CONCLUSION – Part 4 of a Sasuke Uchiha VS Edward Cullen Fanfic

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DarkAvatar with your fourth and final instalment of the Sasuke VS Edward fanfic. I do hope you enjoyed the ride as much as i did writing it (wrote the entire fanfic between calls at the call centre i worked in LOL the only thing that made that awful job bearable).

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p.s. Madara VS Shodaime is coming…


(DISCLAIMER: I do not own Naruto or the Twilight Series nor any of their respective characters, and i do not stand to make any profit from this story)






As I looked down, I noticed the corners of his lips curl upwards into…a smile?
He raised his arms – the fingers still broken and bent at impossible angles – and grabbed my cold, granite skin in a vicelike grip. I tried to dislodge it, but his grasp was incredibly strong.

He squeezed. The pressure was so great that it broke the bones in my forearm in several places.
I screamed in pain!
Confusion set in. How on earth was this possible?! I had never encountered a person whose strength could even begin to compare to that of a vampire’s, let alone surpass it entirely. It was unheard of!  Not for the first time today, I began to wonder if this boy was entirely human.
“Who ARE you?” I managed to gasp, looking into his cold, pale, deadly calm face, searching for any hint or feature that would give away his identity.

When he responded, the very sound of his voice froze me into place. I could not fight against him, such was the hold he held on every fiber in every muscle of my body.
“Uchiha Sasuke.”
The name meant nothing to me – before now, I had never heard of a person named Uchiha Sasuke, nor could I recall ever giving this person reason to pursue me.

“And what do you want with me?”
He looked me full in the face then, and all I could see in that moment of time were his eyes. They pulsed a brilliant crimson, with several…comma’s, I think…that spun at a rapid pace around his pupil.
“Nothing to do with you personally,” he said in a casual tone, his eyes never once leaving mine. “I’ve never fought against one of your kind before. I’m testing my limits, you might say.”
“Against a vampire?” I asked incredulously, shocked at this human’s apparent disdain of my kind. “A bit risky, don’t you think?”
“Perhaps I should remind you which one of us has the other trapped against a tree? You are delusional if you believe yourself to have the higher ground in this particular match-up.”
He was right, of course. I was trapped, unable to move, pain shooting up from the broken bones in my arm, the constant pressure from his grip preventing the venom in my system from healing my injuries. He sensed my discomfort and laughed.
“Don’t worry, Edward. Physically, you are untouched. In fact, neither of us have moved since you first caught sight of me.”
Two things immediately sprang to my attention about those peculiar statements. Firstly, we had just come to the conclusion of a considerably violent encounter. I had been “moving” for the past ten minutes straight. What exactly did he mean by that?
And secondly: how did he know my name? We are secretive; being vampires forces us to be. We leave no traces, no clues. We vanish before any suspicion can arise. How, then, did this human – a boy! – not only know about vampires, but also my name as well?
“It doesn’t matter how I know,” he spoke, waking me from my thoughts. “Your secrets are safe with me. I don’t trouble myself with the private affairs of others, and after today you’ll never see me again. In fact, you won’t even remember this meeting once I leave.”

“What did you mean when you said, ‘we haven’t moved since I saw you’?”
He smiled, then tapped me on the forehead. “You’ve been in an illusion of mine since you first noticed my eyes change colour.”
My mind flashed back to the moment he first drew his sword and I had prepared to strike, to the instant when I noticed his eyes had changed from deep black to dull crimson. “Since then? But…you mean…this entire time…?”
“Yes,” he whispered. “Since that moment.”

I couldn’t speak; such was the terror I felt on account of this child. He was the perfect counter to us vampires. If there were any others like him-

“There are, Edward,” he spoke, the words sliding from his lips like silk. “I expect that the worlds of vampires and shinobi will collide soon, however I doubt I’ll be bothering myself with such a trivial and short-lived battle.”

“Then why did you seek me out?” I growled, more to hide my intense worry than to intimidate.

He shrugged.

“I might not have the opportunity in future,” he said nonchalantly. “Either way, I would like to thank you for this opportunity to test myself. It was a good fight, even if you won’t remember it. I have learned much.”
Then he closed his eyes and my entire world was swallowed by darkness.
* * *
I opened my eyes.
I was lying facedown in the grass, surrounded by trees. I felt the soft pattering of raindrops as they fell upon my head. I had no idea how I’d gotten here, but I could not afford to rest.
Pushing the weirdness of the situation aside, I stood up and gazed out towards the horizon once more. I knew not where Victoria was, but I would find her. Bella would not be safe till she was dead.


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6 Responses to “CONCLUSION – Part 4 of a Sasuke Uchiha VS Edward Cullen Fanfic”

  1. First

  2. Wooohooo! Nice conclusion. And Sasuke wins. 😀

    P.S> Second

  3. Lmao, Edward got his pseudo vampire ass kicked! Great story, now stop slacking off at work lazy ass! 😛

  4. Totally awesome!
    You write beautifully!

    I really enjoyed reading this fanfic friend! Its totally coolbeans!


  5. well i dont like either of these guys but i hate Sasuke slightly less then i hate Edward so… Woot! kick his ass Sasuke! kick him in the ribs a few times before before he wakes up! lol

    Looking forword to the rest of the Madara vs First hokage fic! I bet it must be hard to think of ideas since Tobi is such a lazy ass and has not shown any power but his little phasing thing. take as long as you want on it, We(or at least I) will wait patiently.

  6. Great fanfic and great conclusion!!
    I knew that Sasuke would win.

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