Fairy Tail 156 Breakdown + Discussion: Brain’s Alter Ego is…a Hollow? O__O

Hiya reader, sorry again for the late breakdown…I’m going to try something new with how I work on my breakdowns this coming week because my current work schedule is not allowing me any extra time. I know I said that it would be out earlier this week, I apologize again. On the other hand this past week’s chapter was surprising to say the least…ok off we go! *Uses axe to cut down door blocking Fairy Tail Breakdown* HeeeEEEEre’s Johnny!

Fairy Tail FTW!

This picture was taken moments before Natsu plummeted several feet...Warning: Do not do as Natsu does.

This picture was taken moments before Natsu plummeted several feet...Warning: Do not attempt what Natsu does at home.

The chapter starts off with Natsu getting some sense knocked into him, Gray being owned, and Lucy being peeped on (lucky…). What kind of person would be behind all of this? A very sick person…or should I say a very stick person? Yes its our good friend Chief Diamond Phillips, and it seems like he’s a-HEAD of the others. (I’m sorry for the lame pun, I won’t do any more of those…I’m way in over my head) 😉

Anyway, Chief Diamond Phillips freaks out when he realizes that the rest of the Oracion Seis have been defeated because that means that a certain someone will arrive.

*crosses fingers* Please let it be Swayze, Please let it be Swayze, Please let it be Swayze!

*crosses fingers* Please let it be Swayze, Please let it be Swayze, Please let it be Swayze!

Sadly it is not the ghost of Patrick Swayze, it’s a Hollow *ahem* I mean..a PERSONALITY which Brain had sealed away using the Oracion Seis as its keys, but since they are defeated it’s now Hollowfied Brain’s time to shine. Chief Diamond Phillips (aka Klodoa) welcomes his master and bows (*in uptight rich person voice* How can sticks bow? This makes no sense!).

Mmm, ham

Mmm, ham

Zero is not impressed with the goings on and decides to take care of the situation himself…he puts on (even though it looks like an ex-quip) a pimpin’ camo outfit and prepares to attack the person who damaged his body the most…Jura. The only thing is that he’s still unconscious from the explosion he protected the others from, but that doesn’t bother Zero…he believes that as long as he has a physical form destruction is enough for him. Can anybody say “Psych~o”?

He's insane...that's all there is to it.

He's insane...that's all there is to it.

Gray protects Jura from the oncoming attack with an ice shield which is easily broken through and sends Gray flying. Natsu takes this opportunity to try a sneak attack on Zero by punching him in the face with flame covered fist, but Zero is too fast and pimp smacks Natsu…also sending him flying. So it seems like I was right when I said that Zero looked pimpin’ earlier…he IS a pimp.

Is Master Zero gonna have to choke a bitch?

Is Master Zero gonna have to choke a bitch?

Klodoa praises Zero on his speedy take down of the group, but Zero is still not impressed with their defeat. You see Zero doesn’t think that just beating someone is enough, he needs to destroy it so that he can feel victorious…maybe he’s overcompensating for something O__o. As Zero continues to laugh maniacally Nirvana reaches Cait Shelter. Klodoa must’ve hit a nerve or something because Zero snaps him like a stick ;). The chapter ends with Zero commanding Nirvana to fire on Cait Shelter.

Alrighty then…time for the WRA Manga!

Lucky Super...

Lucky Super...

Alrighty, that’s it from me…thanks for reading! Arigato Gozaimasu! *bows and poofs*


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25 Responses to “Fairy Tail 156 Breakdown + Discussion: Brain’s Alter Ego is…a Hollow? O__O”

  1. first !!! YOSH!!! and i read it first

    awesome breakdown dro , yo!! im all caught up fairy tail is really great ^_^

    YOSH im in the manga lolz , hey how come super got nami*drools* , hinata *drools* and 2 random chicks i know not >_> <_< lolz

  2. Second!!! Read it too.

  3. third

  4. Hahaha, I’ll take the hot girl in the bikini any day in real life and Hinata if I were in an anime. 😉 Great breakdown Dro really funny. XD

    I wasn’t to impressed with the chapter myself. The inner demon in Brain awakening after being defeated was a little to cliche for me. Besides that it was pretty good. He seems strong but Natsu’s going to beat his ass and he has a lot of help this time. Seems I may be right about the guild being destroyed. o_O

  5. there is a competetion going on in my mind on who will be my fav in this manga , who will stand along kakashi , zoro , kisuke ,

    gray or natsu?

  6. F.Y.I: Top left hottie is Marissa Miller *drools* bottom left hotness is Megan Fox of course *drools heavily*.

    @Super: I agree with Zero popping up being cliche, but the way they did it was unique…Seals protecting his alternate personality? I can’t think of anything like that. Also I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that the person to defeat Zero will be Gerard, sure Natsu is the fan-favorite but I’m going with the Dark-Horse on this one and say Gerard. ^__^

  7. @Dro: I font think Gerard will be the one to defeat Zero… I mean come on the guy got totalled by the SheMan! plus he most likely still doesnt have all of his powers recovered, which would give him a huge disadvantage. The only way he would win would be if he someone gained all his magic back and used another one of those Self destruction spells on Zero, because in that state of madness ‘Brain’ is in, idt he would have enough self control to make a self-destructing spell go away, like last time.

    Oh and LOL, loved the breakdown! very funny!
    and at the manga… XD I would totally do something like that T_____T

  8. Awesome breakdown dro, sorry i’m late to the party. 🙂

    This arc looks to be drawing to the final battle, i’m going to guess another 7 – 10 chapters to go (finish in decemeber or leave us hanging 😉 )
    the new chapter is out for anyone who cares to read it

    Oh and is that luffy on the last page? XD

  9. @mud: grey looks more like ace back at impel down…lol

    the new chapter had an awesome ending. it just looked bad ass, especially with natsu getting up and happy with his head down…

    i see everyone teaming up on Zero, not just gerad and ezra… everyone’s now up and ready to each take out a leg of nirvana. once that happens zero’s done for because even though they aren’t at 100%, theres at least 6 strong mages he might have to fight off..

  10. @shinobi: I think mud is refering to the guy doing gear 2nd… [I don’t read fairy tail, so have no right calling him Natsu…]

  11. OMG, Luffy rescued Ace from Marineford and Nami even came to help!!! YOSH!!! XD


    LMFAO!!! That’s just…uncanny. o_O

    I have to agree with Shinobi the ending was epic. I wonder how long it’ll take for them to destroy Nirvana now and it looks like the guild won’t be destroyed.

  12. lol megan fox as super’s date.

    i hate you super. can you at least share with the rest of us?

  13. @E1asticatedninja: You can have Marissa Miller…>_>

    Fairy Tail 158 is out!


    Thank goodness Natsu couldn’t beat Zero by himself and if he could after all that he went through, his damage, and his fatigue I would have just sighed in exasperation. With that said I believe Gerard and Natsu will work together to take down Zero but wasn’t Gerard’s magic depleted just a few minutes ago? o_O

  14. maybe gerard remembered how awesome he used to be, and his magic just filled up again.

    yeh, they’re probably gonna work together, which will be pretty cool. and then they’ll fight each other or something.

    anyone notice the way the arcs in Fairy Tail seem like filler arcs in Naruto or Bleach? i don’t know why, i think it’s because they’re sort of short, and they never really tie into one another, but now it looks like we’re getting a larger picture, with the whole Gerrard thing and all that.

  15. @super: This is fairy tail. Everyone has a senju bean secretly stored somewhere on them when they need a sudden energy boost. 🙂

    On a more serious note, when he got back his memories he most likely remembered how to use his magic properly:

    Whether he will help Natsu or not is up in the air imo. He might, or say something cheesy and take on zero himself or he may really try to kill him and erza has to jump in and stop him somehow.

    Natsu is just as stubborn as Naruto so even at this huge disadvantage, somehow, someway, he would have either found a weakness with Zero’s magic or win with sheer willpower.

  16. @Doomien: But if you flip a couple more pages look what Erza says.


    It wasn’t his memory loss that has made him so weak but the self destruction spell he cast on himself. I can’t see how gaining his memories back fills his magic back up. Unless…he remembered he had senzu beans in his pocket! XD

  17. @super: Maybe when he regained his memories, he broke the self-destruct magic on himself and it had a reverse effect by restoring his lost magic.

  18. aah nice breakdown, sorry i forget about this manga pretty often, well things look fucked up for natsu right now. but im sure he’ll eat some fire and gets things going as usual, that or gray will somehow decide to help natsu…
    anyways ill be post sooner when the next breakdown comes out =D

  19. NEW FAIRY TAIL!!!:

  20. kooliez =D
    Liked the new chappy much Natsu is gonna kick azz!
    hope there gonna be a breakdown of this one =P

  21. It’s been a while since we read last Fairly Tail breakdown…
    We want a new breakdown!

  22. New manga chapter is out. And we hawe one special episode too!
    I usually hate fairy tail specials but this one was good. 😀

    Hehe, this was the best fun scene in special. Poor Levi. Don’t mess with Elza! 😀

    Arc with allied guilds forces is gonna end soon.

  23. Ja, that special was hooooooooooooot! @_@

  24. Wow, this breakdown has become a ghost post, kinda sad but im sure that will change eventually. Anyways here is the latest chapter:

    Just wait until u guys reach the page with Gajeel, u will die laughing :).

  25. Chapter 172 was fun to read 🙂

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