Naruto Manga 474 IS OUT + 473 Breakdown: Kisame’s head came off *gasp* + Sai’s message!

Hey everyone,

This may be the shortest review of them all.  Kisame gets owned, Ao is saved, and Sai has to tell Naruto what’s going on; that’s everything in a nutshell.  Hell, let’s have fun with it and  go a little in-depth.  Why not?  Kisame Pong isn’t a real game by the way.  Credit to adel123456789 for the awesome gif.

Just when you think KB was done, he pulls out a pencil and throws it at Kisame’s head.  Not much to be said here, but let’s have a poll for the lols.

Personally, I carry an easy button wherever I go. 😀

Weighing in over 9000, he's undisputed heavy champion of the world! RAI-KA-GE!!

As we predicted, somebody comes to save the day.  Well actually, quite a few people do.  The Raikage and his squad show up just before Kisame lands the final blow.  How convenient for Killerbee, eh?  “Bee, sorry we’re late.”  No you actually made it JUST in time Shi.   Anyhow, I was actually expecting Kisame to give them a hard time but…need I say more.

“What’cha gonna do brother when Hulkamania runs wild on you?”

I’m seriously starting to think that Kishi is a wrestling fan.  Raikage wears a huge belt, fights with his shirt off, and wears weights on his arms.  Props to whomever can find a wrestler that he resembles.  KB is the more obvious of the two.  Who wears sunglasses/bandanas, has a beard, and says brother at the end of every sentence?

If you guessed Hulk Hogan then you are correct!  My co-writer Mandi and I were flabbergasted by this revelation.

For those of you that didn’t know, Macho man does rap.  It’s pretty hilarious actually.

This might be the biggest WTF moment ever.  As Kisame was about to pull off a jutsu, the Raikage and Killer Bee simultaneously finish him off with their Double Lariat. Kisame is decapitated, and with his last breath, he states with a grin that their lightning-quick speed was simply too fast for him. His head then flew a distance and landed in front of Sabu.

First of all, I’m disappointed to see Kisame die in this manner.  Kishi, expect some exploding seals in the  mail.  Kisame has been around since chapter 139; to have his character die and LOL at his own death is pretty ridiculous.  LOOK AT HIM! “You’re too fast for me…”  WTF!  Kisame was the most hyped member of Akatsuki given that he was one of the surviving few.  This is the guy who fought alongside Itachi, the guy Madara entrusted to handle KillerBee, the guy who cut heads like he’d cut his steak.  I am truly disappointed by his death.  Ok I’m done ranting. 😀

With his death there are only 3 original Akatsukis roaming free: Madara, Zetsu, and Konan*

"Dude I think we got caught" "I'm with stupid --->"

"Dude I think we got caught." "I'm with stupid --->"

Elsewhere, idiots, Suigetsu and Jugo are trying to sneak into a movie but get caught.  We’ve seen them take dozens of soldiers out before, but can they take on a country’s worth of soldiers?  I’m not too sure.  Perhaps Madara will show up and lend them a hand.  I still think Suigetsu has a chance of obtaining the Samehada.  He’s swordless and Samehada is ownerless with the exception of KB who has yet to claim it.

Neither of you can fool the Mizukage!

Mizukage finds Ao and sees through Fu’s puppet jutsu.  The plan was to kill Ao but slowing him down wasn’t bad at all.  Good luck finding Danzo guys.  They should make a game called where’s Danzo?  He goes missing for 30 chapters, comes back for 10, and goes missing again…

"Truth is...I love you too." "WTF?!"

Sai shows up out of no where.  Kakashi identifies him as a clone.  The real Sai went off with Sakura and her crew in recent chapters.  So apparently Sai knows the real truth.  Ok a few things for the next chapter.  I think Sai will tell Naruto that Sakura acted on the moment, and the confession wasn’t meant for let’s be together, but let’s hunt sasuke together.  Some say Sakura’s feelings are genuine.  I personally don’t think so.  Hinata’s a better fit in my opinion but that’s a whole different story.  Naruto’s going to flip out and feel betrayed that his comrades went after Sasuke without him.  I find it interesting that Sai, Danzo’s pupil of all people, couldn’t kill Sasuke but the ninjas from the village are intently set on killing him.  I think Killerbee rejects Samehada’s invitation as its new owner but who knows.  Maybe they’ll bond somehow.

This is it for me guys.  I apologize for the late review but it’s all I could manage with my hectic schedule.  This will probably be my last review being that Penny should be back this week.  I will be covering FMA again as well as writing some video game reviews if you wish to check those out.  I’ll definitely be around for future discussions.  I’ve enjoyed my time here and I’d like to thank you all for the support.  Adios amigos!

-ron “broken1i

Credit to prisonsuit-rabbitman for the awesome pic!


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  1. firstttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now to read

  2. second and already read it!!! good pong joke… everyone loves a good game of pong

  3. third =)

  4. FOURTH!!! ^(0_0)^

  5. sort but sweet a good breakdown broken and i never leave my house without a paper clip and a string.yeah kisame is gone no surprise to me since he woud have died with the first lariat if it wasent for samehada plus it was a double one with raikages 1/1000 of a sec. speed and 7 tails clot killer bee a mounstrous combo if you asked me. sai spiling the beans is good but what woud naruto do afterwards is my cuestion?

  6. OMG RON!!! That was the greatest breakdown EVAR!!! Loved the graphics, and I was super dissapointed with the way Kisame went out. That was soooo anti-climatic. The birds Deidara blew up got a better death than Kisame. And KB = Hulk Hogan fo shizzle!

    Sai is gonna spill the beans, and Naruto is gonna be pissed….finally Naruto will be doing something useful! w00t

  7. YOSH!!! DUDE AWESOME REVIEW!!! Short, sweet, funny, and straight to the point. Thanks for substituting for Penny these past few weeks couldn’t have asked for a better Bunshin. XD

    Yeah, I think Kisame is dead but we never know. I remember the time Kishi showed Kakashi getting impaled with the nail…

    but come next chapter he actually warped in into another dimension. The way he showed Kakashi’s shadowed figure dying is almost how he handled Kisame’s death.

    But of course here we actually see Kisame’s head fly off and hit the ground. It can’t be a bunshin because it should have immediately disappeared, and it can’t be that substitute technique Itachi and Kisame used before because Nagato is dead. Meh, don’t really care about Kisame anyway so, DOA, either way is fine with me.

    LMAO! Sweet Poster! XD

  8. Good breakdown, but I still say Kisame’s death was a perfect start for the beginning of the fourth ninja war.

    I’m also very looking forward to Naruto’s reactions, and what Naruto will do and stuff.

  9. sweet breakdown. love the pong game goin on haha.

    Seriously though, Kisame’s death= Epic Fail on Kishi’s part. even though i thought he would lose i thought it would be a MUCH better battle..i mean what did it last, 3, 4 chapters? Weak.

    Sai’s definitely gonna tell naruto about what the other rookie 9 have planned. that should be interesting. bet naruto finds sasuke just when sakura starts talkin to him. because i DO think sakura’s goin to find him. i base this solely on the fact that when one of the main characters sets their mind to accomplishing something, it usually ends up happening. doubt they’ll fight, but she will definitely find him.

  10. @broken: dude last pic its just awesome sick its my new wall paper hehehehe…!!

  11. watching wresteling it hit me raikage its a improve mark henry O_o

  12. IMO, Kisame’s overhyped and he really has nothing except for Samehada. Nice going brothers!

    P.S. It’s Kishi’s story and we have to live we it. 7/10

  13. @ron – awesome breakdown … the graphics are just too funny. I will miss you sense of humors. It was great for you to fill in for Penny.

  14. Nice breakdown. It was good having you filling in for Penny; you did a really good job. ^ ^

    @Kisame’s death.

    I have to admit, despite my opinion on Kisame’s death, I do also think it was a bit sudden. I am not really upset about it, so to speak, but I think the battle could have gone for a bit longer.

    It was probably the shortest Akatsuki battle we have seen so far.

    However, now I am more interested in seeing how Madara reacts to the news. I am pretty sure he’s gonna be quite angry about it. Maybe there was a reason Akatsuki traveled in pairs? So that they didn’t get any unpleasant interruptions… <_<

    Right now, the only Akatsuki left are Madara, Zetsu and possibly team Hawk. The only thing they have for any hope in a war against six nations, is the Bijuu they have collected so far and even then they don't have the two most powerful, being the Kyuubi and Hachibi.

    Makes you wonder if Madara really thought this through. lol.

  15. yo man nice breakdown i liked that last panel when sai was like i have a confession to lol i was dying when i read “I love you to” “WTF!?” that was toooo hilarious but to the prediction

    I think Kishi is setting up Sakura’s death or one of their deaths by Sasuke which will make Naruto get really serious on Sasuke.. thats all i see in the stories future no to many paths to go down :/

  16. @greyfox2012

    i was thinking the same thing it appears sakura is going to be killed off if people are pissed about kisame i wonder how pissed they will be about sakura’s death.

  17. GREAT breakdown! Sad to hear that you have to quit, but: how knows? Never say never!

    @Kisame’s death: Of course, and I think no one can deny that, the battle was crappy short. BUT you all have to remember: Kisame’s WHOLE strength is based on Samehada. He can do NOTHING without it. So, when he lost it to Killerbee, he instantly got killed. Are you really so astonished? He has just some water jutsus himself, and without a huge chakra pool and Samehada healing… headshot! I’m not surprised.

    I am as well VERY anxious to see what Tobi’s got to say to this loss. As Tenrai, I really wonder if he planned all this thoroughly…

    @Sakura: Yeah, I think as well that Sakura is DEFINITELY going to find Sasuke. Kishi is planning a “love dialog” between them, and I’m anxiuos to read what both will say.

    So, Kishi, keep on rolling, write-and-draw-and-write-and-draw-and-write-and-draw-and-write-and-draw-and-write-and-draw!!!

  18. @everyone:

    may be I’m mistaking somewhere & it’s a bit off topic but i think yamato is working with roots.

    see the links & design of mask of sai superior & yamato’s & then when last link last page with yamato.

    any thoughts?

    sorry for bad english.

    Mask of Sai’s superior:

    Mask of Yamato:

    Mask at yamato while talking to himself:

    last mask looks like sai’s superior’s mask.

  19. Nice breakdown 🙂 The Kisame death kinda sucked; he died like a bitch, or did he? Kinda curious to find out what jutsu he muttered in the seconds before his decapitation. Maybe, we haven’t seen the last of Kisame???

    Um the Ao/Fu thing was underdeveloped IMO, but I think there may be a story there for later. Danzo seems very motivated to relieve Ao of his byakugan. Why? Is it really that much of a disadvantage to Konoha that he has possession of this Kekke genkai, or are we missing something?

    I think Juggo and Suigetsu are going to be fine, and Sai is going to spill the beans about what Sakura is hiding.

    Oh and as far as Which wrestler Raikage resembles…I would say a mix between Rakishi’s looks, Booker T’s speed, and Scott Stiener’s size…LOL. He would definitely be a member of the Wolfpack haha 🙂

  20. Thanks for the breakdown, broken1i(ron)

    I kinda think Kisame was killed off way too soon. we didn’t even get the chance for him to fight without samaheda yet, so we couldn’t really see if his strength was from samaheda or just plain skill. Also im curious how did the raikage and his group even know where to begin to look. i know they saw that big “ocean” jutsu, but how did they know where to start at?. I think kishi just want to make KB and Raikage look awesome after coming off a draw between Sasuke, so he was an example.

    i don’t think KB looks like hulk hogan because so far kb hasn’t ripped any shirts yet….so its more macho man until then.. 😉

  21. Nice breakdown.
    Hey guys! Haven’t been on for a while. So I don’t know if this has been mentioned or not but can Sai bypass the curse seal on his tongue with his clone? Or will it kill them both? If its a shadow clone then it might bypass it. The 3rd sealed the 1st and 2nd with his clones.

    ALso I’m in denial that Kisame is dead LOL. We finally got to see him in action and then he dies…..WTF is that. My gut tells me he comes back later on. I mean c’mon he still hasn’t had a rematch with MAITOOOOOO GAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIII!!! Who doesn’t wanan see that?

  22. @CaptainMexico: No one ever said that Sai would die if the said something about Danzou. The seal would paralyze him, but nothing more. He wouldn’t die. But, nonetheless: I think this seal would be really dumb if it could be overcome by a bunshin, lol. That would be ridiculously easy, so I don’t think that this would work.

  23. @spanky:

    I’ve always wondered about that, even though Yamato seems good, plus during the Pain invasion when Danzo is declaring his plot there is this sticker that says “yamato works” on a pillar. I don’t know how much you can read into that but here is the link.

    Also, since Danzo’s eye technique can subtly control other’s minds, maybe he put the suggestion to use Yamato into Tsunade’s head.

  24. Kisames death was so pathetic. how convenient that his sword turns on him at the exact moment of his victory! o and how convenient that this stalls him long enough for Raikage’s team to show up and kill him! this manga has really gone downhill since kishi’s lame ending to the Pain arc.

  25. @kagebunshin3: lol, that yamato poster was pretty random….
    @everyone: we all agree that kisame’s death (if he is dead,and i think he is) was there anyone who actually liked it? XD

  26. Kisame may become like the other immortals. Something to consider is the fact that his sword, Samehada, might give him the healing chakras if everyone leaves the two of them behind. It would be very sad if it ended this way. I think we’re set for about 8 boring talkie issues in the next 2 months. We have to have to listen to everyone go “OMG they’re doing what now?” and “OMG he has what power now?” and “OMG Sakura’s crying again!”

  27. AGAIN. I liked Kisame’s death. And now that you mention it, I also liked what happened between Fu and Ao. It’s a lot like a war, and I feel it’s a very good start to the fourth ninja war. If you’ve been in war, you’ll understand not everything makes sense, and not everything is dramatic. More often than not, things are quick and bland.

  28. I agree that Kisame death was quite sudden though he was facing 8 tails and Raikage if he had his sword then he could of put up a better fight. But without his sword which is his power I can say that kisame and alot more ninja’s would of ended up the same way.
    I liked Haku and Kimimaro but they’re dead… Its a new Arc so it should be good Kisame had his Fun.

    What I wanna know in the next few chapters is how Jugo and Suigetsu escape, what happens with Samehada, Is sasuke healed and ready for round 2 to take out Danzou or will his lackys fight for him while he escapes, And whats happening with Kabuto.

  29. guys we cant expect a dramatic ending for all of these fights… kisame was facing arguably two of the strongest ninjas in the manga without his power weapon. i dont see the problem with his swords turning against him. it was an evil sword to begin with. kisame was a bad guy but the hachibi’s chakra was incredibly evil, i think the bijuu are like demons anyway. I feel like the reason it turned on him is because it practically took all of the hachibi’s chakra. Clearly absorbing that much chakra will have an effect of some sort and betrayal was that effect. I agree with holydemonandy on this one. it would actually be worse for the story to have this drag out. kisame was no god like ninja without his weapon as soon as he lost that and help had arrived he lost the battle and died accordingly.

  30. spoiler is out

  31. @spanky: i though he was cheking on sai’s backpak, and hes real name its tenzou(tsunade gave him the name yamato for the mision) but at this point anything is plausible on naruto world ;D also i did like kisames dead not the battle but the end at least he was defeated by a kage and the perfect host and not a book. O_o

  32. equation time

    death of kisame > kisame’s stupid fusion with samada state

  33. Spoilers are out!!!! Do not look at this if you don’t want to be spoilerd!!!

    And they are awesomeness!!!! I think Kishi is finally finding some direction with regards to the relationships. It looks like NaruHina is more likely now.

    And Madara vs Danzou. O___O

  34. wow, madara vs danzou!

  35. and there goes madaratobi,danzo,shisui,obito conection.(unlees he started a figth club)

  36. Arrgghhhhh after reading your comments Im so excited though I promise myself at this moment I wont read the spoilers it just sounds so Awesome, Danzou and Madara that sounds like a show down after seeing Danzou fight before he is kinda dangerous in a mysterious way.. But Friday is the day that i read the new chapter forget the spoiler.

  37. @lelulalilo
    You mean thursday since that when the manga has been going out recently.About the chapter,it sounds pure awesomeness.My weak mind has yet again failed me and I read the spoilers.Damn I gotta go to Shao-lon to toughen my mind into resisting the temptation 🙂

  38. LOL
    Sorry for the mistakes but I’m not used to writing on my phone.Oh and I meant Shao Lin

  39. In some cases thursday they come out but Im from Aussie Land so for me its Fridays mostly but there was that time just 2 weeks ago when it came out early.
    The pictures from the new manga eps are so much better when Unspoiled cause the Pics and story line is So so Fresh.

    Resisting temptation is easy practice dont worry about Shao lin just dont visit porn sites when you get the Itch thats plenty of practice 🙂

  40. @lelulalilo

    I need to learn to resist as well. It’s just so hard to wait when there is so much anticipation to see what happens next. T__T

    *Begins mentally training himself*

  41. @lelulalilo
    Hahahah I like your Idea about not going to porn sites but I am from Bulgaria and we have torrents with free everything, including porn, here(which are frequently visited by myself)so its a no-no for me.To be honest i can resist as the temptation as long as I dont see a spoiler being posted.I have recently started a manga that comes ones a month so i’d better start learning to wait 😀

  42. To get your minds off the next AWESOME chapter, guess who looks like this guy

  43. Hmm,tough one.I bet it’s not Hinata…

  44. Naruto is out on mangashare!!!!

  45. @to63to, Well your right when you said that they have been coming out early I can get used to this if I spoiled myself last night I wouldnt see that Awesomeness that came out today.

    Manga that come out once a month are Claymore, D grey man, Berserk and Guyver… I wait ever so patiently and when they come they are the best. And 2 of them came out today, todady is a good day for manga.

  46. Wow! This next chapter is pretty intense and a nice build for the next arc. I have a feeling we won’t get to see much of the Danzou vs Madara fight until after its conclusion and it’s referenced later with some sort of catchy plot twist.

    I really do think Sauske has a chance to kill off Sakura just as Naruto arrives. Maybe a better guess would be that Sakura is barely alive (good guys seem to have a hard time dying in Naruto, attack on hidden leaf anyone?) and Naruto’s sage and kuubi chakras combine (aka power level becomes 9000) and he fends off Sauske to a draw, both parties escape (Hawk vs Team 7), and it sets up for their next encounter that Naruto wins.

  47. Naruto up and ready for viewing.

    Kishi is highlighting Sai more than the original Rookie 9. XD Oh well, Sai is awesome though! Sakura…you lied…but you tried to do it for a good reason…we’ll see whether you made the right choice by the events that unfold in the future.

    Oh, and holy shit look at Danzou’s arm!!!! O_O

  48. Bleach & onepiece are on mangastream as well go here

  49. Thanks Erosennin! Long time no see! 😀

  50. Just kind of a crack-thought here….

    What if Kisame dying was all a part of Madara’s plan? I think it likely that Killa will claim his WWE title belt… err… Samehada, and perhaps the SWORD will make him EVIL! Muwhahahaa… then he invades Konoha on his own, but not with ninja war, but ON TOUR!

    Additionally, what if we’ve been looking at the Madara/Danzou thing all wrong.
    We know Danzou has Sham-wow Uchiha’s sharingan, which is able to slap-chop people into doing his evil bidding – but I imagine that most uchihas had 2 eyes, (and a well-known love for the one-eyed pete) So who’s to say Madara didn’t take Shuiwee’s other eye! Then he could control people and TIME AND SPACE.

    To come down from the crack-high a bit, I will say that Suigetsu will probably try to claim Samehada, and will face Mizukage’s hammertime kid… to have a sword battle to see who’s is bigger… kinda lame!

    I think our esteemed colleague Spill7 said it best on IRA from last week’s post – “I think we’re going to see more of Sai and his sexy belly”
    And Sai will “Ink himself” when he sees killerbee for the first time.

    Sai: “Oh Danzou, the painted man is beautiful… I wish to rub my chakra ink all over him!”

    Danzou: Dammit boy! I shoulda just cut yer toungue out instead of putting that seal on it!” *slaps Sai* “Now go and fetch me a beer boy”

  51. There was a lot of bla, bla, bla in this chapter but it was needed. I think Madara will try to form an alliance with Danzo. Danzo will forcibly keep his postion of hokage when he returns to the village with the power of ROOT.

    Danzo will join Madara because he has no other options. Everyone else is against him.

    … Well, still awaiting confirmation on the alien part … oh but it’s coming, oh yeah.

  53. everytime i read how sakura is gonna kill sasuke with i lol so hard…


  55. @nagashikage: I wouldn’t be ready to call him a cyborg just yet. Is it just me or do those things look like weights. If you look through the holes of the “bolts”, you can see the wrap that engulfs his arm. That and he said that he’s releasing his right arm which could imply that he’s removing the “bolt” locks. Like the wrapped eye, the arm probably isn’t his either.

  56. Does anyone have a guess why take an arm? I see the point in taking the eye because of it’s ability but what can an arm do? I must have missed the jutsu boat!

    Gaara basically told it like it is … hopefully he can get it into Naruto like Naruto got to him. However part of me still think that Naruto won’t give up on Sauske … I mean that is Naruto ninja way.

  57. New chapter = awesomeness.

    It’s all getting so exciting. I can’t wait to see what happens next!!! This is why spoilers are so hard to resist these days. <_<

    In any case, Gaara is also pure awesomeness so I am glad to see him back in the picture. I hope we see a lot more of him and the other kage in the times to come, which is likely because of the war.

    I think Kishi is taking a step in the right direction, because we are getting to see awesome and interesting new characters, as well as epic battles.

    I am also glad that people are taking care of Naruto for once, rather than relying on him all the time. But, knowing him, he's not just going to stand by and let everyone else fight alone. I think he's going to make an effort to actively seek out Sasuke and then we may get to see the battle of a lifetime. Either that, or Sasuke will be sent to capture him.

    We may also finally get to see Madara in action, and see what his body can actually still do. However, I have a feeling that Zetsu will interrupt the battle with the news of Kisame's failure.

  58. hi…

    finally a chapter worth celebrating over. team7 gets in gear with a half cut love charging the cannons!!!

    ok that makes no sense… but i think this chapter had sooo much win to it… Kakashi will be hokage, and he doesnt want the job… Naruto got a boner when he saw Temari, you saw it in his face… Sasuke is goin to be toast and Chougi will eat him at the all you can eat BBQ…

    the last panel with Danzo showcasing his HELLBOY ARM was hysterical!!!


  59. Spill comments!!!

    *takes screenshot* O__O

  60. So so Fresh what a good episode, Sasukes words were.. The way to my “Goals” lie in the other direction within the Darkness. That tells me that if Sasuke can take out Danzou that his Target will be Madara but I believe Sasuke will find redemption once he takes out madara because you cant be against him and hope to take him out you have to be right next to him.. And plus Sasuke said before he was only using him for power so.

    But the question we should ask is How strong is Danzou, I mean knowing him he would of learnt plenty of Forbidden jutsu.

    I like how Danzou said Fuu, Torune Back me up, Im releasing my right arm.. To me it was like this should only take a minute, Though using what ever jutsu or w/e physical mutation he has sounds like its dangerous. Danzou surprises me because he was there at the Uchiha massacre aswell, Itachi never mentioned this perhaps he didnt know.

  61. That was one sick chapter.

    @lelulalilo I maybe was right but I certainly didn’t believe it would be out so early 🙂

    Now, about the chapter.I don’t know what Naruto is thinking about this killing Sasuke thing but I’m starting to believe he would “take care” of him,seing the picture of former team 7 breaking to pieces.That may also mean that he is done with Sakura too but I’d say that he wouldn’t let her go to Sasuke alone since she can’t handle him even with the other from the rookie 9 and that’s without putting the others from team hawk into the equation.

    Danzo on the other hand is probably collecting junk thrown out by the Konoha R&D team and he’s bolting it on himself.I wonder how’d he miss to get Nagatos’ leg chair of doom and a few of Pains’ chakra rods.That way he’d have a really nice cyber-punk look. 😀

  62. hmm for me this was a good but certainly not great chapter, the first half took way to long for me this were all facts we allready knew and didnt really get me into shock or anything,..
    the second half was great tho danzou vs madara i wouldnt know how danzou could win against him but he probably knows more about madara then we do.
    Kakashi as hokage for the win! =D

  63. wow nice confrontation of badass Danzo & Madara, whatever happens I’ll be happy that one of them get ass kicked; it’ll be interesting if Danzo shows his Mangeyoko sharingan, I’m sure he is able to kill his friend without hesitating…

  64. there is no way naruto is going to give up on sasuke he would definatly go behind everyones backs to save him if he had to although the only way to bring him back is by beating him to death with a stick and that might be difficult as kishi just throws overpowered jutsu at him like its his birthday.

  65. I get the feeling Sakura will either end up being killed by Sasuke, otherwise she’ll end up joining Akatsuki and helping him against Naruto or something because she’s incapable of killing him herself. That kind of disappoints me, but meh.

  66. oh plz @chromer91 tell me u really believe this cause i’m really nervous about this “killing Sasuke” thingy…. oh god >__<
    😦 Naruto MUST save him….hyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!
    @holydemonandy lmao!! Sakura is that kind of type lol 😀

  67. and omg…i just found out…JEREMIAH IS BACK!!!????

  68. if kakashi actually becomes hokage over danzou will his face be on the mountain with the mask or without it?….

  69. @うちはbabyfox9

    lol no sasuke is very unlikley to die and if he was it wouldent be naruto doing it by beat him to death with a stick i mean he is going to have to beat him almost to death and bring him back to the village

  70. @shinobimadness

    if kakashi was to be put on the mountain it would be with the mask i think the second has a helmet on so it wouldent be unusual for them to put accessories on.but i find it unlikley he will be put on the mountain unless tsunade dies and he is permanant hokage.

  71. Wow….if kakashi becomes hokage, danzo & co. will be new akatsuki members. 😀

    I wanted to make a break and read this episode for new year with 4 other episode to come, but I was to weak! Noooo….:lol:

    Great episode! Gara was awesome! Even with his “I will protect you till death”. Sakura vs Sasuke? I can’t wait! And this time Naruto can’t help her! He is with Gaara. Or maybe new tim Naruto/Yamato/Kakashi/Sand siblings will go to the rescue!
    Awesome! I always love to see sand siblings in action! Gaara-Naruto action? Awesome!

  72. It’s been a long time since I see Naruto with his head protector.
    Could it mean something?

    And I have some kind of theory that Naruto would put a Cage Bunshin to go with Gara & co. and the real him will go after Sakura. When they figure it out he will be already in the middle of the fight.. with Sasuke. 🙂

    Maybe Sasuke is the bad guy but Sakura is still Konoha ninja. Naruto must come after her.

    I want more Naruto in manga. Don’t want to see another fight even if it is Danzo vs Madara.

  73. Considering that madara sent sasuke to the kage meeting to get Danzo, I’m guessing he’ll spit sasuke and karin back out of his eye to take care of him.
    It seems like the villains always pull out their “ace” right before they die so we’re probably gonna see Danzo get taken out here. I mean, he avoided the crap coming his way at the Kage meeting, naruto and company have been given the juicy details already, so now that the cat’s outa the bag Danzo’s gonna end up in one

  74. i think when kishi meant that kb was gonna invade konoha i think its more like kb wants to talk to danzou for some reason without permission from the raikage or konoha. when sasuke “invaded” their land, it was really the outskirts where kb was training at.

  75. What do you guys think does Sakura have a masterful plan to take on Sasuke or do think that she is delusional enough to assume that she can defeat him outright?

  76. who do you think would win anbu vs root? i know we dont know much about either group but i feel like if a civil war broke out in konoha it would be between these two main military forces. Im hoping sakura has a new technique for her battle with sasuke and i cant wait to see what lee is gonna do when he battles.

  77. @everyone:
    i think danzou is madaras younger brother!!
    thats why he only has one sharingan eye cause he had to steal it, and thats why he aproved of the uchiha massacre cause of them banning madara what do u guys think?

  78. @tayish: That is not a bad theory. I actually think that the seal on Danzou’s hand looks a lot like the one on mMdara’s just bigger:

    Just realized madara’s seal/bolt thing is gone:
    And has been for awhile from what I can tell.

  79. nice one this chapter was great sai got real and i think naruto got and gara came just in time to put it on perspective he has become an enemy of the nin world and if he wants to be kage drop some and take care of it. kakashi would go to the wall mask on but who knows. maybe we see naruto seeking sakuras chakra in sage mode they got the speed to catch up with her who knows.or mizukage droping there with ao and hammer kid. but they are bound to run into each other on danzo fight madara needs sasuke he will let him out on danzo once he is full armored to get thrust from sasuke. then once a figth starts everyone will notice and the cats out the bag on danzo so hes done. on my view.

  80. @fuutonsaviour: I think at first, Root would be superior because they have more dangerous jutsus, more sneaky and sinister. But in the end, I think the ANBU would win because there are so much powerful Konoha jonins who would help in this battle, and they all would be on ANBU’s side.

    @thatwitchisbored: Hmm, does Sakura have a masterplan, or is she delusional enough to assume that she can defeat him? I think she knows that she can’t defeat him on her own (at least I hope so!!). Even if Tsunade had her making a kuchiyose contract with the slugs 😀 . I know, Kakashi and Sai were very convinced, but I can’t imagine that Sakura is really attempting to kill him. Because, in the first place, she’s not strong enough. I thought that she would try to convince him, talk to him about her love etc. and reach his feelings deep in his heart.

  81. Gahhh…Sakura is stupid thinking she can defeat Sasuke…and what do u guys think Naruto is going to do now about Sasuke???I hope he doesn’t give up on him 😥

  82. He will NEVER give up on Sasuke! That’s as clear as…. something really clear! 🙂 Hmm, I think Naruto will run after Sakura. Or, more likely, he will search Sasuke via Sennin Moodo Chakra Search. Yeah, I think that’s what he’s going to do. Kakashi may want to return to Konoha, and maybe take Gaara with him. Yamato should stay with Naruto because of his Kyuubi sealing abilities. Sai will come with Naruto as well, I think. And the sand siblings… they will stay with Gaara, probably (lame…. *g*) !

  83. ahhh @aeris arigatou ARIGATOU ❤ u really reassured me…i was really anxious about this thing…well stupid but i was…hahhhh…u know i was thinking it would be cool if Naruto was going to search for Sasuke alone… leave a kage bunshin behind or sth like that cause he's fed up with the whole situation…now that would be really awesome!!!well according to my standards!!haha 😀

  84. Ladies and gentlemen the newest addition to the espada….Kisame ! LOL !

  85. @aeris85
    Sai cannot go with Naruto, because he is already with Sakura. Sai’s kage bunshin is at this moment with Naruto.

  86. @Ra LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀

  87. @cumulus: Yeah, I meant his sumi bunshin of course (not kage bunshin, he can do only his ink bunshins).

  88. Does anybody else remember his last confrontation with pervy sage and/or Itachi? I forget which, but in it, he stated that he believes someone who can’t even save their close friend or brother isn’t fit to be hokage.

    Naruto is stubborn. I don’t think he’ll agree to Gaara’s view point quickly, if ever. And not giving up is for the best anyway, especially because, if I remember correctly, during the last confrontation between Gaara and Sasuke, Sasuke stated that he has no one left or whatever, and implies that he believes everyone has given up on him.

    I don’t know for sure, and don’t have the stuff to back it up right off the top of my head (at least no links,) and not 100% about these situations, but if anyone wants to check, they’re more than welcome.

    The kage bunshin idea seems okay, and might work. Sounds like something Naruto would do.

    If all else fails, use a kage bunshin. XD

    I think either Sakura will join Sasuke, she’ll be killed by him, or else Naruto and the others will find Sasuke and come to some… Agreement? I don’know.

    Seeing as there’s currently no real hokage I doubt they’ll be filed for misconduct or whatever – Sakura and co, due to the fact during all the hubbub they probably won’t be caught or whatever. Misconduct probably isn’t the best way to put it. <,<

  89. hey @holydemonandy when did Sasuke ever tell that “has no one left”??i don’t remember this at all..
    and lmao!! If all else fails, use a kage bunshin. XD this should become a moto!!
    and if Naruto fights this whole destined fight with Sasuke i wonder if he’ll use that power that Itachi gave him…hmm…really curious about this one! 🙂

  90. Well…Tsunade isn’t dead. Maybe she will wake up. It’s about time!

  91. @babyfox9: holydemonandy meant this:

    @holydemonandy: Your citation of Naruto’s sentence “how can someone become Hokage who can’t even save his friends” is very good!! Didn’t think about it that way!

  92. you know im wondering of the view that kakashi has about being told that the people want to see him as hokage… did he look towards naruto because he feels since naruto has surpassed him exponentially that maybe its his time to step up and trully become hokage?


  93. @spill7: it woud be awesome but hes too young even minato was already a jounin wen he became kage plus in this situation kakashi is the most fit since hes smart powerful and former anbu he problably was ask to be in root since after war he had sharingan. @holydemonnandy:it was when he was with sasuke at orochimaru hide out hes defenetly gonna say that but i see a twist plus he wants to figth for real this time so hes going with the mind to kill if nesesaary.

  94. So in your opinion @nope u think Naruto is determined to kill Sasuke if necessary??hmmm…i really don’t like this.. 😦

  95. i’me sorry if this is wrong but wasn’t someone soposed to be at least a jounin before becoming a kage, naruto is stil a genin, the most powerful ninja in the village but stil a genin, so could it be posible for him to obatin kage nomination if he is still a genin ? Just something i remember from a long time ago, i’ll try to find some reference to it anyway.

    & @ spill, are u jeramiah man ??

  96. hmm kakashi s becoming interim hokage. naruto goes after sakura, they wont meet saucegay (check it out hes in the rubik universe no way for the blockheads to get there isnt?). there will be some sort of conflict about whever sauce is to be killed or not which is going to be solved by narutos jesus no jutsu.
    and most importantly! the final conclusion about madara tobi danzou obito shishuishahshusharinganshioblablabla igotnoidea.

    der klokoller

  97. any1 of you guys ever read ippo? no? you should you d know then that the time until your battle against your archenemy takes roughly about 857+n!!! chapters à 17-18 pages a week…

  98. @klokoller LoL 😀 Naruto’s Jesus no jutsu!!!hahaha
    @Eugen do u think @spill is Jeremiah???omg.. Jeremiah is that uuu??

  99. Hey guys did u watch OVA 5 Naruto:The Cross Roads??it wss just he end after the credits it shows Sasuke and Madara in the Akatsuki was quite good i could say 🙂

  100. @nope24-

    i think you miss understood what i was saying.

    i am not saying Naruto is going to be Hokage. I am saying that Kakashi is seeing his former pupil as his superior so he needs to now step up his game much more hardcore so as to surpass Naruto, so then Naruto can surpass them all….

    i was thinking more on that, than what we know will and eventually must happens is that Naruto will become Hokage and he will take that tattoo off of Neji’s forehead and he will make the werld know that Neji was infact right, you must be destined to be Hokage, or have an eye patch with a Sharingan hiding behind it or even be able to drink 80 cases of sake in one gulp or even be able to copy you picking your nose nu jutsu, boy that Kakashi, i wonder how he will be able to read all them Danielle Steel novels when he has to be Hokage… which jsut wondering where thaat will be, or did Yamato do a 1st style build a city nu jutsu?? man that boys gotz wood!!!



  101. me being Jeremiah… if i tell you then all my ninja training would be for waste.




  102. gah…Ja is the way Jaremiah ends what he writes….Anata ga itai nani mono dana??

  103. nando nihon jin desuka?



  104. yeah i checkt and i miss understood but i dont see kakashi getting more powerful i think he is plenty strong for hokage already but hes even smarter for it. naruto is going to be hokage after the war for experience gain. and i dont like it but he must go with that mentality to be able to beat him to some sence sasukes not shy about killing him so i think hes got a new resolve for the sasuke situation everyone has said the same on sasukes darkness seaking beavior and he wants to ask him himself so maybe im right or im just wrong well see.

  105. I was watching Naruto Shippuuden 138 and observed that Itachis Susano Chakra almost looks like narutos red Chakra and seeing that sharigan and Bijuu are like connected in some way I thought that maybe Narutos Fox Chakra is on the Same levels of a Susano or something like that Im still thinking about it myself.

    It made me think about the Power Itachi gave naruto and it can be 1 of 3 possibilites a unique Genjutsu, Ninjutsu and it cant be a susano, I dont think its a power to control the Fox like a Sharigan user can though Im suggesting that it could be a power to draw out the Kyuubis Chakra like a Susano.

    When Naruto is using the power he has the Fox Cloak when he uses the power and contains it in human form he is affected physically like the Susano and actually grows Bones from his body, When Hachibi summons his 8 Tail I think he sits on the sidelines and the Hachibi is fighting. I rekon his power that he has is to summon the Fox and use its power outside of his body.

    That was really long I hope it hasnt bored you but Im still thinking of the possibility, it makes me wonder but I rekon it would be cool cause So far all Bijuu have a ability or a power as far as my knowledge goes all ive seen from the Kyuubi is Immense red chakra pools. The power of the Fox could be just the power to actually do something to a susano..Maybe.

    And also before it gets to long itachis Susano Chakra summon if its red in the Manga then What colour does Sasukes Represent and what type of chakra could it be from perhaps purple cursed chakra I believe you know Dark chakra. But thanks for reading thats all.

  106. @spill Nihonjin ja nai yo…Girishajin onna de gozaimasu.Xenia desu 🙂 …Watashi wa Nihongo ga hanashimasu..Tokoronde anata wa?

  107. @everyone: what if the power itachi gave naruto was just information on possible techniques sasuke will have in the future(or present now) such as susann’o ameratsu, and tsukuymi. i don’t really see itachi giving naruto any actuall techs, because how would naruto know how to use them if he’s never done them before?

  108. @lelulalilo

    Well…abouth that power that Itachi gave Naruto….

    I think that isn’t genjutsu. Why?
    Because of this>

    Bee here talks about how he cannot be caught in genjutsu because he has a partner (8-taled beast) who can snap him out.
    So, when Naruto learns how to control 9-tails he will too be immune to genjutsu, just like Bee.

  109. @shinobi i don’t think so..
    if u remember—->
    Itachi says:”I hope…the day never comes when u have to use it.”
    He implies that he gave sth powerful to Naruto..i don’t know what.. a jutsu perhaps that activates when Naruto sees Sasuke’s ms, sth against Amaterasu..?? i honestly don’t’s beyond my imagination.but if it was only info, why would Itachi have said such a thing as “I hope not to use it”???don’t use info?? 0_0
    gah…ZEN ZEN WAKARIMASEN!!!!!!!!

  110. ohhhh…damnnnn..i just can’t wait for the NEXT CHAPTER!!!!!!
    HYAAAAAAA!!!!!PLEASE dear God (erm Kishimoto-sensei) make Naruto go find that ass Sasuke and bring him back!!!!!!!!!!
    I’ve had enough with this…Naruto zettai akiramenaide!!!!
    Mattaku mou takusan!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i hope Naruto goes alone to search for Sasuke…leave a kage bunshin behind and go alooonnnneeee….that would ROCK!!!!! 😀

  111. He will probably go alone. Everybody else would just want to kill Sasuke.

  112. @cumulusbg i hope u are right.. 🙂

  113. Okie. A guy on YouTube told me:
    “..sasuke, naruto, or sakura will die.
    the odds of one of them dying is too high

    nobody thought jiraya would die, too much of a nice character, but he died…sadly….so…one of the former team 7 will die, the way the manga/anime is set up, its bound to happen sooner or later, sadly- ..”

    Please tell me what you think about this.I really don’t like this comment at all..damn him 😥

  114. Don’t get so upset just because of this comment! I think neither of them will die, because they are simply the main characters.

    Sasuke won’t die because this would show that Naruto has failed => out of character.
    Sakura won’t die, but IF one of Team 7 dies, then it would be her. But still I don’t think she will because….. don’t know.
    And Naruto won’t die because the Manga’s name is NARUTO. (My personal theory is that Naruto will die nonetheless when Tobi extracts the Kyuubi, but he will be revived. Either Sakura learns the ultimate medical nin-jutsu: Chiyo’s revival technique without dying herself, or Naruto will be able to survive it by himself with his Rin’negan (

  115. @うちはbabyfox9

    id say its easily a possibility naruto is immune to death at this time because he is the main character, sasuke is immune at this time because he is the driving force to the story, but sakura on the other hand is disposable and i cant see it being long before she dies as she is going to look for sasuke. the prophecy says naruto will make a decision that will bring peace to the ninja world or destroy it, and i believe sakura’s death will trigger the decision he has to make.

  116. Minna-san arigatouuuuu 🙂 aeris u really calmed me down!!and chromer too! gah..che ano bakayaro.. >__<
    now what do u think the next chapter will go??

  117. Ah and aeris do u think Naruto will lose the Kyuubi??i mean it’s sth that defines him.that’s what i think.

  118. Yes, I think he will loose the Kyuubi because I think that Tobi will really create the Juubi. And therefore, Kyuubi and Hachibi need to be extracted. I think there is NO alternative to this, there won’t be some other way how Tobi can create it.
    Why I think that Tobi will really achieve to create the Juubi: Because it would not have made any sense at all that Tobi told “us” about the Juubi and the rest of the Sennin story. And it would be uncool if the Juubi wouldn’t be recreated.

  119. Aaaa..i see..well i don’t like the idea of Naruto losing the Kyuubi..but we’ll see how things will develop from now on.. 🙂

  120. @aeris85 your are 100% right the imba monster has to be created otherwise there wouldnt be any challenge to it

  121. @babyfox hmm mb naruto dies at the very end of the manga in a fight vs saucegay who then decides to be a good guy once again.

    that would be kinda cheap but who cares it fits in perfect

    i mean cmon you cant let skura and sauce die when youre half way there, leave naruto to rule shinobiuniverse and make him figure out that the answer! (to life the universe and everthing) is 42 ….

    man i love that thought … just imagine how badass it d be with everyone dead, naruto ruling the universe from a small cabin somewhere in the middle of nowhere , having some cat he calls god and trying to provoke some reactions from his wooden table in his room by staring at it for a week. well ofc he d have to ram some bricks into a certain somebody’s face wouldnt he?


  122. *beforehand

  123. LoL klokoller 😀 ..but still i don’t like the idea of a Naruto without Nine-tails!

  124. the final battle is going to be or naruto vs sasuke or naruto vs madara with sasuke helping naruto win. i’m pretty sure the 9 tailed beast will be extracted (not sure how) for the reason aeris stated and it will end up in sasuke or madara.

  125. Hmm..i thought that the final villain was going to be Kabuchimaru..well more like the final battle would be with him..besides now is the Madara/Sasuke arc..i think :/

  126. i dont think the jubbi will be reivied for the mere fact that the 4th hokage sealed the fox away into his son so that Madara specifically couldn’t use him, as well as help his son to fight him if he ever decided to come after the fox again. I think kishi just showed us how dangerous Madara’s plan would be, and what the true purpose of Akatsuki was. Pein/Nagato said it was a jutsu so powerful that just the use once of it would bring about peace. Although it seemed implied it sounded like alarge scale version of his tech that leveled konoha…lol;


  128. Perhaps the Hacibi gets extracted but since Kirabee can control his beast he doesnt die from the Extraction. I personally dont think the Kyuubi will be extracted from Naruto I think it will become so difficult to get Naruto that Tobi will have to resort to extracting the other half of Kyuubi from the Shinigami jutsu and if that were to happen then maybe the Kishi could include in the story what that was all about and what really happen.

  129. @ Everyone – I think it will all play out like this:

    Sasuke will face off against KAKASHI – who will pull Sasuke into the other dimension, and hopefully blind him (but not kill him, so Naruto can focus on the Madanzojuubi….

    Madara will find out that Danzou had a thermos installed in his robo-arm, and then filled that thermos with delicious leftover kyuubi chakra – just like that Sora kid (or Sore-ass as I call him).

    Naruto will be forced to go all nine tails on the juubi-dara, and the Ninja world will know peace – yes Naruto will die.

    Sakura dies of a nasty case of disobedience. As shown below:
    Rock Lee: “Beotch, when Rock Lee says fetch his malt liquor, you best fetch it!” *9-gates PUNCH*

    Yamato gets the hook-up with Hinata, as she will need comforting, and “mokuton”

    Sai becomes Hokage – never forgetting how easy it was to take over Konoha and be the master of evil.

  130. LOL @klokoller, haha love the ultimate hitchhikers guide refrence haha book 2 i think 😛 lol my theory fer EVERYONE: Danvou is MAdaras younger brother!!!! what do u guys think?

  131. As I said in a post a few weeks ago, I think Naruto will become the jinchuriki of the juubi. Don’t know how or why, but it just feels right, to me…

  132. Well…if one of the team 7 dies, it will be Sai. The “Sasuke’s place” in team 7 must be emty in the future.
    No one in old team seven will die. Maybe Kakashi, but Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke are like Hermione, Ron and Harry Potter. 😆

    O, and about that prophecy that says “naruto will make a decision that will bring peace to the ninja world or destroy it”, Well, I Think that that decision was for Ero sennin “to never give up”. Both Naruto and Pain was a prophecy child.

    Sakura will never die. Maybe Naruto would think that she is dead, but shi will be alive. With Sasuke.

    And don’t forget! Naruto have just half of 9-tails. Just Yin part…or yang part…
    Madara want all

  133. anyone else get the feeling that danzo might be one of the new members of akatski…. the other thought i had was maybe he wants danzos Eye for sauske, since sauske didnt take itachis, im thinkin Kakashi is next for Lazer sharingan surgery

  134. @praw in order for juubi-dara to exist the juubi must be revived and if that happens naruto will not have the kyuubi anymore and possibly not alive, but if he lives he will have sage mode
    the 4th hokage put the half of the full power of the kyuubi inside naruto so he could one day complete “that jutsu”. it soounds like he needs the kyuubi’s power to accomplish it so if he loses the kyuubi he still has sage mode but that doesnt sound like enough.

    why would the heroes of the story allow the juubi to be released if there is no way to stop it that is known to us yet except to put it into someone’s body as a temperary solution which still didnt work well. if the juubi is released and tobi/madara becomes its jinchuuruki then there will be no stopping him. sure you dispel genjutsu but how do you dispel an infinite genjutsu? if normal genjutsu is used you can dispel it or wait until the users chakra runs out but if you dispel an infinite genjutsu it would just be recast immediately and also if juubi-dara can cast an infinite tsukiyomi that must mean the juubi has infinite power how else would tobi/madara cast an infinite justsu?

  135. dude what makes you think you need infinite power for the permanent use of some kind of technique. i mean its simple … just you running around breathing is in your terms the very same as having infinite power. whats important isnt how long you can do something but how much energy you can put out in a split second and what time you need to recover from your exhaustion.

  136. @klokoller: sooner or later every single being will breath his last breath… That’s how life goes. Orochimaru and Madara have tecniques which make their life longer, in Madara’s case eternal, but if Madara uses up all his chakra or gets beaten to death he will die. That happens even to tailed beasts.
    Think about Killer Bee vs Kisame, the eight-tails said it was almost out of chakra and I assume that if it’s chakra would run out it would die since it is a chakra monster and without chakra it’s essentially nothing.

  137. Well @dragonball has a point about the Bijuus..chakra monters that run out of chakra prolly die.. 😆

  138. 😛

  139. i see i managed to miss a hardcore debate T_T

  140. Apparently the Sage of the 6 paths split the Juubi’s Chakras and trapped the Juubi’s body in the Moon, Ill rephrase something I said earlier The kyuubi wont be leaving Naruto anytime soon perhaps never ever. But even though Kirabee took out Kisame and saved himself from having the Hachibi extracted next time I think he will get caught and the Hachibi extracted. Perhaps the Juubi doesnt need all chakras to be revived and if it did it would get the other half of the Kyuubi and that would be enough I would say Leaving Naruto/Kyuubi and Sasuke/Susano to battle the Juubi.

    @Ryuujinsama, Yea I hope Sasuke gets Danzou and Kakashis eyes myself. Because if Danzou does join Akatsuki then he would more than likely ask for a Sharigan Eye to Increase his power and Itachis MS and Kakashi MS fused together would look preety cool. But sasukes eyes cant be his brothers its not Epic enough, Sasuke having to powerful eyes from differant Sharigan users just Awesome I rekon.

  141. @Sasuke getting anyone but Itachi’s eyes: I thought you only get EMS from your brother?…

  142. Yea there is word of mouth from Itachi saying that only brothers can exchange eyes but Itachi also believed that only Uchiha can have MS he was shocked when he discovered that Kakashi had MS.

  143. @senju07: the genjutsu that madadar was planning on using wasn’t infinite but impossible to stop. if theres no one with a sharigan then it impossible to stop.. just like how sasuke defeated Itachi’s Tskuyumi, and why he stated only a sharigan can fight him know with the case of Kakashi when they came for naruto the first time…so with the whole clan gone, except for 3 known people with a sharigan,(kakashi, sasuke and now danzou) no one can really stop him because sasuke is on his side for now, danzou supposedly is a “good” guy/hokage canidate, and kakashi will probably be out of commision if he fights madara…the only one who could stall/hinder his plans is dead(itachi) who if not sick/going blind could stop him …

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