ONE PIECE CHAPTER 564 IS OUT + 563 Breakdown! New Demotivational Poster Included! +_+

Here’s chapter 564 out early as hell! YOSH!!!

-One Piece 564 Spoiler Below-

caption-647002-20091010021535Artwork by CiaCiaChii

Here’s your long awaited spoiler for chapter 564. After a week break I felt a little weak in the knees and was tempted to look at it but I refused! >_< I think I can last another 2 days. 😉 Spoiler video by GreenOarrow and the script is apart of the video. No pictures in this one but it was out the earliest.

-One Piece 563 Breakdown Below-

YOSH!!! Welcome to another One Piece Chapter Breakdown WRA style! Let’s just get the bad news out of the way first. As we all know by now… Oda is grabbing us by the balls again and smacking them around for another week to do his “research”. For all the females out there don’t think you’re getting away so easily! Oda is grabbing you all by the tits and jostling them around for his own entertainment purposes, and don’t think you’re going to enjoy it! Ok, I understand he has a new family and a movie in the works coming out on December 12, 2009 in Japan. YOSH!!! (This movies going to be awesome) BUT, we want our manga dammit!!! T_T Obviously, Oda has his priorities straight when he takes care of his family first but what about our selfish needs to be entertained every week!? Do we, the internet community that reads his manga for free, not take priority anymore? XD Alright, the people who actually buy the manga may have a better say in this but hell, I can complain dammit…>_>

Btw, here’s a picture of Oda, his family, and the voice actors of the animated One Piece characters!

Oda, family, and crew!

Top Row: Brook - Sanji - Eiichiro Oda - Chiaki Inaba (Oda's wife) and the baby - Franky ~ Middle Row: Chopper - Nami - Zoro ~ Lower Row: Usopp - Luffy - Robin ~ Random baby in the front (Oda's future son-in-law?) O_O

For a picture without all the drawings all over it click here. Here’s this week’s AMV and BOPP!


I wonder what would happen if they fought again, Ace and Blackbeard, now that they know of each other’s ability. My money is on Blackbard you don’t mess with that. AMV by Shaokenx’s. Badass One Piece Picture by c0rkydawL because it’s true, bitches just don’t know! XD

Time for the breakdown! >(0_0)>

Pic 1

This is how Oda markets towards the girls! Get em' Chopper! KAWAII! *_*

Tony Tony Chopper starts us off emitting kawaiiness (It’s a word google it >_<) from atop a branch, sharing his favorite kind of candy, cotton candy, with a group of sparrows. I wonder if that’s the circular rainbow that rains candy in the background…maybe Chopper is getting closer to the Red Line! O_O

Pic 2

You gotta admit Whitebeard didn't even try to give a reaction. -_-

Heading towards our main story everyone is in utter shock at the fact that Whitebeard was stabbed, but that’s not the worst part. The worst part is the money he could have been saving by switching over to Geico…no wait…the worst part is that he was stabbed by his own nakama as the whole world watches on. I called it last week and I was right. Whitebeard couldn’t bring himself to hit one of his “sons” so it was Marco who jumped in there to take Squardo down. Marco asks Squardo to explain himself and this is basically what he says…

Pic 3

Talk about treachery...>_>

This entire war was a scam set up in order to reign in the 43 captains serving under Whitebeard’s command. After Ace was captured by the Marines Whitebeard cut a deal with Sengoku to get him back. All he had to do was trade the life of his nakamas. Again that would be all 43 captains working under him but the best part is that Whitebeard’s own unit wouldn’t be touched. Now THAT’s a good deal my good sir! Squardo feels further betrayed by the fact that Whitebeard took in and cared for the son of Gol D. Roger, the same man who wiped out his comrades in the past. Whitbeard was now grooming his son to become the next Pirate King and even made them befriend each other. *GASP* That bastard!

Pic 4

Focus and you'll see that they're actually man bear pigs! (South Park Reference) 😉

How is this all proven? Well, look who’s being attacked and who’s chilling his ass on the boat. Trapped by two gigantic ice walls on both sides and their rear blocked off by the advancing PXs (Human Weapons) the pirates have nowhere else to go but forward right into the Marines. Meanwhile, there’s Whitebeard looking down on them from his creepy whale face boat. His crew isn’t being harmed at all or even targeted. Suuuuspiccciooouuusss! I’m not the only one who thinks so either as the pirates look around and find themselves in that exact situation and start doubting the old man too. I just want to point out that this could have all been avoided if Whitebeard jumped into battle chapters ago like I told him to! >_< Then we come to the culprit of this situation, admiral Akainu!

Pic 5

Jack Nicholson FTW!!! XD

You know I never liked this man. He gave off an “I’m an asshole” vibe the second I saw him and my intuition was correct. He proved it further by cooking that poor marine…T_T The stunt he helps pull off here is just undeniable proof. Pulling Squardo aside in the middle of the war Akainu was the one who told him about the supposed deal Whitebeard made with Sengoku. He told Squardo if Akainu stabbed Whitebeard he might just be saved…yeah sure…-_- Remember how I said whatever Sengoku’s plan was it would give us a good insight into his character? Well, if Akainu is an asshole then Sengoku is a douchebag asshole full of…douchebaggery, as he was the mastermind behind this plan. To me Sengoku is overall worst than Akainu. I mean, who do you place the blame on more, the mastermind or the people taking orders? Hitler or the people running the concentration camps? Charles Manson or the people who killed for him?  Of course they’re all f**ktards but the main one is the man sitting at the head of the table.

Pic 6

You better wrap that speech up or you'll have the whole world think you betrayed your own nakama...ah, too late! >_<

I digress, this is a war and can we really blame Sengoku for relying on dirty tactics to fight pirates? We’ll get to that later. Squardo, after delivering that blow and explaining the situation to Whitebeard, the pirates, and the rest of the world STILL watching accepts that his fate is to die. He didn’t have a backup plan it seems it was just a suicide run for the sake of his nakama he felt Whitebeard had betrayed. Before Whitebeard could explain his side the world is cut off as the last visual is frozen, along with Buggy and his followers. XD Now the world is left to think this whole war was planned. This whole damn situtation is a tragedy no wonder Sengoku wanted visuals cut earlier.


Maybe next time Crocodile. I'm sure you'll get another chance to kill Whitebeard...>_>

Now here it gets really interesting when Crocodile gets pissed off at Whitebeard! Why? It’s not because he hasn’t killed him yet but because Whitebeard was hurt so easily. It seems the strongest man in the world isn’t living up to his hype…or his past self. He defeated Ace easily numerous times. He defeated Crocodile in the past and fought on equal footing with Gol D. Roger. How could one as himself be dealt such a serious blow so easily even by his own nakama? We find out old man Whitebeard…is sick! (or it’s just old age…>_>) We know old age pays a heavy role on characters here in One Piece when we saw Rayleigh get easily winded fighting with admiral Kizaru. Is Whitebeard really capable of fighting on par with the strongest of the marines?

Pic 8

Don't look down on this move it's actually Whitebeard's specialty!

Even with his grave wound Whitebeard stands tall and looks down at the man who stabbed him. What does he do? Does he smack the bitch around and make him yell uncle? No, he gets down on knee and using his free arm hugs the man he calls a son. The man who just a minute ago stabbed him through the stomach and called him a traitor who would sell out his nakama. Whitebeard does not seek retaliation against Squardo despite all of this. Oh boy…here comes the tears…T_T Ahem…when asked who turned his pure heart to one of hatred against his own father Sqaurdo answers Akainu. On a side note I believe Sengoku went to Akainu for this mission because he was the only one malicious enough to turn Squardo so easily. He strikes me as Sengoku’s go to guy for this kind of stuff.

Pic 9

Blood loss = property damage and the ramblings of an old man for Whitebeard. XD

Whitebeard understands the situation fully now. Using Squardo’s hate against Gol D. Roger Sengoku told Akainu to turn Squardo’s heart against Whitbeard and Ace. I just want to congradulate Zekks who in the comments section figured most of this out already as soon as the last chapter came out.

“All I know is that the reason Squardo did it is probably undoubtably something that he feels he got slighted by, by either Whitebeard or someone close to him. I mean, come on, he’s a minor character, these situations always end up with some stupid reason that a stupid person does something that is clearly not on the same level with what was done or perceived done to them.” (Zekks)

Good job Zekks but I wouldn’t call Squardo stupid…he’s just misguided. 😉 To Whitebeard’s surprise though why should Squardo hate Ace? Should the son take on the sins of his father? Most importantly though in Whitebeard’s eyes they’re all his family and sons should love each other…and not stab their father in the stomach…>_> Angered by Sengoku’s cunning plan Whitebeard quakes the two glacier walls blocking off the side exits on the sides proving that the so called deal between him and Sengoku was in all honesty…bullshit!

Pic 10

Eh, he said it himself. Yep, he's going to die...T_T

Fueling his rage he tells all pirates who wish to run that they may do so, but all those who wish to stay and fight throw their lives to the wind and follow him. Throw your lives to the wind huh…

Let me tell you all a secret…>_>

You ready…?

WHITEBEARD’S GOING TO DIE!!!! ^(0_0)^ Lol, I’ve been saying it for about a month now. Ever since he made his appearance I knew Whitebeard had to die for the continuation of this story and the next age of pirates. He’s bleeding out his mouth and stomach, he’s old and sick, and he just made a suicidal remark (“throw your lives to the wind”) Come on is it not obvious now? Now don’t get me wrong. I love Whitebeard’s character and I admire his personality. He’s an awesome guy and I’ll hate to see him go, but I believe he HAS to die. Maybe you all think differently…

That’s it for this week’s breakdown and here’s your demotivational poster. Comment, predict, and enjoy! 😀

Aokiji Poster

Prediction Contest And My Prediction! week. -_- We will see the near death of Whitebeard, perhaps another fatal wound but he won’t die immediately. He’ll die a couple chapters later after talking, making sure Ace is safe, and taking his last breaths. Luffy will get pumped up after seeing what the WG has done to Whitebeard and his nakamas and charge in again to save Ace. It’s going to be a full charged battle and the last push by the pirates, a do or die attempt, as they risk their lives to get Ace to safety. Sengoku will prep Ace for immeditate exectuion now that Whitebeard himself is on the charge. END! ^(0_0)^


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  1. FIRST!

  2. 2nd

  3. @everyone:before i comment about this breakdown…by the way 3rd, i was reading/watching the thriller bark arc lolz, and i noticed nami pull a hancock, or is hancock pulling a nami… anyways heres the pic..
    Nami in the bottom right corner..
    is nami being set up as one of the most beautiful women in the world?…

    Anyways awesome breakdown once again super… (oh and thanks.. i needed visual confirmation on what Oda looked like for my…”vacation” coming up) I see WB charging up there with Marco beside him and squardo left to himself. Some of the pirates begin retreating with the opening WB left for him and some say F*ck it and goes head on into the hq for more action. for some reason im think BB is gonna pop up now within the next few chapters. idk why, but its probably because of what shanks said about him coming for his title. if all the shibukai were to work together, they would be unstoppable which i think sengoku said…not sure. besides if BB takes out WB, wouldn’t thank make him a yonkou? he does want to have One Piece, and maybe become pirate king. that would also set him up for a fight with Luffy/Shanks in the future…

  4. by the way, i noticed that no one said anything about BB not being there…wouldn’t not showing up void his title?….hmm…

  5. WB you crusty old soft-hearted…! The man is not gonna die! Get mortally wounded and have to say goodbye to a life of piracy maybe, but no one we expect to die in OP really dies: Zeff, Dorry, Cobra, Bon Clay, Wyper and his crew, the Franky Family, Lola and the Risky Bros, Hatchi, etc. I don’t think Oda’s going to make an exception even now when all odds are stacked against the old warhorse whose time is passing, some miracle will happen. *cough*Luffy*cough*

    My real concern is for Captain Buggy and his crew!! Who’s going to thaw them out? I guess Marco might be able to with his flame powers, but then he’d risk killing them if he doesn’t do it carefully and let’s face it, he’s kind of got other things on his mind right now!

    Another thing that bugs me is Squardo’s grudge against Roger. Roger wiped out his entire crew: that’s pretty cold for a guy that’s said to have been a lot like Luffy. Could you imagine Luffy killing anyone, much less slaughtering an entire fleet?

    For the next chapter, I predict that all three admirals will simultaneously attack WB, but he’ll brush their attacks aside easily. His Division Commanders will all group around him try to break a path for him through the mass of Marines. Luffy will make some comment like, “Man that guy’s tough. I need to keep up.” and tell Jinbei and the WB pirates helping him that they need to help make a path to help WB get to the execution platform.

  6. @Shinobi: Lol, I hate to say it but Nami doesn’t compare to Boa. Nami’s young, beautiful, and has nice…assets but there’s something about Boa that you just can’t compete with. Maybe it’s the skimpy/beautiful outfit she wears. o_O

    Now don’t make Oda’s baby grow up in a house without a father. 😉 If you’re going to pay a visit to his house just aim for the legs not the anything above the waist. Especially not the hands! As for Blackbeard. Yeah, I definitely see him coming in and finishing off Whitebeard.

    @Elisha: Nooooeeeesssss, Whitebeard has to die don’t you see!? T_T It’s time for the new generation of pirates to take over and retirement just won’t cut it for Whitebeard. A man such as himself should die on the battlefield. Sure Rayleigh could retire but he wasn’t on par with Gol D. Roger and Whitebeard.

    I’m thinking Buggy will be thawed out in the comical way like after Ace gets free (after Whitebeard’s death) he heats up the area and Buggy thaws out. Well, that’s not so comical…>_>

    I think Luffy’s desire to be free is comparable to Gol D. Roger. Their personalities also has some similarities but that’s about it. Gol D. Roger was a traditional pirate to the core and killed to get where he was at. Luffy is much more lighthearted…and probably dumber as well. XD

  7. i have to agree with you super, i think whitebeard will die.i had a feeling when this fight started and im certain now that he has already taken a serious wound oda will break his rule and whitebeard will go out like a badass. im sure it will be sad and we will all cry manly tears (or if there are any female fans here then um…normal tears?). lol anyway, about Gol and luffy, maybe luffy neads to becoume a bit colder like Gol to becoume pirate king. i mean come on all of luffys enimes survive (except maybe arlong) and it irritates me. like in rougetown when luffy nearly died when buggy and whats her name (i cant remember the lady name!) came back. the only reason he survived that was because of a coincedental lightning bolt(or maybe not so coincedental if Dragon actually has storm powers). anyway great breakdown as always super!

  8. @everyone: i dont think gol was as cold as u guys think he was…sure he was a pirate to the core, however explain all those so called “silver medalist” back at impel down crocodile was talking about? I think Gol did things to upset alot of people leaving huge grudges like how Moria is agains luffy and the strawhats. If he did kill, and thats a big if, it was probably because the person was too dangerous to let them live because they would be come back for him/his crew…on aside note… anyone notice Usopp doesn’t use his kabuto think unless he’s worn the Sogeking mask…you’d think he’d use it whenever…

    @super: you know i couldn’t hurt Oda’s priceless hands. We’d all be in withdrawl for years…lol
    Boa does take the cake, however Nami in a few years could give her a run for her money if Usopp keeps making her weapons…lol

  9. great breakdown ones again super!
    yeh i agree with you wb has to die
    after that its gonna be OP with ppl not beeing immortal
    @ elisha yeh the Gol D roger slaughtering bothered me somewhat too,
    i doubt he was that kinda man tho something probably just happened,
    some sort of accident or setup.

    My prediction
    Wb will cut loose 2 out of 3 admirals will try to stop wb and have a tough time against him.
    while that happends luffy kicks through and is close to reaching the platform but either sengoku or someone else really strong stops him but theres no one close to saving him, it will end with Garp stopping sengoku in attacking luffy (crazy but i really hope that happends) :p

  10. Well it has been quite some time since I’ve appeared around here so lets begin:

    @Shinobi: Somehow I would imagine Black Beard appearing towards the conclusion of the battle. Mainly because he seems to want the position of the ‘Pirate King’ quite badly. But there is something I would like to point out on that too. Everyone is currently focused on the marine head-quarters and not on the rest of the world. So basically maybe his intensions are outside the base, he an easily take control when the world’s strongest marines and pirates are currently battling it out for the own human model-toasted! 😀

    my god people, way to gang up on White Beard! Jezz, he is sick but really, way to under estimate the worlds strongest pirate! Though I do have an image of him dying near the end, but I also picture Luffy trying to protect him too because he is someone Ace loves… White Beard posses an earthquake Devil fruit, which can indeed destroy the world if put into full action. So it would be difficult to take him down easily, which is one of the reasons the government fear his so much. Admirals would be f*cked going up against him one on one, so I can picture White Beard’s commanders themself fighting them. Such as the woman that is an ice breaker! 😉

    As for Gol, I doubt he was a bad guy. After all so many people sized Luffy up to be a bad guy and yet he isn’t. It is possible that he killed those crew members because they killed someone close to him. After all Shanks, Silver all respect him greatly and he dispatched his crew when he became ill. This could be an act of protection for them.

    Hmmm I am the only one who finds Garp and Gol original relationship to be somewhat similar to Luffy and Smoker’s now? I mean Smoker is willing to go to the end of the seas to capture Luffy just like Garp was…. Plus they both say ‘f*ck you’ to the rules.. pfft who needs rules?! hehe

    Luffy X Hancock is too funny because Luffy is too much of a baka to notice her calling him her ‘beloved’, i mean seriously he probably won’t realise until a week after after all this haha! 8)

    ………. *coughs awkwardly* Completed it in 3 weeks and 4 days teehehe! …. This means nothing!

  11. ah so much for the one piece hater :P. Whats next ur gonna take over supers breakdowns? hehe kidding =P,… u better not! O.o
    yeh i agree on the smoker – luffy relation although roger and garp were more in eachother age class, i can see that hate/love relation more between luffy and coby in the future although he needs to catch up to luffy quite a bit

  12. Hey who said i chanced my mind here? 😉 though i must admit the bit when Luffy pushed the Zoombie back into the ground shall always be a classic in my eyes hahaha 8) Oi do you honestly that I am the person to admit something like that? hehe, and no.. super can keep his position

    Coby catching up? maybe in a veeery long time, but right now Coby is the one sucking his thumb behind some building while Luffy is kicking ass…. But then again Luffy shortens his life span at a regular basis so Coby might have a chance yet 😦

  13. OMG, WHAT IS THIS I SEE BEFORE MY EYES!??! *rubs eyes frantically* IS IT ALREADY 2012? *checks calendar* No it isn’t, but yet I have an eerie feeling settling over me as if the world is about to end. Cookie has finally succumbed to following One Piece!? LMFAO!!! XD After all the bashing and hating on…ah, who cares I just have one question. Did you read it or watch it? Of course if you watched it you would have had to eventually read it to catch up. I hope that you watched it because the anime adds a lot of feeling and action to the manga. Plus you can hear ‘Bink’s Sake’ (Brook’s song). ^(0_0)^

    Alright now back to the manga. I do believe someone pointed out the relationship between Roger and Garp being similar to Luffy and Smoker in the past but I forget who. Though I must say for you to catch it so quickly is very attentive of you.

    Also I don’t think anyone here is saying Roger was a bad guy…but technically he was since he was a pirate. The pirates are supposed to be the bad guys in this manga. 😉 I think Luffy and Roger’s personalities are similar but the way they do things overall are different. Like Squardo said, Roger killed his entire crew and all his comrades in the past. I can see Roger doing that as the the most powerful and infamous pirate in the world. Luffy would never do that though. He’d kick their asses but let them live and run with their tails between their legs. Still, I don’t see Roger as a bad guy just because he killed other pirates. That’s what pirates do and competition is fierce in the New World. It’s just a way of life when you’re at the top and people are coming after you. Now if he ran around killing innocents like Kidd then that’s a different matter.

    And yes, Whitebeard is strong…very strong, but the severity of his condition has greatly weakened him where he can’t even dodge an attack he could have avoided easily in the past. I agree he can still do some major damage though.


    @Takashid: Yeah, that lighting strike wasn’t coincidental. It was most likely a pinpoint strike by Luffy’s father Monkey D. Dragon.

    @Shinobi: It’s like when Usopp dons the mask he goes up another level and gets to use his most powerful stuff. It’s like going Super Saiyan! XD Also, he first introduced the Kabuto slingshot when he had his mask on. If he were to use the same weapon without his mask on then that would blow his cover…for Luffy and Chopper. XD

    @Fear: I agree, I can see Garp helping out Luffy and Ace slyly and acting as if it was a mistake. He won’t do so though unless he’s absolutely sure they can escape. Him being cautious of being caught and caring about it is another matter though, lol.

  14. @ super: now that you bring it up super, what would it be like if garp and smoker ever met?…

    i still don’t believe rogers would kill based on the personality we’ve seen however i can believe him to be responsible since he’s the captain almost. but since its what squardo says ill go with it for the moment…
    *sigh*…and now we wait another week…AGAIN.. i think i’ll go watch naruto and bleach from the beginning in the mean time… *poofs*

  15. YOSH!!! This week’s episode was awesome and they mention Shiki the Golden Lion who’s the main antagonist in One Piece Movie 10 that’s coming out.

    Lol, and if you go to page 3 of the comments and scroll all the way down you can see Pumpkinbread’s comment demanding a HD link. XD

  16. personally i reckon flamingo has been weakening white beard maybe has one of the nurses under his pay cause if u look at

    one of the ivs has an upside down smiley and so far almost every thing that had that have been with flamigo(the slave house, binami-spring dude) who knows maybe i’m looking to much for foreshadowing lol

    jetpack out

  17. How old is Oda?
    No offense to him but or he’s like 20 or he’s kinda short.

    Btw, how old is Kishi?

  18. @dragonball: Why don’t you check out wikipedia?

  19. I also think WB will die but not by BB. BB is in impel down waiting to make his “big announcement” that will shake the world.

    ive guessed at what BB would say i had three thoughts of what it would be now the one that looks the best is the secret behind the world goverment 800 years ago(the reason ohara was wiped out). this would be a perfect time to tell everyone in the world as it would damage the marine rep even further.

    oh also the other thing BB could announce is if WB dies he will become the self proclaimed Pirate King

  20. @dragon average asian height is not the same as america they are shorter

  21. @Jetpack: Good eye, hear read the bottom of this or the whole article. It gives a better insight into what a Jolly Roger is and what smilies are.

    @Dragon: Oda was born January 1st, 1975 so 34 years old.

    @Senju: I don’t think there’s any media or den den mushi’s that can broadcast to the entire world from Impel Down. Unless, he somehow hacks into World Government’s airway connections from Impel Down to make his announcement I believe he’ll be heading over to Marineford where all the media is. We’ll see though he went to Impel Down for some reason.

    I think it was either to gather up Level 6 prisoners on his crew to make the strongest crew in the world or uncover a secret hidden in the depths of Impel Down.

    @Anyone: While Franky is gone…somewhere, would anyone like to take over the One Piece Anime Breakdowns and become a writer on WRA?

  22. There was a sentence that caught my attention. It was as WB was thinking to himself. As if raising one for the next gernation was enough. BOLD PREDITION: Crocodile is Whitebeard’s son either genetically or formarly in the same standing as Ace.

  23. @Kyouto
    That would be something crazy, but do u think WB would let croc do the crazy stuff he did with the baroque works?
    @super I thought the anime breakdowns were only temporarily because of the cover storys, whell it would be kool since we would get to see some more hancock kawainess 😛
    I also wonder when Oda will show what BB is planning will he do it after the war for Ace is over or will he show it during that?
    I personally think its gonna be during this war since everyone is all there toghether there now and it will even shock more (whatever the anouncement is)
    I still wonder who opened the Gates i expected it to be shown allready whoever opened it, I still refuse to believe its WB’s doing.

    I got some evil plan to stop Oda from taking breaks,..
    Lets take the annoyance (the baby) away from him untill he finishes One Piece *insert evil Laugh*
    or we could just threaten him with it =P

  24. @super well that article is right assuming the heart pirates have nothing to do with doflamingo for all we know they could be allied with him like the sprinng dude.

    and about the rundowns if frankies gone why don’t u have an audition like thing and have everyone who wants to do it send a rundown of the next chapter and pick the best.

    also i just had a thought at this current moment in time is everyones saying that the loss of the marines would destroy the world government as enemy what about that world noble power council i bet they end up becoming a major enemy and being absurdly strong.

    well thats another theorycrafting from me lol

    jetpack out

  25. About the anime breakdowns. I planned on them being a regular thing but since Franky isn’t here I guess only covering the cover stories will have to do. I’m just going to put the anime breakdowns on hiatus until I hear back from him. ^_^

    @Fear: Leave the little baby out of this! O_O Just threaten Oda! Lol, speaking of threatening Oda some woman was arrested for just that. Her husband was let go from an assistant job at Oda’s office so she threatened his life with hundreds of emails telling him to die. Then her crazy ass was arrested! XD

    Just a warning for you to be careful. 😉

    @Jet: If the marines lose here then the 6 nobles hold little to none power. Even if they’re super strong they’re nothing without their forces to back them up. Like a pirate captain of a ship who needs a strong crew to truly be a force to be reckoned with. What’s Luffy, Whitebeard, and even Blackbeard without their crews?

    It’s the same for the nobles. The marines battling at Marineford are apart of their crew. If the pirates win here they’ll hold the power to rule the world and set the rules. The nobles won’t be able to do a thing but lick their wounds and try to regather up their forces. Which is why I believe the pirates will save Ace and have to retreat unless they are all die. Same thing when the Strawhats went to rescue Robin. If they didn’t grab her and go they would have all been killed.

    In the end though I believe you’re right, in that the nobles will become major antagonists in the future and perhaps the last. We know so little about them besides the fact that they know the true history behind the World Government. It was also them that ordered Ohara destroyed so there’s really no forgiveness for that.

  26. But in the anime the cover stories of the manga havent been “covered” (if you will) yet. The “Straw Hat Seperation” Arc in the anime was chapters 523 and 524 of the manga just with more details.

  27. @Pumpkin: Yeah, that’s true. I actually wish they would have gone into a filler and covered the rest of the Strawhats more. The anime is getting dangerously close to the manga right now which can only mean a filler is coming up and very soon. Since most One Piece fillers blend smoothly in with anime (YAY ONE PIECE) I can only imagine the filler will have something to do with Impel Down. Maybe the heroic escape of Shiki the Golden Lion to tie in with the movie coming out soon. That’d be awesome!

    @Anyone: While browsing through the manga I noticed a few things. I was rereading the Enies Lobby Arc because it was so awesome, lol, and came across some interesting things.

    1. More similarities between Nico Robin and Nami. Not only did they both try to leave the crew at some point to deal with something in their past but look at this…

    and Nami…

    They both were caught up in terrible situations having to do with their relationship with their mothers. They both didn’t care if their relationship with their mothers got them in trouble. Though, for Belmeail (Nami’s mother) she never denied Nami as her daughter while Olvia (Robin’s mom) did initially deny Robin. It was for her own safety though. 😦

    Some other random things.. Mermaid Island being mentioned way far back.

    Then this blew my mind, I haven’t read this far back I must have forgotten all about it. Look what Yosaku says about Arlong.

    As strong as Jimbei!? Pffffffffft, like hell he is! Luffy whooped his ass without Gear Second! XD And Arlong’s bounty is only $20,000,000. Weak ass! >(0_0)>

    Ahem…even though Blackbeard doesn’t have a bounty and he’s strong as hell…>_>

  28. @super
    Im shocked aswell! Luffys drawings are awfull!
    yeh I wonder how someone can say Arlong is even near the strength of a shichibukai, but i guess that baka is just a idiot who doesnt know anything :P.

  29. Aw damn, no One Piece this week. I’m pretty eager to see what Whitebeard is gonna do to the Marines before he finally dies. Hopefully he’ll cause some serious damage to the them before the kicks the bucket.

    Here’s something I was thinking about. Do you guys think that all the division captains of Whitebeard’s crew are at the same level regarding power?

    @Super: That is pretty shocking…that part about Arlong being as strong as Jimbei, I mean. That can’t be right…probably a translation error or something.

  30. @Pickles: Nah, I think their strength is represented by what Division they are in command of. For instance Marco with the rarest type of DF in the world is commander of the 1st Division. Ace is 2nd, Jozu is 3rd, etc… The more you go down the weaker they probably get.

    This says something about Mihawk who is fighting on even ground with the 5th Division Commander, Vista. Maybe that’s why Jozu blocked Mihawk’s sword slash so easily because he was stronger than him…and because he’s made of diamond… Anyway, in the future I can see Zoro fighting Vista or Jozu, one or the other, not both. If he fights and beats Vista that’ll show he’s on even ground with Mihawk or at least near his level. If he fights and manages to beat Jozu, cutting through diamond, that may show he’s effectively surpassed Mihawk. O_O

  31. Dude. New one piece opening in the anime with Marineford Spoilers! Theyre haeding right into the Whitebeard War! They used scenes in the opening that came out in the manga only weeks ago!

  32. YOSH!!! That was an awesome opening they used a lot of the cover art they had in the manga. LMAO, and the episode was hilarious! Usopp running in slow motion had me on the floor laughing. XD

    With that said I had a feeling they’d go into fillers related to Shiki and here they are. Well, can we really consider it a filler if it’s related to the movie and the movie is possibly canon to the manga?

    Hmmm…even if they showed the war in the new opening I don’t see them getting to that in the anime for a while now. Afterall, Luffy just broke into Level 2 of Impel Down and now they’re covering a whole different story. All I can say is it’s good to see the rest of the Strawhats again. The filler is looking great let’s hope for the best! ^(0_0)^

  33. damn.. i missed WRA!!!
    its been a while but i was having comp problems…

    @super: well arlong did a lot of dirt, as well as paid that one marine to keep his bounty down etc,… i do believe however arlong is pretty strong,not truly jimbei’s level, but seeing as how he’s a merman and they already superhuman i could see where you could get that assumption.. also arlong was the strongest type of merman, while jimbei is a whale shark-ish..
    Zoro vs Jozu seems more likely because of what Daz Bones said back when he asked him what about cutting diamond… 😉

    i wonder if BB will be in the next chapter…ohh and …

    im still waiting for ONE PIECE TO COME OUT!!!!

  34. Hey hey, wasup everyone
    Missed out on the discussion for the last chapter.
    It was another awesome breakdown by supertrek.
    @ supertrek: Keep them coming man, you kick ass 😀

    I’m finding it hard to be patient for the next chapter seeing as the war is getting more and more intense. All the betrayal, two facing ( mostly from the marine top dogs *cough* Akainu *cough* and Sengoku hahahaha) crazy ass fights and polt twists and finally, Whitebeard going all out. This chapter is gonna be AMAZING. We finally get to see Whitebeard do more than just stand around or bend on one knee to hug someone hhahahaha. Other than that, he squats to use his ability.

    But anyway, in all WRA seriousness, this chapter should have a lot happening. But there’s sme other things i’d like to discuss.

    @shinobimadness: I completely agree with you. Daz Bones asked at the end of his fight with Zoro, if he would try and cut diamond next and Zoro said that would be pointless, but i think he will face Jozu and will learn how to.

    Also, i was thinking of Gol D Roger and Raleigh and how Rayleigh, the first ship/crewmate had some OUTTA THIS WORLD HAKI. I have the impression that Zoro will acquire or unlock his inner haki. Do you guys remember the Shabondy Archipelago arc when he almost attacked the Tenryuubito,

    Now i don’t know if tht’s a sign of haki but when he looked at the tenryuubito, there was that haki look like when luffy shows it. Maybe i’m just being wishful

    @supertrek (again): I don’t think MIhawk is on the same level as Flower Sword Vista. He’s stronger, or at least i think he is. If it cam to an all out fight, Mihawk would defo take it.

    Anways, enough said for now. Would be cool to see what you guys have to say.

  35. @Shinobi and Xdt0ks: Welcome back peeps! 😀

    @Shinobi: There are different types of mermen? I thought there were just female and male… What type of merman was Arlong? I still don’t think he was anywhere near Jimbei’s level though. Luffy beat him out of water, but even when Arlong used his strongest attack in the water Luffy managed to avoid and counter it. Plus he was much weaker back then when he beat Arlong than he is now.

    The thing about fighting Jozu is doesn’t Zoro only fight swordsmen?


    @Xdt0ks: Yeah, this chapter should be epic on a grand scale! Whitebeard going kamikaze on them means he won’t be holding anything back. Lol, Ace is probably going to want to get out of the way less he be caught up in some crossfire. XD Now that the admirals are going to be busy holding off Whitebeard Luffy can finally make some real progress and get to him.

    For the eyes a lot of the time those eyes just show determination and anger. Sanji had those eyes.


    Even Usopp

    Lol, Nami had a bigger version of them.

    I do think Sentomaru has some form of Haki though and maybe Zoro too with his Asura thing (multiple arms). Maybe Sanji will develop some or his attacks will gear more towards fire because he likes to burn up and get heated a lot. 😉

    As for Vista vs. Mihawk I do believe your’re right but if you look at them fight you can tell both of them aren’t really trying.

  36. @super About Arlong, I think the reason Luffy was able to beat him so easily, despite Arlong once being about on Jinbei’s level, was similar to the reason he was able to beat Buggy. After going to the East Blue, powerful people tend to become weak since the East Blue is the weakest of the Four Seas. Both Buggy and Arlong wanted easy victories and therefore used the strength they’d gained from the Grand Line to bully people rather than fight them, the end result being that they were defeated by Luffy. It would be like being the smartest person on campus at your university then going to kindergarten to get easy grades. Obviously you lose a lot of intelligence if you don’t push yourself. 😉

    Also the difference between Merpeople and Fishmen are what part of them are fish and what part of them are human. Merpeople are human from waist up and fish from waist down. Fishmen are fish from waist up and semi-human from waist down. There are female fishmen: we’ve seen at least one in Hachi’s cover adventure.

  37. when i was watching op all last week while my comp was acting up i realized one thing….
    what the hell does sanji’s other eye look like?…. anyone else curious… i’ve looked from arabasta arc all the way up to thriller bark and haven’t seen a glimpse…
    @super: arlong explained back then that there were different types all related to animals found in the ocean and that he was one of the superior ones…

    this is kinda of topic, but don krieg suggested that mihawk may/does have a df because of how he cut his ship in half… it may be because of just his strength like zoro’s 36 pound cannon…

  38. @Elisha: That’s a good explanation but what about Shanks? He spent a lot of time in East Blue but he was still strong as ever. Even after losing his arm and returning to the New World he was able to stand on even ground with Whitebeard and didn’t weaken in the slightest. As for Buggy the Clown…he’s weak…very weak… He’s hard to catch but he can’t take strong people down. He couldn’t even hurt the Bulgori, the guards used on Level 1.

    As for the Merfolk and Fishmen I know they’re two different species. I was wondering what the different types of Mermen were and just realized that Shinobi and I made a mistake, lol.

    @Shinobi: I just realized Arlong and Jimbei aren’t Mermen, they’re Fishmen. Merfolk are like Cammie and Kokoro (Merman is the male version of a Merfolk). Fishmen are Jimbei, Arlong, Hachi, Tom, etc…

    Is this the link you were talking about with Arlong being a superior type of Fishman?

    Also here are some other types. (Even though it says they’re merman it was a mistranslation from Japanese to English

    That does indeed show there are different types of Fishmen but we don’t know what type Jimbei is. We do know he resembles a shark but Arlong is a shark too.

    Since Jimbei was the captain of the Sunny Pirates I can only assume he was much stronger than Arlong. Even if Arlong was a superior type of Fishman that can’t make him automatically stronger than Jimbei right? Plus there’s no waaaay Arlong was ever as strong as Jimbei. Arlong would never be offered the position of Shichibukai, put in Level 6 of Impel Down, or be captain of the Sunny Pirates! >_< He's just to weak, Luffy beat him so long ago and it's not like Arlong's strength decreases when he's on land.

    Even when Arlong did his strongest attack from the water Luffy still put it down and this was all before Luffy had better understanding of his DF, before he gained Gear 2nd, Gear 3rd, and before many many battles which he has grown from. I just can't see Jimbei losing to how Luffy was back then…not in a million years.

    I do remember that Don Krieg link. I think he couldn't explain Mihawk's strength any other way so he boiled it down to the power of a DF. I also think that sword has a lot to do with it.

    Afterall it is the Kokuto Yoru, the strongest sword in the world. O_O

    LMAO, look how Mihawk treats Zoro when they first meet! What a jerk! XD

    Mihawk's face is priceless! XD

  39. I cant stop watching the new One Piece opening….Its too epic! The song needs a little getting used to but after the tenth time you hear it youll see that its awesome…especially the chorus.

    CMON THURSDAY!!!!! Hurry UP!!!!!

    *begins to growl and foam at the mouth*


  41. And next week’s release will include “Chapter 0”, the regular chapter, and colored pages!

    *lets out fanboi squeal*


  43. Oh man Whitebeard’s power is SICK!!! He tilted the island…he tilted the f**king sea!!! XD How did Roger stand toe to toe with that!? How does anyone (Shanks and the other Yonkou) stand on equal footing with him? Well, it seems there’s a method to stop his attack from hitting you. The admirals did some kind of cancellation maneuver and stopped Whitebeard’s quake. To bad John Giant didn’t know how to do that and got taken out. 😉

    In all honesty the Admirals stopping the quake like that with their arms stretched out was kinda lame for me. What did they use the force? Haki? O_O The highlight of the chapter was mainly Whitebeard kicking ass. Can’t say much about anything else, but it’s to be expected the main focus is on Whitebeard since he’s about to DIE!!! >_<

    Anyone have the feeling Squardo is going to sacrifice himself for the cause? Then there’s Oars using his body as dead weight unintentionally helping out the cause, lol. Anyway, great chapter regarding Whitebeard’s immense powers and the Marine’s final plan. Clever and merciless bastards. -_-

    YOSH!!! New chapter next week PLUS Chapter 0 which is being handed out to the first 1.5 million viewers of One Piece: Strong World over in Japan. Lucky bastards! >_<

  44. *cough* its been a while….

    sorry everyone, i did say my computer had a virus but it seems i wasnt clear enough. Either way i can comment again every so often (by means of stealing computers from friends) but you should probably find another anime writer at least for the short term if you still want them done. T_T Sorry! When im fixed i can sort it all out i promise!

    I have 3 things to say.
    1) WTF? Cookie reads One Piece now?
    2) Whitebeard will die
    3) How the sea tilts is beyond me…

    see you all later ^^

  45. fraanky welcome back!!
    Not a bad chapter but i kinda hoped whitebeard to have more 1v1 fights, not to quake the whole platform etc. I hope were gonna see wb against akainu and maybe kizaru or sumthin well w.e.
    guess im gonna wait for the breakdown now 😛

    Yeh i was shocked to see cookie read One Piece aswell 😛
    You still got some time to rub it in tho (OnePiece>naruto) =P

  46. @Franky: Computer virus!? O_O I don’t remember any mention of a computer virus. T_T We all must have missed it…>_>

    Lol, oh well it’s great to see you back! I hope your computer gets fixed soon we miss your breakdowns and the new anime opening is awesome!

    1. Yes Cookie reads One Piece now…WTF! She says it’s “interesting”. Code word for AWESOME! ^(0_-)^

    2. Indeed

    3. He’s must have tilted the ocean floor. O_O

    @Fear: He punished John Giant 1 on 1 but he was only a vice admiral so no contest there. More Whitebeard action is sure to come next week. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m sick and tired of Luffy getting pushed around this entire arc. XD

    Oh, and breakdown will be out before 5 am *achoo*… I had classes all today and still more to come so I couldn’t work on it yesterday nor have I started on it now, but it’ll be here…eventually. ^_^

  47. @super: Yay breakdown.

    Personally I enjoy watching Luffy get pushed around. It shows us that there are many characters stronger than the protagonist and it also shows us that he has a ways to go to become Pirate King (meaning One Piece will continue for 50 more years) LOL.

    No worries though. Im sure Luffy will do something significant soon or kick someone’s @$$…someone extremely important…(*cough* I hope Sengoku*). And of course rescue Ace!

  48. Lmao, 8:02 am 3 hours 2 minutes off schedule but the latest breakdown is finally out! 😀

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