Bleach 382: The United Front-Discordeque Mix and 383 spoilers

Hey all MsMandi here taking over the Bleach manga breakdowns as Mud is off being studious and smartlike at University. So let’s get to it shall we?

We start off with Ichigo and Unohana on their way to the real world and the captain asks Ichigo if she should lead. Strawberry scoffs at her and she pulls her bad ass captain stuff, scaring the crap out of him and he decides he’d better let her lead before he gets his ass beat.  So they are gliding along and Ichigo notices that Unohana makes a much prettier path than he does, and she basically tells him  it’s cause his reiatsu sucks dishwater. Ichigo gets buttsore and tries to say that if he was at full strength it would be better…yeah right Ichigo. That’s like saying you’ve got shrinkage cause it’s cold >.<

Anywho, berry boy bickers with the captain saying that his shihakusho is only half there, proving his only got half of his reiatsu. She goes omgwtfbbq and wonders if she was wrong when she thought that he was at full strength because at that point his reiatsu was at captains strength. She changes her mind and lets him lead, and on their way she’ll replenishe his power. He is suprised and she explains to him that it’s easy to replenish reiatsu when the body is already healed.

Meanwhile back at Hueco Mundo, Kenpachi and Yammy are still going at it. Kenpachi cuts off what appears to be part of Yammy’s arm, or leg…the ginormo esapa falls and Kenpachi goes to gloat, asking if he’s down…then calls Byakuya to finish it off. Kuchiki insults Kenpachi, calling him a savage. All the while Yammy’s Texas sized hand is swinging down upon them.

Yammy gets up and opens his mouth, getting ready to blast the captains with a cero. He releases it and…..

Byakuya tells Kenpachi he can’t believe that he thought Yammy was down, and Kenpachi basically calls Kuchiki a pussy and the stuck up captain releases his bankai to prove Ken-Chan wrong. They turn fighting Yammy into a competition and they head for the big dumb giant….

And that’s it kids. Will Ichigo be the trump card needed to defeat Aizen? Will Kenpachi and Byakuya finally finish Yammy off? Tune in next week to find out….


~ by Miranda on November 17, 2009.

21 Responses to “Bleach 382: The United Front-Discordeque Mix and 383 spoilers”

  1. FIIIIIRRRRRSSSSSSSSST!!!!! XD Yay, Bleach is back thanks Mandi! ^_^

  2. Great breakdown short and sweet! LMAO, “shrinkage” poor Ichigo has a pride to protect ya know. 😛

    I liked this chapter a lot as it showed just how strong Ichigo has become. Last chapter showed he was the only one not affected by Aizen’s shikai, and this chapter shows he has the reitsu level of at least twice that of a captain…and that’s without his mask. I wish Tite explained all that in ONE chapter but I guess he’s dramatizing this inevitable battle between Aizen and Ichigo. All of this is leading up to it and he wants to build suspense by building up the main character 1 chapter at a time. Still think he’s going to lose though…

    For goodness sake Aizen hasn’t even released his bankai yet and he rapes captains without even trying. He better win. If Ichigo does an amazing comeback without going full hollow (which would also be lame because that’s not Ichigo fighting his own battle) I’m yelling bullshit! Ichigo needs to lose this upcoming fight or at least have it delayed for Ichigo to become even stronger. I’m not ready to lose Aizen yet he’s so badass! T_T

  3. This was short.

    I don’t get it, what do Ichigo’s clothes have to do with his spiritual pressure.

  4. ichigos bankai includes his clothes.. just lik how renji’s bankai

    there are basicalllllly 3 things im waitin 4.

    1) The royal guards and the spirit king pop up and do major pwnage, which is gonna be an epic fail.

    2) Urahara busting bankai!!!!!!!!

    Last) Waitin 4 Isshin and Ryuken 2 pop up. I wanna see the bada$$ Quincy powers from “the last quincey,” and The theres isshin. I’m really curious about how he’s tied up in all this mess. Urahra considers him an OG, but why???? and does OG taicho now him???

  5. 3rd…
    Awesomene breakdown ms mandi…

    i loved how kenpachi and kuchiki are squaring off and having yammy butt out…i’ve seen that b4 in op with luffy and zoro’s fight back when they got into the good episode..

    i didn’t think ichigo’s reiatsu was that big.. i knew he had atleast a captains class reiatsu, but not almost 2+ his vizards strength.. i still don’t think ichigo will be able to fight Aizen.. its way too soon, plus we haven’t seen gin’s bankai, the commanders, ukitake(is he okay?), and unohanas, whether or not yorichu still has hers, or uharas… too much missing pieces…i do believe ichigo will give aizen a decent fight tho before getting his ass kicked…

  6. 4th!

  7. Super: Kubo already used super hollow Bullshit to help ichigo win against Ulquiorra. EVEN after we went threw that whole vizard training arc that would supposedly stop the hollow from doing that. after that level of bullshit i dont have much hope.

    Dammit Yammi, just… goddammit. you dont deserve to be ranked higher then Grimmjow, let alone starrk and ulquiorra. hurry up and show something that proves you actually are strong enough to be Cero Espada.

  8. great breakdown mandi !

    man kenpachi sure does rock 😀 so now what do you think will he beat the captain who beat stark >_> <__> when is he coming to pwn aizen >_> xD

    anyway bye bye guys see ya soon

  9. fuck wordpress messed up my comment i wrote
    Urahara’s bankai is the thing i await the most . when will he pwn aizen XD . i kinda wrote a huge para but this sums it up 😛

  10. @Takashid: LMAO, I hope Tite doesn’t pull that one off again anytime soon. No…in fact I hope Ichigo does lose control and goes full hollow. Then Aizen PWNS the shit out of it by showing us his bankai and proving Ichigo is still nowhere near his level. Somehow Aizen is weakened in the encounter though and has to retreat. Now that is something I can stand behind. 😉

  11. great breakdown ms mandi,a little short but still sweet. i dont get it is ichigo at half strengt or less than half. because all i see left is a sleave and little fabric. also is unahana gonna be able to save hiyori when they get back i mean she works reatsu easier than body while orehime does body then reatsu. wont break my head cap. probably uses sinkai to heal her. @gregory: im waiting for aizen to be done for. woud be a letdown if bleach ended with just one major bad guy. and just why wold be a royal guard full with the greatest,strongest and smartest caps from ss. to just keep guard of a family that is on a other dimension? there has to be much more than just aizen to this or at least a plot twist that brings new cacracters on this. just my thougths

  12. An ok breakdown. Nice. 😛

    Most of Bleach’s bad guys SUCK! I mean fighting-wise. I mean all of the espada have fallen to the Shinigami with the exception of Yammy and it looks like he’s not gona last very long.

    The only cool baddies are Gin and Aizen…

    But Aizen is just on another level of “bad-assery” (is that a word). If it wasnt for Aizen being such an awesome villain, I maybe wouldve given up on Bleach a long time ago…

    Anyways the chapter was ok…nuthin special. Just more of the same XD.

  13. im with super on this,

    i can see ichigo loosing control, and really hurting Aizen, then he tries to fight the hollow back as Aizen goes Bankai to Defend himself against the moster that is Hollow Ichigo. thats somthing i can watching without yelling Bullshit, anyone wanna get into the yammi being the “0” espada yet or are we all hopeing its gonna go away soon.

  14. @ryuujinsama looks like the numbers dont represent didly doo-doo. look at how the other espada felt the shinigami pimp hand(and it was strong).Stark we barely knew ya(shakes head). There are bunch of Bankai yet to be revealed some of this story seems to be a way to pick up the pace(hopefully it will be coming fast and furious in the next few months). Aizen can only be taken out by Kenpachi. right now just based on this…. ….and ….there are Two things to note there Kenpachi already beat One of Aizen’s side kicks and he did it without his senses functioning properly. Just food for thought.

  15. Does anyone else think that it complete BS that Shinsui took down Stark the #1 espada with just his shikai? Was just wonderin about that.


  16. @Pumpkin: Lol, yes that was complete BS and I didn’t like it either. It really puts to shame the entire cast of of Espada for their #1 to be put down by a captain’s shikai.

  17. @pumpkinbrea:yeah complete bull.but im hoping for kubo to introduce new plot twists and maybe some other vasto lorde for capies to go all beserk on.

  18. @Return_of_Ra, Kenpachi would stand probably 4th on my list. I say this because Kenpachi himself still needed his sense of touch to win against Tousen. Here’s my top 3 list of people likely to fight or hold off Aizen: 1) Ichigo, duh; 2)Isshin- We know he’s strong and wasn’t near SS when Aizen was around. I call Isshin rescuing Ichigo. 3) *drum roll… Tousen. This is least likely, but I could see Tousen trying to repent and fighting Aizen. I’m ruling out Orihime, Ishida, and Chad. None of them can beat Aizen.

  19. A few Questions I want too ask Kubo is do Quincy goto Heaven instead of Soul Society cause I havnt seen any, And why do Some Hollow goto Hell even when Killed by Shinigami.
    And If the Super captains who Guard the King do they do battle with the Demons of Hell because there is a Hell.
    I know Shinigami only battle Hollow and thats it but where the F*** are all the Vasto Lorda and whats the big Deal I know the look Human but where are they?
    Is Aizen a Vizard or is there something more to him like Shinji said he wasnt sure even when Aizen was in his mothers Womb so it makes me think is his Daddy a Vasto Lorda.

    Last question Kubo is Urahara the Last Badguy?

  20. Raw : Nja @2ch
    Verification: confirmed
    Translation : Sheetz @ FLOL

    それを聞いたトウセンが顔に手に当て 新しき力をアイゼン様がくださったのだ

    By getting angry, Yammi gets bigger and goes to fight.
    Then Aizen declares he’ll fight himself.

    When Tousen hears that he places his hand over his face and says this is the new power that Aizen-sama had given him. He motions like he’s donning a mask and that’s the end of the chapter.


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