Soul Eater Chapter 66 – The Witch’s Research – Part A

Welcome once again. This is Soul Eater Breakdown 66 let’s begin. Last chapter was the conclusion to the battle between Maka and her assassin. It was intense and we were give the three basics jealousy, suspense, and yes even heartbreak. The match finished with a new attack: Demon (Warlock) Hunter. Forced to retreat Gopher faced his maker (literally) as he bowed not only for his loss but a fail of emotional restraint after shouting Ebon’s true name all over the battlefield. As if batman himself Ebon interrupts his servant. Ebon also Noah refuses the apology and announce that a took suck as him is not award the conceit of having emotions. The conversation ends and Noah tells Gopher to get out. In wake and frown of this failure Gopher arrives at Kid’s cell. Kidd can already tell and one dnarky comment later the bard (Death Kid) has backed himself into a one sides fight. Alas it’s not a total loss. There are two referees at the side as Justin and Giriko listen the hallway. The scene switches to Medusa and  Crona (Chrona) in what appears to be the creations of something abominable (pornographic). Chapter 65 ends with a scream as Medusa informs her its time.

Previous Chapter:

  • Maka vs. Gopher: Tables turned.
  • Gopher’s ball o’ hate: Jealousy.
  • Maka’s new attack: Demon Hunter.
  • The Ebon/Noah issue: Sidekick reveals idenity.
  • Gopher vs.  Death Kid: Prision fight.
  • Justin and Giriko: Bad taste.
  • Chrona’s reappearance: Porno.
  • Medusa’s Plan: Witch spider arrow snake ghost woman.

[Video: (Part 1), (Part 2)]

Chapter 66 opens with Spartoi’s first mission. Welcome to Africa our view arrives with the main group as we trail Fire, Thunder, Kilik and The Thompson sisters. Azusa introduces the mission outline over the channel. Team one will search for Medusa’s lab. Kilik is weapon meister, Fire and Thunder will act as close combat, while Liz and Patty are ranged. The objection is to locate the Witch’s research notes. As they conduct the investigation Azusa will relay visuals to Kim (Kimishi Dehiel) on standby. Kim will parse the witch lettering with Jacqueline from above. That’s it for the briefing. Fire and Thunder communicate with the ground to find the lab as Kilik and Liz are left to wonder over the marvels of the all-powerful incom/income (whaa?) which is apparently the equivalent of witchcraft. Fortunate shines as their loss in modern technology is cut short by a couple of pots in a game of patty cake.

>.<(The face says it all.)

A door’s under that sand and after a thunk a stairway opens underneath. Kilik congratulates the twins for their work and the mission begins. The team leads with a jam and Liz offers a pun.  This session won’t be caught at the trigger and after Kilik makes sure the room is clear the invitation continues downstairs. Azusa checks for traps and warms them not to rush to complete the mission. Kilik agrees however in that sweet sense of irony he walks right under an eye’s vision. There’s a creature staring however it seems to be lacking something, no don’t answer as eyeing from a distance a lone eyeball takes an endless peep. Clearly this thing wants a fight as Patty decides to make a staring contest out of it. Liz however turns away. Let it keep its identity. Kilik catches the joke but there’s a way before anyone is satisfied as it’s no match for Azusa nee-san when it comes to eyesight. Liz states Azusa’s an idol among gun types like her. Laughter aside Azusa continues to listen over the income and even through her flattery demands to continue the operation.

Aye thy be someone's eye alright.

After a reminder Team one enters a room with black liquid. Medusa’s research is here and Azusa asks Kilik to run his eyes across the area. The documents are written in Witch lettering and a series of text flies through the air as Azusa copies each one. After the last one its time to return and Azusa concludes the operation. There weren’t even any enemies and Kilik decides it was an easy mission. However underneath the blind of the screaming sun a set of figures say different. Meanwhile Azusa starts the analysis and connects her eyesight to Kim with the Senrigan. Kilik apologies for intruding back in town. He explains that they’re from Shibusen and the sentence trails off. Kim continues to read from the sky. She realizes something important as the text describes insanity, black blood, the kishin and Chrona. The scene returns to town as she explains that the reasearch is about magic to manipulate insanity. Patty comments on the eyes of the towns people. Liz states there’s something wrong here and the man in front pulls a gun. The battle opens as the Thompson sisters notice what Kilik hadn’t.

Them why their as normal as a... Holy smurfs!? Arms don't bend that way.

The bullet misses and almost certain a head shot is fatal Kilik takes his salvation behind a wall. Unfortunately in a like this (Resident Evil) there’s no time for thought and Azusa can hear as the shots penetrate the gate between here and the afterlife (Soul Society). Distanced from the obvious ruble Kilik explains the situation as he runs down the alleyway. At a crossroad’s he decides its time to return fire. The sisters set their phasers to stun however there’s a greater issue lurking around the corner.

Logic says zombie + weapon = Bad

Gurrilla warfare it sucks when your on the opposing team. A motovl cocktail later Frogger (You know damn well, you wouldn’t have made that jump.) decides the ground is too dangerous. Cursing all the way Kilik makes his path to the roof. Is it safe? Hahaha hell no. Now that the debate is finished. There is a weapon standing in the way and its saying thou shall not pass. Trust me popularity is a bad thing and one dive shot later Kilik rolls straight into an RPG (No not call of duty).

Fucked - When its coming you'll know.

Time for backup. They’re under heavy attack and after the explosion our frog jumps into an open window. Kim tries from above however she’s already under fire. Jacqueline tells her to evade as Azusa sets a rendezvous over the income. She activates her Senrigan and tells them to follow her instruct exactly.

This must be how Pacman feels.

You remember right? It’s a video game and your leading the main character down an escape route. Things look fine on the map but problem is your directions are bullshit. Well Azusa’s found a way around that. There a wall dead ahead and our maiden gives the only advise she can; smash it. Kilik breaks through with his rescue is on the other side. He grabs onto Jacquline and the group books it out of zombie hell.

Insurance - Just remember it doesn't cover witches (yet).

Kim finished her report and Spartoi lands by a tree outside of town. She explains to Kilik that they’ll quarantine the area and what happened in town was probably related to Medusa’s research to control insanity. There also was something written in her report about Chrona. Kim states that she might also be… but Liz interrupts and asks if there is anyway to return them to normal. However naturally any critical evidence is already messing and in this lack of hope Jacqueline states (high five for you) that maybe Black * Star’s team will have more luck.

I spy with my little eye.

So at the end they don’t know a thing. Regardless another venture awaits as another creature lurks underneath the water watching. The chapter ends as the enemy rises up from the lake. Born of Medusa introducing the black clown and his insanity.

Ah another recruit for the Buggy army.

That’s it for now. As usual suggestion as welcome complaints not. Reviews are offered at Mangahelpers for varying opinion and critque. With break here I have another chance to get caught up. Anyway please discuss below. Xth.

Chapter 67:


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  2. 2nd!!!!
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  3. I’m sad that this isn’t receiving attention. You put a lot of work into this review Kyouto. I’ll promise to catch up on it during winter break so we can have a discussion on it. 😉

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  5. I have read the whole thing already.
    I wish it came out on a weekly bases.

  6. new awesome chapter is out

  7. What’s up with this? Did you guys give up on it? Or did the next chapter just not come out yet?

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