Calling All Fan Fiction Authors and Fans…


Gawd! Do we HAVE to do this? Oh, how I hate rules...

Hey Fan Fiction Fans!

TsunadesTwin here and I wanted to tell you about some exciting changes we are planning for the Fan Fiction (Fan Fic) part of the WRA site. Ms. Mandi and I are in charge of putting this part together and we are so looking forward to making WRA fan fiction THE place to read everything from multi part essays to “one shots.”

Why the changes, you ask? It’s simple. There have been so many requests to post work on the WRA site that Supertrek felt that there needed to be some formal structure in place to control the traffic. He put Ms. Mandi and I in charge of this process. In all, this is to ensure that we can have “awesomeness” in our fan fiction selections, as we do in all other parts of our site. Yeah, rules suck but, so be it.

Among the changes we have in store will be the following:

–Format: we will have one posting from a non-WRA author and one WRA author. There is a lot of great fan fic out there that we’d love to spotlight alongside the amazing talent we have here.

–Content: all fanfics should be manga based only.

–Process: For all WRA fan fic authors that wish to post to the site, please submit your entries to either or BEFORE POSTING. All editing/spell checking must be done prior to submission. MsMandi and I will only be performing a visual review – all updates or changes are to be done by the authors. For any entry that we find has obvious editing issues such as missed spelling errors, we reserve the right to not post the work and return it to the author for revision.

This is the main change:  authors cannot automatically post to WRA. We want to ensure that what is being posted is in good (ok, I know who I am dealing with here…) taste and is of high caliber. We want WRA to shine in this area – over 9000, of course!

–Size: We will accept most sized fan fiction from multi chapters to “one shots.” However, for those with chapters, let us know and we’ll be sure and make room to cover all the chapters.

–Number: We will feature 1-2 fan fiction pieces per week, depending on the size of the fan fiction submitted to us. That way, the site doesn’t get too bulky.

These rules will go into effect for any new fan fic that has not been developed or posted to this site.  There are three more in the works/ready to post and they will NOT be affected. 

Sorry for the “rules and regulations” but with all the requests we have been receiving, we felt that we needed to get some structure into place. If you have any questions, please let Supertrek, Ms. Mandi or me know:, or

So, enjoy reading…and we look forward to seeing new fan fiction here very soon!



~ by 綱手-Tsunades Twin on November 5, 2009.

15 Responses to “Calling All Fan Fiction Authors and Fans…”

  1. Yosh, I call first! I wonder if Tenrai wants to starting posting that newest fanfic he’s been working on here..*hint* *hint* >_>

  2. LOL!

    I would love to if it is allowed.

  3. the best fanfiction ever is medical lullaby by shivakashi

    its set after jiraria dies and features a maturing naruto

    250,000 words ever one better than the last

  4. Mine is 350 000 words long. X___X

    But my new one only has one chapter atm. (Going on two) T___T

    I should take a look at that, it might be good for a nice read. fanfiction ftw!!! ^ ^

  5. i have a few suggestions! Quill of Molliemon is one of the best writers iv ever seen and has some great stories as well ^_^. Of coarse not as good as are own Tenrai :p ;). Another is and MegaBs other is
    both awesome stories ^_^.

  6. oh srry i have one more ^_^

    this auther is an updating machine puts a chapter out almost everyday

  7. Ok, guys…here’s the deal, for those of you who have fan fics you want to post, do NOT put the link here. Submit the link to the email addresses above.

  8. Do we just need to send you links, or would you prefer Word documents, etc? Which is the easiest?

  9. send me and/or penny the links and we will look them over. But please don’t get mad if we decide not to use one that you send to us.

  10. So, do they have to be strictly Manga, no Anime stuff?

    Because I have a Bleach Fanfic, but, it’s kinda based on the Zanpakuto Unknown Tales Filler Arc. So, i just wanted to know…

  11. it can be about the anime too…..just as long as it’s not about other stuff like movies, tv or books

  12. oh srry penny I’ll make sure to use said email, I didn’t read that do to the fact I had like only a few min. ^_^

  13. Just read Medicinal Lullaby. It is awesome! Thank you bombat!

    If this is chosen, I would suggest putting out more than one chapter in the first week. The first few chapters are a little WTH, but it gets great quickly. It is ongoing btw.

  14. When are the fanfics that were picked going to be up?

  15. When is this going to happen? It’s been a month and 2 days (Going on 3)

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