One Piece Chapter 565 IS OUT And Chapter 0: Strong World + 564 Breakdown! New Demotivational Poster Included! $_$

-One Piece Chapter 565 Spoiler Below-

Read the latest chapters here

Here’s this week’s spoiler video by Luffyq1’s. Lol, that song is everywhere now! >_< No spoiler script attached to the video but some spoiler script can be found in a link in the comments section below.

-One Piece 564 Breakdown Below-

YOSH!!! Welcome back to another One Piece Chapter Breakdown WRA style! This week long break was a killer but believe me when I say Oda is working hard to make up for it. Personally this chapter was great but not as epic as I thought it would be. A lot of Whitebeard action and a lot of talking, but nothing besides that. I’ll get into all that with the breakdown so let’s hop to it!

I just had to add an extra video in here and it’s the new opening to the anime for those who haven’t seen it. Watch it 3 or more times and you’ll love it! It makes me feel so happy inside. ^_^

Here’s this week’s AMV and BOPP!

Anyone who’s read/watched the full One Piece adventure up until now will love that AMV. Great animation and synced to one of my favorite bands. I suggest watching the AMV at GoldEevee’s channel for a bigger screen to do it justice. BOPP by LadySwallow… Classic scene pervy name. @_@

Now on to the breakdown!

WTH, where's Franky!? All I see is a crab and a sweet turtle with a gun barrel attached to it's back! -_-

Judging from the snow outside the window I assume Franky’s still stranded on Karakuri Island. I don’t see any modifications on the outside of him but that’s good to see he’s the same ol’ Franky we know and love. Lol, playing with that crab…or hermit…or whatever the hell it is. >_< Here’s hoping that he got some upgrades on the inside of him though! *crosses fingers*

I wonder if Whitebeard knows how hard it is to get blood out of whites. >_<

Over in the main story Whitebeard is finally on the move and the pirates are riled up. Once your leader takes the initiative to go into battle you best believe it’s all or nothing. GUNG HO, let’s clear the path and give Whitebeard a beautiful battle to die in!

Not even Oda can save you now Squardo! T_T

Now this entire discussion involving Squardo strikes me as obvious foreshadowing. First the pirates say Squardo must feel terrible shame for being tricked by the marines and even going as far as stabbing the old man. In fact the pirate says, “There can be no greater shame!!” Squardo is obviously feeling the pressure now and no matter how admirable the pirates are for being angrier at the marines than they are at Squardo, I don’t think Squardo can forgive himself. He’s crying his eyes out and cursing the day he was born, now just look at that ominous look on Marco’s face! When he tells him to stop crying he’s hinting he has to make up for his wrong…anyway possible. Remember it was Marco who pounced on Squardo so he’s none too pleased with him. I think Sqaurdo’s about to go on a suicidal mission and Marco is pushing the agenda. Maybe I’m just over thinking it and see the worse in pirates. What do you all think?

He'd kick ass in a arm wrestling contest! No...he'd slam hands would be more accurate...>_>

So we move on to Luffy and the gang but they’re not really doing much but talking and running. See how I said this chapter mainly focuses on Whitebeard action? Whitebeard encounters John Giant and moves him out of the way like an annoying insect. How he goes about doing so is really beyond comprehension. After he blocks the giant’s sword with one arm at some point he lays down his weapon (did Oda get lazy here?)  and puts his Gura Gura no Mi fruit into overdrive. This…OLD MAN tilts not only the entire island of Marineford but the sea itself!

Don't tilt to much or you'll break the damn game! O_O

HOLY SHIT!!! This panel was definitely the highlight of the chapter for me. That power is insane! If he had this couldn’t he have just sunk Roger’s ships without even coming near him? He should have been able to kill Roger easily with this kind of power. I guess that would be a cowardice move though and not a real man’s fight.

That has to be an indication of clear prejudice against the Giant race. o_O

Awwww, Boa is worried about Luffy again. ^_^ Why doesn’t she just tie the man up and take away his innocence? Lol, no one would know he’s missing anyway it’s not like he’s doing anything important right now. -_- Ja, I’ll get that later too. 😉 So Whitebeard goes on to defeat John Giant by sending a quake though his body and that makes me think why does Whitebeard hate giants so much? You all noticed to right? Whitebeard has been kicking Giant ass throughout this entire war. He is really big for a human…maybe he’s half giant and papa giant abandoned him when he was a baby or something. o_O

There you go. Shittiest photoshop I've ever done but add a few lightsabers and lighting bolts and what do you get? >_<

Now here’s the worst part of the chapter for me. The quake that was directed through John Giant’s body is headed towards the execution platform and what happens? It’s stopped! Now that’s not what gets to me it’s just how it’s stopped. No explanation just stick your hands out and voila! You combined your three powers to stop a quake in midair!? WTH, just happened there!? THE FORCE! That’s what happened… but I’m sure it was Haki or a mystery as Luffy would explain it. Something that will be revealed later in the manga I suppose to give reason to why Whitebeard couldn’t just quake all of his strong non-logia type opponents to death.

Looks like Whitebeard's the protagonist now.

Back to Luffy again and all he’s doing is panting and bleeding out. The poor guy looks really hurt actually. He’s been Death Winked, smacked around by Smoker, light kicked, slashed by Mihawk, and etc… I understand why he’s so hurt he just came from Impel Down after all and he’s basically running on hormones and will power alone. He’s fighting opponents at full strength and some like the admirals are on a completely different level. Bah, but it still hurts me to see Luffy so…useless in this battle. It pains me to say it but the greatest accomplishment he’s achieved so far was take down 1 Giant and that took Gear 3rd. He can’t even get up the mobilizing wall! >_< Maybe you guys are more lenient…

Fisting and teabagging jokes. Don't look at me Oda came up with the pictures he's sneaking the hidden jokes in, you just gotta look closely! o_@

Yeah, the wall is erected through the thick ice but not fully because Oar’s is playing bloody paperweight. Unintentionally he’s helping out his nakama by…being dead? Nah, he’s not dead. Tis’ just a flesh wound says the Whitebeard hopefuls. 😉 Well, the marines can’t get up the wall but that’s not going to stop them from initiating the final step of their plan. With the pirates trapped inside the encircling wall Sengoku orders Akainu to deliver a fatal blow. A storm of fiery meteors shaped into fists to melt the ice under the pirates. Now that’s clever and dirty as hell. Touché Sengoku. 😛

That ends this chapter and now getting back to what I said in the first paragraph. A lot of Whitebeard action and a lot of talking was what this chapter mainly focused on. It’s no surprise though that they want to focus on Whitebeard, displaying so much of his power, since he’s going to die in this war. If he doesn’t die I’ll be highly disappointed but you all can shoot me down for it, all you Whitebeard hopefuls out there. XD Luffy was basically put in the background this chapter and everything was put on hold to let Whitebeard shine. The only other bit of action we got was the last panel with Akainu which was nice. Could have been better in my opinion after a week off but that’s just me. Let me know what you all think of this return chapter!

NEXT WEEK CHAPTER 0 AND CHAPTER 565!!! Chapter 0 displays the world of One Piece 20 years ago! YOSH GO ODA!!! ^(0_0)^ Here’s this week’s demotivational poster and prediction contest. Comment, predict, and enjoy! 😀

Artwork by Diabolumberto

Prediction Contest And My Prediction

Alright I was a little off last week…*cough* but I’ll make up for it, I hope, this week. Whitebeard will save the day by quaking the air above them and minimizing Akainu’s meteor’s by reducing their size. Squardo will sacrifice himself for Whitebeard’s advancement to save Ace. This action will only stir the pirates on and make them push harder. Whitebeard will quake the encircling wall making a hole for the pirates to charge through. The marines planning for this will send in the admirals to finish off Whitebeard as he recovers and prep Ace for execution before he can be retrieved. Luffy surprises us this chapter? o_O


~ by supertrek89 on November 20, 2009.

27 Responses to “One Piece Chapter 565 IS OUT And Chapter 0: Strong World + 564 Breakdown! New Demotivational Poster Included! $_$”

  1. 1st!?
    Great breakdown!!!

  2. Am I really first??? I can’t believe it! I’m not going away from this page until something else happens. I’m waiting for someone to tell me “you’re not first, there was another comment in moderation”. I really hope that doesn’t happen.

  3. @Dragon: Lol, congrats you really are first. No comments in moderation whatsoever. 😉

    Now I’m going to bed I haven’t slept in over 24 hours because of classes coupled with this breakdown. XD

  4. Woot 3rd/4th! sweet breakdown, sweeter amv, sweetest demotivational poster!

  5. @Supertrek: Of course you’re tired. You probably used up your awesomeness points in this breakdown. IT’S OVER 9000!!!

    @Rock00lobster: You’re third. My two comments count as one.

  6. @super: awesomene AMV once again as well as breakdown…loved the Adventure one alot.

    i thought john giant would have put up more of a fight since he was a giant and a vice-admiral but i guess fighting WB its pointless of rank or race….
    is it me or does WB’s power seem like a different person could have done better? i do see the power and devastion WB is capable of dishing out, but it doesn’t seem like something “the worlds strongest” would have. Maybe i’ll feel different after seeing it animated in a few months when he’s dead….-_-

    Go get some sleep super u deserve it for the Breakdown 🙂

  7. top 5 once again…. hehe

    so excited for that OP Movie…

  8. Wonderful review super, as per usual! 😉

    After the initial OMGgleeOnePieceisoutaftertwoweeks’wait! wore off, I have to admit that this chapter kind of left me a little cold. It wasn’t bad per se, but it feels more like build up for the real shit that’s gonna happen next week. Which is going to involve TWO chapters, one involving OP movie Strong World AND a color spread which I predict will be of the Whitebeard pirates, much like the Shichibukai spread from a few months ago.

    One thing I have to say is that the Admirals are HIlarious! I mean, they see WHITEBEARD charging towards them like a rabid bear and they’re all, “huh, he looks angry” 😀 I love these guys! Most them are total dicks, but they’re the kind of dicks you can laugh at one minute then say, “oh shit, he didn’t-!”

    Also, the force in this world is known as “haki” right? It’s just plain will power, like what Rouge used in her implausibly long pregnancy. -_-; Yeah, never mind…

    And just for the record, Oars Jr. is NOT dead. Name me one named, living character outside of a flashback that has been confirmed dead! Trust me, he’s going to inexplicably rise up towards the end of the battle and say, “that waz a good nap” while everyone’s like O.O

  9. My Prediction:

    The chapter will start out with the lava meteors falling onto the ice in COLOR!! Many people will be fending off the meteors with their DF powers (ex. Ivankov death winking some,etc.). The meteors will unintentionally melt Buggy and his Impel Down followers (possibly revealing the Video Den Den Mushi again). Jimbei will help any DF users who may have fallen in the water. Whitebeard will give the order for everyone to climb over Oars body and make it to the platform. The admirals will be there waiting for them.

    *End of chapter*

  10. Lol, thanks everyone glad you all enjoyed it. I had a nice peaceful nap too. >(0_0)>

    @Rock: Lol, the poster was my favorite part of the breakdown…>_>

    @Shinobi: Yeah, the AMV is epic isn’t it? It displays the adventure and memories of One Piece really well which is why I love it so much.

    Whitebeard’s powers I believe he’s using very well. Not many people could probably develop the power, if they had his DF, to shake an entire island and the sea itself. Remember how Crocodile said some users are content on using the basics of their DF and the best users develop and train their powers? Well, I think Whitebeard mastered his DF into what we see today.

    And heeeelllll yeeaaaaaahhhh!!!! Strong World is going to kick so much ass!!! Let’s not hype it up beyond belief though or our expectations will be to high. O_O

    @Elisha: Lol, I know exactly what you mean. The first time I read the chapter I was like “awesome”, but reading through it again for the breakdown I was like…”great”.

    As you said this was more of a build up chapter for what’s coming next. Chapter 563 was a build up chapter too though leading up to this one displaying Whitebeard’s power. His powers are insane but all he managed to accomplish was take down a vice admiral. The major tilt just threw everything off balance but his main attack was stopped by the 3 admirals. Now Akainu is the one doing most of the damage. It’s like Oda showed us Whitebeard’s power just to top it with Akainu’s power. o_O

    Lol, I digress. The admirals do have a nice chemistry going on. They work well together but they argue a lot. Like brothers really. 😉 Oars Jr. I don’t believe is dead either. He’s the biggest giant in the world and has to carry on his father’s legacy just like Ace. LMAO, “That waz a good nap” XD

    @Pumpkin: Great idea on the meteors unintentionally melting Buggy and his helpers. It’d be just like Buggy to get so lucky. ^(^_^)^

    lol he would even pwn goku lol jk
    but seriously he pwns man
    i wonder if he would win against naruto lol

  12. Actually the admirals stopping the blast makes me think “Stop! In the name of love, before you break me heart.” Yeah, but the force/haki explanation is cooler!

  13. i hope the next chapter really shows WB and the pirates actually getting close to ace and not distracted by the admiral’s strength and being in awe of there jedi skills. (would they be jedi’s or the darkside?) and does that make luffy starkiller or luke?.. and shanks like obiwan?…

  14. Niiiiice breakdown ones again =P
    yeh the gay pose of the admirals had me a bit aswell, and i kinda feel like they aint gonna explain how they did it.
    I really dont think you can blame Luffy for not beeing all this awesome between all the ppl who are so much stronger then him, arent the 24 hours (was it 24?) ivankov gave him over yet? atleast we should be close, i wonder how bad luffys situation will be after the hormones work off.
    @Ashan: are u kidding me WB is on superKage lvl hes like Raikage and…well someone who could quake the earth, like choiji (fat joke :P) fused =O

  15. @Fear: Let’s see…

    Luffy received his Vigour Hormones 2 chapter before the one I’m about to post below.

    In that link it’s about 10 am so 5 hours until Ace’s execution. In the next chapter it shows Ace leaving and the time is confirmed again.

    Still 5 hours to go until his execution. Now we know they’re trying to execute Ace early so right now it’s not even 3 pm. Going off of that information I’d say it’s been about 4-5 hours since Luffy was given the adrendaline boost that’s supposed to last 24 hours.

    From the looks of it though Luffy’s wearing through them at a much faster rate than predicted.

    @Anyone: Have you all seen the new episode? Pretty good but more of a setup for next week. It’s related to the new movie coming out so watch watch watch!

  16. SPOILERSSSSSS!!! Please don’t read if you don’t feel like a.) being spoiled about the newest chapter or b.) reading the crazy crap of a OP fan going apeshit over the spoilers.


  17. one piece is out and i wont say anything about it just read it 😀

  18. Damn this chapter was awesomeness to teh max! maaan ima read it again atleast 3 times =P
    well ill wait for the breakdown and discussion and stuff.

  19. That was a great one. And the best part: we get another chapter this week!

    I half expected Whitebeard would have some trick up his sleeves, can’t wait to see what it is. The Supernovas are back! Woohoo! Aren’t most of them supposed to be in prison, though…or worse? I wonder what went down in the end.

    All in all, things seem to be shaking up pretty nicely.

  20. This chapter was a good thanksgiving gift for us… im glad theres gonna be another chapter aswell… the best part of this chapter is this page..

    I think its a sealed deal that Wb is gonna die since MobyDick was destroyed. I think this was the one event that changed the era. It started when Gol.D. Rogers was executed, and now the survial of his son Ace. D Portagas and a member of the Wb Pirates. I see the Novas fufilling their nicknames by going there near the end of this either putting down some of the other vice-admirals or being back up for the pirates there. I see the Akinu guy loosing to luffy, not Kizaru or Akoji since he’s already fought those guys before and lost. His Haki will definite help him out after he remembers being on Amazon Lily. 😉

  21. hello everybody an Happy thanksgiving to you all. Hope you guys enjoy your day.

    Supertrek, you do some bad ass breakdowns. Sometimes, i look more forward to ur breakdowns than the chapters themselves and i’m sure i’m not the only one.
    I agree with you that chapter 564 was more of a build up, that not much happened and i was weirded out by how the three admirals together stopped the wave by extending their arms. WHAT THE HECK DAMN HECK was that all about?

    I have a feeling it was their combined willpower (haki) that allowed them to do that. But not everyone who’s at that admiral level has haki. I mean, take a look at Aokiji. He is a damn good fighter and very laid back but even with his strength, i doubt he has that willpower. He’s just very experienced at fighting.

    Anyways, Chapter 565 came at just the right time. I enjoyed the chapter and it’s psyched me up for Chapter 566. BUT, it also felt a bit like a build up chapter, even if it was better than chapter 564. U know what, i’m gonna stop there and wait for the breakdown so we can all discuss it on there.

    Once again, happy thanksgiving to you all.

  22. The second Chapter is out at onemanga

    its pretty good, and showed alot of past characters as well as current ones. Hopefully that movie comes out soon now that they’re shifting attention to an actual cannon movie with episodes…

  23. YOSH!!! Just doing a quick stop and finished reading both chapters 5 minutes ago…F**KING AWESOME!!! ^(0_0)^ Especially the extra chapter! It’s like a trip down memory lane lined with bricks made of pure gold. Can’t comment much gotta run, lots of Thanksgiving activities. >< Expect the breakdown late Saturday or maybe sooner. Gotta go have a great Thanksgiving! BANZAI!!! XD

  24. O.o that second chapter is awesome aswell, will shiki only appear in the next movie or might he aswell appear on the manga?
    well it all seems great to me =D.
    is it thanksgiving allready O.o?! well have a nice time all =)

  25. i know is not going to happen but becasue there is that metal wall that seems stronger than steel like kuma’s body i think that it would be amazing if zoro showed up and cut it to piece lol

  26. Guess who was going crazy until like 10 minutes ago when he finally got to read one piece?

    DAMN!! That panel of Luffy infront of the admirals is bad ass! Wonder how he makes it out.

    About the supernovas. Im really glad they are all alive and well. I cant help but think it was Rayleigh owning Kizaru and forcing the marines back that meant none got captured.
    Shouldnt Rayleigh be showing up some time soon anyway? Even if Kuma didnt tell him Ace was Rogers son back then he lives on Shabondy! He would have heard the broadcast. He would also know Luffy is there right? And its close by! So just get there already!

  27. Hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving.

    I’m making this short.

    I take back what i said about chapter 565, i just read it over again and OH MY GOSH, it’s a badass chapter.

    @cyborgfranky, that panel with luffy is AMAZING. Got me pumped up

    And the Strong World chapter is BRILLIANT.

    1 last thing, ONE PIECE is THE BEST manga out there (my favourite) and sorry to all you Naruto lovers, but Naruto has got nothing on One Piece, neither in terms of characters nor in terms of story development. I really like Naruto but One Piece, at this point in time, where it is, is THA BOMB DIGGITY.

    Peace 😀 XD 😛

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