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Hi guys, first off I want to thank those of you that have been sending me links….you guys gave me some awesome material! Keep em coming guys! Also, I’m adding a new little thing to AMV corner. Along with every video i’m going to add my own little review/notes/reasons I chose this vid. Alright, so let’s get these videos cracking shall we?

Special thanks goes out to Ama for linking me to this one….

Bleach: Shattered Dreams – Hinamori’s Story by AuNStudios

All I have to say to this one is WOW! Seriously, this AMV made me cry and made me feel so much worse for Momo than I ever did. It also made me hate Aizen even more. It’s rare you find an amv that tells a story about a non-main character that pulls at your emotions that way. I love this song, it fits this part of the story so well. I downloaded this song and have had in on repeat for a couple days now >.<  The creator also didn’t use a butt ton of effects, kept it simple and stirring…..I give it 5 stars.

Naruto: Sauske- Hollow by Aidelim

I figured in honor of the anime arc that is going on right now, i’d post this one. I really like this AMV, the song and the theme of the vid really fit. 4 stars from me.

FMA: Far Away From Home by Gamerblue

Ok, this one isn’t as great as last weeks, but it’s still purty good. And to be honest,  I’m having a hard time finding good FMA vids…so if you guys could help me out with that that would be super….2.5 stars

Here’s some funnies, just cause I can 😀 both from Sehanort

And i’m not going to be doing OP amv’s anymore…most of you know why….anyways, I hope you enjoyed the amv’s and we’ll be back on December 27th! Have fun and be safe…but not too safe

~ by Miranda on December 1, 2009.

8 Responses to “AMV Corner”

  1. First!!

    Great AMV’s Mandi

  2. Nice Amvs….

    But no One Piece amvs? Thats just WRONG! Thats like having a hot dog without the meat…like having a party and not inviting your 2nd cousin’s great aunt Jane…thats like…like….IDK. hahaha j/k.

    Its ok anyways cus Supertrek always has one in his breakdowns so no worries there. 🙂

    Anyways lookin forward to more awesome amvs for next time! XD

  3. that’s why I don’t do OP amvs, cause trek does

  4. Wow! these are awesome amvs! i liked how the naruto amv made it look like sakura was killed by sasuke and naruto went after her for revenge. the bleach one was incrediable, i hate aizen even more now. im hoping hinamori will manage to get close enough to him to ask aizen the question many of us want answered, which is “Why?” why do all of this? is it really just because he has a god complex? what is his past? i wanna know dammit!

    P.S darn it when i saw a fullmetal alchemist amv i had hoped it would be brotherhood. are you going to post any amv’s from the second anime season?

  5. Well I haven’t gotten around to watching the second season, and I’m having a hard time finding good ones. So if you can find some please feel free to email them to me.

  6. I have an amv, where do i need to send the link?

  7. Send all amv links to, put AMV in the subject

  8. lol bleachers

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