Naruto Shippuuden 133 Breakdown. A great legacy comes to an end…

*Dons a plain, expressionless black outfit and slowly removes his forehead protector out of respect, before bowing his head softly and allowing a single tear to slide down the side of his face*

Alas… it is a very sad day in the world of Naruto. The day we say a final goodbye to a valiant hero who we all loved dearly. (Haters will be shot… survivors will be shot again).

And so it is with a heavy heart that I open this weeks anime breakdown and welcome you all to join me in remembrance. Goodbye Jiraiya, we will all miss you sorely. T___T

Note: Tissues and Kleenex wipes are located by the door. Candles are encouraged to set the mood, but not to set things on fire. X__X

Tsunade's bet

This is the one and only bet Tsunade had never hoped to win...

Of course, death is only the end of the journey and we are not quite there yet. I have to say, despite what felt to me like a disappointing episode from last week, I can confidently express just how much I felt this redeemed that small dirt mark on what was otherwise a great sequence of events.

And again, we are given a bit more content than the manga has offered as well, along with an early taste of Pain’s power and a demonstration of Jiraiya’s strength as well, despite the odds stacked against him.

It really was worth watching.

Early glimpse of power

Oh god... Something's happening behind me, isn't it? <_<

Things start off quite quickly again, in a similar manner to the last episode. Only this time around we don’t fall into a lethargic and monotonous time stretch that he had to endure before and the pace remains relatively consistent. Jiraiya realizes right from the start that one of the six opponents that he is facing looks like none other than Yahiko, on of the three children he trained alongside Nagato and Konan.

Unfortunately, Pein, the identity all six bodies answer to, is not so willing to talk on the matter and feels it’s time to end what has been a long battle. What follows is a brief but very welcomed battle scene.

I think these added scenes make the anime worth the watch for those who have already read the manga, because it gives us something more to look into and helps reinvigorate that feeling that made us love it so much in the first place.

*Insert well known jungle cry here*

*insert well known jungle call here*

After managing to isolate one of Pein’s forms into a summoned barrier, Jiraiya finally manages to score a hit and remove one of his obstacles. Unfortunately, the price was high and a last second revenge blow took yet another beat out of Jiraiya’s already dwindling strength and life.

I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I think I felt myself go numb ever time I witnessed another blow, knowing what was going to happen in the end. As good as this episode was, it was still hard to watch. X__X

A cruel blow

A hero fights valiantly despite the hardships he must endure. Jiraiya's true strength shows from his willingness to never give up.

Actually, this scene reminded me a lot of the way in which Orochimaru was attacked as well.

Both he and Jiraiya were stabbed through the arm and shoulder following an attack from one of their own students and both were eventually brought down by their students as well. It’s actually Ironic how similar their situations are, despite how different the events leading up to them were. However, what makes Jiraiya so different is the mere fact that he acts selflessly. He does not act to secure his own selfish goals, but rather to ensure a better future for the generation growing underneath him.

Each life has a beginning and each must have an end as well. The only difference is in how we choose to live up until that point and what we do to make our lives meaningful, both to those around us and to ourselves.

Facing the storm

Jiraiya faces his fears and stares deeply into the eyes of death. His last mission now clearly inscribed in his mind as true as his resolve is steeled firmly in his heart.

Jiraiya is now at a critical stage in his own life where he is forced to make one such meaningful choice and he does so knowing full well of the price invovled. Even still he is not deterred in his decision and I think that shows just how much like the previous Hokage he actually is.

And so our hero faces his final trial and he does so with all the bravery one could expect from a kage. He is willing to sacrifice himself to protect the future, just like the one who taught him and his own pupil as well.


Acupuncture... it should only be performed by a certified therapist. X___X

Unfortunately, despite his goals and his efforts, Jiraiya’s actions are bought to a swift and abrupt halt by Pein. Having been dealt a death blow and no longer being able to speak after his throat had been crushed, it almost looks like the end for our valiant hero and hope quickly wears thin.

However, even despite the hopelessness of his situation, salvation comes in the form of his own memories, both painful and promising and he sees in the spirit of his own the answers he needs while finding the strength to allow him to continue.

Jiraiya's Memories

From his time as a young shinobi, up and through to the point where he had his own young student to nurture, Jiraiya's memories give him the strength and spirit to defy even death itself.

Now, in most cases, I am not usually that enthusiastic about flashbacks, unless they show us something we have not seen before, but in this case they were not only necessary, but they were also great to watch.

The whole mood and tone of this scene really was enough to stir the emotions and the music (oh god, the music) only enhanced it that much more. I really felt like my heart was sinking or throbbing and as silly as that may sound to some of you, this episode was probably one of the more emotional ones I have seen lately.

Of course, that is my opinion, what about you?

Those were the scenes that, to me, seemed like the most moving scenes in the anime up to this point. Some of you may think differently, however, so feel free to comment.

Eyes of Fire

The strength and the Will of Fire in his heart burn brightly within the depths of his gaze. Jiraiya makes one last effort to save the future from Pein.

And so Jiraiya finds the will and strength to send one last message of hope back to Konoha and to Naruto who he now believes to be the true destined child of prophecy.

Jiraiya's last moments

Jiraiya leaves the world of the living with a smile, now at peace knowing in his own heart that he had made the right decision.

After that, he finally allows himself to let go, knowing that his task is complete and that the future is left in capable hands. However, even though he is gone, his last legacy and the will of his spirit still lives on in the one he has entrusted it to.

May he rest in peace. T__T

Jiraiya passes on his last will to his student.

Jiraiya passes on his last will to his student.

Unfortunately… I think the anime has more exclusively confirmed what the manga left somewhat in mystery. Jiraiya is dead and I don’t think there is a chance that he somehow survived.

I think this scene in particular, where his spirit is seen touching Naruto’s shoulder, confirms that fact and I have a feeling it was put there for a reason other than just emotional effect.

However, some may still cling to the hope that he is alive.

Well, that’s it for this breakdown. All that’s left is to announce the winner of last weeks caption contest. The winner will receive bragging rights and a large undisclosed sum of money.

All you need to do is send me all of your account details and I will take all your money for myself make sure the prize gets deposited within 15 days. πŸ˜‰

Caption contest 132

Ms.Mandi: This week on Jiraiya Springer….

And now for this weeks screen.

It will be a bit harder this time, because it is a fairly generic shot. But I wanted to see what people could come up with for something so simple.

Just remember guys, it doesn’t necessarily have to be funny. If the caption suits the screen and holds a lot of meaning it can be just as effective as one that is simply humorous.

Caption Contest 133

*Insert caption here*

That’s it for this weeks memorial service breakdown. I hope you all enjoyed it. May our favorite pervy hero rest in peace. T___T

On a somewhat brighter note, coming up is another great arch that we have all been waiting for, so it is a good time for the anime. Here’s a trailer for the next episode.

Goodbye for now! ^ ^


~ by Tenrai Senshi on November 2, 2009.

43 Responses to “Naruto Shippuuden 133 Breakdown. A great legacy comes to an end…”

  1. FIRST
    Good Breakdown, its hard to say if u missed anything since I never watch the anime 😦 can see it was an emotional episode, although I don’t understand why, Pein is bad ass!! Even though Jiriyia may be alive I doubt it, it would be the same if Itachi some how surivived both Naruto and Sasuke needed to loose those people in their lives and it helps develop each character (and they say I can’t fit Sasuke into every episode of Naruto πŸ˜› ). My most emotional moment in Naruto was when Lee fought Gaara, after having his arms crushed he still stood up to fight, his will was so strong and yet his body could not..


    Now to go watch the episode… XD

  3. third!!!! great episode

  4. 4th! awesome epp very emotionall jiraiya will be missed 😦

  5. Wow, what a great episode – damn that was emotional. T_T

    I loved the barrier section where he took down one of the Paths, i found that a little confusing in the manga – great to get some clarification.
    I’d have to say that Jiraiya’s death (imo) was the most emotional, cause unlike Asuma, there was a fair bit of manga time on J-man. We learnt alot about him, his qualities, his beliefs, his life. And to see that gone makes it that much sadder. Not that Asuma’s wasn’t, but we really didn’t see alot of character development with him.

    It’s hard to really say which sacrifice was the greatest, cause they were all huge in their own way. Personally I said Jiraiya’s but that was mainly because i’d just watched the ep. T_T.

    Great work Tenrai, it was a strong episode and I bet it wasn’t easy for you to try and re-create it in a breakdown, but u did. Cheers.

  6. Great breakdown!!!
    *cough cough* your breakdowns are the best *cough cough*

    Anyway another very sad scene that wasn’t in the poll was Obito’s death, but this scene is extremely sad!

    As for the spirit of Jiraiya, I don’t think they should have added it in the anime because if he is alive (I think he’s dead) how are they going to explain it?

  7. so sad… bye ero sennin… =((

    btw, 7th!

  8. thanks for the breakdown… together we shall mourn

  9. GREAT BREAKDOWN tenrai :). *sniffle* *bawls* Jiraiya in now gone, it was pretty heartbreaking episode. U can tell the anime pplz put there heart into these episodes. Cant wait for narutos blowout when he finds out.

    (not really funny) Caption: I drink to the memorie of a fallen friend.

  10. I am glad you enjoyed the breakdown.

    And I completely forgot about Obito’s death. O___O

  11. For anyone who is interested, I added Obito’s death to the poll. I can’t just leave that one out. O___O

    Sorry for the inconvenience!!! T__T

  12. Great Breakdown Tenrai!

    Caption: “Tsunade no! That’s Gaara’s sand, not alcohol!!”

  13. just had to say this! XD

    Caption: OMG is that……Tsunade’s Twin? πŸ˜‰

    I ❀ u Penny :3

  14. *sniffle* Poor Ero-Sennin….I’ll miss him so….

    *sigh* Good breakdown Ten

  15. Watching this episode was very hard for me… R.I.P. jiraya

  16. Caption: Being Hokage … looks easy dont it ^_^

    Great breakdown, very sad ep =(, although something to cheer me up next week : sasuke getting half beaten to deaht ^_^

  17. Mmm, poor Jiraiya TT^TT

    Sasuke’s flashbacks after Itachi’s death and the disclosing to him of the *truth* were the saddest for me…ahhh, damn. 😦

  18. Great Breakdown and Great epi

    I almost cried…almost

  19. i thought in the manga Jiraiya only killed 1 of Peins body and was shocked that it was actualy three! need to be focusing more on the script rather than the drawings…. hehehe

    very very emotional episode.. Huhuhu

    R.I.P. Jiraiya SenSei

  20. I dont like emocional episodes but this one gave me the red eye jiraiya will be miss RIP pervy sage you were the best. truly a great (memorial)breakdown Tenrai almost made me cry again (puts on tough guy pose) CAPTION:hurry up back. ,CAP2:damit im feeling lucky.

  21. Ahhhhhhh, what a sad episode it almost made my eyes water and it takes a lot to do that. I’d have to say Sandaime Hokage’s death and sacrifice were the saddest moments for me. I loved the old guy as he was so kind to everyone in the village even Naruto when most others hated him. Then he died smiling entrusting the future of Konoha to all that lived in it. T_T

    Of course it’s hard to compare but that’s just my opinion. Great breakdown Tenrai you truly did the episode and Jiraiya’s death justice.

    R.I.P. Pervy Sage.

  22. Yeah to me the thirds death was the most emotional scene, maybe cause i was alot younger when i first saw it lol. These days the manga seems dumb and boring, sasuke is still retarted, Madara has been watching to much matrix, and naruto is so boring, hes just non stop “Wheres Sasuke” “gimme Sasuke”. Jiriyas death was well done, as was his fight with Pain. Pain is my favorite villan and i liked how they animated the six paths. sigh, pain was so badass before kishi deteriorated his character into a guy who would kill himself to revive all the people he killed throughout a long badass arc(WTF KISHI!? still cant belive you sunk so low as to pull a dragonball Z while simultaniously killing my favorite character) anyway sorry for the slight rant here, looking forword to the itachi fight.

  23. *Accidentally sets Super’s hair on fire with candle* O__O

  24. *Fetches glass filled with liquid contents and throws it on Super to put out the fire*


    *realizes too late that contents are alcoholic in nature* X___X

  25. @tenrai:Ummmmmmm wow……0_0

    better save super! *grabs fire hose and drenches super* ^_^

  26. @deathcon4

    That wasn’t the fire hose… that comes from the paraffin supply tank…

    We were going to use it for the cremation…. <_<

  27. @tenrai: Stop spaming on your own post XD lol.

    *hits tenrai with a flamethrower*

  28. LOL, ah that was random…

    *dies of burns* X_x


    Another pervy sage lost and so soon. Well, time to dump Supertrek’s ashes into the lake like he requested in his will if he were ever to die from randomly being set on fire on WRA.

  29. Caption:

    “It’s a million to one chance. but I’m gonna bet on it anyway.”

  30. caption:

    “The first time i ever tried to lose a bet. i went all in. and guess what? I won. i don’t feel like a winner…”

  31. I will admit, I got teary eyed even though I knew this was coming. The music was unbelievable.

    I think the most emotionally charged moment for me was when Jiraiya’s hand touched Naruto’s shoulder. To me, it said everything.

    Jiraiya was and always will be one of my favorite characters. His spirit still lives on – and will do so as the anime progresses.

    What a great memorial service, Tenrai. πŸ™‚

  32. caption: (in correlation with the mood)

    “We drink for those who no longer can taste the world, watch for those who can no longer see the world, and wait for friends that never come to remember all the times they were there”

  33. great breakdown, i couldn’t bring myself to watch the episode simply because it would be too much for me compared to the simplicity of the manga.

    R.I.P Pervy Sage (again, and for good this time)

  34. @Alec

    That was actually very good. It definitely suits the mood.

  35. Alec wins!!1

    man, that caption was beautiful alec. πŸ˜₯

  36. I voted Obito Dying scene that was really emotional my eyes watered, It was to me a Naruto moment.

    But there was another moment that really made shed a single tear it was the Birth of Evil Gaara. When he was a Innocent kid and the whole village avoided him how he brought medicine for that kid and was rejected but also when that dude showed him kindness and then it turned out that he was ordered to kill him and then even detonated that whole episode was a Major Naruto Moment for me

  37. Wow, now THAT was emotional. The episode AND your breakdown. I really liked (LOVED) how emotional your words sounded, that really brought the tears back into my eyes when you came to the scene that Jiraiya was able to “defy even death itself”. *sob* Really an important and meaningful piece of work!

  38. The scene involving Haku’s and Zabusa’s deaths was the most emotional for me.

  39. O, yeah and Sasori’s death too..

  40. *caption*

    Suna Sake… It’s dry, but you can drink it. X___X

    (Savana ad rippoff)

  41. (as background music)caption:I dont wanna wait for my life to be over

  42. my most emtional was the gaara dead revival dudes wish to be needed came truth plus naruto bringin him back from the limbo like plce he was just priceless

  43. the new episode was pretty good.

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