Picture Editing Fun With Sakura And Naruto! (Contest) ^(0_0)^


Hey everyone, just wanted to post a cool and funny idea inspired by a good friend of mine while on chat. I’m sure we’re all aware of the fiasco on the latest Naruto chapter. Sakura’s bullshit love confession has Naruto fans in a stir and Sakura has herself being hated all over again. Well, if you’re going to bash Sakura why not have fun doing it and while you’re at it might as well make others have a good laugh. πŸ˜‰ Hence, the Picture Editing contest! You think you can make the funniest panel(s) with Sakura? Well here’s your chance.


1. The panel(s) has to be from this chapter and this chapter alone.

2. The panel(s) has to have Sakura in it and preferably Naruto but unlike Sakura he’s not required.

3. You can edit anything into the panel(s), not just words. Coloring, objects, weapons…>_> All is fair! (Thanks goes out to Elasticatedninja for this idea)

4. I don’t care if you make fun of her or not just make it funny. πŸ˜€

What is posted below is an example of what you all would be doing. Take any panel(s) with Sakura in it from this chapter and edit your own words (or whatever) into it. You can post the link to your picture in the comments section for anyone to see or you can email it to me at Supertrek89@yahoo.com. All photos submitted will be posted next week regardless if they win or not. The top 3 photos chosen by me will be given a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place spot. Need a place to edit your picture? Try picnik.com. For the unacknowledged before you can edit the manga panel(s) you have to save it to your computer…>_>Β Need a place to upload your picture to a website? Go to imageshack.com! Β Have fun! πŸ˜€



~ by supertrek89 on November 1, 2009.

38 Responses to “Picture Editing Fun With Sakura And Naruto! (Contest) ^(0_0)^”

  1. Here’s BBgurly’s picture and this is what inspired me to edit that above picture and do this post. I would love to see what others come up with. πŸ˜‰

  2. since you cant have first on your own post, does that mean im first?

  3. can you only put words on it? or can you put funny pictures on it instead. i wanna make one of Naruto holding a bat.

  4. LOL, you can do whatever you want with the panels…in fact I’m going to put that in the post great idea! As long as Sakura is in it and it’s from this chapter.

    Oh, and sure you’re first! πŸ˜€

  5. I’ve made one!

    here it is, it’s kinda rushed. but as long as you’ve seen anchorman. it’s funny.

  6. heres another one. filled with old-school IRA inside jokes.

    i know that if no one else does, at least you’ll get them super.

  7. LMFAO!!! XD I especially like the last one.

  8. @elastic- :D!!!!!!!!!! ^(‘O’)^

  9. OMG, what a great idea. This was a super chapter for this contest.

    Pic 1: http://i561.photobucket.com/albums/ss53/animemom_2009/WRA%20Manga%20Editing%20Fun%20Art/EditingbubblecontestTheshockofNarut.jpg

    Pic 2: http://i561.photobucket.com/albums/ss53/animemom_2009/WRA%20Manga%20Editing%20Fun%20Art/Editingbubblecontestsakuraslie1.jpg

    Pic 3: http://i561.photobucket.com/albums/ss53/animemom_2009/WRA%20Manga%20Editing%20Fun%20Art/Editingbubblecontestfriendship1.jpg

    I sure hope these links work…lol

  10. how do guys edit those photos..i’ve got a couple of things i want to add/do..
    man..i feel bad for sakura…

  11. Checkout my lousy entry at…


  12. or this link…

  13. @Lousytv: LMFAO!!! That’s golden! XD

    @Penny: Lol, it’s always a great idea to make fun of Sakura. XD Great entries btw!

    @Shinobi: Go to the manga page you want to edit. Right click on it and save the picture to your computer. Go to picnik.com or any other photo/picture editing site and upload the saved picture on to it. After you uploaded the picture edit it as you see fit. Save the edited image to your computer. Now upload that picture at an image hosting site like imageshack.com. Post the URL or the address of the picture on here. >(0_0)>

    I hope that helps.

  14. @Lousy TV. thats freaking hilarious!!!

    @Penny, pickles and ice cream wtf!?!?!? lol ^.^

    –Sakura being pregnant somehow got stuck in my head. Not sure why…pickles and Ice cream are the “traditional” strange cravings of pregnancy – Penny

  15. I was going to colour the last panel (the one with Naruto telling Sakura he hates people that lie to themselves) and put lighting between their eyes or something.

    I still might do that. X___X

  16. Ok, let’s try another one…

    @lousy: yours are hilarious. lmao

  17. @shinobi and everyone: You can use MS Paint, if you have a Microsoft based OS. Another place to upload is photobucket.com. I haven’t figured out the color yet but you can alter the words/add words.

  18. Ms.Mandi, i think there maybe deeper issues at play here, maybe a hidden past with Sakura? you should see a shrink.

    still, it was hilarious.

    i think we should arrange a cat fight with much chocolate sauce, and maybe a paddling pool. paying customers as well. I’ll get back to you with the details.


  19. @jdizzle: thats a good one…

    i just figured out how to do that so now im gonna focus my attention on sakura now..

  20. @EN no, there is not hidden past. She just annoys the shit out of me and makes me want to slap her. Quite like Orihime from Bleach. Saukar isn’t as bad as Orihime anymore but she still makes me grit my teeth in anger.

  21. I know, I’m a pervert πŸ™‚

  22. @jdizzle should win
    its true we all know it

  23. @ Ms.Mandi:

    whoah whoah whoah!!! what’s wrong with Orihime? at least she’s useful, she’s not a bitch, that’s rukia’s job. she’s kinda sweet and stuff and she just tries to help all the time.

    oh, but she got kidnapped this one time and had to be rescued. 😦

    maybe you just hate her cos she has gigantic tattybojangles >.<

  24. alright here’s my first try…

  25. [IMG]http://i565.photobucket.com/albums/ss94/Shinobimadness/AGoodOnept1.jpg[/IMG]

  26. there we go…

  27. this goes back a couple of post with Madara… you’ll get it when u read it… πŸ˜‰

  28. @EN, I am not jealous of her huge knockers as mine are just as big…..I don’t like Orihime because she is useless. All she does is get in trouble and have to be saved. And while Ichigo is saving her ass again all she can do is cry and scream his name. Sure she can heal him in the end, but whoopididoo….if she didn’t get into so much trouble Ichigo wouldn’t almost die all the time. Her voice irritates me and all around I think she’s just an idiot.

  29. LOL! Keep up the great work guys. I may even add a few but of course they won’t count…>_>

  30. And now for my entry into the contest!!!! ( I better win T___T)

    LOL! I did the colouring as well, so I hope you guys like it. ^ ^

  31. hahaha… nice one tenrai, good color too! πŸ˜‰

  32. ‘ROFLAO from all the crazy pics’

  33. tenrai’s wins just for colour!!!!

  34. lol nice tenrai.

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