Naruto Shippuuden 138 Breakdown. Itachi falls.

Alas, it is yet another tragic moment for many Naruto readers, as one of the greatest villains, and simultaneously unsung heroes of the Narutoverse, falls.

These moments always have a greater impact in the anime, in my opinion, because there is more than just words and images that bring it to life, but also the sounds and the dark symphony that pushes everything along.

It also feels more final as well, which is one of the reasons I think it may feel more emotional to some people.

*hands out Kleenex tissues to Itachi fangirls*

Sorry guys, you’ll just have to make do for now. Stay strong. <_<

Sasuke revisits a painful nightmare as he enters the place where his family died.

Now, in this particular instance, we start the episode with a flashback of the past once again and, once again, this episode is treated to some visual enhancement much like the first episode that began the confrontation between the two brothers.

I think it was fitting as well, especially considering what was showcased, as well as the importance of the episode, so it was definitely welcomed.

I just wish all the episodes were treated with the same production values, even though I know that would mean more costs and probably more time between episode releases.

This week on Cribs, we take a look at the Uchiha mansion. O_o

It almost makes you wonder who you should feel more sorry for, Sasuke or Itachi. For those who have read the manga, you could say both of them were forced into a corner and their actions were ultimately beyond their immediate control.

This flashback gives even those who disagree with Sasuke’s actions, a good injection of his emotions and life as it is seen through his eyes. It gives us an idea of why he feels the way he does and it also makes you question whether, put in his shoes, we would take the same course of action.

Now, for those of you who answered honestly, I think your answer may give you a better idea of Sasuke’s mindset right now. It’s easy to blame him, but we never question our own reaction if we were put in the same situation.

I personally do not agree with the concept of revenge, especially when it hurts innocent people in the process, but at the same time, I can say I understand the emotions that drive those kinds of actions, which makes Sasuke’s character as a whole, easier to relate to.

Makes you wonder who kept those fires alive and burning all this time. <_<

Moving further along in our flashback, we also get a glimpse of the secret shrine that Itachi told his brother about, the same shrine Sasuke later visited before learning about its secrets.

The true purpose of the Sharingan.

The "Raising Children Handbook" page 243: What to do when your gifted and somewhat potentially deadly child throws a temper tantrum. O_O

We also get another brief glimpse at scenarios that have already being touched on before, like Sasuke’s relationship with his parents and their growing confidence and pride in him.

To see that Sasuke was reaching the height of his bonds with them, only to have them stripped away, is quite a blow indeed.

After that, the real battle begins.

Epic scale no jutsu FTEW!!!

Getting back to where the action is, Sasuke finally reveals his most powerful technique, and the one he believes will end the battle.

Seeing what the technique entails, one would be hard pressed to argue with that notion. However, as always in a battle with Itachi, or with any shinobi for that matter, one should never assume he has acquired victory until the proverbial fat lady has sung.

Riding all your hopes on one single attack is almost asking for trouble.

Yes, you're right. There did used to be a big temple there.

That doesn’t stop that one single jutsu from looking impressive though, so it give us a good excuse to watch the fireworks. 😛

I am glad to see that this jutsu was visually well done in the anime. There are some conversions that I was less than satisfied with (like Deidara’s C4) but this one turned out quite well.

But more importantly, and something I am sure most of you were more eager to see, was the appearance of Susanoo…

Sasuke, you cannot win. My emo powers are greater than yours.

Well, who would have thought it would be red?

I think Kishi has a thing for red, but then again, I guess it is fitting with the Sharingan itself. At first, we only see the skeletal form appear (manga readers will know the connection). Then the body begins to take shape around that, followed finally by the armor.

So I think it is safe to say that Susanoo likely has three stages of power, based on the strength of its user at the time. This notion is further supported by the fact that Itachi’s Susanoo reverted to an earlier phase after being weakened from battle.

In Sasuke’s weakened state, Orochimaru, whose psyche was previously suppressed by his host’s chakra, was able to reveal himself in the form of a giant hydra, starting a battle between the giants.

CHARGE!!!!!! slowly.... <_<

Now, I am not sure if anyone else noticed this, but the Hydra actually has 8 heads and 8 tails.

Now, if you look up any information on Japanese folklore and their relations to the tailed beasts in Naruto, you will actually find that the 8-tailed beast was originally a serpent with the same description, and was even named Yamata no Orochi.

I believe that this appearance of an 8-tailed, 8-headed hydra is Kishi’s way of acknowledging the original myths and when I first saw this in the manga, I actually though it might have actually been the Hachibi itself and that Sasuke had somehow become its host through absorbing Orochimaru.

Yep, he just said what all the rest of us have been thinking from the first time we saw Orochimaru. He's either coming out of something, or something's coming out of him. Either way, it's always yucky. >_<

Here’s some info from the myths found online. A lot of debates have taken place about the validity of this information but it does sound like quite a connection.

Tale in the Legend of the Tailed Beasts: Yamata no Orochi is a Snake bijuu. It has crimson red eyes, eight heads and eight tails (also depicted to having trees and vines growing around them) and has the power of the Demon world, a symbol of evil. Each head of Yamata no Orochi represents a symbol: Soul, Ghost, Evil, Devil, Monstrous, Kill, The Afterworld and Death.

Its powers were originally weak, the members of  the Kusunagi Clan, when attacking it, acted carelessly, using the legendary sword Kusanagi no Tsurugi (Oro’s sword). Because of that, as a consequence, Yamata no Orochi takes the sword from them, absorbing the power contained inside, and becoming an incredibly powerful creature, and finally storing it in its body.

Just goes to show you how much thought goes into these stories that we never even take into consideration. For anyone who may want to read up on it more, it’s easy to find the info online. I cannot speak for the accuracy of it though, so don’t regard it as irrefutable lore.

Eat this! And... erm... tell me if you like it? X__X

After exchanging a few blows (with Itachi claiming most of the hits) Orochimaru finally reveals himself in person and, like any self proclaimed villain would, begins to blabber on about his impending victory.

And, like any other self proclaimed villain who is in the midst of a monologue, he ends up eating his own words along with Susanoo’s sword.

That pretty much ends what was quite a visually impressive battle, but what did you think of Susanoo?

Hmmm. Nope, I do not sense a brain. X__X

And so the battle between two brothers finally comes to an end, with a final show of contact shared between the two.

Itachi touching Sasuke’s forehead as he had in the past, brings everything around full circle and we also see him mouthing a few words that remain unknown to us for the time being. After that, he finally falls into darkness.

Even eyes consumed in darkness, see the light for one last fleeting moment. Just as even the darkest storm clouds allow the sun's gaze to shine through from time to time.

Well, that’s it for this episode.

It was definitely a good one and although it stuck largely to the manga in terms of the battle itself, it was still visually impressive and a great watch.

Now for last weeks caption contest winner!


2nd) Cumulusbg: We didn’t start the fire
It was always burning
Since the world’s been turning
We didn’t start the fire
No we didn’t light it
But we tried to fight it

Captain Pickles: And if this doesn't kill Sasuke, the greenhouse effect that results will! Itachi is sooo evil…

Well done to the top three. There were a few funny ones, so it was hard to choose, but I felt these were the most original.

Now for this weeks screen.

*Insert caption here*


Yeah, I just couldn’t resist. Lets see what you guys can come up with. Thanks again for reading and here’s next weeks preview to wet your appetites.

Please note: I will be doing  a breakdown for the Naruto Special as soon as I can.

See you all next time! ^ ^


~ by Tenrai Senshi on December 7, 2009.

46 Responses to “Naruto Shippuuden 138 Breakdown. Itachi falls.”

  1. First!! Nice Episode, get to see two ultimate jutsu that Sasuke later has 😛 but over all think it is good that we see things from Sasuke’s angle but Itachi death 😦 always sad moment

  2. second!

  3. Second! (Oh my god, now I’m doing this childish “1st, 2nd” thing as well…)
    Great breakdown, Tenrai!!! Real emotional words, *sob*. I liked the handkerchiefs you handed over in the beginning!

    I have to complain about two things, though:
    *Your caption of your last but one image (“Hmmm. Nope, I do not sense a brain. X__X”). This scene was SO epic and so sad and so emotional, I wished you didn’t ruin this scene by such a comment. I mean, yeah, the comment is funny, but I was a little disappointed that you made fun of this scene. 😦 The way the music was shortly before, Itachi whispering “Sorry Sasuke, this is the last time” words, then he tips his forehead and the music immediately stops, and Sasuke is all like “Wha… ?” That was so…. awesomeness!!!
    *Your screen for this week’s caption contest. Again, I think it’s not decent. Yes, of course all the readers here can propose a decent and emotional caption, but I assume that more people will make fun of this scene as well and I think that’s not right *sob*. I mean, this scene was SO sad! Cute little Sasuke standing at the point where his parents died, sobbing and crying over their “corpses”… I don’t want to see anyone making fun of that 😦 .

  4. Guess I’m 4th… Don’t actually care…

  5. FIFTH!!!!!

  6. I felt more emo in the manga maybe because I have seen it first. T_T

  7. @aeris85

    Eh… whether someone thinks of something funny for the caption or not, that is their business. We already saw people coming up with more meaningful captions after Jiraiya’s death, but it’s up to them to do it, not me.

    It’s also up to you how you take it. I know the scene was emotional and I respect that, but at the same time, this is not the anime, this is a breakdown.

    Sometimes, you have to allow others to see things the way they want to, just like you would want them to let you see things your own way. If they see something humorous in a screen, then let them have their fun. I am glad you enjoyed the breakdown though.

  8. …..

  9. um wow, ok then?

    So anyway great breakdown tenrai ^_^ i really enjoyed it. I also like the ep. I like how they added in what itachi said”Sorry sasuke, This is the last time” cept you couldnt hear his words.

    Its set up so perfectly. Now, after madara finish raping sasuke and explaining itacha actually being a good guy, he will remember exactly what itachi said

  10. @Tenrai: Yeah, I know it’s up to the users to write either a funny caption that would make the scene ridiculous or a really emotional one (I read that one in Jiraiya’s death, that was REALLY great!). But if you had chosen another picture for the contest, there would have been no opportunity for the readers to make a “non-decent comment”.

    Caption 1: “Is this really all there’s left for me?”

    Caption 2: “Is this the grave father and mother deserved? Their own home? Nii-san… why?”

  11. Nice breakdown Tenrai, as usual.
    @aeris85 I know everyone has his/her way of thinking but this is an anime.It’s not quite real so joking around with seemingly unapropriate things isn’t all that bad.If this was a real situation on the other hand…

    Ok caption time:
    “Daaaad, Itachi has been playing with my chalk again.Daaad…Daaad…”

  12. It’s not real??????????????? I can’t believe this… that’s blasphemy what you’re saying!


  13. Caption: A more serious one(kinda)
    This image will be carved into my head forever, as i begin my journey into the world of Emo…

    Itachi finally killed that monster in my closet and he gets in trouble?

  14. Yes! I was second at caption contest! :happy:

    Nice breakdown. This episode was so sad and emotional.
    We didn’t hear “Sorry Sasuke, this is the last time” words yet, but we saw his last smile after that.
    Somehow I imagine that Itachi’s eyes would be completely white. I had some idea that he become blind after battle with his brother, and that he didn’t even see Sasuke after Susano appearances.

    And I like the “Hmmm. Nope, I do not sense a brain. X__X” capture. It make me smile. I love the original scene, it was so sad and all, but for me this capture was funny. 😀

  15. Caption: Death by sex……

  16. @aeris85 😀

    “The lord shall punish thou for the insult spoken in this room”
    (waves his golden scepter).

  17. “Caption”

    If you hate sasugay so much that you want him to feel pain then insert his dead parents ‘here’

  18. (trows tissue to the trash and misess)geat one tenrai i too liked the insert brain here pic i was already hoping for a semi funny breakdown to releif the sadness of this chap. thou not that sad orochimaru with the u can touch this, damn you can part had me LMAO. and we see the stages of susano answering my question about his and itachis. they arent that diferent after all.iwas going with a funny caption but deathcon4 thout the same as me so a more serious one caption:when is this genjutsu going to end itachi.

  19. my bad its nope,i do not sense a brain

  20. Great Breakodwn Tenrai! (Like always!)


    If my parents silhouettes are here, but they aren’t here, then that means that they don’t love me!! So, I’m gonna blame Itachi and get him grounded!! HEHEHE!!!

    (This caption wasn’t necessarily suppose to be funny)

  21. Why are all my comments always awaiting moderation!? You can turn that off if you don’t know… (Not trying to be harsh)

  22. CAPTION:

    AHHHH! Even my hopskotch is EMO!

  23. Woohoo! I got the top spot!

    Great breakdown, Senshi! Sad seeing Itachi-san die all over again…especially by the hand of his Sasuke. I have to say, though, Susanoo’s sword looks very different…almost fiery. Whereas in the manga, it seemed more fluid-ish.


    (I don’t think you’ll like these, Aeris)

    1. Damn it! And I’ve been looking all over for it, too. Wait, this isn’t my ketchup…this is…it’s…Emo Juice!

    2. And this is what happens when emos stay in bright places for too long…

  24. CAPTION:

    NOOOOOOOOOOO! Itachi spilled paint all over my Bijuu Project for the ninja academy! Its completely RUINED!!!I will NEVER forgive that bastard! I vow to hate him and one day obtain my revenge!!!!!

  25. Great brakedown tenrai! i liked the caption you put in there. yup no brain itachi.
    “I personally do not agree with the concept of revenge, especially when it hurts innocent people in the process, but at the same time, I can say I understand the emotions that drive those kinds of actions, which makes Sasuke’s character as a whole, easier to relate to.”

    This is something i agree with and that was why i was okay with sasukes character for awhile, but it stops here. After he learns everything about itachi, what does he want to do? of course! destroy Konoha!!!….HUH!!?? that was where i stoped respecting sasuke forever, cant wait for him to die now. not matter how much people try to say how horrible his life was and all it comes down to: you dont honor your dead brothers memory by destroying everything that he protected. espicaly when he became a criminal and died to protect the village! hopefully when Naruto uses itachi’s power his spirt will show up and kick the crap out of Sasuke and be like “Hey dumbass what the hell are you doing?”

  26. @takashid

    *WARNING! Spoiler alert for non-manga reders!!!*

    I have to agree with your points. As I said, I understand the emotions that drove his actions. However, as you mentioned, he still continued to seek destruction even after he found out the truth.

    He is risking hundreds and thousands of innocent lives, all for his revenge, yet all he is doing is risking placing others in his exact position, with the same kind of pain.

    Is that justice, or just spite? I think we know the answer to that.

  27. @ Tenrai, true Sasuke continued his rampage of revenge and destruction… maybe its spit, but if u think about it. its not easy to turn the other cheek esp when it someone u love… but also when u think about it, Sasuke had little choice he decided revenge but if he decided to choose a new path he would of been killed, lets see do as this powerful guy that no one can hit says or die…. Sasuke has said he is using akatsuki for his own purpose and is waiting to see Tobi’s weakness. If he gets his revenge in the mean time its a bonus 😀

  28. Caption:

    “You come into this world alone and you go out of this world alone, yet it seems to me that you are more alone while living than even going or coming” Emily Carr

  29. @pein0avenue

    *Spoiler alert!!!*

    If you think about it, Sasuke is disrespecting Itachi’s wishes for him. He is taking the sacrifice Itachi made for his sake and throwing it away. He is also risking a war all for the sake of killing three elders?

    The elders may deserve it, but what about the innocent who die in wars? Do they deserve it as well? No, they don’t…

    Is it worth causing a war just to kill three people? He almost caused a war by attacking Bee as it is and although he may be using Akatsuki, that doesn’t excuse his actions. Attacking the Kage summit doesn’t help either.

    You are right, in that it isn’t easy to turn the other cheek, but it is still possible. Naruto did it… with Pein, even though he lost his greatest father figure.

    And look how many lives he saved for his actions. It’s far more worth it don’t you think? All Sasuke is doing is risking a scenario, where he will only create more people like Pein and himself and continuing a cycle of hatred.

  30. @Tenrai: You totally hit the spot there: “it isn’t easy to turn the other cheek, but it is still possible. Naruto did it… ”
    And that’s simply the storytelling principle of contrary characters.

    I’d like to cite nope’s statement that was very funny and may get lost here:
    orochimaru with the “u can touch this, damn you can” part had me LMAO

  31. This is what choosing a path of revenge does. It creates a cycle: a cycle of recycled revenge. And so it goes on and on and the hate spreads round like a virus. An eye for an eye makes the world go blind. If one is able to turn the other cheek, they prevent disaster; disaster that would affect those who weren’t even involved in the first place. Like Senshi says, it’s not easy, but it is very possible. And that’s why I was so unhappy when people said the ending of the Pein arc was inappropriate, impractical, and…dumb. I thought it was just plain epic, and it goes to show how much good forgiveness and tolerance can bring.

    Sasuke’s feelings are perfectly understandable, but his methods of reaching a solution are just plain wrong, not to mention disastrous. *rant over*


    And this is what happens when an Uchiha catches his parents doing the dirty. Normal kids get scarred for life. Itachi scars back.

  32. well you guys have to remember that itachi never planned on telling sasugay the truth. Had sasuke never been told the truth he would have prob went back to kanoha to be hailed as a hero as itachi had planned.

    This revenge thing after itachi’s death is a seed planted by madara himself for his own evil intentions. Itachi new that there was a possibilty that madara would tell sasugay the truth and sasuke would turn into an ultimate emo and want even more revenge no matter what the cost.

    Believe it or not, itachi had forseen this and came up with a plan to stop it just in case that would occur.

    Plan A of course was when he tried to kill madara with amaterasu.

    Plan b just in case that plan a didnt succeed was giving naruto a specific power to stop sasugayt emo filled revenge rage.

  33. Awesome Breakdown Tenrai to an awesome episode! Very passionate words you wrote.

    I didn’t expect Susano’o to be red. I saw it as a transparent whitish color, lol. I can’t believe the Itachi vs. Sasuke fight is over already though. I just thought it’d last longer but it was good while it lasted. R.I.P. Itachi


    This is the worse PB&J sandwich making accident in the history of mankind.

  34. CAPTION: they fell funny

    a movie reference to the departed. ^__^

  35. Caption:

    Hey Itachi nisan, since when did we have a pet with 2 heads and 4 legs? … nisan? … NISAN????

  36. I am sure aeris will be offended by that. So I apologize in advance.


  38. @Marks

    That is all true, but at the end of the day revenge is a choice, not something that is forced on you. As much influence as Madara may have on Sasuke, it is still Sasuke’s decision in the end.

    The thing that is most troublesome, is that Sasuke knows exactly what he is doing and even admits it. So it is not like he is moving forward blindly.

    Revenge has blinded Sasuke once already. He killed his brother and then found out that he had been deceived all along. One would think that that particular instance alone would have made him think twice about acting on his hatred again in case of a similar deception, but it seems that is not the case.

    However, I will also say that his feelings are not completely incomprehensible. I may not agree with his actions, but I do grasp his mindset. I think the contrast between Sasuke’s and Naruto’s way of dealing with those feelings (both of whom have lost someone that they consider their closest family) is the real focus here and it is interesting to see the differences as well.

  39. Caption:

    Sakon/Ukon was here…

  40. Top 3 things I’m looking forward to in the nearby upcoming episodes.

    1. Madara revealing part of his face in the anime.

    2. Madara going over Itachi’s story so I can reeducate myself on it.


    3. Animated scene with the fight between Madara and Hashirama. Even though they’ll probably just color it and flash a picture..-_-


    You know the murderer usually goes back to the scene of the crime…Sasuke…

  41. I agree tenrai.

    I was simple stating that if madara hadent influenced sasugay he may have never chosen his emo rage bent revenge -_-

  42. @all: I’m really starting to laugh about some captions, mudmathie, yours was really clever and creative, but still it’s…. BLASPHEMYYYYYYYYTINYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! 😀

  43. Caption

    Just call 1-800 I WANT AN EMO CHILD for your revenge bent purposes today ^_^

  44. CAPTION: Sasuke: Hmm… I wonder what they were doing when they were killed.

  45. @Super: You gave this same link, and something occured to me when I looked at Madara’s mask.

    Anybody else notice there are six, “6”s on his mask? Of course, however, they all have the same hole. :O

    ‘Tis why I prefer Naruto’s clockwise spirals as opposed to Madara’s/Uchiha’s counter-clockwise. 😀 Well, more or less. XD

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