Naruto Manga 471 Breakdown and 472 Spoiler Confirmed: Epic fights + WTF situations!!!

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Gotta love Sabu's expert analysis!! OMG IT TRANSFORMED!!:O

Hey everyone,

Penny’s out so I’ll be doing this week’s Naruto Manga breakdown.  I’m not quite as great but I’ll do my best…BELIEVE IT!!! ^(T_T)^ So yeah…awesome chapter!  You have Bee spitting out ink, Sai…eat your heart out.  Kisame pulling out bankais, Ichiro step your game up kid.  All is good and we’re past the Sakura crap.    Now we can take it from the top and fully cover this epic fight. OH YEAH!!


Kisame: Yeah so add me on facebook later. Killerbee: No doubt.

Last time we left off, Samehada transformed into a spiky furball after absorbing Killerbee’s insane amount of chakra.  Killerbee’s amazing control of his bijuu’s cloak form made us wonder if Naruto would ever gain that kind of control (course he will >.>).

Hmmm…anyhow, Killerbee pulled out his pocket book and wrote down Kisame’s name for future reference.  Why? I really don’t know LOL.  This guy’s character gets funnier with each chapter.   I’ll touch upon the ink a little later.  Knowing Kishi, it will play a significant part as the fight rolls on.

This next part is a little confusing so hear me out.


Wheeeeeee!!! Rofl who says that?

Sabu, the music ninja master, pointed out the, “Hachibi cloak…with 7 chakra tails.”  I’m not sure if Kishi made a mistake here, but I counted 8 tails.  Call me crazy but Kishi-sama messed up guys O_O.   Not the first time >.> but you know what, Do you remember a time when…..decisions were made by going “eeny-meeny-miney-moe”?  T_T  Anyhow, the reason I bring this up is because there’s a difference between using 7 tails and being at full power with 8 tails.  Wheeeeeee!!! ENOUGH O.O

WARNING: If you totally lost me then move on and disregard anything I’ve just said. 😀


You'd think he'd learn after the first time right? Oh wait he did. ^__^

Killerbee’s approach to this fight is actually smart although many may think otherwise.  He picks things up rather quickly.  Knowing that he isn’t quite skilled in the areas of genjutsu, he has the options of using hand to hand combat (taijutsu), chakra based moves (ninjutsu), or running away (my approach to all scary things :D).  Hand to hand combat is out of the question because Kisame’s chakra + sword is overwhelming.  Now ninjutsu hasn’t quite worked obviously but does Killer bee really have a choice?

Samehada keeps draining him of chakra so what’s the point?  It has a limit, it can only eat 6 tails at a time.  By exploiting this limit with the use of insane amounts of chakra, Killerbee can use excess chakra that the sword can’t absorb and deliver a mean blow am I right?  We all know what happens next, but first, a word from our sponsor at the other battle scene.


If I die then you'll die, but if you fail to make me die then I'll make you die.

Seems like Ao is in quite a bind here but his eye is ultimately safe with that seal that can only be broken by his comrades.  Totally plausible, now explain to me why Fu would be willing to lose an eye for an eye.  Is it really that worth it dude?   Then again, we’ve recently seen why these eye techniques are incredibly important but C’MON!

The ninja world is all about deceiving, and not getting deceived.  They’re both bluffing if you ask me.  As Fu decided to improvise by making Ao decapitate himself, Ao warned Fu to time it carefully as too soon would allow Ao to dodge and too late would take Fu down as well.  If I were Fu, I wouldn’t hesitate but then again, Ao is far more skilled than most people think.

This is clearly a WTF situation.  Fu’s eye would indeed be a small sacrifice to rid Kiri of their byakugan, and why waste time when it could be done in seconds.  The victor of this battle is hard to predict but expect an outside force to intervene, possibly team Mizukage since they’re following the trail Ao left behind which I never saw in the previous chapter.  Did any of you see Ao lay out a trail of sticks?  Meh, who cares. 😀


So back to the epic fight.  Killerbee is low on chakra so he asks Hachibi to lend him some of his.  He uses that chakra to attain the second stage of Hachibi’s power.  We saw this form back when Naruto was fighting Pain but couldn’t quite make out wtf was going on.  Unlike Killerbee, Naruto can’t control the huge amounts of chakra that come with his bijuu, but how can you blame the kid?  Not only does he have more chakra, he’s only reached the tip of the iceberg in the context of potential.

Killerbee charges at Kisame and delivers a fatal blow to the chest. I can’t quite make out what went on in that panel but it looks like Killerbee took a clean swipe at Kisame’s chest.  Not too sure.  Some say Kisame collided with his own sword, others say the skeleton ate his heart out.  I’m not too sure myself but hey that’s why we have discussion!! 😀

16 copy

Where's Michael Phelps? Can you spot him?

Things get a little crazy in the following panels.  Killerbee reverts back to the first form with a regular cloak.  Kisame absorbs some of Samehada’s chakra to regenerate and change the playing field with his big wave explosion.  He did something similar when fighting Gai if you recall.  So the only way to beat this guy is to take his sword away.  Good luck!


WTF is that? Zora from Legend of Zelda??

The dude absorbed the freaking sword and turned into Kisamehada.  At this point he can probably drain chakra simply by attacking.  By the way, check out the huge sphere of water Kisame created for them to fight.  I’m curious as to know what will happen to Sabu.  The dude can’t hold his breath for that long, given that he is human.  Hopefully Bee saves him before he drowns. :X

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m so not digging this form.  It’s a little too extreme >.>  On a more relevant note, I see a few things happening.


Killerbee could possibly release a cloud of ink in the water that would make it difficult for Kisame to target him using his vision.  BUT, Kisame has something else going for him.  Like Sharks, he doesn’t need to see you to know where you are.  The guy doesn’t even need to sense your chakra.  He can use the Ampullae of Lorenzini to detect the electromagnetic fields that all living things produce.  It’s called Electroreception Credit  to Wiki for the info.

Just thought I’d throw this out there.  Every Akatsuki member that lost or took off his Akatsuki cape during battle has lost.  Click their names to view their fate.


Anyhow, I’m going to end this review before Trek kills me :X  I apologize for the lateness of this review.  Excuse the grammar/organization of this review.  I had the inconvenience of a few papers to deal with but I’ll always find time for these reviews.  Hope you enjoyed any feedback is greatly appreciated.  Until then my fellow readers!

-ron “broken1i


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  1. 1st YOSH!!!!

  2. damm second >_<

  3. 3rd

  4. yay XD

  5. @broken1i awesome breakdown, I realy like it u shuld write more on wra

  6. 3rdage!!

  7. YOSH!!what a dynamic come back by me lolz . great breakdown ron .

    and btw guys ill be here a little from now on i managed to get a limited internet >_> ( i hacked some wireless net 😛 some afaq organization lolz if i want i can delete all their files xD but i wont >_> im a good guy ) >_> <_<

  8. 4thhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Hahaha, how could I kill you when you wrote such an awesome breakdown Ron!?! T_T Lol, believe me I know how long these breakdowns take so don’t worry about anything being late. As long as they’re great which you accomplished. 😉 Good catch on the 8 tails thing I didn’t even notice it. I just trusted Sabu knew what he was talking about and didn’t bother to count…>_>

    Now for my thoughts on the chapter. Kisame + Sword was a also a turnoff for me. I can see Hachibi (full transformed 8 tails) vs. Kisamehada (Kisame + Samehada) now (battle of monsters), but I wanted to see Killer Bee vs. Kisame. Two great swordsman batttling it out like ninja…not freakish creature things. @_@ Lol, maybe that’ll come later after Killer Bee forces Kisame to revert back to his true form because we all know Killer Bee is gonna kick his ass!!! I hope…>_>

    I believe you’re right when you said Killer Bee’s going to release ink into the water in an attempt to get away or change the flow of battle. The electroception idea is a pretty good theory too. We’ll wait and see.

    Lastly I remember Killer Bee did the same move that he hurt Kisame with on Sasuke.

    Clotheslined him and tore his chest right open. I think this time he used the skull to ram against Kisame instead of his arm like he did on Sasuke.

  10. awesome beakdown broken1l i was thinking the tails look off too but now its confirm its most likely to be a drawing error it happens no biggie. LMAO on sabu chans expert analisis hes a sharp one.and i do like kisamehadas look its just what suits kisame the best. and i too see mizukage coming to the rescue i dont see how anyone could dodge a cut to the throath wile falling with his hands tie down and just coming back to youre body its too much (at least for me). @futonsaviore:dude it woud be total awesomeness

  11. meh i think the 8 tails pic was done intentionally by kishi cus later bee says he samehada ate 6 tails and he had 2 left 6+2=8 (yeh i know im a genius in calculation O.o). i dunno why the old man with the racoon said it was seven but meh mayb a screw up mayb not it doesnt matter for now =P

  12. @broken1 awesome breakdown

    Isn’t Ao part of the Hidden VIllage of the Mist? Maybe he has a jutsu that turn himself into water, similar to Suigetsu.

    Go Bee!

  13. Be cool if Kisame’s Samehada is revealed to be like a jinchuriki … like, Samehada turned what was once a man into the sharkman that Kisame is today. I never noticed Kisame and Samehada shared the same in their names.

    And, that thing that Bee did in the panel you said you couldn’t discern … it was Lariat, he wrapped the bones formed from the dense chakra from his chakra cloak around his hand and struck Kisame in the chest with it, same thing he did to Sasuke once.

    Nice breakdown, all in all. You definitely should write more on WRA.

  14. Naruto could use a whirlpool – many of them – along with his kage bunshins, and make it near impossible for what’s-his-face Kisamehada to move around. :O

  15. @fearvano:i just see one

  16. Yeahhh!!! Awesome round 3 coming up… My money’s still on the Bee – octopus eats shark (

    Go Bee!!!

  17. Lol! The messup with the 8 tails instead of seven would not be the first and not necessarily the biggest either.

    I mean, look at this.

    Anyone notice the severely lacking scarr on Kakashi’s face? The one that would normally run over his left eye?

    It is not present in that close-up panel, but it is clearly present in the later panels and even the later chapters.

    Now, I can understand overlooking something like that in a longer shot, but to ‘forget’ about drawing something so important to Kakashi’s facial features in such a detailed close-up is like a “wth” moment.

  18. Now… in another breath, if you look at one of the later manga panels of this weeks edition, where Kisame is using the water jutsu, if you look carefully, you can count eight tails yet again on Bee.

    So it may not actually be a drawing mistake so much as it is simply a dialogue mistake. It may be the translaters who messed up rather than Kishi himself.

    Somehow, I doubt Kishi would accidently draw 8 tails twice unless he had meant to.

  19. @TENRAI:yeah and rigth after killerbee hits him with lariat he has eight and on the same panel then he has six or seven.its just too random for me guess we have to wait for the anime to sort this out.

  20. @lousytv:dude sharky didint see it coming awesome if kishi goes for the natural order on the manga

  21. @Broken1– Great breakdown dude! lol @ the mistake with the tails… poor kishi, or translators– meh, lets just blame them both 😛 that way no ones feelings are hurt (i think)

    @Super– Idk if I agree with you on the freaky creature vs. creature fight this is about to become. I mean, its basically like the Naruto vs. Sasuke fight allll the way back in part 1, but to a more extreme effect. I think its still gonna be an awesome fight.

    I too, was thinking about the sharks ability to sense the electromagnetic fields of other aquatic life and ocean currents and how this could be an ability of Kisame’s. But then this got me thinking about other qualities most sharks have such as:
    1) not being able to swim backwards
    2) if sharks do not swim for a certain amount of time they die
    3) the speed and manueverability of a shark
    4) a sharks keen sense of smell when blood is in the water.
    5) they towards the top of the oceananic food chain ^_^

    Some of those qualities may be used towards Killer Bee’s advantage during this fight, however if electroreception is used by Kisame along with his supposedly “I will never get tired” thing, I would say KB is in trouble.
    Speaking of KB… an octopus is very powerful. They have been known to kill sharks, and have a couple sneaky moves themselves like:
    1)running away
    3)jet proportion (otherwise they r slow swimmers)
    5)suction cups! lol
    uhhh yeah… so not much >_<
    Thats why I think Kisame will win… sadly…

    Hey but if Kishi can't count, I doubt he'll go this deep into an animals structure or its functions. So there may still be hope yet!

  22. omg! thats like my longest comment EVERRRRRR!
    *passes out*

  23. *Pats BB on the back* A job well done, a job well done. 😀

    I hope you’re right about that awesome fight coming up. I mean who doesn’t want to see an awesome fight? I still see a battle of monsters though. We already have one freakish creature, now all we need is for Killer Bee to turn octopus on his ass and we’ll have a Godzilla movie on our hands. ^(0_0)^

    Lol, nice list of traits their animals both posses. I like the suction cups! XD Let’s see how much thought Kishi put into this fight.

  24. I think the reference to the shark and the Octopus is more of an abstract one, rather than something that would actually have an effect on the battle.

    What I can say is that Kisame probably has the advantage in his own turf (being water) and unless Bee’s Bijuu is actually an octopus in the sense that it can also swim well, he won’t be able to maneuver as freely.

    That being said, Bee still has the option of going into full 8-tails mode and simply being content to stand in the water while battling. However, I doubt he will considering his company nearby and the destruction and harm that form could cause to them and the environment.

    It is still an option though.

    In any case, I think this battle will be great, but I am still hoping to see more time with Naruto and the five Kage in the next chapter. We haven’t seen Naruto in action since the battle with Pein (Or Kakashi for that matter) and so we haven’t seen how his new techs stack up against other shinobi. It feels like he is being left out a bit considering his role in the story.

    I hope he gets into the action again soon. I wonder if we will ever see a battle between Naruto and Kisame…

  25. Hmm, I’m still wondering what Kishi is planning with Hachimata anyway: Is he an octopus or a bull?? Both? Naa, sounds awkward… But still, being “half” an octopus would give Killerbee some advantages for the water sphere they are fighting in. Or he could simply try to get out of the water sphere… SHOULD be possible for the 8-Tails, see reference to Naruto breaking Haku’s ice mirrors.

    I’m still thinking and guessing if the fight is coming to a certain end anyway. Because: If Killerbee would die right now in this fight, there would be no brother talk between him and Raikage anymore, and that’s… I think it’s hard to believe that there will be nothing between the brothers in between.

  26. The sword evolved T_T….really?….whats with the pokomon references in this manga jeez >_>….and im totaly not digging the new kisame form ewwwwwwww! This manga in my opinion is starting to look like a bad fanfiction X with SiFi <_< *shudder*.

    P.S im getting the new Link/Zelda game this December woot!

  27. yoooo im new to all of this 😀 and I am going to say something… Killerbee’s bijuu is a bull not an octopus. -__- just had to clear that up

    anywho.. did anyone notice tbat everytime KIllerBee lands a fatal blow his oponent has some kind of freakin ridiculous way of healing themselves??? i mean i’m sure he’s getting really annoyed by that. two fatal blows to Sasuke and Sasuke was healed, this first fatal blow to Kisame and Kisame was healed… i can imagine what killerbee was thinking when Kisame healed “well ain’t this some ol bull**** i’m fighting another B**** who can heal themselves…”

    And to who i believe is going to win the fight is KillerBee hands down… simply because of the good spoiler Kishi left us…
    “”””Jinchuuriki of the 8 tailed will be revealed. This Jinchuuriki kills one of the Akatsuki’s members and invades Konoha by him/herself. During this fight one dies, and one will lose his/her eyesight”””” that basically kills all this who will win argument going on. even though some of kishi’s plans fall through, this is one that is going to happen…

    and one more thing… all this talk about the 4th’s bloodline will be revealed and Naruto is his son things part of the blodline.. that doesn’t mean theres a bloodline limit. it just means it will reveal their family tree… bloodline=family tree bloodline limit=technique only family can use… you dont need a bloodline limit to be strong and i guess that is what kishi is showing in Naruto

  28. @Grey: I’d say his Bijuu is half octopus half bull. He has the characteristics of an octopus (ink, 8 tails) and he is even referred to as an octopus by Kisame.

    In fact Killer Bee also refers to himself as an octopus.

    Lastly look at his Bijuu.

    His 8 tails (more like tentacles) have suction cups on them, more characteristics of an octopus. Yeah, his Bijuu is definitely half octopus.

    Good points on Killer Bee’s opponents always healing themselves. Lol, Sasuke would have been toast without his teammates and Kisame would have been dead without his sword. Still, Bee couldn’t have landed those fatal blows without the help of his Bijuu, so Kisame having a little extra help is all fair I guess. I’d say the same for Sasuke but he had to be healed twice and the first time was because he was outdone by Killer Bee’s awesome swordsmanship.

    @Death: LMAO!!! XD Killer Bee and Kisame are terrible pokemon trainers. Killer Bee has his pokemon sealed inside him and Kisame just fused with his pokemon. What kind of sick twisted people are they? Pokemon have rights too! They need to see professor Oak and learn the fundamental rules of how to do a proper pokemon battle. >_<

  29. @Trek… u kno… Killerbee is just THAT GUY from now on >.> he can be anything, he can even be a cheetah or an eagle for all i know lolz ox,octopus. because I sure never seen a bull with tentacles nr an octopus looking like that V.v.. all there is to conclude is HE STILL QUESTIONS HIMSELF like people question if their straight or gay or both lolzi bet he’s going through identity crisis.. unless the tentacles are tails because you know the 3 tailed turtle had tentacles and im sure they didnt call that an octopus.. the octopus thing might just be a KILLERBEE thing and has nothing to do with the bijuu cuz bulls make that wheee sound. and in one of the pics you showed me it says the giant ox has appeared and also in japanese blah blah the ox is 8??? something like that but there is no octopus in the 9 lolz… even though it would be cool to see a cheetah in there >.>

  30. @Grey: Hmmm…gay or straight he still has suction cups on his 8 tails, and refers to himself as an octopus. I’m not disputing he’s a bull, there’s no doubt about that. I’m just saying he’s at least half octopus and retains the qualities of an octopus. The 3 tailed Bijuu has tails, but even if they were tentacles they don’t have suction cups on them like that of an octopus, so no they wouldn’t call that an octopus.

    Where did the cheetahs and eagles come from? o_O

  31. @supertrek89 & greyfox2012

    Actually, he is refered to as both. At some points he has been refered to as a bull and just recently he has been refered to as an octopus. So I think it is safe to assume he is a hybrid, rather than saying he is confused.

    I dub it, an octubull. O_o

    Need I remind you all that this is a fantasy setting? In other words, if a big with wings is flying across one of the manga panels, it wouldn’t be that out of place, so don’t go gasping for air. 😛

  32. omg i have figured out kisame!!!!!!!!!!!! HE IS A ANIMORPH XD

  33. @Tenrai: Yes, exactly as I said. Half bull and half octopus. o_O

    @Death: LMAO!!! XD

  34. @Everyone: YOSH!!! I’m gone for two days and there’s tons of comments. :X Lovin’ it 😀 Thanks to everyone who responded and thanks to Trek for being awesome. I actually cover the FMA section so I’m permanent till it ends ^__^. I read through all of the comments and you guys are putting up great arguments that make it hard to decide a victor.

    I honestly wanted to see a Kisame vs. Gai rematch just because I want to see the 7th and 8th gates. This is totally irrelevant, but I had it played out in my head that Kisame would defeat Gai despite his use of the 7th gate and Lee would follow that up by avenging him by using the 8th gate. BUT, don’t get me wrong, this is great too. Thing is, how the hell do you predict a fight like this? There’s no way.

    I think Kisame is going to lose this fight simply because there’s no way he’ll unveil that form a second time. Most villains reach full power and don’t make a second appearance. Hidan might be the only exception to that. If we apply the equivalent exchange theory that I’m used to preaching on the FMA section, chances are Killerbee will be captured. That’s how it usually plays out.

    Anyhow, thanks again for the feedback and keep it going peeps!!

  35. i saw the spoilers which i won’t share to not be a douche on a monday…i’ll be a douche by wednesday and reveal what happens…its an awesome twist

  36. @Omar: Spoiler so early? They usually come out on a Wednesday. o_O

    @Broken1: Good point on Kisame going full power in this match. Something like that isn’t usually revealed twice for a badguy and usually means the character is about to be brought down. It won’t be so shocking in his next battle either if he were to win this one. I know both Kisame and Killer Bee will be alive after this exchange, so there’s hope yet for a Gai vs. Kisame round 2. Unless Kisame is a good guy in the future…>_>

    @Anyone: Can anyone see a foreseeable future after the supposed 4th Ninja War and Madara is defeated? A last Naruto vs. Sasuke fight, if it doesn’t happen in the war, and what then? There will be no more Akatsuki and Madara the most powerful dude in the Naruniverse will be dead…I hope… The end of Naruto perhaps no matter how long Kishi might try to draw it out it’s coming…

  37. sorry for being g a d-bag on Tuesday but this spoiler is really the best i have read in a long time.


    SPOILER #1
    CREDITS: Stream

    Killer bee changes to bijuu, and tries to escape while holding Sabu-chan et Ponta. But the water moves with Kisame in the center, so if he swims after them, they can’t reach the air.

    Then Killer Bee suggests that since Kisame is after him, he’ll leave them and try to escape by himself, so that with the water moving they will eventually reach the air. But Kisame attacks Ponta

    Killer Bee gets back to the rescue, and falls into the trap of Kisame, who attacks him with the dorsal fin and gets him back to a lower version of bjiuu

    Killer Bee gets out a single tentacle and uses it to grab Kisame away from him

    Meanwhile, Sabu-chan and Ponta get out of the water

    Killer Bee somethings about lightning sword, but on a suggestion of Hachibi, just spouts off ink in order to escape

    But Samehada/Kisame fusion can feel the chakra through the skin and he attacks Killer bee with the dorsal fin

    More to follow

    Kisame has cancelled the Suiton and the fusion, and gets close to Killer Bee down and not moving. He tries to cut off his legs but Samehada grabs the earth to protect Killer Bee

    Thorns come out of the handle, forcing Kisame to drop it, and Samehada jumps close to Killer Bee

    Samehada liked Killer Bee Chakra so much, it wants to make him its new master. It tries to heal Killer Bee with Chakra stolen from Kisame, but Kisame kicks it off

    Kisame grabs a sword of Killer Bee stuck into the earth, and gets ready to stab him.

  38. If this will be indeed the case then kisame’s life is sure to end soon and killer bee would have gained an immense power-up. Let’s just see how madara would have predicted this :)).

    I really cant wait till Friday to see this manga, i bet it’s gonna be awesomeness. And this ability that killer bee is to obtain would make him the perfect jinchuriki + the fact that he can gather as much chakra as Naruto probably. Not putting KB on the front line now would be a big mistake, he and naruto can decimate almost everything that madara will throw at them, in my opinion even the bijuu, I say this because of what deidara said in the Sanbi-arc, “A bijuu without a jinchuriki to control it is weaker”. Hope that would be the case.

  39. i enjoyed the review broken1. Please keep up the awesomeness ^_^

  40. someone is about to open a can of whoop ass in the next chap!


    spoilers pics for the next chapter

  42. i think you guys should have a huge fanfic a little bit like the chunnin exams. people get to enter in there fanfics and in the first part of the exam i think there should be three people should judge the fanfics to see who gets in the second part of the exam and then the three people that judge got to judge for the next three exams.then after that THE PEOPLE GOT TO DECIDE!and after that hapend there would be two more exams part to pick the last part there will be 3 fanfics left at the end.and the judges will decide wich gets to be on wra.and for the other two they get to be on some other site like i hate sasugay or los zorro or somthing like that.or maybe even a new manga and i will under stand if you dont like the idea or you already did this i am sorry if i did not no that i have not been coming to this place latey because i have been busy.and i under stand that it would be hard to because wra is already so big.but you could also partner with some sites like i hate sasugay or los zorro or some other blog that you my know about that i dont know about.and you can also have some of the exams on the site and then have the last one here.

  43. wow!!!!!!!!! didint see that coming cant wait for the chapter.

  44. wow awesomnes is spreading 😀
    if spoilers are that early we won’t have to wait till Friday maybe 372 will appear sooner (hope)

  45. WOW what an issue!
    We get to see samehada become not only rib’d, but also tooth’d and tongue’d for her pleasure! We then get to see Kisame go Kisamehada (thanks trek, we had the same name for him) I also call Kisamehada “Frieza” as the transformation thing is clearly stoeln from DBZ.
    Somewhere in the nearby trees and brush, Sai Blew a massive chakra load when he saw killer bee-nis’ ink. Next issue we will see Sai talking to Bee-nis “Mr. bee-nis, may I dip my quill into your inkwell” The two fall in love.

    Also… in the next issue… MORE DOUJUTSU!!!!! Sakura will get a doujutsu – the Pinkeye-gan, though it may actually just be pinkeye. Kabutochimaru will reveal his doujutusu: Jondis-gan, and he will turn yellow and die.

  46. And as a final thought:(caution, Prawl may be getting somewhat serious)
    Does anyone else smell what Kishi’s cookin?
    We have a villain (kisame) who can absorb his opponent’s charka and use it as his own. We have Bee-nis, who is already showing some side effects, in the form of: “contact a Sakura if your errection should last more than 7 tails” (or 8 if improperly drawn)
    …stay with me, I’m about to make my point…
    “Oh heavens who can defeat this awful shark-Frieza”
    Naruto, with yet another Rasenshuriken or rasengan variant. Though seeing Kisame’s water jutsu backfire at the typhoon vortex created by a Rasenshuriken could be pretty cool.

    Madara will be defeated by some sort of Space-time Rasenshuriken, he’ll visit his dad in the sewer jail of his mind, and learn something spacey-timey. Or perhaps he’ll learn it from Killer beenis, the thunder country beeing so well known for space-time techs…

    This should be followed by his use of Rasenhomophobigan on Sasuke, and Naru-Rasenhardonagain, which he will use on Hinata, Tenten, Sakura, and Anko.

    Laugh if you must, but I think Kishi just shat himself at how many ideas I stole from him… ideas he would have dismissed anyways once the opium wore off.

  47. @ Prawlkage: hahahaahaha 😀 OMG You’re on fire this week! I haven’t laughed so much since you last talked about the tsuchikage and the herpes warts on his nose 😛 LMAO sakura and her pinkeye-gan, Madara talking to his dad in “the sewer jail of his mind” Bee-nis… ‘NUFF SAID I can’t stop laughing!!


  49. i once again believe kisame is gonna come out on top in this one. kisame has already turned the tides (almost literally) in his favor by just making that dome of water. by fusing with samaheda he still may have the ability to take away chakra from kb. then theres his possible speed in the water because of his large back dorsal fin and webbed hands and upper body. Kisame was already pretty strong without doing that so now its no question if his speed has increased. With the new information given about stamina as well as strength its almost an up hill fight for Kb. lets not forget what happened when kb was fighting sasuke and sugeistu in the water…if kb transforms into his ox form he wont have much agility due to his size.

  50. omg i cant believe some of you think Kisame is going to win the fight lol… yes i’m going to use the cheat sheet lolz :).. Kishimoto already said in his interview that the 8 tailed jinchuuriki is going to be revealed (KB) and the jinchuuriki is going to kill a memeber of akatsuki (Kisame) and then the jinchuuriki is going to invade Konoha by him/herself. i think kishimoto is ovedrdoing this invading Konoha things its like “OK???” its not that exciting anymore. to many invasions…

  51. @grey: theres also gonna be more akatsuki members coming up, so that doesn’t mean kb can’t/won’t get his a** handed to him by kisame and get away. if kb gets caught then what would that leave the alliance? they would have to change the leader AGAIN, bring unstablity to the alliance before they even get back to their village and prepare. although it may be implied that its gonna be a kb vs kisame fight, it doesn’t exclude naruto as a jinchurikki that fights a akatsuki member because theres still zetsu who’s nearby in the area… the second part with kb invading konoha is another plot for the future. if it came down to i would want kisame to win the fight but lose the prize(kb) so that i can say suck it to all those who thought kb would win…

  52. Somehow, I don’t think Kisame is going to capture Bee. I just have a feeling (looking at the spoilers) that something is going to happen to interfere with Kisame’s plans.

    I also wonder if Bee and Naruto will be introduced to one another. With the alliance now being set in motion, it seems likely that they would be inclined to work together, and perhaps Bee may even train Naruto to help him control his chakra.

    So many possibilities… it would be a shame if Bee was captured now. That would leave Naruto as the only Jinchuuriki. I just don’t see it happening yet.

  53. Lol, like I said both participants in this fight will come out alive. I don’t care if Killer Bee escapes I just don’t want Kisame to win. 😉

    If Killer Bee escapes it may look like Kisame won but was that the case for Team Hawk vs. Killer Bee? Killer Bee avoided capture by tricking his opponents but he could have still fought on. I see that battle more as a tie seeing as how no one won that fight. Both parties walked away drained. If Killer Bee escapes from Kisame’s grasp it can very well be the same scenario.

    If Kisame escapes the same applies for him. Is there a victor if one of the fighters escape? When Deidara escaped and left that fake self-detonation clone behind were the Konoha Ninjas victorious? Of course this is very situation specific. There are times when you run away and you are the clear loser. In the case of Deidara vs. Konoha Ninjas and Killer Bee vs. Team Hawk, Deidara and Killer Bee were both outnumbered.

    Since this is a one on one fight I can probably say there’s only a few situations where a fighter is allowed to run and not be declared the loser.

    1. Someone jumps in to help out and a fighter is now outnumbered.

    2. A fighter doesn’t feel like fighting anymore or feels he/she has something more important to do and runs away. (Note that the fighter can still very much fight though)

    3. A third party jumps in who’s on no one’s side and any of the original fighters decides not to fight anymore thus running away.

    Either way KICK HIS ASS KILLER BEE!!! ^(0_0)^

  54. @supertrek89

    Actually, in this case, Bee is the one with allies and Kisame is still holding the advantage. Now, I won’t say that means that Kisame will be victorious, but even if he loses we can’t deny that Bee was the one who had company assisting him this time.

    However, in the same breath, I would like to point out another factor to take into consideration. Are the allies one has always helpful? Are numbers always an advantage?

    Lets think about what Shikaku said during the battle between Naruto and Pein. He told Shikamaru that in that instance, no teamwork was the best teamwork he could offer. In other words, don’t get in the way otherwise Naruto will be put at a disadvantage.

    The same teachings were shown with Kakashi, when he took Sasuke hostage during the bell test. Sometimes your teammates get in the way and compromise you.

    Naruto had the whole of Konoha (what was left) around him to potentially support him and yet they had to stay out of his way. If they had interfered, Pein could have used them to force Naruto’s actions to gain the upper hand.

    In the same vein, Gaara lost his battle against Deidara, because Deidara took advantage of the fact that he was protecting his village and used it to lure him into a trap.

    Bee is currently in the same situation, where he is defending his company more than they are actually helping him, so he may not be battling at full efficiency and is expending a lot of his energy saving those around him. He can’t even risk using his full power as he said himself, for fear of hurting them. So even though he has the numbers on his side, they are hurting his chances more than helping them.

    Now, in the case of Hawk vs Bee, it was actually more the other way around. When each of them tried to battle alone, they got pwned, but when they started working as a team, they got the upper hand. They used each of their strengths to support one another and achieved together what none of them could have individually.

    I guess it all depends on the circumstances and how reliable your teammates actually are, rather than how much of a liability they are on you. Numbers don’t always hold the advantage, and superior numbers are not always beneficial as one would assume.

    Each battle should be measured individually, because they are all unique in circumstances.

  55. naruto 472 is out at onemanga

  56. Those guys at sleepy fans are getting quite fast 🙂

  57. Eh… Now if only the anime would be out for HQ download so I can work on my breakdown. T__T

  58. Lol. The Samehada is such a little traitor. Kisame’s greatest strength just turned on him and practically gave itself to Bee. If Bee gets a weapon like that, in conjunction to his already formidable Bijuu strength, that would be a near unstoppable combination.

    I think the only reason it chose Kisame was because of how much chakra he had, but now he has found another with even more chakra.

  59. that was epic fail for Kisame trying end battle with samehada triator 😉 what do you think about samehada going to Naruto? that would be crazy combo 😀

  60. Those are the dangers of using a living sword I guess.You feed it with your own chakra and then it turns on you-that’s what I call ungrateful.

    Anyways,I reread the chapters with Killer Bee vs. Sasuke and I think there are about 10-15 episodes max until we see him in the anime 😀 That’d be so beyond awesome it is almost untinkable.Also,is it me or are Naruto chakra cloak and chakra armor transformation way more destructive than Killer Bee’s or is it just because Naruto can’t control the nine-tails well(at all actually)?

  61. @to63to

    I also thought the same thing. Naruto in his four tailed form seemed to be far more destructive than Bee with seven. I think it may have to do somewhat with the nature of their chakra, rather than the strength specifically.

    For example, Shukaku grants control over sand, which is a completely different effect to the powers the Kyuubi grants Naruto. Gaara never used a chakra cloak in the sense that Bee and Naruto have either and when he was tapping too deeply into the Shukaku’s chakra, he instead was encased in sand armor which took on the likeness of his Bijuu.

    It had a similar effect in that it increased his power greatly, but its nature was far different.

    I think Bee’s cloak may simply be of a different nature to Naruto’s, whose own cloak seems to be far more destructive, chaotic and harmful. Bee can even touch others in his mini bijuu form, while Naruto would only harm others while touching them in his four tailed form, which had the effect of acid or poison. (As it did to Sakura and Orochimaru).

    It could also just simply be a case of the Kyuubi being more powerful than the Hachibi, even with less tails formed. It would be cool to see the two in a battle using their Bijuu chakra only just to compare. I wonder what the Hachibi would have to say about the Kyuubi or visa versa.

  62. @Tenrai Senshi

    I see your point here and I also remembered the tree-tails when it fired its water balls(I believe they named it the menacing ball) they were far inferior to four-tailed Naruto.Although it was from a filler arc and I am not sure that it should be considered cannon,it gives us a view of the different powers of the bijuus.I guess I was left with the impression that all the bijuus get to nuke the place they are fighting at.

    About Killer Bee,maybe his beasts’ chakra nature is less corrosive than the kuybis’,being an octopus and all.After all Killer Bee didn’t get burned the slightest after reverting from his chakra armor.

  63. @new chap: Correct me if I am wrong/mistaken, but there is no way Kisame can capture Bee now. He cannot kill Bee, and since Samahada can move on its own (maybe not), it will just recover whatever injury Bee gets. There is also Sabuchan. It may even be possible for Samahada to temporarily grant ownership to Sabu to fight Kisame, if it cannot move on its own. After Kisame gets his butt kicked, Bee’s chakra will be replenished by Samahada…

    Lol at last panel of

  64. Wow, just watched the newest shippuden episodes! Great background music! [certainly lots of flashback]

  65. @Tenrai & To63: I think you both should consider the fact that every time Killer Bee goes into 7-8 tails transformation Kisame sucks his chakra out. In doing so Killer Bee is never allowed the time to demonstrate his destructiveness with such a high number of tails. To say Naruto 4 tails seems more destructive than Killer Bee’s 7-8 tails is completely right. It “seems” more destructive because Naruto was allowed to go wild against Orochimaru while Killer Bee is being drained for all his chakra. Then there’s the control issue as you all mentioned.

    @Tenrai again: Regarding your 1st post, that situation would actually fit into my #2 of options giving Killer Bee the excuse to run.

    “2. A fighter doesn’t feel like fighting anymore or feels he/she has something more important to do and runs away. (Note that the fighter can still very much fight though)”

    If Killer Bee feels like protecting his friends is more important than the fight itself and decides to escape with them then he could escape. If he’s running because he can’t win is a different matter though. Seeing as how Kisame is outnumbered now and at the disadvantage he could escape and not be the clear loser.

    @Anyone: The chapter was damn awesome! I was disappointed last week but Kishi made up for it today. Lol, Kisame got the middle finger from his sword basically. If Killer Bee gets that sword he’ll be basically unstoppable! He’s already a master swordsman coupled with his Bijuu…*brain explodes from sheer awesomeness*

  66. man you just no sabuchan is goin to pull something amazing off lol. this was a great chapter. kisame is officially unstoppable with samhada but without it he is aite. I do like how bee can partially transform his tails into actual tails lol.


    Last Panel: Anyone else think “GOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL!!!!”


  68. @pumpkin: Awesome catch!!!

  69. All of the akatsuki have been getting killed off and I think kisame is no different. someone pointed it out earlier that now we’ve seen him transformed and we probably won’t see that again. with his sword rejecting him now also, I think he’s a wrap.
    I don’t think the samehada will stay in the story either. Maybe kisame “killed” it w/ his goal kick. call me crazy, but it just seems too corny for Bee to end up with that sword.

  70. awesome and early what a treat. kisames water prision shark dance is a great combo to the fusion. wtf on how killer bee pop the bubble with ink? and the bitch changing pimp then getting kick was epic but is too much to add samehada to bees arsenal then again we have madaras jutsu.

  71. Looking at this Sharkboy-Oxtopus showdown shows how powerful Naruto really is, or at least his potential to be pure awesomeness.

    Samehada can suck all the bijou chakra it can but Naruto still has the sage mode which could turn that infamous sword into stone…

    Nice cliffhanger though… My bet is someone will spoil the party for Kisame… 😉

  72. Many people over at IRA arent too pleased with the latest chapter…even calling it one of the worst chapters Kishi has made so far! Here at WRA it is a little more optimistic but what do you guys think?

    Was this chapter really THAT bad?

  73. Actually I loved this chapter. The partial transformation from Killer Bee, Broken1 was spot on about the ink, Samehada betraying Kisame, Kisame getting pissed off and kicking his own sword, lol. It was a great ride for me.

    Here’s how I see the battle so far. Killer Bee couldn’t go full Hachibi transformation because his friends were in the way. Kisame could have drowned Killer Bee but dispersed the water to keep Killer Bee alive. Seems like a tie so far.

  74. Can’t wait to review this chap! I must admit that seeing some of my predictions come true was a good feeling. By the looks of it, though, I can already tell that my review will be shorter than the previous. Everything is pretty straightfoward but I do offer some predictions that we should look into. I’ll get to it ASAP.

  75. Is it just me or was it a bit stupid that Kisame “defeated” his sword with one goal kick, but Killer Bee couldn’t even with level 2 and the bones which made a hole in Kisame’s chest?
    I mean, Samehada couldn’t have been “knocked unconcious” or “killed” right? Anyway, even if Killer Bee is captured, Kisame will get a massive power-down because he’ll lose Samehada.

    I just had an epiphany. Maybe Samehada can’t live on it’s own and it needs chakra to live. That would explain it looking for people with lots of chakra. I wonder what it would do if it tasted the complete nine-tails chakra; it might want Naruto as it’s master.
    But probably it wouldn’t because the nine-tails chakra is known as a foul and evil chakra. I don’t think Samehada could handle it.

  76. yeah, that was pretty stupid. killerbee couldn’t get near the sword while kisame just kicked it….
    how did kisame lose consciousness anyway? he couldn’t have been out of chakra…

  77. @truepain. When did Kisame ever lose consciousness ?

  78. dude once again 8 tail clot

  79. sorry wrong link

  80. oh and its just a kick chakralees,brute force thats why. bee could not do ninjutsu attacks or lariat becouse involves chakra use and samehada would just absorb it.

  81. Samehada doesn’t take chakra unless chakra is being summoned by the user. as we see in the anime the reason suigetsu feels his chakra is being depleted is because he exerts it when he turns himself into water. when Kisame slashed Asuma earlier in the manga, he wasnt complaining about chakra depletion because he hadnt exerted any when he was hit. so kisame wouldnt have lost any chakra from kicking the sword unless he used chakra to kick the sword

  82. @Fuuton: What about when Suigetsu was in his solid form and just doing sword swings at Kisame? When he remarked how tired he felt Kisame said Samehada had been lapping at his chakra little by little throughout the entire match. Not only when he was in water form. Besides that Asuma didn’t fight Kisame for that long so he may have not noticed the chakra depletion like Suigetsu who was in an extended sparring match.

  83. Hey guys, while we wait for the breakdown, check this out —> It’s an awesome take on the whole kisame / bee situation at the end, very funny, I won’t tell you about it cause that will just spoil it! Check it out and tell me what u think, I couldn’t stop laughing 😀

  84. either sabu chan is going to jump in between KB and Kisame

    or mizukage and chojuro might save them… as for chojuros sword?

    It might be havin a chat with samehada on the side :O

  85. im seeing the point super.gai didint fight him long the first time, and the second time was a we could say that samehada absorbs the chakra of a oponent from a close distance but it takes longer when the oponent is not using ninjutsu. but the same it gives time for kisame to kick it thou samehada culd have defended beter. shes just a sword cofused and hungry on this world.

  86. @1angel: LMFAO!!! That’s golden! XD

    @Nope: Yeah, my thoughts exactly.

  87. @Raikoben- sorry i meant killer bee.
    @1angel2heart- LMAO

  88. @ supertrek89 & truepain: Hahaha yes I loved that comic 😛 I especially liked the part where Samehada tried to explain but got that football kick XD lol!

  89. i can see kisame loosing this one and bee getting samehada. then naruto will get the orders to return to the village but will seek bee instead and learn to controll the 9 tails + form some gay bond with bee. maybe while bee and naruto train the nine tails will make an apperance and samehada will have a new owner.

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