Naruto Shippuuden 134- Banquet Invitation

Hey everyone, MsMandi here covering for Tenrai who is out for the week. First off I want to say last weeks episode had me bawling like a baby. This week however was an exciting set up for things to come…so let’s get on with it shall we?

This week we start off  with the 5 paths of pain that are left staring over the water where Jiraiya disappeared. Pein says that the legendary sennin is no more, and that if they hadn’t had their secret, they would not have won. Then quite suprisingly Pein says “Let us praise him as our teacher.” Now when he says that does he mean that he respected his teacher but he had to kill him anyways? What do you think?

Then Pein tells Zetsu that he can come out, and he pops out from a wall. Right away Zetsu starts having his multiple personality discussion. Saying that it took Pein awhile to kill Jiraiya, and his other personality say he was fighting Jiraiya….I almost expected him to slap the white side of his forhead and go DUH!!

Pein goes on to say that he is under orders from Madara to catch the Nine Tails and Zetsu says he’d love to see the Kyuubi get captured and wants to hang with Pein while he goes after Naruto. Black Zetsu gets all pissy and says no I wanna go watch another battle…dun dun dun…Whitey asks which one and well we jump to Team Hebi…so i’m pretty sure we all know what battle is coming up.

Anywho, Hebi minus Sauske are hanging out in the woods wondering if their leader is ok. They seem to think that the first Akatsuki hideout is where Itachi will be found. Suigestsu hints that Itachi might be stronger than Sauske, and Karin says there is no way. They talk about making a plan in case anything goes bad. Karin goes into obsessive, fangirl, protective mode and says she’s going in to check it out. Water boy goads Karin about her going overboard when it comes to Sauske, and she freaks out and calls him an idiot. Juugo sends his birdy friends off to watch for enemies….On a side note, does Juugo remind anyone else of Ace Ventura?

Meanwhile  Naruto’s kage bunshins are all off chasing the birds that are flying Sauske’s scent everywhere. Naruto gets depressed, Kiba and Saukura give him a pep talk and he increases the number of his clones. The Konoha 8 continue to look for Sauske and Sauske himself is checking out the Akatsuki hideout. Out of the darkness someone says “So you’ve come.” Sauske wants to know who is there and well…..Guess who?


Hi little brother! Come to kill me?


Yepperooni, it’s Itachi. The Uchihas have a nice brotherly discussion about how much Sauske hates him, we have a flashback of when little Sauske got smackdown by big bro then Sauske says his brother doesn’t know anything about him anymore. Then the younger Uchiha does a little quick running and catches Itachi with an interesting version of his Chidori.


Oooh fireworks! Oh wait no! It's chidori!


He goes on about his hatred and how it’s made him stronger…bla bla bla…Anyone else getting tired of hearing about Sauske’s hatred…cause I am.

Anywho, he releases the chidori and Itachi falls to the ground, blood dripping from his mouth. He compliments his brother on his strength, not something an evil bastard would usually do leaving Sauske looking more than a little bit stunned. Then the elder Uchiha who was apparently just a clone breaks up into a murder of crows….and yes, a murder is what you call a group of crows..don’t believe me? Go google it…Jeesh, there is no trust with you people is there…JK JK.


Now you see him, and now ya don't....


As the crows fly away Itachi tells Sauske to meet him at the Uchiha hideout alone, where they can settle the score once and for all. As crow feathers fall all around him the rest of his team runs up, worried. He bitches them out saying he told them to stay put. Water boy says they got worried cause Karin sensed another chakra. Sauske turns, and with determination in his eyes he tells them to move out.

At the Valley of the End, Madara sits and watches a hawk catch a poor little fishy. He comments that Sauske is coming along nicely, and wonders if he will emerge as a snake, or transform into a hawk…..Hebi…Taka….hmmmm.

Then we go back to team Hebi who is heading towards the hideout for the long awaited showdown. Karin comments about one chakra being all over the forest. Suigestsu asks if they should change course and Sauske says to ignore it. They forge ahead and guess who they run into….one of Naruto’s shadow clones! Oh m g this is the closest Naruto has been to his long lost friend in how long? Sauske busts out a chidori, making the clone go poof  but not before doing the trademark yelling of Sauske’s name. Karin wants to know wtf that was, and water boy tells her it was a clone. Sauske calls Naruto a pest and the light bulb flickers over Karins head. Multi-Shadown clones, the explanation of the chakra she’s been feeling.

Back at the Konoha 8 Naruto gets the info from his clone, and every switches direction to chase after Sauske. Hebi, running across rooftops get stopped by a familiar face. Our favorite fish boy, Nemo!!…..erm….Kisame


Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming


Kisame tells the team that only Sauske can go any further on Itachi’s orders. Sauske says ok but Karin says that he can’t. That they should take Kisame down together and continue on after Itachi. Kisame says that he has no intention of fighting but if they want to continue he will show no mercy.  Sauske tells Karin to stay, that it’s his vendetta and takes off. Suigetsu and Kisame have an exchange, apparently Kisame knew water boys bro . Suigestsu doesn’t wanna just stand around and wait for Sauske, so he asks Kisame if they can spar. Kisame agrees but Jugo and Karin tell Suigetsu not to be stupid and follow Sauske’s orders.

All the while Naruto and the rest of the Konoha nin are on their tail, that is until…..




Up pops Madara, acting as Tobi, scaring the crap out of Naruto and causing him to fall on his booty. He is recognized as a member of the Akatsuki….oh if they only knew. They stand there analyzing him, and Madara looks at Naruto who is smiling…from being comes a shadow clone and passes right thru the Akatsuki member.

We jump back to Suigetsu who is playing with Kisame. Karin get pissed and Jugo tells her it’s ok cause there is no one coming according to his birdy friends. Then Karin notices that the Konoha nin have stopped chasing them.

Back to Naruto trying so hard to get at Madara, but gets punched in the face for his troubles. Hinata goes OMG and Sakura tells her to chillax. Madara wants to know what game they want to play and Naruto tells him that they don’t have time. They attack Madara with Formation B which consists of Sakura throwing Naruto into the air as a distraction while Sakura, Kiba and Akamaru attack in different directions. Except turns out, the Naruto tossing bit was really a distraction from the distraction of the attack as Naruto busts out a Rasengan and pounds Madara into the tree. Here we get to see some of Madara’s jutsu work as he sinks into the tree right before Narutos impact and popping back out as the dust clears. Then he goes off to intercept Kakashi. Kakashi tells them to seperate and go after Sauske but Madara uses his jutsu to stop everyone, looking alot like that game Whack-A-Mole that they used to have at Chuck E. Cheese. And then to reinforce it he actually names it that….*facepalm*


Whack-a-Mole, the best stress reliever ever


They regather and try to figure out what to do next. They decide to go with Formation A and then it jumps back to Sauske who is on his way to face his brother.


And that everyone concludes this weeks Naruto breakdown, I hope you liked it. Come back next week when Tenrai returns with his awesomeness breakdowns. Have fun and answer the poll before ya go!


~ by Miranda on November 9, 2009.

43 Responses to “Naruto Shippuuden 134- Banquet Invitation”



  3. Awesome breakdown Mandi!!! Glad to see things are coming to life in the animated series. ^__^

  4. LOL, whack-a-mole jutsu sounds like something Luffy would name an attack to fit the appropriate situation. XD Tobi is so awesome.

    Great job on the breakdown and thanks for covering for Tenrai while he was out. ^(0_0)^

    Sasuke’s emo whining can be tiring but it’s been his number one driving force since day 1, the hate for his brother. As it’s been festering for nearly most of his life it’s no surprise it’s always in his thoughts and words. I understand why he speaks about it every now and then.

    As for the next episode man I hope they get right to the Sasuke vs. Itachi fight. It’s more of a confrontation before it turns into a fight though. A loooot of talking, mind games, and flashbacks. Oh joy…-_-

  5. 4th!!!!!!!!

  6. If I had a mickle for everytime Sasugay said he was gonna kill itachi I would be rich $_$! I can’t wait to c the reaction naruto makes when he finds out about jiriya :'(.

  7. I just wanted to point something out from this latest episode of Naruto, look at Madara’s right eye.

    It’s a regular undamaged sharingan like these two have.

    Look at Danzou’s eye.

    He said himself it was damaged and you can tell by the fact that his sclera (the white part of the eye) is completely black instead of white. Of course it could have been just a mistake on the animators part for this latest episode. For all the Danzou = Madara theorists you still have this…

    But the sclera looks like it’s covered in the shadow of his mask. 😉

    And besides that…OMG, did you see how cute and sexy Hinata was in her outfit at the end of the episode!? Naruto’s an idiot that would have sure cheered me up! >_<

  8. SIXTH!!!!!!

    Nice breakdown! This episode exhibited more skills from our top nins than that of the manga.

  9. Hmm, I think that this breakdown was rather boring. I mean, it was just a summary, you only wrote “Then he said this, then he did that, then he said this and that. And then, and then, and then…” Pretty boring.

  10. @aerisa *sarcasm* I am soooo sorry that you didn’t like my breakdown, I feel soooooo terrible *sarcasm*


    Look, i’m just filling in for Tenrai who is sick as all hell right now. Flat out, I don’t care if you liked it or not. I was just filling in for a friend. If you’ve got a problem you can bite me…..Now have a nice day….

  11. lol @ Ms. Mandi. I so expected that!
    @ aeris85: couldn’t you have avoided that by just not saying anything?

  12. @Aeris85: I suggest the next time to try to critique a post you offer constructive criticism to help the author improve, instead of what just did there. It was rather rude. If it was just an opinion then that’s fine but like Truepain says.

    If you have nothing good to say then don’t say it at all.

  13. @ super: lol are we in a disney film or something here? teaching him a morale lesson? if so, then i only have one piece of advice for Aeris:

    Let your conscience be your guide.

  14. @E1asticatedninja: Hmmmm…that’s a good one but nothing can beat this…

    @Aeris85: “Wax on, right hand. Wax off, left hand. Wax on, wax off. Breathe in through nose, out the mouth. Wax on, wax off. Don’t forget to breathe, very important.” (Mr. Miyagi may he R.I.P)

    @Anyone: Lol, alright that’s enough of that. How about we talk about the Naruto episode again, like when Tobi made the Leaf Ninja look like complete noobs, or about how awesome Sasuke is? Maybe you all are just to hateful to admit it Sasuke’s coolness…hateful…sounds familiar? 😉

  15. I can admit that Sauske is pretty badass, with the snakes and all….even if he is an annoying bastard.

  16. Annoying emo Ms.Mandi. We dont want him going on a rant because we addressed him by an improper title now, do we? 😉

  17. ok annoying emo bastard…how’s that?

  18. Sounds good to me. Personally I cant wait to see Sasuke get his ass handed to him.

  19. im just gonna call it right now, looking at the preview i think that they are gonna do a recap episode that goes over all the itachi Sasuke stuff and ends right here:
    i hope not though because id like to see itachi vs Sasuke, but the preview shows all flashbacks so…..

  20. A lot of people said “If you don’t have anything to say, then don’t say anything.
    1. So you prefer your “FIIIIIIIIIRST, SECOOOOOND, 4THHHHHH!” posts, yeah? Oh yeah, they are SO much more meaningful…
    2. In my opinion, the breakdown itself deserved the “if you don’t have anything to say, then don’t say anything.” As I already said, it was juts a summary with “then he said this, then he said that, and then, and then…”. No interpretation, no deeper meaning, no analysis. I really loved iareawesomeness, I was sad to hear that he had to stop, and I was happy to read that other people continued with weareawesomeness. I was used to either funny, brilliant, meaningful, analytic or just entertaining breakdowns, and – I am really sorry, I mean this, that I didn’t write “the long version” of my opinion in my first post, to you, Ms. Mandi – this breakdown was none of the above. I do NOT think that one of you writers HAS to write a definitely great and perfect breakdown for EACH episode or manga, and is forced to do so. I mean, if there is nothing to analyse, then there is simply nothing, and nobody can change it. But if one is writing a breakdown and he or she reads it afterwards, realizing that he or she actually didn’t write anything but a summary, I think that it would be better and more responsible not to post the breakdown at all. …maybe a little explanation of this as well, and the polls, they are always great.
    But in order to keep the (to me) fabulous reputation of WRA, I would not have posted a breakdown that isn’t a breakdown but a summary. If someone forces you to write something, simply ANYTHING, doesn’t matter if great or boring, that’s sad and I wished you all could do something about it.

  21. @Aeris85: I can understand your adverse reaction as you were undoubtedly jumped in the comments section for your first response. Like I said before it was just rude and that fact hasn’t changed, but I can see where you’re coming from now. You didn’t like it because you saw it as a summary and not a breakdown. That’s fine we won’t argue over opinions.

    I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy the post but please don’t mistake the authors on the site as being forced to write their posts. Each job is completely voluntary and done at the users own will, and MsMandi asked if she could do this post. She put a lot of hard work into it and others enjoyed it which goes to show it’s just a mere matter of opinion/preference right?

    That’s all really…your second post was definitely much more constructive than the first one. I must ask though, what kind of reaction did you expect from the author and the commentators of the blog after you wrote and posted your first comment? o_O

  22. @aeris85

    I can understand if you feel that a breakdown could have been improved in some way, but I don’t think you took the response directed to you in the right way, nor do I think that these exchanges are necessary on anyone’s part.

    You are entitled to you opinion as much as anyone else, of course, but there is a difference between constructive criticism and complaining.

    If you feel something wasn’t up to scratch, then offer meaningful advice to the author to help them improve. If the issue is addressed with respect, then the author will notice that effort and feel more inclined to listen and act on it.

    It is through this process that we all learn and grow the right way.

    If you just address the situation too bluntly, on the other hand, the author will take it as a personal insult and the situation we have here will occur as a result. It doesn’t matter if you are right or wrong, but I think the outcome is predictable in any case.

    No-one likes being told they are not good enough.

    Now I am not going to tell you if your opinion was correct or not, because at the end of the day, it is your opinion and you are entitled to it.

    All I can ask is for everyone to please calm down a bit and treat each other with a bit more dignity and respect. The last thing we want to do is spoil our community with the kind of animosity that could have otherwise easily been avoided.

    Please guys, we are the ones who decide how this community grows and how comfortable we all feel. Lets not pull it apart from the inside.

  23. I also want to say thanks to Mandi for covering for me while I have been sick.

    I am sorry that this kind of scenario has to rear its ugly head and I hope it hasn’t caused too any problems.

    I seem to cause enough as it is. X__X

  24. We have the same train of thought going on here Tenrai. Have you been reading my mind again? @_@

    Ahem…back to Naruto Shippuuden. Danzou doesn’t = Madara. ^(0_0)^ That’s all I got I ran out of ideas. >_<

  25. *Hits super on the head with an anvil to help increase the blood flow to his space vacu… *cough* I mean, brain*

    Anyway, if Danzou was Madara, why would they show us Danzou’s thoughts (when he thinks to himself during the meeting) when they are clearly contrasting against Madara’s own.

    I don’t think Madara would think to himself to fool the readers. -___-

    There is also the fact that he is trying to escape pursuit by running away, when all he would have needed to do was space warp himself and his subordinates wherever they needed to go.

    Need any more evidence? O__O

  26. Yes, I fully agree which is why I said, “Danzou doesn’t = Madara.”

    Oi, now put that thing away you should be in bed resting. >(0_0)>

    *takes anvil away and accidentally drops it on Tenrai’s foot* X_x

  27. great breakdown mandi ^^ . just telling those who dont already know , my net is dead thats why im not here X_X

  28. *Bumps into invisible person because Ahsan is ‘not there’.*


  29. @Ahsan: I was just thinking about it yesterday…

    @everyone: just checked wikipedia, turns there will not be an episode this week. Instead there will be a double header next week.

    @aeris: I actually don’t know what the point is saying “First” etc, except that it is fun 🙂

  30. @Aeris85: I am sorry you didn’t like my breakdown…but you seem to be the only one. But that is the way of the world unfourtunately. C’est la vie. I will warn you however, that if you do not like my writing style, be sure to NOT check my Bleach breakdowns when the filler is over. Because you make a comment like that in my spot, i’ll simply delete it.

  31. Anywho, yeah Madara isn’t Danzo…which is too bad…cause if he was and he got killed, you’d be killing two birds with one stone so to say.

  32. this really is something we have rarely brought up before, other than aeris’ and mudmathie’s posts. makes me laugh though… FFFIIIIIIRRRRRRRSSSSSSTTTTT!! but it is quite.. fun/funny

    but uh… just for the record.


  33. i like my avi 😀

    suits me

  34. as soon as i comment, every1 shuts up.

    its iight . i c


  35. No need to threaten me with the deletion of comments, Ms Mandi. Plus, I don’t read/watch Bleach.

  36. I kind of enjoyed this breakdown. Awesomeness. :O

    Hey, anybody else ever stay after the preview for next week’s episode and see if there are any extra scenes and stuff? :O I rather enjoyed this week’s extra episode. ^,^ Well, extra bit. XD It was about milestones, and how apparently Naruto isn’t in any of the milestone episodes. :O To be honest I never, ever noticed that. <,<

    Not even sure if it's true because of that. :O

    I think we get to see how much Sakura knows what Naruto can and can't handle, considering she doesn't bother him with asking if he's alright once he gets up out of the water.

    I like how Sakura threw Naruto in the air. X3 Even if Sakura dies, I'll always be a NaruSaku fan at heart, most likely. :O I hope she doesn't die. 😦

  37. aeris, thank god for small miracles….oh and that wasn’t a threat dear heart…that was a promise

  38. karin is a weak ass girl thinking suigetsu and kisame are going at it seriusly. @holydemonnandy: me too he looks like a human shuriken. also cant wait for the fight to start its going to look great in the anime. @super,tenrai: sorry for draging this on but i my self didint post here not because i didint like the breakdown but the chapter it self both anime and manga was boring to me. not too much to stract from it. @aeri85:dude its superfun to post your place on the coments at least up to ten then,ecept for cannon lol thirty first.

  39. @ms.mandi:i sertenly dont wanna mess with you lol just kiding

  40. @angry people

    I think it’s time for everyone to calm down. To be honest, this exchange is becoming a bit overly drawn out and there is no need for fighting on the blog.

    Now the only question is, who is going to be the better person and call it off decently?

    I wonder…

  41. *Calls it off.*


  42. Quote: “I will warn you however…”
    Later: “oh and that wasn’t a threat dear heart…that was a promise”
    Would you please stop kidding and twitting me? And don’t say you aren’t kidding me, with this “dear heart” and “miracle” stuff and so on. Unless you prefer to treat your readers like this after they apologized and admitted having made a mistake.

    Tenrai Senshi, I read your wish to call it off decently, but I do not think that it’s fair to attack me with these snotty remarks.

  43. Lol, alright this has been done and over with for a while now. I’ll apologize to you, Aeris, in the place of Ms.Mandi. The way I see it you both should sit down with each other over a cup of tea and become the best of friends. XD You both made comments to carry this exchange on for far to long and I’ll just have to end it here. >(~_~)<

    Anymore comments relating to the previous exchange will be promptly deleted, no excuses and no exceptions. I won't listen to any complaining either. If you all want to argue go over to chat or something. -_- Now can we get back to Naruto please? 😉

    Wack-A-Mole Jutsu dammit!!! ^(>_<)^

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