Update #1 FMA 101 IS OUT!!!! FMA Manga 100: The Gate [to FMA Manga] is [Finally] Opened

FMA 101 IS OUT!!  Tune in for my review in the near future!!! Click here to view FMA 101.  Credit to OM.


Hey everyone,

So first off, my name’s Ron a.k.a broken1i and I will be trying to cover FMA manga as best as I can.  I am the creator of WoM which recently merged with WRA to bring you a wider range of delicacies.  😀   With that said, lets kick off the “dark horse” of all mangas and rise to manga supremacy.  Who’s with me?!  Together we will rise to the top of the front page and bring down naruto, bleach, and all that other fancy stuff.  Ok, so maybe I’m being a little too optimistic, but who’s to say we can’t?  Credit to VioTanequil for the awesome Riza Hawkeye picture.  Be sure to check out the whole chapter on One Manga if you’ve yet to read it.

00The big 100!  Alrighttt!  That’s 100, 40+ page chapters you’ve read.  I mean c’mon, don’t you feel good about yourselves?…Well I definitely feel accomplished.  Oh yeah!.. Alright!!…*absolute silence*…T_T.  In all seriousness, congrats to Hiromu Arakawa for coming up with one of the best mangas ever.  Makes you wonder if the end is near?

Personally, I think we’re close.  With all the  dramatic/heroic deaths going on I can’t help but think this is almost the end.  This puts me out of the job which I just received which sucks.  Be sure to vote and share your thoughts in the comments section after all is said and done.


What’s happening?!  Nothing too crazy.  Same old same old.  It’s partly cloudy with a Greedlin fighting Bradley and a slight chance of thunder storms beside the crushed bodies of Fu and Buccaneer.  Love the blood smudges by the way.  If you recall, Buccaneer put his last efforts in trying to kill Bradley by stealthily stabbing Fu in the chest thus piercing Bradley in the liver area.  So much for drinking wine eh?  Bradley survived as usual and continued fighting Greedlin as indicated by the panel above.

On a side note, I must say that Fu got ****ed up in the last chapter.  Not only did he get sliced and diced by Bradley, the bombs around his body set off, and he was immediately stabbed by Buccaneer to put icing on the cake.  Pure awesomeness.  On a more relevant token, unlike other homunculus, Bradley didn’t regenerate his wounds like the “true” homunculus did in past chapters (excluding Lin).  His human side is increasingly being exposed as the battle rages on.  Kinda makes you wonder if his humane side may call out to him at some point.  Let’s say his wife finds out the truth about him and his human side kicks in.  Is there any possibility that he would betray “Father”?

Honestly, I think there’s that possibility that he’ll go for it given that Father has no more use for any of the Homunculus really.


So the battle continues and Bradley literally tries to throw Greedlin off Central’s main base in hopes that he would sink into the water and drown.  I don’t even know if that’s true to be honest.  That’s what I’d hope for if I were throwing my opponent into a deep pool. *muahahaha now you must drown!*  Anyhow, his move backfires leaving him in quite a bind.  Fast forward to when Lan Fan grabs Lin’s arm and calls the Briggs soldiers for help.

This part, in particular, managed to make me laugh a little just because the Briggs soldier came over to help and immediately saw Bradley and decided to shoot him. “Woah it’s Bradley! Must shoot.”  No hesitation whatsoever. Love it!  Prior to calling the soldier for help, being the awesome subordinate Lan-Fan is, she goes to help her master.  Being the semi-jerk Greed is, he tells her to go help Fu and let him drop along with Bradley.  The tear she sheds on his face after declaring Fu’s death seemingly reverts Greed back into Lin.  One of the many awesome dramatic effects Arakawa likes use.


After being shot, or so it seems, Bradley falls into the bottomless pool of water and coincidentally finds a “mario pipe” as he was sinking.  Expect me to use the words “as usual” and “Bradley” in the same sentence whenever it comes to him surviving.  For instance, Bradley survived as usual OR Bradley managed to escape as usual.  Who or what will it take to bring this dude down?  Being that he can’t heal at will I’m assuming that he doesn’t have much time left.

That being said, Bradley could be headed to one of two places.  He could work his way up to military headquarters to where the Armstrongs currently reside OR he could to take a trip to Laboratory #3 and meet up with Mustang, Riza and Scar.  I personally think he’ll go to Lab #3.  Why?  If you remember from a distant previous chapter, Bradley said he would make Mustang open the gate.  Arakawa is not someone to forget a detail like that.  I’ll elaborate once we get there.


With his last breath, Buccaneer asks Lin to guard the entrance to Central as his dying wish.  Lin goes berserk and does everything in his power to guard the entrance to Central.  Was he successful?  Very.  Buccaneer died a happy soldier as he salutes for one last time.  😦


Al!  Wake up!  Ok, so Al seems to be sleeping but how?  He can’t sleep and he’s definitely not dead.  In fact, the transmutation circle on his armor looked fine to me.  We find out that Father intentionally transported Izumi, Ed, and Al to complete his ultimate plan which I still don’t get.  He semi-absorbed Hohenheim and rendered him powerless.  So that’s 4 sacrifices.  What do they all share in common?  They’ve seen the truth.  Oh but wait, there’s one missing?

Father’s ultimate plan has not been revealed so far or at least I can’t recall or find it in the manga anymore. >.> However we know that the homunculus aren’t really important to him or for this plan to succeed.  Also, there’s a time limit for executing this plan successfully, hence the eclipse, and they don’t have much time left since they’re forcing Mustang to open the gate…

6This takes us back to Lab #3 where Riza, Scar and Mustang are held down by the test subjects that failed to become fuhrers.  Roy is asked to open the gate being that he’s the fifth and final test subject.  He refuses knowing that human transmutation doesn’t work. So what happens?  One of those bastards slits Riza’s throat. WTF!!   Is this the end for Riza!?

Not quite, you see a few things could happen.  Mei can show up and heal her.  How?  No clue, but its a possibility.  Roy could perform a human transmutation.  Will it work?  Who knows, but I’m leaning towards no because one of the clearest messages Arakawa tries to send with all this is that you can’t bring back the dead because that’s just stepping into God’s domain.  This assuming that Riza dies of course.  What happens if he manages to pull off a human transmutation while she’s alive?  Let’s see.

Go back to chapter 53 when we learned that it’s impossible to transmute a dead being, but possible to transmute a living being.  Ed proved this when he was stuck in the fake Truth (Gluttony’s stomach) along with Lin and Envy.  There’s no question that Roy can do it I mean he has used human transmutational techniques to create a human dummy.  Remember, the one he torched like a jerk to make us believe Maria Ross was dead?  Unlike healing transmutation Mustang would have to pay the price for performing a human transmutation though.  I’ve heard LOTS of theories as to what he will lose.  The best one I’ve heard but can’t quite comprehend is the one about his heart.  This is quite fascinating actually, a friend, Pride Incarnate,  from mangahelpers came up with it.  Check it.

“Ed wanted to stand with his family so he lost his leg.

Al wanted to feel the warmth of his mother so he lost his entire body and therefore lost his way to feel.

And Izumi wanted her baby back and she lost the organs necessary for having more children.

And of course we all know that Roy loves Riza, his heart is hers.”

Honestly this freaked me out at first but then I realized Roy was needed as a  sacrifice so he’s kinda useless if he dies.  Brilliant theory nonetheless.  This brings me to my final theory and I apologize for bombarding you with so much stuff.  >.<

A philosopher’s stone?  But where?  Bradley…*gasp*  Like I said before, Bradley once said that he would make Roy open the gate.  Major props to whomever could find that chapter.  This is going to sound a little crazy but I want you to hear me out.

Suppose Bradley shows up and challenges Mustang to a fight with Riza’s life on the line.  If Roy wins. Bradley could possibly let him use his philosopher’s stone to heal Riza (a more humane Bradley which Arakawa has shown us glimpses of).  This causes a time frame in which Roy must defeat Bradley thus adding to the suspense and all before the eclipse takes place.  Roy uses the philosopher’s stone as payment for opening the gate and bam, he’s a full-grown sacrifice and ready to be shipped out to Father’s lair.  Ok my mind just exploded so I’m practically done here. LOL.

Ok I’m out of breath so I’m going to throw one last thing at ya.  PROMISE.  I forgot to mention that Pride is lurking around so Greedlin and Lan Fan better watch out.  They match up pretty well since Pride absorbed Kimblee so its two vs. two essentially.  Like I said before, Father’s plan isn’t quite clear but he has to be aiming for more than just a huge Philosopher’s stone.  Also think about how powerful Roy will become after he opens the gate.  Even without the gloves he could start whatever reaction with the air or ground to get a spark and move from there. If he gets that before coming across Bradley, I could finally stop using “as usual” and “Bradley” in the same sentence.

This concludes my first review on the site.  Be sure to share your opinions and ideas in the comments section.  We’re bringing FMA back!!!

Just curious as to which fma character you’d dress up as for Halloween.

If I missed any, just share them in the comments section.  Until next month my fellow readers! Adios.




~ by broken1i on November 8, 2009.

39 Responses to “Update #1 FMA 101 IS OUT!!!! FMA Manga 100: The Gate [to FMA Manga] is [Finally] Opened”


  2. SECOND!!!!!!!!!!

  3. YOSH!!! Awesome breakdown to start off your writing in WRA Broken1! 😀

    I must admit I haven’t fully caught up with the manga yet but I’m nearly halfway there (chapter 45) and am caught up with Brotherhood (anime). Lol, I think Bradley will betray Father because he’s human/humonculus and has all those mixed feelings going on inside of him. Besides he’s an awesome character with sweet sword work. I don’t want him to die. T_T

  4. third!!!!

  5. FOURTH!!!!

  6. Nice breakdown…

    But halloween O_O WTF man.
    Im not doing halloween!! 😉 , halloween is popular for kids and Americans..I want the option on that poll to not dress up at all lol 😛 :O 🙂

    Instead….i’ll be doing Holloween and become a hollow for the night 0_o

  7. Good Breakdown, even tho ive not read the manga for FMA i do enjoy the anime, any1 want to fill me in on recent events ???
    @SCHY: I agree on the halloween thing, but theres nothing wrong with getting free candy off people, even if you have to act like a kid ^^

  8. Good breakdown
    I think that no one remember that Ed did human transmutation on himself
    to heal a fatal wound so if riza isn’t dead yet
    then he can pay with a organ or life time

    P.S you should put these comments at the end of the pictures like everyone 😀

  9. @trek: After seeing the original anime series, I grew to like Bradley. He’s an awesome character and brings a lot to the series. It’d be awesome if he betrayed Father. XD

    @SCHY: Oh c’mon, Halloween is awesome. It’s the only day you can dress up like an idiot and nobody will poke fun at ya. As Dean said, candy is always an incentive.

    @secsuey: Great point indeed! Tbh, its hard to recall every significant moment which is why I’m glad different people remember different things. Oh and please elaborate on your P.S. note. 😀

    Awesome to hear from everyone.

  10. @broken1i: well the other people that do breakdown here put some funny commments at the end of the pictures that they use it make the breakdown a litle more interesing

    2 things more
    1)why is pride take soo long to come back?

    2)bradley make the anime fights sooooooooooooooooo awesome I can’t wait to see this one animated and (Al vs pride a kimble) 😀

  11. @secsuay: That’s a good question actually. Last time we saw him, he had absorbed Kimblee. I wouldn’t know where he’s at right now but he was no where near the city when we last saw him. That and its the day time so he won’t be able to travel as fast without there being shadows. Oh and the captions! I’ll be sure to throw those in on my next review. 😉

  12. @ broken1i ~ Ha yeah right! Whether its halloween or not, people including myself will just make fun of nearly any tool doing that stuff. Mwahaha 😀
    In fact, you’ll get made fun of less, by dressing up on something as random as pirate day, because at least its for a charitable cause. 😛

  13. @broken1i first gratz on ur first wra breakdown.
    I acctually reckon your friends idea is good but i doubt its the heart. He swore to riza that he would become the leader of the country. So perhaps as payment he loses part of his brain, the part that gives u confidence/ ability to lead. Just a theory but more likely then the bradley theory u offered i reckon. Feel free to pick at it and grind it to dust.

    jetpack out

  14. @SCHY: So you’d make fun of people wearing costumes on a costume holiday regardless? To be honest, I’d do it even if no candy were involved. 😉

    @jetpack: Thank you ^__^. You theory is def plausible although I think you’re implying that he’ll lose a memory/thought rather than a physical part of his body. I’m almost certain he’ll end up with mental problems if part of his brain was physically removed. 😛 That and the “Truth” wouldn’t have use for those thoughts because they’re practically useless to him. He lives in a hyperbolic time chamber after all. I totally agree with you that my Bradley theory is a bit farfetched but its the only place I can picture Bradley going to for now. >_> Great to hear from ya! 😀

  15. Not all costumes are that bad some are kinda badass. Not to mention that I wouldn’t mind seeing a realife winry or lust walking around 😀

    Check These out:

    – Alphonse

    -Ed and Al

    – Winry

    – Armstrong

  16. Nice to see you here Ron and great break down. The death of Fu last episode against Bradley was terribly Awesome. he fought his best and still couldn’t manage to get one good hit on Bradley. I LOVED the way they created a belated slash reaction on Fu’s body. It was pure genious and I can’t wait to see it on the Anime. GreedLin’s revenge was total bad Ass.

    I really don’t see that Mustang has much of a choice now but to use human transmutation. You would think however that he would have to have some knowlege on human transmutation to be able to do it without any practice. Although he has some other experice with human bodies he’s about to attempt something that he has never been done before.

    @secsuey: The difference between Mustang and Edward is that Ed has had experience using “life force” as energy. As a result he was able to use Human transmutation to heal wounds using his own life force as a sacrifice which seems to not need the use of the gate.


    Mustang without being able to do that has no choice but to open the gate. If you think about it though all he has to do to stop “father’s” plan is to not open the gate(and let riza die:( )
    Sounds simple right?

  17. Hey Manny!! Great to see ya. Lets not forget that Ed was able to do human transmutations on himself without having to pay the price because he had already opened the gate. Instead he used a portion of his life force as you alluded to. We don’t exactly know what would happen had Ed used human transmutation on himself before he used it on his mother. That is why I’m curious to see what Mustang will do. This is the first time we will possibly witness a first-timer perform a human transmutation on a live person other than the alchemist himself. I think Mustang will become a sacrifice regardless so he’s bound to open the gate. That and he’s not going to let Riza die as you said. What he gives in exchange for opening the gate is the one thing that blows my mind. Some people say an eye like he lost in the original series but I highly doubt it. Legs, arms, organs, and whole bodies have already been lost so I doubt those will be lost again. I’ll post some more when I get home.

  18. @ broken1i ~ Yeah i’d make fun of them. Just for the Lolz.

    Its fun to make fun of something funny lol 😀

  19. Whew! Very late, but glad I made it. ^^ Great breakdown! Thanks for taking over. I haven’t been on WRA in weeks.

    I love the theory about human transmutation, although I seriously doubt Father would let Roy die. Human sacrifices must be kept alive!… Until it’s time for them to die, of course. ^^;

    And I agree with the fact that this manga is probably nearing its ending. Basically, this is the point it’s always been working towards: the Big Bad Plot by The Big Bad Guy. It’s interesting though, seeing as this manga isn’t afraid of killing off its main characters. We’ll probably get a “Happy” ending, but there’ll be a lot of loss on the way.

  20. @dynamicentrance: Hey, glad to see you made it ^__^ The manga is ending but I’d give it about another volume’s worth of chapters before I lose my job. Before it ends however, I’d like to get some awesome discussions going with this site’s viewers.

    The story is built on equal exchange so for there to be a happy ending as you said, there’s going to be a whole lot of losses. That’s what I love about this manga. The suspense is truly awesomeness! I’d like the relationships to end in a happy manner although I know they won’t. Somebody’s gonna lose a limb or life when all is said and done. 😦

    Hope to hear from you and everyone else soon. Otherwise, I’ll be hiding in the cave till FMA 101 comes out. 😉

  21. just finish reading the fma manga up to date really awesome manga i was a little skeptic towards it cause i didint like how the first anime ended but its good to see its been redempt in a colosal way. good breakdown broken1i and i would dress up like al suit of armor would rock on my country on halloween (bulet proof)lol and im not really sure but i have to go with king bradley making mustang open the gate guess we have to wait and see

  22. ITS OUTT!

  23. good chapter an unspected turn and we go to the main act now that everythink is set more q’s in my mind but ill wait for the breakdown

  24. This is really disappointing cus I liked your breakdown
    but if it is going to come out weeks afthers the chapter release
    it don’t really worth it -.-

  25. Sorry dude, had to cover for a co-writer. I run a hectic schedule so filling in was about all I could do. I apologize to all the FMA fanatics.

  26. I hate that I haven’t read the Manga for it yet but just watching the anime seem like enough for me.

  27. http://view.thespectrum.net/series/fullmetal-alchemist-chapter-102.html

  28. ITS OUT

  29. wow awesome, you wont belive me, I red whole FMA in two days, its adicting…

  30. 102 is out 😀


  31. FMA needs to be covered more thoroughly here
    atleast more than bleach

  32. Yeap FMA is really exciting right now. It has reached climax in many areas.

  33. i started reading FMA a couple months ago and just caught up
    and it quickly became my favorite manga (use to be naruto)

  34. 102 is out 🙂

  35. i meant 103 😉 oops hehe

  36. wow awesome chapter, now Scar with that power will pwn Bradley for sure.

  37. I’ve been out for too long. SUP MANNY!! Review for chap 103 is in the works. Hmm, let’s try to get a huge discussion going for when it comes out. Take care peeps.

  38. OMG the end of FMA 104 is ridiculous.


    104 is out 😀

  39. YOSH!!! MUHAHAHAHA! I finally caught up! XD Such an epic chapter but WTH is going on with “Father” dragging ‘God’ down from the sky!? I’m confused as hell right now! >< But damn I don't care I'm just glad I caught up before the manga ended! 😀

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