UPDATED W/ Extra! Bleach Manga 380: Yawn, Yawn, Yawn, Yawn. Breakdown + Discussion.

I don’t know why it say chapter 393 (381) in the beginning but rest assured it’s the spoiler for chapter 381. Spoiler video by Rukiatakeshi.

G’day all.

Yep, I’m back, just when you were getting use to real breakdowns eh? XD. Well I won’t bore you all with the details of my month long absence, but I’m back (for now) and hopefully for awhile before I have to use the smoke machines again XD. Firstly I’d like to welcome the new authors to WRA; it would seem that part 2 of ‘that plan’ is complete.

Part 1: start a blog, and it shall be called … the Akitsuki  (abbreviated as WRA >_> )

Part 2: Form an S class team

Part 3: Pair off and seal the top 9 naruto blogs around (IRA was the Jubi)

Part 4: All of the 9 blogs are sealed

Part 5: Super implements his ‘Moon’s Eye plan’

Part 6: After an internal struggle of whether to make Oda draw adult rated OP or see Oda’s final vision, he settles on making the world read and love One Piece. *insert march of vadar*

Anyway, let us begin. I must say I really found this chapter to be a bore. Tite ended last weeks chapter awesomely and I was expecting a great start of team B/K vs Espada 0. However this chapter was simple hugs and kisses (in their own way, from team B/K) for Ichigo. Honestly, the chapter just seemed to be about giving Ichigo resolve, which you’d think he could achieve on his own at this stage.


What they really meant

I guess the first panel set up what was going to happen this chapter. Ichigo drops to ground by way of Yammy’s severed leg/arm. ‘Eh’ is the first word that Ichigo’s uses to describe the gangsta pose that Team B/K have been holding for the last few minutes (which is pretty cool). Yammy arises from the dirt after the removal of his leg, which is pretty weird considering he has 10 (well had), I didn’t think the loss of one would cause him to lose his balance but now I’m just nit picking aren’t I?


Gangsta pose, now holdable for up to 5 minutes

Once again ‘eh’ is the word (take that bird) as Ichigo learns that the plan of action against Yammy doesn’t involve him. Team B/K more or less tell Ichigo to beat it as he’s too weak to assist them. I must admit I did find it rather funny as Kenpachi lashed out at Ichigo and gets punched in the face for his troubles.


The eye patch - Failing to pick up since the 1700's

It would seem that Yammy is less than impressed as a loud speaker screams for a clean up and a bucket  XD. As he sends Kenpachi flying, Yammy decides to fill them in on his anger and the disrespect he has suffered personally. Before a couch large enough can be found to help, Kenpachi shows his respect by booting some rubble Yammy’s way.


Fisting ...Damn, and I thought it was brutal before...

The part after this made me shake my head. As all you long time Bleach fans know, it is often criticized for its inconsistencies, especially in terms of power levels. Every time you think you’ve got the hang of how strong a character is, they stand up with ¾ of their body missing, find somebody who is supposed to be strong, flick their fingers and win the battle.

A few chapters ago Kenpachi was having trouble against the 5th Espada. Now although you can easily argue that it’s because he was only using single handed sword strikes till the end that he was getting carved up, however he also had his eye patch off! Against Yammy (so far) he still has it on, which is screwed up considering the punishment he was getting before. But then perhaps this is a testament to just how silly this Espada 0 BS is.


Cool Guy Pose - you wouldn't think that a few pages ago he was clocked in the face

Anyway Yammy and Kenpachi start to go at it *insert pun here* while Ichigo yells from the sidelines. Byakuya tells him to get lost and after much whining Mayuri shows up (whose silhouette had me believing that it was Urahara for a second, we all know he likes to make cool entrances).


Silhouettes: favourite game of the mangaka

It would seem that Mayuri is in a rather good mood, as he forgives Ichigo for the lack of honorifics. Mayuri’s mood stems from his spoils of war, and that he has perfectly analysed the structure of the Garganta mayhap he knows more about them than Urahara now, hence his mirth? Mayuri then informs Ichigo that he will be Garganta test subject number 1. Now I could be completely wrong, but I got the feeling that all the captains were trying to get Ichigo back to the human world (perhaps they got that thing i sent them?) but i highly doubt that Mayuri ‘happened’ to show up just to ‘experiment’. I know he does like to test and experiment, but adding in what the other captains said to Ichigo, it seems to me like they want him to get back to Krakura Town, any thoughts on this?

As Ichigo is readying an excuse involving the usage of laxatives, Unohana announces that she will be accompanying him. She skilfully threatens Mayuri on the cost of failure before telling Isane to stay an assist the captains. Ichigo, still unsure about leaving, tries to reason with Byakuya.


Owned - Unohana style

Byakuya tells him to shove it, before giving Ichigo his much needed resolve, we all know how poorly he fights without it. Finally, he is prepared and the chapter ends with Ichigo accepting his duty and about to return to Karakura Town.

On a side note, I’ve been thinking about Ichigo and his mask dilemma. Personally I think that the reason he was unable to form his mask was due to exhaustion, rather than another battle for the title of ‘King’ about to take place. This is backed up by Unohana accompanying Ichigo, because she should be able to completely heal him. However if it is a battle for kingship, then his return to Krakura Town is rather pointless as he will only get in the way. Let me know what you think.


It will just be a bubble contest this week, however I’ll get back to the norm next week. The usual rules apply. Enjoy.

Bubble contest

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  1. FIRSST! Nice bleach breakdown!

  2. ahhh so close but 2nd isnt half bad…

  3. YOSH THIRD!!! Awesome breakdown Mudshovel much better than the chapter. But why, WHY did you reveal my secret plan to the entire populace!? Now I’m ruined! -_-

    Lol, time to fall back and regroup my strategy for world domination. @_@

    Ahem…I have a feeling Tite’s going to skip the majority of the K/B vs. Yammy fight for covering Ichigo in Karakura Town. Either that or they’ll finish off Yammy quickly hopefully next chapter. As I said before his persona doesn’t make for an interesting badguy and his character should be killed off as quickly as possible.

    The infrequent power levels in this manga are a tad annoying. You never know how strong a person is based off of their last fight because they may have grown 10 times stronger since then. I understand people grow after every battle but this growth for Kenpachi is ridiculous. He went from the 5th to 0 Espada and he’s not even taking damage…with his eye patch on! O_X

    This chapter wasn’t all that bad though. Kenpachi’s antics trying to kill Ichigo was funny and I’m excited that we may see Unohana in action soon as she escorts Ichigo the Karakura Town.

    On a side note…guess who read 871 chapters of a certain manga! ME!!! I’m finally caught up and all I can say is GATSSU DE GATTSUN GATTSUN DA!!! 😀

  4. @super: YOSH – Great guts chant indeed XD. Finally u’ve caught up to it, now start HSD K *shakes fist* XD.

    Yeah i thought the same super, i’m thinking it will follow ichigo then flash back to Hueco Mundo at sum stage to show the captains standing over Yammy’s dead body and them smug as all hell.

    This chapter was all right, but the end of the previous chapter had a great set up, which wasn’t followed through with this one IMO. better luck next week tite XD.

  5. i think his mask trouble, comes from the fact that he died.

    cos he died, didn’t he. 100% stone cold dead. and now he’s come back. i reckon that now, he’s a full death god, instead of being a human with shinigami powers, he’s actually dead now, meaning he’s many times stronger than before.

    It also means that now, his hollow mask has changed alot. so maybe he has to get used to wearing it all over again. because the last time it changed, (when he was training with the vizards) he could only keep it on for about 3 seconds afterwards.

    what does everyone else think?

    dumb as hell?

  6. ROFL at Lame, Lame, Lame, Lame.

    The only thing Im ACTUALLY excited about is seeing Unohana actually fight.

    Ive heard that Tite said she’s the second strongest captain. hmmmm…

  7. great breakdown mud good to have you back defenetly looking foward to seeing Unohanas bankai totaly awesomeness

  8. Im glad more people are getting annoyed at the Power level thing cause its really really inconsistent and fairly noticeable. the biggest one i think was Ichigo fighting in ken-chan in shikai with kens Eyepatch off, now barely being able to keep up in bankai without his mask, wtf what gives man. kinda hard to follow when someone is fighting espada 6 then handle 0 like its a glass of water.by comparison it seems that ichigo should have been able to fight evenly upto espada 5 in shikai. please correct me if im wrong it just seems that way to me.

  9. sorry for double post but maybe everyone in this manga is like the Saiyans from DBZ, face it every time one goes near death they come back twice as strong, hey Vegita syndrom FTW

  10. on power levels, a new masked ichigo uses a fully powered testuga tenshou and barely gives yammy a scratch on his neck. Byakuya shows up, uses a level 33 destruction spell and cuts through one of yammy’s leg (wtf?!?!?!?!?!?!).

  11. @e1as: Hmm, never really thought about it that way myself, could be. Though i don’t really get what u mean by saying that because he’s dead he’s got to re-learn it. Since he could still form the mask (the 1st time) i don’t think he has to relearn, personally i think it was just that his time limit was reached plus he seemed mentally ‘hollow’ – he didn’t have any resolve. We all know how crap he is without it XD.

    @pumpkinbread: Ohhh, i forgot about that – HELL YEAH, that will be great indeed. well lets just hope her bankai isn’t faster transport XD.

    @nope: Cheers dude, and yeah it should be badass.

    @Ryuu: Yea it’s getting quite rediculous. I don’t think Tite predicted this far ahead, hence his dilema atm. But then perhaps his way of doing it means he doesn’t have to use a time skip instead XD. In seriousness though – i really think that Bleach needs a time skip. It will allow Tite to give Ichigo more attacks and skills than simple power ups (which are starting to get a little old).

    @Alec: I was thinking on this myself, i kinda think that Ichigo’s power was limited, for one his eyes didn’t change colour, and perhaps was exhausted. If I’m wrong, that’s a pretty major screwup on Tite’s part. If he had that power, then how did Ichigo beat him all that time ago? 😉 .

  12. i think you could make an argument for the captains holding back some of their strength when Ichigo fought the them the first time. Like, Kenpachi wasn’t expecting Ichigo to be as strong as he was, and he was drawing out the fight to be more fun, and Ichigo unexpectedly found the power to end it.

    And Byakuya purposefully held back. He used his Bankai’s most powerful attack, but instead of using a hundred swords and butchering Ichigo with them with ease, he just picked up one and fought on even ground with him, without using any Kido either.

    i reckon it’s plausible that the captains were just holding back. this time, they’ve had time to prepare, and they already knew what kind of enemies they were up against. seems logical to me that they’d be stronger now.

    and about Kenpachi cutting of Yammy’s leg. Nnoitra said that he was the hardest to cut of all the espada, i think that includes in their second forms. so, while ken-chan needed to use two hands to kill Nnoitra, he can now cut Yammy without much effort.

  13. @E1asticated: Indeed, that does make sense up to a certain point. Kenpachi didn’t use two arms against Ichigo and presumably lost because of that, but that is the only way he held back. Since then we know that Kenpachi has been training to become stronger and used two arms against Nnoitra to defeat him. Those are Kenpachi’s upgrades…two arms and training.

    Since the fight with Kenpachi in which they had a draw (in my opinion) Ichigo has gained bankai, a Vizard mask, and much training. So those are Ichigo’s upgrades…bankai, viazrd mask, training.

    It’s a surprise to me how he’s so much stronger than Ichigo. I base that off of the fact that Ichgio barely won against the 6th Espada (Grimmjow) meaning there’s no possible way he could have beaten the 5th Espada (Nnorita), but Kenpachi sure did.

  14. @E1asticated, i agree to a certain point. while i do think they held back i dont think they held back too much, at that point where they fought for the first time in SS kenpachi was looking for the strongest reiatsu so he can fight it, now we do know that kenpachi will not kill off someone completely weaker than him shown by letting Ikkaku live all those years ago, he did take off his eyepatch showing the seriousness of the situation, Byakuya also used the highest level attack in his bankai, what i gues we are trying to say is that the power levels arent consistent, Ichigo’s shikaishould at least as strong as kenpachi with his eyepatch off, and ichigos bankai form should be strong enough to completely obliterate kenpachi and keep up with byakuya, and with his mask on he should blow away byakuya thats how i see the comparisons at least or something close to it

  15. Bubble

    Ichigo1: IM SORRY! IM SORRY!
    Ichigo2: I already told you, does pretzels weren’t marked!
    Ichigo3: besides there were just 3 left!
    Kenpachi: SO YOU ATE THEM ALL!

  16. Yep! Agree the only thing that Im looking forward to is to see UNOHANA fighting with full power, I bet she will be the one to kick Ichimaru Gin ass!

  17. @mud: Yea. Unohana’s shikai is already a giant pokemon. I hope her Bankai is something out of this world….not just a bigger, faster pokemon XD.

    What does Ichigo’s mask even do! To me it seems like it doesnt do anything to upgrade Ichigo in any way.

    I say this because in SS Ichigo was pretty even with the captains by the time he achieved Bankai. And now that he’s got the mask it seems like he’s STILL even with the captains if not weaker even though the captains havent done any major upgrades (besides training of course).

    AHHHH!!!! Such power incosistencies!!!

    At least his “Vasto Lorde” form is badass…

    Its funny how more people like Hollow Ichigo than Ichigo himself. XD

  18. Bubble 1: What is this? Mr. Franklin’s lonely…
    Bubble 2 and 3: Sorry daddy!
    Bubble 4: Is Kenpachi Zaraki have to choke a bitch?

  19. GREAT BREAKDOWN MUD! Nice to have your breakdowns again 8D. Can’t say this chapter was great, but it was enough to make up for the HUGE disappointment I felt after reading the Naruto chapter.

  20. I don’t know if I’m the only one, but I think its good to see that there are other characters out there that are more powerful than the main character is. As much as I love the typical Dragonball main character gets power up after power up sequence and is able to overcome anyone or anything just cause he wants to, I enjoy knowing that there are still others out there that are stronger than Ichigo. I mean, honestly, I’m a little sick at times of the scenario that this one person is able to become more powerful and more powerful, but everyone else around him stays stagnant and can’t improve themselves. Why can’t others have abilities and powers to this point that we haven’t seen that get expressed in extreme conditions like Byakuya and Kenpachi? If anyone (besides Yoruchi of course) should be able to, I think the two resident badass captains should. We know other captains are freakin powerful as well but I hope we see new things from these guys since we’ve seen their same old same old in the past. But that’s just my two cents.

  21. Yeah I have to agree with pumpkin; because, like even though Ichi has gotten a major powerup it looks like nothing really has changed. He still seems pretty even compared to the other major captains of the world. But you have to wonder, is the power level thing because he is exhausted or is it because he really is that weak?

  22. Bleach 381 Summary
    by: Ohana – 2Ch

    After hearing the words of those he crossed swords with, Ichigo has new determination.
    At last he returns to the real world!!

    Mayuri and Nemu are standing on a pillar, arms lifting up a globe.
    Mayuri: “…I won’t explain what’s in there. You came through there and
    if you go back you’ll be in the real world.

    Ichigo: “…Right”
    Mayuri: “…You just have to be careful of your footing.”

    The garganta opening widens.

    Mayuri: “If you take a wrong step you’ll fall into the space between the real
    world and hueco mundo and won’t be able to return. Well, in that case
    it would be interesting data, wouldn’t it?”

    Ichigo is shocked.
    Mayuri: “…What?”

    Ichigo: “…No, is just that I was thinking that when Urahara-san sent us off
    he was also standing on a higher location and giving a talk.”
    Mayuri: “…So what?”

    Ichigo: “You’re the second head of the technology department which means you were
    Urahara-san’s apprentice, right? As I expected there’s a resemblance.”

    Mayuri’s eyes get bloodshot. “Why you…”
    Ichigo and Unohana leap into the garganta.

    Mayuri: “…”
    Nemu: “…Mayuri-sama…”
    Mayuri: “…I see…Amusing…Amusing boy, that Kurosaki Ichigo…!
    I no longer find it amusing thinking of shutting you up in the garganta…After this war is over

    I’ll carefully devise a plan for your terror…Terror such that it will change your happy thoughts regarding the war…!”

    Byakuya gives him a sidelong glance.”…”

    Nemu: “…Yes, Mayuri-sama. I will devise a strategy.”

    Bleach 381: Words Just Don’t Like You

    An eternal battle…As they follow the faint glitter of light…

    Ichigo and Unohana are running.
    Unohana:” …Kurosaki-san. I have something I’d like to ask…You faced Aizen that
    previous time on that hill, didn’t you?”
    Ichigo: “That’s right…so what?”

    Unohana: “How was it?”
    Ichigo: “How was it? It’s was strong like a monster without even
    using his hands or feet. It was completely one-sided even though
    he didn’t even use his shikai.”

    Unohana: “…That was fortunate.”
    Ichigo: “Huh?”
    Unohana: “That the difference in your power was so great is your
    greatest fortune.”

    Ichigo is puzzled.
    Unohana: “Right now I’ll tell you, Kurosaki-san.”
    Unohana: “At the present time, of those who are in the real world, SS, and HM,
    those who are able to resist Aizen Sousuke, includes only yourself.”

    Ichigo is surpsied. “What do you mean…”
    Unohana: “I’ll explain. His sword Kyoukasuigetsu’s power, and the conditions to invoke it…”


    Yammi unleases a barrage of punches. “Take this!!”
    Yammi: “And this, and this, and this, and this.”


    Four of the fingers on Yammi’s right hand go flying.

    Yammi: “Damnit! Argggggg”
    Yammi, in pain: “My f***en fingers…How dare you…!!”

    Kenpachi is standing on Yammi’s right arm.

    He swings his sword.
    Byakuya looks on. Behind his is Mayuri.

    Byakuya: “…Where are you still here, Kurotsuchi Mayuri?”
    Mayuri: “Well, I don’t think you’re even interested in the answer to that question.”
    Byakuya: “As for things that interest you, wouldn’t there be more of them in the real world?
    I was asking what your intentions are that you remain here.”
    Mayuri: “Oh, so you’re being wary, huh? You can relax. I’m not undertaking anything that
    would strike terror into you.”

    Byakuya glances at him. Mayuri looks down at him.

    Mayuri:; “It’s just that at this time this where is there are many interesting corpses. That’s all.

    Whenever the war in the real world is done, the garganta will open up on its own from that side.
    And then I’ll be able to have the bodies leisurely transported one by one to have them studied…!”

    Byakuya glances at him.
    Mayuri; “…What?”

    Ichigo: “What the…!?”

    Unohana: “That’s correct. The condition to invoke Kyoukasuigetsu’s ability
    is to show its shikai to the opponent.

    Those of us in Gotei 13, you in Urahara Kisuke-san’s group in the real world,
    the arrancar serving under Aizen Sousuke, including the Espada,

    it’s possible that all of them fighting in the real world have witnessed it and been affected,

    All, except for you, Kurosaku Ichigo-san.”

    Ichigo is shocked.

    Unohana: “You have captain class reiatsu, and you haven’t seen Kyoukasuigetsu’s shikai.
    That advantage of yours is of tremendous importance in this war.

    And truthfully, if that advantage is lost, this war will be finished.
    Kurosaki-san…Whatever happens in the war ahead, please do not under any circumstances look at
    Aizen Sousuke’s shikai.”

    Mayuri, a bit peeved: “What!?

    I’m asking you!! If you want to say something then say it!”
    Byakuya: “I wasn’t even thinking about what you said. I was surprised.”
    Mayuri: “…What?”
    Byakuya: “I thought it sounded like you were saying that the war would be over after sending
    Kurosaki Ichigo to the real world.”

    Mayuri is speechless.
    Byakuya: “It sounds like you’re saying you believe in Kurosaku Ichigo’s victory.”

    Mayuri is speechless.

    Ichigo: “…I understand. Thank you, Unohana-san. I’m glad I
    heard it before the battle. That’s all I needed to hear. Only me, huh?
    If that’s the case then it’s obvious. I…will…defeat…Aizen.”

    Mayuri: “…Fool. I didn’t mean it that way, Kuchiki Byakuya.”

    Byakuya closes his eyes and hangs his head.
    We see a picture of Ichigo running.
    To his comrades waiting in the real world…!
    the end

  23. yes luke youre the only hope,i think some one has been feeling the force.

  24. http://www.onemanga.com/Bleach/381/01/

    Bleach is out 😀

  25. Niiiiice, I’m liking where this is going. Not much action besides Kenpachi toying with Yammmy the 0 ESPADA but I’ll get to that another time…-_-

    Byakuya, Unohana, and even Mayuri are all putting their hopes into Ichigo! Damn, that’s some hard earned respect. Maybe it’s because he’s the only one who hasn’t seen Aizen’s shikai. I still don’t think Ichigo stands a chance against Aizen though. I see another defeat with Aizen retreating to finalize his plans elsewhere.

  26. Hey everyone, since Mandi is taking over Bleach Anime, but she loaths Filler Arcs. I was wondering if I could do the Bleach Anime Breakdowns until the Fillers end…

    Just puttin it out there…

  27. Wow, Just wow…..Ichigo is the only one who can take on Aizen…*sigh*Couldn
    t see THAT one coming *rolls eyes* * end of sarcasm*

    Seriously….This manga is so predictable its disgusting. Ugh Im sick of Ichigo already. Seriously how about some character development somewhere else? Like Isshin (Ichigo’s dad)? or even Kon? Come on?!

  28. lolz i thought unohana was gonna turn bad for a single second there.
    yeh i agree with pumpkin where the hell are all the characters that we barely have seen in action,..? Kisuke, yoroichi, ichigos and ishidas dad.
    Are they gonna be the next saviours after the Vizards burn up? or will there be another arc and will they be shown then?
    btw what happened to the other 2-sword wielding captain?(forgot his name), he was phucked by WW and now hes lying down on the ground bleeding?

  29. @super yeah if aizen retreats like a batch he can easily make another espada army just as strong if not stronger with that hywgfa thingy. and depending on how fast he can make another espada army could attack again quickly.

    as for the people who havent fought yet would these be good match ups

    ichigo’s dad vs gin

    quincy’s dad vs kaname

  30. SPOILER:

    Ichigo rushes to the real world to defeat aizen. Will he really be able to prevail…!?

    Ichigo and Unohana run through the garganta.
    Their path is interrupted, maybe because Ichigo’s reatsu is scattered.

    Unohana:”…Kurosakisan, if you don’t mind I’ll run in front.”
    Ichigo” Huh? If you’re worried about my reaitsu expenditure it’s fine.”

    She interrupts him with a frightening face. “If you don’t mind I’ll run in front.”
    Ichigo, a bit frightened: “Yes…please….I’m sorry.”

    Bleach 382
    The United Front [Discordeque Mix]

    As Unohana runs in front she is able to make a clear path.

    Ichigo: “Wow…with captain level reaitsu the path is so clear. It’s really
    shocking the difference…”
    Unohana: “As far as reiatsu goes you are similar.

    From the looks of things your wounds are healed, so even at 100% your
    reiatsu is rough, and so not suitable for doing this.”

    Ichigo: “That’s not true! If my reiatsu were 100% I’d be much better!”
    Unohana: “My, your eyes are opened too wide for you to be sleep talking.”
    Ichigo: “Hey, isn’t that harsh?! I mean, I’m not sleep talking or joking!!

    Look at this! I only have my right sleeve.

    When I use bankai my clothes change. Somehow these clothes are like they are part of my bankai.
    As proof when Inoue healed my wounds my clothes were only restored a bit.

    I was wondering why whenever Inoue healed me that my clothes were fixed as well.

    Somehow Inoue heals wounds quickly, but restoring reiatsu appears to be slower.

    When I rushed down after Rukia and the others were defeated…my reiatsu
    still hadn’t been restored yet.
    That’s why my reiatsu is that way!

    If it were completely restored…”

    Unohana is surprised. (“His clothes are only half of normal, so does that mean
    his reiatsu is half?”)

    Ichigo: “?”

    Unohana: “Was I mistaken in thinking that his reiatsu which rivals captains was 100%?”
    Unohana: “…Kurosaki-san, please run in front.”

    If you continue the movement from here your reiatsu will be restored to its limit.”

    Ichigo: “Movement…while I’m running? I don’t think it…”
    Unohana: “It can. Initially, healing with kido in many cases restores the reiatsu first.

    Furthermore, by means of the internal reiatsu and the healer, the external reiatsu and the flesh are then restored.

    Restoring your reiatsu once the body has been healed will not be a problem. Now Kurosaki-san, to the front.”

    Unohana: (“If that reiatsu is truly only half of his limit…he may very well be the trump card…!”)

    Kenpachi: “Yaaaaaa”
    Yammi’s leg(?) is cut off.

    Kenpachi: “…chi”
    He stands in front of the fallen Yammi’s face.
    Kenpachi: “Finally knocked down that sturdy bastard.”
    Hey, you done you big oaf?
    Yo, Kuchiki Byakuya!! This dude’s finished!! I’ll leave him to you!!”

    Byakuya: “…I don’t know what you mean.”
    Kenpachi: “You stupid? You were just lounging around watching up till now.
    Since there’s only the finishing blow left I meant I’ll just let you handle it.”
    Byakuya: “…I see. You’re saying I should clean up your leftovers? Know your place.”
    Kenpachi: “Landing the finishing blow on some weak guy doesn’t suit me. You shouldn’t be complaining.

    Byakuya: “I refuse. Landing the finishing blow is more suited to the work of a barbarian such as yourself.”
    Kenpachi: “What the hell!?”
    A gargantuan hand lands on the ground between the 2.

    Yammi: “Damn…Damn…”
    He opens his mouth and fires a cero.

    Kenpachi dodges. “That was a big cero. That bastard still has some strength left, huh?”
    Byakuya: “Really. How could you say “There’s only the finishing blow left” when he’s like that.
    Don’t think I’ll show sympathy for such a shallow diagnosis
    Kenpachi: “Ha! For me there would have only been a finishing blow. For you it seems you would have still had a lot of work to do!”

    Byakuya glances at Kenpachi, drops his sword to the ground. “…Amusing.” (bankai)

    He shunpos over. “Whether I would have had a lot of work remaining, this blade will ascertain.”

    Kenpachi: “Amusing!! I also wanted us to fight each other one time!!”
    Yammi goes in front of them. They both say, “…You’re in the way”
    Ken/Bya: “Get lost!!!:
    The two slash his face.

    Will it be ok in the end!?

  31. BUBBLE:

    Ichigo 1: “OMFG!”

    Ichigo 2: “Dude, I’m so sorry I won’t ever do it again!”

    Ichigo 3: “I won’t ever question your power level!”

    Kenpachi: “To bad, it’s so much easier to kill you than explain my impossible power level increases. Now hold still!”

  32. BLEACH IS OUT!!!


    LMAO, now that was a great chapter! Ichigo’s much stronger than he was before and being so low on reitsu right now may be the reason he had trouble putting on the new mask. I love how both the anime filler and the manga are pitting Kenpachi and Byakuya up against each other. In the anime they’re actually fighting each other though instead of competing. @_@

  33. Half the chapter was Unohana saying Ichigo is more powerful then anyone thought (big surprise there) and the other half was Byakuya and Kenpachi competing to see who could kill Yammy first….

    *yawn* at the first part….semi-interesting the latter. XD

  34. @Pumpkin: I thought all the talking was a nice setup to show just how strong Ichigo’s gotten. Just half his reitsu is captain level now. O_O He grew so much after one battle. It’s like Dragon Ball Z with swords which is cool in its own way. XD

  35. @supertrek: man I really used to enjoy Bleach…but then I read One Piece and now Bleach just bores me to death! I cant help it! After reading the masterpiece that is OP, Bleach just pales in comparison. Im trying to find a way to enjoy Bleach again…but idk

  36. @Pumpkin: LMAO, no need to say anymore, I fully understand…>_>

  37. @super:its cooler than the other side of the pillow 😀 its less than half and put yammy down in one blow ichigo just keeps growing. @pumpkin: its like that(unfurtionally) op is awesomeness at its best i just started reading it 4 months ago and im hooked on it like crack. but bleach is the first manga i started reading so im always rooding for it. also i see this chap. like the begining of good things to come.

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