Leaf Ninja Tournament Part 2! Here’s Your Top 10 Ninja Of The Leaf!

Konoha_by_ZodclnrlArtwork by Zodclnrl

YOSH!!! It’s the Leaf Ninja Tournament continued! Here’s part 2 of the tourney along with the patiently awaited results from Part 1. Out of the 36 candidates, according to your lists and poll votes these are the top 10 choices for the best of the best Leaf Village shinobi. Please direct all your complaints and hissy fits to the comment section where I can deal with them directly. >(0_0)>

Alright let’s begin the countdown! πŸ˜‰

10th: Tobirama (Second Hokage)____________________________________________________


9th: Orochimaru_________________________________________________________


8th: Kakashi_____________________________________________________________


7th: Sasuke_____________________________________________________________


6th: Jiraiya_____________________________________________________________


5th: Hiruzen (Third Hokage)________________________________________________


4th: Itachi______________________________________________________________


3rd: Hashirama (First Hokage)_______________________________________________


2nd: Minato_____________________________________________________________


And winner of your poll votes placing him in 1st: Naruto!__________________________


Now of course that does not conclude this tournament for places 1st and 2nd. Naruto may have the position now but the true winner of this tournament was never going to be decided by mere poll vote (popularity contest). As is in accordance to the rules 2nd place (Minato) will challenge 1st place (Naruto) for the top spot in a debate + poll. The winner will be announced later on so without further ado. I give you…

Naruto vs. MinatoNaruto by Goldenhans Minato by Francesco8657

Fun Facts About Part 1 Of Tournament As Of 11/10/09________________________________

Characters I found funny and surprising to have less than 5 votes.

Sasuke: 2 votes (PWNED)

Orochimaru: 2 votes

Kabuchimaru: 1 vote

Yamato: 1 vote

Tobirama: 0 votes

Tsunade: 0 votes

Danzou: 0 votes

Hiashi: 0 votes

Female character with the most votes.

Hinata with 9 votes ^(0_0)^

Characters that didn’t make it onto anyone’s top 10 list.

Anko, Kurenai, Kiba, Ino, Chouji, TenTen, Sakura, Sai, Tsume, Shibi, Inoichi, and Chouza.

Characters that got beat out by the ANBU in the polls (they had 8 votes so anyone with less than 8 votes)! XD

Tobirama, Hiruzen, Tsunade, Danzou, Yamato, Anko, Kurenai, Kiba, Shino, Asuma, Shikamaru, Ino, Chouji, Gai, Neji, TenTen, Rock Lee, Sakura, Sasuke, Sai, Orochimaru, Kabuchimaru, Tsume, Hiashi, Shibi, Shikaku, Inoichi, and Chouza.

Only mispelled name on the poll.

Sakura as “Saskura”…whoops, honest mistake…>_>

Most surprsing vote count to me.

Tenten with 5 votes! WTF!? o_O

Left out ninja of the tournament.

Shizune (accident), Konohamaru (purpose), Madara (purpose).

Last but not least the top 10 list that made me go “WTF!?” O_O

my top ten:
3.Rock Lee


Lol, no offense Kisu. πŸ˜‰

AUTHORS NOTE: Just thought I’d say since I’ve entereted the Naruto vs. Minato debate myself I won’t be deciding the winner since it’s only fair and all. πŸ˜‰ Some neutral third party, who as of yet hasn’t been decided, will decide who wins the tournament.


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  1. I am like Bono up in this place…and oh yeah first.

    I knew Naruto was gonna win…are you kidding me?

  2. Second? <_<

    Well, I can't say it is entirely inaccurate to say Naruto is potentially the most powerful in Konoha. If he uses the Kyuubi's chakra, he is powerful, regardless of which way you look at it. he even pwned Jiraiya with four tails.

    There were also some I feel that didn't display enough time in battle to really vote for, like Hiashi (one kaiton doesn't tell us anything) or even Minato for that matter. Sure, we know the legends, but is that enough to make an informed decision that is at least fair?

    I recall the rules denoting that the character must have been in at least one full battle to qualify. However, I can understand adding Minato simply because a lot of people would want to see him in the runnings.

  3. Wow. What a surprise…Naruto and Minato for the number one spot….

    Other than that I’d sy the list is actually pretty darn accurate! Good Voting ppls!

    Anyways…Minato would pwn Naruto. Either he would use flying thunder God to instantly defeat Naruto or he could use tehe death reaper jutsu and suck the soul out of Naruto…even thought theyd both die which doesnt make any sense.

    Minato > Naruto

  4. Wow, the pictures look really cool!!!

    I have a suggestion to make this kind of competition more realistic. If there is a poll asking for who would come out top, then undoubtly the lead character would take the throne because of the votes he gets from non-hardcore fans. However, it would be better if there is a poll for the entire list; count the number of first place, second place… votes a character gets; assign 10 points each for every first place vote, 9 points for second place votes, and so on; add up the points to decide the winner. Sort of like how the MVPs in pro sports are chosen.

    This way, only those who think carefully/seriously would vote and there would be no way the ANBU can trump Hashirama.

    And yes, I should have said this way before this competition – but heh, I just thought of this now…

    As for naruto vs minato: well naruto did give minato a punch in the stomach in his mind, but minato wasn’t fighting him ;). More seriously, I think Naruto might win if he knows about the specially sealed kunai. He can make kage bunshin just as quick if not quicker. Both can summon toads. Minato has the rasengan and Naruto has.. well you know. Naruto still has the sage mode and kyuubi mode and both. So I would say Naruto wins because all we (well, I) know about Minato is body-flicker and rasengan. Give me some solid evidence for Minato’s other justu and I will reconsider.

    Until then, sorry for the long post.

  5. Now that I read my own post, I felt like someone or me said this a while ago in part 1…

  6. @pumpkinbread: I thought about it after reading your post, you are right the list really is kind of accurate…

  7. @pumpkinbread21

    I don’t think it is as simple as Minato using the Hiraishin for an instant K.O. Remember, it is not like Madara’s technique where he can just use it any time he likes, and it requires a seal marked on the location he wants to teleport to.

    So it wouldn’t be a case of *match starts, Minato pwns Naruto*.

    He would have to set Naruto up for the fall in order for that to work. Of course, there are different ways to do this. He could either place seals at strategic locations around the battlefield, using kunai to mark them and wait for Naruto to fall into a trap, or something similar to that, for example, but that isn’t instantaneous.

    Another thing is that, as I have said before, we just haven’t seen Minato in action enough to really judge fairly. We know about three major techniques of his.

    1: The Rasengan, which Naruto can do.
    2: The Hiraishin
    3: The Fuuinjutsu (sealing technique)

    Other than that, he has the summoning contract, but so does Naruto, and we can assume he knows jutsu like the Kage Bunshin no jutsu and probably a few other techniques as well.

    That is it. Other than that, we have not seen him in a real fight, unless you count a ten second encounter with one Rock Shinobi as a real battle.

    The time Minato uses to set a trap could be the time Naruto takes to go into sage mode. Shadow clones could also be used to spring traps an alert Naruto to their locations. Minato going into close combat means setting himself up to be pwned by sage mode taijutsu.

    This is all speculation, of course and I am not going to actually say which one I think is stronger here. We have seen Naruto battle many times, but we have nothing to measure Minato’s power against. So I can’t say who will win fairly.

  8. Just a thought coming up to me: both of them could summon toads. So if one summons bunta, the other can’t? It’s not likely bunta will fight any of his master anyways. So can we forget about summoning for this one?

  9. @mudmathie

    That is likely the case. I doubt the toads would actually agree to fight their own kind, much less one of their own summoners and summoning them might just make them angry.

  10. @Tenrai:

    Very insightful. I could imagine the battle in my mind as you described it.

    I still think Minato would have the upper hand if he littered the battlefield with his “special kunai” (that have the markings). He will be able to use body flicker without a problem and Naruto could never catch him. Naruto would have to stop Minato before he does such this.

  11. I was right on the money 3 weeks ago… almost… except for Kakashi which replaced Tsunade. Boy, she should be there by virtue of being the Fifth Hokage! :-\

  12. wow i don’t remember the last time i posted here but anyways yo yo yo :DDDD
    lemme give ma 2cents on the matter.
    1. in terms of techniques, both have, rasengan, summoning of toads, and we can almost say sage mode.
    2. now if u say u got a sage+kyubii naruto is tempting, we got a perfected rasengan FRS πŸ˜€ kewl… and we got a master on kagebushin.
    3. then we got minato, an hokage level shinobi, an intelligent and strategic ninja, he gots hiraishin even though he needs to use kunais to do it…Now if we suppose minato did really mastered the sage mode he can summon both PA and MA to fuse wid him and help in his fight, they can gather natural energy to…

    i know ma ideias are kinda throwed up back there but even so i hope u read it and try to comment it =)
    good to bee back =)

  13. @Tenrai: The fighters just had to be seen displaying their moves in one battle not one full battle. Not much to go off I know but as you said we can’t leave out such popular ninja. If we did the tournament would be for a lack of better word lame.

    @Mathie: Indeed, the lead character will always come out on top in a poll which is why I called it a popularity contest, and why Mudshovel and I decided that won’t be the ultimate deciding factor. All the poll does is decide who automatically moves on to the #1 spot in the next part of the tournament.

    2nd place is decided on the lists and debate of who you think can take on the winning candidate in the poll.

    Places 3-10 are decided solely on the lists and the poll has nothing to do with them really. The count thing that you mentioned before…

    “assign 10 points each for every first place vote, 9 points for second place votes, and so on; add up the points to decide the winner. Sort of like how the MVPs in pro sports are chosen.” (Mudmathie)

    That’s what we do for the lists. 1st spot on your list gets 10 points, 2nd gets 9, etc… and that’s how the above spots 2-10 were decided. Also Minato was the obvious candidate for 1st or 2nd according to everyone’s opinion.

    @Anyone: Alright, time for my hand in the matter.

    Naruto vs. Minato

    Strength vs. Speed

    Resourcefulness vs. Experience

    Handwork vs. Genius (not saying Minato didn’t work hard.)

    Blond vs. Blond

    Son vs. Father!

    Minato wins, now of course this is all my opinion and I will state my case. What does Naruto have that could touch Minato? Absolutely nothing. You can’t beat someone who is leagues above you in speed and has an open battleground to run around in. What Minato does isn’t even just high speed movement but space/time jutsu (basically teleportation). If Minato even touches Naruto the match is over. Why?


    It’s because once he even lays a palm on you you’ve already been marked. He can warp to your location and cut your throat before you even know what’s happening. You can’t feel him coming either because he’s not even in the same plain of existence as you are when he teleports in to kill you.


    In Naruto’s defense he can create up to 1,000 Kage Bushins but he’ll never be able to take Minato down with numbers and that would greatly weaken Naruto’s chakra supply. Once Minato marks the real one it’s over. How would he mark the real one? Simple, Naruto most of the time if not always attacks with the original body and uses his clones as distractions. He did it against Neji, Kakuzu, and Pein. He’d be basically throwing his real body at Minato to get marked.

    Naruto brings out the beast in himself, the Kyuubi? Minato brings out Shiki Fuujin or finishes him off before he gets to far into the transformation.

    Either way I see the match ending long before Naruto even gets that far.

  14. okay for what its worth i beleive the 4th would win this father/son battle. in my mind i threw out the rasengan, toads, and sage mode since they can both (assumably) can use all. That leaves naruto with the demon fox and minato with… well damn near anything (he was a freakin hokage!) while naruto is undergoing his demon transformation… *BAM* flying thunder god and kuni to the face. the end, minato wins

  15. Naruto wins… Minato will probably smack him around a little bit just to see how strong Naruto has gotten. There is no way that Minato has any murderous intent when it comes to fighting his own son. If he upsets Naruto to the level where the 4th tail or more comes out then things will get ugly fast. We Know the the prevailing theme of Naruto is each generation surpasses the last. Not completely against this list but how is Tobirama #10? We probably know less about him than anybody(other than the resemblance between him Minato and the pervy sage). Granted that infinite darkness thing was cool. We Know the first was a BMF, We saw that the Third was a BMF, Tsunade did pimp slap Orochimaru, But I dont recall any legend or anything about the Second.

  16. You are right Ra, there is very little info on Tobirama compared to the other hokages. All that is known is that he is the first’s younger brother, a master at suiton and the blade of the thunder god, established the Uchiha police force and taught Hiruzen. In the manga it was Hashirama who did the infinite darkness genjutsu which I always found weird:
    I wish Kishi would give us a more detailed background of Tobirama 😦

    As for Naruto vs Minato I complete agree with super’s analysis. naruto just does not any means to defeat himself against the thunder god seal, just like when he could not hit Madara:
    Only in this case he won’t see Minato coming.

  17. @supertrek89

    I don’t really agree with your argument. I am not saying Minato couldn’t beat Naruto, but you are putting too much emphasis on factors that are more assumptions than actual facts.

    Like Minato’s speed, for example. To simply state that Minato is physically faster than Naruto is only an assumption, because he have not heard any meaningful reference to him being fast before. Yes, we know he has a space time jutsu that can telleport him, which can be considered instantaneous, but any move leading up to that is still based on his own speed.

    If he gets in close against Naruto, he could be marking a shadow clone instead of the real body. Hell, even if he marks the real body, if Naruto splits, every single clone would be marked as well and Minato would have to guess which one is the right target.

    Naruto isn’t that dumb, really. We all know that he has often used Kage Bunshin as a distraction and as sure as you might say that all it takes for Minato to win is to tag Naruto, I can just as accurately say that all it would take for Naruto to win is to hit Minato once.

    Both are just as easy for either to do, but Naruto doesn’t even have to come into physical contact with his target to pwn them. (As seen during his battle with Pein).

    I have another point that I was reserving for this kind of situation as well and that is Naruto’s fox chakra. It may take time to go into Sage mode, but Naruto can access the fox’s chakra any time he wants. He can go up to three tails without losing control of his free will and that would give him a massive advantage and as a bonus, it takes no time at all. In the battle against Pein, he went into instant four-tailed form in the window of a moment (just an example) and he can also do it on the move if he wants to.

    He would have the cloak, which can protect him from both jutsu and physical attacks, increased attack range, unpredictable movements, an endless chakra supply and extreme speed. During the battle with Sasuke at the valley of the end, he was moving so fast he could not even be seen physically until Sasuke advanced his Sharingan to it’s highest level, and that was with only one tail. (Minato does not have the Sharingan to perceive those kinds of movements).

    With three tails, he managed to knock out Kabuto just by growling at him and he had Orochimaru on the run as well. How will Minato get in close to tag Naruto if he can’t even penetrate his chakra cloak? Not to mention that Naruto could just use a chakra shock wave to debilitate him before he can do even that much.

    That kind of scenario would leave Minato with the Fuuinjutsu, which would mean the battle would end in a draw at best.

    In any case, that was just an extreme example. To simply state that Minato would win so easily “before it even gets that far” as you put it, is a bit unfair.


    You are basing your argument on the assumption that Minato learned sage mode, when that case is unlikely. So far as we have seen, the only two people mentioned learning it are Naruto and Jiraiya. Until we hear otherwise, we should assume nothing.

    And Minato being a Hokage does not automatically mean he knows any jutsu. Tsunade was also a Kage and yet she relied almost solely on physical strength and medical techs in battle. Each shinobi has their own unique fighting style and tech list, Minato included. I mean, Gaara is the Kazekage and all he uses is sand.

    In addition to that, I already mentioned in a previous post that it isn’t as simple as *Battle starts, Minato uses Hiraishin and pwns Naruto*. Minato can only telleport using seals and he needs to mark the location he telleports to before he can use it.

    You can read the previous post if you want to see what I said, but the point is that Minato first has to tag Naruto, or set up a trap for him.

  18. I have one more thing to add.

    Those supporting Minato are relying to much on a single technique to secure his victory, a technique that can be countered just like any other. Other than that, no-one can really offer any other meaningful argument that doesn’t involve the Hiraishin, because the truth is we don’t know anything else about Minato’s fighting style.

    It’s almost more like a Hirashin vs Naruto debate, than a Minato vs Naruto debate.

    We can’t even compare his fighting style to Naruto’s, because according to Jiraiya and Tsunade, Naruto took after his mother in that regard, so we have nothing to go by other that a legend.

    Once again, I will make it clear that I am not trying to say Naruto would necessarily win or lose, I am just countering the arguments that I feel are somewhat unfair or too one sided. However, if I were to pick a side, I can only go with the one I know the most about, because the other is a mystery for the most part.

  19. Well gooood morning Tenrai! ^(0_0)^

    You may look at it like that but what I see is one of Minato’s greatest weapons being used to win. Like you said, it’s a single technique and that’s all it is. A technique to be used by a shinobi in battle. For Minato vs. Naruto I don’t see Minato vs. Kage Bunshins or Minato vs. Rasengan. Should we look at it that way because Naruto spams those techniques like crazy? I don’t think so… These are just techniques being used by their respective shinobi in battle to come out the victor. Sure we could refer to Minato’s Kuchiyose No Jutsu but they both have the same contract. Sure we could refer to the rasengan but we already know Naruto’s trumps Minato’s. O_O

    Of course we refer to the Hirashin a lot, it’s a S-Rank technique and the most useful one we know he has. We know so little about Minato but from what we do know we put forth the argument that he can obtain victory. Yes, you’re right this battle is unfair and it’s unfair towards Naruto’s side because we know so much more about him. I won’t complain about that though just simply putting it out there. >(0_0)>

    Also, there’s really no such thing as relying to much on a single technique if it brings you victory. You tell me a way Naruto can catch Minato’s FTG and you can win this debate. Until then expect the obvious Hirashin references. As obvious as a sharingan reference is in a debate dealing with an Uchiha, and a Kyuubi reference is when dealing with Naruto.

    Now to address your first argument…

    What I said wasn’t an assumption but a fact about Minato’s speed. I never said Minato was physically faster than Naruto because we just simply don’t know that. What I said was Minato is leagues faster than Naruto and this is true when it comes to his Flying Thunder God Technique. Reread my first paragraph regarding my opinion on the Naruto vs. Minato debate, and you’ll clearly see I was connecting Minato’s speed with his FTG.

    Now regarding the shadow clones and Naruto making so many to confuse Minato, how exactly is Naruto fighting Minato? If it’s like you say and Naruto can take Minato out in one hit then that would put Naruto in Sage Mode right? Then at most he can create up to three clones and anymore disrupts the clones gathering Sage chakra. Once that happens he has 5 minutes at most in Sage Mode and less with the more chakra he uses. In other words Naruto has 4 bodies on the field (3 clones and the real him).

    If Naruto splits his body and the seal is now on all 4 bodies then it’s not a problem at all for Minato to dispose of all 4 bodies in an instant. Naruto wouldn’t even see it coming. How would Minato mark Naruto’s body in the first place? As I said before Naruto always uses his clones as a distraction and throws his real body in harms way. He’s throwing his original body at Minato to get marked by his seal. It’s true Minato has to get up close to mark Naruto but who’s to say he can’t mark Naruto with a Kage Bunshin? The Kage Bunshin may get smashed by Naruto’s extending chakra but he’d mark Naruto in the process and it’d be over for him. All without Minato getting hurt.

    Now of course like any good argument I left something out of my first post to save for times like this. As you have yourself right? πŸ˜‰ Anyway, does Naruto know about Minato’s FTG? The answer from from what we’ve read in the manga is no. No one ever told him about it and it was a technique only known by those close to him (Kakashi, Obito, Rin etc…) If you can point out anywhere in the manga where Naruto hears of this technique or it refers to the technique around Naruto I’ll retract my statement.

    This puts Naruto at a serious disadvantage because Minato’s fighting style, from what we’ve seen, is all about quick kills his opponent won’t see coming. Not giving his opponent enough time to bring out techniques like let’s say…Kyubi powers and whatnot. I don’t know about anyone else but I never said once the match starts Minato would use Hirashin and it’d be over. I say once Naruto is touched the match is over. The thing is Naruto won’t even know about the dangers of him being perhaps patted on his sandals.

    Then before he realizes it there’s a kunai to his throat. Then there’s like you say Minato can easily set traps. He may look like he’s running around the battlefield avoiding Naruto but all along he could be placing seals on rocks, trees, the ground, dropped kunais, etc… Once he’s done his preparation if Naruto is ever next to one of those seals his life is in immediate danger.

    I’ll emphasize once again that Minato’s victory I see happening long before Naruto switches on the Kyubi chakra. We know Naruto doesn’t like to use it and hasn’t willfully since he hurt Sakura. That tells us he won’t bust it out until he’s at the peak of desperation but what’s the chances of that happening when all Minato needs is one hit? Naruto could try to get his one hit in but all Minato has to do is teleport away. In my first post I addressed the fact that Naruto doesn’t have anything to catch Minato’s FTG, so his one hit k.o. is nearly impossible.

    Last but not least wasn’t Minato inside of Naruto this entire time thus would know about Naruto’s techniques, training, extending chakra, and so on? Don’t discount the Minato arguments to simple Hirashin debates. He also has initial tactics, strategy, and information on his opponent while Naruto does not.

  20. @supertrek89

    You seem to have mistakenly taken two of my separate points and molded them together in one, which also means you largely misread my post.

    When I mentioned Naruto using Bunshin, I was not referring to him being in Sage Mode at the time. It was just one strategy that I was mentioning for him to avoid being tagged, nothing more.

    Another mistake you made was using a very situation example as an argument. Assuming that Naruto would put his real body in harm way to be tagged is just that, an assumption. Just because he used it against Kakuzu does not mean he is going to do it again. He did it because the situation called for it and it worked.

    What if Naruto decided to hide his real body while his clones fought? That way he could gather Sage chakra and use his enhances senses to track Minato’s movements during the battle and see where he moves around the battlefield. This also means he could potentially avoid traps because he knows what ground Minato covered.

    Naruto can also set traps, by disguising his clones as rocks, branches, or ever discarded kunai. He could even disguise himself as the same Kunai his father uses to set up a trap for him.

    Now for your point with Naruto not using the Kyuubi chakra because he doesn’t like it. As far as I am concerned, this debate should consider both parties using their full power. If we think about it the way you have suggested, I could say Minato would lose because he would mentally hold himself back.

    Naruto can easily access his fox chakra and he could use it in a battle. We can’t just throw away that factor for the convenience of this debate, because it is still a major factor.

    Your point about Minato being in Naruto also means Minato can’t battle him so Minato battling Naruto means that we have altered circumstances. Otherwise, I could say Minato is technically dead and therefor the loser. Naruto would also know about the Hiraishin as well because it was what made his father famous. Everyone knew about it, even the enemy shinobi. So I doubt Naruto would have no info on it.

    To me, Naruto has the intelligence, the power and the techs to be considered one of the most powerful in Konoha. He also has the nine-tailed fox as well and has completed his sage training.

    The manga also clearly suggests that Naruto has surpassed his father. If we go by hearsay, like everyone is doing with regards to Minato’s techs, I can just use that to end the debate.

  21. Anyway… I am going to pull out of this debate for now. I didn’t actually want to debate for or against someone we know next to nothing about. As I said, my intention was simply to point out the flaw in thinking that Minato would win easily, without the right evidence or even a decent argument to back it up.

    Super’s points are good, so I give him credit for that because it makes an interesting debate, but it irritates me when people just say Minato would win because they feel like it.

    To me, I would call it a draw to be sincerely fair.

  22. as i said before, it’s hard to decide who the strongest characters are if we don’t know much about them. we also know that the strongest don’t always win.
    it’s fun to talk about who the strongest characters are but we each have our own idea, and there aren’t facts to make us change our mind

  23. @Tenrai: I’m sorry to say this but it seems we both made our fair share of mistakes today. For Naruto to use Kage Bunshin after getting tagged you assume he would know he got tagged in the first place, and is trying to avoid Minato. If you did not assume that and are just stating Naruto constantly uses Kage Bunshin then the bottom line is Naruto still is tagged and does not know. Now if Naruto is out of Sage Mode as you suggest this just makes things much easier for Minato to tag Naruto in the first place. What he had to be careful of before was Naruto’s extending chakra but with that out of the way Minato can easily get into a taijutsu match with Naruto and touch him various times (eeewwwww O_O). If you bring up Naruto being in Sage Mode then I already addressed that situation above. ^(0_0)^

    The situation example I used regarding Naruto and his use of clones was more like an example of multiple situations. This was not an assumption. Naruto uses the tactic all the time where he uses his clones as distractions and uses his real body to attack. He used it back against Neji and still does all the way up to his battle against Pein, his latest fight. It’s not an assumption that he’d do it again it’s common knowledge. It’s like saying Sasuke’s going to use his sharingan in battle then calling it an assumption, lol. o_@

    Now on to the FTG, it’s not true the enemy shinobi knew about his technique and I don’t know where you got that information from really. They knew about his nickname and from that probably knew he was fast, but that tells little to nothing about the FTG. For instance how would they know the FTG required the use of seals, that he could place a seal on you, and it was a space/time jutsu? Where in the manga does it even say the FTG was a world famous technique that everyone knew about? I would like to know where you get this information from. I know you’re out of the debate and I’m not trying to draw you back in. I’m just curious about your sources.

    As for the mind sets of the characters I don’t think you fully understand what kind of debate this is. These are two characters battling out to be the strongest. In this battle they have all the knowledge, powers, and personality they have/had in the manga all the way up to the current one. You can’t take away Minato’s information on Naruto to help his side. I wouldn’t think that’s very fair do you?

    It’s like doing an Itachi vs. Sasuke debate then you say Sasuke can’t have Itachi’s powers in this battle. Someone asks why not, it’s not fair if Sasuke isn’t at full power right? The current Sasuke has Itachi’s powers and that’s how it should be in a current Itachi vs. Sasuke debate. Then you say well if Sasuke were to have Itachi’s power then according to the manga Itachi would be dead! O_O

    Lol, in the manga a lot of characters are dead but we still have debates over who can win between them and other dead and alive characters. XD

    The same is for Minato vs. Naruto. Minato has all the information on Naruto because he was inside of him all along. According to you though this information can’t transfer over to when he battles Naruto because according to the manga he was dead at the time… Yeah, Minato’s been dead for a long time before that too but here we are bringing him back to life and debating over him and Naruto. o_O

    Like I said, the characters in debate battles retain all information, powers, and personality they have/had all the way up to the current manga. For you to take away Minato’s information on Naruto because he was dead at the time is like taking Itachi’s powers away from Sasuke because Itachi was dead at the time. It’s not a very fun debate is it when you severely weaken a character’s ability to fight over such technicalities? Death is nothing in a debate battle that brings characters back to life afterall. You’d be sucking all the fun out of it. T_T

    Now back to personalities. I find it funny when people say stuff like, well technically these two characters would never fight so they’d end up just sitting down for a cup of tea…>_> I do believe we understand the rules of a debate battle right? These two characters are fighting with all they have and accordance to how they present themselves in the manga. It matters not whether they fight to the death or not as long as they’re serious and someone comes out the victor. All the while fighting in their own style.

    For Naruto to fight with his fox cloak unless forced to is completely against his personality and I’m surprised you would suggest such a thing. I’m fully aware of Naruto’s access to his fox chakra and I’m sure you’re fully aware he would never use it unless forced too. Should we take away Minato’s information on Naruto and change Naruto’s personality in this battle all for Naruto’s sake? -_-

    Lastly, I’m sure Naruto can set up traps but so could any decent ninja. Minato’s a decent ninja that can travel at the speed of light right? For Naruto to hide and track Naruto’s movement in Sage Mode though would be impossible if Minato is teleporting around. You can’t track teleportation.

    Naruto surpassing Minato and Jiraiya?…Meh, we’ve been over that way to many times already. Do you really want to get back into that? I sure don’t. ~_~ One thing that bothers me though is how is Naruto in and out of Sage Mode in these debates? One minute he’s in Sage Mode to do this useful task and the next minute he’s out of Sage Mode to conveniently do this useful task. It’s like magic. XD

    Bah, now that you’re gone will there be any one good to debate against!? T_T

  24. @supertrek89

    As I said, I don’t feel like debating with a match that has an opponent I don’t know enough about. You talk about personalities, well I could just Say Minato wouldn’t hurt his son.

    Even then, we don’t know enough about Minato’s personality to really say anything accurately.

    Oh, one more thing about the bunshins… As far as I recall, Naruto had a few hundred hiding as rocks during the final showoff against Deva Pein. The best part is, he made them while he was in Sage mode… (which he had just entered the battle as after being freed from the Kyuubi’s chakra). <_<

  25. Now don’t tempt me to start debating again. X__X

  26. @tenrai, supertrek: I would go with Minato, bu~~t… Naruto has THE GREATEST ADVANTAGE OF ALL…

    … plotshield. X)

  27. @dynamicentrance: Well Minato has a “less-likely-but-possible” advantage…

    ….Plot Twist!! XD

  28. @Tenrai: Fair enough, you were a great opponent as usual. >(0_0)> Now if only someone else would jump in so this whole debate won’t just be between me and you. Tenrai vs. Super! XD Also, I’m taking volunteers from a neutral third party to decide the winner of the tournament in…let’s say 2 weeks. Give it enough time for votes to accumulate. Needs to be someone who is neutral, read through all the debates, and knows to weigh the debates higher than the poll votes.

    *surveys the room with wide eyes* O_O

    @Dynamic and Pumpkin: Lol, in the end it’d be a tie between you two and your devices. XD

  29. @super: I heard it is true that wise people think alike…

    But, glad to see the selection all makes sense.

    @truepain: I think I will be the first to convert. I am going to go with a draw:

    @Power: RasenShurinken takes so much of chakra from Naruto and it is not as fast as Kirin, meaning Minato could very easily teleport to safety – which also means surprise attacks don’t work.

    @Summoning and Sage: From previous discussion, we can neglect summoning WLOG. As for Minato in sage mode with the two frogs, I would say that is kind of cheating and the two frogs will not comply for the same reason as summoning. So let’s leave this aspect as well.

    @Wits: Kage bunshin vs Kage: Without further info, I am inclined to say they are even.

    @Kyuubi: Some mentioned the Shiki Fuuin seal. It is actually not necessary, for Minato created the seal, so he just needs to twick it back if needed.

    @Speed: sage mode is clearly quicker than a throwing kunai. But previously scattered kunai could give minato a speed boost. However as Tenrai said, naruto could trick minato with henged kunai.

    @Other: There may be ways to mark the ground and have the marks move (like Shikamaru’s shadow) for Minato, and there is the sage-kyuubi mode for Naruto. But we don’t know either much (at all), they shouldn’t count.

    Yep, so I say it is a draw. But give Naruto credit to match the coolest Hokage!

  30. Naruto is fairly overrated in this contest,
    i pretty damn sure that Minato, the 3rd hokage, jiraiya, Itachi all can pretty much handle naruto and kick his bumms.
    Naruto should be somehwere around 6th or 5th at top.
    Why? You all say but if Naruto uses the Kyuubi he can pwn em first of all he cant use the kyuubi on demand. it only “awakens” when hes angry. He cant control the kyuubi at all. The only reason i believe jiraiya was hit by the 4th tail kyubi was because he was caught of guard. If naruto fully transforms to 9 tail kyuubi he cant come back anymore so its actually not Naruto anymore but the kyuubi itself, even beyond 4 tails Naruto has zero control and if it isnt for Yamato the Kyuubi would break loose.
    Now in my defense for saying the 3rd could beat Naruto. Watch the fight between him and Orochimaru and consider the fact he was very old age, ffs that man was called the god of all shinobi.

  31. @fearvano

    Actually, Naruto can access he power of the Kyuubi at will and he can go up to three tails without losing control. He has just been advised against it by both Jiraiya and Yamato.

    When he came back from training, Jiraiya told him “Not to use that power”, which indicates that Naruto can draw it out at will. He also drew it out during the chunin exams against Negi without getting angry or emotionally distraught, and even the Third mentioned his surprise that Naruto had learned to draw it out willingly.

    As for your statement that Naruto is underrated…

    Need I remind you he saved Konoha? Or that he took on all six of Pein’s bodies, a feat even Jiraiya couldn’t accomplish. Or perhaps I should mention that Zetsu said that he was probably more powerful than Sasuke (Who also surpassed Orochimaru). Everyone in Konoha also expects him to become Hokage.

    Then there is the fact that Fukusaku mentions that he surpassed those before him, being Jiraiya and Minato. There is also the fact that he attained a complete sage mode transformation with no flaws, which even Jiraiya couldn’t, he completed a technique the Fourth, Jiraiya and Kakashi couldn’t, he defeated Kakuzu with one attack and has access to the Kyuubi as well.

    Now, you may not personally think he is the strongest, which is a fair oppinion, but to say he is overrated is inaccurate. He has every right to be people’s favorite to win this competition, just as much as anyone else on that list. If you don’t think he is the strongest, that is fine, but it is only natural that others will and that notion is not far fetched or implausible.

  32. Naruto. We don’t even know if Minato ever learned sage mode.

    Besides, I could’ve sworn he did the body flicker technique in the battle with Pein, but seeing as I can’t find it, I’m most likely wrong.

  33. Looking over the manga again, I have quite a bit more appreciation for Hinata’s sacrifice.

    Part of me can’t help but wonder if that was the sacrifice that was supposed to be like Sakura’s death – what we seem to think (at least a few of us,) is supposed to do.

  34. @tenrai
    Sure Naruto saved Konoha which was a big achievement, and perhaps he can draw it out at will but not nearly as good as the 8 tails host can. He still loses control after 4 tails and without Yamato’s help thats suicide.
    Now lets look at it from this side, do you think Pein could ve captured Jiraiya alive? I’m pretty confident that pein couldnt he even mentioned that if Jiraiya knew his secret he couldnt have won.
    Naruto knew that secret (although it was a bit vague) Naruto still didnt stand a chance without using suicidal teqniques which he was veeery lucky to come out alive, pein could have finished of Naruto several times but he wanted to know what Naruto’s thoughts were on some things, and he didnt kill him because he had to capture naruto

    Now for sage mode yep he surpassed both jiraiya and Minato, its perfect but he cant use it with the frogs who are a valuable asset.
    Yes naruto perfected 1 jutsu dont forget that Jirayia had several very strong and deadly jutsus aswell, Kakashi allready has chidori, so having him complete rasengan aswell would be kind of weird.

    You say Sasuke surpassed Oro i agree he has now but in the fight which he won because Oro was almost dead, nah back then he wouldnt have stand a chance if Orochimaru was at full power.

    Yeh Naruto probably will become the strongest Nin in Konaho and the world and i agree he has alot of potential, Control of kyuubi, mayb then fusing with the little frogs, some teqs of Minato (teleportation justu etc.)
    but now in my opinion naruto shouldnt be in the top 3 of this ranking

  35. @fearvano and tenrai: Do we need Supertrek every time to come out and say the ranking is done and let’s just focus on Naruto vs Minato?

    [secretly appreciating their debate <..<]

  36. @fearvano

    Don’t missinterpret my post. I wasn’t trying to, in any way, prove to you that Naruto should be considered the strongest as I mentioned a couple of times. What I was just trying to get across is that he isn’t overrated.

    In other words, if people think he is the strongest in Konoha, there is nothing wrong with that and it isn’t far fetched either.

    As for your mention of him surpassing Jiraiya and Minato in “sage Mode” we don’t know that Minato had even learned sage mode. The toads bever mentioned it, hell they didn’t even think it, so the chances are, he didn’t learn it.

    In fact, so far as we know, he didn’t even train with the toads at all. The only reason Fukusaku offered Naruto training was in the honor of Jiraiya and that he was the destined child. I doubt the frogs just train anyone who signs their contract.

    My overall point is, people underrate him too much, if anything. Anytime Naruto is mentioned to be strong, someone ALWAYS comes up with an argument to try and bring him down. It really is irritating because he deserves more respect than that.

    He saves the village and yet still everyone doubts him. How sad…

    Does Kishi have to have him kill Madara before anyone admits how strong he is? You’d probably chalk that up to luck as well.

    P.S. Bee’s remarkable control is also attributed to the fact that his bijuu is actually cooperative. The Kyuubi is not. And being the most powerful Bijuu, he has a lot of pride and arrogence and he appears to be inherintly evil.

    If Bee had the Nine-tails, I doubt he would be able to control it. Naruto is the one who is believed will finally be able to control its power, and that is why it was entrusted to him.

    And Bee is also not a part of this argument. He is not a Konoha nin.

  37. I seem to have missed this whole thing….

    Hmm, I think the reason people grumble at Naruto being the village hero is just because of the manner it was done in. Without Jiraiyas info he had no chance, without the WHOLE village making pein waste chakra and taking deva pein out of the fight for the first part his chances were greatly slimmed, if he was to be killed the Naruto would have taken a chakra rod to the temple many times (I think its 3 but dont really remember) Without Hinata he wouldn’t have gone fox and got free and dare i say without pa frog he wouldn’t have such great up to date battle tactics though he is a summon so its allowed in my idea of a ‘fair’ ninja fight.
    Anyway with all that it just seems like a hollow victory…At least to me.

    Onto the debate and im siding with Minato too unfortunately. Last time i tried defending Raikage based purely on over whelming speed and 1 hit kos and Minato even trumps him! Therefore my choice is obvious. I wont make a debate post but will try to tidy some of the uncountered points from the previous post.

    Minato IS fast without FTG. I.e. Is quick at running too. He caught Kakashi who had a big head start and was using Chidori, a tech that you need to move so fast to use that you get tunnel vision.
    Naruto cannot control his cloak at all. He controlled the foxs chakra in the neji fight. But thats all! Thats just like extra batteries in a fight everyone has already accepted would end quickly. The cloak seems to be all fox though. Up to 3 tails and he is apparently sane but he tried attacking Kakashi and generally acts like a tool when they pop up.
    Oh yeah, he cant actually whip out the cloak on his own yet. Only steal some chakra.
    Naruto could use 1000 bushins or just 3 very still ones while in sage mode but either way is no good. First off, Naruto always sucks when he uses that many clones (Except briefly against gaara) Just look back. Kimimaro danced around and never got hit once, Kakashi was getting rid of them with taijutsu in the second bell test, One got chdorid with no effort by sasuke and Itachi took two out with kunai ffs! No one dies from kunai damn it!
    Minato has no problem FTGing around a swarm of nin as we know but he could just as easily move around at chidori speed while owning with his so-much-quicker-than-Naruto one-handad resengan.
    If Naruto was to sage mode then that would involve either preparation to have them somewhere safe while he carried a summoning scroll or for them just to sit down somewhere….Which is dumb. I dont see how Naruto could outpace the FTG to get to a hiding spot long enough to go sage. Seems silly to me.

    Finally i am a strong believer that Naruto has very little without sage mode. It is the truth whether Naruto supporters like it or not. He cant use FRS without owning his own hand so please dont use the Kakuzu argument. He also only gained the opportunity to go at deva path because of sage mode so that seems a little lame to me too. Remember why Kakashi had him learn FRS? Because he was no match for akatsuki. Oh snap! That means hes no match for S-rank shinobi without sage mode (In a broad sense) which he wouldn’t be able to get into.
    OK so the last one is an argument of my own…

  38. I going to end this debate in a few words.
    Naruto can’t beat Minato

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