Winners Of Picture Editing Fun With Sakura And Naruto Contest! ^(^_^)^

Yosh, here are the results from last week’s picture editing contest with Sakura. Thank you for all the awesome pictures and very hilarious situations you all submitted here. As promised because of all the cool entries I will be displaying all of them regardless of place. The top 3 pictures will be announced at the bottom. Enjoy! ^_^

Supertrek89 _________________Dave Chappelle Reference Award_______________


BBgurly14____________________Sakura Name Calling Award_____________________


E1asticatedninja______________Movie Reference Award_______________________


Penny_______________________Most Picture Entries Award____________________





Ms.Mandi_________________Most Cruel To Sakura Award (Lol)__________________


Jdizzlex212__________Kanye West’s Infamous Speech Reference Award_________


Doomien______________________Perviness Award______________________________



Shinobimadness____________Hilarious Sakura Bashing Award_____________________





And now coming in thirrrrrd place an entry that had me LOL for at least a minute…E1ASTICATEDNINJA!!!



Now these last two entries went above and beyond the rest adding coloring to their picture on top of hilarity. For his hard work sweeping up the competition and taking 2nd place is TENRAI SENSHI with his awesome coloring rendition!



*Drumroll* …and now taking 1st place this entry had me ROTFLOL. With another awesome color entry it’s LOUSYTV!


And that concludes the Picture Editing Contest! Thanks once again to all those who participated. All the pictures were freaking hilarious and provided a lot of different angles to bash Saukra from. Though that wasn’t the purpose of this contest but instead just to have fun…ahem…right… Of course I’m just one man that judged this contest. Let me know what you all think.

If you have a problems with any of the links to the pictures please let me know in the comments section so I can fix them.

~ by supertrek89 on November 8, 2009.

16 Responses to “Winners Of Picture Editing Fun With Sakura And Naruto Contest! ^(^_^)^”

  1. FIRST!!!

  2. Doomien’S entry: take the threesome deal naruto!!! take it!!!

  3. i made top 5 here and there…lmao i think everyones was awesome… we should do this more often it was fun…tenrai’s coloring was pretty dead on… (how did you do that so efficiently?)

  4. Very funny entries!!
    Congratulations Lousytv!!

  5. Well done Lousytv, I think we should have things like this more often. It was definitely interesting.


    With a great deal of effort. You would actually laugh if you saw the process, because at first it looks like someone spilled paint. X__X

    It takes a lot of back and forth work, and only once everything is set to the general colour, do I edit the shadows, tweak the saturation, use filters if necessary and add lighting if the scene allows it.

  6. WTF I made 5th? WOOT!!!! Gay saruka FTW!
    Congrats to all, especially Tenrai and lousytv those were great entries. Like shinobi i want to know how do you guys do the coloring? XD

  7. Well, there aren’t any placings under 3rd place (4th, 5th, 6th, etc… don’t exist). The order in which the pictures are posted up there (besides 3rd, 2nd, and 1st) is just the order in which they were submitted onto the blog. That’s why I gave everyone awards who didn’t make 3rd place and up. ^(0_0)^

    Lol, and I thought the awards were a funny idea.

  8. YEAAAAAAHHHHH BABY!!! My first winning entry in wra! Thanks super! Thanks guys! *sobs*

    This piece just came up to me and I experimented on the coloring part, hoping to give the scene another dimension, and I too was surprised of how it turned out.

    I hope we’ll have many of this in the future as this gets our creative juices flowing. 😉

  9. Yeah! third place for going old school with IRA jokes!!! W007!!!

  10. Cool. Is this contest gona happen with every new chapter? Or is this just a one time thing only?

    I wanted to be in the next one 🙂

  11. Whoops my bad.(Holds the perviness award with dignity, but at the same time wonders why it has Jaraiya with every female naruto charater on it?)@_@

  12. Continuing something like this on a weekly basis is a good idea, but this contest was more of a one time thing. It’s basically a bubble contest just on a larger scale and Sakura needed a bashing on a large scale, so I came up with this specifically for her. We already have bubble/caption contests over on the breakdowns so a post like this would just overlap.

    I have some other ideas though for fun weekly posts, but I need some feedback from anyone if possible. One of those ideas is a weekly crossover debate. I’m not a big fan of crossover debates but I know many others are. Examples:

    Aokiji (One Piece) vs. Toshirou (Bleach) vs. Grey (Fairy Tail) vs. Haku (Naruto)

    Ace (One Piece) vs. Yamato (Bleach) vs. Natsu (Fairy Tail) vs. Roy Mustang (FMA)

    Killer Bee (Naruto) vs. Kenpachi (Bleach) vs. Zoro (One Piece) vs. Erza (Fairy Tail) vs. Bradley (FMA)

    And of course

    Naruto (Naruto -_-) vs. Luffy (One Piece) vs. Ichigo (Bleach) vs. Natsu (Fairy Tail) vs. Edward (FMA)

    oh and a bad guy theme.

    Madara (Naruto) vs. Blackbeard (One Piece) vs. Aizen (Bleach) vs. Father (FMA)

    Also one on one debates can be fathomed…

    Sorry I don’t know many FMA and Soul Eater characters as I’m still in the process of catching up on those manga. >_< Any other matchups you all can come up with or you all can expand on the above matchups. What I would do for each debate is give a good list of each character's powers and abilities for those who haven't read the manga and to remind those who have read the manga. Of course the con of such a post is the fact that not everyone reads these manga and would be at a disadvantage in debates.

    Well that's one of my more developed ideas. Let me know what you all think and if you all want to continue this contest post then sure we can. It's your community and the users get what they want. ^^

  13. @supertrek89

    Crossover debates are never very fair, because you are matching characters against each other that exist in universes and pertain to different laws of existance.

    And, as you mentioned, not everyone reads all of those manga, or watches those anime, so they would be debating for their favourite anime character, without actually knowing what they are debating against.

    Eventually it would devolve into an argument based on favouritism in some cases.

  14. Epic WIN! more than half of them were insanely hillarious lol

  15. @Tenrai: Yes, very good points which is all the reason I never liked crossover debates. I wish more people would read other manga besides Naruto on this site. T_T

    Now, to wait for any other feedback or maybe I should make an ideas post…o_O

  16. Unfortunately I didn’t laugh at any of them. XD But I don’t laugh much – and there were some I found to be amusing though.

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