OPPORTUNITY – Part 3 of a Sasuke Uchiha VS Edward Cullen Fanfic

Hey all,

Part 3 of my latest fanfic, and it is finally beginning to come to an end *collective sigh of relief from audience follows*

As always, read and review, I’d love your feedback in the comment section below 🙂


(DISCLAIMER: I do not own Naruto or the Twilight Series nor any of their respective characters, and i do not stand to make any profit from this story)






I landed a few feet away, then charged at him again. As expected, he sidestepped quickly, dodging my attack.

I smiled. I had been expecting this.

I twisted gracefully in mid-air, brought my right knee up to my chest and sent my foot thundering towards the boy in an incredible burst of power.

I should have known that he’d anticipate this. He danced backwards just out of my reach, taking the opportunity to swing his sword once more. He was aiming to sever my leg at the knee. I growled and pulled up short, the sudden and uncompensated change in weight distribution throwing me off balance.

I landed on the ground awkwardly, using my hands to push up off the ground to guide my still falling body into a standing position.

As I rose, I noticed his hands moving in a blur in front of his body. They seemed to be forming several different shapes. I had no idea what it was he was doing.

All of a sudden he raised his hands to his lips and it became all too apparent what he was up to.

“Katon: Ryuuka no Jutsu!” he yelled, as a sudden and violent stream of fire burst out from his mouth and flew towards me at an unbelievable speed!

Only my inhuman reflexes saved me. I dodged–barely!–and leaped to the side. I caught the scent of burning leather and a quick look at my designer jacket alerted me to the source of the smell. I swore aloud.

What the hell?! There was only one being was I aware of that could manipulate fire, and he was a vampire. Either way, I had never seen a concentrated stream of that ferocity before!

He took the sudden opportunity my confusion offered and rushed at me, blade in hand, still sheathed in that strange electrical energy that…chirped like a bird? It was almost amusing.

I forced myself to be calm, drawing in a quick lungful of air as I prepared to defend against him. I eyed the muscles in his arms, predicting the path of his sideways stroke. I stepped back, evading the blade as it passed within an inch of my stomach.

I had had enough of being on the back foot. I was the predator; I would be the one leading this attack, keeping my opponent on his toes.

I darted forward, clenching my fist and thrusting it towards his face. He saw it coming and dodged, then brought his blade back up and aimed at my wrist. I pulled back and rushed him from another angle. He sidestepped the attack and attempted to slice me in half. It was useless; by the time the sword was just about to strike, I was no longer there.

The cycle continued: I would attack from one angle, he would defend, and I would attack from another. I was searching for an opening from which I could launch an attack, and if I kept at it long enough I was sure to find one-


I had finally been able to manoeuvre myself behind him. There was no way he could dodge, no matter how fast he turned, but it was not safe to take any chances. I leaped at him and swiped, the fingers of my hand extending into stone-solid claws. He started to turn.

This’ll be close.

With an instantaneous burst of speed, he spun, eyeing my hand as it closed in on his face. There was no way he could move in time! It’s too late!

His head snapped back.


It was a glancing blow. It just grazed his cheek, but at that speed I was still able to take out a sliver of skin and flesh from him. He leaped back, calmly raised a hand to his face and pulled it away, observing the spattering of blood that coloured his fingers a deep and extremely delicious shade of red.

I was a vampire. Blood had been spilt. This was a whole new battle. I felt the muscles in my body go tense, ready to spring, my stomach twisting in hunger. I was suddenly ravenous, and my body was preparing to facilitate that hunger. Venom filled my mouth in an attempt to sooth the burning in my throat as I crouched down, preparing once more to attack this stranger who had thus far evaded death at my hands. He would not continue doing so much longer.

My opponent must have noticed the difference in me, too. He twirled the blade in his hands and pointed it at me, red eyes glowing, as he spoke a stream of words at me that I could not understand. It meant nothing to me. Nothing did, except the delicious flow of red that dripped down from his cheek, spattering his chest.

I couldn’t contain myself any longer. I flew towards him, a snarl tearing itself from my throat. He leaped back, bringing his fingers to his mouth once more.

“Katon: Housenka no Jutsu!” he howled, and a blistering rain of fireballs erupted from his mouth and swarmed towards me. I dodged them all as they came, sidestepping each with the ease and grace we vampires were known for. It was child’s play. The attack hadn’t even broken my stride.

I looked up, arm outstretched, fingers reaching for his throat, and noticed the corners of his eyes tighten. The predator in me rejoiced, glorying in his apparent frustration.

My fingers found their mark.

I roared in triumph, wrapping my fingers around the delicate membrane of skin that encased his neck. I could feel the warmth of his blood pulsing underneath my fingertips, sending a tingling sensation up my arm and throughout my body.

Any shred of self control I had vanished. I picked him up and slammed him against the nearest tree. I heard several satisfying crunches as a few bones fractured from the impact. He eyed me fiercely, dropping both his hands to chest level and moving them quickly into various shapes. I swatted at them with my free hand, breaking the bones in most of his fingers. I wouldn’t be falling for that one again.

I wasted no time. I was hungry. I drew back my hand and thrust it through his chest, embedding it deep within the wood of the tree with a dull thunk. He instantly slumped, a torrent of blood gushing out from him and drenching me in its warmth. That’s when I noticed the strangest thing…



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15 Responses to “OPPORTUNITY – Part 3 of a Sasuke Uchiha VS Edward Cullen Fanfic”

  1. FIRST!!!!!! substitution jutsu???

  2. Yeah it looks like it.Anyways this fanfic is pure awesomeness-keep the good work.I hope there are at least a few more chapters left because it’s definately worth it.

  3. probablt Genjutsu…. 2nd! 🙂 and my first post 😀

  4. woops, 3rd 😦

  5. wow amazing!!! i wish both of them die though. btw when is the next madara vs first hokage chapter coming out?

  6. hey there im actually liking thins fanfic, even though i think that Twilight is a betrayal to vampires everywhere… pssssh sparkley vampires…lame… anywho come on guys not substitution, its Genjutsu for sure. from the moment it started.

  7. yep genjutsu, my money is on since sasuke pointed the katana at him.

  8. I agree it has to be genjutsu, there wouldn’t be blood gushing out of a clone. Anyway, awesome post Dark looking forward to the conclusion of this fic. Your knowledge of Twilight makes me wonder though. Now take no offense to my question… Have you actually read the Twilight series?

  9. Genjutsu, it;s a genjutsu!!!!

    Wooohoooo 😀

    Go, Sasuke GO!
    Give him Tsukuyomi….or something like this.

  10. Thanks ppl fo the feedback:)

    @to63to – only one more chapter left sorry…though I’m glad you like!

    @2cool2live – part 3 & 4 are stored on my old comp, which is out of commision for now, but I’ll post in either IRA or WRA when I can.

    @superbi- er, I mean supertrek – LOL yes actually, I have. *insert awkward silence here* …what? Oh come on! I read the books yeah, but I am NOT a fan of the twi-vamps. Alucard pwnzors.

  11. So once again your writing in this fanfic is sooo good. Even though I have no idea who Sasuke is or what any of the stuff he is doing is (you’ll most likely teach me later lol) I could totally picture it all in my head, which is a good sign because my imagination is limited lol.

    I know at the end this Sasuke character is going to totally whoop Edward’s ass but you know who I’m rooting for!

    Can’t wait til the last part is up!

    Love ya buddy!

  12. @yariiz:

    Check here if you don’t who Sasuke is http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Sasuke_Uchiha . The abilities Sasuke has here are a bit new so go to the bottom of the page. Hopefully you’ll understand it more.

    Once you find out who Sasuke is, you’ll know for sure that Edward’s ass is going to get kicked.

    Great chapter! Loved it! You have an amazing talent. I couldn’t write a fanfic as good as this. Now finish Madara vs. the 1st!!!

  13. Edward said he only knew of one other person who could manipulate fire, and that person was a vampire. Who is that ?

  14. @quagmires:

    Thanks! I’ll be sure to read up on that! And awwww Edward is gonna get his ass kicked lol!


    The vampire that Edward was referring to is named Benjamin. His special talent is that he can manipulate the elements. He is part of the Egyptian Coven:)

  15. Dragonfly was here!

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