YOSH!!! One Piece Chapter 563 Spoiler Confirmed + 562 Breakdown! New Demotivational Poster Included! 0_-

-One Piece 563 Spoiler Below-

caption-515748-20070607173619Artwork by Inuzuka Buggy

Here’s this week’s spoiler video from Naruto1Piece4. All I know is that Whitebeard may be going on the attack FINALLY!!! After he has a 10 foot long sword sticking through his stomach. -_- Spoiler script for video posted in comments section below.

-One Piece 562 Breakdown Below-

YOSH!!! Welcome to another One Piece Chapter Breakdown WRA style! This chapter was epic and I really like how Oda is keeping up the fast paced action while explaining everything that’s happening at the same time. Swing a sword while you’re talking it ain’t that hard. That’s how you walk and talk at the same time! 😉

Here’s this week’s AMV and BOPP!

One_Piece__Chopper_by_crystaldragonI can’t explain why the video only has a little over 1,200 views but I thought I’d give it at least 50 more from this website. XD The scenes and music are pretty epic and a must see. Baddass One Piece Picture feauturing Tony Tony Chopper! That’s some realistic artwork there. AMV by Bloodlinecurse and BOPP by Crystaldragon.

On to the breakdown!

Pic 1

Look how happy Robin is that one of the ducklings is wandering off to get lost and die a lonely death. It's a death march! @_@

Robin leading a pack of ducks…how quaint and peaceful…moving along now let’s not get lost like that wandering ugly duckling. >_>

Pic 2

Why is there a target symbol on my shirt!? Dammit it's spreading! >_<

Starting us off we learn that there were a lot more Pacifistas than we initially thought last chapter. Some people in the comments section guessed 8-12 of them, but it was confirmed in this chapter that there were around 20 of them. Why do they all look like Kuma? I think it’s because since Kuma was the only one to offer his body up for experimentation Dr. Vegapunk could only base the design of his human weapons off of Kuma’s skeletal frame and body structure. Maybe Dr. Vegapunk really likes that body of Kuma’s…  o_o

Pic 3

Destoying all humans isn't so bad. Brook, Chopper, and possibly Franky have a chance...>_>

The human weapons are launched on to the rear of the pirates (no homo) and fire impartially on both Marines and pirates. The pirates try to fight back but learn quickly that the human weapons are made of something as hard as or harder than steel. I believe they’re harder than steel since Zoro had trouble cutting through the one back at Shabondy Archipelago and through Kuma at Thriller Bark. The Marines retreat from the ice and Whitebeard tells his men to push forward and ignore the forces being massacred in the rear. Is this the slaughter of pirates I was talking about and why Sengoku wanted the cameras cut off? Human experimentation leading to lethal killing machines with no remorse, killing pirates and even marines that may get in the way. That sure sounds like a tragedy Sengoku would want to cover up and the poll votes from last week were right. They’re slaughtering both Marines and pirates to win this war but is that the tragedy Sengoku was talking about?

Pic 4

Rubber Ball Man Kickball! The rarest sport in the world because it can only be played with a certain person.

Sengoku starts cutting visuals and the pirates are now in big trouble. As soon as all the visuals are cut Sengoku wants to encircle the enemy and execute Ace and destroy all the pirates at the same time. Go Luffy go your brother’s in trouble! Luffy gets kicked in the face at the speed of light…ouch…

Pic 5

Rubber Ball Man Footbal! The second rarest sport in the world because we all know that no matter in what form football will always be more popular than kickball. 😉

So much for that but at least he had a rubber face or else his skull would be shattered and Jimbei caught Luffy using his soft cushiony belly. I say Luffy got off real lucky! It all depends on how you look at it…>_> The division commanders jump in to support Luffy and charge at admiral Kizaru. Is it just me or has Luffy been panting a lot these past few chapters. Vigorous Hormones beginning to wear off from all the strenuous activity?

Pic 6

Forgot to mention that it's a limited time offer! ^(0_0)^

The pirates, marines, and Shichibukai realize that the bay is a ticking time bomb and something is about to go down here leading to the death of all in its enclosure. Even so, the trap can’t be deployed yet because of technical difficulties. Lmao, it’s Buggy shooting a promo video in the middle of the war to increase his fame! XD So much for laying low now he’s in it deep. I just love how they keep on filming while the Marines are blowing them to smithereens and the viewers around the world are left to say, “WTF is going on here!?”

Pic 7

Pre-planned betrayal makes sure the mustache stays intact and everyone knows their role. The betrayer knows where he's stabbing and the betrayee knows where he's getting stabbed. It's all organized! =)

Alright here’s this chapter’s WTF moment. Squardo returns to Whitebeard’s side. Remember him? http://read.mangashare.com/One-Piece/chapter-559/page006.html He was supposed to be down on the shore fighting the Marines but his allies lost sight of him at some point. Well, he’s here now bruised but safe and standing by Whitebeard’s side so all is right… Just when Whitebeard is about to join the battle with Squardo to put in the final push this motherf**ker turns around and stabs him straight through the stomach!

Pic 8

After all is said and done you can't change your mind at the last second. -_-

WTFuckery is this!? I just want to say I love and hate Squardo at the moment. I love him because he’s helping support my theory that Whitebeard is going to die in this war but I hate him because just when the old man is about to fight, which I’ve been begging to see for weeks, this asshole goes and stabs him. You should have done that 2 weeks ago when all he did was stand there and talk to Luffy. -_- Well I have my own theory on this. Squardo is a sleeper agent placed in the ranks of Whitebeard for years now and he was always working for the World Government since the beginning. During the battle he was given his orders and he followed through by stabbing Whitebeard. Now he’s a dead man. -_- Notice the shocked expressions on everyone’s face and notice how none of those faces belong to a Marine. They obviously had this all set up.

Sengoku: “What, Whitebeard got stabbed by Squardo? About time I thought he was taking a shit!”

That ends this week breakdown and I could be completely wrong about all of this but hey I understand. The Whitebeard Pirates and their allies seem like a close knit group so no way could a traitor be in their ranks. They don’t have much else but each other in their lives for most cases so why would Squardo do it? We’ll figure that one out next time but in the meantime here’s a poll.

Here’s this week’s demotivational poster and prediction. Comment, predict, and enjoy! 😀

Advertising PosterArtwork by Diabolumberto

Prediction Contest And My Prediction For Next Week!

The chapter will start off with Whitebeard looking down at Squardo and ask him how long he’s been working for the World Government. Squardo will give his answer whether it be satisfactory or not and tries to finish Whitebeard off. Whitebeard can’t bring himself to hit one of his “sons” so Marco will knock Squardo out of the way. Ace will cry out Whitebeard’s name and in all the confusion Sengoku will tell the Marines to finish off the pirates in the trap. The executioner blades will be brought up to Ace and his execution will be about to commence with Luffy running desparately to him. END! ^(0_0)^

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  1. a biiiiiiig nooo there on the prediction considering whitebeard will probably near kill squardo with a punch [fists of love?] lol. and marco [or someone who has a power that can balance out doflamingos power] will be going after doflamingo. loved the breakdown awesomeness as always and 1st!!!!!!!

  2. Hahahahah yeeeeah, i’m 1st Up
    Brilliant job on the breakdown as usual, although you did skip a few panels, but i guess they weren’t important to the story. Was just hoping you would put some funny ass comments on the scenes with Buggy cleaning himself up for the camera.

    And thank you guys for making me feel welcome here XD

    As you said, this chapter is Epic and a whole lotta s*** has gone down. The appearance of Kuma, the admiral holding LUffy and WB’s pirates off, the WG’s plan almost coming to fruition but being held off by Buggy and his pirates using a rogue den den mushi, (in some sorts), and the BIG shock, WB getting stabbed just as he was ready to serve some legendary pirate style Ass whooping.

    That squardo is a dark horse or more so, an incognito bastard, and i definitely think he was never really a member of WB’s crew if u see what i mean. He must be under WG order, and as was cleverly said by supertrek in the breakdown, it must have been part of the WG plan seeing as we did not see any shots of the WG/navy officials looking shocked.

    I have no idea what will happen but i have a feeling that WB will still do great damage but with a wound like that in a battle of such a HUUUUUUUUGE scale, he will eventually die. I’m sure E.Oda will reveal to us Squardo’s true intentions and motives next week and i have a feeling, this war will see the death of two big names: Ace and WB. I don’t think this saga will have the usual happy ending from the way things are going. Luffy won’t save Ace cos he’s getting REALLY DAMN tired. He’s panting non stop which must mean, as i’ve feared all along, all that fatigue from his immediate recovery from his fight against Magellan’s poison ( thanks to Ivankov), is weraing off RAPIDLY.

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAW DAMN< One Piece is amazing, i could go on for hours but i'm curious to see what others think.

    Yeah yeah 😀

  3. oh and btw wat says whitebeard doesnt have a doctor on his ship? or atleast the chance chopper comes and helps out [still saying the straw hat pirates will show up with reinforcements] atleast thats my theory

  4. lol @ dt0x

  5. Damn u acegamer Hahahahahahaha
    i thought i was 1st, oh well LMAO
    2nd is good too 🙂
    And yeah, WB will probs smash up Squardo quick quick.
    I think it’s safe to say that that feeling of betrayal will probs make him go Apes***


    This is part of WB’s plan to make way for the New Age, that in a similar fashion to his fellow Yonkou Redhair Shanks, he’s betting on. That’s another way i see it.

  6. Ah, thanks guys for the compliments. 🙂

    Lolz, I just can’t see Whitebeard attacking one of his crew members for some reason. He’s like their father. Besides that Squardo has to have some backup plan when he went up there to stab Whitebeard. You just don’t do something like that without a plan in mind, so I think he’s pretty confident that he can get away from Whitbeard. Either he thinks

    1. The sword did enough damage that Whitebeard can’t attack back.

    2. He think he’s able to get away after the attack quick enough before Whitebeard retaliates.

    3. He believes Whitebeard will be to stunned to attack back

    4. It was a suicide mission…


    5. Whitebeard had this all planned out…not likely though.

  7. Hahahahahahaha, it would be some pretty sick fetish type plan to get stabbed like that by someone you know or have known but Wb should always be on his guard. A Legendary Old AGe pirate of his calibre shud have ” kept his friends close, but his enemies even closer “.

    And for your theories, 1 is not too likely, that it would slow him down all that much, 2 is unlikely seeing as WB has the power of the Gura Gura DF, and he can crack anything and anyone in sight no matter the distance(at least i think so hahahahah or is that me overestimating his power), 3 is VERY VERY likely and most possible and 4, HELL YEEEEEEEEEAH fo RIZZLE hahahahaha (that sounds stupid i know XD

    But like i said, WB must be some weird SadoMasochistic freak of an old man to plan that. I doubt he really gains pleasure from getting impaled, especially by a weapon that BIG. DAMN, u seen the size of that blade :O :O

  8. Lmao, a masochistic Whitebeard! An old man that gets off on pain and all of this was so that he could get his high. XD

    I definitely agree 1,2, and 5 are the least likely but if I had to pick between 3 and 4 I’d say 3. Sill, sticking to Whitebeard wouldn’t want to hurt one of his “sons”. I noticed Squardo has another sword on the left side of his hip. Smaller but still effective. I wonder if he’s going to pull that out next chapter and try to finish off Whitebeard. Maybe Squardo’s mission was just to weaken Whitebeard so that the World Government could finish him off.

    Dammit I want to see Squardo’s face and his reaction to stabbing Whitebeard! Is he crying, resolute, dazed, in control, angry, blank!? I want to know his story behind this attack now. T_T

  9. I completely agree with you on that one supertrek

    I wanna see Squardo’s facial expression. It would probably say a lot. The reason for Oda not showing his face might be

    1. He’s like the admirals and shows no remorse or regret for what’s done or is doing


    2. He’s probably doing it cos he had no choice and regrets evry bit of his action (initially not liking whitebeard and doing what he had to do, if he’s under WG orders, and then growing to like the old man)

    But he didn’t even hesitate which makes me wonder, WHY ?

    U should setup a poll for this and see what ppl think

  10. “Stabbed through the heart, and you’re too late. You give nakama a bad name.”

    Didn’t see that one coming. On the bright side, since Whitebeard is pretty much dead, there’s a higher chance Ace is going to survive.

    Oh, and nice breakdown, Super =).

  11. awesome breakdown! I dont believe Squardo (wierd name) was working with the government. I believe hes been aching to get a shot at whitebeard, and WB just let his guard down at the wrong moment. Its just like when Ace was trying to kill WB and eventually gave up. Well this dude just never got over his grudge.

    Thats what i think.

  12. @Super:Love the demotivational picture…as well as the AMV, im not usualy an AMV person, but that made me want to watch the Alabasta arc over again…*starts looking at the episodes*
    @everyone: i doubt any of the SH are gonna be here, although it would be wishful thinking..

    This breakdown was pretty good as usual. Anyone notice in the third panel that the guy next to the chick, and big guy doen’t have the WB pirates jolly roger, but something else?… everyone else has one, except for a few,but there more out of sight…Luffy does seem to be getting more tired,but thats probably becasue he’s hungry again…he’s also been in second gear alot since coming out that coma from impel down, so that may just be it. i think he’s got enough gas in the tank for a good scuffle before he gets to ace tho. I think WB not gonna taken out becasue of that weak stab. it looks as if that took alot of strength from squado just to stab him if you look at his hands as if he’s thrusting a spear rather than a sword. I believe WB gonna go on a rampage to save ace.. just pwning all the admirals and whoever is in his way now. Im curious to how Moria got back up after fighting Jimbei…

  13. hmm I still think its WB’s plan the getting stabbed part, i mean how could someone off his caliber be caught of guard so easily. I think he could have stopped the guy if he wanted, his reaction should be quick enough otherwise he would ve been stabbed by ace way befor, im also pretty sure he wont die of this lil fleshwound, luffy got impaled by crocodile ones and barely got hurt. So wb is gonna pwn and has some kind of sick plan up his sleeve =D

  14. not even close to first!
    all your fault supertrek
    i hope your prediction is wrong because that will mean that the WG is better than the pirates and that’s definitely not a good sign for their victory especially in the middle of such a huge war

  15. oh dammit
    you’re right
    squardo is a traitor
    so much for a honorific demise of the great whitebeard
    but no worries, he will still jump right back at his feet and will beat the * out of Mr. curly-hairs.
    and on that same page it does seem like white beard already knows about squardo and therefore makes an inquiry about him in particular
    so, still clinging on to the hope of whitebeard’s survival for now and ace’s safe breakout from the jaws of the corrupt world government

  16. Fuck Yeah back in game. A single word rings through my ears so here’s my PREDICTION: The tides of the world are changin next image is Sanji, BLACKBEARD’s name takes the uproar Squado is another member that crew. The event is more than recent. The clock has been ticking for years and there will be a break in the numbers for Whitebeard’s team its a mass coup de grace. The supernova make their appearnace.

  17. @Riley: Hehe, I know you must have expected the breakdown to be out earlier but stuff came up and the post had to wait a bit. 😉

    Indeed, that wound definitely won’t kill Whitebeard. It’s just a tactic to weaken him for some others to finish him off.

    @Kyouto: YOSH!!! Welcome back dude! I’m with you on that theory all the way. Blackbeard before leaving the Whiteberad Pirates left insurgents in the crew he had already turned on his side. When the time was right they’d turn on Whitebeard and they saw their chance in this great war. That makes sense to me…>_>

    @Pickles: Where’d you get that quote? Is it from the manga or did you make it up? o_O

    And nice to see you commenting again. 😉

    @Pumpkin: That’s an interesting theory. I’ll be sure to put your name out there if you’re right. 🙂

    @Shinobi: GAH! You don’t watch the AMVs!? T_T Lol, well I’m glad you liked this one.

    Yep, Luffy hasn’t had a break since Impel Down and the last time he ate was after he was healed from the poisoning and lost 10 years of his life. Since then he’s been fighting non stop (except his break on the ship traveling to Marineford). I believe he has to be in Gear Second for so long because every enemy he runs into is super strong here.

    @Fear: Speaking of when Luffy got impaled didn’t he heal by eating meat or something? I can’t remember back that far…or did he sleep it off? XD

  18. Wow…just wow. I was kind of delayed and looking forward to catching up on OP and THIS happens?!

    Though, am I terrible person if I admit that the OC SNL music was playing in my head when WB got stabbed with everyone’s reactions? “mmm-whatcha saaay? mmm that you only meant well? well course you did. mmm whatcha saay?” *hangs head* I know, I’m a douche.

    Hey, don’t make fun of the runaway duckling, don’t you realize who it is? Look that that sword in his beak and the one in his wings! It’s a Zoro-duckling!

    I also have a feeling that as idiotic as Buggy’s camera stealing trick looks, it’s gotta be part of his plan that he was talking about to…I got nothing! It is kind of funny how everyone from Sengoku to the citizens of Shabaody are getting annoyed by his antics though!

    Also Squardo technically isn’t one of the WB pirates, he was just supposed to be allied with them. It’s not quite as a painful betrayal, seeing as he isn’t one of WB’s sons, but still damn that Spider bastard!

    I also have a feeling that WB’s fatal wound (he’s not gonna die damnit! name me one secondary character allied with Luffy that died outside of a flashback! 🙂 … MERRY!! Waaaa! ;_;) is going to throw Luffy into King’s Haki mode like on Amazon Lily in the arena. That would be so awesome! 😀 If nothing else, it will make Marco, Jossu, and the rest of the WB go into berserk mode and REALLY stir things up!

  19. @Everyone:

    People!!! On ANIMECRAZY.NET they’re doing a poll of Urahara vs Sogeking! VOTE FOR SOGEKING!!! He’s LOSING!!!! We need SUPPORT!!!

    @elisha: hahahahaha. I was thinkin of that music too when WB got stabbed! What a coincidence.

    @super: Yay. hope Im right! XD

  20. YOSH!!! Good call Pumpkin Sogeking FTEW!!! 😀 I like Urahara but we’ve barely seen him do anything and the Sogeking’s awesomeness far surpasses his.

    @Elisha: Lol, I didn’t notice the ducking resembled Zoro even though I now see it’s obvious. Now it getting lost is all the more reason to make fun of it. 😛

    Also, you’re right on the fact that Squardo isn’t apart of the Whitebeard pirates. That increases the chance of Whitebeard retaliating now, but I still don’t see Squardo walking in there without a backup plan.

    On a side note, now that I know Squardo wasn’t on the actual crew of the Whitebeard’s he can have other motivation.

    1. The government offered him a Shichibukai title if he helped take down Whitebeard.

    2. He’s eliminating his greatest competition in the New World.

  21. @Super: Thanks, I’m back now, for the most part. I just parodied a song by Bon Jovi: “Shot through the heart, and you’re too late. You give love a bad name”

    I just thought of this while I was reading Acegamer’s comment where he mentioned Doflamingo, and I was wondering what you guys thought of the possibility that he’s responsible for Whitebeard’s heart trouble. Squardo may have had honest intentions in the beginning when he went to Whitebeard, but Doflamingo may have seen his chance and taken advantage of the opportunity to kill Whitebeard.

  22. I wonder w/e happened to the OP anime breakdowns….:(

  23. @Pickles: Bon Jovi it is huh. XD What do you mean Doflamingo may be responsible for Whitebeard’s heart trouble?

    @Pumpkin: Hmmm…I’ll get back to you on that as soon as I have more information. ^(0_0)^

  24. I’m saying Doflamingo may have taken control of Squardo, using him to stab Whitebeard. And, well, it looks as if he got stabbed in the heart…close to it, at least. Just wanna know what yoyu guys think of that theory.

  25. @Pickles: Hmmm…well it looks to me that Squardo stabbed Whitebeard right through the stomach. I do remember Whitebeard hooked up to a machine with nurses around him telling him to be careful of his old age and not to drink so much when he was first introduced. Going off of that I can see that Whitebeard may have heart problems resulting from his old age…

    Speaking of Acegamer’s comment he’s right there should be nurses on the ship. I wonder where they’re at and if they’ll be of any use.


  26. All I know is that the reason Squardo did it is probably undoubtably something that he feels he got slighted by, by either Whitebeard or someone close to him. I mean, come on, he’s a minor character, these situations always end up with some stupid reason that a stupid person does something that is clearly not on the same level with what was done or perceived done to them. WB’s not gonna die anytime in the next couple chapters so something else will obviously come of this attack and prompt others to retaliate like we haven’t seen yet, be it the Admirals, WB’s captains, or even Luffy. I think Sengoku might have just opened a can, if ya know what I mean, and that can of whoop is gonna end up in face at the end of the day.

    About that Blackbeard fellow, I don’t know if I see him coming in anytime in the next couple chapters either. I think he’s going to turn into a bigger player after these events of the current chapter are over but take a minute to put yourself in his shoes. It doesn’t seem like he has anything to gain right now by declaring himself for either side. He can afford to just sit on the side and watch as both of these other groups decimate each other, while leaving him as one of the big dogs left when the smoke clears whomever ends up on top. We’ve already seen firsthand this opportunistic attitude at Impel Down, picking up what’s his name Sword-ryyu guy as his newest crew member and only really attacking the prison after Luffy had already set the place into deep chaos. Same principle here.

    But realistically, I think that WG is going to win. I don’t want to give Trek any satisfaction yet saying Ace might live, but IF WB does (and probably will) croak and IF Ace lives, I seem him gathering the remaining forces and retreating to regroup in the New World. I think that the WG will suffer some losses though because lets face it, I don’t even think Oda would make this story that unbalanced after this. I just can’t see the pirates winning this battle. Where do you go then with the story if that happens? It’d be like Darth Vader dying in the first 30 minutes of The Empire Strikes Back. It would change the whole tone of the series that the WG is the “bad guy” and now there’d be a huge void. Unless that did happen, and you had groups of marines becoming rogues and pirates of their own and forming their own mercenary groups. Heh, imagine a crew with Admiral Light Legs Kizaru with Doflamingo and Smoker.

    I’m just rambling now, so I think that’s all I got at this time.

  27. By the way, spoilers (confirmed) are up at mangaspoiler.com. Same for Naruto and Bleach.


    563: One Person One Heart/Every Person has a Heart

    Marco leaps at Squardo, and Squardo then reveals his reason. During this war, Akainu contacted Squardo about an agreement between Sengoku and Whitebeard.
    Which is that Ace and the Whitebeard pirate crew will not be killed. In exchange for that the New World pirates will be annihilated., or something like that.
    In the past, Squardos own pirate crew was destroyed by Roger.

    The marines, knowing that, expected Squardo to go along with their plan.
    And so they broke the news that Ace is Rogers son. So thats why Sengoku revealed the connection between Ace and Roger. (The implication between that Squardo isnt a big Roger fan.)
    And this explains Squardos attack. In actuality the Pacifista army had only been attacking New World pirates.

    Whitebeard, who knew all of this, says something like Even so, theyre all my sons!.
    Even though Marco is hit by a crewmate, he looks at Whitebeard taking a full on hit and confirms that hes weakening. (Im not confident in how I translated/interpreted this part, forgive me if its off.)
    Sensing this, Whitebeard says Its impossible to be the strongest forever. Every persons got a heart.
    And so this time the marines dirty plan enrages Whitebeard. It looks like Sengoku is also prepared, and the battle will begin once more.

    Or at least that’s how I translated when I saw it on 2ch. Not sure if it’s confirmed. Anyone who’s better at Japanese than me, feel free to correct my mistakes.

    Croc: What a disgrace, Whitebeard!!!
    I sure didn’t lose to a weakling like this!!
    Whitebeard: ……
    Daz: …..!
    Iva: Crocoboy….!!
    Jinbei: Crocodile

    Marco: (Yeah… he should have been able to dodge it!!!
    If he was the same pops we always knew….!!
    No matter how unexpected the attacks are, even an attack from a comrade he trusts…
    You would never have been hit so easily….!! That’s the problem…!!)

    Marco’s flashback of Whitebeard ripping IVs off of himself
    Whitebeard: What, you expect the enemies to pity me seeing me in these devices!? Take all of them off!!!
    Marco: Pops!!

    Marco: His health has been getting worse and worse!!
    Whitebeard: Squad…. how dare you stick a sword in your parent.
    Son, you’re a fool!!!

    pic 2
    Whitebeard: But no matter how foolish you are son, I still love you.
    Squad: ugh!! Don’t play with me!! You sold out our lives…!!
    Whitebeard: Even your loyal and straight forward heart has been pulled into the darkness…. Who did this to you.
    Squad: A traitrous informer in the marines… he told me if I killed you, my men will be spared!!

    Akainu: I’m against this deal. The one that needs to die is Whitebeard!!
    To let him go is out of the question. If you work with me, I’ll save you.

  29. @everyone: OP is out now…its pretty good..Ohh and Oda’s doing another break…. 😦

    @super:*GASP* you watching spoilers now?….i feel so alone now..lol

    This was good stopping point AGAIN, in the next chapter we’ll see who’s truly loyal to WB, and him opening a can on the WG…I see only a few actually staying, and some wise enough to retreat since WB opened a way for them. I now see luffy fighting vice admirals without a doubt or possibly sentomaru or a Px by himself…

  30. Another emotional chapter indeed! – the break make it even more emotional…

  31. maaan that sengoku thought plotted all of this out amazing somewhat 😛
    there playing quite a filthy game but i guess its war

    Do you guys think BB knew all of this? And that was why he said WBs time is over? I still wonder what he is plotting. hmm wb sick just as roger?

  32. WOW!
    just WOW!

  33. @shinobi i nvr look at spoilers either 😛
    only after a weekly break i get really tempted but i usually resist 😛
    another break =(

  34. Awesome Chapter…but why does Oda take so many breaks. He’s already finished One Piece Chapter 0 thats supposed to be handed out at the tenth movie.

    So Why…WHY…WHY!!!! Oda how could u do this to us AGAIN!!!!!

    *prepares Rod of Judgement*

    Well if Wiper survived this attack than Im sure Oda can

    *prepares to go to Japan and “judge” Oda*

  35. Here’s the chapter for those who haven’t read it yet… http://www.onemanga.com/One_Piece/563/01/

    YOSH!!! I knew Whitebeard couldn’t bring himself to hit one of his “sons” and Marco would step in! Of course it was also obvious Squardo was working with the Marines but I was wrong about it being long term. It seems he was just turned very recently.

    @Shinobi: Nah, I always post the spoiler video and script but I never look at them. I just caught a glimpse of a sentence. 😉

    Luffy is definitely going to go on the attack but still his main focus will be on getting Ace free and to safety.

    @Faer: I suppose that’s what the Marines really wanted to hide. They’re using dirty tactics to win this war. They wanted the pirates to believe they were working with Whitebeard to take down his 43 captains. Now that the world heard that they’ll think the Marines will even work with their greatest enemy if it means coming out the victor in the end. Even though the story isn’t true the rest of the world now thinks the war was planned. Aokiji should have frozen the visuals much earlier. 😉

    Or maybe this was part of Aokiji’s plan. o_O Have Whitebeard look like a traitor to the rest of the world and before his side was explained Aokiji cuts off the last visual…but I highly doubt that since Sengoku wanted visuals cut off moments before the betrayal.

    @Anyone: HAhahaahaha, Whitebeard’s gonna die it’s basically set in stone! Bad heart condition, failing health, bleeding from the mouth and giant wound in his stomach, now he’s on a suicide run! So long old man but we’ll miss you. It was really touching to see how he hugged Squardo and called him his son after he stabbed him . T_T Awesome chapter btw. ^(0_0)^


  36. @super: looking forward to your breakdown! looks like you have a lot to say! Last line was absolutely gorgeous!

  37. For those waiting the One Piece Breakdown won’t be out until early tomorrow morning. I’ve had a busy day today. -_-

  38. LETS ALL MARCH ON TO JAPAN WITH TORCHES AND PITCH FORKS AND GIVE ODA A GOOD WOOPING!!!!!!!! I getting tired of these “breaks”. I know it’s for the best of OP but KUZO!! That’s a lot in a short amount of time.

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