYE GOT IT EYE KNOW THE ANSWER”


  122. =0—-> freaks reaction after seeing that danzo has a shitload of sharingans in his arm…

  123. @Marks: LMFAO!!! XD

    Indeed, a good debate. True, it’s not absolutely neccessary to have Uchiha blood to break Tsukoymi but I don’t recall ever saying that’s the only way to break it. 😉

    1. Uchiha blood running through your veins.

    2. Another body to insert his or her chakra into you to disrupt the genjutsu. In the case for Killer Bee it was the control over his Bijuu.

    Kakashi has neither of those am I correct in saying this? >(0_0)> I’m still wondering if you can provide me that link with Itachi saying, “You need MS to break out of Tsukoyomi”. Also, when did Itachi ever say Kakashi would never be able to achieve MS? He was surprised though when he found out.

    Never before or after that though has Itachi ever said it’d be impossible for Kakashi to obtain MS. That’s just him in shock of Kakashi’s achievement.

    Now I never said Naruto would break Tsukoymi with Sage chakra. I said he’d use it to break out of regular genjutsu. 😀 Back in that long ago debate I said he’d use his knowledge of his two previous fights with Itachi and his specialty with Kage Bunshins to avoid Tsukoymoi. The difference between Naruto and Kakashi is how many Kage Bunshins they can create and how long they can sustain them. Then there’s the fact Naruto has a bijuu in him though it’s not controlled.

    On Kakashi saying he was smarter than Shikamaru…is this what you’re talking about?

    I know it may be hard to locate them but this is why I ask for links. Lol, people can say stuff in debates but when they don’t provide any proof they can end up incorrect. For example let me summarize these points…

    1. Itachi never says you need MS to overcome Tsukoyomi.

    2. Itachi never says Kakashi could not obtain MS.

    3. Kakashi never says he’s smarter than Shikamaru.

    What Naruto said way back then might have been true at that point but look when’s the last time he’s seen Kiba, Shikamaru, and Sasuke? 3 years ago. -_- Then there’s this.

    Kiba’s nose is better than a ninja hound’s thus better than Kakashi’s who summons ninja hounds for tracking. As you can see the people Naruto mentioned and saying Kakashi was better than them have immensely grown since those last 3 years he’s seen them.

    Lastly, on who is smarter between Kakashi and Sasuke. Lol, you’re right I can’t provide proof of who is smarter which is why I never said one was smarter than the other, as you did. I took the fair route and said since they were both considered geniuses they were both just as smart. Is that wrong? On the other hand you say Kakashi is smarter without any evidence to back that up. Unless you can find in the manga where it says Kakashi is smarter than Sasuke I say we just keep them even.

    @Tai: Ahem…are you using a community based source? You might as well be using wiki…-_- Itachi transferred all his eye the techniques to Sasuke.

    What are “all” his eye techniques?



  126. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….

  127. ummmmm wtf. i had no clue medical ninjutsu could create such a disgusting thing. like i understand sharingans are amazing and every thing but your whole arm????!!!! rly???? thats just gross. like does he see out of all those eye!!?!?!?!?! im dont understand…

  128. @super: Sasuke definatly has the edge in skill, but Kakashi has way more expierence than Sasuke. I think a lot of people underestimate Kakashi because he has lost a lot of fights throughout the series. But Kakashi has fought toe to toe with Itachi, Hidan & Kakuza, Deidara, and Deva path Pain.

    If you think back, the last time Kakashi and Sasuke talked was when Kakashi tied Sasuke to a tree and lectured him after the rooftop fight. Theres obviously some plot build up there and I think inevidibly the 2 characters will fight. Can’t wait xD

  129. @Prawl: Lol, Danzou would say “mortals” because he reminds me of that monster from Greek mythology, Argus. The one with 100 eyes covering his body. XD

    @Tai: Nooooeeeesss!!!! T_T

    @Fanboi: That’s definitely a fight I would love to see. 😉

    I think people underestimate Sasuke because he finished Orochimaru off while he was sick, Deidara really only killed himself, Itachi planned his own death from the beginning, Killer Bee was ganged up on, and Naruto “let him win” their duel back at the Valley of End.. Sasuke really isn’t given much credit for anything and I can understand why but the guy is just so hated many times he’s underestimated.

    Kakashi on the other hand is well loved and if anything is the overestimated and hyped up one in debates. Lol, if we put up a poll next week I guarantee you Kakashi would get the most votes because of his enormous fanbase. In truth I never see Kakashi underestimated solely because of his popularity and loyal supporters. It’s not a bad thing I’m just saying it’s the truth. Sasuke on the other hand…really, how many Sasuke fans do we have on this site besides me and Aeirs? XD I should do a post on that one day…>_>

    @Anyone: If Danzou got his eyes from the Uchiha massacre does that mean doujutsus can be collected even after the user is dead, or was Danzou there during the night of the massacre and helping kill the Uchiha…

  130. Super wow u know Greek mythology!! I’m Greek^^ 🙂 and yes u could say they are kinda!

  131. @ Super

    Maybe Kakashi didn’t say he is smarter that Shikamaru, but he say he is on the same level( depend of the translation)

    1. Itachi never says you need MS to overcome Tsukoyomi.

    2. Itachi never says Kakashi could not obtain MS.

    3. Kakashi never says he’s smarter than Shikamaru.(not so sure about it)

  132. @Fox: Ja, I love Greek Mythology and used to read it all the time when I was a kid. The deities and the crazy situations they always managed to get themselves in always kept me entertained. 😉 If anything that fictional world could be considered the first manga I got into. o_O

    @Hellyeah: Touche! Now that’s what I’m talking about some links to go off of. 😀 Since that link is up for interpretation let me introduce another translation.

    A mind matching Shikamaru. Fair enough to say Kakashi’s mind is equal to that of Shikamaru’s, but in the end it still stands that he never says he’s smarter than Shikamaru. Now is Kakashi smarter than Sasuke because of this? It was never proven who was better in the academy between Shikamaru and Sasuke. Shikamaru never really tried and Sasuke was always at the top of the class with perfect grades.

    School grades don’t really matter much anyway, what really matters are battle smarts. Naruto has proven he’s basically an uncanny genius when it comes to smarts on the battle field. Kakashi has out thought opponents like Pein on the spur of the moment. Sasuke is very analytical like both Shikamaru and Kakashi, quickly figuring out his opponents and thinking several steps ahead.

    But you know what? I’ll give it to Kakashi anyway because of this.

    Lol, Shikamaru is regarded as a SUPER genius while Sasuke is only a mere genius. XD But then there’s this.

    Even after Lee witnessed Shikamaru’s genius he says Sasuke is a genius beyond imagination. Meh, I don’t know anymore but yeah I’ll still give it Kakashi.

  133. I just thought about something. Kakashi still (should ) has a ace in the hole… It would probably be suicide for him to attempt it but we already know he copied the rasengan. He used his sharingan to watch Naruto use the new and improved version… it when it was almost complete (before it could be thrown). Maybe he saves it for just such an event. Ater all he is still known as the Copy ninja.

  134. Question: With Danzou having so many sharingans, does this make him Uchiha.

  135. @Ra: Well Kakashi did say he could only develop the rasengan to it’s first stage so that’s it for him.

    @Tiger: I think it makes him an eye addict…

  136. @super he did participate

    hella yes i was right. no deal with the pinkeye arm danzo,maybe fuu and torune join madara after danzo’s creapy end which will come soon i hope.naruto is coming good putting a lot of thaugth to everyones conversations hes been too quiet so im hopeing for some resolutions soon.

    and on dabet it hurts but sasukes emoness is strong.

  137. just read the sploirera good one ron got me all lol lol lol so lol

  138. @super: I actually think Sasuke would win the fight, just too much raw power. The thing about Sasuke in his recent fights is hes fighting with his emotions and not his head. Kakashi always keeps his cool in a fight so maybe he could find an opening to attack with his MS.

    On a side note, im a strong believe that Madara stole Obitos eye. His Sharigan abilities are very similar to Kakashis MS techs. Todays anime episode reminded me of the look on Kakashis face when he saw Tobis sharigan for the first time. Also, how come the only time weve seen Madaras MS eye was in the flashbacks?

  139. @Nope: Hmmm… Danzou did participate in planning the Uchiha Incident too so Madara could have been regarding that. In the end you’re probably right though. Most likely Danzou was in the Uchiha village during the massacre collecting eyes.

  140. @Shinobimadness, you say sasuke hasnt used his 3 MS techs at the same time, I dont think you have a clue to be honest so far he has used all 4 of his techs Amaterasu and Enton on Raikage, Tsuyokomi on shi, Susano on all the others so thats him using 4 techs I could of misunderstood you but thats all i have to say about that.

    @super, You say this and that about sasukes Susano but really man Of course sasuke has the yata mirror and sword of totsuka, it was said and proven that Itachi gave all his techs to sasuke and thats fact. I believe you also said and I wont go word for word but the sword was in his left hand so he didnt have the mirror FFS susano has more than 2 arms and that sword he used was I believe the sword of Kusanagi I think thats true because I can recall him saying he took that from Oro, Also we havnt seen the mirror and Totsuka sword because Sasuke hasnt gone into the 3rd stage of susano, 1st stage skeleton, 2nd stage muscle and skin, 3rd stage has the cloke and what not like itachis did.

    @Everyone, Sasuke obviously hasnt perfected his susano yet or his MS so hes not as powerful as he should be thats why Madara is forcing him to fight and use his MS so he can draw out all his power. And another thing Danzou’s Arm is Freaking Awesome for all those who say its stupid, YOUR STUPID!! I mean that in the nicest way.

    I just think there are some facts that should be common knowledge and the fiction and theorys are just us trying to figure it all out and thats good but get your facts right yea, it just sounds so FReaking dumb.

  141. @Nope24: The emo is strong with this one.


  142. @lelulalilo
    Itachi didnt give all his techs to sasuke only his eye techniques,
    now we dont know wether or not the sword and the mirror count as eye techniques as far as i know there just 2 items and arent techniques at all.
    As for danzou’s eyed arm, meh what the hell,..
    when did danzou had the chance to steal all those eyes then, if the eyes of alot of people were stolen wouldnt we have known that sooner then? or did danzou somehow steal the eyes way after it happened? but that would be impossible since u need to get the eyes quickly after someone dies or still is alive right?
    Then how the hell do you inplant eyes in your arm. that just wont do it for me.

  143. @Supertrek: Oh nooooo, that can’T be true *lmao*!!! I just came back here recently and saw how MUCH has been going on here, and said to myself: “Oh gosh, you can’t read all that, that’s too much!” So I was scrolling through the posts, focused on yours, thought about if anyone is going to mention me because … anything … and randomly read this:
    “Sasuke on the other hand…really, how many Sasuke fans do we have on this site besides me and Aeirs? XD I should do a post on that one day…>_>”

    Yeah, you should to that! 🙂

  144. Ey up buddies!!! Been a while i’ll say. And i’ll say it’s been absolutely wonderful and interesting reading the interesting points raised while reading from the shadows. Ok, the thing about danzou is a nice development. But before i go there, madara’s “ability” from what i could see is just space-time, which we’ve seen before. So it’s safe to say he just felt like playing with fuu and torune all along. However, if that was truely an “ability” then i reckon he probably absorbed fu and torune to their deaths and in the process absorbed their techniques. If that’s the case, madara would be bloody too much to handle. Good fight from fu and torune, even though i felt fu didn’t really show me much, always talking about having to work “in concert to be effective”, possibly because his jutsu is a support or back-up type.

    I see madara taking danzou’s arm. The moment danzou revealed his arm, both myself and madara thought “this is definitely going to be his(mine)”. That, given with madara’s knack for personal gain, could explain why madara want’s sasuke to “rape danzou” cause that nice looking arm would replace his just lost right arm. Plus madara and sasuke would get to “share the sharingan spoils”, giving sasuke an eternal EMS. But seriously if danzou escapes he would have to really be somebody because madara’s going to make sure that doesn’t happen.

    I’m absolutely looking forward to what danzou’s arm can do. Can’t wait for the next release.

  145. @fearvan, Sasuke already has absolute defense though he hasnt said that he has the mirror and sword but most definately has them but im guessing fully utilised in 3rd stage susano. The Totsuka sword is a spiritual sword without form and most likely the mirror aswell cause itachi wanted to protect his bro so he would of gave it over.

    Tobi said Danzou was there the night of the masacre so he could did it that night, Itachi died and his eyes were taken after his death if your body was decomposing then no I would think you cant really have the eyes but he would of had Shizu’s eye before hand, another thing is when he activated his MS at the Kage meeting Ao said Shizu’s chakra was all through his arm aswell so I would assume its Shizu’s chakra/lifeforce which is in control of the multiple sharigan eyes plus with Danzou using Shizu’s chakra he can fully utilise the power of the sharigan but danzou said he could use his eye more than a few times a day so there has to be a risk, Im guessing thats why he needs Kabuto.

    Danzou was on par with the 3rd and more than likely had access to forbidden jutsus that stretch all the way through the Senju clan so anything is possible.

  146. Actually, Me black ice and shinobi are the only one here actualy backing up kakashi though we alll already agreed sasuke would win of course.

    You have Yourself (Which is more then enough if you ask me) Tenrai(with is alreay taking it overboard -_-) Hellyayja. It looks like an evenly sided deabte if you ask me.

    And your right super, you dont bash sakura. You never have. pffffft dont know how they got that idea >_>

  147. OMG OMG EWWWWWWWW Danzo is just……ew….WTF danzo reminds me of some weird ass yu-gi-oh monster wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus naruto looks fat on this page. bottom left corner hes really fat >_>

  148. What happened to the bubble contests?

    I miss them.

  149. @deathcon4: He’s probably stressed out.

  150. @super:yeah your right… i forgot about fuu or torune getting the tskyomi because he was pwn instantly…lmao… i stand corrected on that part…

  151. @deathcon4:hes got all the shampoos and a towel under his clothes lol

    and im on kakashis side too everyone as made good arguments on the discusion and even thou sasuke wins in the end kakashi WILL TAKE HIM THROUG A WALK ON ALL SIX LEVELS OF HELL.

    danzos arm its just stupid (pardon lelulalilo) kishisama has gone too far this time its ridiculus and he will die sooner than a 90 year old at a strip joint.

  152. i hope so at least

  153. @Lelulalilo: Itachi passed to Sasuke all of his eye techniques not all of his techs. The Sword of Totsuka and Yata’s Mirror are not eye techs, they’re additional enchanted items Itachi personally added to his Susano’o. We don’t know if Itachi gave Sasuke those enchanted items along with his eye techniques.

    This is why I didn’t give Sasuke the Sword of Totsuka and Yata’s Mirror in the Kakashi vs. Sasuke debate. Though I’m 75% sure Itachi may have passed those two items along it’s not for certain. After all I did say…

    “Going from all of this I believe Sasuke never retrieved any of the enchanted items from Itachi. Either that or Sasuke has yet to learn how to properly bring them out.”

    So yes, I already covered there’s a possibility of Sasuke’s Susano’o being underdeveloped at this stage. It’s cool that you’re %100 sure Itachi passed to Sasuke those enchanted items. I’m all for personal opinions and theories. I just prefer to state the evidence presented so far in the manga over assumption in my posts.

    @Aeirs: Lol, yes let’s hope it isn’t true. All the Sasuke fans raise your hand up in the aiiiiirrrr! ^(0_0)^

    @Shinobi: Hmmm…I never said anything about Sasuke using Tsukoyomi on Fuu or Torune. I believe Lelulalilo said something about Sasuke using Tsukoyomi on Shii though. Thanks for the credit anyway. 🙂

    @Marksman: Lol, I don’t see why we’re even debating this if most people, including the Kakashi supporters, see Sasuke winning. o_O

    @Totalitarian: Yeah, you and Tenrai are probably right in saying Madara plans to take Danzou’s right arm. I wonder ow he’d attach it though. Does he just plop it on like attaching a lego? XD

    @Anyone: I really do hope Fuu and Torune are dead. They’re like the two most uninteresting characters I’ve seen in this manga since…you know who…>_> I mean who really cares about two random members from the Aburame and Yamanaka clan? They’re not going to serve any important role in the future of this manga. The Aburame showed the potential of the Aburame clan but we already knew the Yamanaka’s could do Mind Body Switch, so nothing new there. Most likely though they’re just chilling in another dimension…unfortunately…-_-

  154. @lelulalilo

    i completly forgot danzo had a fight with the 3rd and the 3rd was badass, danzo might be a bit much for sasuke to handle after playing with all the kage.

    im hoping they are dead aswell only because i dont want to see another panel in the manga wasted on nobodys there is to much going on to develop an interest in them two.

  155. My almost-finished comment disappeared after IE malfunctioned… But anyways, that is the curry of life.

    *raises hand in the air

    I kind of missed our emo-luke after the kage fights. Does this mean I am a fan of him? I sure like his emo ways.

    *May the emo be with him
    *Emo is the pathway to many abilities, some considered to be un-natural.

    Speaking of doucheness, I am also starting to enjoy Danzo. Bet his arm is kind of like the six paths of pain. Makes you wonder if he got EMS on some of them considering how many Uchihas there were and how “few” he has on his arm. That said, people said he has Shisui’s MS, but where was is stated that it was MS? I know it has MS’s characteristic: unbelievable ability, limited usage.

    In Itachi’s fight with Sasuke, in his genjutsu he showed a jar used to store Sasuke’s eyes and possibly to preserve it for later use. Madara also asked Sasuke if he wants to implant Itachi’s eyes after Itachi’s death a while ago. So it should be fine taking sharingans from recently deceased Uchihas, and I certainly believe Danzo of all people knows how to do it.

  156. I said this along time ago back when I went by Black Ice. I said that Danzou was a strong person and would have a lot of knew things to show us……I TOLD YOU ALL.
    I knew I was right I knew it, now if I am only right about ti Tobi/Obito thing then it would be perfect.

    Supa@ I do admit that I hate Sasuke but I don’t care for Kakashi ever. I am Kiba, Gaara, Shino, and Hinata. As you see Kakashi is not in my fav five.
    *Pull out phone and show supa*
    See that spot is taken up by Danzou. I just want people to understand that Kakashi can beat Sasuke it would just be a hell of a ride to do so. Yet again I still know Sasuke can beat him also and have a better chance of doing so.

    Okay Danzou hand is kool as shit!!!! The thing that he is going to be able to do is going to be awesome. I don’t see why ever one is making such a deal about his are, but get over it already. Who wouldn’t want to have the power of Red eye. So seeing that I wouldn’t lie, if I could cover it up I rip that damn arm off for myself.

    Then I would go to japan and make Kishi hive Kiba so knew moves and let my team do more in the manga.
    But I never get anything I want.
    Greatness has spoken.

  157. I really need to reread these things.
    New not Knew twice
    Things not thing
    Give not Hive
    Arm not are
    Blank space not ti

  158. lol @ Tai Night.

    @Supertrek, Of course I meant his Eye techs and 100% do still believe he has the sword and shield, I assume we are on the same page.

    After watching the latest Anime 139. I believe clues are being given to us that Tobi is Madara/Obito. Easy going Funny man voice is Obito and Cold Calculated voice is Madara, I assume Tobi has some sort of advanced version of Zetsu abilites.

    I have a nice plot twist that would be cool IMO, Tobi has sucked Fuu and Torune into his dimension showing them the Truth about Danzou and what he has done and some truth that we dont know about, after Sasuke gets owned by Danzou Tobi releases them to battle danzou while Karin is Healing Sasuke Fuu and Torune Die because they are only bench marks for Shino and Ino to Surpass. Thus sasuke being healed again, Danzou and Sasukes battle gets interupted by Sakura and co.

  159. I like that idea Lelu but I think Kiba is going to get owned or die because of that.
    I hope not, if it is a god in Naruto (Other then Pein) please don’t let this happen.

  160. Ya rekon Danzou has Sharigan eyes on his fore head??

  161. Kakashi’s chakra gets drained hella fast because of that one sharingan he has seeing how he is not an uchiha. Danzo isnt a uchiha either so should all those sharingans in his arm including the one in his left eye drain his chakra ALOT faster then kakashi’s?

    Im curious

  162. Is Danzou able to see out of those eyes? I imagine so, seeing as most likely optical nerves and the like have been attached and stuff.

  163. I get the feeling Sasuke, out of symbolism or something, will end up taking the eyes from the Uchiha massacre after defeating Danzou.

  164. Excuse me. Rather than taking Itachi’s eyes for himself.

  165. @holydemonandy i hope u are right and i hope that Sasuke returns to Konoha ❤ 🙂

  166. I thought this was preety cool to look at today knowing who went where and what they looked like cause I could really make them out when I read the manga before.

  167. I thought this was preety cool to look at today knowing who went where and what they looked like cause I could really make them out when I read the manga before.

    I think it would be cool If Kakashi took possesion of the 5th Bijuu cause he is like a Dog keeper and his father was known as White fang and if he had he would be Ultra awesome cause he would have a larger chakra reserve.

  168. *raises BOTH her hands in the air*

  169. @lelulalilo: The Five-Tailed Beast is a dolphin horse…

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