Letters From Soul Society 004 Answers


LFSS Chapter 004 Answers

If you need to catch up: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3

(Recap: When last we left our story, Jiraiya had just inadvertently crushed everyone in the bar with his riatsu and Kuukaku convinced him to lighten up. She had just smacked him for releasing his riatsu and then confused him by telling him he should know better…)

Jiraiya’s cheek twitched in confusion, hating the feeling of being so out of his element. The woman’s gaze snagged on him, and she cut off her braying laughter. Eyes locked on his in sudden seriousnes.

“Your riatsu. Hell, it’s nearly captain level. People with that amount of riatsu should know not to do that around regular town folk, so why? Who are you? What are you up to?”

He lunged into his best pose, the slap of his geta on the sticky barroom floor put the world back the way it should be. “Ha! I am the Legendary Toad Sage, JJJJJJJJIIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRR—oof.”

He bent double as her good arm rang across his solar plexis like an axe felling a tree. “Stuff the theatre, big guy. We don’t have time.”

Dark eyes crackled in complete seriousness, and he fought to draw air against the ripples of pain in his gut.

He straightened, and tried not to sound petulant. “I’m…uh…Jiraiya. I…just got here. I have no idea what just happened.”

“Then we are about to have visitors, they’ll have felt that explosion of riatsu.”

Before Jiraiya could respond, she grabbed his arm and flashed him a wicked smile. “I won’t give those bastards the pleasure.”

Jiraiya stumbled after her as she dashed out of the bar and into a large building flanked on either side by two giant arms holding a banner.

Inside, Kuukaku pulled Jiraiya up a set of stairs, down a long hallway, and into dimly lit room. He still worked up something to say, only to be pushed back onto an enormous bed piled with soft comforters.

“I think…”

Kuukaku held a single finger to her lips. “Don’t get ahead of yourself, big guy.”

The door slammed shut behind her, leaving Jiraiya in the silent room listening to his own breath. Empty bottles littered the floor and clinked as he stood up, picking his way through them. He stepped closer to a comical pyramid of haphazard empties, snorting appreciatively at the remains of a night of drunken debauchery. He jumped and turned toward the door.

Crash BOOM crash

Thunderous knocking at the front door of Kuukaku’s home drew him towards the door. If those were the ‘visitors’ she’d mentioned they hadn’t wasted any time. Muffled voices drew his ear to the grainy wood of the door. He pressed his face against the cool surface and cracked the door enough to see her standing at the front entrance, inviting in a Shinigami.

This one was a little shorter than the one who had sent him to Soul Society, with black slicked hair, Sunglasses and a black mustache.

The Shinigami chided Kuukaku. “I’m supposed to believe that was YOUR Riatsu we sensed all the way from Seireitei?”

“Have you not heard of the world famous Shiba spiritual pressure,” she cooed, running her hand across her chest, distracting the Shinigami.

Jiraiya’s mouth stretched into a crooked smile, as her target clearly lost his train of thought.

“I-I uhhh, hmmmm… well… please Shiba-sama…”

Jiraiya fought back a laugh, even as he felt his own blood pressure rise. “Poor bastard, I’ve fallen victim to that tactic one too many times.

“W-w-why…ahem, why would you release your spirit energy in such a way, Shiba-sama?”

Kuukaku held her hand to her face in a sorry attempt to act embarrassed. “I’m so sorry, sometimes I just get myself worked up to the point where I just can’t…help…myself…” Kuukaku’s breathing got heavier as she leaned in close to the Shinigami.

“A girl has needs you know,” she purred, pressing her chest against the Shinigami who staggered backward to the front door.

The Shinigami covered his bleeding nose. “Shiba-sama! I.. I’m sorry I bothered you!”

Jiraiya straightend and felt around for his note pad and pen. He heard the Shinigami tripping over himself out the front door. “I could use that, if I don’t forget…

“Looking for something?” She murmured as she pulled open the door.

Jiraiya looked up, forcing his eyes to keep moving until they caught hers.

“Your clothes are the only items you take to Soul Society. I’m sorry, big guy.”

The changes pressed on him like a weight–so far from home, so alone. “I feel so out of place here.”

A gentle hand brushed his arm and retreated. “You’ll find your niche here before you know it.”

He nodded and tried to smile. “Why would anyone be after me?”

“The Shinigami are sure to want you for the Gotei 13, but…” Her eyes glinted and sparked like fireworks. “I want to get first crack at ya before you become one of those stiffs; too many rules and regulations for my liking.”

Jiraiya rubbed his chin, liking the sound of that. “I’ve never been one for either of those.”

“That’s what I like to hear. Now, why don’t you buy me a drink?”

Jiraiya inhaled deeply as he stepped into the street. For the first time since waking up with a hole in his chest, it felt like everything was going to be fine. He surveyed the city, it wasn’t so different from Kono…

His heart dropped into his stomach; across the thoroughfare the unmistakable red eyes of the Sharingan stared directly at him.

Notes from the authors: This was kind of a transitional period, sorry if it bored you guys. Hope it at least entertained a bit. The next chapter should be much better 🙂 *nice gai pose*


Jeremiah and Kumori


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