Naruto Shippuuden 135 -136 Breakdown. The final confrontation begins!!!

Hey everyone!

It’s Tenrai Senshi here back with this weeks anime breakdown and although it is a little bit late (I have been ill lately) I hope you will all forgive me.

Moving along, we finally get to what many would consider to be one of the most anticipated battles in the anime so far, so lets not waste any time and get straight to it!

Battle? What battle? First you have to watch me meditate, because I am coolness!!! X__X

Well, at least it was supposed to be the start of what is one of the most anticipated battles of all time, but sometimes life has a way of teasing us with the goods and making us wait with impatiently watering mouths before we can dig in.

And so we begin our epic confrontation with a more serene look at the past, in what is a considerably long flashback that takes up pretty much the entire first half of the episode.

Now, mind you, most of these scenes have been seen before at one time or another in the past, but this time they are treated to some enhanced visual flair, giving them that extra injection of awesomeness that makes watching it again far less a chore and more of a pleasure.

Hehehe... Annoying little brothers FTW!!! You can just see Itachi's loving it! ^ ^

It also helps that most of these scenes were a long way back, so having a memory refresh only seems logical considering the importance of the coming confrontation.

For the most part, we get a detailed look into the life of Itachi before the Uchiha massacre, including his relationship with his brother, which is highlighted throughout. Sometimes it is actually hard to believe that Itachi is only 13 years old at this time in the anime, because his demeanor and even his appearance betrays someone who appears far older than he actually is.

That image is only further enhanced by the upcoming events and it just shows you how much of Itachi’s own youth has been stripped away by the way of a shinobi.

A secret plot underlies the presence of a burdened heart as Itachi is given a choice that will forever engrave his fate in a cold and hardened stone.

Now, this is the part that really interested me in the flashback and it is also one scene we have never witnessed, in either the manga or the anime.

We see Itachi receiving counsel from an ANBU operative, who is clearly present to ensure that the young Uchiha is set for his coming ‘mission’. For those who have read the manga, we all know exactly what he is referring to, but what I found startling was that the evidence of Itachi’s true nature and circumstances is being hinted at already.

*Spoiler alert for non-manga readers*

This scene also places a lot more weight in the truth of Madara’s words to Sasuke further on regarding Konoha’s involvement in the Uchiha massacre and basically confirms them outright.

But what do you think?

It doesn't matter, I'll act cool now. I'm gonna kick all of your asses later anyway... <_<

Of course, life isn’t always a pretty canvas of colour and exuberance, especially in a flashback, and even with all of the good memories, there are still darker shadows yet hiding in the shattered remnants of one’s past.

One such stain on Itachi’s own memories is the death of his closest friend, Uchiha Shisui. Itachi is quickly suspected as a perpetrator in the events leading to his fellow Uchiha’s death, but he himself has little time for such an exchange.

What follows is a brief display of Itachi’s inner anger, which is only just barely quelled by his own brother’s pleas for him to stop. It makes you wonder if that hatred is a result of who Itachi is deep inside, or simply a consequence of the burden he is bearing.

Oooh! My eyes glow in the dark. O__O

After that, what follows is the night of the event we know all too much about as Itachi slaughters every last life in his clan.

The men, the women and the children, leaving his own parents for the very last.

No-one is left spared, not even the innocent. In a great act of remorseless destruction, Itachi slays them all one after the other.

Only one person is spared from the onslaught, only one anguished soul left to bear the burden of the death and hatred left behind in its wake.

But even that single soul is given no moment or reprieve as his heart is subjected to the torment and agony of his entire clan and even that of his own family.

Even Itachi's own brother is shown no pity and Sasuke is forced to endure the terrible nightmare of his clan's destruction and the death of his parents.

That pretty much sees a momentary conclusion in our lengthy flashbacks. I must say, that although it was rather long, it never felt unnecessarily drawn out and a lot of details are crammed into a reasonable amount of space, without becoming overwhelming.

It really did move along quite well.

After all of that, the real confrontation finally begins, as Sasuke and Itachi face off for a final showdown. Only this time, Sasuke is no longer fueled by hatred and vengeance alone and he has finally acquired the power he believes will see his brother’s end.

Two brother's clash in a duel of hatred and revenge. The halls now echo with the weary and bitter cries of their battle.

What I really enjoyed about this brief but very entertaining battle scene, was the animation style used. It was very fluid and a lot more expressive than what we have seen before so I am glad to see that the production was pumped up so nicely for such an important scene.

Although, it is not surprising considering the no doubt high expectations of all the fans… fans that could potentially riot and burn down your house if they are not pleased. X__X

Didn't mom tell you that you would poke someone's eye out with that thing?

I also laughed quite a bit when Itachi threw Sasuke around like he was nothing but a stuffed teddy bear.

He was obviously not to happy about that, though, because one quick Chidori later and a smooth evasion from Itachi, gave our vengeful youth the opening he needed to impale his brother with a deft blow.

Or, at least, that is what he thinks, but as we all know Itachi, what you see is never necessarily what you get.

Yo dude, you need to chill out man. Why the hate? Where is the love? (Now if he just pulled one of his fingers back down, it would be even funnier). ^ ^

And Itachi is digging his dark nail polish. <_<


Of course, Itachi is no longer the only one who has access to trickery and even Sasuke has become more aware of the fact that things would never be that easy to begin with.

Dammit, they never said that would happen in the manual for the lazyboy. >_<

Actually, this whole battle is literally more of a mind game than an actual confrontation, where the blows are inflicted to one’s psyche and the wounds are mental rather than physical.

It’s almost a consistent backwards and forwards trade, where either Itachi or Sasuke seem to be on top, before suddenly reversing positions. You just never know when one of them is landing a real blow or not.

But then again, with Itachi in a battle, what is real? 😉

“There is no spoon…”

Foxy goes BOOM!!!! In your face! 😛

After that little bout, we go back to some flashbacks again, only this time Uchiha Madara is the subject of the day.

As Itachi explains the exulted Uchiha’s past, Sasuke himself remembers the words of the Kyuubi as shared between them during his encounter with Naruto.

Now, I am not going to go into great detail as to what was said, because by now you should have all seen the episodes, but I will say that they were certainly rich with a great deal of flashbacks and past references.

Are they a gift or a curse?

Eternal darkness is not cool, but scary monster eye thingies are so much better. 😛

Now, this particular image also intrigued me as well.

For those who have read the manga further ahead, I would like to make a reference to the Juubi which was revealed to have existed as well as the dark presense we have seen inside Sasuke on more than one occasion.

This figure in the screen above seems to resemble both in a way, taking on a likeness of the shadow in Sasuke’s being as well as the ten-tailed beast itself. Now, the link I see to the Juubi is the tail like tendrils that are surrounding the figure.

If you look carefully, you can count ten, including the two that have gone somewhat off screen near the top of the head. Does anyone else think there is a connection, or am I just joining imaginary dots here?

Which eyes look the coolest of them all?

In any case, we get a nice look at Madara’s own Mangekyo sharingan as well as that of his brother’s, bringing our total tally up to six different types, if you include Madara’s EMS as well.

What I wanted to know, is which one you think is the coolest out of them all?

No, it isn't odd that we never run out of ammo. <_<

Flashbacks aside, we get back into the thick of things again, with Itachi and Sasuke once again exchanging blows, only this time things really start to get serious.

I enjoyed this shuriken battle scene quite a bit actually. It’s something you could only really appreciate in the anime, mostly because a scene like this wouldn’t be as easy to follow in the manga.

Moving further along, Itachi also reveals his intentions to take his brother’s eyes in order to stem the darkness that has already began to take a hold of his vision.

Let me take a look at that for you. O_o

And so our double episode finally comes to an end. I know the breakdown was a bit long, but I guess that’s what you get with a double episode.

However, the real action has only just begun. In all honesty, the battle as it has been shown so far is just an appetizer for the main course that’s on its way and if that’s anything to go by, it will definitely be a treat. ^ ^

The music and the animation really is great throughout both episodes and the production involved definitely had favorable results. We can only hope that it keeps up just as well through to the end.

Anyway, as a last thought, because I missed last weeks breakdown I will post the winner for the previous caption contest before that now.

Alec: “We drink for those who no longer can taste the world, watch for those who can no longer see the world, and wait for friends that never come to remember all the times they were there”

Well done to Alec for a deeper and more inspirational take on the caption entries.

And now for this weeks contest screen!

*Insert caption here*

You have no idea how lucky I was to just land that screen. Talk about good timing. X__X

I just couldn’t resist, so I hope you all have fun with this one. Other than that, here’s the preview for the next episode, something we can all look forward to.

See you again next time. 😉


~ by Tenrai Senshi on November 23, 2009.

40 Responses to “Naruto Shippuuden 135 -136 Breakdown. The final confrontation begins!!!”

  1. First 😀 awesome Tenrai Senshi

  2. in episode 135 is said that Uchiha Shiusi was Itachis best friend who was killed by Itachi before masacre and then D-bag Danzo stole the eye from Shiushi corpse…

  3. Second.
    Hope the animation’s as good as it was for Sasuke and Deidara’s fight … since this fight is only lasting for 2 more weeks or so.

  4. Awesome breakdown Tenrai and awesome episodes as well.

    Did you notice how severely damaged Itachi’s vision was.He could barely see anything yet he could throw shurikens at an machinegun fire rate.That just show he doesn’t need silly things such as eyes to kick Sasuke’s butt 😉

  5. AWesome breakdown ten ^_^ pure awesomenessssss

  6. Godaime!!!

  7. kakashi’s sharingan PWNS

  8. There are too many flashback in these episodes…

  9. Yup, Kakashi has the coolest MS!

  10. Awesome breakdown!

  11. Greeeeeaaaaaaat breakdown!!!

    I also thought immediately of the Juubi when we saw Itachi’s creepy ghost thingy behind him. 10 tails can be no coinicidence, I think… It definitely looks bijuu-ish, as well as Sasuke’s equivalent scene during the fight with the Raikage, in the manga.

    Alec’s caption for the Tsunade screen was really awesomeness!!!

  12. great breakdown and the polls were pure awesomeness!
    the ghost thing can’t be the juubi because the juubi has 1 eye and not 4.
    there’s a connection, but i don’t think kishi made it.

    they did a really good job in explaining the sharingan, and the images and music was perfect.

  13. @to63to: Don’t you know the Force is strong with Itachi?… and isn’t it a lightsaber we are seeing in the 6th picture in the breakdown?

    Yeah, great breakdown!

    @MS: all except Sasuke’s MS has a triangular symmetry while Sasuke’s has a hexagonal symmetry. Why is his so different from the others? Because Itachi transplanted some of his own power? [if anyone has asked this, I apologize for asking again]

  14. Awesome breakdown Tenrai

    This was a good episode, but the flashback can slow it down a bit action-wise. if Itachi can do that shuriken fight nearly blind near and farsighted, what would have happened to sasuke if he had perfectly good eyes and he didn’t notice him doing his shadow clone while throwing them…
    Itachi pwns… thats it..
    Itachi: When will you learn Sasuke, if i say make me a sandwich it means make me 2 of ’em

  15. @mudmathie

    LOL! Actually, at one point Sasuke’s sword also looks like a lightsaber. I was actually going to make a point out of it, but you can only use so many screens before it starts getting crowded.

    Star Wars references, FTW!


    I understand what you mean, but I didn’t mean that the figure was in fact the Juubi itself. I was just commenting on the connections being made between that figure, the Juubi and the spirit of darkness inside Sasuke, in terms of a visual link.

    Of course, that connection only goes as far as my own perception and interpretation of what I am seeing, so I there may be nothing at all, but it is still interesting.

  16. Awesome breakdown Tenrai! Madara’s EMS is definitely the most badass sharingan up there. It’s just eternally awesome!

    @To63to: Yeah, that’s something I was going to point out. We never got to actually see how bad Itachi’s eyesight was in the anime or manga before now. It’s reeeeaaaallllyyy bad! Yet, he was able to keep on pace with Sasuke’s taijutsu and still use EMS in the upcoming fight. He truly was a great shinobi.

    Caption: Sasuke, for your impotence I will use you as a shamwow to wash these walls.

  17. Caption:

    Here, let me help you dry off.

  18. cool breakdown tenrai ^_^ Really enjoyed it. Kakashi’s Sharingan FTW but i like susugays sharingan and madara’s eternal to

  19. Caption: Oops, my panties.

  20. Caption:

    Get in the kitchen and make your big bro a sandwich!





  23. caption: yeah sasuke shake it well till its dry see.

  24. caption: this is my… HUMAN SHIELD!

  25. @nope24
    Yes, I think that too. If Itachi love Sasuke soo much that he couldn’t kill him, he probably didn’t find strengths for his parents ether.
    Madara is probably do that job for him.

  26. @nope24 & cumulusbg

    Hmmm… I don’t think Itachi would allow someone else to kill his parents if he didn’t have the strength to do it himself. You must also remember that Itachi’s father was leading the resistance, as it could be called, and his mother would have, as such, probably been involved in it as well.

    In other words, if he was to destroy his clan in order to stop the uprising, his parents would be the most important targets to remove, so he couldn’t leave them alive.

    Sasuke was another story. He had no knowledge of the uprising and was still just a kid, so I guess Itachi took the incentive to allow one family member to be spared where he thought he could afford it.

    There is also the fact that Itachi was just generally more attached to Sasuke than anyone else in his family. After all, even his father could not quell his rage when he was being inquired about Shisui’s death and only Sasuke managed to calm him down.

    Those are my suspicions anyway. I could easily be wrong. I just don’t see Itachi letting anyone else kill his own parents, because I think he would want that responsibility himself.

  27. Itachi is definitely ONE thing: dutiful.
    And that’s why I think as well that he was indeed able to kill his parents, because it was his duty.

    @Tenrai: I don’t think that Itachi spared Sasuke’s life because of your reasons (“so I guess Itachi took the incentive to allow one family member to be spared where he thought he could afford it.”). He spared his life because Itachi had the plan to be killed by Sasuke years after the massacre so that the Uchiha clan would regain his reputation. And because he had this masterplan, he did not decide to be killed by his father or by any other Uchiha member, no, it had to bee his brother. Maybe because he saw what potential Sasuke had.
    And, that is right, in the end, he didn’t kill Sasuke because he simply could not do it because he loved Sasuke from the bottom of his heart. *sob* Itachi is such a great person… RIP.

  28. @aeris85

    Yes, I know all of that. My reasoning was above and beyond what you mentioned, rather than an alternate reason altogether. When I said he spared the one he thought he could, I meant that in the sense that Sasuke was essentially the only one he could spare, even though he may not have wanted to kill his parents either.

    I think if Itachi had a choice, he would have spared his mother and father as well, because I am sure he loved them, but in the end, Sasuke was the only one he really ‘could’ spare. That doesn’t mean there were not other factors involved and I also believe his love for Sasuke was greater than his love for his parents, but I was merely making a point as to why Itachi would kill his parents rather than let Madara do it for him.

    I also believe, as you suggested, that his love for Sasuke was probably great enough that he would risk even his mission to spare him. Actually, when you think about it, he was creating a scenario where Sasuke would be permanently shielded from future retribution.

    If Sasuke was the one to kill him, as he had planned, then he would become the hero that defeated Itachi, slayer of the Uchiha clan. In Konoha’s eyes, he would be praised and therefor safe from the council or the elders who would have otherwise wanted him dead with the rest of his clan.

    Sasuke would be untouchable, even with Itachi dead and no longer able to watch him, in a similar manner to the way Danzou could not outwardly oppose Naruto at this current point because of his hero status among Konoha’s people.

    Itachi’s plan would have probably worked out fine in the end, but what he didn’t count on was Madara’s full intervention despite his effort to defend against it and Sasuke’s ultimate downfall into hatred.

  29. NOW FOR THE OVERTOP RESPONSE POST *cough* Tenrai this was an awesome breakdown way to go ;). U did a great job for being a sick as u r!!!!!!! just dont over do it my faithful rug!

  30. @Tenrai: Very wise words! *smile* All I can do is nod. Imagine how desperate Itachi would be if he found out that Tobi ruined his masterplan… that was such a good plan, his beloved brother would be safe for eternity because he would be such a hero… but then Tobi walks along and spills everything out. *sob* That’s just not fair. Your words made me think about Itachi’s plan for keeping Tobi/Madara away from Sasuke: As we all know, it was the “auto aim Amaterasu” he implanted in Sasuke. But: How could Itachi make SUCH a mistake by believing that this would work? Didn’t he know, didn’t he suspect that Tobi could be able to block that attack??? Hell, that’s so damn upsetting. Itachi SHOULD have known! I mean, it was Tobi-Madara he had to stop! I really think that that was Itachi’s one and only major, utter fail and mistake. He SHOULD have known that Tobi could be able to block it! That was rather light headed…
    But then again: What could have he done instead? *think*

  31. spoilers are out and its so lame

  32. @aeris85:madara said that it was the fact that itachi didint know everything about him what save him from amaterasu.

  33. @nope24 & aeris85: Yes, for example the MS’s ability to extinguish Amaterasu’s fire.

    @ultimate sharingan: I guess the result has been expected by almost all of us here, but how it gets like that is a surprise, for me at least.

  34. was anyone else slightly irritated that they ended with a cliffhanger of sasuke loosing his eye and then showed that he still has it in the preview? i mean i doubt anyone here did not already know that but its kind of dumb to do to the anime people.

  35. @aeris85

    I agree, it was a mistake. Unfortunately, Itachi did not account for all of Madara’s abilities, but even still it was a simple case of not taking into account all of the possibilities.

    The moral of the day, never underestimate your opponent.

    However, that is not to say that it is Itachi’s own neglect that is entirely at fault. Even Itachi was working with limited time and he can’t account for all of Sasuke’s actions either. He isn’t L, so he can’t just ‘know’ what everyone else is going to do.

    The automatic Amatarasu defense may have been the only thing he could think of, knowing that the only time Madara would reveal himself was to Sasuke. Even then, he could only prepare so much with what he had and he had to do so around very precarious circumstances.

    In that scenario, I don’t think anyone can do much. After all, Itachi’s plan did essentially work to a degree. Sasuke could have returned to Konoha and ignored Madara, but it was Sasuke himself who chose his path.

    That is something that we can’t blame on Itachi, that was Sasuke’s choice. He was the one who threw away all of Itachi’s hard work and efforts and made them all for nothing. Essentially, his brother’s sacrifice was not honored.

  36. @Tenrai: DAMN, you’re always speaking such a ground truth that I can’t add anything to it!!! 🙂

    “He isn’t L, so he can’t just ‘know’ what everyone else is going to do.” WHO is L?

    I think the only thing for Itachi to do that would have prevented Tobi from spoiling Sasuke would have been to kill Tobi. I think there really would have been no other way. Itachi has thought about it I suppose, but of course he came to the conclusion that he would not have been able to do that.

    You’re absolutely right, I didn’t see it that way until now: All that Itachi could do was the Auto Amaterasu, and the fact that Sasuke turned to “the Dark Side” was not predictable for Itachi, Sasuke COULD have turned to the good side as well, in order to cherish Itachi’s intentions. But no, goddamn Sasuke didn’t want to. Of course it would be hard to forgive the Konoha people who gave Itachi this burdensome mission, but if Sasuke had really thought about it, thought about what Itachi had aimed for with this plan, and thought about how strong the bond of brotherhood is between them, he should have come to the conclusion to fulfill Itachi’s mission: returning to Konoha as a hero.
    But like this, Itachi’s sacrifice was worthless.
    Actually, I “love” Sasuke, but this makes me…. hate him… a bit.

  37. Im pretty disappointed with the latest episode. Episode 137.

    It stuck strictly to the manga. There were no additional fight scenes included and no heightnened animation. Itachi looks as though he’s not even putting up a fight. (Even tho we all know why…but still). I wanted to see at least a few scenes with them having a cool taijutsu battle or sumthin. O well.

  38. @pumpkinbread21

    Hmmm, that doesn’t sound good. T__T


    L is a character from Death Note. If you ever watch it, you will know exactly what I meant. lol.

  39. I liked 137 😉 *drool*! Total overdose of Sasuke’s hotness, *rrrrr*!

    @L: Hmm, the only thing I found out about him in 1-2 minutes is that he is a super excellent detective.

  40. for me it didint need anything added this episode rocks leeving right on a cliff hanger cant wait for 138. @aeris85 more like super duper uber detective ooh the memories.

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