Naruto Manga 469 Breakdown and 470 Spoiler Discussion: Kisame Gets “Stung,” The Kage Are STILL Meeting and “That” Talk…UPDATED!!!

Godaime Hokage

Here I am...Ready to go

Man, it sure feels good to be “home” among my “awesomeness” crowd.  This is Penny (TsunadesTwin to those of you in Chatroll).  For those of you who know me, I am so happy to see you again.  For those of you I don’t know, I hope to get to know you as I write up these manga breakdowns.

Now, enough of that – onto the…poll.  Poll?!?  Yeah, a poll.

For those of you who answered this poll, if YOU LIED in your answers, I’m gonna know about it because I know most of you DID read these spoilers. Muahahahahaha!  Gotcha!

Ok, last time on Naruto 468:

  • Four Kages look like a gaggle of geese getting ready to migrate for the winter and waiting for one to make the first move
  • Where’s Danzo?
  • Kakashi and company receiving a surprise visit from Sai’s not-so-secret team which included Sakura…
  • Yamato still fixing the inn (must have been a massive hit by Madara)
  • Kisame finds our bad-rapper dude Killer Bee
  • Dun, dun, duhhhhhhnnn….the conversation that we’ve all been waiting, oh, 469 chapters to hear.

Yeah, I think that about covers it all, don’t ya think?  Kishi tends to do this every so often.  He teases with action then slows it down with chit-chat.  Blah, blah, blah, blah…

Since we have so much to talk about, I thought we’d start it off with our favorite Bee…Killer Bee.  Oh yeah!  We’ve all been waiting to see what happened to this guy after Sasuke nearly got shishkabob’ed by more than a few of his partner’s  eight tails.  However, I was a bit disappointed that there wasn’t more action covered here.  Yup, he ditched Kumo-ville and went to pursue that illustrious singing career that he thought would be such a  great hit to the ninja world.  Whoa, yeah!  Never mind that it had the side benefit of our “Bee” being able to not be a ninja anymore, which would suit this guy just fine (no comment yet from his partner, Hachibi, who happens to be taking a siesta at the moment).

The bully of a partner for Killer Bee

Whoops! Sorry, guy! Thought you were sleeping til your partner called. My bad! Catch ya later, dude!

As we saw last time, things weren’t going so well for our aspiring Enka-rapping superstar wanna-be.  Something about a lack of passion.  Yeah, your partner was warning you about that for a long time now.  In the meantime, our Enka-flunkee was put on Akatsuki’s Top Two Most Wanted List (Naruto, the truly passionate one, being the top prize) and our favorite shark-skinned, fish breath, butcher-blade wielding, Jinchuuriki strength level dude, Kisame, just happens to track down this elusive “Bee” in the middle of his latest, and poorest, singing session.  I’m sure his “sensei” was so happy for the break, until that sword began slicing and the action started.  So, our “Bee” begins to “sting like a bee…” Woo Hoo!

Killer Stings

And, there goes our "Bee"; bad rapping and all. Too bad Kisame isn't taking him too seriously...

Our Enka instructor is none too happy once the action starts, at least his pet isn’t and begins an attack all his own.  Hey guy!  Careful you don’t become food for our rather hungry shark, k?

the bear trap

Careful guy. Otherwise, you'll end up as shark bait!

And, the Kage are still talking.  What?!?  Yeah, you know how politics goes: talk, talk, yell, smash tables, yell some more, compromise a little, manipulate a mind or two while “compromising,” take a few coffee breaks, fight an Uchiha or two – one with this funky skeleton with them – take some samurai and others down for the count in the fighting, talk to the enemy, declare war, determine who’s game enough to run the show, uh, war and…then sit around and wonder, “What’s next? Is anyone else going to ruin our fun?”  However, it appears that we finally, finally have a resolution to this Gokage Summit. Since his bro isn’t dead – yet – the Raikage is now in charge and all are in agreement.  Gaara is still charged with getting the troops in line – through Kakashi – and everyone now seems happy with the arrangement.

Ninja alliance is formed

The alliance is, what does it all mean? And, what about Konoha?

And, of course, we cannot miss the Master Manipulator himself, Danzo.  We sure have been wanting to see what’s been up with this guy!  Our gorgeous Mizukage’s Byakugan Brawler, Ao, was chasing Danzo hither and yon as Danzo, in a take from good ol’  Snagglepuss, exited “stage Konoha.”  Ao, our lucky guy, forgot that Danzo had a couple of goons with him, Fuu and Torune.  Anyway, Danzo realizes that they are being tailed and his assistants go to work with this “trap.”  Trap? What trap?  If you are Danzo, you’ll stop at nothing to protect the newly found, uh, tarnished, power you worked so many years to attain.  Forget the jutsu that is used; I’m still having issues figuring out what exactly it is except that it is a type of jutsu that is a major mind f**k for the victim (I heard the name “Yamanaka” floating around somewhere).

What a trip of a trap

Talk about some serious mind manipulation here. Having your own image attack you? Now, that's just plain...f**ked.

Back to the trap and why,  what does Danzo want now, you ask?  Man, this is so predictable it isn’t even funny…Danzo has a Sharingan from a now-dead Uchiha.  What would make his dojutsu collection complete but to have the other eye become, you guessed it, a Byakugan.  Oh, now Kishi has gone too far, IMO.  For a while he was handing out Sharingan like it was Halloween candy.  Now, it’s a Byakugan?  Well, it can’t be a Rinnegan because those only show up once in a “Moon’s Eye Plan.”  Geez, this idea is sure getting old, don’t ya think?  Gahhhhh!

Another eye for Danzo

Ok, just how many dojutsu will it take for Danzo to really feel like he's "got it all?" He's only got two eyes...geez, this is getting old.

And then there’s this picture.  Aren’t some pictures simply classic?  This one sure takes the cake, doesn’t it?

The shock of Narutos life

Yes, Naruto. You have now won the heart of Miss Pink Hair...or have you? Apparently, a few people weren't expecting THIS.

Ok, ok, ok, ok.  Shuddyaup now, will ya?  I hear ya!  You don’t care about that action.  You want “that” action, right?  The conversation of this entire stinkin’ manga.  We all thought we had struck gold (and NaruHina fans rejoiced) when Hinata, before her skewering as Naruto went into his 8-9 tailed temper tantrum (8 in the count of tails, 9 in the hand of Yamato…a major blunder on the part of the animators), said the magic words “I love you.”  Sakura, that heavy-handed, strong tempered young lady, figured out which end was up as she was healing our female martyr.  Then we all wondered, “What’s Sakura’s reaction to this?”  Then…a whole lot of nothing. That’s right. Nada. Zip.  Zero. Huh?

The past few weeks, however, have shed some new light on Sakura and her reaction to this rather open loophole.  Then the chatter began again…Sasuke is now personna non grata in Konoha.  Shikamaru, that genius, said that Sasuke has got to go despite how Naruto feels as it could lead to war (Did anyone inform this genius that we already ARE at war?  Nah, didn’t think so.). Of course this is as Naruto is getting another pounding by some Killer Bee’s Kouhai (mentees) and hiding the evidence from Sakura.  You got all of that? Then, after having a raging fit in front of his Senpai, Yamato oh, so, gladly agrees to accompany Naruto and Kakashi to go plead for Sasuke’s life…only to have Sakura find out about this.  Then, one inn crashed and badly damaged by the true enemy of the galactic alliance Five Great Nations, Madara Uchiha, and a conversation later, here we are…still waiting…for Sakura’s reaction.

Yeah, I drew this out on purpose.  Are you happy yet?  Good!

Here we are, 469 chapters later and the moment we’ve (ok, most of us) have waited for.  I know that there are so many things far more exciting to discuss such as whether Naruto can keep up Sage Mode for longer than five minutes or how many powers did Itachi bequeath to our young Yellow Sage prior to Sasuke beating the crap out of him but…hey!  For Kishi, this  isn’t a  simple boy meets girl, boy gets girl and live happily ever after.  There’s usually a twist or two or…ten involved.  This time, with Sakura, we get a lot more, including Naruto’s reaction.  Something smells VERY fishy here…

still not convinced

Sakura? Don't you get it? Naruto's no longer the thickheaded idiot you thought he was. He's changed, all right - and you, my dear - are busted.

Personally, I’m with Naruto.  Sakura’s lying her ass off.  All she’s doing is stopping a war from happening at Sasuke’s expense.  The big clue?  Her request that “the promise” be dropped.  I mean, imagine the girl of your dreams, who couldn’t stand the sight of you for much of your ninja life and now she says she…loves you?  Naruto is showing everyone – and Sakura – he’s no baka!  He knows the truth…and so does everyone else.

Were not buying this for one instant

You got a "who's who" of "doubting Thomases": Yamato, Sai, Kiba, Lee and Kakashi. Sakura? You really did it this time.

Another issue I have is:  when did Sakura get a clue that the one she claims she used to love was a “non issue?”  Was it back here?

Narutos recovery from Kyuubi

Was this where Sasuke disappears from Sakura's vocabulary? Or...

If it was, she sure was a bit slow on the uptake, wasn’t she?  What about here?

why hinata did it final

Did Hinata make her think about ditching Sasuke? Or...

Nah, still not quite there yet.  What about here, at Naruto’s heroic homecoming?  Are we there yet?

Sakura welcoming Naruto home

Was it this emotional "thank you" that put Sakura over the edge? Or...

And, why was she still sobbing her way through Kumo’s interrogation?  Didn’t she have a clue then?

Kumos interrogation

And, why were you so upset about Sasuke being in Akatsuki? Look at what Naruto's reaction was...

Or, maybe it was here…?  Shikamaru sure has his interrogation skills down, doesn’t he?

Shikamarus interrogation

So, was it Shikamaru who finally got your attention? That Sasuke is not worth keeping around and Naruto's the better choice?

Yeah, I know. Love can take a while to grow and sometimes it blooms right in front of your face; so much so you can’t see past the bushes.  Sakura has some serious book smarts – hey, this was the only ninja to pass – with 100% – the written portion of the Chuunin exam without cheating. So, this girl’s got the smarts.  However, as smart as she is, she is a HORRIBLE liar.  I have a background in investigations and one of the first signs that indicate someone is lying is…the eyes.  Liars tend to turn their eyes to the left.  And, now look at the picture of Sakura below.  Notice where the eyes go…uh huh.  You got it.

Sakuras lie

Ok, Sakura. What's the REAL deal here? Oh, there's more to THIS story and I'm sure we'll hear of it very soon...

Ok, I’ve seen some of the comments so far about this chapter – and many were quite PO’ed that there was such a big deal made about this “confession,” whether it be true or not.  Personally, Sakura is lying through her teeth, but that is not the point here.  The point isn’t who ends up with Naruto in the end (Hinata or Sakura).  As Kishi often does, some of the parties involved in this “little dance of lies” are not even fully aware of one thing:  Madara has already made an appearance.  Only three people present know about that:  Naruto, Kakashi and Yamato.  In addition, those same three know that Sasuke is being used as “bait” by Madara.  All Sakura and company know is that the Konoha 12 are now declaring Sasuke the equivalent of “dead on arrival” and that he’d be attacked on sight.  See the problem here?  And, that’s just one of many huge problems with this situation.

Another huge problem is the Gokage Conference which has now concluded with a general agreement about this new declaration of war – note that Konoha is missing for obvious reasons.  Sakura just committed a HUGE faux pas.  First, she doesn’t know about Sasuke’s role in Madara’s plot.  Second, she doesn’t know about war being declared (nor does anyone else – yet).  Third, she just committed a huge blunder in the presence of her commanding jonin and her teammates whom she is going to count on once the fighting on the ground commences – she lied.  Now, given that she has shot her credibility all to hell, who is going to trust her?  These ninja have worked and known each other for much of their lives since the Academy; Kakashi is the sensei of two of them; Yamato is the Team Leader and protector of the main target, Naruto. My point is that Sakura, who often complains she does nothing but make mistakes and causes pain, just did it yet again.  She did it to spare pain – so the intentions were well and good – but, in the end, she has caused more harm than the good she had intended.

One last nail in her coffin:  Naruto is the KEY target of this war, which has yet to be mentioned to any of these characters.  If Killer Bee is caught, that’s bad enough but if Naruto and Killer Bee are caught, the game is up and Madara wins.  If Naruto is not caught, then Madara still has a chance at being defeated.  Little does she know that her job will be to help protect the one person she just lied to:  Naruto.  Do you think Naruto is going to handle this one well?

The end of a friendship or the beginning of something else

THE picture of the chapter. Is this the end? Or, simply the beginning? And, we all know that Naruto NEVER bends his words...

Well, finally, that’s all I’ve got here.  There’s a lot to chew on this week, isn’t there.  And, of course, that NaruHina vs. NaruSaku debate will just keep raging on, won’t it?  Gahhhhhh…maybe we’ll see more Killer Bee next week. Or, maybe there’s a coup and Danzo’s history?  We’ll just have to wait and see…

Ja, Penny

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  3. can’t believe & early breakdown thanks.

  4. Whoa you really outdid yourself this time Penny. Seriously, one of the best breakdowns ive ever read.

    All I can really say is lets wait till next week. As a NaruSaku fan, I feel like this helps and hurts the couple at the same time. Fire off, Sakura haters need to admnit that she does in fact care for Naruto, its obvious. The thing im not too sure about is how pissed is Naruto? Will they makeup or will he tell Sakura to scram? I’m leaning towards the latter.

    I have a strong feeling that Kishi plans on killing off Sakura. Why would he set up Hinatas confession? He wouldnt do that just to leave it at Hinata smiling while Sakura takes her man. Right now Hinata has faded from the story. I know theres a war, but I doubt she’ll be involved in the action. Kishi set that up to that when Sakura dies, Naruto will still have Hinata to return to. I also have a feeling that Sasuke will kill her. Then we’ll have Naruto vs Sasuke 2 I think everyone wants that amirite? =D

  5. 5th!!!!

  6. Nice breakdown.
    I am looking forward to see what will be with Kage alliance and Konoha.
    I expect that Garra will show up in some point of time and tell everybody for a war.
    What will Naruto do?

    What if Konoha divides, and one part of the village choose Danzo as a leader and the other part choose Kakashi?
    Could it be a civil war in a Konoha? Maybe not if Tsunade wake up. But when will Tsunade wake up? 😉
    She will be probably the key for a Konoha stability in future.

  7. Awesome breakdown penny! loved your part on how politics goes almost died lmao!

    nway if you ask me i see a new special power emerging, i think kishi is gonna make danzo activate a special power with the combination of the sharingan and byakugan, mark my words because all the eye techs have been getting a lot of attention except for the byakugan until ao came into the picture. (cmon whos joining me?!)

    2nd thing is DDAAAAMMMNNN how old is the tjutsikage (whichever way it must be spelled) i think kishi likes hes star wars because i see someone very much resembling master yoda >_<

  8. I think it might be a bit of a stretch to assume sakura is a liar… The situation as i see it is as follows..
    Both of them fell into the “friend zone” meaning they both had feelings for each other but neither wanted to risk admitting it in fear of things turning sour. To me it’s been plainly obvious over the last couple of years that Sakura’s feelings for Naruto had grown into more, and once that starts happening it becomes more and more difficult to confess. Sometimes it requires someone else beating u to the confession to make u realize or maybe it takes someone slapping u in the face with the truth ala Sai spelling out how naruto feels. It doesn’t really matter to me who naruto ends up with and i kinda agree with Fanboi in that Kishi is setting Sakura up to be killed. That or Kishi is writting Naruto up to be gay for Sasuke >.>

  9. nice one penny.

  10. 8th

    this chapter was always going to have a gud breakdown because there is so much to talk about

    sakuras fail cough cough

    the confession half true half fake half bad timing half bad choice of words and last of all thats 2 so she skrewed up 200%

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  12. very good breakdown ma’am…

    there’s certainly lot’s of issues here… for one, sakura’s not living up to the level she’s expected to be as part of team Kakashi – the new generation super ninjas… I do hope she’ll redeem herself soon.

  13. btw, anime breakdown’s still not out?

    –You’re going to have to see Tenrai about that one. I just handle the manga…Penny 🙂

  14. I should have been the tenth.. huhuh.

  15. Well…. Sakura is maybe part of famous Team Kakashi but also she is 16 years old girl.

    And now we have all members Team Kakashi in one place. Yamato, Kakashi, Naruto, Sai and Sakura. Maybe Kishimoto do that on purpose.

  16. i reckon naruto’ll forgive sakura.

    she’ll probably say something, like she just wanted him to be safe,or she “couldn’t bear to see him get hurt anymore” which would indicate she likes him.

    but really dunno on this one, i don’t know if i want hinata to win or sakura. i like hinata more, and it would be evil to let sakura win instead of her. on the other hand, i have to side with the hero, and naruto loves sakura, so really don’t know.

    also, sakura used to be useless, but nowadays she’s actually good. she’s nearly as powerful as the Hokage, and with some genjutsu training from Kurenai, she will be even better. I REPEAT: “Sakura could soon be at kage level.” (at least after the next time-skip anyway.)

    so i honestly can’t decide who i like more. the only thing i can use to decide it, is that i would hate kishi if naruto broke hinata’s heart. so, i guess NaruHina.

  17. Awesome breakdown and a great way to return Penny! I agree it sucked how Kishi skipped over the Kisame vs. Killer Bee fight for Sakura’s antics but I guess that part of the story line had to develop sometime.

    @bendercu: Actually, Naruto confessed his feelings to Sakura numerous of times and was always sincere. Everyone knows how he feels towards Sakura especially…Sakura.

    @Anyone: What I don’t get is why Sakura told Naruto to not pursue Sasuke. Didn’t Shikamaru say that if they didn’t take care of Sasuke themselves there would be a war. A war of vengeance.

    Unless of course they think they can take care of Sasuke without Naruto’s help but that just doesn’t feel right. -_-

    Now, besides all that what I’m really interested in is when the hell did the Tsuchikage fight Madara and the fight with Killer Bee and Kisame! GO KILLER BEE kick fish boy’s ass!

  18. GAHHHH!!! Sakura why can’t you keep things simple for a change? Please shut up… plz?

    And that was a REALLY good breakdown BTW really good job.

    P.S I’m new and this is my first comment…

    –Welcome to WRA, my friend, and keep posting. We love comments, opinions, theories, spoilers and rants. And, thank you for the compliments! This was a fun chapter to write about. God, Sakura blew this one….

    Penny (Tsunadestwin)

  19. i just hope that kishi doesn’t skip the fight between killerbee and kisame!!!!

  20. I predict that Tsunade (not you Penny, BTW, great post!) will come out of her coma, reveal that she too, has a doujutsu (which obviously has never helped her in gambling)
    And then she is going to tear off Danzo’s other limbs… but no worries, he saved Pein’s super-chair.

    Bee will fight with Kisame, Kisame WILL RAP… this changed their fight to Battle-Rap instead of actual fighting… they find mutual respect for each other and team up (think ICP -insane clown posse)
    They celebrate their new friendship by eating that damned racoon-bear thing that Sab-chan had…. tasty with Kisame’s special shark spices.

    Oh, and finally we’ll see a full panel of Sakura crying, as Naruto breaks the bad news to her. He’s not a fool, and that he really likes Hinata better.

    –Prawl, I come out of my coma every morning with about three cups of coffee; more if I have a bad night. I can’t say the same for the real Tsunade…


  21. @ Supertrek – I don’t think Tsuchikage ever actually “fought” Madara… he will, with some great embarassment, explain how he got all those Herpes sores on his nose though.

    Also, Shikamaru did say that to Sakura… She’s just being a selfish pink punk by trying to stop the war that we’ve been waiting all these years for…

    SERIOUSLY PEOPLE! Would we even read this if Naruto were about the legendary “Ninjas who never fight”
    I’m reminded of the veggie-tales “pirates who don’t do anything”
    Sure, all of the great Hokages are remembered for their contributions to peace, but that peace was obtained or maintained with force. (yes even the 3rd still kept an ample supply of ANBU around, useless though they may be in our eyes)

    Naruto didn’t learn sage mode, or Rasengan, Rasenshuriken, just to impress the ladies… it doesnt work anyway, I tried to impress a girl with rasenshuriken in the back of my car once, and accidentally severed her chakra network in her arm… a bad night…

  22. Excellent recap and breakdown

    Can’t wait to see the bee/shark showdown! Also, maybe Raikage will go visit Naruto in the next chapter.

  23. @PRAWL: LMFAO!!!! I think a Rap battle between Kisame and Killer bee would be the most intense thing in the world 😉

    @Penny: awesome breakdown ^_^ pairing wars ftw!

  24. @Prawl: Maybe you’re right and the Tsuchikage never actually “fought” Madara. I now believe their battle was actually the legendary rap battle of the 2nd Great Ninja War. Legend has it that every head in the audience exploded from the sheer awesomeness of the lyrical flows. The Tsuchikage retired from the game shorty after that because he was that damn good. Madara lost the battle and now wears that mask of shame to hide his face because whenever people recognize him on the street they yell out, “You got served!”


    @Anyone: I wonder how they’re going to dispose of Ao. Now that Fuu is inside his body it’s not like he can kill the body he’s in because that would end up killing Fuu too. Maybe he’ll travel in Ao’s body and meet up with Danzou and the others to transfer back into his original body. Then they’ll take care of Ao together.

  25. @penny: We’ll talk about how awesome your breakdown is later.

    @everyone: Been a while, and hope everyone’s been ok. Not very good experiences myself, but yeah awesome to be back in awesomeness. Well Kisame has Kayne West/Jay Z wannabe killerbee to contend with, and something tells me kisame is already thrown off by bee’s yapping. Well there’s gonna be more of that for him, the price of moving in on killerbee. Sakura has just shown she could beat naruto’s very stupid side, and naruto has show he has the potential to be way smarter and more reasonable than sakura could ever dream of. I believe my point, with this, has been made. Naruto has shown he’s not just grown with his accumulation of jutsu, but with intellect and reasoning as well. Mental uplift for the bloke, and i’ve got to hand it to him. And yeah, fu is one hell of a ninja. His ability to analyse zetsu’s attack really said a lot about him, possibly the best in root. That technique he used on Aoi is really some crazy one. Poor Aoi. Would love to see what danzo is up to, and how raikage would handle being the head of the alliance.

  26. Its apparent throughout the manga that kishi is pushing the idea of sakuras feelings being won over by naruto. It is also very obvious that her motives for confessing to naruto are for the simple thought of diversion. It is possible,one of her motives for the confession is to prepare herself to fight sasuke. She probably thinks that if she says she doesnt love sasuke out loud, it would be easier for her mind to believe and accept it as reality. Then she could fight him without holding back because of emotional ties. Not to mention she did it in front of her peers and teachers as a psychological fail safe.
    Naruto is not dumb. He knows even if sakura likes him, she still LOVES sasuke, which is why he is angry and says he doesnt like liars. It is not that she is lying about her feelings to naruto, it is that she is denying her true feelings for sasuke.

    P.S. Penny….that was a AWESOMENESS to the core…captain planet and swayze would be proud!


    *blushes* I’m so touched to have Captain Planet and Swayze on my side. –Penny

  27. (pa’ did you see those familiar poses? why i did i belive penny has surpass those who came before her) and with that thought great breakdown penny LMAO with the politics joke and sakura is in for a big letdown by naruto (go naruhina)

  28. idk what to think anymore..i was always a solid narusaku fan but now…
    sakura definitely f**ked that up. period. i DO think she really does love him, but still the way she said it was..just sketchy. i mean from teh very beginning my sub-conscious was telling me something about this is not right. it just seemd, like rushed, and like she was trying to hide somethin (obviously she was). i have to say i am quite dissappointed in that chapter, i had way higher expectations

  29. I love the break down dude. Good job. Sorry I been away. And I’m a NAruto-Sakura hopeful. But this may put a halt to that. But this as me worry on a number of leaves right now. One their like hood to be with each went down alot. She dose care about him. The qustion is by how much dose she care. Is she a buddy trying to save her bestfriend from going to get killed. Remamber she think she cause Naruto nothing but pain. But we all know that’s not 100% true. And this “promies” He made to her had she think will end up killing him. however, the bad guys would come for him no matter what. And Naruto want to bring Sasuke back for himslef as much as Sakura. Here the problem we have his best firends telling Naruto that we can’t help you anymore not just that but we will not. It will start a new chain of hate with in the different friendships. And I think she think this is the best way to stop him without telling him. KNowing he would get pissed and do what he want anyway. What she dose know is that he told Itchi that he will save his little brother too. Enforceing the idea that the “promies” is for Naruto to just of her.

    The Leaf Village kids might have put Naruto in a bad postion. He can come with them or be on his own to save Sasuke alone. And with the War coming we might have Naruto no longer with the leaf.

    All this a Madara has play the game well. He as only two thing left to get and the world is his. He realiz that one of his priz has friends power friends (leaf Village and the Sand Village) And the priz himslef took down one of his great weapons Pain that we even a shock to Madara!! So what dose he do. Tell the great leader about his “plan” That my or may not be his real plan and get them all togther but really their all fair apart. He as them look at the War and not the priz. They want to keep the Killerbee and Naruto save and fight this head on but not one of them knows if this is his true plane and or his power. It’s kinda like saying look in this hand and hitting u with the other hand hard as u can. He is about to get KIller bee And he as something Naruto wants Sasuke!!!! And remaber he siad it himself. He will get the rematch we all want to see Naruto vs. Saskue part 2! That as me worry. EVen with Itches power can anyone here see Naruto beating both Sasuke and then Madara! I have a feeling that will happen. eveyone will be fight the war and during the war some how and someway during the war Sasuke and Naruto will fight and Madara will be their to pick up the prices!

    I got alot of this thinkg from what happens in this chapter. So I can;t wait to see the next chapoter to find out how this love 4 way is going to work….

  30. @super: the reasons for Sakura telling Naruto to not pursue Sasuke are these:

    – if he did and he were to bring that Uchiha home to Konoha, he’d be killed. and…

    -she was too much of a coward to tell Naruto that Team 7 had been approached for permission from Shikamaru to hunt down Sasuke

    I think swimsean has some good points on that, too. It may end up that Naruto alone will believe in Sasuke enough to go after him, fight him and bring him back to Konoha. However, my suspicion is that Sasuke will have been killed and all Naruto will have to bring back is Sasuke’s corpse.

    @fanboi: Interesting theory that Sakura may be killed off. Never considered that. Also, point was made that the entire Team Kakashi is now in one place. Coincidence or…?

  31. I think all this talk about Sakura loving Sasuke is a bit silly anyway, i mean they were what… 13 when all that was originally said? Who really loves someone at that age? More like a school girl crush… and i’m sure we all know how that can change over time..

    @Super – I can’t recall Naruto flat out confessing to Sakura, could u provide a link? I mean i know it’s been pretty obvious all along lol.

  32. @penny: How is Team 7 in one place. didnt Madara take Sasuke and teleport somewhere? Maybe he still is around there…hmmm

    Im just hoping Tsunade wakes up, sees Danzo wearing the Hokage’s hat, and just kicks the crap outta him “no questions asked”. XD

  33. i think its worth noting that kiba looked increasingly mad the more sakura talked

    im sure he can “smell” her lies or something
    same goes for kakashi im sure

  34. @ penny, oh how i missed your breakdowns, i wasnt a member when you were writing on IRA but im glad your back.

    Anyway i think what this chapter shows is how much naruto has truly grown and surpassed the rest of the 12, Everyone seems to be hating on the lovey dovey but lets face it its apart of growing up and thats basicaly what weve all watched the ficticious characters do.
    now as far at all of team 7 being in one place i hope its not coincedince, cause i do remember Kishi saying somthing about one of them dieing and another loosing thier eyesite. but i could be wrong. All sakura is doind is trying to keep sauske safe from Naruto’s newly found badassery and Naruto safe from being captured. Naruto knows what she’s up to and we’ll see that soon enough.

  35. This was a good breakdown, although it felt more like a psychological evaluation than anything else. However, I must admit that these kinds of issues interest me, which is why I enjoyed the breakdown quite thoroughly.

    Well done. ^ ^

    Now, as for the Naruto and Sakura situation, it seems as though there are a lot of people who are definitely against Sakura. I myself don’t hate her or even dislike her, really, but what I don’t like is some of her choices and the way she has handled things with Naruto.

    In the past, everything was about Sasuke, and she loathed Naruto to the point of being abusive. I know that sounds a bit extreme, but imagine trying to get the attention of the girl you have fallen for, only to be blatantly reprimanded and then having that girl completely disregard your feelings. I think that in itself can damage a person far more than any physical pain. (And Naruto received his fair share of that on her part as well.)

    But then, things got better. It took Naruto defeating Gaara, Sasuke leaving Konoha and Naruto eventually ending up in hospital to do it, but Sakura finally started appreciating Naruto for who he was.

    It actually looked promising and she really seemed to turn things around…

    But to me, I still don’t feel like she really loves Naruto. She is his friend and she may have strong feelings as a friend but nothing more than that. Naruto has always been there for her and I think she was confused by that undying show of loyalty.

    Now that she knows Naruto loved her and may still love her, she is acting on feelings that she thinks might be there, but aren’t really.

    I can’t say that I am against a NaruSaku relationship and as much as I think this move of her’s will do more harm than good, it’s obvious that she is acting to try and help him, even if it is misguided and foolish. However, what I can say is that I would much prefer a NaruHina relationship, mostly because Hinata has always supported Naruto and has never done anything to hurt him.

    In the same breath, I think everyone should ease up on the Sakura hating a bit (yes, I am at fault as well). She may have made a lot of mistakes, but right now she is thinking about Naruto more than she has in the past. We can’t hate her for making progress, even if it is slow.

    Still…. NaruHina FTW!!!!!

  36. @Bendercu: Ah yes, if you’re talking about Naruto expressing his feelings for Sakura he has made it obvious right front of her face numerous times.

    3 years ago…

    And even though this isn’t much evidence.

    If you want something more recent.

    You said, “Both of them fell into the “friend zone” meaning they both had feelings for each other but neither wanted to risk admitting it in fear of things turning sour.” (Bendercu)

    That’s only half true. Naruto has expressed and made obvious his feelings for Sakura to the point where anyone with half a brain notices. Even Sai who lacks in emotions knew after spending a short period of time with them.

    And don’t you think you’re underestimating Sakura’s feelings for Sasuke deeming them as a simple school girl crush? Sakura does love Sasuke and a lot.

    Can you really say someone would go through and say all of that over an infatuation? If Sakura just had a school girl crush on Sasuke then Naruto just had a school boy crush on Sakura too. Hinata just had a school girl crush on Naruto also, nothing more. If Sakura’s feelings for Sasuke can be disregarded as mere infatuation then should we not apply it to the other teens?

  37. Super, while i don’t disagree at all with Naruto’s feelings being very obvious from the start as i said earlier.. none of the links u gave really show naruto flat out saying how he really feels. As for the crushes, i agree that same rule should be applied to all of the “relationships” so far. I mean even at the age they are now it would still be like a high school relationship lol. As i said before, it doesn’t really matter to me who ends up with who, but the only reason i would sorta lean towards Sakura is because up to this point that is who Naruto has always been more partial to. I mean shouldn’t the main character get the girl he wants instead of settling for someone else? 😛

  38. Lol, well I was being sarcastic on the last part. I fully believe that Hinata does love Naruto, Sakura does love Sasuke, and Naruto does love Sakura. I was questioning you is it fair that their feelings be dismissed as simple crushes?

    As for Naruto expressing his feelings to Sakura. I believe he’s made it clear enough. You don’t have to do a flat out confession to show someone that you like them. Asking them out on a date is pretty blunt right? 😉

  39. I def would agree with u, but women are strange beings lol 😛


  41. is it me or was there no point in the bee vs kisame part. they could have saved it for the next chapter and had more naruto/sakura time so we could get that out of the way and have uninterupted bee vs kisame awesomeness.

    as for naruto”s feelings well if someone likes you dont keep them hangin for long because they will lose those feelings for you and most of the time they dont come back. your loss sakura hinata FTW!!!

  42. @pumpkinbread: good point about Sasuke not being there but I was alluding to the current makeup of Team 7, not the prior.

  43. great points super,bendercu but i go with super i mean what more could naruto do draw a map? its clear he has said what he feels and got dump and beaten time after time. it would be great to see the bag in the other hand (go naruhina)

  44. @Super & bendercu

    I think it’s time I pointed out a little something and added a slightly different outlook. The fact of the matter is that Sai was the one who managed to see Naruto’s feelings for Sakura. This is Sai we are talking about, the member of team 7 who, up until recently, didn’t even know what emotions were, much less how something as complicated as love worked.

    I believe his words were “even I can see that Naruto really loves you” or something along those lines. Now, if mister ‘I have no emotions’ could see it, I don’t see how there is any excuse that Sakura did not.

    That is also barring the fact that Naruto has tried repeatedly to show his affections on many occasions, only to be rejected time and time again.

    I think the cause of this lack of insight is the simple fact that Sakura didn’t want to see it. She, no doubt, still has lingering feelings for Sasuke and those feelings caused some turmoil. Even Yamato has noticed that, and has addressed her regarding it in the past before.

    She doesn’t seem to know what she wants anymore, Naruto or Sasuke, and I think that fact alone is creating this situation we have now.

  45. @Tenrai: Indeed, the first half of your comment is what I previously stated before. Even Sai noticed Naruto’s feelings for Sakura and Sakura has denied Naruto over and over again. Sakura doesn’t have much of an excuse to not notice his feelings unless she’s completely dense or refused to acknowledge the possibility of Naruto liking her. I do believe she noticed though. I assume your slightly different outlook revolves around Sakura still having feelings for Sasuke which is conflicting with her feelings for Naruto leading them to this predicament?

    I agree, as many said before Sakura still feels for Sasuke and Naruto could tell right away. Now it’s up to Sakura to realize this herself and if she does realize it then come to terms with it.

  46. Hey guys, im not sure how many of you have already seen this but this is fioripartys naruto randomness flash video. they are parodys of naruto, super funny. its her last one (apparently) and i cant stop watching it and laughing everytime, so i thought id post it here seince the naruto manga page seems to get the most hits:

    check out the her youtube profile for some of her older but still awesome work.



    By the way, awesomeness breakdown Penny. Best breakdown I’ve seen from anyone yet – but I also haven’t been here for that long. X3 And I’m referring to Naruto breakdowns. 😀 You apparently put a lot of thought into that and I like that. ^,^

  49. I have to say resisting the temptaion to read manga is very beneficial 5 manga issues just blew me away I had a supply of food just for the occasion.

    First off love that Tsunada pic she looks 100% awesome.

    Second thank God Sakura got that out of the way now its proven well IMO that she will never hook up with Naruto.

    Third I have a Feeling that before all this started when Tobi heard about Nagato that his thing he had to do was get his Eyes, Just looking at those Rinnagen/Sharigan Eyes tells me that Tobis plan will Fail or half Succeed and he’ll transplant those eyes. Another thing he said was that he liked to collect good eyes.

    Fourthly I dont think Killerbee will walk away from this one it will be the closest thing to 2 Jinchuriki fighting but this is were we see Kisames true colours..I couldbe wrong actually and this is where we see Killerbee Shine.

    I just have a Feeling that Tobi will get the 8th but Kirabee will survive through some jutsu or something, But he wont succeed in getting the 9th in which his last option will be Tobi getting the other Half of the Kyuubi then things will get interesting.

    I have so much inside that I want too talk about but not the manga for a while actually was a good thing enjoying it with out others opinion but its better to listen to you guys because we all in the same boat.

  50. Just curious if anyone have thought that maybe Ao used some sort of shadow clone? I guess the question would that work on the spirit-switched cursed doll no jutsu?

  51. great breakdown penny really covered all the angles,

    @ everybody. I don’t know if anybody brought this up yet but the most important part in this last manga for me was the fact that Naruto is finally starting to make or improve jutsus by himself just as he did with the rassen shuriken, and now he want’s to try and prolong sage mode, now that show’s me one thing, Naruto finally dosen’t need a master any more and he can start and figure stuff by himself for a change, and if u ask me he’s doing a really good job at that, it’s only now we start to see if naruto can grow as fast as sasuke did and i thgink he can.

    Now enough with that, and on to what really draged me to the pc in the first place, and that is to ask EVERYONE here AT WE ARE AWESOMENESS there opinion’s in how will naruto achive a more longeviv sage mode.

    My first guess is that he will finally try and use the fox, seeing as how it’s a non moving mass naruto can call on the fox to gather the natural energy and transfer it to him, but then i started thinking and i realised that won’t work, because the fox allready generates a huge mass of chakra, and for it to be gathering the sage chakra too I don’t think it’s possible, and evan if it is wat’s the point.

    So then what dose naruto have up his sleevs, because clearly he dosen’t like the kagebunshin solution, so then how else can he gather narural energy. Maybe he’ll go back and restart the gathering NA ( natural energy ) while moving againg, now that would be really something, and as far as i know Naruto he’s the only one that can pull it off.

    If this subject interest’s anyone please share your thoughts. 😉

  52. BTW great Tsunade pic Penny really cool

  53. @ Eugen, Yea I to believe Naruto will try and master his Sage mode by moving while absorbing natural energy and doing so I think his eyes will change as they did when he mastered his sitting still sage mode.
    I also think that by mastering his Sage mode while moving his ability to physically handle the Fox Chakra will increase and he’ll be wickedly powerful Kinda like how Sasuke will be when he gets Ultimate Magekyo Sharigan.

  54. Honestly I never really read the Breakdowns I just look at the pics and scan through it and look at the polls, but because every one is suggesting its great breakdown I actually read through it.

    I must say I had a chuckle here and there, Ill say it was a good breakdown not the best cause Ive only really read 1 and Im sure your Best has yet to come good break down Ja,Penny.

  55. I agree with the fact that now that she’s said something to Naruto there’s no way they’re going to end up with each other. Too long has Naruto played the “scorned lover” to all of sudden forgive and take Saukra in with outstretched arms. I think the best way of saying it comes to me as Sakura can’t have her number one love Sasuke, and with that final realization, she’s telling herself that she can “settle” with her eventual second Naruto. Naruto, HOWEVA, ain’t buying what she’s selling anymore and realizes that she’s settling her feelings for him.

    As for Naruto becoming more powerful, I think that the Fox chakra is definitely going to come into play into his next “power-up”. The ying and yang is what I was thinking. I believe that, correct me if I’m wrong, that he only has one of the two (Ying and Yang) chakras that were sealed? There are a couple of possibilities that I could see coming from this. The first being that he is able to obtain the other and use it to harness the power of the Kyuubi more in the manner of Killer bee. The second option I see is somehow the Natural energy (aka frog energy) is somehow able to be used to counterbalance the ying to the Nine-tails yang if you get what I’m saying. I agree with the fact that we know in the future he’ll be more powerful in the sage mode than he is now. But I don’t believe that will be the next focus of training that we see him do. If you think about it, he, in the course of his training has always moved on to a new technique after accomplishing though not really mastering any. Think rasengan, wind chakra, wind shurukin arm destroying thingy, and now sage mode. The lone exception that he still has continued to work on throughout the series is controlling more of the Kyuubi and tails that he can manage without losing himself.

    The final option that I see that might be playing a factor in this matter is our resident even-though-I’m-dead-I’m-still-the-biggest-badass-in-the-story: Itachi. We still don’t have a freakin clue what he gave to Naruto during their encounter, what kind of power or ability he gave him. We know now that all those guesses of him having one of Itachi’s eye techniques are wrong considering Sasuke already has shown that he has them all. That just leaves me to wish/believe that his Royal badassness is going to somehow play a role in the upcoming time from beyond the grave kinda similar to how Minato has already interacted with Naruto.

    Kinda wonder who’s going to train Naruto next as well. He’s always had a mentor/trainer in the past. Wondering if Kakashi will end up revealing some more secrets from his past, more specifically like about his own teacher and Naruto’s father Minato.

    Wow. Longer than I thought I had in me tonight.

  56. I don’t really understand why everyone has written naruxsaku off at this point. Did anyone really expect Naruto and Sakura to get together this early in the story? It always seemed obvious to me that the issues between Naruto and Sasuke (which is the focus of the entire plot) would have to be settled before Sakura’s feelings could be dealt with.

    The conversation between naruto and sakura really sells me on the idea that we will have another timeskip soon. Predicting that naruto will reaffirm his promise to sakura in the coming chapters, it makes sense that the story will skip ahead to the next chronicle (and probably last since most stuff comes in threes) in his quest to fulfill that promise. I do think that kisame will be defeated, and if not defeated then severely incapacitated and forced to retreat. This will leave akatsuki as essentially one guy, madara, who i predict will “need time” to gather followers to wage his war. This will be a similar scenario of the 2.5 years they estimated for sasuke to be trained by orochimaru before being used as his new body.

    As far as the konoha hokage issue goes, its a toss up for me and kishi could really surprise us. My guess is if danzo stays hokage, naruto (and sakura possibly) leave the village. If he goes (and to do so he would have to be killed or chased out of the village), I think sai will be the one to send him packing not kakashi. I think kishi is setting sai up to revolt against root in the near future.

  57. @adakias: Timeskip? There’s no chance. Hi, I’m Naruto, I’m a cashcow. Like all of these mega popular series, there’s no way that Kishi would do a timeskip at this point in the story. Too many plot threads left unsettled, unanswered, and undrawn.

    As for Madera, he might need time to gather followers, or he might have a side “B-team” and don’t forget that team Hawk or whatever even though at this point they’ve proven that they’re not much a contendor without Sasuke to do everything for them. Oh and he does have the 7 jinchurruki. Who knows what else he can do with them and/or the power that could be provided by them. What if he already had other followers, and he could (while still not interrupting his Moon’s eye plan) implant or imbue their power (or part) to these followers in order to unleash chaos and turmoil on the countries. This could serve as a distraction to the other nations who have now allied against him as they would be forced to deal with these other new threats while Madara could then try to get the remaining two that he still lacks. The old divide and conquer strategy tailed beast style.

    If there is eventually another time skip, I still think the relationship between Naruto and Sakura will be a forbidden love, one destined to never be requited by both sides, one that will always have been around but never realized or allowed to come to fruition; whether because of ideals, death/injury/duty, or the Hotness that is the blue haired byukugan user.

    Dang, I did it again.

  58. time skip i don’t think so. there would be more awesomeness battle to be done first. like madara said naruto resemble senju and sasuke is uchiha [like before hashirama vs madara], they will battle once more in 4th ninja war. after that point sasuke will realize to get more power to accomplish his vision, he’ll agreed to take eternal sharingan madara offered.

  59. spoilers are out:
    Sakura and Naruto have a long-winded conversation
    Sakura, Kiba, and Lee form a team and search for Sasuke. (kept secret from Naruto)
    Gaara and the other kage’s location is drawn in picture* (not sure about this)
    Tsuchikage talks about giving up on giving up
    Ponta is taken out and Sabu-chan takes hold of his giant sword/axe?

    Samehada interferes by aiming for Sabu-chan as well as Bee
    Sabu-chan uses an opening to slash
    Bee uses an opprotunity to attack, stopping Samehada
    Bee is crazy! 8-tails clothes come off.
    Sabu-chan knows that Bee is the 8-tails Jinchuuriki
    Sabu-chan butts heads with Samehada with his own sword, realizing what it’s abilities are and tells Bee
    Samehada’s bandages come off
    Bee goes wild. THe 8-tails shroud appears.
    (I’m not sure it would be a shonen manga if bee took his clothes off)
    Mr. Shark is tough
    The last panel is samehada

  60. I honestly don’t see another timeskip coming. To me, the story is reaching a very high peak, so to break that pace and disrupt it with a timeskip (which would essentially create another new start) would seem a bit off.

    There is going to be a war now and I think this war will see the climax of the manga, and I also think the “final battle” will come about during this war.

    It may take a while, but I don’t see how Kishi could timeskip past a war. It just wouldn’t make sense at all. I don’t see Madara battling for three years, waiting for Naruto to come out of hiding or something like that. He wants his plan to take foot soon and he is going to make sure that it happens if he has any say. (Which, apparently, he does).

    Besides, I don’t see any other point to a timeskip. The first one was necessary to give Naruto and the other characters a time of growth, so they could come back stronger, a bit older and more mature. A second timeskip would not have that same effect anymore and would essentialy be a waste.

    I am not saying it won’t happen, but I don’t see why Kishi would do it. It’s like fast forwarding past character development, which, to me, is just lazy writing.

  61. @zekks “Too many plot threads left unsettled, unanswered, and undrawn” You’re right, i guess I was a unclear or misspoke when i said “soon.” I meant a timeframe of about 6 months. I realize it is a cashcow so 6 months to me isn’t that long of a timeframe when considering how long the series is likely to run for. My main point was that I dont think the 4th ninja war will be told continuously. That is to say that I think it will bridge several years, a long span of time which kishi won’t draw out in its entirety. We are bound to see the beginnings of war, some kind of armistice or pause, and then its continuation in the future. Then we will see the final battle like tenrai suggested. The hokage issue will also be settled before the timeskip.

  62. Awesomeness is right here. This looks a lot better than the idea of Naruto liking the Sakura that likes Sasuke. Even though I could, more or less, understand the idea behind it. How Naruto wants Sakura to care about Sasuke as a friend as well. But meh.

    It just comes out wrong. :O

    This next manga looks really good. They’re closer, yet still far apart.

  63. garra changes tsuchikages mind?(the naruto efect its defenetly growing around)gonna have to keep a eye on how that develops

  64. dude i was just looking at the tsunade pic on the top and it looks awesome hope we get to see the prinsess in war mode!!

  65. Awesome breakdown Penny! It’s great to see you doing the breakdowns here again 😀

    Wow I can’t believe the new manga chapter is coming out tomorrow, a week went by so quickly, I can hardly wait 🙂 This time I wonder if Kishi would focus on naruto’s response or the kisame vs killerbee fight. ( I also wonder if yamato and kiba would proceed to kill sakura while sai continues to smile passively? lol )

    Oh and has anyone looked at spoilers or are y’all saving the excitement for the new issue? I’m trying to save my excitement 😛

    P.S. Awesome Tsunade pic as always!

  66. new chapter out at

  67. Great chapter! I don’t know, it felt kind of slow in the beginning but that was just Sakura wasting manga panel space…-_- Lol, jkjk. XD

    So she apologizes to Naruto in her mind. That can either mean she’s sorry for lying her ass off or she’s sorry she’s about to go look for Sasuke without him, and she didn’t tell him they plan on killing him. She could also be sorry for hurting him just now with that “confession”. I think Sai stayed behind to tell Naruto what Sakura has planned.

    Moving on, Gaara talked some sense into that old man with one sentence. Naruto can learn a thing or two from him now. I mean how long did it take Naruto to talk some sense into Nagato? 😉 It was to quick actually…>_>

    Last but not least it’s Killer Bee vs. Kisame! Killer Bee can’t even get close to him without having his chakra drained! Damn, Samehada! >_< But Killer Bee is still awesome! Able to throw a freaking pencil through a tree! O_O

  68. @super: I thought it was a root member watching over Sai in that panel, but your point of view makes more sense.

    Gaara learned that talking no jutsu from Naruto! Tsukikage is still a good guy where Nagato is emo^2…

    Yeah, awesome fight at the end! Samehada looks badass!

  69. This chapter was pretty good, except for sakura’s part. Why are you reverting back to your useless old self? I think she said sorry because of the decision to kill sasuke and she, of course, couldn’t tell him or he would try to stop them.

    Bee vs Kisame!!! Samehada sacred the hell out of me when it went “GIGIGIGI”. It looks like it’s becoming a shark which is no surprise there:
    Kisame FTW!!! Bee’s attack was cool too(Raiton: death by pencil no jutsu!). >_<

  70. the new chapter was pretty good. kisame is going to put up a very good fight!

  71. nice chappy, I wonder if sakura will actually meet up with sasuke and try to kick his azz

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