Bleach Manga 384 IS OUT + 383 Breakdown- Too Early to Trust

Oh hai guys! Sorry that this breakdown is sooo spectacularly late, you know, Thanksgiving and all that jazz….hope yours (well you that celebrate it that is) was awesome…..Mine wasn’t, I got food poisoning >.< But you guys don’t need to hear that soooooo…..on we go with this weeks breakdown.

Okies, this weeks action starts right off back with the Yammy/Kenpachi/Byakuya fight. The first panel is of Yammy falling backwards with blood spurting from his face and the captains getting ready to have it out.


Then like a boner on a 14 year old boy Yammy gets up, yet again. Kenpachi and Byakuya go omgwtfbbq as the not so jolly dumb giant starts giggling and says “You won’t get away with this.” Then says “you won’t”  and proceeds to throw something similiar to a 2 year olds tantrum screaming the same sentence like 7 times…..Jeesh, Byakuya take Yammy over your knee and spank his ass! If he’s gonna act like a two year old you should treat him like one.

Anywho, Yammy stands up and pulls an Incredible Hulk and….well…

Don't make me angry, you won't like me when i'm angry!

Yammy gets up and tells them that making him angry will only make their deaths more humiliating. That his anger is his strength….and now I have a question…

My resurreccion is AWESOMENESS!

Did anyone else read  “my resurreccion is IRA” and think of the site? Cause I totally did >.<

Ahem, anyways.

Off in the distance Nemu and Mayuri are watching the fight, and the creepy captain says that Kenpachi and Byakuya need to hurry up cause if he gets any bigger he can’t dissect the espada. Jeesh, Mayuri do you ever think of anything other than slicing people up to play with their insides?! You need some help dude.

Now we jump over to the Captain/Espada/Vizard fight with Shinji holding Hiyori after she just got her bratty little ass spanked. Shinji looks up to Aizen, and Aizen taunts him.

Aizen: still the #1 douche bag in all of Bleach

Aizen taunts Shinji even more, sounding a bit like a Uchiha going on about hatred and such. Shinji tells Hacchi to take care of Hiyori until Ichigo shows up….which better be soon dammit. Aizen scoffs about the trust Shinji puts in Ichigo, and Shinji says that Aizen doesn’t even trust his own followers, how could he understand? And Aizen goes off on a train of thought that I can’t really explain, so you’ll just have to read the panel.

Jeezy creezy Aizen is such an ass! I hope he dies soon. He continues to say that people are always looking for someone stronger to look up too, which is how gods are made. Wait? Did Aizen just basically  call himself a god?! Damn I’m suprised he can contain his ego in his body >.<

Jumping over to Tousen and Komamura, the Stevie Wonder of the manga world decides that since Aizen is preparing to fight that he’s gonna go ahead and go all out. Rin Tin-Tin thinks he’s gonna pull out a bankai, but Tousen laughs a the silly dog and tells him he has something way more powerful than a bankai……Komamura goes omgwtfbbq and Tousen grabs his face…

Much reminisant of Ichigo pulling out his hollow mask….OMG has Aizen made his army into some kind of half evil shinigami/vizard combo? What do you think?

Well that’s all for this week, tune in next week to see what will happen between the former friends. TTFN!

~ by Miranda on November 30, 2009.

21 Responses to “Bleach Manga 384 IS OUT + 383 Breakdown- Too Early to Trust”

  1. First!!!!!!

  2. Second !

  3. Yammy is just big for no reason, and getting even bigger for the same reason.
    I was thinking Aizen gave Tousen some eyes … but hollow mask makes much more sense.

  4. Wow. Awesome breakdown Ms.Mandi. Short, Sweet, and Witty. Me likey.

    I really like Aizen. Hes one of the few reasons I still read Bleach. Hes so untouchable its crazy!

  5. tird!!!!!! wow didint see that coming… NOT i always had the feeling aizen&co. coudent be that strong just on shinigami power. lol on yammys resurecsion hes angry we get it. what im wandering is how the masks would look? specially gins.:D

  6. Awesome breakdown.
    But fix the poll. It says did he give his “Espada” hollow powers.
    And for a last note.

  7. Yammy is now officially a Sith Lord. “Anger itself is my power” 😀

  8. @shoopdarasengan good eye thanks

  9. awesome breakdown ms mandi. for a moment i did think of ira when i saw that. hmm maybe kibo/kishi/oda shared that bono accounts and they’re slipping…

    When i saw tousen get ready to put on a hollow mask, i haven’t been that excited since seeing goku go super sayain and that was epic…lmao im also curious to see how will ichigo do if they are vizards. Aizen being a vizard is just too much for even kenpachi and the top 4 captains combined(yamato,unohana,ukitake,and shunsui)… thinking about it i don’t see aizen being taken down just yet unless its by that hollow transformation from ichigo as a last resort *cough again cough*

  10. did anyone else notice how aizen’s apeech about how people are weak and stupid enough to put their trust and faith in one person was a really creppy parallel to the fact that Soul society and the captins are putting all their faith in one person (ichigo) to save them from aizen?

  11. ok Tousen is going to reveal….. The sharingan, think about it, we havent seen his eyes the entire manga, and his bankai is a tsukiomi(spelling), i think Gins mask is going to be a fox type shape, while Tousen im thinking an executioners hood type make deal seeing as how those two relate most to each ones personality.

  12. Okay so I think Yammys last form was his ressurection, his current form is Angry mode which will have byakuya using bankai and kenpachi removing eyepatch in which they really give it to Yammy, Yammy in Angrier mode they are struggling and Kenpachi goes Kendo style and maybe mayuri and nemu gets involved. In Yammys final Angriest mode im thinking that Yammy contains all his power into a human body form being absolutly dominating and they all get wiped out until Kenpachi “FINALLY” goes Shikai mode and saves the day.

    Well atleast I hope it goes down like that.

  13. Kenpachi goes into Shikai, that would be freaking awesome!

  14. im curious to when they got these hollow powers and how well are they with them. it could have been after the they left ss, but i wouldn’t be surprised if they had them 20,30 years after that incident in turn back the penedelum. hm… i dont think the vizards(shinji,etc) would put up even a decent fight now…

  15. I’m really hoping that Tousen, Gin, and Aizen use Ceros now due to their time spent with the Hollows. I’m also interested to see if they have integrated their abilities in with their new powers such as an upgraded Bankai.

    Tousen better tear up Komamura. I mean his Bankai is terrible and he’s not even a human. His kindness has declawed him and I’m just waiting for someone to put him down. Bad Dog!

  16. Yea lightiningtiger, awesome you just made me realise that Tousen could possibly pawn Aizen because aizens Shikai dont work on him but Tousen is still extremely scared of Aizen though Tousens Bankai with Vizard mask could actually take out many Shinigami, Kenpachi was just Lucky but still you must admit Tousen..Yea.

    @ Ryuujin, Gin does look like a Fox now that you mention it e looks like a fox. Makes you wonder how cool their masks would look, Shinji has a Awesome mask kinda looks Eygptian death god like. Rose mask looks like this face that this character made in Beetle Juice, Lisa’s Mask looks like something a Quicny would Wear.
    But apart from all their masks I wanna see their Hollow Forms, Thats like their Super Saiyan Forms, Ichigo already has gone SS3.

  17. YOSH!!! Awesome breakdown Mandi, sorry I didn’t comment much earlier. Lol, it’s been a hectic week. Tousen FTW!!!!

  18. Bleach is out on mangashare!!!

  19. Here’s the link. Tousen = BADASS!!!

  20. Tousen just scored a few evil points for a Blinnd man his mask is kinda cool, Almost like Lisa’s.

    Gin’s mask I hoping looks like a sad face that would cause of his Evil grin, If gin were to kill someone in his Sad face hollow mask and then take it off having a evil grin…OOOOOoooooo That would look evil.

    And I bet Aizen dont use his mask until Ichigo arrives.

  21. Tousens form is awesome! it gives him shoulder pads and covers his chest as well. i like how it is streamlined for speed and it really seems to suit him too. i mean why would a blind guy care how he looked anyway? its too bad that kommamura and hisagi dont seem to be having much luck bringing him back to there side, with this form and his invulnerability to aizens hypnosis he could be very helpful.

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