Bleach Anime Update

Well, according to the episode list two more filler eps have been added, and there might be two more. So I won’t be doing the breakdowns until it’s over. But as soon as it is we’ll be back up and running. Sorry guys >.<

~ by Miranda on October 29, 2009.

13 Responses to “Bleach Anime Update”

  1. 1st!!!!!

  2. never been in the top ten before. thats kinda kicka$$

    kinda of a pointless post tho, huh mandi?

    making a post, to say you’re not posting?

    cute picture tho XD

    Mandi was merely letting those people know who are interested in the Bleach anime what she was planning on doing. She had made it clear when she took over the anime post that it would begin after the fillers were over – and the hiatus appears to be extending. So, from that standpoint, the message wasn’t pointless.

    If you don’t like the message or have nothing to add to it rather than rant that it was a “worthless” message, then ignore it and move along.

  3. There’s another episode coming out this week ?

  4. No there isn’t another episode this week, but the filler has been extended by another two weeks.

    And thank you Penny.

  5. Hmmm, i think the filler may be going on for another 10-20 or so episodes.
    The new opening sequence shows off only the zanpatou arc, since opening sequences dont change much until around 25 episodes have past, it suggests to me that the next 25 episodes will be about on the zanpatou arc….
    Why else would the new opening sequence only show scenes about this filler arc? Because this arc is going to carry on for a while.

    At any rate, this zanpatou filler will go on for another 10 more episodes at the very least, because it would be a waste of time to make scenes for an opening sequence, if the scenes were outdated and would need changing, within 10 episodes.

  6. 10- 20 more episodes will be torturous, thats like 5 months!!!

    and i wasnt ranting. i put an XD face on the end 🙂

    can’t wait for the filler to end tho, the next fight is ulquiorra isn’t it? gonna be amazing!!!

  7. @Mandi: could you tell me where this episode list is ?
    I love this filler, but I’ve been wondering when this would end … Wikipedia only goes up to 2 weeks ahead.

  8. actually wikipedia usually goes further than that…they only just added these two episodes. That’s the only ep list I can find in english >.<

  9. bleach is the only filler i find watchable. Bleach filler doesnt really take itself seriously. it knows it its just a bit of fun to fill the time, and you know it is, so they come up with all these cool plots and just mess about for a while, and they make sure theres loads of fights. no other filler does this, they always focus on a new character and their “story” and give you loads of flashbacks.

    filler sucks

  10. I do agree with you, Naruto fillers are the worst…with exception to one filler ep that is acutally my favorite episode of the whole series….

    But Bleach can do some pretty lame fillers too, like the one where Ishida became a super hero…he looked gay, and the episode was crap. That’s why I won’t break filler down,, cause normally it’s crap.

  11. What Naruto filler do you like? Naruto fillers are such garbage. Sometimes I think the anime makers are insane. I think the main issue with Naruto fillers are they arnt serious enough *although they tried to be serious in the Shippuden fillers but failed miserably*.

    They should really ask Kishi for ideas because Ive lost all hope in the anime teams story creating ability.

  12. My favorite episode is the one where the team keeps trying to find out what’s under Kakashi’s mask….I love that ep…

  13. lol yeah i had a feeling it was that one. i didnt really like it cuz at the time i actually thought we were gunna see Kakashis face xD

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