Bleach Manga 384- Can’t Fear Your Own Sword

Hey guys, here is this week Bleach breakdown.

First I wanna say OH YEAH I CALLED IT!!! You’ll see why shortly…..

This chapter start off with Komamura and Hisagi going OMGWTFBBQ as Tousen rips out his super new powers….which are….dun dun dun


Hisagi asks Tousen if it is a hollowfication, and Tousen confirms then with a new speed runs up on his former vice-captain and slashes the crap out of him.

Komomura tries to attack from behind but Tousen blocks the attack, kicks Komomura like drunk redneck kicks a puppy that barks too much, sending him flying. Tousen asks why he is so depised when he is just like Ichigo, to which the broken doggie says that Ichigo didn’t choose to become half hollow. He goes on to say that Tousen has “fallen,” and Tousen says…..

From behind a chain wraps around Tousen, and slams him into a building. The smoke clears with Hisagi’s hand around Tousens throat. The former captain says he underestimated Hisagi, but Hisagi explains that he was only doing what his mentor taught him. Annnnd then we get a flashback *barf*

Tousen and Hisagi standing in field, the Vice-Captain asking Tousen to remove him as an officer. Then Tousen tries to give him a pep talk, Hisagi has an attack of low self-confidence, saying his afraid to fight.  Bla bla bla, Tousen tells him that being afraid makes him a better soldier and then the flashback ends and Hisagi starts yelling.

While the Vice-Captain is distracted Tousen stabs him in the gut and throws him off the building. Then says that his fear was and always has been dying as a shinigami. In the background Komomura busts out his bankai and that is the end.

So Aizen did in fact give Tousen hollow powers, now did he give it to Gin? Did he give it to himself? Hopefully we will find out in the coming chapters.

See ya next week!

Edit: Ok, I went back and read my breakdown, and I didn’t realize how lame it was….In my defense I was tired from work….so i’m adding some more stuffs.

Edit the Caption- Come up with something awesome!


~ by Miranda on December 4, 2009.

30 Responses to “Bleach Manga 384- Can’t Fear Your Own Sword”

  1. 1st i guess >_<

  2. —->DOS….Man I’d hate to see Aizens Hollification much less his Bankai. For the life of me, I cant come up with a way Ichigo can win . Even though he has not seen the Aizen’s illusion, whats stopping him from seeing it when he gets there ? Thats a head scratcher….

  3. Third!

  4. Fourth!!!!!

  5. yay! m in the top 5!

  6. White despair!? are you kidding me!? what is intimidating about white!? oh look at me i am dressed in white! oh i am gonna beat the crap out— oh hell no! you did not just spill curry on this white outfit of mine, do you know how obvious that is on my outfit! Guess who’s funeral i’m going 2 buddy… yes this is a funeral outfit!? what do you mean i look like a bride!?

    -__- i cant be the only one who thought that the moment they saw that panel!

  7. @cookie: no, you weren’t… >_>

  8. LMAO Cookie!! I’m still stoked that I was right hehehehe

  9. let down indeed tousen sould have gotten a sharingan lol. good one ms mandi. im hoping to see the dog put to sleep and hisagi on rage goes bankai i mean his sword kicks ass on the anime filler hes just afraid to weilded how hes supost to.

  10. 1st time poster (regular voter!) on this forum been following since IRA.

    @Return_of_Ra: I have a sneaking suspicion that Ichigo was created specifically to beat Aizen.

    Some clues:
    1) His reiatsu remained suppressed till the time was ripe,
    2) He was under guard by a soldier of Isshin’s caliber,
    3) Some subtle pych training with his mother dying and all,
    4) Urahara always knows what he is capable of Bankai training, hollowness, etc,
    5) Urahara trains him to fight
    6) Urahara knows Aizen the best; who better to create the ultimate super soldier than the guy who knows the most about the hogyoku and making fake gigai’s.

    Another thing that keeps bugging me is; howw is it that Urahara was exiled to the human world but his turning up in a reiatsu filled karakura did not cause the soul society to take some drastic action?

    Sorry for the long post…

  11. It was pretty obvious that it was a hollow mask last week when Tousen put his hand over his eyes in the same fashion that Ichigo does, as soon as he’s about to go Hollow.

  12. @Everyone and Dwazir nice clues gave me a little brain storm, Ichigo was Hollofied to save his life because Byakuya Cut his Soul Link, I dont think he was created to fight Aizen but he was a powerful Variable in a inevitable equation thats been played out, Urahara is Guiding Ichigo and others I believe.

    My opinion is that green cloak Urahara always wears is like the Black coat he had that conceals his Reiatsu they wouldnt of known he was there and plus he has his underground lab thingy that blocks all reitsu and which has its own spirit particals like Vizards one and the Basically the same as what Aizen did to Los Noches.

    And another thing I rekon Urahara put the idea of Hollowfication in Aizens head by leaving research data and theorys of how to do it and it just got out of Hand, Like it was all a experiment for Urahara but Aizen is not as predicatable as he might of thought.

    About Isshin I have now Idea but he could be connected somehow to the Extermination of the Quincys somehow. And another thing Blah blah blah Urahara has just asmuch power as SS and HM I believe, he even has new subjects like Orihime and Chad I just bet Kurotsuchi would love to have them.

    That was Long I hope it makes sense.

  13. did tousen block kumamora’s bankai attack? or was it just his normal attack? I hope ichigos battle with aizen is good. i mean once aizen does battle ichigo wont he show him his shikai and the battle will b over with? i just dont understand how not seeing his shikai before will save him from almost being cut in half like before.

  14. @lelulalilo: I think you are right regarding Urahara being in town using the cloak.

    @fuutonsavior: Ichigo will probably have protection;

    Ray-Ban rules!! >_<

    Seriously though currently there seems nothing to stop the outcome you mentioned. Even if we assume that Ichigo has gotten stronger, Aizen with the little magic ball is definitely going to be stronger.

    It could be that each time Aizen has to release his shikai the illusion is reset (though there is no hint of this anywhere just a wild guess) giving the rest of the gotei 13 time to break out of the initial one, hence there could be some risk to Aizen in trying that.

  15. YOSH!!! Good job Mandi, sorry I hadn’t commented for so long. Tousen is kicking ass but he’ll probably fall by a Vizard or upon Ichigo’s arrival. Hisagi is definitely alive, lol, he’s to cool to die and he has to surpass Tousen one day. Pretty good chapter I thought.

  16. Tosen looks like a digimon. O.O

  17. HA! he does look like a digimon!!!

  18. Great work mandi.

    I really hope that Tite doesn’t get stuck on Tousen v Komamura for the next 2-3 weeks. Hopefully Komamura realises he’s beyond help and goes for the throat (yeah yeah it wont happen, hisagi was getting gutted and still trying to reason with him, but we can dream right XD )

    Really looking forward to a Dynamic enterance from Ichigo, as well as the commander of the gotei 13 to get off his butt and DO SOMETHING against the rouge captains.

  19. @Mudshovel: When Yamato steps in all hell is going to break lose. I think he’s even more powerful than Ichigo with his mask on, fully healed, and in bankai mode. The current Bleach filler, which is draining away my love for anime, makes it seem like Yamato’s zanpaktou is a deity among all other zanpaktou. If Yamato goes bankai this arc I expect even Aizen to quiver a little.

    Though I hope it’s Yamato who reveals his bankai last and not any of the other captains seeing as how he’s the strongest.

  20. I agree that yamato zanpaktou is very powerful, but i don’t think he’s stronger then ichigo.

    @super. About the filler it has nothing to do with the main story.And if you remember a older filler where the captain who wanted to kill yamato.When they fought if i remember they were almost even. Now i agree his bankai will be crazy powerful
    cause his zanpaktou the strongest fire one there.

    But to say he’s stornger then ichigo with him fully heal plus his mask i doubt. I’m sorry but i just don’t see that happening. And we known ichigo had some crazy power to start with I i think if he could something like that we have yet to seen his full power. But this is just what i think.

  21. My vote is with Urahara or Shinji. We still have several Captains not reveal Bankai(the anticipation is driving me Nuckin Futs). But just looking back at “swing the pendulum arc” Any dude that is unfased by a swift kick in the nads has to be a BMF!!! I think of all the Bankai’s I cant wait to see Urahara “go full retard”. @ dwazir I said a long time ago Ichigo was stealing powers. It seems like everytime someone kills him He comes back stronger. I just thought it had something to do with how he became a Reaper in the first place. But youre theory is a good one too.

  22. @Xeno: That’s true filler info really doesn’t hold much merit but in the filler episode with the replacement captain the reason Yamato couldn’t fight back is because his powers were drained. Plus he let himself get stabbed because of guilt for what he did to the replacement captain’s father. Meh, at least I think that’s what happened I’m not to fond of Bleach fillers. -_-

    The reason why I say Yamato is stronger is because his power is equal to captain Shunsui and captain Ukitake’s powers combined.

    If half of Ichigo’s powers is that of 1 captain then when he’s at full power then he should be equal to two captains.

    Now one could say when Ichigo puts on his mask he becomes even more powerful but what’s the track record of that? Before he has the mask on he’s equal to a captain. When he puts on the mask he obviously becomes more powerful but he’s still equal to the captains. This can be seen in how Ichigo barely won against the #6 espada and Kenpachi beat the the #5 espada.

    In other words even if Ichigo puts on his mask it doesn’t mean he’ll top Yamato’s strength. In fact he may just equal Yamato’s strength at that point. Aren’t Ukitake and Shunsui the strongest of the captains besides Yamato himself?

  23. In the Begining Ichigo had Reiatsu overflowing he had tons , but the thing is he has npo experience to harness his true power every battle is experience which makes him even stronger, In my mind hes like a saiyan getting stronger everytime he is severly injured.

  24. @super I understand you point but i still think ichigo got more power in there some where.

    I say cause after every time ichigo fight he get stronger.
    And his mask did change it could mean a good or bad thing all we can do is wait and see.

  25. new bleach is out at…

    damn…so ichigo didn’t go anything but resurrion… oh shyt thats insane… Shinji’ shika is somewhat like Aizen’s so now this must level the playing field for aizen’s and ichigo. i still don’t think that Gin’s a bad guy…. he may look it but something about him seems off. even back when he was”good” and rukia got a strange feeling about him something just seemed off like he was a triple agent or something… (being on SS side pretending to be on Aizens which is really what SS wanted him to do with the Captains orders secretly…)idk i just see Gin as a Kabuto and he’s just in the middle at the moment… Aizen’s seen more action than Gin and he’s been only talking up til the point of Harribel’s death…

  26. @shinobimadness well said,
    when I read that chapter i tought I wanna see Hisagi activates his bankai and kick Tousens ass first…, //maybe he will go on killing spree and take down Gin too; but that wont happen

  27. hmmm mangasteam eh? I can’t find the site

  28. mangastream*
    heres the site

  29. thank you

  30. OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! (count em, Four!) did someone say sneak peek of the Ulquiorra fight!? why yes i did! i now love the chinese Bleach fandom forever for this! it is from a new videogame and i cannot stop watching it! XD watch the first one first!
    please follow these links:

    this is pretty much the same in AMV form with a few extra scenes!

    OMG April cannot come soon enough now!

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