Happy Halloween from WRA!


Photo by Nanami_Yuki

All of us here at WRA would like to wish our readers a fun and Happy Halloween! Be it out trick-or-treating, spooking, scaring or toilet papering your principals house. Have fun and be safe everyone!


The WRA Staff


~ by Miranda on October 31, 2009.

9 Responses to “Happy Halloween from WRA!”

  1. Happy Halloween WRAer’s!!!!

  2. happy halloween to all and to all a long ass night!!!


  4. BOO!!!

    Happy halloween!!!

    that picture of naruto with a lolipop is so cute it’s almost repulsive. ^.^

  5. YOSH! Happy Halloween and remember to floss before going to bed. ^_^

    *downs a bag of candy* @_@

  6. Happy Halloween!

    Hope you get lots of candy!

  7. CHIRU!!!

    Happy Halloween everybody! Hope you have fun today. I will because Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year!!

    But, remember, check your candy tonight. Don’t want to die of candy! 😉

  8. happy halloween WRA and well since in my country we have the worlds longes christmas happy hollydays

  9. dude its 6:33 oct. 31st

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